This Is A Master Degree Nurse Practioner Program Minimum Of 350 Words With At Least 2 Peer Review Reference In College Admission Essay Help

This is a Master Degree Nurse Practioner program minimum of 350 words with at least 2 peer review reference in 7 the edition apa style.  Please do not use international references.

 You have been called to the medical-surgical floor to assist in rapid intubation of a patient with a combination of exacerbated heart failure and advanced COPD. Initial oxygen saturation was 75% according to the nursing staff. After intubation, you continue the care of the patient in the ICU. What would be the difference between respiratory acidosis and alkalosis? Provide an example of each arterial blood gas reading. Differentiate the initial treatment plan for respiratory acidosis and alkalosis using the ventilator as well as pharmacotherapeutic agents. What environmental and nutritional interventions would you recommend for this patient? Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed resources.



E-Marketing Plan: Part I The e-marketing planning process suggests that information technology will assist marketers in building revenue and market share while lowering costs. The ultimate goal is to essay help: essay help

The ultimate goal is to achieve a competitive advantage in spite of the fact that the landscape of the Internet is constantly changing. The e-marketing plan can be viewed as a portion of the business plan for a new entrepreneurial venture. The creation of an e-marketing plan can be viewed on pages 58–67 of the textbook.
During this course, you will use the CSU Online Library to create sections of this plan. For example, you will include information on the company’s background for this unit’s assignment, create a situation analysis and e-marketing strategy plan for the Unit IV Project, and develop objectives and e-marketing strategies in the Unit VI Project. Additionally, you will submit the final e-marketing plan with a conclusion in Unit VIII. Each installment of the e-marketing plan will build on the previous section, and the final e-marketing plan that is due in Unit VIII will combine your work from Units II, IV, VI, and VIII.
For Part I, you are asked to introduce a new start-up organization, identify the product or service being provided, and discuss the general operation of the business. This should be an original idea including a thorough discussion of the basic business model (as discussed in Chapter 2 of the textbook) with a focus on Internet marketing as applied to the customer value proposition within your company. Include a brief industry analysis, including a look at the closest competitors.
Your paper should use the  Unit II Template and must be at least two pages in length. You are required to use at least two sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines.


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My major is Integrated business. One page, single spaced 

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”  To do this effectively, you should include discussions of the following points:

What do you want to DO? Don’t just state a job title (though that’s helpful and good), talk about the duties and/or activities.  Show that you’ve done research and know what “doing that” entails.  What major have you selected and how does it support your career choice?

What data/facts/information did you learn through assignments that supports your answer. The key to supporting your answer is to present facts that support this is a good career target for you.  What did you learn about yourself through your self-assessment and major review that supports your major selection?  How did your research and interviews about careers help you target a position?  What did the person/people you interviewed tell you about the position?  How do these facts relate to your skills, goals, personality style, and/or values?  What did you learn from watching our “Profiles” guest speakers?  How can you tie what you’ve learned in Financial Literacy to this decision?

What did you learn from the activities you completed? Reflect on the activities you completed for the Career To-DO List assignment; it’s an exercise in self-assessment, decision making, and your ability to execute.  What did you learn about your career goal?  What did you learn about yourself?  What did you learn about your ability to choose relevant things to do to help your career and professional development?

consider the following points:

There is no right answer for what you want to do so your answer to that question will not be evaluated.  What will be evaluated is whether you state a specific activity or career and the data and information you use to support your answer;

Business professionals do not develop action plans based on gut feelings or emotions.  Your decisions and support should be based on facts drawn from careful research and analysis.  Ex:  to evaluate your major choice, go back to your work in Part 3 to review the data available for you to consider;

Don’t talk about what you “think,” focus on what you “know” and what you will “do;”


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Ethical leadership is a form of leadership in which individuals demonstrate conduct for the common good that is acceptable and appropriate in every area of their life. It is composed of the following three major elements: Be the Example; Champion the Importance of Ethics; Communicate. This project was originally a two-part paper but has been scaled back to allow students to focus only on part II which requires only a 3 page, APA formatted paper.

For this adjusted paper, students will focus on sharing their values, vision, and personal commitment and development as an ethical leader.  You will also include lessons and ah-ha moments you learned from reading The Most Good You Can Do.  Below is the suggested outline I would like you to follow:


Why are ethics and morals an important part of leadership?

Describe your personal ethics to include your values, vision, and work ethics or standards

Detail your personal commitment and development as an ethical leader

Reflection on experience with reading The Most Good You Can Do (sharing their most significant take aways from the book)


Keep in mind, you will need to include a title page and reference page (which do not count toward the 3 page minimum).


Submit a three-page paper in APA format. Make certain to use your own words. Be clear and concise! Assume you have converted an area of general office space into a server room. Describe the factors yo scholarship essay help

Make certain to use your own words. Be clear and concise!
Assume you have converted an area of general office space into a server room. Describe the factors you would consider for each of the following components: walls and doors, access control, fire detection, fire suppression, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, power quality, and distribution​.