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Team Assignment
Susans Consulting Company (SCC) – Problem Overview
Company Overview:Susans Consulting Company (SCC) has been in business for ten years and has experienced a significant turnover in the project management group, which has prompted senior leadership to investigate. A preliminary review by senior leadership has determined that Project Managers are frustrated with the amount of required project management documentation, which has impacted their ability to manage projects successfully. A recent review of the project management process has determined that SCC has spent between 30-40% of its total project budget on projects’ overhead costs to include project management costs. A review of industry standards is between 5-15% higher than most companies. In addition, senior leaders found that projects are being delivered between 25% and 50% over budget and late 95% of the time.Note: Project Management overhead includes the PM’s time managing the project, attending meetings, and developing the required documentation.   Request: SCC has reached out to your team because you are experts in defining project management processes and delivering projects on time. The SCC request includes the following:

The development of a new project management process which at a minimum should include the following:

The ability to track issues, risks, and changes

The ability to view project activities to include the ability to view what has been completed and what activities the team is currently working on and what will be done over the next reporting period

The ability to view the project costs to include what has been spent to date, baseline budget, any changes to the budget, remaining budget, and cost of the project at completion

In addition, to building a new project management process, SCC would like you and your team to manage a project using the new process. 

Assignment: Step 1:  Identify a project manager – this individual is responsible for the team assignment ensuring that team members are completing their assigned work and will be responsible for turning in the assignment.General Note:  Your instructor will act as the sponsor both for the project and for the methodology build-out.  Any questions should be directed to me.Step 2:  Build a Methodology

Identify and describe the methodology to be used by the company.   This should include both a narrative and pictorial representation of the methodology. 

Identify and describe the required deliverables for your process.

Identify and describe the proposed review and update process for your methodology. 

Identify one or more prioritization techniques that will be used to prioritize work – examples can be PV, IRR, NPV, Pay Back Period, and/or dot voting

Identify at least 3-5 risks a company should think about when identifying a new methodology.  

Identify and describe the optimum organizational structure for the methodology

Step 3: The ProjectUsing your new methodology, SCC would like you and you to complete the following project:Scope: The scope of the project consists of 9 applications
Initial Development Cost (YR 0) Year 1 IncomeYear 2 IncomeYear 3 IncomeYear 4 IncomeYear 5 IncomeApplication 1 $                                       350,000.00 $      65,000.00 $      74,750.00 $      89,700.00 $      94,185.00 $      95,126.85Application 2 $                                       275,000.00 $      52,000.00 $      62,400.00 $      68,640.00 $      70,012.80 $      71,413.06Application 3 $                                       500,000.00 $      75,000.00 $      90,000.00 $      220,000.00 $      220,000.00 $      220,000.00Application 4 $                                       250,000.00 $      120,000.00 $      75,000.00 $      80,000.00 $      120,000.00 $      120,000.00Application 5 $                                       300,000.00 $    130,000.00 $    143,000.00 $    145,860.00 $    160,446.00 $    170,072.76Application 6 $                                       450,000.00 $      82,000.00 $      94,300.00 $      95,243.00 $      96,195.43 $    100,043.25Application 7 $                                       750,000.00 $    230,000.00 $    287,500.00 $    301,875.00 $    316,968.75 $    323,308.13Application 8 $                                       550,000.00 $      325,000.00 $      325,000.00 $      93,330.00 $    100,796.40 $    103,820.29Application 9 $                                       250,000.00 $      65,000.00 $      85,800.00 $      88,374.00 $      93,676.44 $      95,549.97Given the critical nature of the project, the company has developed a high-level budget and potential income for each application. 

Year 0 is the projected cost the company has estimated for the build of the component.  This includes a 15% overhead cost for project management work

Year 1-Year 5 is the amount of revenue the company has estimated for the product

The Acceptable Rate of Return for all projects with the company is 10%

Step 4:  Manage a project

Describe the process that your team will use to elicit and decompose the requirements for the project

Develop a Project Overview Statement document for the project

Create a WBS for the project.  Remember your WBS is a deliverable base, so there should be a section of your WBS which outlines our project management deliverables

Using the following information develop a Gantt chart Optimistic EstimatePessimistic EstimateMost Likely EstimateApplication 14 months9 months6 monthsApplication 21 month5 months3 monthsApplication 35 months10 months7 monthsApplication 41 month7 months4 monthsApplication 55 months10 months8 monthsApplication 62 months9 months5 monthsApplication 75 months12 months7 monthsApplication 83 months13 months9 monthsApplication 94 months11 months8 months

Describe strategies you can use to bring the project timeline to 12 months.

Develop a team agreement 

Using your defined prioritization process, prioritize each application.

Using the defined organizational structure, create a pictorial and narrative description of the organizational structure for the project.

Identify at least ten potential stakeholders for your project. 

Identify at least five risks to include both threats and opportunities associated with the project.  For each risk, please include the following information:




Description of the risk

Mitigation Strategy

Describe the process your team can use to determine if the projects are making the appropriate revenue. 

Step 5:  Develop your paper using the following requirements:

The paper should be between 15-20 pages and should include:

Title Page

Reference Page

Table of Content

Your paper should include APA format (Times New Roman, font size 12, double-spaced, proper grammar, and reference list)

Your paper should utilize at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to project management

Your paper should include an Abstract, Introduction, and Conclusion


definition of what person-centered care means to you. Describe how you will apply principles of holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner. cheap essay help

III. Integration of Evidence: The student post provides support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation with a matching reference AND assigned readings OR online lessons, per discussion topic per week. What is a scholarly resource? A scholarly resource is one that comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication (e.g., journals and government reports such as those from the FDA or CDC). Contains references for sources cited Written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s) Is no more than 5 years old for clinical or research article What is not considered a scholarly resource? Newspaper articles and layperson literature (e.g., Readers Digest, Healthy Life Magazine, Food, and Fitness) Information from Wikipedia or any wiki Textbooks Website homepages The weekly lesson Articles in healthcare and nursing-oriented trade magazines, such as Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and RNMagazine (Source: What is a scholarly article.docx; Created 06/09 CK/CL Revised: 02/17/11, 09/02/11 nlh/clm) Can the lesson for the week be used as a scholarly source? Information from the weekly lesson can be cited in a posting; however, it is not to be the sole source used in the post. Are resources provided from CU acceptable sources (e.g., the readings for the week)? Not as a sole source within the post. The textbook and/or assigned (required) articles for the week can be used, but another outside source must be cited for full credit. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources for the purpose of discussions. Are websites acceptable as scholarly resources for discussions? Yes, if they are documents or data cited from credible websites. Credible websites usually end in .gov or .edu; however, some .org sites that belong to professional associations (e.g., American Heart Association, National League for Nursing, American Diabetes Association) are also considered credible websites. Websites ending with .com are not to be used as scholarly resources IV. Professionalism in Communication: The post presents information in logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence, and is clearly relevant to the discussion topic. Grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate.


I’m going to try this again since the last assignment was a complete failure. Tutors please READ the instructions, and take a look at the SAMPLES provided for reference. I don’t know what else I need college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Tutors please READ the instructions, and take a look at the SAMPLES provided for reference. I don’t know what else I need to say to make people understand I don’t want a doubled-spaced essay with citations and references. Please no essays!
What I do need is a file containing 30-40 pre-maid treatment notes to mix and use when converting daily sessions. They need to be just a paragraph long (4-6 lines only). That’s it!
I’ve provided some of my own treatment notes as a guide, but please make it look better. Thank you!
Documents attached:
·      Guidelines (for treatment notes)
·      Target Goals (one of my client’s)
·      Sample notes of my own (ref)


writing word essay due by March 11,2022 11:59 Please see attached document respond to the following essay questions essay help site:edu

Program: Hr management Course: Industrial relations Pick from one of these 3 topics to write about: 1.Gender in the workplace (this can be approached in many different ways). 2.Work/life balance issues. For example, studies shows that many workers are more interested in having time away from work. How will this impact organizational effectiveness? How does it impact recruiting? 3.Youth employment issues (also linked to demographics). You will research and complete an essay on a topic that pertains to industrial relations. It should be approximately 1500 words in length, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. You must cite at least three scholarly research sources in your essay and use an acceptable citation method. Such sources include books, journal articles, government websites, and other resources that can be proven to have academic validity. You have access to the York University library system, which includes an enormous amount of good online content: https://www.library.yorku.ca/web (link will open in new window)


variables that you will explore in research questions such as “For Towson University students, what is the relationship between visiting ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ restaurant and their engagement with the restaurant’s instagram page?” and “For college aged students, what is the relationship between spending habits and purchasing from ‘Towson Hot Bagels’?” Each variable will be defined in a concrete manner as you measure it for the original research. Also explain the research questions. (150-200 words) essay help: essay help

Towson University is a university and THB bagels restaurant is a nearby restaurant for background. For this research case we have chosen to do a deep analysis of ‘Towson Hot Bagels’, a local bagelry and deli in Towson that hosts many students from the nearby colleges in Baltimore including Towson University. We know that this restaurant is popular amongst students and hospital employees based on our own personal experiences and have also determined it may be a bit overpriced for our liking. However, it is popular for a reason. The restaurant has six different locations and offers a blog on their website as well as an instagram page that has over 11,000 followers to keep their customers engaged and up to date. From secondary research we have noted a few issues that we’d like to tackle. These issues include competition, pricing, audience, and social media. We believe with our own research we will be able to determine ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ local competition, determine if their food is reasonably priced according to customers, who their main target audience is and if they are accurately reaching this group through social media platforms. With answers we will be able to implement change.


To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to: Refer to Chapter 9, “The Staff World: Managing the Prison Population,” in your Corrections in the 21st Century textbook.Use the Strayer Univ college essay help: college essay help

Use the Strayer University Library to conduct research on the role of corrections officers and the challenges they face.The B.S. in Criminal Justice library guide is a good place to start your research.

Explore the Department of Corrections website for your state.In your browser of choice, simply type the name of your state and department of corrections. For example: Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Corrections is one potential career option for people studying or working in the criminal justice field. According to the textbook authors, career opportunities exist as many states face a shortage of correctional officers. Likewise, staff turnover is high (Schmalleger, 2021).
Before making such an important decision to pursue this type of career, you’ll want to educate yourself on the major responsibilities required of this role and the challenges these officers face on a daily basis. This assignment will give you the opportunity to do just that by writing a 3–5 page research paper on the roles and challenges of correctional officers.
After reviewing this week’s textbook reading and conducting research on the roles and challenges of corrections officers, you are to write a 3–5 page research paper in which you:
Explain the correctional facility staff hierarchy and the four main goals of correctional staff members, including the importance of each goal.
Outline the effectiveness of the five types of power available to correctional staff to manage inmate behavior.
Describe the factors contributing to correctional officer corruption within correctional facilities.
Report on the symptoms of stress for correctional officers and the associated underlying factors.
Summarize the effectiveness of the methods correctional officers use to cope with stress.
Use three sources to support your writing.Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.
Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
Access the Strayer University Library or review library guides for help with research, writing, and citation.


Sport Marketing Exam One APA Version 6 Citation is required after EVERY RESPONSE. 1) Sport marketing is defined in part as meeting the needs and wants of consumers. Find examples of how sport organi a level english language essay help

1) Sport marketing is defined in part as meeting the needs and wants of consumers. Find examples of how sport organizations have effectively met the needs and wants of their consumers as well as how some sport organizations have tried to market without meeting the needs and wants of consumers.
2) Select three non-sport products and three sport products and ask students to suggest how each might be marketed. Discuss differences with key product and marketing attributes of the two groups by asking questions such as the following: What happens to excess inventory? Which products have variability? How much do consumers believe that they know about the product? How do the various companies generate revenue? 
3) Define marketing myopia; have students give three examples in the sport industry.  
4) Define the five Ps of the sport marketing mix. From stories or ads in a newspaper’s sports section or in a sport magazine, find examples of those five Ps in action.
5) Select a sport organization and have student teams develop various marketing goals or objectives that an organization might have, such as sell more tickets, improve brand awareness, improve community relations, and so on. Develop strategies and tactics that would address those specific goals.
6) Examine various advertisements for sport-related products such as sporting goods, athletics apparel, sports drinks, and media technologies through print sources and television commercials. Analyze how, in their opinion, the ad is trying to influence consumer perceptions of the product.
7) Select a sport team organization. Develop a fan survey to be administered to spectators attending an event. Discuss elements of survey design including goals and objectives, phrasing, length, appearance, and generalizability of results.
8) Imagine that they are a marketer for a minor league baseball team. Develop as many ways as possible to segment the market. After they have compiled their list, discuss each of the segments in terms of identifiability, accessibility, and responsiveness.
9) Fans are a key part of the core sport product. Develop a set of policies and plans for ensuring that your organization’s fans or consumers will be a source of positive energy and not vulgar profanity or complaints. Explain how you will train and use stadium or arena staff, coaches, and players in this effort.
10) Visit the websites of three or four sport brands within the same industry sector (professional sport teams, sport apparel companies, college athletics departments, and so on). How does each organization use its website to create, reinforce, and nurture strong, favorable, and unique brand associations? What do certain brands do better than others?


You have been assigned to incorporate community policing and engagement initiatives, such as those found in Chapter 14 of Community Policing Today, into the current departmental structure. You must in essay help online: essay help online

You must include training in these new initiatives, as an ongoing function as well as for compliance and oversight.
The first part of the assignment requires you to identify three specific initiatives to add to the department and then identify where they will fit into the organizational structure. Refer to the Police Department Organizational Structure [PPTX]. You will need to explain what type of training and support will be necessary for these initiatives.
The second part of the assignment is to revamp the department’s recruitment and hiring process to attract and hire new officers who have the necessary traits to accomplish both the traditional policing function and the expanded community initiatives. Using the information from Chapter 12 of your Community Policing Today text, identify the important skills needed in these new officers and describe the process you will use to evaluate these skills.
Write a 5–7 page paper in which you:
Identify three specific community policing initiatives to add to the department.
Determine what type of training and support will be necessary for each of these initiatives.
Select where each initiative will fit into the organizational structure.
Justify why these three initiatives will enhance the department’s relationship with the community.
Identify the important skills needed in recruiting new officers who can perform both traditional policing and the new community policing initiatives.
Explain how you would evaluate and measure these traits and skills.
Use five credible, relevant, and appropriate sources to support your writing. Cite each source listed on your source page at least once within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.You may use Community Policing Today for one of your sources, but you must provide at least four additional sources to support your selected initiatives. Ppl


Our discussion questions this week will focus on our learning from Chapter 14 as well as draw from all the knowledge we have gained throughout the term. Please respond to any 3 of the following prom essay help

 Please respond to any 3 of the following prompts: 
What are the key differences between the job of a community policing officer and that of a traditional patrol officer? 
There are calls for the abolishment of police departments taking place in today’s society. Do you think that traditional police departments should be abolished?  Why or why not? What are your thoughts with regards to police budgets and calls for “defunding the police”?  
Are police departments doing enough to build relationships with different communities or should there be more focus in certain areas? 
Do programs such as the citizens police academy, youth explorer programs and neighborhood watch programs help police with relations in the community? Or does it create a culture of citizens who feel that they are acting in a law enforcement capacity and breakdown the trust between the community and the police?