Use Of Rhetorical Devices In Advertisement

Love is what makes Subaru. Subaru is a trusted brand by many Americans because it offers a complete mix of all a family may require to have a ride. The legendary Subaru is a reliable car that has been named the Most Trusted Brand for eight good years consecutively. The standard Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) gives owners of Subaru confidence to embark on any adventure they plan for without an alternative thought. The interior of the car gives passengers excellent and unmatched comfort. The Subaru company uses a commercial ad that displays the magnificence, elegance, comfort, and reliability of the Crosstrek brand for a long journey full of fun, making the audience attracted and interested in the brand.

The Girls’ Trip- Subaru commercial ad effectively employs the use of pathos in the advertisement for the Crosstrek 2021 model. The daughter and grandmother begin a long but enjoyable journey in a Subaru Crosstrek 2021 model. Though the granny describes her home as being “too far,” it is shortened by a humorous conversation they have (Subaru AOR Carmichael Lynch, 00:00:03-00:00:09). The grandma enjoys the chocolate milkshakes immensely. Additionally, after the granddaughter buys a dog in the next station, her granny alights hastily to get the mobile number of the vendor. She described the seller as being pretty cute, a statement that left her granddaughter laughing uncontrollably. The relationship between the two blossoms with every mile they cover and they enjoy each other’s company in the posh Subaru Crosstrek. The Girls’ Trip- Subaru commercial ad appeals to joyfulness, love, satisfaction, and strengthened bond as they rode in the classy Subaru Crosstrek.

The grandmother appreciates her granddaughter for taking her home in a Subaru Crosstrek 2021 model. She laughs and smiles all along because she enjoys a ride in Subaru. On arrival, the grandma expresses her joy and gladness for her granddaughter for purchasing a Subaru car, which also happens to be her taste. Though the daughter was not conversant with the different car brands, she appreciates and feels glad that she settled on Subaru after getting applause from her grandmother (Subaru AOR Carmichael Lynch, 00:00:51-00:00:54). The love and bond between the two family kins are depicted and incredibly illustrated by the Ad.

The Girls’ Trip- Subaru ad also employs logos and ethos in the advertisement for Subaru Crosstrek. The Subaru company, as shown in the ad, has improved the shape and general appearance of the car. It has an awesome, pretty epic look that is magnificently adorable, especially to ladies. This is targeted to increase sales since it has been previously associated with the male gender.

Towards the end of the ad, the “oh love is what makes Subaru, Subaru” statement is quite appealing to the ears of ladies. Women are often characterized by showing affection and adoration for one another (Subaru AOR Carmichael Lynch, 00:00:55-00:00:59). The sweet and melodic background music makes a ride in the Subaru cool and cozy. The perfect music matches its powerful performance on all kinds of roads. Lastly, the background voice and statement about the 97 percent of Subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years still being on the road is reasonable proof and objective to pursue Subaru (Subaru AOR Carmichael Lynch, 00:00:48-00:00:52).

Unlike the Girls’ Trip- Subaru commercial ad, the ‘2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee’ ad does commendably use ethos and logos in the advertisement of Grand Cherokee make. However, it ineffectively applies pathos in persuading the audiences to try the latest Grand Cherokee Jeep model. The craftsmen are shown in the welding and assembly area hands-on to produce an attractive. The good quality of the raw materials implies that the output is a strong and long-lasting car. The density of the metals being used appeals to the eyes of the audience who aspire to drive durable cars like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The ad shows the car pursuing muddy and rough terrains without hitches. This makes this brand lovely and attractive to prospective customers who use such roads.

The interior of the Grand Cherokee Jeep demonstrates a spotless and comfortable car to ride in for any journey. The ad, too, uses a combined mix of American and record-breaking sky-scrappers buildings and airplanes to paint a picture in the audiences’ mind that the Jeep is a trusted and guaranteed brand. “The things that make America are the things that make us (Wieden+Kenedy Agency, 00:00:02-00:00:05). The Grand Cherokee Jeep passes through turbulent waters to inform the audience that it’s a hardy and stable machine worthy of their trust and money in the purchase.

In conclusion, it is inevitably inherent to affirm that the Subaru company used an excellent commercial ad that utilized pathos, logos, and ethos to draw the audience’s attention. The ad displays a car full of magnificence, elegance, comfort, durability, and reliability. The long journey that the daughter and grandmother rode is enough testimony that Subaru is a car that returns value for money. The noticeably established bond of unity, enjoyment, and commendation wins many audiences’ hearts to fall for Subaru. On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee Jeep ad applies logos and ethos effectively to advertise the car. It shows the vehicle’s strength, tenacity, durability, and compactness for all kinds of roads. However, it does not effectively use pathos to persuade the audience to get the car. A one-minute ad speaks a lot and can either attract or repel customers for the products they advertise.

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