When Conducting Research And Determining The Outcomes Of Clinical Trials Or Experiments It Is Important To See If The Results Best College Essay Help

When conducting research and determining the outcomes of clinical trials or experiments it is important to see if the results have any significance. When determining the clinical significance results are evaluated to see if they are meaningful or not for the stakeholders. In other words, the effects of the results must be great enough to make the costs, inconveniences, and potential harm worth the risk. In comparison statistical significance evaluates whether any differences, if any, that are observed are in fact real or just due to chance. In other words, is the result due to the testing or a result to a cause. Clinical significance is directly because of the course of treatment and had genuine effects, compared to statistical significance where the result may be due to chance (Armijo-Olivo, 2018). Clinical significance can be shown in my evidence-based process by proving that the changes being made, have a positive impact resulting in the expected changes. Then take the changes that occurred and show that the results will have impacts on the costs and revenue for the facility


Bring your own device” What is it and what does it have to do with authentication? Why is it critical best essay help

Bring your own device” What is it and what does it have to do with authentication? Why is it critical for IT managers to recommend security policies to manage it? Do some research and summarize your thoughts on how you would approach this issue. What security policies would you implement for BYOD? And why is Social Media a factor? Cite your resources.


Critical Communication essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Instructions: 1. Identify a hurricane or significant winter weather event that occurred over the past 10 years. 2. Choose an emergency management or homeland security related agency that was affected by this event and assume the role of an employee in the Public Information Unit. 3. Following the format below, write a public information release on the impending storm. The memo should focus on access and functional needs populations within the agency’s jurisdiction. Based on your research, offer preparedness information and advice for these populations. Offer additional resources for the audience. 4. A separate References page should be provided for your sources. A title page is not required. 


You need to chose at least ONE painting from ONE OF THE ARTISTS WHOSE STATEMENTS IN THE BOOK HAVE BEEN scholarship essay help

You need to chose at least ONE painting from ONE OF THE ARTISTS WHOSE STATEMENTS IN THE BOOK HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO READ. You can find the painting either in the course content or by typing the name of the artist and/or the painting into the search box for Google images.  When you write about the painting, make sure you insert the link to it. 

I choose Jackson Pollock, Page22 from the book. The picture you choose you need to put in the word doc and needs include the link. If you cited the sentence from the book, you need to include the page. 

Answer the three following questions:

• How does the artifact bring together the different methods and focus an understanding of the data presented in the module?

• How does it show the relationship between the artistic and the spiritual?

• How does it illumine the process of creativity and its relationship to thought and spirituality?


The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence and its relevance for advanced practice nurse. The importance of effective communication that promotes cultural competence. college essay help online: college essay help online

discuss the following:

The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence and its relevance for advanced practice nurse.

The importance of effective communication that promotes cultural competence.

Submission Instructions:

Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.  Your initial post is worth 8 points.

You should respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. Your reply posts are worth 2 points (1 point per response.) 

All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Please post your initial response by 11:59 PM ET Thursday, and comment on the posts of two classmates by 11:59 PM ET Sunday.

You can expect feedback from the instructor within 48 to 72 hours from the Sunday due date.


example of a contemporary building that you believe relates in some way to an ancient one. Include the images of both forms of Architecture. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Find an example of a contemporary building that you believe relates in some way to an ancient one. Include the images of both forms of Architecture. Explain the connections you observe. Based on what you’ve learned in class, what connections can you make with other examples of architecture from different cultures or time periods? How do we in the Western world of the 21st-century use ancient architecture to convey messages in their form and what are those messages? 1200 words PDF FORMAT


This assignment builds on the Greg James/Sun Microsystems “A” case. The case is based on a real young leader essay help site:edu

This assignment builds on the Greg James/Sun Microsystems “A” case. The case is based on a real young leader – who was asked to build and lead a new global team to provide 24-7 support for Sun’s clients’ ATMs and associated systems. As you’ll read in the case, the team struggles and gets to a crisis point. For the memo, assume that the team has already fixed the queue problem, implemented a solid case/contact tracking system, and allayed the client’s immediate concerns (i.e., you do not need to do any- thing to address potential litigation by the client).

Greg James Memo
Write a memo (4-6 pages double spaced not counting any pages for tables, graphs, references, or figures; 12-point font, 1” margins) covering the following:
1. What would you – as Greg James –do to get your team back on track and avoid get- ting yourself and everyone else fired? This is a written summary
2. How and why would you do the things you described in #1? (This also provides the rationale for what you say in your recorded remarks to your team).
3. How you would handle the hypothetical addition of a group of team members in South Africa, Vietnam, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, or some other country of your choosing (you pick one location and it’s at this point in the team’s life – not at the beginning of the case). What would you do to manage the additional site and its integration with the team effectively?
Structure the memo well, write concisely, and proof carefully. Leverage the readings and your own experiences.


The overall dissertation is on the Obligation to decolonize. I want to look into whether the Great Britain has Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

The overall dissertation is on the Obligation to decolonize. I want to look into whether the Great Britain has actually followed this obligation to decolonize – this chapter is specifically on whether the Great Britain has followed this obligation and what lessons we can learn from whether or not they have followed. My first chapter is going to be on what the obligation to decolonize is and the final section is the effects of whatever the results of section 2 are. The referencing system is OSCOLA, this is for a LLB dissertation in the UK based on Uk English. My difficulty is writing I can’t get ideas into words, so I have been looking at John Darwin – Britain and decolonization and M. E. chamberlain decolonization, I have been struggling to find much about whether Great Britain has decolonized the Caribbean – I want a little focus on that as I know that the UK lasts colonies are there and I want to know the significance of that. But that would be ok if you cannot find anything. I will send over every single thing that I have been able to grab. Thank you so much


I need an article review done on the attached document. The following are some points to make sure are best college essay help

I need an article review done on the attached document. The following are some points to make sure are in the paper:
Write an introduction that informs the reader that you intend to review an article or other
document. The
purpose of the introduction paragraph is to prepare the reader for what is to follow in your
Make an effort to cover the following points. It may require more than one paragraph to
cover them.
• State the overall purpose of the article. What was the main theme/thesis of the
• What new ideas or information were communicated in the article?
• Why was it important to publish these ideas?
Research Methodology and Results
Writing about the research methodology and results is critical to your review. The body of
the review should contain points of argument to support the thesis, logical development of
ideas, and expansion on the key facts pertaining to the article’s research methodology.
Make an effort to cover the following points. It may require several paragraphs to
thoroughly cover content.
• What methods did the authors use to reach conclusions?
• Why was this method chosen?
• How was the data collected and analyzed?
o Who were the subjects?
• What were the basic results or findings from the research? Were the conclusions
• In your opinion, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the article? Be sure to
think about your impressions and the reasons for them. Listing what the author
wrote as limitations is not the same thing as forming your own opinions and
justifying them to the reader.


Citing the Rice book, explain why this conflict happened: what were the causes of this rebellion? Then take the essay help

Citing the Rice book, explain why this conflict happened: what were the causes of this rebellion? Then take the primary sources (included) and critique Rice’s interpretations. How do the primary sources support or contradict his findings about the causes? For those documents that contradict his interpretations, how can we explain the discrepancy? 3-5 pages, double-spaced, 1 inch margins all around, 12pt font, use footnote or endnote citations in Turabian Humanities style.
The main textbook is “Tales from a Revolution: Bacon’s Rebellion and the Transformation of Early America” by James Rice, published in 2012. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


on How Social media has impacted teen girls versus teen boys. college essay help: college essay help

Hi, I sent an image if what the prompt and what it needs to include. Let me know if you have any questions please. I also included the rubric. It also needs to be in APA format and include 6 scholarly sources. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense. My hypothesis for the project is girls will have a more negative impact from social media (you don’t have to use that if you think or find other research) Also if possible could you only do one space after period instead of two, my teacher requested that. Thank you.


all instructions are in the file uploaded ” PSY 223 Milestone One Instructions” my choice is uploaded ” Scenario college essay help online

all instructions are in the file uploaded ” PSY 223 Milestone One Instructions”

my choice is uploaded ” Scenario 1 : Child and Adolescent Development ”

the worksheet is also uploaded “PSY 223 Milestone One worksheet.docx”

I have also uploaded the final project for you to refer to as well to get better understanding of this assignment “PSY 223 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric.pdf”

Here is a resource that supports this assignment


Classroom Management and the Inclusive Classroom online essay help: online essay help

Disruptive behavior and misbehavior can occur in any classroom. If a teacher understands the needs of the student, the effect of the environment on the student, and identifies behavior patterns, it is easier to identify ways to provide support, reinforce positive behaviors, redirect behavior, and prevent a disruptive behavior from occurring in the future. The use of PBIS and other research-based strategies can be used to address and manage behavior and can create a learning environment that is safe and encourages students to engage in meaningful learning and interaction.

Complete the “Classroom Management Matrix.” When conducting research and selecting example behaviors, focus on students in the grade band relevant to your field of study. Include causes and strategies for addressing misbehavior or disruptive behavior in the inclusive classroom. Complete both the chart and the narrative.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.


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Chapter 12 gave an overview on different types of leadership in organizational settings. Leadership has three impacts: the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward organizational effectiveness. One the the most talked about types was transformational leadership because of the impacts . Transformational leadership specifically looks at effective leaders as agents of change. There are four elements of transformational change: building commitment to change, developing and communicating a vision, encouraging experimentation, and modeling the vision. Developing and communicating a vision is important for employees to feel positive and energized for the change to come. It also creates a better sense of unity, which is important in the workplace for teams especially. The vision should represent a challenge for employees to contribute towards achieving for the organization. Sometimes the vision can be presented by employees and others before being adopted by an actual leader. Also important is communicating that vision. That is important for change because in order for the vision to be effective it needs to be communicated properly. Leaders need to add meaning to their visions and connect to employees. They can connect through values, passions, and further supporting teamwork. The greater the connection and understanding of the vision, the more likely employees will better execute it. In addition, modeling the vision is just as important. Leaders need to embody the vision and lead by example. They should align work and activities with the vision and organizational values. This will show other employees how the vision should be carried out and create trust. Next, transformational leaders should be encouraging experimentation. This is important so that employees can find new ways to work in ways that still contribute to the goals of the organization. Finally, building employee commitment to the vision is vital. Employees should be excited to adopt the vision on their own and if they are will more consistently apply appropriate work practices. Leaders can reinforce commitment through rewards and celebrations, along with the other three elements of transformational leadership. By implementing these practices team building also occurs and creates higher trust between organizational and team members alike. 

           In my experience as an employee with a leader I did not experience successful transformational leadership. That may have been the intent, but their strategy fell short in many ways. My past manager had developed a vision, but very poorly communicated that vision to the entire team. Many times employees were confused about what the goals were and how they should be achieved. Because there was not clarity employees engaged in counterproductive tasks often. Eventually, that became frustrating for those who were actually working toward the vision. The manager often talked down to us and that also made it difficult to trust their judgement. They expected employees to work toward the vision, but did not model the expected behaviors themselves. We were all very discouraged as it felt we were trying to reach a goal that management was not even committed to contributing to. Because employees were never taught or encouraged to explore ways to work together they did not commit to change either. Also, due to all of these factors many employees quit altogether. Evidently, leadership does impact many other factors of the organization. I do think that if organizations are experiencing high turnover and other complaints they should look closely at management. Sometimes it can be how they lead that generates issues on a more personal level.  As a manager now, I do my best to be a transformational leader. I work closely with other employees and because I’ve worked in lower positions I find it easier to connect with them. With that connection comes better communication about organizational goals for future change. I train employees to model and encourage experimentation in that training. I will typically show individuals how I do something and allow them the opportunity to suggest adjustments and ask questions based on their past experiences. Many times I have learned easier ways to carry out tasks. Because those steps occurred early in training as they progress they are more open to give feedback, which aids me in other ways. The open communication between employees and myself creates a lot of trust that allows them to better commit to visions of the organization. In addition, my boss and I like to encourage commitment through yearly awards, raises with achievements, and frequent team bonding activities. The activities will occur in the form of educational classes relevant to our work, wellness activities like runs, or dinner parties. 


CW – Written Essay , Principles of Sports Psychology essay help free

This is kind of a presentation but I needed it in word format, please. You have all information in the file uploaded. If you have any questions just let me know. Kind Regards. 


word essay on a philosophical topic of your choice. In your essay, you must summarize the relevant philosopher’s views, express your take and raise an objection to your own point of view. Detailed instructions, grading rubric, and topic suggestions will be provided. online essay help: online essay help

Please see attached for corresponding rubric. This is a list of suggested topics you may choose from: 1. Explain Plato’s theory of goodness, and of justice, as articulated in his Republic. 2. Compare and contrast Plato’s and Aristotle’s ethics. In what ways are they similar? In what ways do they differ? 3. Explain Thomas Hobbes’s nominalist theory of ethics, and show how it supports his theory of psychological egoism and consequent dim view of human nature. What draw us into conflict? Why do we need to limit our liberties to escape from the Hobbesian “state of nature”? 4. Compare Hobbes’s and Rousseau’s contrasting views of human nature, e.g. as depicted in Chapter 13 of Hobbes’s Leviathan and in Rousseau’s The Social Contract. Based on contemporary evidence, such as presented by Steven Pinker in The Blank Slate, whose view appears vindicated, and whose view appears discredited? Why? 5. Explain, with at least one example, “Hume’s guillotine”—the argument that we cannot derive “ought” from “is.” How does Kant attempt to resolve this problem? Again, give at least one example. Does Kant succeed? Why or why not? 6. What is utilitarianism? How does John Stuart Mill’s reformulation of utilitarianism rescue it from the charges of hedonism levied at Jeremy Bentham’s earlier version? Beyond this, utilitarianism attracts other criticisms; for example, that its pursuit of the greatest happiness for the greatest number ignores or disregards individual rights. How does Mill’s essay On Liberty answer this serious allegation? 7. Illustrate comparative strengths and weaknesses of the ethical systems we have studied. Why is there apparently no perfect theory of ethics? Can there be one? 8. Summarize Anselm’s ontological argument. Do you agree with it? Why, or why not? What objections have been raised by other philosophers? Are you persuaded by any of them? 9. Do square circles exist? Why, or why not? Suppose we define a “squircle” as “an existing square circle.” Do squircles exist? Why or why not? What does it mean for something to exist? Or not to exist? Or to be named? 10. Can we reliably tell the difference between appearance and reality? Why or why not? Is this central question from Descartes resolved, or just rehearsed, in The Matrix? 11. Descartes was a rationalist; Berkeley, an empiricist. Explain the differences in their epistemologies (philosophies of knowledge). Is there any potential agreement between them on the nature of “material substance”? On God? Explain. 12. Is there any “stuff” out there? Does anything exist that lies beyond perception? How would Berkeley answer? How would Churchland answer? How would you answer? 13. What is eliminative materialism? What are Churchland’s main arguments in support of it? What objections does he raise against it, and how does he counter them? 14. What is a Turing test? What do you think Turing would say about the AI robot Sophia’s ability to pass such a test? What do you think Searle would say? Sophia has been made an honorary citizen of Saudi Arabia. Does she therefore have personhood? Why or why not? 15. Explain Searle’s allegory of the Chinese room. What is he attempting to demonstrate? Do you think he succeeds? Why or why not? 17. Can “understanding” be reducible to a complex algorithm —e.g. a computer program? Or is understanding irreducible? Contrast the answers given by Churchland’s reductionism, Turing’s functionalism, and Searle’s holism. Which (if any) position(s) do you favor, and why? 18. How does Charles Mill’s racial contract differs from the Hobbesian contract? Why does Mills differentiate his contract from the classical one? Is his theory successful at addressing racial inequality? Why or why not? 19. Should identity traits interfere with knowledge acquisition processes? Why or why not? Do such traits in fact interfere with knowledge acquisition? How relevant are phenomena such as epistemic appropriation, hermeneutical injustice and other forms of epistemic injustice? 20. Do ignorance and identity interact with each other? If so, how? If not, how what is wrong with epistemologies of ignorance? 21. Choose your own topic, find two relevant philosophical references about it, and obtain my approval before writing your essay.


itinerary for an international group of visitors (Visitors from germany to Louisiana) college essay help online

Report Directions and Guidelines-
Create an itinerary for a group of international tourists for a 4-day stay in Louisiana. The six-person group has $6,000 to spend on hotel, restaurant and attractions.
Part 1: After choosing the country of origin for the group visiting, you must give an age (or ages) and demographic for the group. Examples: 20-year old Millennials exploring the South; 50-60 year old Optometrists in town for a convention; a family on their annual vacation.
Part 2: Your report should read like an itinerary (there is one provided on Moodle). The difference will be that at the end of each day, you will be required to write a 150-word descriiption of why the itinerary you chose for that day would be engaging to the visitors from the specific country that you chose.
• Example: On the first day of visiting I brought the Chinese visitors to the Chenault Museum in Monroe, Louisiana. Chenault was a WW2 pilot that flew with the Chinese Airforce in their battles against Japan. He is considered a hero to the Chinese population. Because the group of visitors had an average age of 55 – 60, I assumed this would be of interest to them.
• Example 2: On the second day, I brought my Australian group to the Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. In Australia, Jazz and Cajun food are both very popular.
• Example 3: On the third day I brought my Canadian group on a swamp tour. The Louisiana Cajuns’ ancestors are from Nova Scotia, Canadians have shown interest in the history of Acadiana in Louisiana
You may decide to call an attraction to ask if people from the country you have chosen frequent their venue. (The plantation tours are very popular with internationals. Shopping is a number one activity for international travelers, especially from Central and South America.)
This report is to help you understand the current trends of international visitors to Louisiana.
• Continuity of dates and times are not necessary
o You may choose to visit Christmas on Fulton Street after a day of playing in Audubon Zoo’s cool zoo. You can include activities that are seasonal without continuity.
o You may plan an excursion and leave out the amount of time it takes to travel to that place. If you choose to shop in the Riverwalk Marketplace in the morning and visit a casino in Shreveport in the evening you do not have to factor travel time.
• The age of the visitor must stay the same, so if you choose a group of older visitors, you must have an itinerary suitable to that age group.

-The country that I think that would enjoy a trip to Louisiana is Germany. Germany and louisiana have a nice history together . Just 55 miles west of New Orleans you can find Lac des Allemands, and that is French for “Lake of the Germans.” These hard-working Germans are credited till this day with feeding the struggling settlement of New Orleans, allowing it to survive, and introducing the accordion into Cajun music. I choose Germany because I had a grandfather who spoke german and I am very fascinated about it. From the music to the drinking and dancing, germany is bound to love this state.

Germany would enjoy louisiana considering how well they once flourished in New Orleans In the 1850s, there were some 30 breweries, each with its own beer garden. Germany is well known for its beer and different breweries so I think they would have a good time trying different places to drink and listen to music. Bourbon st would be the ideal place for germans because of the wide varieties of bars to try. There are also festivals that they would absolutely love, like mardi gras in new orleans with jazz and great food. No matter if it is dancing, drinking, listening to history, or eating new foods im sure people from Germany would most definitely enjoy Louisiana.

(I’ve put an example of how this should look)


1- 2900 words count (max 3190, min 2610) 2-Harvard style 3- not less than 15 references but you can online essay help

1- 2900 words count (max 3190, min 2610)
2-Harvard style
3- not less than 15 references but you can use more than 15
4- use assessment criteria as heading and subheading.
5- The article can be broken down into three sections
6- leave the first two pages blank and start with page three. no need for title page that includes name and course name.


Chapter 1: Introduction Trends in qualitative research teaching Historical trends in research methods teaching Steps and Scope of Research college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Chapter 1: Introduction
Trends in qualitative research teaching
Historical trends in research methods teaching
Steps and Scope of Research
Scientific Method, aims and characteristics of research as a scientific activity
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of research
Meaning of Research
Objectives of Research
Motivation in Research
Research Approaches
Significance of Research
Research and Scientific Method
Research Process
Chapter 3: Teaching research methods
Approaches to the Curriculum: The role of theory in research
Quantitative or qualitative: ontological and epistemological choices in research methods
Ontology, epistemology, and methodology in teaching research methods
Chapter 4: Quantitative Research
Quantitative Paradigm
Quantitative Methodology
Quantitative Methods and Techniques
Quantitative Research Criticized
Chapter 5: Qualitative Research
Qualitative Paradigm
Qualitative Methodology
Qualitative Methods
Qualitative Techniques
Qualitative Research Criticized
Chapter 5: Research ethics, plagiarism and impact of research
Research ethics
Responsibility and accountability of the researchers
Ethical consideration


JP MORGAN BANK IS SELECT To answer the questions below, you must choose one Global Systemically Important Financial Institution essay help free


To answer the questions below, you must choose one Global Systemically Important Financial Institution to provide examples. When answering both questions, you are required to demonstrate how the risks within each question interact.
1) In the context of the most recent international regulatory frameworks, critically evaluate the role of the bank’s asset-liability committees (ALCOs) in measuring and managing interest rate and liquidity risk. To support this, you are required to calculate and interpret appropriate measurement techniques.
(1500 Words, 50 Marks)
2) Using literature and examples, compare and contrast your chosen bank’s operational risk management performance within the dynamic regulatory and banking environment over the last three years. In response, construct a fraud risk assessment framework using these examples and future potential exposures. This framework should acknowledge the current legislative and regulatory infrastructure in which your bank operates.
(1500 Words, 50 Marks)


For this week’s activity, please review the journal articles assigned to you for this week. Additionally, please review Carolyn essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

For this week’s activity, please review the journal articles assigned to you for this week. Additionally, please review Carolyn Buppert’s video regarding ‘Prescribing for Friends’. This is important for you to review for your own practice. Your response this week should either reflect a summary of findings for prescriiptive privileges OR practice privileges.


Assignment For this essay, you can use any and ALL of the four articles that you read for this theme college application essay help: college application essay help

Assignment For this essay, you can use any and ALL of the four articles that you read for this theme on freedom and conflict. “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” by Martin Luther King, Jr. “Thoughts on Slavery” by Abraham Lincoln “Freedom” by Paul Kengor Question: What happens when government preserves or harms freedom? Discuss 3 positive and/or negative effects that government can have on freedom. Below are many topics discussed in the readings. You can choose three ideas from below. They can be all positive, all negative, or mixed. You may also use other ideas or other possible effects that government could have on preserving or harming liberty, but your ideas should be supported with quotes from the readings. Positive Effects on Freedom prosperity diversity criticism promotion of freedom abroad hope other Negative effects on freedom slavery violence regulations/taxes hopelessness acquiescence other Structure Write a cause/effect essay of at least five paragraphs including the following: Introduction (5-7 sentences): a hook general connecting information you do NOT need a summary of a particular article this time, but instead discuss the topic in general transition from the general topic to your more specific thesis statement a thesis statement discussing the impact of government on freedom. Body (8-10 sentences each): Choose one effect (positive or negative) that government has on freedom for each body paragraph. Remember a clear topic sentence for each body. Use your ideas and experience on freedom, and then use ideas from the readings to support and help your ideas. Use at least one quote in each body paragraph to support your idea. These quotes can come from any of the readings as long as they support your idea. Remember when you use a quote to first introduce the quote with the author and the reading title in quotation marks. Do not use quotes that are not from the readings. Conclusion (5-6 sentences): Paraphrase the thesis statement briefly summarize the main points from body paragraphs and offer a final opinion, recommendation, or prediction. Format Your essay must be at least 2 to 2 1/2 pages (about 800 words) typed in MLA format. Double spaced Times New Roman, size 12 Last name and page number in upper right hand corner Heading on the top left (your name, professor’s name, class, due date) 1” margins Title must be centered


se the following outline to construct your completed Strategic Audit Report to submit in Module 9. I – Executive essay help

se the following outline to construct your completed Strategic Audit Report to submit in Module 9.

I – Executive Summary

Executive Summary (1 page)

Introduction/Overview (1 page)

II – Strategic Posture and Corporate Governance

Company performance (1 page)

Mission and vision statements (1 page)

Board of Directors (1 page)

III – External Environment

Natural and physical environments (1 page)

Economic, Technological, Political-legal, and Sociocultural forces (1 page)

EFAS table

IV – Internal Environment

Culture and Marketing (1 page)

IFAS table

Financial data table/10K report

Operations and Logistics (1 page)

Human Resource Management (1 page)

Information Technology (1 page)

V and VI. Analyze and Recommend Strategies

SFAS Worksheet

TOWS Analysis

Recommended Strategy (1 page)

VII. Evaluation and Control

Measuring Performance (1 page)

Output, Behavior, and Input Controls (1 page)

Reference Page

I – Executive Summary
Executive Summary (1 page – completed in Module 8)

You will write the Executive Summary section or the beginning of your Strategic Audit Report. The opening section of your audit report can easily be the most important part of the audit, can grab a reader’s attention, and keep it throughout if written correctly; while a poorly written one can leave the reader guessing and confused. As you complete this section be descriiptive, detailed, and use well-written language.

Provided are the guidelines to complete this section:

Write a summary of your strategic audit report.
This section should be a review of the strategic audit’s findings. It is not to be a history of the firm, or what the firm does.
It should be an overview of what is contained in the Strategic Audit Report and the findings.
The Executive Summary is meant to sell your strategic report to your reader.
Introduction/Overview (1 page – completed in Module 1)

Your Introduction Overview should include the following:

The name of your business.
History and background of the business.
Detail of what the business does and who they do it for.
Use a minimum of two (2) outside sources
II – Strategic Posture and Corporate Governance (completed in Module 2)
Company performance (1 page)

How has the company performed over the past year in terms of investment, market share, and profitability?

Mission and vision statements (1 page)

What are the company’s mission and vision statements? Please ensure the statements are from a valid source, such as the organization’s website. If the company does not have a listed mission or vision statement, then write one for them. Explain what makes a good mission and vision statement and what makes bad ones. Use a reference (correctly cited) to support your explanation/perspective, then explain if your company’s mission and vision statement (or the one you have written for them) is a good one or a bad one and why.

Board of Directors (1 page)

List the company’s board of directors by name, if they are internal or external board members, what year they were elected to the board, what they do on the board for your company, and what their level of management is.

III – External Environment (completed in Module 3)
Natural and physical environments (1 page)

Provide a written overview of the natural and physical environments affecting your strategic audit company. This summary could include topics such as but are not limited to the climate, pollution, weather, temperature, sea level, fresh water, flooding, etc. There is no minimum number of topics to write about; however, each one should be relevant to your strategic audit company.

Economic, Technological, Political-legal, and Sociocultural forces (1 page)

Explain how the following forces are currently affecting industries in which your strategic audit company competes:

Please provide a 2-3 sentence explanation for each force, with at least one outside source properly cited and references for each to validate and support your answers.

EFAS table

Complete an External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) table following the guidelines and instructions from the example documents in the module.

IV. Internal Environment (completed in Module 4 and 5)
Culture and Marketing (1 page)

Create a written overview of your company’s culture. Is it positive or negative, does it align with the organization’s objectives, strategies, and policies? Explain your company’s marketing goals. Are they clearly stated, consistent with their mission and vision statement, and follow the organizational goals?

IFAS table

Complete an Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) table using the guidelines and instructions in the example documents in the module.

Financial data table/10K report

Review the guidelines for the SEC Form 10-K Report in the module and complete the blank 10-K Template. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your strategic audit company’s financial position.

Operations and Logistics (1 page)

Provide a one-page detailed report of your strategic adult company’s products, services, and manufacturing facilities.
Do they produce their products internally or have them outsourced?
If they are service-oriented, how are these services provided and what resources do they use? An example would be a healthcare provider of medical staff who works in a hospital, but the hospital is not owned by your company.
What is their logistics set-up and or how are their goods and services transported and supplied to the customer?
Human Resource Management (1 page)

Examine your company’s workforce.
How many employees do they have?
What benefits do they offer?
Are they union or non-union?
What are the working conditions (especially if they have facilities in other countries)?
Have they been protested by human rights groups for employment practices, or fined by the government?
What is your strategic audit company’s human resource office’s overall mission or goals?
Information Technology (1 page)

Explain how your company incorporates Information Technology into its business model.
Are administrative and customer services automated?
Are the manufacturing and logistics systems automated?
What IT trends do they follow and what is the future outlook for your company’s IT utilization?
V and VI. Analyze and Recommend Strategies (completed in Module 6)
SFAS Worksheet

Using the worksheet, guidelines, and example sheets provided in the module, create an SFAS matrix for your strategic adult company.

TOWS Analysis

Using the guidelines and example documents in the module, create a TOWS analysis matrix for your strategic adult company.

Recommended Strategy (1 page)

From your completed TOWS Analysis recommend the one strategy that you feel best meets the future needs of your firm. Support your decision by writing a detailed explanation justifying your selection. Use at least two outside sources properly cited and referenced to support your decision.

VII. Evaluation and Control (completed in Module 7)
Measuring Performance (1 page)

Write an overview of how your strategic audit company measures performance, what specific measurement tools or programs they use, and if it is effective or not. Additionally, recommend one change or new measurement tool they should make or use, and why.

Output, Behavior, and Input Controls (1 page)

Write a descriiption of the types of Output, Behavior, and Input controls your strategic audit company is using, then explain if they are effective or not.

Reference Page


Assignment Content Read all the following vignettes. Vignette 1 Mr. Griffin and Dr. Tanaka-Griffin are both turning 68 years a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Assignment Content

Read all the following vignettes.

Vignette 1

Mr. Griffin and Dr. Tanaka-Griffin are both turning 68 years old. He is Anglo and she is a third generation Japanese-American. The couple has been married for 13 years. This is his third marriage and her second. They have no children together; he has one disabled son, who they care for, and she has five children. Mr. Griffin owns a successful liquor store and a local laundry mat. Dr. Tanaka-Griffin is an oncologist at a local University hospital. The couple plan to retire in three years. Their health is fine; however, Mr. Griffin was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, and unrelated to his diagnosis, he fell while walking his poodle on a familiar walking course two weeks ago.

Vignette 2

Mr. and Mrs. DeGuzman have been married for 54 years. He was recently in a car accident where he hit a parked vehicle. His health was already compromised, and with this recent event, he is now admitted to a hospital and needs a breathing machine. His wife and two grown sons are considering hospice. They live in a single-story home. Mrs. DeGuzman has been a homemaker all her life. She was never involved in many activities and would identify her recently deceased twin sister as her “best and only friend.” They live off Social Security and a small pension from the Train Operators fund.

Vignette 3

Mr. Gibbs is 89 years old and his wife of 67 years is 86 years old. They have 4 children. Their oldest son has been in prison for the last 25 years and both parents still struggle to cope. They have twin daughters who live in different states, and their youngest son lives at home with them. He was recently divorced and has partial custody of a 17-year-old who brings great joy to Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs is a retired judge, and his wife is a retired schoolteacher. Together they have an annual pension of more than $200,000. Their legal paperwork is in a tight Trust and their designated Power of Attorney for health is their cousin, who is also their neighbor. Their Power of Attorney for Estate is one of the twin girls who calls and visits frequently.

Select ONE vignette listed above.

Write a 350- to 700-word response to the following questions based on the vignette selected:

According to this week’s readings, what do you know about some of the family characteristics of this couple?
What are some critical aspects of retirement that are applicable?
What do you project their longevity to be?
If they were a couple in your community, what living options would you recommend for them?

Format your assignment according to APA guideline
please use text Ageing and the life course ,an introduction to gerontology ,seventh edition


Week 2 Community Nursing college application essay help

Directions: Collect the data outlined in this template. Fill in the blanks in the tables provided. There are two parts – online data collection and a modified windshield survey data collection. You will then identify a nursing problem in a vulnerable population and write a nursing diagnosis. See the assignment directions for suggestions and best practices. For full credit, all information in a category must be completed. This will be the topic of your Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis Template and also Parts 2 through 4 of your course project.

Online Data Collection
Bay Shore, NY 11706
1. Community Information

Your Community Data
Name of city or town and state


Nature of this community (rural, suburban, urban)

Describe your community in 2-3 sentences

2. Community Demographics
a. Go to https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/PST045218
i. The US data should automatically populate
ii. Input your zip code or county/township name
iii. Then input your state for comparison data
iv. Enter the data into the table below
v. Compare the county, state, and US data

3. Community Epidemiological Data
a. Go to: https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/
b. Click on your state
i. Start with Overall Rankings in Health Outcomes
ii. Then choose your county

**you will need to use the “ ” to see all of the data**

4. Substance Use
a. Go to: https://www.samhsa.gov/data/report/behavioral-health-barometer-state-barometers-volume-6?page=0
i. Find your state and download the report.
ii. Review the report and document the following:
1. Go to Substance Use, Misuse, and Use disorders section. This will be the area that discusses those 12 and older (near end of report).
iii. Find the following percentages:

Identify a nursing problem based on your data and observations. The problem must be related to substance use. Example: Alcohol use

Problem Identification: _________________

Vulnerable Population
Identify the vulnerable population that is most impacted by this problem. Example: Adolescents

Vulnerable Population Identification: _________________


Write a nursing diagnosis based on your problem from above. Fill in the blanks below.

Example: Increased risk for alcohol use among adolescents related to lack of sufficient knowledge about the long and short-term impacts demonstrated in increased county data compared to state/national averages.

*See chapter 6 in the Nies and McEwen (2019) textbook for more examples of composing a community health nursing diagnosis.

Nursing Diagnosis: Increased risk of____________(problem from above) among ____________ (vulnerable population from above) related to ___________(etiological statement) as demonstrated in _______(health indicators/community data from above)

Please reach out if you have any questions thank you


Directions for the Parent Communication Artifact: 1. Make sure you have reviewed the Parent Communication Rubric in detail as essay help online free

Directions for the Parent Communication Artifact: 1. Make sure you have reviewed the Parent Communication Rubric in detail as this is how you will be assessed for this Artifact. 2. Make sure you have reviewed the Sample Parent Letter examples provided within the assignment. 3. Create your assignment offline and then save your work to your computer noting the file name and location. 4. Read the “Translation Directions” at the very end of this document. Use one of these methods to translate your Parent Communication Product into a different (non-English) language. 5. When your have completed the letter and confirmed your product against the rubric you are ready to submit. 6. On the NEXT page in this module you will upload and submit your assignment. Click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT and use the FILE UPLOAD option to submit your letter. Click on the “Parent Communication” folder and read the directions at the top of the page. SEE BELOW FOR TRANSLATION DIRECTIONS Translation Directions MSWORD 2007 From the top menu bar select the “Review” tab. On the left hand side, select “Translate”. You should have a panel pop up on the right side of your screen. Select the “From” language and the “To” language. Click on the green arrow. This will take you to the online website where your document will be translated. You will have to copy and paste your translated document into a new MS Word document. MS WORD 2010 From the top menu bar select the “Review” tab. Locate the two icons in the “Language” portion of the task bar. In the drop-down menu under “Translate,” click on “Choose Translation Language.” Under “Choose document translation languages,” be sure English is in the top box (Translate From). Select a language for the bottom box (Translate To). Click OK. Go back to the “Translate” icon drop down arrow and this time, choose “Translate Document.” A window will pop up and tell you the document is being sent over the Internet to a translation service. Click “Send.” Your translated document should appear in another window. Save the translated document to your computer’s hard drive. There are numerous help and support documents within MS Word and on the internet. Other Translation Options: Translate words, sentences, paragraphs, emails and websites at: www.worldlingo.com (Links to an external site.) http://www.google.com/language_tools (Links to an external site.) ————————————————————————————————————————————– Post your Parent Communication, English version as well as your Parent Communication, Second Language version here. Be sure to read the Rubric first so you can meet all the requirements. This assignment supports the GCCC Quality Enhancement Plan, which is to promote Critical Academic Literacy by requiring students to: Analyze and synthesize ways in which families can support and reinforce classroom goals, objectives, and standards as well as ways to communicate with families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Rubric Parent Communication Rurbric Parent Communication Rurbric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent 5 pts Content focuses primarily (over 50%) on academic goals (e.g. standards to be covered, grading schemes). Classroom Management Plan is present, providing information on rules (exactly 5), rewards, and punishments. Suggestions (3-4) for how parents can support student learning are provided. Other supporting information is given to help orient parents to how the teacher will conduct the class. 3 pts Content focuses (less than 50% but more than 10%) on academic goals (e.g. standards to be covered, grading schemes. Classroom Management Plan is present, providing information on rules (more than 5 or less than 3). Suggestions (2) for how parents can support student learning are provided. Other supporting information is given to help orient parents to how the teacher will conduct the class. 0 pts Resubmit Only 10% or less of the document is focused on academic goals. OR At least 3 Classroom Management Plan rules are not present. OR Less than 2 suggestions for parents are not provided. OR No other supporting information is present. 5 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProduct Format and Requirements 5 pts The product choice (letter, newsletter, brochure, flyer) is an effective method for communicating the required content. The format utilized makes the content clearly legible and incorporates the use of at least 3 graphics. Length is at least 2 pages, using 12 point font. 3 pts The product choice (letter, newsletter, brochure, flyer) is an effective method to communicating the required content. The format utilized makes the content clearly legible and incorporates the use of at least 1 graphic. Length is at least one page, using 12 point font. 0 pts The teacher fails to successfully address all areas required for an “Adequate” performance. 5 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCultural Linguistic


Imagine yourself sitting at a table with Eddie Glaude and James Baldwin, and imagine you’ve been invited to join a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Imagine yourself sitting at a table with Eddie Glaude and James Baldwin, and imagine you’ve been invited to join their conversation and to “think with them” about how to “begin again” and commit ourselves to a new faith that can both meet the demands of our time and deliver on the promise of the future. Imagine, as Baldwin does in The Fire Next Time, that the world as you know it has passed away in a flood, and you have the chance to begin totally afresh and anew. What would you want such a faith to include? What would you want such a faith to exclude? What should ultimately concern such a faith? What should it cease to be concerned with?
To put it another way, what does your faith seek to testify? Remember, a “protest” is simply putting forth (“pro”) a “test” of one’s faith (which could come in the form of a “testimony” or a “testament”). So, if critical REASON is the test of things we can measure, analyze, demonstrate, and base our safe and reliable future predictions upon, then FAITH is the test of who we are apart from such certainty, security, or decisive proof.
To put it even more clearly: Faith is the evidence of things unseen. And there is only one way to test out a belief which can’t be seen, which gives no future guarantees, and which grants no assurance of safety. For this, one must ultimately risk it all for the ultimate sake of it all. And this is the kind of ultimacy that I want you to write about in your essay. What kind of fatih, in your own mind, could, ultimately, be worth such a degree of courage, risk, and commitment?
This essay is simply a chance for me to hear your voice on these matters. Though I do want you to find as many insightful ways as you can to intelligently cite from our course readings, you do not have to treat this as a research paper. Only cite from our readings when it is actually useful and appropriate for you to do so. Apart from that, I want you to focus your energy on articulating what you actually think and believe with respect to these matters. Ultimately, this essay is about going out on your own limb, taking your own “leap of faith,” and giving me your own critical perspective. Put your heart into it, and have fun with it

Use This Quote as well to analyze:
“We need to gather ourselves. We are in the eye of the storm. We must find the courage to make the bold choices necessary for these after times. And we cannot shake from our rage; it is the fire that lights the kiln. We have to look back and tell a different story, without the crutch of our myths and legends, about how we have arrived at this moment of moral reckoning in the country’s history. We must do our first works over, and this requires an imaginative leap of faith. I reached out for Jimmy to help us.” – Eddie S Glaude, Begin Again


Guns, Germs and Steel college admissions essay help

– Read the section from the book Gun, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond that is posted on Blackboard in the additional reading section.
– Based on this reading write a 2 – 3 page paper that answers the following questions.
– The paper must be 2 – 3 pages in length, double-spaced and in 12 point Times New Roman font.
– Only put your name on the top of the first page. Do not use a lengthy header with your name, class number my name, etc. You will lose points if you do so.

– What does the author mean by history’s haves and have-nots?
– Describe in great detail the relationship between domestication of plants and animals, the eventual path leading to guns, germs and steel, and the regional differences we still see in the world today.
o This should be a large section of your paper.
o You must talk about how domestication resulted in guns, germs, and steel. These three topics must be addressed.
▪ For example, discuss jobs, infrastructure in societies and conquests that resulted from domestication of plants and animals
– How do the differences between the haves and the have-nots relate to current political differences? How did the development of guns, germs and steel play a role in the history of different human populations? Relate your answer to differences between more and less developed countries.
– In your opinion, how do current events regarding racism relate to the relationship between domestication of plants/animals and guns, germs and steel?


WEEK 3 NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION ESSAY a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
This is a paper on non-verbal communication and what we can learn from it. You are to write a 3 page paper (not including title and reference pages so a total of 5 pages) in proper APA 7th Edition format. For your paper, please take a look at the videos and article presented that are linked below. Pay particular attention to the video and article, as you watch/read, take notes on some of the topics presented that interest you. This is a short paper, think of it as a warm-up for your longer paper due in Week 7.

Video 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMyofREc5Jk

Video 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCo3wSGYRbQ

Article: The Puzzle of Non-Verbal Communication

Requirements for this assignment:

Your paper should utilize appropriate course material that we have covered in regards to non-verbal communication.

Ensure you address the following topics in your paper:

Pick three areas of interest from the article or video and discuss why you find it interesting, if you have seen any personal examples of it (i.e., someone who covers their mouth while talking, specific gender non-verbals, cultural differences).

This paper should be fun, I would suggest that you read/watch the materials as soon as possible and then start observing others around you for some non-verbal clues.

Remember your paper must include (all in proper APA 7th edition format):

Page 1 = Cover Page

Pages = 2-4 = Body (3 pages a minimum discussion of non-verbal areas of interest)

Page 5 = Reference Page

Make sure to use two additional resources from APUS online library or internet (Google Scholar is a great source)

Wikipedia, or similar sites are NOT acceptable sources for this paper


Fundraising Assignment: Individual Appeal A large portion of a non-profit theater company’s income is raised through donations by individuals. best essay help: best essay help

Fundraising Assignment: Individual Appeal
A large portion of a non-profit theater company’s income is raised through donations by individuals.

Write a letter to an individual donor asking for funds to support the educational partnership you created over the last few classes. This letter should come from you as a theater major asking an individual for money to support the BMCC Theater Program and your new educational partnership with Disney, SoHo Rep, Bam (or whoever you chose). In the letter you will need to “make the case” and “state the need” concepts covered in your reading and in-class discussion. The Tarrell Alvin McCraney letter should serve as a blueprint and catalyst for your own letter.

I am going to attach the idea i have written of the educational program I need to have a fundraising letter for.

No need to include pictures or anything, the main point is to write a grammatically correct well structured letter.


It looks like the conclusion page does emphasize the restorative justice implementation for my case. The professor comments “I essay help online

It looks like the conclusion page does emphasize the restorative justice implementation for my case.
The professor comments “I am not sure of this is a mistake in writing but it sounds like you are only discussing the application of retributive and utilitarian models of justice. So, where is restorative justice and how does it shape your conflict resolution plan? If you believe that RJ is not applicable here, you need to explain and justify your viewpoint.

– Make sure to proofread your paper for awkward wording, typos, and mistakes.

– Briefly talk about the purpose of this project and the need to an alternative course of action.

– Provide a summary of your arguments in previous sections, then move on to your intervention plan, and wrap up with some concluding remarks.”

I need my conclusion to be strong and emphasize restorative justice in my case.

I need it to flow nicely with my paper. My paper needs to complete 12 pages or more.

Thank you


Many executives still mistrust the results of big data and analytics. Find articles that address this issue and summarize college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Many executives still mistrust the results of big data and analytics. Find articles that address this issue and summarize the key reasons why. How might these issues be overcome?

Remember, information should be restated in your own words. Any direct quotes should be properly credited to the source and quotes should not comprise more than 20% of the paper.


(1) How do you feel about companies using AI to analyze your social media content to get an idea of what you are thinking and feeling? There should be no expectation of privacy on social med writing essay help

It is not a diary hidden under the bed; instead, it is an announcement to the world. When a company uses AI to analyze social media content to determine the wants and needs of its customers, it is utilizing a faster and more efficient method of market research. “The elicitation and monitoring of customer needs is an important task for businesses, allowing them to design customer-centric products and services and control marketing activities” (Kühl et al., 2020, p. 351). Market researchers have historically relied on interviews, surveys, and observations, but these methods are costly and time-intensive. As technology advances, it is natural for information gathering to do the same. The speed of information is moving toward the speed of sound. To keep up, automation, scalability, and continuous monitoring become necessary.
Would you feel differently about an enjoyable novel or movie if you learned it had been written by an AI system? Why or why not?
          Learning that Artificial Intelligence was responsible for writing a novel or movie would not impact my enjoyment. I consume books and films for their entertainment value, not their deep hidden meanings or answers to life’s most important questions. However, it is possible for the source of the material to impact others’ enjoyment, much like knowing where certain foods come from can ruin a person’s appetite. AI replacing human ingenuity is the more significant cause for concern. For example, the art of storytelling involves decision-making. Bovée and Thill (2021) clearly outline that the storyteller must decide who, what, when, where, and how. AI systems can do that, but they “output decisions after processing data through an accumulation of calculus, computation, and rule-driven rationality” (Moser et al., 2022, p. 12). Therefore, its narrowly designed objectives create limitations. On the other hand, humans consider context, various outcomes, imagination, reflection, valuation, and empathy. When AI starts replacing human judgment, humans limit themselves and risk losing the essential moral aspect of decision-making.
 How I feel about companies using AI to analyze my social media content to get an idea of what I would be thinking and feeling seems intrusive. I am a proponent of privacy. This means I elect not to have any social media accounts. Nevertheless, almost all of the general population possess an array of available accounts. In a world where big tech and big data are growing ever more intrusive, individuals should consider what they choose to post and how they choose to engage in what is considered the digital town square. Another point of concern would be correct statistics when applying the AI. This is because the code that the AI thrives on is implemented and governed still by human beings. “Self-organization involves an organization setting itself principles or standards to follow in developing and deploying AI solutions. These may be administered through internal ethics boards that must be staff with appropriately qualified personnel and sufficiently empowered by senior management to make recommendations that may come into conflict with existing business objectives. Several large digital platform companies such as Microsoft and Google already have such boards in place.”(Lewis