Worldwide Effects Of Global Warming

Trenberth in his recent article (2022, September 15) describes the mechanism through which global warming changes the climate and causes abnormal levels of precipitation all across the globe. The author illustrates how either extremely dry or extremely wet weather, caused by global warming, affects societies everywhere. Only this year 1,500 people died in Pakistan as a direct effect of flooding, caused by climate change (Trenberth, 2022, September 15). Moreover, such conditions are threatening the food security of the region. In Europe, this climate effect caused severe droughts and wildfires, hampered river navigation, and energy production. USA and China suffered severe heat waves, which had a particularly severe impact on their river regions.

This story is geographical because it outlines the physical properties of our planet, explaining their effects on human societies across the world. In the case of global warming, the more economically advanced societies of the West are struggling with maintaining the current lifestyle of their population. More importantly, for the global South, these changes present an existential threat.

The article emphasizes that no country on Earth is ready for the upcoming changes. Existing farms, cities, and specialized infrastructure, such as flood drains, are not prepared for the new conditions (Trenberth, 2022, September 15). As a result, more and more people, especially in Asian counties, will be exposed to weather extremes. This will lead not only to deaths directly from weather events but also to the destruction of livelihoods for millions of people in the region. Such conditions with a high probability would lead to climate-motivated migration and poverty. These climate conditions would also most likely exacerbate the world hunger problem. The story leaves no doubt that global warming is indeed global, leaving no place on Earth unaffected (Trenberth, 2022, September 15). This implies that the solution must be global too, countries of the West should work on sustainable solutions for the economy not only for their own sake but for the benefit of developing nations that are affected in much greater proportion.


Trenberth, K. 2022’s supercharged summer of climate extremes: How global warming and La Niña fueled disasters on top of disasters. The Conversation. Web.