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Table of Contents Introduction

Who Should Take the Decision

Abortion Supporters

Abortion and the Majority of Americans

The Author’s Take on the Issue


Introduction Abortion is one of the issues in the history of America that has never had a clear resolve over the years. The American people are always divided on this issue raising arguments based on different views including religious and social elements.

While some feel abortion subjects the unborn child into unfair death, others hold the opinion that abortion gives women a choice to decide on what they would like to do with their pregnancies. Tom Trinko on his article identified some of the reasons, which those in favor of abortion base their argument. This paper sets to analyze Trinko’s essay discussing his level of understanding of the matter and his effectiveness in presenting the issue of abortion.

The majority of Americans support the legalization of abortion under circumstances connected to social justice. With the rising number of rape cases, many people feel that it is fair for a woman to make a choice of whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy conceived under such horrible circumstances.

Rape in itself is quite traumatizing and anything that refreshes the reminiscence of such an event is a bad memory of the victims. Those who support the legalization of abortion argue that in such unfortunate cases, women should not be forced to carry the unwanted pregnancies to term.

Who Should Take the Decision The decision should be left to them because they are the victims and the outcome affects them. The sources used by the author are quite resourceful and valid. He has used recent resources citing the most recent political events that surround the issue of abortion. Most of his arguments are common knowledge, which is in the public domain.

The use of recent resources has given his arguments a contemporary base. The author engaged reputable resources such as the New York Times, the national memo, and the American thinker. All these are quite resourceful and legitimate sources of information especially on public matters such as abortion and politics.

Tom’s assertions gain favor with the Americans who support the legalization of abortion. There are certain circumstances that may require abortion to take place in order to save the life of the mother.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Many cases have been reported from maternities whereby doctors have had a difficult choice to make on whom to save between the mother and baby. This normally happens in the event when only one of the two can survive. Nonetheless, this situation accounts for actually less than 8 percent of the total number of cases that require abortion.

Abortion Supporters The majority of those who support abortion are however quick to note that the act is not a good thing but just the unfortunate necessity. They agree that the reasons that justify abortion are quite unfortunate circumstances. Hence, there lacks a good reason to justify abortion.

To prove this notion, the article presents figures that show clearly, how Americans are opposed to Obama’s extreme position on the same. Obama supports abortion anytime and for any reason, which many people in the United States have rejected. According to the writer of this article, this clearly shows that those who support abortion do so for reasons that place the best interest of the mother first.

Therefore, it is correct to assume based on the article that most of the Americans who support abortion believe that the act should only be performed under specific circumstances. However, looking at the findings of Tom in his article, the American population is not well informed on the legality surrounding abortion.

Most of the people just assume that the law restricts abortion but not many of them are sentient to what extend the law restricts it. The author has done an intensive research to identify how much the law restricts abortion and in his article, he clearly put his findings. He submits that the laws on abortion legalize abortion for whatever reason up until the child is actually born.

Abortion and the Majority of Americans However, it is important that the feelings of most of the Americans on this issue be addressed. The majority of the American population does not support the extreme legalization of abortion based on the ‘anytime’ and for ‘any reason’ argument. On the contrary, they support abortion that is based on social reasons like those that are mentioned earlier in this paper.

This article proves the fact that abortion is detestable within the American society and the evidence is clearly shown by the restrictions pegged on the issue. Almost every state has a law that either restricts abortion completely or makes it a rare event.

We will write a custom Essay on The True Extremist on Abortion: the Analysis of Tom Trinkon’s essay specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The vote for medical care for children who survive botched abortions is a clear indication of how much the issue is haunting the Americans. It is also with a lot of concern that the congress banned the partial birth abortion. The author assumes based on his resources that this indicates the intentions of the American government to renounce the act of abortion.

These include passage of the parental consent bill while other states have passed laws that restrict the period that one can have an abortion to the first 20 weeks. Nonetheless, a good percentage of the American population feels that abortion should be legal up until the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The Author’s Take on the Issue In his view, the author assumes that unlike Bill Clinton who wanted to make abortion a rare event within the American society, the Obama administration has a contrary opinion. He argues that Obama supports a more liberal approach with regard to the issue of abortion. The author in addition argues that Obama has openly been opposing the mainstream laws that govern the legality of the practice.

He however admits that there are no solid evidences to substantiate his claims with regard to the position Obama and his administration takes on this issue. Nonetheless, the author has submitted some active political remarks that clearly show that his administration is supporting abortion without considering limits on the circumstance at hand.

Some of the political stands taken by the Obama administration clearly prove his position on the issue of abortion. He for instance voted three times in opposition to a bill that supported medical care for infants who survive a botched abortion. His remarks on such infants are rather obvious on what position he takes on this debate.

He calls the infants born out of the botched abortion ‘fetus outside the womb’. Going through the history of the Democratic Party, under the leadership of other presidents the party has always held a position of making abortion a rare practice. This has however changed since Obama took charge and the term rare was dropped. Today, the democrats show complete support for all forms of abortion.

Conclusion The issue of abortion is an issue that has social and political aspects surrounding it. In addition, this issue has been questioned for quite a long time in the history of American. The author was quite wise to choose the topic since it has a wide range of discussion. The discussion of abortion has quite a number of dimensions and the author has been keen to touch on almost all of them. With his evidences and extensive research, the author is without a doubt very convincing with his arguments.

He for instance admits lack of evidence for a particular claim but supports his claims with factual utterance that give credit to his presumption. The author has successfully convinced his audience on his assumptions and arguments through legitimate proof. His success is also pegged to the fact that the issue of abortion is one of the most publicly known debates. Therefore, his remarks and arguments are verifiable.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The True Extremist on Abortion: the Analysis of Tom Trinkon’s essay by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The author has also quoted some of the remarks made by the current president of the United States for instance on his rationale for abortion. He quotes the president’s remarks, “I’ve got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals.

But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” This particular article is very informative to everyone who reads it. It has a lot of information, which is a clear indication that the author is extensively informed on the subject. It also shows that the author did extensive research to be able to pick up such detailed remarks.


Amarika Case and Core Concepts Case Study essay help free: essay help free

Child and family’s experience of trauma According to one of the core concepts, traumatic experiences are inherently complex. All traumatic events usually involve varying traumatic experiences. In the case of Amarika and her family, their traumatic experience was that of witnessing an injury that was life threatening. Amarika’s mother, Makisha Lawrence, had been shot in the presence of her daughter. This was traumatizing to the child (Amarika) since she actually witnessed the incident. She watched her mother fall on her back after the bullet hit her.

Such traumatized children usually experience subjective reactions to such experiences. Amarika showed these reactions by behaving differently. She refused to eat and could not go to sleep. She also behaved differently when with her aunt, Latanya. She did not want to play with her and could not calm down even when her favourite show was on.

Similar to any traumatized child, Amarika considered a possible protective action during her trauma. She could not let her mother off her eyes since she was scared of losing her. However, this led to feelings of conflict. Her mother did not like the fact that she followed her around everywhere and this led to feelings of anger in Amarika’s part since she did not understand why her mother avoided her. Her mother’s reactions further added layers of complexity to Amarika’s traumatic event.

Understanding risk factors Amarika’s trauma occurred within a context that included both child-intrinsic and child-extrinsic factors. The child-extrinsic factors included her familial environment since her grandmother always left her behind when she went to visit her daughter in hospital. The risk that is associated with such traumatic experiences is the fact that they usually generate secondary adversities and may act as reminders to the child of such traumatizing moments (core concept).

Even after Amarika’s mother was discharged, Amarika always wanted to accompany her wherever she went since her mother’s absence acted as a trauma reminder and this affected her recovery. Amarika’s doll also acted as Makisha’s trauma reminder since it reminded her that she was not with her daughter at the time of the incident.

According to another core concept, children usually exhibit varying reactions to trauma and loss. Amarika’s reactions varied in intensity, frequency and duration. For example, she could not go to sleep and did not want to eat either. She only took milk. Her mother also observed that she usually fell intentionally on her back and lied down there motionless.

This particular course of posttraumatic reaction was influenced by the nature of her traumatic experience. She had witnessed her mother being shot and also watched as she fell on her back and lied motionless. Imitation of this event was in an attempt to understand what it felt like for her mother when she fell to the ground after being shot. This was also her only way of communicating her concerns for her mother’s well being.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Traumatic experiences not only affect the child but also the entire family and other caregivers (according to another core concept). In Amarika’s case, her grandmother was obviously affected. She feared mostly for her daughter’s safety. However, this usually disrupts the interaction between the caregiver and the child.

In this case, the grandmother seemed to be neglecting Amarika as she went to see Makisha in hospital. She was so worried about her daughter that she did not realize what she was doing to her granddaughter. Therefore, her concerns impaired her ability to provide care. Consequently, this reduced sense of protection and security caused Amarika to react negatively to Latanya and Mrs. Lawrence’s efforts to support her. Amarika’s family needed to know how to provide care for her in order for her to adjust.

Carla explained to Mrs. Lawrence about how her actions were affecting little Amarika. She knew that something bad had happened to her mother and instead of her grandmother attending to her, she left her alone. Her grandmother’s concern about the effects on her granddaughter helped in Amarika’s adjustment from the traumatic experience.

Traumatic experiences may significantly affect development in children (core concept). Carla had suspected that Amarika’s development had been affected. Particularly, she thought that Amarika’s ability to walk had been affected. Fortunately, Amarika was only trying to communicate something with actions.

According to another concept, culture may influence the traumatic experiences that a child and family go through. Amarika’s family is made up of black Americans and their neighbourhood is characterised by frequent violent. Amarika’s grandmother explained to Carla about the history of shootings in the neighbourhood.

She disclosed personal information and explained how she lost several close family members to such violence. The fact that their own people killed among themselves made them feel that they could not be safe in their own neighbourhood.

Challenges to the social contract usually influence how one responds to trauma and how he or she recovers from it (core concept). This usually happens when the influential figures in the society such as police officers and judges do not protect them from harm or ensure that justice is served.

We will write a custom Case Study on Amarika Case and Core Concepts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the case of Amarika and her family, the police officers in the region did not do anything to help them in their situation. This was also the case for the previous cases of violence that resulted in the loss of family members such as Gus. Mrs. Lawrence complained that the police did not do anything.

Instead, they asked if Gus was involved in drugs. To make things even worse, they did the same thing when it came to Makisha’s case. They inquired whether she was involved in a gang. This made the grandmother feel as if the people who were meant to help bring solutions only made things worse.

Another risk involved in working with traumatized children is that it may cause distress in providers. This may make it difficult for the care provider to care for the victims effectively. For example, Carla had to reassure Amarika severally that her mother loved her. In several occasions, Amarika’s mother neglected her daughter since she did not understand what she wanted.

She also denied her cookies claiming that Amarika had to understand that she could not always get whatever she wanted. Makisha was also not comfortable when Amarika followed her everywhere. However, this was negatively affecting her since she had expectations about her mother’s social roles and responsibilities.

According to Amarika, Makisha was not fulfilling them. Therefore, Carla had to strengthen the child’s belief in the social contract. She had to reassure Amarika that her mother understood that she was scared and that she had missed her too. She also explained to her that her mother was not neglecting her but only wanted her privacy at some occasions.

An understanding of protective factors Danger and safety are major concerns in the lives of traumatized children (core concept). What Amarika experienced greatly undermined her sense of protection and safety. Watching her mother being shot and lying helplessly on the park grounds was very traumatizing to her and this explains her weird behaviour thereafter.

The fact that she could not let her mother go away from her without showing concern shows that she felt insecure. Her mother had to understand how to tell her that they were safe and that Amarika did not have to follow her around everywhere. In order to ensure her recovery from the traumatic experience, her mother had to reassure her that she recovered from the ‘injury’ and that the incident was not going to happen again. Amarika had to win over her trust in order to feel secure.

Protective and promotive factors are usually helpful in the reduction of the adverse impacts of trauma (core concept). Promotive factors played a role when Amarika’s mother was in the hospital. Amarika had to be encouraged in order to ensure that she positively adjusted even as her mother was still in the hospital.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Amarika Case and Core Concepts by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Promotive factors were introduced after the traumatic effects and Carla played an important role in guiding Amarika’s mother and grandmother in the proper way of handling the situation. The protective and promotive factors were mainly the child-extrinsic factors.

Amarika had a strong social support network that consisted of her mother, grandmother and aunt, Latanya. Her family members cared and supported her and this shows that these factors were strong. The strength of these factors both before and after the traumatic experience ensured that Amarika could quickly recover from the harmful effects of the particular traumatic experience.


Galveston Hurricane Influence on America in1800s and 1900s Cause and Effect Essay essay help online

The confrontation between nature and science has always been the main cornerstone for humanity as soon as people start gaining knowledge in various fields. Throughout the history, people have been struggling with natural powers to prove their superiority over it. However, their confidence in the possibility to conquer the nature did not help them much when they encounter Galveston hurricane.

Indeed, Isaac Cline was an honorable meteorological community; he had strong confidence in scientific knowledge that allowed him to predict storms by cloud motions and behavior. Therefore, the idea that a hurricane could destroy the entire city of Galveston was not even considered.

Nevertheless, in 1900, the American society felt stronger than it did before and, therefore, nothing in nature could prevent the prosperous development of Galveston. However, blind confidence had become the reason for the most horrible disaster in the American history.

At the threshold of the 20th century, the city of Galveston was considered a prosperous city with the population of about 37.000 residents. Due to its beneficial geographic location, Galveston had also become the biggest commercial city in Texas, which made the citizens become more proud of it.

The rapid development of trade relations had also contributed to technological advancement and, therefore, Galveston community believed that their progressive technologies could overcome the natural forces. In the book, Larson introduces his own research findings by stating, “…if things continued as there were Galveston soon would achieve the stature of New Orleans, Baltimore, or San Francisco” (12).

Hence, all scientists, businesspeople, and investors were more concerned with commercial and economic growth of the city rather than with meteorological situation. Gaining a reputation of a future cosmopolitan, people were, indeed, proud of the achievements and potential of the community development.

Galveston citizens had been reassured that no hurricane could destroy Galveston because of accurate temperature and meteorologist forecast. In the book, Larson refers to the characters as well-educated, confident citizens, who strongly believed that technological progress and scientific knowledge were reliable protection mechanisms.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In particular, the author writes, “Isaac was aware of himself and how he moved through the day, and saw himself as something bigger than a mere recorder of rainfall and temperature” (Larson 4). The scientist was able to explain even the strangest phenomena that ever happened.

In addition, Isaac had a clear view of the Gulf to make possible calculations and predictions concerning any threats to the city. He also knew about the peculiarities of the climatic conditions. However, the author emphasized this fact to prove the possibility of eliminating the tragedy if Mr. Cline admitted the probability of hurricane approaching the Gulf.

Cline’s extreme confidence in his knowledge of storm phenomenon was the major reason for ignoring the message from the Cuban meteorologists who identified the incoming storm on September 5. However, this weather information was not taken seriously by Galveston weather bureau, since they believed that their Cuban colleagues had failed to accurately forecast.

In particular, the meteorologist believed that “the Cuban…seemed to care more about drama and passion than science” (Larson 112). As a result of stereotypic judgment and false assumptions, the scientists had explicitly ignored the possibility of any hazards to the city.

Moreover, the government considered that telegraph messages sent by the Cuban meteorological status sought to conspire against their weather bureau. In fact, Larson introduced a number of facts proving that the Cubans could forecast weather with much higher accuracy than the U.S. weather station (113).

The history and evidence shows that there was indeed a storm in Cuba. So, should meteorologists believed their Cuban colleagues and consider the information, they could conclude that all tropical systems would turn north. The scientists, including Isaac Cline, did not even admit that the Gulf could be destroyed by the hurricane.

Rather, the national weather bureau had issued the news for the citizens, assuring that “The storm will probably continue slowly northward and its effects will be felt as far as the lower portion of the middle Atlantic cost by Friday night” (Larson 113). However, their predictions were mistaken and were largely affected by their extreme reliance on scientific knowledge. Negligence of the information sent by neighboring meteorological stations had led to irreversible consequences.

We will write a custom Essay on Galveston Hurricane Influence on America in1800s and 1900s specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Even when Isaac Cline admitted the fact of the approaching hurricane, the government never granted the permission to release information about hurricane warning because it would mean the admittance of the mistake. Moreover, the bureau refused to use the term hurricane in order to avert panic and preserve their reputation. Informed about storm, but not dangerous hurricane, citizens remained confident that there was no any danger.

Although the signs of the approaching storm were evident, the meteorologist firmly believed that no natural disaster could do tangible damage to the city. Mr. Cline was also sure that the town was not vulnerable to serious destructions because of the beneficial geographic location.

People’s reluctance to accept the superiority of natural forces had led to horrible consequences. The compelling story about the impact of stereotypes and increased confidence proves that the American society had failed to oppose the disaster, regardless of its advanced technological and scientific development.

After the hurricane, Galveston lost its reputation of a commercially prosperous seaport. Instead, it had become the symbol of the national tragedy, as well as a memorial for more than 8 thousand people. After the event, Galveston community fully realized their mistakes and constructed a seventeen-foot high wall to protect the city from hurricanes in future.

The fact that the citizens had totally reconsidered the protection systems in the city signified to the loss of confidence in their exceptional experience and knowledge, as well as their superiority over nature. Hence, Larson manages to portray the Weather Bureau in the light of insufficient experience and inaccurate previous forecasts predicting the hurricane. Cline should have listened to his intuition and knowledge rather than to his pride and complacency.

In conclusion, Galveston hurricane exemplifies the most horrible episode in the American history and presents an account on the meteorologists’ negligence that had become the reason for numerous deaths. Extreme willingness to gain power over nature was a priority for the Weather Bureau that strived to maintain its high reputation. Galveston community was also overwhelmed with confidence due to the prosperity and rapid development of the city.

Being one of the biggest commercial centers, the government failed to listen to the Cuban broadcast. Following false stereotyped did not allow the citizens to admit the possibility of threat. Even Isaac Cline, who was recognized as an expert meteorologist failed to predict the disaster. Hence, the blind confidence prevented them from protecting themselves. After the disaster, American confidence was entirely lost.

Works Cited Larson, Erik. Isaac’s Storm. Vintage, USA. Print.

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Strategic Analysis of Target Corporation Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Corrective Measures The firm is involved in a law suit in which it has been accused of disposing off hazardous waste illegally. In a law suit that was ruled in 2011, a California judge ruled that the firm is liable for illegal disposal of hazardous waste since 2002 and should pay a penalty of $22.5 million while at the same time undertaking corrective measures concerning waste disposal. The firm took the corrective measures positively.

In addition to corrective measures, Target Corporation is environmental friendly since it is concerned with conservation of the environment. To this end, the firm has undertaken measures to reduce carbon emission as well as minimize energy consumed. For instance, it has adopted energy efficient LED lights and motion sensors in the refrigerators in a bid to protect the environment (Target Inc., “lawsuit”, 2011).

Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Structure

Target has strong corporate governance practices that are embedded in the original corporate guidelines that were set by the company’s founders, 50 years ago. At the top of the firm is the board of directors that understands that corporate governance practices must evolve continuously in order to balance the ever changing interests of the company’s stakeholders such as the management, the Board and the consumers among others (Target Inc., “Business Conduct”, 2013).

The board of directors is independent and the candidates for the board seats are selected with regard to the success they have achieved in their fields of specialization.

The tenure directors retire based on age and a maximum period of serving in the board. This is accompanied by a separate period of five years for retired directors. It is the duty of the board to conduct annual review of the firm’s management and succession planning (Target Inc., “Corporate Governance Guidelines”, 2011).

The board of directors of Target Corporation is helped by the management team of the firm that is headed by the company’s chief executive officer. The top executives in management are offered ownership of stock in the firm while part of compensation is in terms of long term equity awards. In addition, the executives are subjected to incentive compensation that is based on the achievement of set goals.

Concerning corporate responsibility, Target Corporation has adopted policies in which it is involved in the community’s welfare. Through its initiatives, the firm participates in giving back to the community and serving the community in various ways. For instance, the firm gives 5% of its profits annually to the community. According to Target Corporation (2006), this is about $4 million weekly. In addition, Target supports a strong, healthy and safe community that constantly consumes its products (Target Inc., “Issues Advocacy”, 2013).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Policies and Procedures

Policies of an organization could be determined through set procedures on performance of the operations of the firm. The firm is involved in civic activities in the country. The company has policies of uniting the country in all its activities.

To enhance this, members of the firms have been engaged in various civic activities such as stepping up for national service where the members went and served in their respective communities (Target Inc., “Corporate Political Contribution”, 2013). 10,000 volunteers participated in the UNITE America in Service event that was held on 19 January 2013. They packed 100,000 care kits to benefit members of the U.S. forces.

In another event, Target Corporation worked together with the U.S. Department of Justice to host a symposium that supported the cooperation of public and private companies in enhancing public safety (Target Inc., “Civic Activity”, 2013).

Politically, Target has a policy that allows its management to use funds set aside by the management as political contributions especially if the management feels that the funds will help advance company issues and therefore enhance meeting of the company’s goals.

Based on this, Target has contributed funds for political purposes in its financial periods. It has also established TargetCitizens PAC contributions in which it receives voluntary contribution towards this purpose. This is always good for the company as it enables the firm to be politically connected, which is essential for business operations of the firm.

Sustainability Initiatives

With respect to sustainability, Target Corporation has established various policies that ensure that the firm conserves the environment. Target Corporation has established sustainable living through its manufactured products and services offered. First, the firm minimizes the energy consumed by utilizing equipment that consumes less energy such as LED lights and motion sensors in the refrigerators.

Target promotes healthy communities through its health programs. This is followed by production of sustainable products such as the seafood assortment that are wholly consumed and if they are disposed, they decompose thereby causing no threat to the environment. Wastes are recycled to ensure there is no harm to the environment while efficiency in operations ensures that quality products are manufactured. The production process utilizes clean energy that is environmental friendly (Environment, 2013).

We will write a custom Essay on Strategic Analysis of Target Corporation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Community Programs

Various community programs Supported by Target involve community giving, support of veterans, civic activities and engaging in training and development (Community Event, 2013). In addition, the corporation is targeting to increase the number of customers by providing cheap products and services to the customers in their residing places.

Examples are the Target family matinee, Target free Sundays and Target free second Tuesdays. The firm sells its products in such activities at a low price that only meets production cost while capitalizing on increased awareness. These activities enhance customer loyalty since Target shows that is caring concerning customers’ needs.

References Target Inc., “Business Conduct”. (2013). Business Conduct Guide. Web.

Target Inc., “Civic Activity”. (2013). Discover Target. Web.

Target Inc., “Community Event”. (2013). Corporate Responsibility. Web.

Target Inc., “Corporate Governance Guidelines”. (2011). Corporate Governance. Web.

Target Inc., “Corporate Political Contribution”. (2013). Political Engagement. Web.

Target Inc., “Environment”. (2013). Environmental Sustainability: Our Commitment. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Strategic Analysis of Target Corporation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Target Inc., “Issues Advocacy”. (2013). Corporate Responsibility: Issues Advocacy. Web.

Target Corporation. (2006). Target Corporation Corporate Responsibility Report. Web.

Target Lawsuit. (2011). Company Settles California Lawsuit over Illegal Waste Disposal. Huff Post Los Angeles. Web.


The State of the Union Address Analytical Essay cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The Main Points

Social Contract


Introduction This is an analysis of the State of the Union address delivered by President Barack Obama recently. In this article, I will outline the main points he addressed and show how he stated his social contract to the citizens of the US. My views and opinion are added to this analysis.

The Main Points The President touched on eight areas that are of great interest to the US. He touched on the US debt and showed commitment to reducing it. He outlined various ways on how the debt will be reduced. He also touched on taxation and argued that local businesses struggling to create American jobs should have taxes levied on them reduced.

He was very clear on job creation and challenged Congress to pass the American Jobs Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, increase the minimum wage and generally help American firms to employ more Americans. Climate change was also of concern to him and he pledged to take several steps towards fighting climate change. He also talked about immigration reforms, education reforms, security, and gun control proposals.

Social Contract This address was a social contract to the people of the US. The President touched on key areas that affected everyday life of the citizens. Through the speech, he showed his commitment to run the government in a manner that will trickle benefits to the citizens.

The US debt affects the economy of the nation and he was loud and clear on his wishes to reduce it. Reduction of the debt will stabilize the economy and the people will benefit from this. This is expected of the government as the people governed are not in a position to manage the debt.

Another area that is sensitive to the people is that of job creation. The President promised to work hard and ensure a favorable environment is created to develop businesses that create American jobs. Creation of jobs is a government business and this is what he was exactly doing. By asking Congress to pass the American Jobs Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, and also increase the minimum wage, he is fighting on behalf of the people to improve their welfare.

Reforming the immigration policies has been a very controversial topic in the US and a social issue affecting the people that need to be solved for once and for all. The President addressed this issue and noted that it was time to tighten the borders to avoid more illegal immigrants from flowing into the US.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Education and U.S. troops in foreign lands are two other sensitive issues to the people that he also addressed. The social calamities affecting people were also addressed showing the commitment of the president to creating a better environment for them.

Conclusion There were eight areas that the President addressed in his speech namely: the US debt, taxation, job creation, climate change, immigration reforms, education reforms, security, and gun control proposals. These are sensitive areas and affect people on a daily basis.

He showed good will in the light of social contract law by addressing areas the government has a duty to fix and promising that action will be taken to ensure that reforms are realized in these areas for the benefit of the people. In my opinion, the president did well in the address and touched on issues that concern the people.