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Provide an introduction to lifespan development.
Without giving away the individual you chose, provide details of the individual, such as birth place, life growing up, and what made this individual pursue psychology and lifespan development.
Write in either first or third person (NOT BOTH). Use phrases such as: “This individual…” (third person) or “I was born…” (first person)
Share theories and concepts that helped make this individual well known, whether in their time or currently.
Provide a conclusion on the individual’s life, and share (at the end) who you chose to write about, thus answering the question “who am I?”


Please see the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2003). You should be able to find the film online on Youtube cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Please see the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2003). You should be able to find the film online on Youtube Movies ($4 rental), Amazon (often free with ads if you are an Amazon Prime member, otherwise $4), Tubi (often free with registration) or on DVD.

Important: You must include a screenshot of the movie and indicate the website where you watched it in your response.

Important: Since you’ll be seeing this film in digital format, you must include timestamps in your response, particularly for question [a] below. Answers without this verifiable time identification will be returned.

We know clips from the film are available online. Using information from those sources is easily detectable and would constitute a violation of our Integrity Affirmation.


[a] What scene in the film made the strongest impression on you? Please describe.

[b] What habits did Glass develop that proved harmful to him? How can you avoid developing comparable bad habits yourself?

[c] What advice would you give to editors about how to avoid hiring someone like Stephen Glass? What kind of pre-employment screening do you recommend? Please remember this related Integrity Seminars video.

A word of caution: We’re not asking you to find outside commentary on this film. You’re being asked to think and write for yourself. Much of what we see online about the film is demonstrably wrong–and an invitation to plagiarism (we monitor two pertinent plagiarism sites in particular).
The more students appropriate someone else’s work and submit it as their own the less they expand their own capacity for creative thought. To the extent academic dishonesty becomes habitual, they’re diminishing the quality of their own education.

Repeatedly engaging in academic dishonesty is comparable to aspiring to be a top athlete, but hiring someone else to do all the practice and training. It simply doesn’t work. The failure inevitably becomes apparent on the athletic field and in the workplace. Meanwhile, when dishonesty is detected–as it often is–students are creating educational records damaging to their reputation.


Instructions Tracy, the manager at Ruby Red Movie Theater, is extremely worried about concession stand sales. Tracy has indicated that she is at a loss regarding how many employees should be working i essay help

Tracy has indicated that she is at a loss regarding how many employees should be working in the concession stand area and how many concession stand items should be sold per day. Tracy is even considering closing the concession stand area. Output, labor, and price information for items sold in the concession stand area have been provided in the Unit V Assignment Worksheet. Your assignment is to help Tracy figure out the optimal number of workers and the number of items that should be sold daily. Let’s keep the concession stand open! Access the Unit V Assignment Worksheet in Blackboard. Complete the following in the Unit V Assignment Worksheet. Part 1Complete the table, calculating the total variable cost of labor, total cost per day, total revenue, profit, average variable cost, average fixed cost, average total cost, marginal cost, and marginal revenue. Part 2Answer the questions after the table as a guide to use when writing your essay. Part 3Write an essay of at least 750 words. 
Briefly describe the calculations you made when filling in the table data. 
Indicate the profit-maximizing level of output and employees along with the two ways you found this optimal level. This profit-maximizing level of output and employees will tell you how to keep the concession stand open. 
Describe the average price level for concession stand items that would be required to force the theater to shut down the concession stand in the short run, and include how you determined this level.
Include a copy of the completed table and your answers to the questions in the worksheet after your essay (e.g., on the page following your reference page, if you have one). The word count will not include the information in the table. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA Style.


submit a short, briefing paper on a significant security issue facing the modern Middle East. It can be anything: climate essay help: essay help

submit a short, briefing paper on a significant security issue facing the modern Middle East. It can be anything: climate change, weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, terrorism, etc., so long as it fits within the geographic scope of the course. The briefing should be no longer than 1,000 words total 1.5 spaced in MS Word format. The briefing needs to introduce the subject effectively, examine the historical context of the issue, explain how it emerged as an important historical issue/event, describe its current relevance, and offer 2-3 policy recommendations on how to respond to the matter. The sketch needs to make use of high quality academic sources, such as books, journals, and intelligence reports (see Economist Intelligence Unit), should not use generic websites (i.e., history.com), and must use Chicago Style citations. This is a formal assignment and so all information used needs to be accompanied with a citation, using Chicago style citations. Assignments that are not formatted properly will be returned at a reduction of 5 percent.


no title Essay cheap essay help

The assignment instructions and information have been given in a document in the files section. Read all instructions thoroughly and answer the questions with a high degree of accuracy. The following are some examples of the types of sources the writer can use for the assignment; scholarly sources, government sites, NGOs and media sources. Be sure to use reliable sources of information