This Is A 2 Task Assignment. Task 1 Is An Annotated Bibliography Choose A Topic From The List Provided Best Essay Help

This is a 2 task assignment.

Task 1 is an annotated Bibliography

Choose a topic from the list provided

A. Compose an appropriate, arguable thesis statement that previews two to four main points and that you
plan to use in your research paper.
B. Create an annotated bibliography of eightto ten appropriate, credible sources that you plan to use in your
research paper.
1. Provide a full, APA-formatted reference citation for the 8–10 sources.
2. Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each of the 8–10 sources by doing the
a. Summarize the information presented in the source.
b. Analyze the credibility of the author of the source or of the publication (e.g. journal, publisher, or
website), if no author is present.
c. Analyze the relevance of the source to your chosen research topic.
3. Write each annotation in your own words, without the excessive use of direct quotation or extensive
paraphrasing, for the 8–10 sources from part B.
C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission

More detail provided in attached Task 1

Taks 2 – Argumentative Research Paper

Using the thesis statement and sources from taks 1, write an 8 page Argumentative research paper

A. Write an original and cohesive argumentative research paper (suggested length of 8–10 pages).

1. Provide an effective introduction.

2. Provide an appropriate thesis statement that previews two to four main points.

3. Develop each of the previewed main points in effective paragraphs with support from a variety of sources.

4. Provide an effective conclusion.

B. Incorporate seven academically credible sources in your paper.
Note: More than seven sources may be used but are not required.

C. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

Please see attached Task 2 pdf for more detail.


Assignment How safe are we? This question is pertinent for scholars seeking to understand post 9/11 Homeland Security reforms. college application essay help: college application essay help

How safe are we? This question is pertinent for scholars seeking to understand post 9/11 Homeland Security reforms. The Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management was created to address the need for continually developing contingency strategy. At the heart of all homeland security contingencies are tools for assessing, analyzing, and developing team-based exercises to test team performance and contingency solutions. Though not required reading, it is suggested that you review the Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management as a supplement to your assigned reading. It is available in the Trident Online Library.

Your Task

Describe best practices to develop and prepare to lead risk management mitigation exercises related to illegal border activity.
Using IS-120.A: An Introduction to Exercises from EMI/FEMA as a process guide, develop a border activity desktop risk management mitigation exercise to be submitted to your instructor for review.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Length: This SLP should be 3-5 pages, not counting the title page and references.

References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles). Required readings are included. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be enclosed in quotes. The references should be cited within the text and listed at the end of the assignment in the References section (preferably in APA format).

Organization: Subheadings should be used to organize your paper according to question.


Competency In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Apply cross-cultural communication strategies for global audiences in real-world contextsScenario You work fo a level english language essay help

Your coworker, Nathan, has developed a presentation about time management that will be delivered at the annual CON-voke company meeting. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he will not be able to attend and present. Using his script and materials, you must make this presentation to a multicultural audience.
The presentation will be brief, approximately 10 minutes. Nathan has already created a proposed outline, found some resources on time management, and written a partial script. However, you can see that his script is not the best for a multicultural audience. You will need to go through the presentation and make it ready.
Part 1: Annotated Presentation Script: Review the outline, resources, and script. Use the outline and resources as a starting point, but you may make changes and additions as necessary. Your final presentation should describe the relevant topic and provide a good overview for an unfamiliar audience.
Once you have reviewed the resources, identify passages in the script that will need to be modified to be more accessible to a global audience. You need to finish writing the script and make any necessary changes to the language and content. Then, include an addendum for Nathan that explains why you made the changes.
The script should be approximately 1,000–1,500 words. As you complete the script, make sure the presentation is written for a multicultural audience. Take into consideration ways to structure the presentation to be effective for a variety of cultures and audiences.
Use structure, language, and examples that are culturally aware. Use neutral language, and avoid metaphors and examples that may not have broad relevance across cultures.
After you have written the script, write a brief addendum to Nathan outlining your changes and why they address challenges in presenting to a global audience. Consider answering these questions:
Diverse audiences have different expectations of presentations.
Part 2: Recorded Video Presentation: Record your video presentation for the annual meeting. Your video should capture you presenting your revised script and be approximately ten minutes in length. You may use supporting materials, like visuals, to help improve your presentation. Be sure to consider how a global audience would interpret any images, if you choose to use them.
Use communication techniques to address a multicultural audience. Determine the best methods to convey your message to a global audience. Consider the following:
Make sure your tone, body language, and other nonverbal communications take different cultural outlooks into consideration. Make sure to utilize culturally aware tone, language, and delivery.
What to Submit
Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:
Annotated Presentation ScriptUse Nathan’s outline, sources, and partial script to complete his presentation on time management. You should also add notes in the document for Nathan, explaining the changes you made to address the multicultural audience. Your completed script should be 1,000–1,500 words.
Recorded PresentationRecord the delivery of your presentation. Be sure to use appropriate tone and body language to address a global audience.


Write an Export Marketing Plan using the “Sample Outline For an Export Marketing Plan” on Page 486 – 487 best essay help: best essay help

Write an Export Marketing Plan using the “Sample Outline For an Export Marketing Plan” on Page 486 – 487 (Module
B) of the text. Research a particular country and product you wish to export. This may be a “made-up” company; or, you
may choose an actual company and product.
Complete the plan for a profitable expansion of a United States company and specific product to that country. This
project should trace the entire process from beginning (research) to end. Include graphs, charts, indices, references, etc.,
as appropriate (see note below). A good place to start would be to revisit Module/Chapter 13. Prepared in a Word
document, it is common that this paper will be an average of 9-11 pages – exclusive of the APA Format Cover Page and
Reference Page. The primary objective is to master the concepts and theories learned throughout this course. Follow
the Outline Roman Numerals as you prepare your Plan. Inside your Plan, be sure to use the exact Roman Numerals,
Large Letters (e.g. A, B, C), 1, 2, 3 etc. in front of each of your Sections – following the Outline sample.
Note: Please use Canvas or Adobe Spark e to prepare your graphs, charts, etc. It is suggested that you use 3-5 graphs,
charts, or indices to support your Export Marketing Plan.
In addition to your textbook, you should use a minimum of three additional outside sources. The emphasis of this
Export Marketing Plan is in the quality of your paper no Dremium is placed on length.
Suggested Sources – please research for others:
• CIA The World Factbook e
• globalEDGEe
• Cultural Savvy

I. Purpose-Why has the plan been written?.
Il.Table of contents-Include a list of any appendixes.
lll. Executive summary-This is short and contains (no longer than two pages) and covers the principal points of the report. It is prepared after the plan has been written.
IV. Introduction-Explains why the firm will export.
V. Situation analysis.
A. Descriiption of the firm and products to be
B. Company resources to be used for the export
C. Competitive situation in the industry.
Product comparisons.
2. Market coverage.
3. Market share.
D. Export organization-personnel and structure.
VI. Export marketing plan.
A. Long- and short-term goals.
Total sales in units.
2. Total sales in dollars.
3. Sales by product lines.
4. Market share.
5. Profit and loss forecasts.
B. Characteristics of ideal target markets.
2. GNP/capita growth rate.
3. Size of target market.
C. Identify, assess, and select target markets.
1. Market contact programs.
(a) U.S. Department or Commerce.
(b) World Trade Centers.
(c) Chamber of Commerce.
(d) Company’s bank.
(e) State’s export assistance program.
(f) Small Business Administration.
(g) Small Business Development Center in
local university.
(h) Export hotline directory.
2. Market screening.
(a) First screening-basic need potential.
(b) Second screening-financial and economic
(1) GNP/capita growth rate.
(2) Size of target market.
(3) Growth rate of target market.
(4) Exchange rate trends.
(5) Trends in inflation and interest rates.
(c) Third screening-political and legal forces.
(1) Import restrictions.
(2) Product standards.
(3) Price controls.
(4) Government and public
attitude toward buying American
(d) Fourth screening-sociocultural forces.
(1) Attitudes and beliefs.
(2) Education.
(4) Languages.
(e) Fifth screening-competitive forces.
(1) Size, number, and financial strength of
(2) Competitors’ market shares.
(3) Effectiveness of competitors’ marketing
(4) Levels of after-sales service.
(5) Competitors’ market coverage-Can
market segmentation produce niches
that are now poorly attended?
(f) Field trips to best prospects.
(1) Department of Commerce trade mission.
(2) Trade missions organized by state or
trade association.
D. Export marketing strategies.
1. Product lines to export.
2. Export pricing methods,
3. Channels of distribution.
(a) Direct exporting.
(b) Indirect exporting.
4. Promotion methods.
5. After-sales and warranty policies.
6. Buyer financing methods.
7.Methods for ongoing competitor analysis.
8. Sales forecast.
VI. Export tinancial plan.
A. Pro forma profit and loss statement.
B. Pro forma cash flow analysis.
C. Break-even analysis.
VIII. Export performance evaluation.
A. Frequency.
1. Markets.
2. Product lines.
3. Export personnel.
B. Variables to be measured.
1. Sales by units and dollar volume in each
2. Sales growth rates in each market.
3. Product line profitability.
4. Market share.
5. Competitors’ efforts in each market.
6. Actual results compared to budgeted results.


Essay needs to discuss the following: Why is the initial response from a police officer to a missing child essay help online

Essay needs to discuss the following:

Why is the initial response from a police officer to a missing child call considered a crucial component of an investigation? What does an officer do to verify that a child is missing?

Textbook Reference:

Criminal Investigation
Michael D. Lyman, 2018

APA Format