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Introduction In world literature 1, the story of Gilgamesh is among the oldest narratives around the world. The story was initially an oral tradition story and was later recorded on clay in Mesopotamia. The legendary story comes in different Sumerian versions from around 2700 B.C. The story talks about the powers of Gilgamesh who was the King of Uruk and the influence of other gods in the land.

Later on it was recorded in a Akkadian version and then reserved in King Assurbanipal‘s library. According to the story, Gilgamesh was a super human creature and a powerful king who could destroy and conquer others (Lishtar para.1). This paper seeks to critique the nature and powers of historical gods and their relationship to humanity in the past centuries as depicted by the narrative.

Discussion Heroism of the kings is limited. The story describes how Gilgamesh oppressed people and slept with every woman. This made the people plead with other gods to provide security for them. As a result, Enkidu is created to counter Gilgamesh powers. Enkidu is however not as powerful as the superhuman king because he is part man and part animal.

The limitation of the king’s powers is further seen when Gilgamesh fails to prevent death of Enkidu. This incident occurred after Enkidu and Gilgamesh collaborated to kill the Bull of Heaven (drought) who wanted to crush Gilgamesh to death (George 2). Drought had been sent by Anu the father of Ishatar who wanted Gilgamesh to marry her. On refusal, Ishtar compelled her father to kill the King of Uruk. But because two thirds of Gilgamesh was a god and the other third human, Enkidu died.

The other issue that emerges from the myth is that the gods in Ukur are uncooperative. This can be seen when the council of gods decide to kill Enkidu as a punishment for Gilgamesh’s actions. This exposed the other humans to the exploitive powers of the King of Ukur. This further shows that the people in Babylonia were subjects to the gods and had no voice. Human beings are also depicted as creatures that have no freedom.

According to the story, Gilgamesh gods have the power over life and death but Gilgamesh still becomes worried after realizing that she would also die. When the people pleaded with gods to create a god who would match Gilgamesh’s powers, the gods created Enkidu and also brought an end to his life. In the story, Gilgamesh is determined to learn the secrets behind life and death. The story says that Utnapishtim was the only creature who had the power to eternally live.

In his search for the secret, he meets Utnapishtim who tells him about the flood story that is also described in Genesis, in the Bible. The floods symbolically represent the end and punishment for human kind. Utnapishshtim says that they were saved from the floods by other gods and that it would not occur again. However, human beings have to die since they are not immortal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to the story, the Bull of heaven is referred to as drought. This is an irony. Naturally, drought is known to be catastrophic because it causes human suffering. However, the ‘Bull’ springs from heaven where people believe that there are good things and that it is a beautiful land.

The other ironic incident is between King Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Gilgamesh is portrayed as a god and a man whereas Enkidu is illustrated as an animal and a man. This is a clear indicator of the differences in the two divinities who were created to control humanity.

Conclusion The floods are symbolically used to show that man is immortal and death is inevitable. The narrative describes the birth and death of Babylonian gods’.

Gilgamesh is depicted as a remorseless leader who has no responsibility for his people. He is depicted as a womanizer and an oppressor. He forces the city’s inhabitants to build walls for the temple so as gain fame. These are indicators of abuse of power and therefore the need to limit the powers of gods.

Work Cited George, Andrew. The epic of Gigalmesh: the Babylonian epic poem and other texts in Akkadian and Summerian. London, Great Britain: The Penguin Press, 1999. Print.

Lishtar. Gilgamesh and Enkidu: the soul siblings. 1999. Web.


Successful Business Communication: Chapter Overview Report college application essay help

The chapter selected for the purpose of summarizing the overview and adoption of the book is “Achieving Success through Effective Business Communication”. The chapter is an excerpt from the book Business Communication Today written by the author Courtland L. Bovee and John V Thrill. The chapter introduces some of the most important concepts of communication that can considerably provide opportunities for development in businesses.

This Chapter is superbly written, brief, and has a tough academic foundation. The author had used variant sources while writing this chapter. The author of this book has mentioned contents including different forms of communications such as communicating in office, remote communication, communicating about products and services, communicating with customer, and etc (Bovee


Elements of Literature Critical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The elements of literature connote the aspects that make up a piece or work of literature such as a poem, biography, prose, epic, story or play. To be able to write a complete work of literature, a writer, poet, or playwright needs to use certain elements of literature to make the work have meaning.

The basic elements of literature found in most writings include the plot, setting, character, structure, conflicts, point of view and theme. These elements however differ from the various types of literature work. For example the literature elements found in novels or short stories might differ from those found in poetry or prose (Bhattacharyya, 2010).

DiYanni in his work mostly focuses on theme as the main element of literature in his analysis of various works. Theme is the central idea or basic meaning that is underlying in a story, poem, novel or play. The theme is identified in terms of looking at the characters in a literary work or the author’s perspective or view of the literature piece. The theme is seen to reflect the society or world as a whole (Werre, 2003).

DiYanni (2007) explores the theme of denial in his comparisons of literature by Faulknet, Miller and Poe. He notes that denial is very prominent in the story of” A Rose for Emily” and in the play “Death of a Salesman” and in the poem “The Raven”. Within the play, the story and the poem each, the theme of denial is prominent because of the central character’s refusal to accept the reality.

This creates a dreamlike situation that enables them to remain indifferent to the truth about their lives and surroundings. This state of denial is however seen to be a momentary solution to their problems.

In his theme analysis of “A Rose for Emily”, the main character, Emily Grierson is seen to be withdrawn into her own unrealistic dream world. The people in the town she lives in feel that disrupting her unrealistic world will upset her causing her to react in a negative way. When her lover, Homer, tries to threaten her unrealistic world, she kills him and hides his body in an upper bedroom in her house. Homer’s body is discovered well after Emily’s death and funeral (DiYanni, 2007).

Diyanni further analyses Emily’s character and her creation of the unrealistic world by looking at her actions that revealed she was in denial. In the story, we are told of how Emily keeps her father’s body for three days denying that he is dead and also denying the townspeople his body.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Her denial was evident in her refusal to believe that her father was dead despite persuasion from doctors and ministers who had called on her to dispose of the body. Emily’s other denial was that she saw her marriage to Homer Barron and his existence to never have been real. This is evident in the quote:

“The man himself lay in the bed…… The body had apparently once lain in the attitude of an embrace, but now the long sleep that outlasts love has cuckolded him” (DiYanni, 2007, p.84).

In the story, the town gets free postal delivery services which require that every town’s member have a mailbox and house numbers attached to their house. All the townspeople agree to have the mailboxes and numbers attached to their houses except Emily. She refuses to get a mailbox and house numbers hanged on her house which is see to be a form of denial. Other than the mail services, she refuses to pay tax to the local government (DiYanni, 2007).

The townspeople also experience some denial where in a traditional stance; they claim that Emily is no longer a member of the upper social class because she does not possess the qualities to belong to that group. The townspeople believed the Grierson family held themselves in high esteem, more than what they truly were.

The townspeople also deny that they have a right and obligation to inform Emily that there is a foul stench around her house. They withdraw from the reality by covering up the smell with sprinklings of lime around her house and all the outer buildings. The townspeople also deny that Emily and Homer could be in a love relationship because they think it would be improper for a lady like her to have a relationship with a day laborer from the North.

They also deny that a lady from the Grierson family with such a high standing in society would take a person like Homer Barron seriously. They even go to the extent of denying the relationship by saying that grief would not cause a real lady to forget her high ranking social status in the town’s society (DiYanni, 2007).

DiYanni’s next analysis of the theme of denial is in Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman. The main character of the play, Willy Loman, lives in a delusional world in which he is successful and adored by the people around him.

We will write a custom Essay on Elements of Literature specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Willy’s wife Linda and their two sons, Happy and Biff, support Willy’s unrealistic world because they do not want to disrupt his dreamlike state, claiming that he will eventually realize the truth on his own. Willy’s denial occurs when he denies that he is a mediocre salesman in the first Act of scene three. He claims that he is known in all of New of England in a conversation with his two sons (Diyanni, 2007).

He further exaggerates the circumstance of his denial when he claims that he can park his car in any London street and no one would touch it because the police would protect it like it was their own. He also appears to be delusional when he claims that he never has to wait in line to see a buyer.

Willy’s denial from reality is also evident where he is has an antagonistic view towards anyone or anything that wants to threaten his unrealistic world. This is evident when Willy tells off Bernard for saying that his son is about to fail school and also when he chases his son Biff out of the house for calling Willy a fake after discovering that he has a mistress .

Willy’s wife Linda also faces some denial when she refuses to accept the fact that her husband tried to kill himself. These is evidenced where she writes a letter claiming that all the car accidents Willy had been involved were not accidents at all. She first removes and later replaces a rubber hose from behind the water heater that Willy used to try and kill himself with because she feels that removing the hose might insult Willy.

Linda also contradicts the self-depreciating remarks that her husband makes. She is noted to say that her husband is the handsomest man in the world and that he doesn’t talk too much, he is just a man with a lively personality. She is also quoted as saying “There’s nothing to make up dear. You’re doing fine” (DiYanni, 2007).

Linda summarizes the things that have pushed her husband into denial as being his old buyers who were also happy to see him and brought him constant business when he was a younger salesman. Now his buyers were either dead or retired. She also says that Willy drives for seven hundred miles without making any money from his long and tiring journey.

To counter his wife’s statement about his fruitless sales journeys, Willy lies to his wife that the fifty dollars he borrows from Charley is the salary he makes when he goes on his seven hundred mile journey.

Willy’s sons are also in denial that there is something wrong with their father. They perpetuate Willy’s delusions by playacting out one of their father’s daydreams in which they are both successful businessmen. Happy is seen to be telling his brother about how they are going to sell start a sporting good line known as the Loman Line that will be worth a million dollars.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Elements of Literature by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More On the other hand, Happy’s brother Biff is pretending to go for a job interview with Oliver who is his former boss. The job will make him to be a successful salesman for sports goods (DiYanni, 2007).

When Biff confronts him with the rubber hose he used to try and kill himself with, Willy faces a nervous breakdown. Biff wants his father to acknowledge the fact that he was trying to commit suicide and he also confronts his father on the fact that Willy is not a successful salesman. He wants his father to accept the fact that he is a failure and a thief.

In the events that lead up to his death, Willy has a last argument with his son after which he drives off in his car and later crashes it. This scene is viewed to be a reflection of Willy driving away from the truth and reality of himself and his mediocre life.

The next theme of denial to be analyzed is Poe’s poem “The Raven”. The narrator of the poem attempts to deny the fact that his love, Lenore, is dead. He is faced with denial when he is made angry by the raven’s declarations that his lover Lenore no longer exists which in the end makes him view the raven as nothing more than just a bird.

In stanza two of the poem, the narrator denies that his Love Lenore is gone where he states” Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow from my books surcease of sorrow-sorrow for the lost Lenore” (DiYanni, 2007, p.1173).

In the fifth stanza of the poem, the narrator faces denial when he states in the poem that he gazed down the hallway and stood there reveling in the fact that his lover was no longer among the living. His denial is in evidence again in the eighth and ninth stanzas when he refuses to accept the fact that he is lonely. The stanzas in the poem also reveal that the presence of the raven is seen to be a distraction from the narrator’s experience of solitude and loneliness after the loss of his lover.

His denial of loneliness is also in evidence in the tenth stanza where he believes that the raven will leave at some point, likening its departure to that of his friends, his hopes and dreams. The narrator is in denial when he refuses to accept the fact that the raven is only just a bird. This is evident in the fifteenth and sixteenth stanza where he labels the raven to be a prophet of doom. He also likens the bird to a fiend and a devil.

DiYanni compares the different characters of the play, poem and story noting that the narrator of the poem, Emily Grierson and Willy Loman are all similar in that they allow outside influences and their unrealistic worlds to affect their decisions. DiYanni also notes that all the three characters are lonely with the narrator being lonely from the death of his lover, Emily Grierson loosing both her father and Homer and Willy being the lone salesman trying to make a living.

The characters are also lonely in that they live in their own delusional worlds which make it difficult for them to relate with the other characters in their lives, creating situations that are filled with tension and antagonism (DiYanni, 2007).

The aspect of the main characters in the play, poem and story placing some distance between them and the truth creates a situation where they are unreceptive and antagonize anyone who tries to threaten and distort the truth about their unrealistic world. In each of the three works, death is seen to be a consequence of each characters extreme denial.

In the case of Willy, the removal of denial from his life in the play gives him the motivation to commit suicide. Emily Grierson murders Homer as a result of a withdrawal from her unrealistic life while the narrator looses his sanity when he strains himself to question the reality of the raven (DiYanni, 2007),

Another similarity of the three works is seen when the family of Willy helps to perpetuate his fantasies because they believe they have no right to interfere with his unrealistic world. This is similar to when the townspeople help to perpetuate Emily’s delusions. All the three characters deny reality because the truth to them will mean having to reevaluate their ambitions, goals, priorities which would mean redefining their happiness.

Emily, Willy and the narrator use physical and violent outbursts as a way of showing their defiance and resistance to the fictional and factual true predicaments of their lives. The three characters also run from the truth about their unrealistic worlds by either committing murder as was the case with Emily killing Homer or committing vehicular suicide as done by Willy or becoming mentally insane as evidenced by the narrator questioning whether the raven was truly a bird (DiYanni, 2007).

The theme of denial in most of the works analyzed by DiYanni has revealed the fact that the character in focus by the author will most often face denial in the form of refusing to accept that their surroundings are real. The characters also refuse to accept that the existence of their friends and family members are real.

They refuse to deal with their emotions and deny any confrontations with the people that are close to them. The characters are seen to violently refuse any person or thing that tries to threaten their world or alter their chosen view of reality. An intrusion into their dreamlike worlds results in disastrous consequences which are more than likely death or suicide.

References Bhattacharyya, A. (2010) Elements of Literature. Web.

DiYanni, R. (2007) Literature, reading fiction, poetry, and drama. 6th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Werre, P. (2003) The elements of literature. Web.


Antitrust Claims Filed against Microsoft by Netscape Communication in 2002 on Behalf of AOL Opinion Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



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Introduction When one company has monopoly in the market there are high chances of antitrust claims from equivalent competitors in the industry. With monopolistic behaviors, customers continue to buy products from the company despite the high prices. Sellers in such a case exploit the monopoly to increase their profits and market share.

In the business world, competition is permitted only when the agenda is to bring success to the business as well as when it grants the competitor an advantage (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers,


Heroes in History Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

People use the word hero to describe great persons who ever lived. Thus, a hero is a man of eminent bravery or ability, well-liked by many people because of his valiant actions and dignified qualities.

For example, during the time of crisis, adversity or danger, certain characters flaunt courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good of communities, societies or nations. These characters amid the difficulties and dangers facing them forge ahead in order to save all some cases, there is no reward for these people.

However, through their bravery acts, heroes remain vital figures in human history for their personal commitments. Each society or nation has its own heroes. For example, many Africans regard freedom fighters as heroes. This is because freedom fighters displayed moral excellence by resisting colonial rule and at the end, many African countries got independence.

In United States, stories of civil rights movements and the resistance to white supremacy dole out as moral examples hence, heroism. In classical antiquity, heroic figures like Perseus, Heracles and Achilles, involved themselves in imperative roles in the Ancient Greek religion, which left them venerated heroes. The paper will examine how Perseus became a hero in Greek mythology (Hero, 2010, p. 1).

Once upon a time in Greece, an oracle told Acrisius the king that his grandson will kill him one day. And so, Acrisius decided to imprison his daughter Dannae in a tower of brass in order to keep away men from reaching her. Nevertheless, this did not work as Zeus came to her rescue and later on married her.

It took Acrisius four years to discover the union of Zeus and Dannae. However, as it came out, it was late for Acrisius as the two had sired a babe who most likely will instigate the death of king Acrisius. King Acrisius immediately ordered the death of Dannae and Perseus by throwing them into the sea. Conversely, Zeus definitely resisted any attempt to kill Dannae and Perseus. He therefore directed the king of the island to save the Perseus.

Under this direction, Perseus landed safely in one of the many Cyclades and survived. Of course, there was a prerequisite to this. The king of the island wanted the head of Gorgon Medusa as a birthday gift. With the protection of Hermes and Athena, Perseus went ahead and beheaded Gorgon Medusa and took her head to the king of the island.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, in an act that showed his heroic nature, Perseus fought and set free Andromeda withheld by the sea monster. Perseus went ahead to change the Polydectes into stone so that he can liberate his mother. As an act of fulfilling the oracle, Perseus visited Argos in order to participate in athletic events. In the event of being ready to throw the disc, the wind swept the disc away and landed into Acrisius killing him almost instantly.

In Argos, Perseus claimed his inheritance and later became the king of Argos. However, Perseus felt guilty of killing his grandfather and reigning on his behalf. He decided to exchange kingdoms with Megapenthes of Tiryns. His leadership led to the establishment of two cities, Mycenae and Midea (Greek Mythology Link, (n.d), p.1).

Clearly, Perseus was a true hero who defied all odds and killed his grandfather and Gorgon Medusa. In Greece and some parts of Asia and Egypt, many people refer Perseus as a great hero who ever lived. Following his death, the Greek mythology assigned him a place among the stars to reckon his heroism.

Perseus can compare with a classical hero. A classical hero aims at something and at the end of it all, accomplishes it. Just like a classical hero, Perseus aimed at wining the golden prizes set out by the king of the island for whoever will bring him the head of Medusa.

Like a classical hero, Perseus went through life threatening and bizarrely intimate forces but finally became triumphant. A classical hero aims at personal divinization-apotheosis just like Perseus. For instance, in most cases, there is a plot to kill a classical hero at birth forcing the parents to rear him in a far land. Such heroes meet their death when they are at the peak with enormous sepulchres.

Individual characters such as bravery, determination, intrepidity, valor, gallantry, fortitude and sacrifice are few examples, which ignite heroes to perform greater good for all humanity. In the contemporary world, such characteristics make people vigilant and ready to fight for their rights (Raglan, 2003, pp. 2-31).

Modern fictional heroes in a way resemble classical heroes. These heroes illustrate protagonist or love interests in the story contrary to prodigious expectations of heroism. Some of these heroes show prowess in fantasy features such as epic fancy and sorcery instead of issues dominant in the real world.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Heroes in History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the modern movie world, heroes prevail at the end no matter the circumstances. Some action movies exhibit invincible heroes who posses phenomenal strength and fortitude. Astonishingly, these heroes are murderers, villains and alluring evildoers in order to gain heroism.

However, certain heroic characteristics affect the general outlook of modern life especially when some people opt to kill others gain heroism through genocide and political violence. As for me, I believe that heroism should help people solve the problems affecting them for the greater good of humanity (Hein, 1993, pp. 1299-1302).

Perseus Cellina (Guerber, 1895, p.245).

Reference List Greek Mythology Link. (n.d). The Myth of Perseus and Medusa. Web.

Guerber, H. (1895). Myths of Greece and Rome. New York: American Book Company.

Hein, D. (1993). The Death of Heroes, the Recovery of the Heroic. Christian Century, 110(1), 1299-1302.

Hero. (2010). Retrieved from

Raglan, L. (2003). The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications.

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Writer’s Choice Essay essay help: essay help
Read through the case study and consider how you would respond to this situation. Be sure to address the questions provided in the case study. Then, apply one of the ethical theories we’ve covered in this course. Write about why you chose that theory to help you solve the ethical dilemma. Be sure to explain the theory and how it applies to the situation.

f you feel that it is most helpful to apply more than one theory, you may do so. Just be sure to write about both.

Ethical Theories Covered so far

Virtue Ethics (Aristotle)

Deontology (Kant)

Utilitarianism (Mill)

Prima Facie (Ross)

Veil of Ignorance (Rawls)

Test of Publicity (Sissela)

Ethics of Care (Gilligan)


Language and Thought Essay (Critical Writing) best essay help

Theories of language development There are several theories that have been advanced to explain language development. They include behaviorist explanations, nativist explanation and interactionist explanation. This paper seeks to give an explanation of theories of language development.

Nativist theory

This theory was proposed by Noam Chomsky, an American philosopher and scholar. This theory suggests that human beings biologically programmed to acquire knowledge. According to Shaffer et al (2009, p.47), LAD has grammatical knowledge present in all languages, and LAD is common to all human beings.

Behaviorist explanations

This theory suggests that all kids obtain knowledge through operating conditioning principles that are simple. It was advanced by Skinner. Skinner (1984, p. 547) explained that anything that an organism can do should be described as a behavior. The theory further says that children often imitate sounds emitted by adults. (Cummings


The Protagonists and Antagonists in Poe and Oates’ Short Stories Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Similarities



Works Cited

The passing of time only manage to improve the potency of Poe and Oates’ storytelling like vintage wine. In Poe we have a writer who was prolific in the 19th century and in Oates we have a master storyteller who gained recognition decades ago and yet the force of their prose remained the same as if they have published it last week. Reading these two short stories is like watching a suspense-thriller the only difference is that the characters came bursting forth not from a movie screen but from the pages of a book.

The readers feel empathy for the victims because the authors were able to describe the scene so perfectly well that they could also feel as claustrophobic as them. There is a similarity to the plot and at the same time there are major differences to the way the authors tried to tell the story of how a criminal mind can use words to control another person.

Similarities In The Cask of Amontillado the reader was introduced to Montressor, a man with a serious grudge against Fortunato. He was a brilliant strategist who carefully planned how he would exact vengeance on the person who insulted him. It was strange because Fortunato consider him a friend.

He had no idea that he had besmirched Montressor’s reputation or if he had cheated him in any manner or even if he had said something that has caused him shame. But apparently Montressor viewed Fortunato’s actions in the past to be worthy of death and murder was his intent.

Montressor was no ordinary killer, he was a calculating murderer for he studied his would-be victim, Fortunato. He was an excellent judge of character for he knew Fortunato’s weakness and he built a plan around the idea that his ego regarding his skills as a wine connoisseur will make it impossible for him to resist going into the catacombs and there meet his untimely death. This is similar to what Alan Friend tried to do to Connie.

Alan Friend just like Montressor did not spring the trap without first an elaborate preparation. Alan Friend did not only study Connie, he used surveillance tactics as he observed her every time she would go out at night with her friends. It was the perfect time to observe girls like Connie because it was summertime and she and her girlfriends had ample time to waste going to the malls and hanging out in restaurants where an observer can easily disappear from the crowds.

But his surveillance did not only end in the said nighttime prowl, Alan Friend would even go to the trouble of finding out the behavior of Connie’s family and he discovered that every Sunday they would go to another house to enjoy the weekend and leave Connie behind.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Montressor and Alan Friend used words like a gunslinger would expertly handle a gun. They were ahead of their victims; they knew what they would think and how they would react when a phrase was spoken.

In the case of Montressor he would utter the name of a rival to challenge Fortunato and make him feel that it is his duty to go down the catacombs and endure the ghastly sight of skeletons just to determine if the Amontillado sitting down below is real or not. In the case of Alan Friend he used words to paint a world that is both isolated and fragile, eliciting the feeling of helplessness on the part of Connie.

Differences In Amontillado the attack was motivated by the need for revenge because Montressor believed that he had to deal with the insult heaped upon him by Fortunato. In Where are You Going, Where have you been?, the attack was motivated by lust and the need to control helpless women.

Furthermore, the traps that they laid were effective but due to different reasons. In the case of Montressor he was able to bring Fortunato to a vulnerable state by playing upon his ego and his penchant for wine. Fortunato was drunk and careless when he descended the steps towards the catacombs. Connie was bright and knew something was wrong but Alan Friend knew her weakness, she was alienated from her family because she finds them boring.

Another difference is the final resting place, assuming of course that Connie was dead after Alan Friend was finished with her. In Amontillado, Fortunato started the journey with Montressor in a wide open space, near the celebration, near the crowds of people and he ended the night alone buriend in the catacombs.

In Oates’ story Connie started her interaction with Alan Friend feeling claustrophobic inside a house. But at the end she died outside the cramped place of the house and traveled in a car to the countryside where there were plenty of wide open spaces. The similarities and differences enable the reader to appreciate how the authors tried to tell how a criminal mind would try to discover a weakness in the victim and exploit it.

Conclusion There were similarities and differences in the short stories. The similar use of cunning and smooth-talking murderers is a good way to appreciate the story and at the same time understand why it was so effective. The concept of claustrophobia was used in both stories and this gave the feeling of suspense and this was deliberately used by the authors to create a feeling as if the reader was inside the catacombs or trap in a small house in a small town.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Protagonists and Antagonists in Poe and Oates’ Short Stories specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The differences on the other hand helps in distinguishing the way the authors tried to justify the reason why Fortunato and Connie were killed. Fortunato died because he was no sensitive enough to know that Montressor was angry and Connie died because she ignored her family.

Works Cited McMaham, Elizabeth


Latent Fingerprint Examination Research Paper scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

History of Fingerprints

Fingerprint identification

History of Fingerprint Identification

Requirements and Certifications for Fingerprint Examiners

Reference List

Introduction As Barnes ((n.d), pp. 2-3) argues, using fingerprints is one of the most dependable ways of identifying different individuals, as every individual has a unique pattern of fingerprints. Therefore, because of their uniqueness among different individuals’ fingerprints, the use of fingerprints as a mechanism of identifying individuals finds wide application in many scientific fields, for example, criminology.

Fingerprints are marks left behind by the friction ridges of the skin once individuals holds or gets in contact with any surface. During identification, for examiners to determine the owner of the left behind friction skin ridge impressions, examiners must evaluate a number of factors between known fingerprints and the fingerprints in question. Such factors include the arch, loop, and whorl patterns and the minutia characteristics, for example, ridge ending s and bifurcation.

History of Fingerprints Unlike other human characteristics, which change with time, the fingerprint ridge pattern remains the same as one grows older hence, making fingerprints the most dependable identification method. Historically, as dating experiments show, the first human fingerprints were left behind more than 4,000 years ago by builders of the Egyptian pyramids.

In addition to such discoveries in Egypt, the use of fingerprints was also a common practice among Chinese traders in the 3rd century B.C, as this was the most dependable method of proving that certain business transactions took place. Although the use of fingerprints was a common practice, individuals had no interests in the uniqueness of fingerprints until 1684, when an academician named Nehemiah published the first anatomical paper on fingerprints.

This publication was followed by more scientific tests and publications on the uniqueness of fingerprints by scholars such as Marcello, J C Mayer, and Purkinje. Because of such discoveries, in 1858, the use of fingerprint for contractual purposes became an official practice in some countries, for example, India.

The use of fingerprints for identification purposes took a turn in the late 19th century with the discovery by Henry Faulds that fingerprints remained the same even after an injury. This discovery gave birth to more discoveries, some of them widely applied presently, for example, the use of printer’s ink to reproduce latent prints on surfaces (Barnes, (n.d), pp. 3-14)

Fingerprint identification This involves the process of matching questioned fingerprints with some known fingerprints, as a methodology of authenticating the identity of the questioned fingerprints.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Fingerprint identification (latent print identification) is of great significance in solving most crime cases as it provides one of the most dependable methods of identifying the identity of those involved in certain criminal activity. Currently, examiners combine chemical, electronic, and physical processing methods to accurately match any questionable fingerprints regardless of their nature.

To match questionable prints with known prints, it necessitates for one to have the required expertise, as most fingerprint identification results are crucial evidenced in courts of laws. Their work entails dusting for fingerprints and collecting of tangible evidences, which can be used to identify the crime perpetrator.

Examiners are also of significance in the immigration department, in controlling the flow of both foreigners and locals into and out of the country. On the other hand, it is the duty of the fingerprint examiner to cross-match the collected fingerprint hence, their significance in providing evidence in criminal cases (Prabhakar, Jain, Maio,


Business processing model Essay essay help online

Business processing model refers to the manner in which concepts are handled in a firm, as opposed to what is being done. This is the main distinction between this concept and system modeling. It facilitates in deciding the nature of business undertakings, therefore, facilitates competent decision making as pertains to the concepts to be adopted. They record daily activities, making it is easier to determine processes that can be managed easily and those that need upgrading.

This concept, if adopted by Wood House Day Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio will be of immense benefit to their undertaking. This firm concentrates on promoting personal health through diet and other fitness activities. Clients are taken through a plethora of training regimes, both in the gym and outdoor events.

They undergo regular massage sessions and have access to a spa. In addition to this, Wood House has a retail outlet for their beauty products and food supplements. Since it is a new company, they offer their services at affordable costs and have ambitions of transforming themselves into market leaders. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that they adopt a suitable Internet based business processing model.

Business model and Its Importance In order for one to achieve success in online marketing, they should staunchly believe in the philosophy that success relies on consumers, as opposed to purchasers. Computers characterize life for a majority of the populace. With these in mind, they should be willing to avail free information on their products online, since a majority of persons will not be willing to spend on commodities they do not know.

The utility model is flexible enough and can serve them well, helping them achieve their goal. It contends that although users consider service a necessity, reliability is essential, and this may limit utilization of capacity.

Functional stipulation for Internet use and benefits of a Website Electronic retailing is among the fastest growing online ventures at the moment. By designing a website, they will publicize their products on a large scale, without any restrictions. They also stand a chance of earning proceeds if people will want to advertise on their portal.

Wood House can post information about their organization and products on select websites, with links to their portal for further information. They stand to benefit a great deal from this since most people prefer remote shopping. Delivery services can be outsourced from other companies hence keeping their overhead low.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Communication with their customers will be swifter and more reliable. They can establish email addresses and premium numbers as to serve as hotlines for use incase of any emergency. Random clients can also be picked to participate in online surveys to help them improve their product and service quality. In line with this, the Manufacturer Direct concept is the best model they can adopt.

This front provides them with several models, most notably the purchase model, which will allow them to sell their goods directly to their purchasers. They will enjoy all profits arising from the sales. For their therapeutic products, they can adopt the lease model.

They will allow customers to access to services for a specified duration before billing them as agreed upon. This method can be used for regular customers. Lastly, the Brand-Integrated integrated approach can also be used to interact with customers and sell them products. Wood House will formulate messages with information on the products and relay them to target audiences. In order to achieve this, they require a server.

Technological stipulation for Implementation and software utilized IBM Super computer are aptly suited for this job. Personal computers, most preferably desktop computers are necessary. They will require word processing software to create material for their clients and format converters to make them up loadable. JavaScript is the best programming language they can use to design their website.

References Bono, E and Heller, R. (2006). Internet Commerce: You can’t afford to bide your time with new technology. Web.

Fox, S. C. (2008). Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires. New York: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

Rappa, M. A. (2004). The utility business model and the future of computing services. IBM Systems Journal Vol. 43 No 1.

We will write a custom Essay on Business processing model specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rappa, M (2010). Business Models on the Web. Digital enterprise Retrieved from


Key Drivers of China’s Rapid Economic Growth and the Global Impacts Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction China has amazed the whole world at large because of the tremendous growth in its economy (Chow, 2005, p.123). Although China has a very large population, the Chinese people have proved to the entire world that they can be very hard working. Recent research shows that it comes second after the super powers United States of America in terms of the economy defeating countries like Japan, Russia, India and other developed countries.

In the past 30 years, that is from the year 1979 China’s growth has been averaged to a rate of ten percent per annum, which shows a very great improvement(Mamdani,2008,p.1). China is also the largest exporter in the world exporting a wide variety of commodities such as agricultural commodities like rice , machinery, electronics, nuclear weapons and textiles just to mention but a few. Other than just exporting it is the second largest importer of goods majorly from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea (Martin, 2006, p.1).

China’s major imports include; oil, minerals, plastics, other machinery it lacks and many others. This therefore is enough evidence that China is good at trading with many trading partners all over the world (PTI, 2006, p.12). This paper will therefore discuss the key factors that contributed to the rapid economic growth and how the rapid growth has affected other nations of the world (Xinyu, 2009, p.1).

Reforms made by China Three decades ago that is in the year 1978; China was ranked the tenth country from the top in terms of economy. At that time it had a Gross Domestic Product of US$150 billion (Breslin, 2009, p.1).

This was very low since it was only 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States of America. However, in the year 1979 China made reforms in its economy and began to improve from that time at a rate of 10 percent per annum. The major goal of the Chinese Government was to make the economy independent and self-sufficient. Some of the reforms made included:

The government wanted to encourage both imports and exports into and out of the country (Fogel, 2009, p.1). Therefore the government accorded farmers permission to sell their products to private merchandisers in the country. The prices of commodities were tremendously reduced so as to attract investors from foreign countries.

The government also gave financial incentives so that the citizens could be able to make investments in foreign countries. The government also made reforms in the cities and coastal parts of the country and assigned them to be developmental areas (Chow, 2005, p.123).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Factors that contributed to China’s rapid growth The reforms made during that time by the government are the ones that influenced the economic development of the country (McDouglas, 2009, p.2). Therefore the key factors that led to the rapid growth in China’s economy after the reforms included the following;

Availability of cheap labor

China is highly populated. Therefore the presence of the large number of the human capital which was of high quality was a great advantage to the government. This is because the people were willing to work despite the low wage rate that they were being offered (Arora, 2005.87). The government took this as an advantage and made great use of the available workforce to improve its economy.

Investment in Technology

The government made investments in the education system such that it involved technological training sessions. It emphasized on teaching of industrial method in schools. This was advantageous as it made the schools produce graduates who were endowed with technological knowledge.

The resulting graduates therefore worked in the manufacturing sectors of the economy and thus led to the improvement of the quantity and quality of outputs (Grumbine, 2007, p.1). Due to this the country was able to increase its exports and as a result improving the state’s economy.

Reforms in the agricultural sector

Agriculture is among the top most sectors of China’s economy. Research has indicated that the agricultural sector of China results to 60 percent of its Gross Domestic Product hence being a determining factor of the state’s economy (Breslin, 2009, p.1). China produces the highest quantity of rice in the world. It also produces other agricultural products such as wheat, cotton, maize and tobacco which is exported thus the government earning foreign exchange.

Foreign investment in technology

China has invested greatly in technology leading to production of high quality products. In a bid to achieve this, it imported advanced machinery, plant and production facilities from trading with other countries (Martin, 2006, p.1). The investment in these facilities advances the technology of the country hence improving the quality and quantity of products produced.

China’s commodities are among the top most sophisticated products in the world hence attracting investors from other countries. It is because of this that the total factor in productivity of China has grown by 4 percent per annum.

We will write a custom Essay on Key Drivers of China’s Rapid Economic Growth and the Global Impacts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The government policies

The government implemented policies that were driven to achieving economic growth at a fast rate (Fogel, 2009, p.1). The government reallocated resources in different sectors of the state hence making them run well financially. After the allocation of resources the government privatized them so as to ensure efficient running and high productivity unlike when they were run by the state.

Domestic and International demand

This is also a factor that made China improve in terms of the economy. The large population it has also increases the demand for its products and in turn the supply (Grumbine, 2007, p.1). The world at large has a great demand for China’s products because of their affordability and quality hence making it produce more and more products.

Impacts of China’s economic growth

The rapid growth in China’s economy has led to so many implications both positive and negative (Omvedt, 2005, p.50). These effects have been felt by most countries of the world include Asia as a continent. However, the rapid economic development of China seems to have more positive implications compared to the negative ones (Song, 2010, p.1).

As a matter of fact the growth in China’s economy led to availability of opportunities in trading system of the world. This comes about because of the availability of large markets for trading in a variety of commodities.

The presence of human capital that is readily available and cheap is also a positive impact to the nations of the world (Humphrey, 2004, p.23). This is because other countries that have manufacturing procedures that demand a large amount of labor move their processing procedures to do them in China where labor is cheap and available.

Once this is done the resulting product have low prices hence attracting more consumers. The result of shifting manufacturing procedures to China has a negative impact in that it leads to loss of manufacturing jobs in the domestic countries. It therefore a problem as such nations does not get the opportunity to grow in terms of technology.

Due to the rapid economic growth, China has been able to take advantage in the trading market therefore making its imports expensive while the exports are cheaper. Most nations blame this on the currency policy of China (Taylor, 2007, p.68).

This has a negative impact on the other trading partners as they are disadvantaged and oppressed when it comes to earning their foreign exchange. Because of this the other trading partners of China have raised concerns through introduction of bills to address the issue of China’s currency (Arora, 2005, p.67).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Key Drivers of China’s Rapid Economic Growth and the Global Impacts by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As China tries to grow economically, it is also competing to be the best in the world. This has led to it wanting to acquire the very large companies in the foreign countries. It is thus threatening the developed countries like the United States of America which is the world’s super power.

Another impact as a result of the rapid economic growth of China has been brought about by the high demand it has for the raw materials it uses in processing. Energy is among the major raw materials or factors of production. The high demand it has for such commodities makes it able to dictate the prices of the commodities.

Since it has a high demand then they are able to purchase them even at the highest cost since they greatly need them for production (Mamdani, 2008, p.1). As a result, this affects the other countries that demand the same product but are not in a position to acquire them at that price. China may also deplete the sources of the raw materials since they acquire in large quantities hence threatening their existence.

Since China imports minerals and energy from Australia, the rapid development of its economy has a positive impact on the economy of Australia. This is because as the rate of production increases so does the demand for energy and minerals, thus increase in the quantities purchased. As it purchases more, Australia earns more foreign exchange which leads to tremendous growth in its Gross Domestic Product.

Conclusion From the aforementioned factors of China’s economic growth and their impacts it can be concluded that China has undergone a great revolution.

This revolution can however be accounted on the reforms made by the government of China in the year 1978. However, there are problems that are rising to counteract the economic growth. Among these challenges we have lack of skilled labor and the increasing rates in labor, these are posing a great threat to the manufacturing sector as it depends on them. This effect also will affect the other foreign countries that have invested in China and as a result posing a great danger in the world at large (Breslin, 2009, p.1).

China can therefore be said to be holding the economy of the whole world at large and therefore any arising issues of China become of concern to the whole world. Lastly, it can be said that the reforms that the Chinese government did are the major contributing factors to the current economic state of the country (Hertel, 2004, p.84).

Bibliography Arora, V. (2005). China’s Economic Growth: International Spillovers. Journal of Economics, pp. 52- 109.

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Content Analysis of Two Different Forms of Media Essay essay help

Table of Contents Bottom-Line



Works Cited

This study will focus on two different forms of media. The first one is a television news program popularly known as CNN or Cable News Network and the second is a website of, a site delivering online news content.

Although the first one uses television and the second uses the Internet and the World-Wide-Web to deliver content to consumers it must be pointed out that these two are rivals and basically has the same goals. They also share the same passion which is to be in the business of delivering news to people all over the world.

It is therefore interesting to find out that even though CNN and were both created to deliver news content there is now an emerging pattern that can be easily observed by merely looking at the programming at CNN and the layout of’s website. Their programming and content is based on the need to increase their ratings and to ensure the profitability of their respective organizations.

CNN has a reputation for delivering news coming from all corners of the planet and one can still see the dominance of that type of content in their programming. A regular 24-hour schedule is usually taken up by what CNN calls “World Report”, current events reporting from all over the globe. However, one can also see the “Larry King Live” show and Larry King does not always interview politicians or even CEOs.

He is also known to interview celebrities such as movie stars, artists, athletes, and those who gained fame through controversial means. Aside from this type of show CNN devotes at least two hours a day to talk about sports on “World Sport.” On weekends there is a show called “Revealed” and again celebrities and pop icons are featured there.

A pattern is beginning to emerge. CNN was made popular by daring delivery of hard-hitting news but now it seems content to dish out light topics for a good reason. And it has something to do with ratings and advertising money. The same thing can be said about

A mere glance at their website will reveal that there are twelve major tabs that users can click in order to access content and these twelve tabs are revealing because five of these should have been more at home in a magazine’s website rather than in a news website.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These five tabs are labeled as follows: 1) Entertainment; 2) Leisure; 3) Health; 4) SciTech; and 5) Sports. Another tab named “Opinion” can be misleading because it is not strictly about political opinion – for instance there is an article making fun of Donald Trump’s hair (, p.2). It is “infotainment” at its best.

Bottom-Line It can be simply explained as the consequence of the law of supply and demand. Viewers and consumers of online content will tune in a lot longer and click more web pages if the content has the right mix of “infotainment” and not just straight and plain news. This is a new mentality that news companies such as CNN and Fox has to deal with.

The reason of course is the need to increase ratings for CNN and online traffic to This was clearly explained by one researcher who said that in the minds of executives without good ratings there are no good profits (Anderson, p.156). The delivery of news has now been reduced to a numbers game direly related to advertisers and investors needs as well as the demand of the general public.

This is nothing new as early as the 1990s, researchers discovered that new stories were being framed to be dramatic and entertaining and thus the policy-relevant aspects of the news were often overshadowed (Thussu, p. 27). This is not a good thing considering the ability of mass media to influence policy-making and its power to move people to action by simply focusing the spotlight on certain issues.

This new phenomenon was succinctly explained by one researcher who said, “Over the past two decades the content of new in daily papers, television newscasts, and magazines has shifted from substantial levels of reporting on government activities and policy problems to an increasing proportion of soft news features that resemble entertainment formulas more than the kind of hard information that citizens might use in grasping the political events that affect their lives” (Kaid, p.283). But again, the eyes of the executives are on the bottom-line.

Infotainment A few months ago CNN and Larry King Live went to Akron, Ohio to interview not the mayor, the governor or even the biggest employer in that corner of the globe. Instead, the resources of Larry King Live and CNN were needed to interview a basketball player. He is no ordinary basketball player though, he is a super-athlete named Lebron James.

However, he was not on the verge of retiring, did not commit a heinous crime or announced the discovery of something that was earth-shaking that he deserved that level of attention especially from someone with the caliber of Larry King. And yet they went.

We will write a custom Essay on Content Analysis of Two Different Forms of Media specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There were other more important topics to discuss. Larry King’s talent could have been used to increase awareness of a particular issue. Since the host of the show had to go to all the trouble of leaving the comfort of his home and travel long distance to a town in Ohio it would have been better if the purpose of the visit was to help the poor children of Ohio or the homeless families forced to live on the streets or even the need for more funding to improve education in the said city but that was not the main goal and the main result of the interview. Nevertheless, the people who watched the show were entertained and they knew more about Lebron James.

In the FoxNews website one can see the words “news” and “fair and balanced” emblazoned in the logo. Thus, it is interesting what one can find if they would click the “entertainment” tab – will there be news-worthy material in it? But those who did click on this tab will discover the headline: “Oprah Gives Entire Studio Audience 8-Day Australian Vacation.”

It is clear that this is not news and so what is it doing in a website that was supposed to deliver substantial news that will help in policy-making and help in discussing crucial issues faced by the nation today? This is a good argument but at the same it has to be pointed out that many will want to read why Oprah gave them eight days of vacation to Australia.

In the middle portion of the website there is a series of images containing the faces of celebrities like Lady Gaga with her bright-colored hair and Ana Kournikova in a swim suit. This is already interesting because Fox is now on the verge of copying a formula usually reserved for tabloids.

But is not yet finished on the far right of the said picture gallery one can find the images of Jesse James the ex-husband of Sandra Bullock and TV star David Duchovny with the title “The Guide to Sex Addiction.” It is easy to understand why it was placed there, the organization knew that people will click on these images to know more.

Conclusion CNN and it seems are lost when it comes to long held standards about journalism and the need to bring out relevant and important information to the general public. This may have been the case when CNN aired a one-hour special featuring Lebron James and why is increasingly moving towards tabloid type of reporting.

CNN and did evolve but it is not because they have forgotten the standards. These media conglomerates had to change because they knew what was at stake. They are driven by the need to make money because if they cannot produce it then they will have to disappear. There is a need to discuss more important issues but investors and advertising money coming in, CNN and FoxNews will cease to exist.

Works Cited Anderson, Bonnie. Journalism, Infotainment, and the Bottom-Line business of Broadcast News. CA: Jossey-Bass, 2004.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Content Analysis of Two Different Forms of Media by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More “Final Round: GOP Establishment, Tea Party Go Head-to-Head.” Accessed from

Kaid, Lynda. Handbook of Political Communication Research. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2004.

Thussu, Daya. News as Entertainment: The Rise of Global Infotainment. CA: Sage Publications, 2007


Deep Sea Volcanoes and their Effects Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Background

Absorption of Carbon Dioxide


Rising Temperatures and Melting Ice Caps

Marine Life



The ocean floor is comprised of many hills, mountains, valleys, volcanoes and certain forms of life, easily unimagined to the common man.The entire global ocean floor is approximately 366 million square kilometers and the entire surface area is a volcanic terrain (Fisher, 1998, p. 81). Of the entire ocean floor, there are about a million deep sea volcanoes. Approximately 75,000 of them rise over a kilometer above the ocean floor. The number of active volcanoes is however not determined but it is projected to be in thousands.

Deep sea volcanic eruptions are quite prevalent than is otherwise known. In fact, about 4 cubic kilometers of volcanic lava is erupted annually according to estimations developed from the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates (Fisher, 1998, p. 82). Most of these eruptions are however not seen on the earth’s surface but they are often observed when ridges stretch into dry land.

Oceanographers have in the past carried out research to better understand the ocean’s volcanic terrain. However, their conclusions have not been comprehensive enough; especially with regard to the effects of deep sea volcanic eruptions on the environment. This study therefore explores the relation between deep sea volcanic activities and the environment, with specific reference to existing myths on global warming, an emphasis on marine life, general climatic conditions and topographical effects.

Background Not all volcanoes are a menace to the environment because of their toxic gases and molten lava. The effects of volcanoes are varied and may even result in the development of lahars. For instance, in September 1996, an undersea volcano with a magnitude of five on the Richter scale shook the Southeastern part of Iceland.

A month later, a deep basin formed on the glacier. Subsequent glaciers were also observed on the same zone (Patricia, 1999, p. 201). This indicated that melting was going on underneath the glacier and generally, the effects of deep sea volcanic activities go beyond toxic gases and molten lava.

The impacts of deep sea volcanoes are therefore varied, and the predictability of a volcano erupting is as difficult as predicting an earthquake (Patricia, 1999, p. 201). However, scientists at present use various parameters and devices to predict volcanic activity such as seismicity (which is also used to predict earthquakes and tremors) and other changes in gravity or electrical impulses.

Also, key in the study of undersea volcanoes is the subsequent earthquakes and tremors that occur after eruptions. Due to the fact that volcanic activities occur close to dry land or deep into the sea; they are bound to affect aquatic life and human life respectively. Their gas emissions also affect the environment. These variables will be categorically analyzed further in the study.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Absorption of Carbon Dioxide A group of Australian and French scientists have in the past undertaken several studies on the effects of deep sea volcanic eruptions on the environment and established that volcanic activities undersea produce large volumes of iron which plant species known as phytoplankton use to soak up carbon dioxide when they bloom (Fogarty, 2010).

Carbon dioxide being the main greenhouse gas in the world; the studies never focused on the impact of volcanic activity on the environment and especially carbon storage in the Ocean. Deep sea volcanoes are present under deep sea ridges of the ocean floor and the above research has been based on the amount of carbon dioxide that is present in depths of four kilometers on the ocean floor. The studies are therefore shallow.

Carbon is present in small volumes along the ocean floor and this prevents the growth of phytoplankton. However, science has often affirmed that large amounts of carbon often come from wind borne dust. This may be witnessed through sandstorms or iron rich sediments from the ocean which in turn triggers rampant phytoplankton growth (Fogarty, 2010).

At present, research studies have pointed out that deep sea volcanoes constantly produce a significant amount of iron over constant timescales. This has also been identified as the main factor which accounts for about 5%-10% of the total carbon storage in the oceans. Such studies have been observed in the Southern ocean but in other regions, the amount of carbon storage may go up to 30% (Fogarty, 2010).

The implication here is that the iron produced in the ocean and in turn the carbon retention witnessed, can act as a buffer when factors such as sandstorm vary. However, climate change has affected the progression of iron onto the earth’s surface, after deep sea volcanic eruptions. Ocean stratification has also been observed to be another cause of low iron penetration onto the earth’s surface (Fogarty, 2010).

Large amounts of Phytoplankton have been observed at the Antarctica, meaning the region is rich in iron. However, some studies have shown that huge winds will eventually blow the iron onto the ocean surface. In turn, more phytoplankton will grow and capture more carbon dioxide from the air (Fogarty, 2010). A vast network of deep sea volcanoes therefore produce mineral rich water each year soaking up large amounts of carbon dioxide produced by man. This has reduced the acceleration of global warming.

Landslides Deep sea volcanoes are known to cause massive landslides because of their massive cones (International Consortium on Landslides. General Assembly, 2005, p. 257). The main cause of landslides for deep sea volcanoes is caused by the very forces that created the volcanoes in the first place.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Deep Sea Volcanoes and their Effects specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is essentially the rise of lava. Every time lava is pushed aside, the surrounding rocks that create ground stability are shoved aside to make room for the molten rock. In turn, internal shear zones are created and this oversteps one or more sides of the cone (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

Normally, the magma that never comes out releases certain volcanic gases that are partially dissolved in the ocean, creating strong hydrothermal systems that further weaken the rock underneath the ocean floor and thereafter burning them to clay (US Geological Surveys, 2009). In addition, the thousands of layers of lava and rock debris often lead to fault lines that weaken the ocean surface. This is often accelerated by the downward pull of the cone by gravitational force.

These factors are especially detrimental when the deep sea volcano is near dry land. This easily triggers a landslide due to a weakened earth surface and also allows part of a volcanic cone to collapse under the pull of gravity into the volcano (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

Certain factors have been observed to accelerate this process including; intrusion of magma into the volcanic surface, deadly earthquakes under the ocean floor, and a saturation of the volcano with large volumes of water; especially preceding an earthquake (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

A Landslide caused by these volcanic activities often destroys everything that stands in its way and also initiates a flurry of activities like explosive eruptions, buried valleys, generation of lahars and a trigger of deadly waves that have even been witnessed in the recent past (like the tsunami) (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

In addition, such landslides may cause varying degrees of topographical effects; ranging from development of hills and closed depressions, created by accumulated debris. Sometimes, the deposits left by these volcanoes create tributaries and later cause flooding, either through the misdirection of tributaries or subsequent forming of lakes and other smaller water bodies (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

After eruptions, a large part of the volcano’s cone is usually displaced and this triggers the landslides which decrease the pressure on the magmatic and hydrothermal systems and in turn cause varying degrees of explosions, ranging from small to large steam explosions (US Geological Surveys, 2009).

Rising Temperatures and Melting Ice Caps Contrary to popular opinion that melting ice and rising temperatures are solely as a result of global warming, deep sea volcanic activities have been identified as another cause of this observation. In fact, scientists have reported that recent volcanic activity under the Arctic Ocean floor have resulted in a large spew of fragmented lava into the sea.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Deep Sea Volcanoes and their Effects by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Such eruptions have been observed in Gukkel ridge which records one of the most massive eruptions that even buried Pompeii. This took place in 1999, from an underwater volcano located at the tip of green land near Siberia (Ajstrata, 2008).

Scientists have pondered whether there is a relation between subsequent earthquakes and volcanic explosions (School Specialty Publishing, 2006). Further explorations under the ocean rubbished reports that earthquakes were caused by slow spews of fragmented lava because they discovered that there were huge explosions taking place in the ocean (Ajstrata, 2008).

In understanding the melting of ice at the arctic, it should be understood that the Arctic Ocean resembles a closed system which has very limited outlets (Ajstrata, 2008). The natural basin and its characteristics emphasize the belief that volcanic eruptions are the cause of the melting ice because there isn’t much room for the heat generated out of the deep sea volcanic activities to circulate out of the basin. Ice and glaciers have therefore melted over the centuries.

These discoveries have led to many questions being asked about the real causes of ice melting. Interestingly, the arctic surface has recently had very thin surfaces of ice and either by sheer coincidence or not, the ocean floor underneath is home to some of the most active volcanoes on the ocean floor (Ajstrata, 2008). Evidence at the arctic therefore attests that volcanic activity is one of the primary reasons why ice is quickly melting on the global surface.

With regard to the thickness of ice underwater, it is often observed that bout 90% of icebergs is underwater. Interestingly, areas that have thick ice resemble inverted mountains but areas of thin ice resemble valleys (Ajstrata, 2008).

Evidently, if we were to analyze the effects of deep sea volcanoes, it makes perfect sense that the zone resembling a valley gets heated up fast because it takes less time for the heat to reach the ice and similarly, it would take a long time for the heat to reach the thick ice because of the stumbling inverted mountain-like barrier (Ajstrata, 2008).

Marine Life There is enough evidence to prove that deep water volcanoes improve the aquatic life undersea. For instance, an active volcano at Guam has recently caught the attention of scientists because despite its regular spewing of lava, it remains home to numerous aquatic lives, including ocean critters, shrimps, limpets, crabs and barnacles (Rosaly, 2005, p. 20).

The volcano is now high enough to resemble a 12 storey building and with recent observations, there has been a growing population of aquatic animals living at the volcano’s dome. The development of a positive relationship between an increase in volcanic activity and the growing population of animals around the volcano is therefore inevitable.

Some scientists even point out that some of these animals found at the volcanic tip are completely new species. Interestingly, these animals are well adapted to their environment which is essentially toxic, in relation to other marine environments. Normal marine life wouldn’t survive there either (Ajstrata, 2008). It is therefore inevitable to conclude that the surrounding marine life is nourished by the deep sea volcanic activity.

Scientifically, this phenomenon has been explained by the slow deposits of bacterial filaments over surrounding rocks that provide a good source of food for the surrounding marine life (Ajstrata, 2008). Some shrimps have even been observed to have adapted to the volcanic environment by developing pruning claws to extract food from the rocks. Another animal species known as the Lohili shrimps has perfectly adapted to its environment by grazing on the bacterial filaments through the developments of garden like shears.

These species however graze as a primary source of obtaining food but as they develop into adult life, they develop their claws to become predators (Ajstrata, 2008). In this regard, the shrimps become predators and feed on dead animals like fish and squids which were jumped up by the volcano (Ajstrata, 2008). These underwater volcanoes have therefore provided better ground for understanding volcanic activities than volcanic mountains on land would.

Conclusion Deep sea volcanoes have a huge impact on the environment. Virtually, marine life is largely dictated by volcanic activities that go on in deep waters. This is in reference to an evident change of aquatic life conditions especially in light of toxic gases released in the deep waters.

These volcanic activities also rival existing facts about global warming because their activities have been noted to increase world temperatures and result in ice and glaciers melting. In the same regard, landslides and earthquakes have been attributed to a destabilization of the earth’s surface by volcanic activities.

However, we cannot pass a blanket judgment that deep sea volcanoes only have detrimental effects because this study identifies that it helps reduce green gas emissions through carbon dioxide reduction. Conclusively this study identifies that the effects of deep sea volcanic activities have been largely underrated and more research needs to be done to quantify its effects.

References Ajstrata. B. (2008). Global Warming or Simply Under Water Volcanoes. Retrieved from

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Fogarty, D. (2010). Deep-Sea Volcanoes Play Key Climate Role: Scientists. Retrieved from

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Analyzing and Interpreting Movies Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Introduction Films are important to human life. They serve as tools for entertainment, educating and disseminating people. During weekends and holidays, people-young and old, spend most of their leisure watching movies either at home or at movie theaters.

Depending on one’s perception and art of viewing, the moving image within a movie can entertain, educate or inform. Notably, a person watching a film with an informed awareness is more likely to understand the elements behind film production. For example, an informed awareness instills dexterity and background instructions as ingredients of film understanding.

Apart from entertainment, critical and attentive film watching imparts greater thought in addition to awareness. Additionally, viewing a film not only lifts up a person’s celluloid experience, but also enable persons to understand the complexity, dense language, principles, cryptograms, and signs cinematic attributes exhibited during viewing.

Other essentials paramount in understanding and interpreting a film include reading some facets of cinematography and familiarization of film terms that will enable one to comprehend the film language. This will stimulate thought as regard to the film, hence making the viewers cinematically literate. Most importantly, with an informed awareness, every viewer can interpret and analyze a film without any complication (Boggs


Recent Legislative History: Control of Educational Standards Essay (Critical Writing) essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction



Reference List

Introduction The educational system of the United States of America is full of captivating events which have significant contribution to the life of every American citizen.

There are three different levels which promote proper development of the system and which are responsible for obligatory control and funding: they are local, federal, and state authorities. Each type of control has its own peculiarities in accordance with which schools and other educational institutions are able to vary, be improved, and develop during a long period of time in regard to the current living conditions.

Educational standards vary considerably from time to time, and now, it becomes very important to provide teachers with necessary education and license before they could start doing their jobs. According to Pullman and Van Patten (2007), this kind of legislative control is crucial to make educators meet special standards and correspond to the national model required.

In my opinion, it is necessary to support control of educational standards by local, federal, and state authorities in order to present proper quality of education, professional teaching, and obligatory variations. To defend this necessity, it is better to pay more attention to each type of control and its outcomes on the educational process and to define how exactly these authorities may promote the growth of professional teachers.

Analysis According to the International Colloquium on Private Education (2009), any kind of government is entitled to control educational standards in order to promote growth of sufficient education in regard to the national context.

For example, local government is primary responsible for the quality of educational processes; federal authorities usually deal with the standards settings; and state department has to take care of provision of information, resources, and various technical material to schools. In case this type of control weakens, the quality of education may undergo considerable changes, and these changes could be hardly called positive.

Randi Weingarten (2010) admits that the role of education is considerable indeed in the life of every person: professional educators have to be ready to complete any kind of duty prescribed. However, it does not matter how mature an educator can be: if there is no support from local, state, and federal authorities, the professionalism of educators cannot serve as the only reliable basis.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is why there is no reason to struggle against control of education by local, state, and federal authorities, but instead, it is very important to find out more powerful grounds to improve the quality of the control of these authorities and improve the cooperation between the authorities and educational systems to be able to achieve one goal: provide students with necessary education of a good quality and provide teachers with a number of possibilities to get necessary practice and appropriate certificate.

Application The chosen position may considerably enhance the processes of teaching and learning. It is possible to focus on “a constructive, meaningful, and ongoing system that incorporates standards and best practices for the teaching professions” (Weingarten, 2010, p. 37) and helps teachers to realize how information must be learned but not tested (Pullman


The Lancaster Treaty of 1744 Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

While war between the English and Indigenous Peoples occurred often during the colonial era, the Lancaster Treaty of 1744 succeeded in preventing conflict between the Iroquois and the English. The Iroquois faced some of the same problems that other Native groups did but such problems did not result in conflict.

The main grievance of the Iroquois was that white settlers were crossing beyond the Blue Ridge into the Shenandoah Valley and the treaty was to prevent them from moving east towards them. The English were however never prevented from advancing west of them (Merrell 5). This study identifies that the Lancaster treaty of 1744 provided the framework to which amicable solutions were developed and eventual prevention of conflict achieved.

Iroquois and English Conflict A year before the signing of the Lancaster treaty, the Iroquois caused a lot of skirmishes to settlers in the Shenandoah Valley. They also almost declared total war on the Virginia territory until its governor paid them a sum of 100 sterling pounds for any claims they had on the valley. This action was to be later followed by a sellout of all their stakes in the Shenandoah Valley for 200 pounds.

However, this agreement was followed by numerous misunderstandings between the two parties because the Virginians understood that the Iroquois had relinquished all their claim for the land that was demarcated as Virginia territory in 1609 but the Iroquois understood the treaty as a relinquish of claim only to the land in the Shenandoah valley; which was to the west of the Ohio watershed (Merrell 7).

This disagreement was partially resolved by subsequent agreements in 1752 through the treaty of Logs town which forced the Iroquois to recognize English rights to the South East of Ohio. However, subsequent treaties saw the Iroquois relinquish all their claims of Ohio and Tennessee rivers.

Negative Consequences of Colonization for the Iroquois The interaction of the Iroquois with the Europeans had a profound impact on the economy of the indigenous people because the expansion of European settlements in Iroquois land destabilized the economic equilibrium that previously existed. By the onset of 1800, much of the Iroquois population had been pushed to reserved lands.

This caused them to lose most of their land through the intrusion of European settlements into traditional highlands. There was also a negative impact of European trade with the natives because the Europeans took advantage of the virtue of gift-giving by showering the locals with many manufactured goods from Europe that created dependency on certain goods like rifles and metal axes which were not in any way beneficial to the Iroquois.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The consequences to the imposition of the Europeans on the natives were discussed in treaties and deeds like those that settled grievances on land. However, before such forms of agreements were made, the natives often engaged the foreigners in fights to claim control of their property and rights which the Europeans were slowly depriving them of.

Such warfare can be compared to the mourning war where the locals engaged their opponents in wars and often conspired against their enemies with like minded partners. Nonetheless, negotiations solved the grievances the Iroquois had.

The negotiations were majorly aimed at increasing the foothold of the Iroquois’s diplomatic presence in most aspects of governance. Essentially, this incorporated the extension of the clan system and the Iroquois confederacy into the governing elite.

Trade rights and empowerment of the military were also negotiated between the Europeans and the locals, especially after the Europeans adapted to the local systems of governance and also after adopting a change of attitude with regard to superiority over the Iroquois. Land was also a primary factor that was negotiated in the talks and the Europeans had to settle on a financial understanding with the locals.

The European colonialists joined the negotiations at Lancaster to add on the ongoing debate over land disputes. Essentially, they aimed to achieve a more formidable presence over the Shenandoah Valley and also stamp their authority amid growing French influence in the surrounding territory. This therefore prompted them to side with the Iroquois to limit French control in the surrounding territories. In addition, the Colonialists also sought to entrench their culture over other existing cultures and more so, the French’s.

Reflections of the Lancaster Negotiations on the Europeans and the Iroquois The Lancaster negotiations exposed underlying elements of both negotiators throughout the entire process. The Iroquois came out as very adamant people because of their resilience in fighting for their land rights. This especially exposes their belief on the fact that their traditional land was given to them by God and that it was to benefit the entire community and not a few individuals.

This fact was especially enforced after the land on the Shenandoah Valley was personalized and they could no longer enjoy the benefits which they initially did. On the other hand, the negotiations exposed the Western ideals the Europeans held about land and community property with respect to finding amicable solutions.

We will write a custom Essay on The Lancaster Treaty of 1744 specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Europeans believed in the capitalistic view of land ownership as opposed to the community ownership of land which the natives upheld. The negotiations also exposed an underlying belief of the European community that resources had a value attached to them and property could change ownership through payments; a principle that the Iroquois never held until later in the negotiations.

Conrad Weiser Conrad Weiner was a key mediator in the dispute between the Iroquois and the Pennsylvania colony. He played the roles of an interpreter and a diplomat between the two warring factions. Conrad commanded a lot of respect and trust from both parties, effectively enabling him to mediate between them.

He was therefore able to negotiate the deal that saw the Iroquois sell their land, West to the Blue Mountain. Among his key roles in the Lancaster negotiations was his interpretative role but thereafter, he was sent to streamline the differences that emerged after the negotiations. He was therefore able to make both parties understand the implications of the Lancaster negotiations (Merrell 14).

Compromises from the Lancaster Negotiations One of the major compromises the Iroquois made was to sell their rights over the Shenandoah Valley to the colonialists. In addition, the native community also recognized the rights of the English over their native land; at least to the South Eastern part of Ohio.

On the other hand, the English settled their long standing dispute by parting with 100 sterling pounds which it paid to the Iroquois for their land rights. Additionally, the English also recognized Blue Ridge Mountains as the official demarcation between their territory and the Iroquois’s which they wouldn’t infringe on.

Conclusion The eminent conflict between the Iroquois and the English was repetitively solved from the Lancaster negotiations of 1944. The settlement of the land rights through financial means and the recognition of official boundaries also imposed a sense of calmness on the aggrieved parties.

Matters were done overboard and the Iroquois were willing to sell their rights over traditional land. However, the greatest success came from the adaptation of the English form of land system into the Iroquois’s, such that both parties operated through a streamlined system that encompassed the desired of both parties.

The role of negotiators also helped streamline negotiations and the presence of a common enemy (French) also helped curb angry sentiments by the Iroquois. Nonetheless, the Lancaster negotiations provided the ground work to which all these conflict resolution mechanisms were developed and eventual aversion of conflict achieved.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Lancaster Treaty of 1744 by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Merrell, James. The Lancaster Treaty of 1744: With Related Documents. Bedford/St. `Martin’s, 2008.


“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction “Everyday use” by Alice Walker is a fictional story analyzed years over, in academic and professional circles from an initial collection of In live and trouble (Donnelly 124). The story is narrated from a first person point of view (by a single mother, Mrs. Johnson) and dwells on the perception of two sisters regarding cultural artifacts (Wangero). Maggie has a shy personality but Dee is a representation of a pretentious native African identity.

Throughout the story, Walker develops a deep criticism of postmodern ideals through symbolism, with the story’s meaning going deeper than the surface analysis, because even the title “Everyday Use” is a representation of whether cultural heritage should be preserved and used on an everyday basis or not.

The quilt is especially mentioned as a representation of culture and heritage, especially when Dee wants to hang the quilts: she has essentially removed the artifacts from their everyday contextual meaning and creates some form of symbolic representation of the quilts.

This study therefore identifies there points; in that, Walker seeks to convey the principle that art is a living and breathing part of its origin, a significant cultural possession, and a critique of the postmodern treatment of cultural art.

Analysis The story asserts that art should be valued in the context of its cultural and heritage origin. The quilt is strategically used in the story as a representation of cultural art and its existence has a rich cultural significance. The quilt is later depicted as inseparable from its culture because the historical trace of the quilt essentially represents the history of the Johnson family. Walker specifically says “In both of them were scraps of dresses Grandma Dee had worn fifty and more years ago.

Bits and pieces of Grandpa Jarrell’s Paisley shirts and one teeny faded blue piece, that was from Great Grandpa Ezra’s uniform that he wore in the Civil War” (563). This shows that not only do the quilts represent the heirloom of the family, but they are a core factor in the family’s identity. The gist of this symbolism is that, not only is the quilt a representation of the Johnson culture but also an inseparable element from the culture itself.

How Mrs. Johnson treats the quilts shows that cultural artifacts should be treated as a significant cultural possession. Dee on the other hand views the quilts as financially and aesthetically valuable. When Dee realizes her mother intended to give them to Maggie; she exclaims that they were priceless.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dee further adds that Maggie has the capability of wearing them everyday, something that she did not think was right for the quilts; implying that she viewed the quilts as an object instead of an item that should be used on a daily basis. Some sense of individualism is also noted from Maggie’s perception of the quilt, RO because in her opinion, the quilts bore some form of personal and emotional significance, which became clear when she said, “I can member Grandma Dee without the quilts” (Walker 564).

Maggie therefore implies that she perceives the quilt from its deep family connection. Moreover, she understood the fact that the quilts ought to “stay alive”, generations on end, through continuous renewal. Walker even points out that “Maggie knows how to quilt” (Walker 564), implying that she had the cultural significance of the quilts at heart.

The representation of the two sisters’ attitudes and perceptions of the quilts is a critique of the postmodern treatment of ancient artifacts and the way cultural art is treated in today’s society. Essentially, Dee’s perception of art for its monetary value represents the postmodern view of art while Maggie’s perception of the quilt for its personal significance is a representation of the contemporary view of art.

The author however does not leave us a in a huge dilemma of which perception is right because Mrs. Johnson snatches the quilts from Dee and gives them to Maggie thereby depicting the contemporary view of art as the right perception.

Conclusion Walker’s literary piece is a good example of an educational piece that reflects the current perception of art, especially thriving in today’s commercially, oriented world. Basically art in its right form should be kept alive through generations on end in everyday use. This literally, “can be perceived”, through the short story, but should be perceived in a symbolic manner as a facet of conventional art (Factstaff 3).

Walker therefore shows that the true significance and meaning of art that can only be traced back to the culture or the root it came from. This is contrary to postmodern use of ancient artifacts as an object to be observed, by future generations, as Dee tries to express. Walker therefore shows that cultural artifacts should be used as a significant cultural possession, and be kept alive through generations.

Moreover, she didn’t write the piece with the intention of being microscopically analyzed, or to be quantified monetarily; her literary piece, despite being written in past decades, was meant to be explored, investigated, questioned and even debated by today’s commercially driven society where culture is slowly fading away and postmodern values are quickly catching up (Factstaff 4). In summary, the author says that cultural artifacts with a special reference to the quilt should be put into everyday use.

We will write a custom Essay on “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Donnelly, Mary. Alice Walker: The Color Purple and Other Works. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2009. Print.

Factstaff. Quilts and Art in “Everyday Use”. 23 February. 2010. Web.

Walker, Alice. “Everyday Use.” New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1994. Print.


Psychology Aspects in Spearman’s, Stenberg’s and Gardner’s Models of Intelligence Argumentative Essay essay help online

Intelligence is among the most studied topics in the field of psychology. Ironically, it has not been possible to come up with one definition of intelligence acceptable in the whole world. Some scholars believe that intelligence is a single general ability while others believe that it incorporates many aspects like skills, talents and capacities. Nevertheless, every scholar comes up with a different definition suitable for a particular model of intelligence.

Various scholars have come up with different models of intelligence with an aim of explaining and understanding the whole concept. However, even though models are different, all have similar concepts were it not for the fact that they are explained differently. However, this does not negate the fact there are some notable differences. Bent on that, this paper shall discuss Spearman’s, Stenberg’s and Gardner’s models of intelligence and narrow down to major differences and similarities.

Scholars describe intelligence differently especially after testing their theories. Spearman describes intelligence as a cognitive ability or g factor that can be measured numerically and expressed as such (Plucker para 4 ). He was able to make the conclusion after conducting a number of mental aptitude tests and discovered that the scores of the tests were similar (Sternberg p. 18).

On the other hand, Gardner unlike Spearman illustrates that it is not accurate to measure intelligence numerically because according to him, it is composed of skills and abilities that are greatly valued in different cultures. In addition, his model explains that there are eight different types of intelligences which are inclusive of bodily kinesthetic, musical, verbal-linguistic, logical, naturalistic, intra-personal and interpersonal forms of intelligence.

Finally, although Stenberg agreed that there is more than one form of intelligence, he proposed that some of the Gardner’s forms of intelligence can be perfectly described as human talents (Gardner Para 4). However, he grouped intelligence in to three categories which include practical, creative and analytical intelligence.

As much as there are some differences between different models of intelligence, similarities present cannot be overlooked. All models seem to have a clear concept that intelligence is the cognitive ability of an individual that helps individuals become successful in certain areas of their lives.

For instance, Sternberg explains that intelligence which results from a good balance between analytical, practical and creative abilities helps individuals to be successful within different contexts in the social environment (Sternberg pp. 92). Similarly, Gardner also proposed that different types of intelligence which are generated by mental energy enable individuals solve problems and create products that are important in different cultural settings.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lastly, Spearman model also illustrates the same concept of intelligence which is the cognitive mental ability of an individual that helps them solve some problems and that is why he used tests to measure intelligence and latter expressed it numerically as a g factor (Matthews, Zeidner


The White teeth Essay best essay help: best essay help

White Teeth is a celebrated novel published by a British writer Zadie Smith. The book delves into the social engagements of two war comrades, Samad Iqbal with Englishman Archie Jones along with their relatives in the multi-ethnic London.

Exploring the thematic significance of the novels title “White Teeth” it would be instrumental to argue that the title touches on the aspects of cultural identity. Consider the fact that the author explores the life’s of diverse families with distinct skin colors but all with white teeth. Therefore, the symbolism of white teeth can be linked to the ethnic or racial origin of the families.

Profoundly the novel creates a pool of pathos with humor, while in the same way demonstrates the hardships faced by the immigrants as well as their children as they are faced by challenges of dissimilar society. From such attributes the reader is introduced to British cultures which are very much diverse from those of the immigrants. Hence, these differences are illuminated through the depiction of middle and working class English cultures as embraced by Chalfens with Archie.

The significance of the title rests in that we all have our unique origin, despite personal inclination. Therefore, White Teeth reflects the challenges of multiculturalism including the hardships of encountering assimilations.

For instance, examining the pedestal meaning purpose of the teeth, it is widely accepted that white teeth are a sign of health and beauty, thus, in literal meaning, the novels title could equally be translated to convey the message of cultivating unpollinated cultures. And this would result in racism or ethnic cleansing.

Perhaps that is why Alsana is depicted as dealing with aspects of prejudices apparent in London society. Hence, the author states “Black people are often friendly, though Alsana, smiling at Clara, and adding this subconsciously to the short ‘pro’ side of the pro and con list she had on the black girl. From every minority she disliked, Alsana liked to single out one specimen for spiritual forgiveness.”

From such perspective the author thus delves into diverse social aspects which touch on the symbolism of white teeth. More so, concerning the legitimacy of having pure cultures which translates to racism the author asserts “I just sought to demonstrate that there are societies that perform well. There’s wretchedness for the manner custom is fading away but I sought to illustrate people making an endeavor to comprehend each other, regardless of their cultural dissimilarities.”

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As the narrative unfolds it becomes obvious that the families are not willing to let go their past, their identity and origin. This expressly anchors on the purpose of white teeth; ones pure origin ignites pride and self consciousness. And this is illustrated by the manner Samad perceives the English life being non-conducive in regard to Islamic upbringing. Yet the irony of this dynamism is shown in Magid who discards his faith to be a man of science.

Looking at the manner the theme of teeth is replayed in the novel, it would be instrumental to state that the symbolism is employed to illustrate the overchanging attributes of White Teeth. No matter the condition, tone, color, religion, country or gender, we all have white teeth.

To reinforce the significance of ones origin we have Irie becoming a dentist and this shows that she embarks on finding for unifying factors in the society. Thus, the title White Teeth touches on the uniqueness of ones cultural identity amid the growing multiculturalism.


Reasons why readmission of CHF patients is high in local setting Essay writing essay help

Abstract CHF is a health condition that affects normal operations of the body of a human person by interfering with the supply of blood to other body parts leading to the impairment of their normal functioning. The condition affects many people in different countries throughout the world. The U.S. is one of the developed countries that are affected by the CHF patients. It is estimated that about 5.3 million Americans suffer from this condition.

Due to the critical nature of the condition and other factors, this study seeks to establish reasons for increased number of CHF patient readmission in a local setting (Nasif


The Inn on Cortes Island Report (Assessment) custom essay help: custom essay help

The tourism industry in British Columbia has been growing rapidly over the past years thus making it quite possible for hotels within the hospitality industry such as Cortes In to enjoy more commercial success. As of the year 2000, the region had over 22 million visitors who raked in an amazing $ 10 million.

Additionally, the tourism mix of the district of British Columbia did not only come from locals but also from foreigners ensuring that demand is stable. Despite the fact that business opportunities did present themselves for those within the hospitality industry in Cortes Island, it apparently became difficult for those within the tourism industry especially inns such as The Inn on Cortes Island due to the threats on tourism industry that were brought by the 9-11-01 attack by terrorists that reduced tourist traffic.

Issues of human resource availability and skill levels of those employees expected to serve within the industry also made it hard for the industry to flourish due to the perception jobs within that industry did not pay well. Additionally, the outbreak of SARS and the west Nile virus made it hard for the tourism industry to flourish.

The Task environment within the Island was suitable and good for business considering that the industry raked in over $ 10billion annually. Vancouver was well known for its business expos and this had made British Columbia a respected destination in the tourism industry attracting millions of people especially during expos which brought the society together. The only form of political hostility arose from terrorism activities that followed 9-11 bombings.

The availability of websites, DVD/CD technology available to customers meant that the customer experience was maximized. The task environment was thus highly favorable due to the fairly good political, economic and socio-economic culture that was good for tourists arriving from local and international destinations.

The Hotel and hospitality industry within British Columbia was a free and fair industry in accordance with the principles of free market economy, meaning that just as Jonathan Armitage entered the industry since he had the capital, any other participant could to enter the industry.

This fact made the threat of entry quite high within the market. Due to the fact that there were other many similar Inns and resorts in the region, some of which were in the high end and low end of the market this meant that consumers had a wider range from which they could choose from. Thus, making the business environment even more competitive.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hollyhock retreat resort is one such resort that offered camping facilities which can serve as a substitute for hotel rooms. Despite the unique ambience of the ICI, the presence of camping sites and Rustic dorm rooms have in some way increased the threat from substitute products because individuals who don’t opt to sleep in rooms may go to tents hoping to get close to nature.

The product and service The Inn at Cortes Island is an establishment that targeted mainly middle income earners who paid somewhat average fees to enjoy their services (the average fee per room is $ 225 and $ 110 per cabin). These prices were found to be suitable for middle income earners who frequently toured the Inn and recommended it to others.

The problem is that the price is too high for some target customers turning them away. The Inn had both rooms and cabin spaces facing the beach, Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, DVD/CD players for entertainment, and high quality linen in rooms, that were suitable for couples, tourists and even weeding events. Additionally, apart from offering sleep facilities the Inn also provides local gourmets and exclusive food.

The product design should also be differentiated for high end customers. The design of the room was quite cool because it was done by artists who ensured that earth tones were used to create an atmosphere of relaxation which was expected by the customers. In addition, the rooms and furniture ware fitted with high quality linen to ensure that the place looked good. The design of place has no weakness.

The Inn used its website as part of their promotion tool and thus designed it properly. Additionally, the hotel depended upon word of mouth to promote its brand.ICI management also hired A media consultancy farm to create publicity for them occasionally. The current promotion efforts are not enough and should be more vigorous.

Market segment

The intended market of The inn Cortes Island was tourists and locals who especially fell under the middle class bracket of the economy who were searching for a unique spot that had the best ambience.

The segmentation is good and highly attractive having no weakness. Other competitors within the Island were Hollyhock Retreat Resort and April Point, which provided high end services; also there were other many resorts and Inns in the Island which could provide services similar to ICI’s thus making competition stiffer. Because the Inn did not offer high end services it is bit of a disappointment for customers with high end needs.

We will write a custom Assessment on The Inn on Cortes Island specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The competitive advantage of ICI was the Inn had unique ambience and design, a good website and world-class cooks together with the availability of capital to expand the business. The Inn serves the affluent middle class who need to run away from the busy urban environment and go to the Island to watch and enjoy nature. Customers visiting this inn usually wish to have some peace and spend time with their loved ones.

The technology

The availability of a beautifully designed website has made it quite easier for the Inn to access its clients and serve them better. Also other technologies such as the availability of DVD/CD players for entertainment have ensured that guests who visit the place are well catered for in terms of entertainment.


Jonathan is the sole shareholder and CEO the Inn. He decided to hire someone who would take the position of a general manager to ensure a smoother day to day running of the organization. ICI has its organizational structure divided into four main functional divisions, which include the front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and grounds, and food services each of this functional area is headed by an individual manager.

At the beginning, the owner had decided to hire a mother and son team with the mother serving as the general manager while the son serving as the chief chef but the decision turned out to be a bad one the forcing the owner to employ a more experienced and professional general manager, Edward Bourgogne. Upon his arrival the general manager put in place new systems and brought in a new chief chef Jackie Newcome, a move that saw improvement in the relationship and quality of work in the Kitchen.

Investment-Pay Back Exit Plan

The construction of the Inn was made possible by the help of loans and the forecasted Revenues are expected to assist the shareholder to repay the loans. The management forecast expects that approximately 70% occupancy rate of the Cabin throughout the year will be needed in repaying the loan.

The bank current total loans have accumulated to $4.8 million, with the latest loan awarded to ICI being $1.8 million the current twelve-monthly principal and interest payments are expected to be around $38,700 per month, which will be spread across loan repayment schedule of 240 months.

The business expects to make revenues of $2.2milion and this is expected to increase by 10% within the following year although no profits are expected in first two years as the company is expected to start breaking even in the third year of its operations. This will ensure that the company repays its loans comfortably.


Table 1. The Business Environment

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Inn on Cortes Island by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Opportunities Threats Political The resort was established after an approval was made by the local council, federal fisheries department and island trust

The state supports tourism industry

The September 11 incidence brought a decline of the number of tourists in British Columbia

Economic The state puts tourism as a major source of the nations revenue totaling to about $10 billion from a total of 22.5 million overnight visitors

Downturn in the economic position of the state reduces overall demand of services and products

Societal The resort has established a reputation as being a family oriented resort

Most residents residing in and around the result are frequent visitors

The population present is small constraining the availability of staff

People look at tourism sector with no good employment opportunities due to low pay

Technological The resorts website provide quality and in-depth information to its customers and aspiring visitors

The media firm offers the resort an opportunity to avail information about the resort to the people for publicity purposes

Not each person is conversant with new technologies

Table 2. Industry Conditions

Competitive Conditions

High Neutral Low Threat of new entrants x Bargaining power of customers x Bargaining power of suppliers x Threat of substitutes x Intensity of competition x Key success factors

Table 3. Financial Size-Up

Strengths Weaknesses Profitability and Cash Flow: Has helped improve its dining room to fit in a world class menu

It has also helped them estimate the expansion expenses needed

Strains the relationship between the resort management and the banks

Liquidity: Helpful for short term financial issues enabling the business meet its current obligation

It can uncover the weaknesses in the financial position of the resort especially during bank scrutiny of the resort

Stability: Indicates the strong interim profit performance of the resort

The stability record may not be convincing to the banks due to poor timing for expansion plans

Efficiency: Serves as standardized metrics to measure financial efficiency for investment opportunities

Unexpected cash flow models may be used which will not much up predictions made

Growth: the continuous interim performance of the Inn contributes to the need of wanting to undertake cabin expansion

Constraints from financial sources hence intense scrutiny by the bank

Table 4. Marketing Size-Up

Strengths Weaknesses Market tactics Price




The target market for the resort is the middle come earners meaning the place it quite affordable.

It has a good reputation for food and beverage service.

It’s situated along the richly stretched sandy beach with boldly well constructed rooms giving an earthling feeling that are featured with Jacuzzi tubs fire places dvd/cd players.

In terms of product promotion, it has a media consultancy department that deals with publication for publicity purpose including a comprehensive website.

Infatuation of the tourism industry leads to constant changes in the market especially in pricing

Market analysis Segmentation


Competitive Advantage

Customer Needs

Its market segmentation targets the middle class hence affordable to many

The resort is situated in a secluded area that is quite different from the urban environment

It also enjoys an upscale world class menu for its clients

Expansion plans will be an added advantage to the resorts competitors as it will attract more visitors

The media consult department is a major advantage to the resort as it’s able to publicize to its target market.

The poor cannot afford the resort facilities

The product needs to be differentiated in market segmentation to provide high class customer services.

Market strategy execution The strategy was executed properly through positioning and segmentation giving ICI a good and definite market which it intended to serve.

The management could have been more vigorous on implementing the strategy by launching more serious comprehensive campaigns.

Table 5. Operations Size-Up

Strengths Weaknesses Operations process Business operation are well managed hence the constant profit result

Lack of organized and permanent staff Members

Risk management issues The expansion plan is seen as A major project that will increase the number of visitors coming to the resort

Its expansion plan is a risk taking step

Legal issues Do not exist

Do not exist

Location issues Its strategic position creates a Good environment that is peaceful and fresh as compared to the city life

Less staff for the resort due to low population size

Use of technology Gives comprehensive information about the resort.

Provides entertainment opportunity to the visitors

Not each person is conversant with new technologies

Table 6. Human Resource Size-Up

Strengths Weaknesses Human Resource function Recruitment and Hiring

Training and Development

Compensation, Performance and Incentives

Staff hiring and training was at first done quickly

To retain staff members staff housing was a benefit for all staffs

Employment of an individuals with decent leadership skills and with good interpersonal skills stabilizes staff relationship

The rural location of the resort encounters low population for hiring staff members

Most people discriminate the tourism sector because of its low payment

Recruitment of employees is low due to small population size

Leadership issues Organizational Structure

Skills Development

Teams and Teamwork

Management Capabilities

Its headed by a CEO who is the owner of the resort

Besides the CEO, the resort has a general manager overseeing everyday operations including departmental managers

Every staff member has to undergo training to develop their skills

The resorts departments are divided into four each headed by a manger. The manager becomes the team leader of the department

The resort was first run as a family “family team” which later became a problem

Staff members do not stay on permanent basis

Table 7. Technology Size-Up

Strengths Weaknesses Technology concept and product Introducing DVDs/CDs was a good move to keep the visitors entertained just like in the urban areas. The concept of their comprehensive website provides quality information about the resort to those who visit it for any queries

Not each person is conversant with new technologies

Intellectual property issues Its competitive nature has increased the resorts ability to provide high value-added products and services at competitive price

It Details company’s past experience to prove that the resort can execute on the opportunity

It is not easy to put the company to bank scrutiny

Potential risk factors Expansion plans are promising to the growth of the business

The expansion plans will have to surpass the internal challenges especially in the human resource department

Table 8. Expansion decision

Rationale and Risk Assessment

Financial risk: Mitigated by: Financial planning, whereby the management laid out a good loan repayment schedule that would take close to 20 years to repay the loan easing stress on the shareholder. Market risk: Mitigated by: Developing a marketing mix that appeals tom customers and is up to date with competitors ensuring that ICI is more likely to succeed in the market Operations risk: Mitigated by: Hiring a good operations manager that is able to manage the employees and the heads of all, other department thus reducing conflict and enabling smooth flow of day to day activities. Construction risk: Mitigated by: By planning the entire construction process and assigning roles clearly to construction personnel in order ensure construction is according to schedule. Management risk: Mitigated by: Hiring qualified managers in all functional areas and hiring a professional operations manager to oversee management of the entire organization.


Human Relations – Walmart Essay essay help free: essay help free

Part a

Correlation analysis differs from regression analysis in that: 1) it determines if a relationship exists between two variables, and 2) if the relationship exists, it identifies it. Regression analysis on the other hand, attempts to predict the value of a dependent variable by using a single or multiple independent variables.

Part b

The correlation coefficient tells of the strength of the relationship between two variables (Doanne and Seward, 2007, 490). Additionally, if it is a positive value e.g. 0.1 it tells that the relationship is positive and if it is a negative value e.g. -0.1 it tells that the relationship is negative.

Part C

The quick rule for the significance of a correlation at α = 0.05 is |r| > 2 / √ n. The limitation for this rule is that it can only be used for α = 0.05.

Part D

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For i = 1…n, the sums needed to calculate a correlation coefficient are: 1) the sum of the product of xiyi, 2) the sum of xi, and 3) the sum of yi.

Part E

The two ways of testing the significance of a correlation coefficient are: 1) using the t-test, where the test statistic, r, is r√((1 – r²)/(n – 2)) , and 2) the Z-test, where Z = ln[|(r 1)/r-1)|]/2 .

Question 12.48

Part a

From the question, Let x = weekly pay, y = income tax and n = 35. From the ANOVA table, the fitted regression equation is ŷ = 30.7963 0.0343x.

Part b

From the output table, the degrees of freedom are 33 and the critical value at α =0.05 from appendix D is 2.035.

We will write a custom Essay on Human Relations – Walmart specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Part c

Since the p-value = 0.0161 is less than α = 0.05 we conclude that the correlation coefficient, r, is zero and accept the slope value of 0.0343.

Part d

With a 95% level of confidence, the true slope lies inside the closed interval 0.0101 and 0.0584.

Part e

Now, t = 2.889 and t² = 8.35 = F. This is the verification.

Part F

From the table, since r² = 0.202 then the regression equation, ŷ = 30.7963 0.0343x, explains 20.2 % of the correlation that exists between the two variables.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Human Relations – Walmart by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Question 12.50

From the question, X = total assets ($ billions), Y = total revenue ($ billions), and n = 64.

Part a

From the regression output, the fitted regression equation is ŷ = 6.5763 0.0452x.

Part b

The regression output shows that the degrees of freedom are 62. The critical value at α = 0.05 is 1.999.

Part c

Now, from the regression output t = 80813, which is much greater than the critical value of 1.999. Thus, the conclusion is that, the true slope ≠ 0.

Part d

With a 95% level of confidence, the true slope lies inside the closed interval 0.0342 and 0.0563.

Part e

Now, t=8.183. t²= 66.96 ≈ F. Thus F = t² for the slope.

Part F

X1 as the predicting value accounts for more than half of the variability of y. Additionally, the true slope of the line is not zero. From these two facts we conclude that X1 is a good predictor of y.

Question 13.30

From the stepwise regression analysis and the results we note that: 1) addition of variables causes an increase in r², which is normal behaviour, and 2) the addition of infant mortality causes r² to decrease in tiny amounts. From these observations, we can conclude that: 1) the variables used in the analysis do not give the model sufficient exploratory power.

A likely reason for such a case to occur is that the variables in the analysis might contain to a significant extent the same information. 2) The addition of variables GDPcap and Literate causes LifeExp and InfMort to be no longer highly significant.

Question 13.32

The results of the regression analysis describe a highly predictive regression model. This is because the independent variables in the analysis explain 81.1% of the variability of the dependent variable.

Question 14.16

Part a

The graph is shown is shown in Appendix A.

Part b

America was in war in the 1960’s and 1970’s thus the high number of aviation shipments during these periods is a result of increased creation of war planes

Part c

A fitted trend would not be helpful for the above data as no trend reveals itself whether linear or not.

Part d

The graph is shown in appendix B. Again, a fitted trend would not be helpful for the above data as no trend reveals itself whether linear or not.

Part e

The best trend model for the data is shown in Appendix C where the regression equation is, ŷ = 182.21x – 362294 and r² = 0.7257. The forecast for 2004 is given by substituting x with 2004 in the regression equation. Thus, the forecast is 182.21 ×2004 – 362294 = 2854.84. The reason why it is good to ignore the earlier years is so that we get a sub-dataset that can be properly analyzed using an appropriate regression model.

Quiz question one.

The table in Appendix D gives the respective starting salary averages (in thousands of dollars) for each gender in each of the MBA majors. Additionally, it also gives the starting salary averages (in thousands of dollars) for each of the MBA majors.

From the averages in this table, the dean can conclude that: 1) males are paid more than females in each of the MBA majors except marketing where the opposite is true. 2) Finance is the highest paying MBA major followed by Accounting followed by Marketing and Management is the least paying MBA major. 3) Both males and females should major in Finance if they wish to maximize their starting salaries.

Quiz question two.

Let p1 be the proportion of male doctors who took 325 mg asprin tablet. Thus, p1 = 104/11307 = 0.00942. Let p2 be the proportion of male doctors who took placebo. Thus, p2 = 189/11304 = 0.01713.

The null hypothesis is: H0 = p1 – p2 ≥ 0, which when interpreted means that the proportion having heart attacks is not significantly lower for male doctors who took 325 mg aspirin tablet than for male doctors who took placebo. The alternative hypothesis is : H1 = P1 – P2 < 0, which when translated means that the proportion having heart attacks is significantly lower for male doctors who took 325 mg aspirin tablet than for male doctors who took placebo.

The test for these hypotheses is two-tailed. Let z be the test statistic, thus z = z = (p1 – p2) – D0 / σp1-p2 where σp1-p2 = √ p (1 – p)(1/n1 1/n2). From the question and the hypotheses set, n1 = 11307, n2 = 11304, D0 = 0, p = 293/22611 = 0.013. Therefore z = ((0.00942 – 0.01713) – 0) / √ (0.013 (1 – 0.013)(1/11307 1/11304)) = -5.00. The p-value for z is 0.000000285.

Since the p-value is less than 0.001 we have extremely strong evidence that H0 if false and thus we accept H1 and conclude that, the proportion having heart attacks is significantly lower for male doctors who took 325 mg aspirin tablet than for male doctors who took placebo.

References Doanne, D. P. and Seward, L. E. (2007). Applied statistics in business and economics. (1st ed). McGraw-Hill/ Irwin: New York. 490

Appendix Appendix A

Figure 1. Graph for data on U.S. Manufactured General Aviation Shipments, 1966–2003

Appendix B

Figure 2. Graph for data on U.S. Manufactured General Aviation Shipments, 1992–2003

Appendix C

Figure 3. Graph showing fitted trend model for data on U.S. Manufactured General Aviation Shipments, 1992–2003

Appendix D

Table 1. Averages for each gender and MBA major

Accounting Finance Management Marketing Male 96.2 99.9 80.27 74.23 Female 84.2 82.9 60.23 78.1 Average 90.2 91.4 70.25 76.17


Management Problems in Social Media Report best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Findings and discussions


Lack of privacy

Lack of proper government laws

Poor management

Privacy issues in YouTube

Conclusions and recommendations

Reference List

Introduction It may prove difficult to draw clear difference between infringement of personal privacy and fair usage of social media due to the availability and ease with online materials can be accessed at any given time. One may not know which video files, songs or pictures to upload and use without permission.

It is therefore the duty of the management of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and You Tube to protect themselves and their users from infringement of privacy. According to studies carried out by recent empirical researchers, loss of privacy can be minimized by designing an End User License Agreement (EULA), a term of service that will to some level, control loss of privacy especially on copyright infringement (Aula 2010, p. 45).

Tackling this management problem will save social media companies from heavy losses due to payment of huge fines for any form of privacy infringed. Additionally, it will save the image of social media sites from severe damage linked to sites where the rate of infringement of privacy is high.

The use of, or viewing of personal materials without express permission from the owner is a violation that demeans intellectual property of the owner.

Due to lack of thorough regulation, many internet users especially in sites like facebook have tremendously violated privacy laws. Lack of strict regulation may be due to the fact that most governments and management teams have given the issue of violation of privacy a laissez-faire approach (Coeckelbergh, 2011, p.132). This has immensely contributed to increase in violation of privacy.

On the same note, distribution of private materials in the internet has become commonplace. Theft, unauthorized access to materials of other internet users and distribution of illegal copyrighted materials like movies, music, photographs, literature and games have tremendously increased. Modern technology has necessitated sharing and uploading files in social networks.

A bigger portion of the uploaded and shared materials infringes on copyright and privacy. This essay will examine how lack of proper management on Facebook, twitter, You tube, MySpace and other social sites has led to loss of privacy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Findings and discussions To begin with, Facebook is a networking site that connects people in different geographical locations who study and stay around them online. In addition to being a social site, there are quite a number of other social interests that are carried out.

They include sharing of links and videos, knowing each other and uploading photos. Social media sites have spread far and wide with over one million registered users who can open files and browse freely, receive and send messages and pictures (Hall, 2011, p. 425). The graph below shows adoption of social media over time alongside elements of management policies.


Facebook and other social media sites users can also post and share their interests and biographies with other users as well. The site offers its users opportunities to connect in almost every area in life. It has numerous benefits that touch both social and economic sectors.

It gives the user the access to the intrinsic value of the social world. This is practical in the sense that if you have a brand or an organization, and a potential researcher sees your profile, can easily access you. A number of factors cause violation of individuals’ privacy in social media as discussed below.

Insecurity The act of sharing of files on social network sires has increased tremendously with over 5 million active users and over 200 million people who log in everyday. Photos, music, videos and other literary materials are uploaded and exchanged each day (Kemp


Object recognition Analytical Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Cognitive processes involved in object recognition Object recognition refers to an individual’s ability to pick out physical properties of an object such as texture, color and shape, and apply to object attributes that are semantic in nature such as its relationship with other objects in terms of usage (Auckland et al., 2007). It involves high-level visual processing, a mechanism that is controlled by right cerebral hemisphere. Besides, it is a process that creates awareness and knowledge through overtly verbal thinking, memory, perception and experience (Gordon, 2004).

Processes that are involved in object recognition are divided into four main stages drawn from neuropsychological evidences. They include applying semantic attributes in order to provide meaning to a visual representation, learning, feature integration, planning, and feature coding as well as reasoning (Auckland et al., 2007).

The most important process is applying semantic attributes in order to provide meaning to visual representation. Research studies indicate that human beings tend to recognize objects through their characteristic features. It is imperative to note that giving meaning to a visual representation is influenced by motor sequence and occurs at the basic level (Brockmole et al., 2006).

This makes this process to be important since visual representation, which occurs at the basic level is more accurate and rapid, and works better than other processes in other taxonomic levels.

In understanding its importance, it is worth noting that in object recognition, objects are naturally and systematically categorized in groups in terms of their attributes. This indicates that human beings use minimum inter-individual variability features that are consistent to recognize an object.

Such features include those that they use to extract class invariance and high cue validity (Brockmole et al., 2006. Conceptual knowledge base on visual representation is vital in guiding behavior, solving a problem or even drawing a conclusion.

Does context influence on object recognition? It is a fact that context influences object recognition. In visual perception, despite occlusions and illumination changes as well as variability in pose, human beings are able to recognize different categories of objects. Matching available image features with target object representation without background features has been a major problem in object recognition.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this case, context makes it impossible to detect process by creating random distractors (Torralba et al., 2006). Contextual associations have been considered as important in visual system since they co-vary with the environment and other objects. It is agreeable that objects in an inconsistent scene appear inaccurate and are less detected and processed than those in familiar and consistent backgrounds.

The influences of context in object recognition effects at multiple levels such as pose, spatial configuration and semantics. The latter, which include size, position and presence of objects, and physical object scenes, have a contextual relationship that can hinder or allow target objects to be detected (Brockmole et al., 2006).

It is important to note that to accurately recognize an object, the relationship between context and object must be strong. Using scene consistency-inconsistency framework, a consensus is reached that objects and context mutually influence each other.

In fundamental nature, context influences object recognition by changing it perpetual analysis (Torralba et al., 2006). The formation of objects at the perpetual level is influenced by context through integration of features. Besides, analysis of images is affected by context as observed in contingencies existing between target object location and distractor objects of arbitrary configurations (Brockmole et al., 2006).

References Auckland, M.E. et al. (2007). Non-target objects can influence perceptual processes during object recognition. Psychon. Bull. Revision.14, 332–337.

Brockmole, J.R. et al. (2006). Contextual cueing in naturalistic scenes: globaland local contexts. J. Exp. Psychol. Learn. Mem. Cogn. 32, 699–706.

Gordon, R.D. (2004). Attentional allocation during the perception of scenes. J. Exp, Psychol. Hum. Percept. Perform. 30, 760–777.

We will write a custom Essay on Object recognition specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Torralba, A. et al. (2006). Contextual guidance of attention in natural scenes: the role of global features on object search. Psychol. Rev. 113,766–786.


Nietzsche: Death of God Research Paper essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Introduction

The Mad Man

Existence of God

Works Cited

Introduction The question of whether God really exists has elicited heated debates and remained unsolved for as long as documented history can trace. This is mainly caused by the belief that unless man establishes the existence of God he can not really understand the purpose of his existence. The belief in God is what maintains world peace and morals as most people desist from violence and crime for the fear of God.

It is the realization of God’s role in the maintenance of orderliness that inspired Nietzsche to create a hypothetical situation where God did not exist.

He told a story of a mad man who ran around the market place searching for God. Many of the Atheists who were around at that time teased him. They asked the madman whether God was hiding or had lost his way like a child. Some asked whether God was afraid or whether he had ran away. They cajoled and laughed at him.

The mad man, after listening to their questions jumped into their midst saying that they had all killed God. They were all God’s murderers.

He thus asked a series of questions to the effect that it was almost impossible to mkill God but they had done it. He compared killing God to drinking up the sea, wiping away the horizon or unchaining the earth from the sun.

The Mad Man The mad man concludes his speech by wondering how we humans could comfort them in the face of such a grave sin. What festivals of atonement or ceremonies could they perform to wipe God’s blood of themselves? Could they substitute God with themselves and perform his role? As his listeners reflected on his speech the mad man implied that mankind had killed God by disregarding his morals and yet distanced them from it. He later went to several churches and declared them tombs of God.

This story appeared blasphemous at first glance and as expected aroused a lot of criticism from the church at that time. Perhaps the story was meant to show how the degradation of morals had turned God into a far off notion. Nietzsche does not imply that God existed at one time and then died literary. The death of God represented the erosion of Christian values and Christian morality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He essentially tries to foresee a future when such erosion will reach a level where there will be nothing to guide human actions. He therefore tried to create an alternative source of morals, which is why the madman asks whether man has tried to replace God. By deviating from the guidelines of Christianity men destroyed the very concept of God as we knew it.

Most people including the Christians of the time took “the death of God” literary. This put Nietzsche at odds with them. In defense he argued that God was only a notion in their mind which continued fading into an illusion with each passing day. He proposed that mankind needed an alternative source of morals which was not based on the wishes of a supreme being.

Since the idea of God is in peoples minds they might as well learn to live in peace with each other without fear of divine punishment. It is in this sense that the mad man said that people had murdered God or the notion of him thereof. This had happened through the hypocrisy of believers which discouraged potential believers. Their actions demeaned God to the extent that he became an object of ridicule the likes of the atheists at the market.

Basically Nietzsche was talking of the death of belief in the metaphysical realm. If metaphysics is not strong enough to sustain its influence on people’s lives, it is wiser to think ahead and prepare for a world run without it. He viewed metaphysics as an idea that was bound to collapse just like anything else with a beginning.

A world without God, to him, was not only possible but inevitable. This world would be less restrictive and would enhance mankind’s creativity and material progress. In this world human beings would no longer turn to heavens for guidance but would discover the strengths within them. This would usher in a new era in human existence where man would fully realize the potentials locked in the world. All values that guide humanity would be reviewed and a new code would guide their actions.

In Nietzsche’s opinion people do not accord the physical the attention it deserved. It is because of this devaluation of the world around them that they seek comfort in the spiritual and metaphysical ideas which are not compatible to human reality. They seek answers for the uncertain nature of life in abstract beings which limit the bounds of their creative potential. He proposed that the solution to this would come in the form of mankind learning to rely on itself for enlightment (Nietzsche 49).

Nietzsche, being one of the believers in the rule of the body over the body over the mind believed that ideas contained inhibited the body’s actions (72). Thus the body is the true self though it it can be denied that inner feelings drive it. This means that qualities like bravery, laziness, or physical exhaustion can greatly influence the physical condition. The idea of the mind operating on its own and controlling the body is just a manifestation of the body’s power.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Nietzsche: Death of God specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This power is displayed as will or determination. The psychological part of a human being that controls these qualities is connected to the unconscious part of the mind. In his other woks he suggested that this subconscious part of the human mind is what some people referred to as God. What people referred to as visions are simply a connection of multiple ideas in the mind. The fragments of ideas gained in the course of ones lifetime.

In his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra He described the mind as one of the many components that were necessary for the body’s survival. He in effect proposed that the mind could survive on its own without the external influence of religion or the belief in God. “Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler, an unknown sage- whose name is self. In your body he dwells; he is your body (William 61).

There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom. And who knows why your body needs precisely your best wisdom?” (Nietzsche 49).

This view contrasted with the Christian doctrine that depicted the body as the very epitome of evil. The bible urges Christians to ignore the body’s desires since they eventually led to sin. By ignoring the body’s desires one has to ignore its abilities as well and seek to over-rely on the mind.

Nietzsche was brought in a Christian tradition. His radical views and materialistic ideas might have been a rebellion against tradition. He thus sought to change the view of the world as a sinful and dirty place. In the same way the body to him was a self sufficient entity with multiple abilities. To him there was no need to refer to the mind or the supernatural realm for answers that were easily available in the physical realm.

In the 19th century saw the popularization of the importance of the body and the physical world. Many scholars scandalized conservative beliefs and the mainstream morals.

Existence of God The inevitable finality of life further drives people to seek the comfort of an imaginary life beyond the present which distracts them from their present day to day life. Thus, the idea of heaven or the after life blocks the full realization of exploitation of the world’s resources.

People concentrate so much on the imperfections of life and spend little time trying to make it easier by withdrawing into the utopian world where life is more perfect. Sensible people on the other hand take their troubles in stride and consider the realities of life as inevitable. Just like the non-believers in the market place we should not distract ourselves with the idea of the existence of God.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Nietzsche: Death of God by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is this attitude that Nietzsche called “the death of God”. They just went about their daily business and suspected that God was afraid of them or had simply deserted them. However man simply can not live without something to believe in.

With the rise of science many intellectuals tried merge it with their Christian values with disastrous results. The two were simply incompatible. Science does not accept anything that can not be supported by facts. The mad man in Nietzsche’s story wonders whether there is still an above an below.

This suggests that God and his existence can be supported by the physical world. The death of God would mean that the death o0f the physical world too. Our very existence is the proof that God exists. Therefore science does not substitute God but is just one of the supporting facts to the existence of God.

Without God, according to the mad man, there would be no above and below, no horizon, and no world. The material world in itself must have originated from somewhere beyond the physical real.

As Doctor Lewontin put it “It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counterintuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated” (Lewontin 28).

Science supports the existence of God rather than his death in more than one way. The laws of nature that scientists so much insist on must have been created or set in motion by an external force. A scientist takes the long route of tracing the interconnection between the forces of nature to arrive at the same conclusion with the mad man.

An astronomer will eventually conclude that the universe must have had a single beginning.

Since Islam and Christianity depict God as “ a being than which no greater can be conceived” it is only logical to argue that he too exists (Lewontin 132) The amazing nature of the universe which science itself confirms the existence of greater scientist who engineered it.

It is in this sense that the mad man asked “Who had given man the sponge with which to wipe away the horizon” scientists confirm that the earth is designed with such precision the if the earth and the sun were a bit further from or closer to each other than they now are, life on earth would be simply unbearable. Such precision defies the random nature through which evolutionists claim that the world came into being. The chances of a single protein molecule forming at random are simply impossible.

The philosophical law of cause and effect states that things can not simply come into being. The existence of the universe can therefore be looked at as an effect which must have occurred by a divine cause. Despite Nietzsche’s emphasis on the dynamic nature of the body and the physical realm, he confirmed the internal willpower is what drove the body.

This subconscious part that he equated to God is what the Bible refers to as conscience- the God in man. The existence of this part of man can be further supported by universality of some of the laws and values that are dear to man. Regardless of race, culture and time in history murder, vices such as stealing, lying are prohibited.

The dates provided by Darwin’s theory do not concur with the dates that an astronomer would give to explain the formation of the world. Molecular biologists eventually agree that no amount of time would see to the complex make up of cells. Philosophers would eventually agree that at the heart of science is a set of laws that makes objects not fall upwards. These laws must have been put in place by a force beyond the physical realm (William 136).

Believing in this force would call for adherence to faith which contrasts to the law of logic that is central to science. While religion has done its best to accommodate science the latter seems to thrive on the denial of the former.

The world, at Nietzsche’s time and today, relies more on the scientific-technological realities and would rather ignore the possibility of the existence of a force beyond the physical world. Science has become the basis of truth and seems to come to the fulfillment of his prophecy.

This seems to further confirm the swiftly approaching death of God in people’s minds. Religion continues to adjust itself to accommodate science which relentless strives to annihilate it (Gabriel 112).

Nietzsche cunningly put the ideas he opposed into a madman’s mouth. The mad man may not have been literary crazy since his thoughts were coherent and sensible. What made him look mad to the crowd was that he had realized how people had denied God without realizing it (Altizer 118). While many were aware that God was no more, few realized that it was they who had killed him.

Some of them still went about their business as if God was still supreme, not willing to accept the fact that their actions were a continuous denial of his existence. By developing a science-based system of thought and belief the people had slowly edged God out of their lives. What remained was just a shell of rituals that people went through out habit and tradition.


The whole parable seems to have been directed at people’s hypocritical ways. Humanity had ceased to act in the ways of religion but continued it give lip service to God. They practiced science and preached religion. As a result the world became so full of chaos as a result of people trying to subscribe to two opposing doctrines. The mad man further compares the chaos to the world being unchained from the sun.

Nietzsche also seems to support the idea that God is a product of a fantasy that all mankind escapes to. He therefore seems to be for that man should either conform completely to religion or abandon it instead of slowly killing God. He thus proposed ways of approaching both options.

Works Cited Altizer, Thomas. Radical Theology. London: Mac Milan, 1936.

Gabriel, Robert. The Culture of our Post-Christian Era. London: Random, 1968

Lewontin, Fredrick, Billions and Billions.NY: Random Publishers, 1997.

Nietzsche,Friedrich .The Gay Science. NY: Vintage Publishers,1882.

William, Edwin. Death of God. Priceton. Princeton, 1972.


Planning functions Essay cheap essay help

Planning is a decision making process. It helps one to decide on what to do and how to do it. There are six steps to follow when planning. First and foremost, one has to analyze the situation. Two constraints are very important at this stage and they are time and resources. Gathering of information and interpreting is done at this stage.

Also, a summary of all the relevant information is done. Identification and diagnosing planning assumptions is done. In addition issues and problems are identified. The second step is having alternative goals and plans. Alternative goals that can be implemented later are provided. It also gives plans used to implement the goals. Thirdly, evaluation of goals and plans is done.

Advantages and disadvantages on alternative goals and plans are evaluated. Also, the possible effects of the goals and plans are evaluated at this stage. Fourthly, selection of the goals and plans is carried out. The most appropriate and feasible goals and plans are selected. Right judgment is crucial at this stage. In the fifth step, implementation of the designed plans takes place. This helps one to achieve the set goals. To implement a plan, the manager must understand it well.

Also, resources to implement the plan must be available. Finally, monitoring and controlling are important. These help one to know whether his/ her plan is succeeding. Continuous monitoring of the actual performance against unit’s goal should be done. Implementation is the most important step in planning. The reason behind this is that implementation of plans helps in achieving the set goals (Darlkir, 7).

There are three types of plans that can be used in different organizations. These include, single used plans, standing plan, and contingency plan. Single-use plans are used in activities that are done only once. They are one time-time use plans. They also have specific goals.

They may be used for duration of few days. In addition, they may last for a number of years. Projects and programs are good examples of single-use plans. Also, budgets can be considered as single-use plans. The activities involved are like the special sales program.

Programs cover ‘who’ and ‘what’ in an activity. It also covers ‘where’, and ‘how’ the activity will be done (Ingram, para.3). Standing plans are applied in activities that take a long time to complete. In some cases it might be indefinite time. They can be adjusted so as to cater for the changing situations. Mostly they are created from information from different sources over a longer period. They also cover several departments in an organization.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Examples of standing plans are policies, a procedure and rules (Ingram, para.4). Contingency plans are meant for specific situations. This is incase things don’t move as expected. Contingency planning involves flexibility and adaptation. Also, mastery is needed due to the changing conditions.

They include planning for marketing. The reason behind is to get support from the stakeholders. In addition, they allow for understanding from the stakeholders (Ingram, para.5). In our organization we usually use standing plan. The reason behind is that we usually deal with activities that need much time before completion. Also, in our organization we have many different departments where this kind of planning is more applicable.

From the above literature, I have been able to learn that planning is one of the key aspects in any organization. Implementation of a plan is one of the most important steps in any planning. Implementation helps in achieving the already set goals. Without the implementation of a plan, the other work done during the planning process will be of no importance. Different plans can be applied in different organizations. The kind of plan to be used depends on the type of activities taking places in an organization.

Works Cited Darlkir, Kimiz. Knowledge management in theory and practice. New York: Technology partner. 2011. Print.

Ingram, David. Define single use, contingency


Command Spanish Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The mission of Command Spanish is to provide high quality occupational Spanish language and cross-cultural training and training programs to English-speakers throughout the Grand Valley. Command Spanish offers a service that will equip businesses with desperately needed job-related Spanish-language training which will allow the businesses to better understand its Spanish speaking customers.

The current marketing goal of Command Spanish is to increase communication among businesses and its Spanish speaking customers. Increased communication will allow companies to provide better customer service and improve safety for Spanish speaking people. Current marketing objectives are to spread awareness of its occupational Spanish classes and convey the need the business community has for this service because of the increasing Spanish speaking population of the Grand Valley.

These goals and objectives are consistent with the mission of Command Spanish and the increasing demographic shift of Hispanics has created a stronger need for occupational Spanish classes in the Grand Valley. Command Spanish is relatively new to the Grand Valley and little marketing has been done; advertising has mostly consisted of word of mouth promotion.

Review of current marketing strategy and performance

Command Spanish has a strong product to offer the Grand Valley as many businesses have noticed its customer base expanding in Spanish speaking people. The marketing strategy has not yet been carried out, and therefore, this is little awareness of Command Spanish in the community.

There are few direct competitors and the quality of service offered by Command Spanish creates an advantage over competitors in the market. The customers have confidence with the service they are provided due to the constant communication between the instructor and client.

Channels of distribution for the occupational Spanish classes are one-on-one or group classroom settings or through the Internet. The instructor uses various resources including aid books and audio CDs to enhance the service delivery and to benefit clients.

Current and anticipated organizational resources

The most important resource that Command Spanish has is the experience and knowledge that the instructor possesses of the Spanish language. The instructor is nationally certified as a Command Spanish Certified Instructor and has taught the Spanish language for over 15 years. Command Spanish also invest financial resources in research and design to develop new courses to meet demands for customers in many different industries. Currently Command Spanish has around twenty different courses and new ones are constantly being added.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, Command Spanish has recently created a new and innovative e-Training program which is based on Command Spanish’s exclusive, revolutionary Language Power-Lock System. It claims that the “seven brain-compatible, interactive processes” unites to provide contextualized, purposeful learning opportunities. It employs an integrated “switchback method” to engage the learner through visual, auditory, and psychomotor pathways.

This is an effective system for the learning and long-term retention of practical Spanish language for the workplace because the interactive learning processes is easy and user-friendly. It is anticipated that resources for new courses and innovative e-Training programs will continue to be a priority of the organization. On the other hand, resources for marketing budget have been limited and are not likely to increase.

Customer Environment Current and Potential Customers

The customers or potential customers for Command Spanish’s services are any corporate or government entities that do, or may in the future, do business with or employ Spanish speaking people.

These customers are non-Spanish speaking people in the workforce. Potential or current customers either work or have businesses in the Grand Valley and desire to have job-related communication with their Spanish speaking customers or employees. Most of these customers do not feel it is necessary to be fluent in the Spanish language in order to improve their business, but would benefit from knowing at least the Spanish language that is work related.

Other customers may purchase this service because they do not have the time to learn more than the amount of Spanish that simply allows for job related communication. The language classes that Command Spanish teach eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs.

Customer Needs

Command Spanish offers many different courses for customers and are able to customize for each business including those businesses in the construction industry, financial institutions, schools, health industry, law enforcement, retail sales, those interested in Spanish for basic workforce or travel, and the community.

Construction supervisors can benefit from the Command Spanish classes because miscommunication can cost time and money; with occupational Spanish language training, supervisors can communicate expectations and maintain a safe work environment. Financial institutions such as banks, loan offices, and insurance companies can adequately communicate with Spanish speaking customers by learning common phrases in determining transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, or cashing checks.

We will write a custom Essay on Command Spanish specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The health industry can also better assist the Spanish speaking community from Command Spanish classes. The courses offered in relation to the health industry include hospital nurses, medical office nurses, physicians, emergency medical services, physical therapy, respiratory therapist, dentist, and dental hygienist.

Each course is tailored more specifically to the business. For example, the nurses and physicians learn Spanish that pertains to calming patients, initial assessments, routine in-bed and out-of-bed procedures, and taking vitals or collecting blood or urine samples. Physical therapists learn Spanish that helps them communicate body position, basic physical commands and physical treatment.

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are trained to communicate with Spanish-speaking persons in order to make an initial assessment of the situation upon arriving at the scene, determine the main complaint, gather a history of any existing health issues, communicate body commands to make assessment and treatment and acquire patient identification for the request or refusal of transport permission.

School teachers that have periodic interaction with Spanish speaking students can better handle the classroom with knowledge of classroom management phrases, and general instruction management phrases. It is also advantageous for them to know some of the basics such as greetings, numbers and the alphabet.

Librarians can better assist with simple phrases of checking out books and directions on how to use catalog finder. Retail sales employees would greatly benefit from being able to communicate matters dealing with the register such as returns, exchanges, refunds, credit card transactions and numbers.

Customer Purchase Patterns

Customers who purchase Command Spanish services are typically the managers of the company who recognize that their employees could better suit customers with the knowledge of key job related Spanish language. Employees may influence the purchase decision of Command Spanish by requesting this type of training.

Other customers include managers or supervisors who need to communicate to their employees such as in many construction companies. Many companies have money set aside in a training budget that would cover this investment. Because Command Spanish instructors have the ability to adjust courses to be appropriate for each customer, the length and number of classes to schedule can be negotiated to fit around the business’s schedule.

Command Spanish provides a common phrase sheet and other supplemental information in a packet and it is important for the students to use it to practice what they have learned. Instructors also offer for students to call in the future if they have any questions or additional products may be purchased such as books and CDs from Command Spanish website. These products can be purchased directly off the Internet or through Command Spanish instructors.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Command Spanish by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As more Spanish speaking people move into the Grand Valley, more businesses will realize the need for Command Spanish services. Social perceptions of the need to accommodate for the Spanish speaking population may also increase demand. Command Spanish currently does not do promotional events and most marketing has been through advertising of word of mouth.

Command Spanish bases price on the length of the class and number of students. Due to the poor economy, Command Spanish instructors have worked with many customers on price and been able to provide a discount for large classes.

Customers select Command Spanish classes because it is differentiated from traditional Spanish speaking training programs. It is efficient in meeting the company’s needs with training that is customized specifically to each occupation and then personalized through Command Spanish’s classes. It is also unique in the sense that Command Spanish has done extensive research to put together dialogs and phrases that will by widely recognized among all Spanish dialects.

Cross-cultural training is also addressed in the occupational Spanish language classes for English-speakers. Command Spanish adequately meets the needs of customers that are looking for occupational Spanish classes as opposed to being fluent in the language and Command Spanish classes are faster and less expensive than learning the entire Spanish language.

Most competitors offer courses or products that teach the Spanish language in a broad scope instead of occupational based. The demand for occupational Spanish is expected to increase in the near future as the number of Spanish speaking persons increase. Customers can develop long term relationships with Command Spanish instructors since they have the opportunity to call whenever they have questions.

Command Spanish instructors can further this long term relationship by calling customers to touch base on how they are doing with the Command Spanish. It can be very beneficial for Command Spanish to stay in contact with previous customers to show that interest in customer success with the product. Furthermore, it can also keep their perception of Command Spanish high which could possibly lead to word of mouth promotion for Command Spanish.

Rationale of Noncustomers

Noncustomers may not know Command Spanish classes exist. Others may not purchase the product because they do not realize how much their ability to communicate to Spanish speaking customers could improve their business. Especially in this economy, some companies that realize they have a need might not purchase Command Spanish’s services because they cannot afford it. Companies that already have an employee fluent in Spanish may not see a need for other employees to know any Spanish.

With the Spanish speaking population rising, many firms find it necessary to seek out an employee that can communicate fully to their Spanish speaking customers. However, hiring cost can be expensive and even companies with employees fluent in Spanish may be able to meet the rising demand by having their English-speaking employees trained in Command Spanish to avoid hiring costs of another fluent Spanish speaking employee.

Awareness of Command Spanish classes can gain customers that do not know about his services. Furthermore, educating customers on what Command Spanish offers through the classes and the direct benefit it can have on the business can change the perceptions for those businesses who may not think they need it.

The External Environment Direct Competition

Within the Grand Valley the only major direct competition for Command Spanish, is Spanish Now, located at 203 Grand Ave, Grand Junction, CO. Spanish Now is a business which offers fast and easy Spanish lessons to the general public as well as business groups (Spanish Now, 2009). There are four level courses available to take; each course builds on the previous one. Each course focuses on teaching everyday conversational needs.

Each level course is 16 hours long and occurs two days a week. There is a $10 registration fee and each course runs from $150 to $160. Spanish Now also offers a business course where a company can gather up to eight people in a group and learn Spanish based on their business needs (2009). Everyone must take a level one course and then a course will be set up for their specific needs.

Cost depends on the location of the class but can start as low as $40 an hour. Spanish Now also offers private lessons, lessons for children, special courses and well as a translation service. Customers are able to go to the Spanish Now facility register and takes classes there. They have also built a website where customers can view their services and are given instructions on how to register. They can also be contacted by email (2009).

Profluent (2009-2011) can also be considered a direct competition for Command Spanish. Profluent not only teaches Spanish to employees dealing with the Spanish speaking population, but they also teach Spanish to those who need to be able to communicate between employees.

Profluent teaches Spanish using a “Total Physical Response” method, which encourages the use of body language to “act out” the commands, that way they learn the language mentally as well as physically (Profluent, 2011). Profluent has two courses and each course is 18 hours long and $199.99.

Profluent is not a local competitor, but they send instructors to wherever they are needed. The only way they market their services is through word of mouth as well as their website. Someone may also become a consultant for Profuluent and earn commission to help spread the word (Profluent, 2011).

Online Competition

As more and more people gravitate to online resources, major competitions for Command Spanish are the thousands of websites that offer Spanish lessons. Many of these websites are also free. Customers can learn Spanish in the privacy of their own homes and at their convenience.

The target market for these classes includes anyone who wants to learn Spanish and has access to a computer and the Internet to do so. The major marketing done for these online lessons are through its websites, on-line companies are dependant on people who want to learn Spanish and turn to the Internet themselves for help. Online Spanish lessons, however, lack the one-on-one contact between the instructor; Command Spanish incorporates conversations between students.

Language Learning Software

Visual Link Spanish is another competitor for Command Spanish. Visual Link Spanish has sold over 130 countries around the world and is currently being taught in corporations, government agencies, and universities. The language is learned in themes, which include “Basic Needs”, “Location”, “Survival Expression”, and “Communication”. Each Spanish word is then linked to a moving image to help store the word in the brain.

The words are then broken down into groups and chosen to form sentences. This is a much faster and easier way of learning Spanish. Visual Link offers 11 free online lessons. Visual Links also has a course on workplace Spanish. By using the program employees are able to learn full sentences related to their business and are able to communicate to customers.

Visual Links Workplace Spanish course teaches employees to ask and answer questions from customers. Companies are also able to a personalized “Workplace Spanish” module created. The course includes two CD-ROMS with interactive computer lessons, 10 audio CDs to review what has been learned and a conversational manual to practice anywhere. Visual Link also offers the whole course on a MP# player. Prices vary depending on the order.

Rosetta Stone (1999-2011) is another competitor for Command Spanish. Rosetta Stone provides software to help one learn a new language as well as incorporating the Internet. They believe in the natural method of teaching a new language, no translation just direct language. They also believe that is should be fun and easy.

Rosetta Stone targets its products to several different types of people. They offer five different categories for learning a foreign language, personal, governmental, corporate, educational, as well as home school (Rosetta Stone, 2011). Rosetta Stone markets online, in stores, as well as through TV advertising.

They are a multimillion dollar company and are the “leading language-learning software in the world,” (Rosetta Stone,1999- 2011). Their Marketing budget far exceeds anything Command Spanish could compete with. They provide Kiosks in malls and have knowledgeable sales reps available to customers. The closest Kiosk to Grand Junction, CO is in Denver. Prices vary upon location.

Those who Speak Spanish

Although Command Spanish teaches Spanish, another competitor would be those in Grand Junction who are already capable of communicating with the Spanish speaking population while on the job. Many businesses through the Grand Valley look to hire those who are fluent in Spanish, because of the savings on training for each employee, as well as the potential of losing customers because employees are unable to communicate.

Within these businesses, it is possible that they may only have one or two bilingual employees, so incorporating lessons to all employees would allow for more convenience not only to customers, but within the business as well.

Some businesses may market to through its advertisements, billboards or signs within the community, that it has bilinguals on staff. This competes with Command Spanish in an indirect way because these businesses are not teaching Spanish they are merely informing the public that they have Spanish speaking employees for customer convenience and don’t need the services offered by Command Spanish.

Economic Growth and Stability

Mesa County and Grand Junction are still trying to recover from the 2007 recession and it was not until 2009 that the recession took a toll on Mesa County. The decline in oil and gas industry had a large effect on the rest of the county. Due to oversupply and decreasing prices, many commercial businesses have taken dramatic hits.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment, Mesa County has been projected to grow on average of .7% from 2009 to 2019. New job openings has been estimated to reach about 779 per year and replacement job openings is estimated at 1, 467 per year. By 2019, general employment for Mesa County is to reach 71, 284 jobs (Department, 1998-2011).

Command Spanish focuses on teaching Spanish to businesses to be able to communicate better to the Spanish speaking population. As long as there are customers who mainly speak Spanish, there will be a market for this type of business. Spanish has become the unofficial second language of the United States.

This requires more employees to understand and communicate with the Spanish speaking population. More than 40 million Hispanics live in the US today and that number continues to grow every year. This trend is creating demand for Spanish speaking employees (Bilingual? 2007).

Banks, Mortgages, Hospitals and retail companies are all experiencing demand for Spanish speaking employees. Rather than only being able to hire one or two bilingual employees, companies can pay a much smaller amount to have everyone on their staff communicating with the Spanish speaking population.

Command Spanish’s customers are optimistic about the economy because they are putting forth a better service for their customers and adding value to their businesses. Businesses that spend money on their employees are enhancing their products or services in order to gain a better return. By teaching their employees Spanish, these businesses are also engaging in a wider range of customers which can lead to higher profits because more of the population is purchasing there services.

Selling goods and services to multicultural markets is now requiring that more and more employees become familiar with other languages. As the Hispanic population grows, so does their buying power. Despite the recession the Hispanic buying power has been estimated to grow to $1.3 trillion in 2014 (“U.S. Directory”, 2006). If companies are wishing to gain more profits from these consumers, they must learn to adapt to their needs.

Political Trends

The biggest political issues that could affect Command Spanish are the changes in immigration laws. As of now, Visas cannot be re-issued in the United States. H-1B work Visa which allows the holder with a Bachelor’s Degree to work in the United States for up to 6 years has reached its limit and no more of these are being offered for this fiscal year (Madison, 2011). Many immigrants also fear laws, like the one passed in Arizona, which allow police to check for legal status, will soon pass in other states as well.

More immigrants may stay in hiding to avoid being deported, which can reduce the need to communicate with Spanish speaking customers. Fortunately, even with immigration being limited, the Hispanic population continues to grow with higher birth rates as immigrants are younger today (El Nasser, 2008). Command Spanish is a small company in the Grand Valley, so political influence from the company is not likely.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Command Spanish is a licensed provider of Command Spanish. The instructors is certified to teach the materials offered by the Command Spanish Company. The legal issues concerning Command Spanish would be copyright infringement.

Instructors or other companies may not take credit for the materials being used in any course or provide services to another instructor’s exclusive area of operation. Instructors must maintain a current license to teach. Currently there are no international marketing, therefore changes in global trade agreements or laws do not affect these opportunities.

Technological Advances

Today customers are able to receive Spanish lessons from many different venues. There are online websites with interactive lessons, as well as a huge variety of cd-rom software and several different teaching methods. Videoconferences and webinars have also aided in the distribution options in teaching and learning Spanish lessons.

Sociocultural Trends

In 2009, 15.8% of the US population was made up of Hispanic and Latino Americans. The United States Census population projected that in 2010 that number would rise to 16% and by 2050 it would be at roughly 30% (“Demographics”, 2011). In 2009, 9% Hispanics accounted for 9.1% of the total United States’s buying power and have a combined disposable income of $978 billion buy 2014 their buying power will top $1.3 trillion (U.S. Directory of Latina Owned Businesses, 2006).

More and more businesses are finding bilingual employees to be very valuable. Financial Institutions, private banks, the insurance industry, and companies dealing with consumer goods are most interested in Spanish speaking professions (Rigoli, E., 2007).

With the buying power of Hispanics increasing, more and more consumer goods are being translated into Spanish as well. For example, labels on food packaging and many directions are printed in both English and Spanish. Furthermore, the self-checkouts at the grocery stores have an option button for Spanish and automated phone services have the option to listen to selections in Spanish.

Businesses are beginning to understand that today Spanish is becoming America’s second language and rather than just a courtesy to those who do not speak English, it has now become a necessity to accommodate for Spanish speaking customers.

The attitude of the general population towards immigration and the adaptation of the Spanish language have been debated for years. While many feel that it is a good thing to accommodate for Spanish speaking people to allow many people from different backgrounds to communicate better with day to day activities, there are also many who feel if these individuals are going to live in America, then they should learn English.

If marketed right, expanding knowledge of another language may prove to be a great thing. Not only is it convenient for customers, but for the employees as well. Companies that are able to adhere to the Hispanic population’s needs and become more marketable, as well as more profitable because they attracting more customers to their businesses.

SWOT analysis Quantitative Assessment of the SWOT matrix for Command Spanish

M I R M I R Strengths Opportunities Customized classes to meet individual business’ needs to create exceptional customer service 3 3 9 Demographic shift increases the Spanish speaking population in the Grand Valley which increases the need for occupational Spanish 3 3 9 Instructor is nationally certified 3 3 9 Rising buying power of Hispanic population 3 2 6 Wide variety of classes offered with over 20 categories of occupations to choose from 3 2 6 Chamber of Commerce is accepting memberships which provides marketing and networking in the business community 2 2 4 Learning made easy and effective through phonetic teaching style 3 3 9 Create long term relationships with customers through communication 1 2 2 Instructor has high knowledge base and over 15 years of Spanish teaching experience 2 3 6 Advanced technology enhances teaching and learning capabilities and opportunity to hold webinars or video classes 2 1 2 On-site training saves on travel costs of customers 2 2 4 Inventory is easily attainable 2 1 2 Classes are easy to schedule with the instructor because they have a flexible schedule 1 3 3 Instructor is well known in community and have good reputations 2 1 2 New and innovative Language Power-lock System revolutionizes language e-Training 2 1 2 TOTAL 50 TOTAL 25 M I R M I R Weaknesses Threats Customer awareness is low -3 3 -9 Poor Economy -3 3 -9 Customers may perceive classes to be too costly -3 2 -6 Competitors -3 3 -9 No marketing image -2 1 -2 Many companies hire bilinguals instead of paying for current employee training -3 2 -6 Limited financial resources for marketing budget -2 1 -2 Local businesses may need corporate approval before they can make decision for the training classes -2 2 -4 New immigration laws may stop or reduce increasing number of Spanish speaking people -2 1 -2 Free online Spanish teaching services -2 1 -2 TOTAL -19 TOTAL -32 Strengths

Command Spanish provides quality service to its customers by customizing the classes to meet individual business needs. Not only is the instructor certified, but has over 15 years of teaching experience. The phonetic teaching style used has had a great amount of research done and proven effective.

Another strength of Command Spanish is that the learning experience is fun for the customers. This helps customers engage in the learning process and have an enjoyable time without being overwhelmed. Conversational learning is also incorporated, which allows the students to interact with each other in Spanish. Repetition helps students to learn the material faster with more accuracy and gain confidence in speaking it.


The main weakness of Command Spanish is the low customer awareness. Because it is a new company in the Grand Valley and little marketing has been done, there is little brand recognition of the company. Even with a limited marketing budget, these weaknesses can be converted into strengths simply by marketing and networking to the business community.

The most cost effective way for Command Spanish to market to its business customers is to join the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. The basic level of membership offers some marketing such as a listing in the printed and online directory, business referrals via Chamber staff, website, publications and other members. Moreover, it allows access to over 300 annual Chamber networking events.

Some business may perceive the cost of Command Spanish classes to be expensive training. However, Command Spanish has a strong product that is needed in the Grand Valley as more Spanish speaking people move to the area.

Command Spanish can change this weakness into a strength by communicating to businesses how costly it is to lose Spanish speaking customers to competitors who can communicate effectively and accommodate them. Once the business community realizes how advantageous occupational Spanish can be for attracting and retaining Spanish speaking customers, Command Spanish will gain more customers.


Command Spanish has the opportunity to further word-of-mouth promotion by developing long term relationships and calling past customers to check on how they are progressing with the occupational Spanish they learned and see if they have any questions. Not only will this develop a relationship with customers, but it will also keep Command Spanish at the front of their minds and in a positive light to recommend to other businesses.

One of the opportunities Command Spanish has to get in touch with many of the businesses in the Grand Valley is to join the Chamber of Commerce. This is especially important as the Spanish speaking population increases and their buying power rises because businesses in the Grand Valley need to be able to communicate effectively to accommodate these customers to stay competitive in the market. Command Spanish has the opportunity to capitalize on this need.


One of the major threats facing the organization is competition. One way Command Spanish can and has been managing the threat of competition is by differentiating themselves in the market. Command Spanish targets a specific niche of occupational Spanish learning for businesses.

Command Spanish needs to emphasize the value of customer service in having a real person to listen and make sure students are speaking it correctly as well as answer questions. The confidence level of the students knowing they are pronouncing the words correctly is going to have a great impact on the success they have with learning the Spanish words and actually using them in the workforce.

Another similar threat of competition that has been ushered in through advanced technology is the numerous online resources that aid in teaching Spanish. Many of these resources are free. Command Spanish has already lessened this threat with their innovative Language Power-lock System for its e-Training classes. Besides that, Command can market its personalized customer service through tailoring the material to each individual business, which is something that the online resources cannot offer.

Hiring bilinguals in place of training current employees is also a threat, but by effectively communicating the benefit of having all employees learn occupational Spanish can change this threat into an opportunity, especially since hiring and training cost for new employees can be very expensive.

Another factor that may keep some businesses in the Grand Valley from getting the Command Spanish classes is that some may not have the decision making power to purchase the training without corporate approval. By providing enough information for managers to believe their store has a need for occupational training, may allow them to convince corporate it is necessary.

The poor economy is a threat to all businesses, but by effectively demonstrating the cost of losing customers and expressing the importance for companies to differentiate themselves to increase business of the increasing Spanish speaking population, can lessen this threat for Command Spanish.

Competitive Advantage The competitive advantage of Command Spanish is based off customer intimacy. Command Spanish works to know and understand their customers’ needs. Businesses have discovered that with the fast pace business world and an increase in the Spanish speaking population, there is a strong desire for occupational Spanish instead of being fluent in the language.

Command Spanish uses its strengths of teaching and expertise and matches it to the opportunity and need for workplace Spanish communication to create a strong competitive advantage.

Command Spanish is very flexible and offers customization to meet its customer’s needs which also gives them a strong competitive advantage over their competitors. Not only does Command Spanish have a vast array of material that covers many different occupations, they listen to the customer to determine which phrases will be necessary to learn in order to properly communicate.

urthermore, Command Spanish has worked at understanding their customers and studied the most successful way for them to remember and confidently speak the Spanish they learn. They have invested in research and design to create a system using phonetics as an easy and effective way to learn and have recently developed a new e-Training program called Language Powerlock System.

Command Spanish constantly exceeds customer expectations by going the extra distance to spend time with the students to ensure that they are speaking correctly and have confidence to use their skills in the workplace.

Not only is the instructor nationally certified, but he also has years of experience teaching. Furthermore, customers have the convenience of having the classes taught on-site which can drastically reduce travel cost for the clients. With this strong competitive advantage, Command Spanish is able to gain market share and succeed over competitors.

Strategic Focus With several internal strengths and quite a few external threats, Command Spanish’s strategic focus is diversification. Command Spanish has a great deal to offer its customers, but some external factors affect the ability to pursue an aggressive strategy. By using a diversified strategy, Command Spanish should be able to capitalize on its strengths and avoid some of the external threats.

A diversification strategy targets new segments of customers and expands product lines to differentiate from competition. Command Spanish can target educational businesses around the grand valley, such as ITT Tech or Western Colorado Community College, and join with them. ITT Tech focuses education in specific careers, so Command Spanish could teach those students the Spanish they would need to know within the career they are going to school for.

Western Colorado Community College offers several certificate programs as well as well as technical programs. Also, instead of Command Spanish going from business to business, targeting whole industries at a time could potentially bring a larger profit as well as a wider range of customers. Larger conferences could be held for the example the banking industry, lodging industry, or medical industry. Pricing could be charged on a per person basis.

Expanding product lines to include general Spanish courses at different levels including home school or private lessons would also help Command Spanish to put into action a diversification strategy. Furthermore, families going on vacation or mission trip groups would benefit from crash courses before their trip; Command Spanish could offer this as a new product line for travel Spanish.

Another service that may Command Spanish could expand into would be translation services. For companies that are not interested in Spanish courses, Command Spanish could still appeal to them by offering translation services.

In implementing a diversification strategy, Command Spanish would be able to increase profits by reaching more customers targeting different customers and expanding product lines. Command Spanish has a lot to offer with a distinct way of learning Spanish and great customer service, making it possible to increase profits and brand awareness without having to implement a more aggressive strategy.

Moreover, Command Spanish will be able to lessen some external threats, as well as capitalize on strengths of broad and in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

Marketing Goals and Objectives Through the goals and objectives listed below, Command Spanish will accomplish a diversification strategy.

Goal 1: Create more awareness throughout the Grand Valley.

Objective 1: Join the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. Attend at least three Chamber meetings and network events a year.

Goal 2: Target whole industries rather than just specific businesses.

Objective 2: Advertise to specific industries and hold conferences to teach larger groups. Hold a conference, invite businesses and explain the benefits of Command Spanish to those businesses.

Goal 3: Create alliances with educational businesses throughout the Grand Valley.

Objective 3: Join with ITT Tech, Western Colorado Community College or Colorado Mountain College to teach occupational Spanish to students. Book at least 4 classes every semester.

Goal 4: Expand product line.

Objective 4: Offer private or homeschool lessons to children, as well as general Spanish courses at different levels. Product line can also be expanded to offer crash courses for upcoming business, personal or mission trips, and translation services.

Goal 5: Increase sales volumes of material that compliments Command Spanish

Objective 5: Place emphasis on the books and CDs that complement the course by direct ordering through the instructor.

Marketing Strategy Primary Target Market

Command Spanish’s primary target market consists of businesses throughout the Grand Valley and western slope areas. These businesses either work with or wish to work with the Hispanic community. Industries targeted for Command Spanish include but are not limited to construction, wholesale, retail, food/accommodation services, finance, administration, educational services, as well as health care services.

These businesses can range from multimillion dollar corporations to local mom and pop shops who are all trying to reach a wider range of customers throughout the community. These businesses care about their customers as well as their employees. They all understand diversification as wish to tap into the Hispanic community and better service providers to accommodate the Hispanic community’s needs.

Identifying Characteristics

Many employers of these jobs are well educated with college degrees can range in age from 18 to late 60’s. These businesses should have between 5 and 30 employees working under a group of managers. These businesses should have the funds to afford the Command Spanish services. Most businesses within the target market have Internet access as well as a location for the classes to take place.

Basic Needs and Requirements

These businesses need a service to provide Spanish lessons to their employers. They are somewhat on a time schedule and need lessons to be quick and precise to what they need to know.

These would include customized material to fit their specific needs. Many businesses may either be losing customers and therefore need to expand the customer base, or other businesses may want to tap into the potential buying power the Hispanic community has to offer. These businesses may also be filling their training budget and find the services of Command Spanish to be affordable as well as convenient.

The service may also be seen as a value –added attribute to those businesses. The need for industry specific Spanish may also have been suggested by the employees thus influencing the company to attain those types of services. Educational directors of technical schools may feel the need to have specific industry based Spanish curriculums offered at their facilities. Students or teachers may have suggested such programs therefore; the school may feel the need to offer those classes.

Purchasing/Shopping Habits and Preferences

The purchase and shopping habits for Command Spanish’s primary target market shops for services monthly to yearly. For those businesses who continuous employee training, the type of service Command Spanish offers would only be one type used for those businesses. Management of those businesses would research this type of service as well as determine the benefits before purchasing industry Spanish classes.

This would not be an impulse purchase. Businesses may continue to purchase these types of classes annually depending on the turnover for its employees. Other businesses may only purchase this service once. Educational services may purchase these classes per semester or on a yearly basis.

Product strategy

The product strategy is to differentiate from others by providing the highest quality of service using the best methods of delivery. Unlike its competitors, the Command Spanish products are specifically tailored for occupational purposes and not just for a broad understanding of Spanish.

The major features and benefits of the Command Spanish training program is that it is brief and yet sufficient. It has an exciting approach to learning a conversational style and uses a wide variety of interesting modern tools such as CD’s, Internet, books and videos to enhance learning. It is customized to the needs and ability of every customer. The attention given to every student is a very strong characteristic as it shows the commitment of the company to the success of every customer.

Command Spanish strives to create brand equity through strong customer relationships. The company instructor Mr. Sandoval is well renowned and respected and he delivers personalized training to all his customers. In addition, the curriculum is well researched and incorporates dialogues and phrases that are widely recognized among all Spanish dialects.

Pricing Strategy

Command Spanish positions itself toward businesses and employers, who in their consumption habits, have demonstrated that price is not their number one concern. Value of the product and relevance to individual company needs are critical.

By positioning Command Spanish as an affordable solution to satisfy the communication barrier between companies and its customers, Command Spanish will be seen as a necessary tool for attaining and achieving customer base for companies. Currently, Command Spanish cost structure is based off of cost-plus pricing where the price is set based on average unit costs and its planned markup percentage. The only fixed cost Command Spanish must cover is the licensing fee.

Variable consist of the material which is tailored specifically for each industry. Pricing had been set at $439 per person, but recently lowered to $300 per person due to the economy. Because of the monopolistic competition, Command Spanish can individualize its prices to its customers which give it some control to overcome the threats imposed by the wide range of substitute products.

Command Spanish can offer gradual pricing and offer a 10% discount to students after a group of 8 people from a company sign up. This will create an incentive for companies to encourage more employees to take the class. Another price strategy is spouse pricing where employees who brings a spouse can receive 10% off them and the spouse. This may also increase the effectiveness of the class, as the students will have their spouse to practice the Spanish language they learn at home together.

Distribution and Supply Chain Strategies

Command Spanish marking channel structure is exclusive distribution. There is only one instructor that has the sole right to teach Command Spanish within the Western Slope. There is a simple supply chain with headquarters to get the materials needed for classes quickly and efficiently. While most of the Command Spanish courses are taught on site making it convenient for customers, Command Spanish also has the ability to offer video-conferences and webinars for an additional charge.

Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy

The current strategy heavily depends on word of mouth to promote the company and its products. Word of mouth advertising should be continued in addition to print advertising such as businesses cards and well-designed brochures that can be placed in businesses in the Grand Valley.

Hotels that regularly attract business customers, the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, the Convention Center, and the airport would be ideal places to promote Command Spanish. Personal selling can be done throughout the educational institutions, construction sites, and financial industries. The company can sponsor or co-sponsor events such as sports to increase visibility and take opportunity of the event to explain itself and its products.

It should extensively use the power of free advertising presented by new social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and Linkedin. The popularity of these sites with young well educated tech savvy people presents a good marketing opportunity. The company can also use branded items such as pens, writing pads, mouse pads, and office calendars to increase visibility.

Secondary Target Market and Marketing Program Secondary Target Market

Secondary Product Strategy

The Command Spanish workplace Spanish courses aligns well with the needs of business customers. For other market segments, Command Spanish can diversify the product line by offering general Spanish classes at different levels. This will reach the younger generation through home school or private lessons. Many parents realize that children pick up languages far easier at a younger age. Since most schools do not teach language classes until middle school or high school, Command Spanish can capitalize on this unreached market. Crash courses for mission trips or family vacations can reach other segment of the population that would not have a use for workplace or business Spanish courses. These courses can be personalized to the Spanish speaking area that each group plans on traveling to. To reach those businesses that do not communicate with the Spanish speaking population enough to desire Spanish speaking courses, Command Spanish can offer translation services.

Secondary Pricing Strategy

To reach Command Spanish’s secondary market, it can offer home school or private lessons for $600 for a semester long course. Many home school children receive a stipend that can be used for elective classes such as this. Crash courses for mission trip groups or family trips can be priced at $500 per group of 5 for a 5 hour personalized course. Translation services can be priced per hour at a rate of about $1.50 a minute for telephone interpretation or $80 a page for document translations.

Based off Translation Services USA and Language Translation, Inc., these prices are in line with competition (cite). Although telephone interpretation is set a little lower assuming it will only be offered certain times of the day or certain days of the week. This may require the instructor to leave this time free from scheduling any other classes. This pricing strategy can be altered based on demand.

Secondary Distribution Strategy

Primary and secondary distribution strategy is done through on site classes or seminars. Although for an additional charge, videoconferences or webinars can be arranged. Translation services for documents can be accomplished through e-mail or FedEx. Telephone interpretation can be through three-way calling. The client would simply ask the Spanish speaking customer to hold for a translator and three-way call Command Spanish for services.

Secondary Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated Marketing Communication will be the same for primary and secondary markets. The Grand Junction Area Chamber will help network to create awareness and gain customers. The brochures created can include information for both primary Command Spanish workplace Spanish, as well as information for its extended product line. The budget of $2,685 is dedicated to the Integrated Marketing Activities.

Marketing Implementation Given the diversification focus on the marketing plan implementation of these marketing goals will be done through the organizations culture. Command Spanish has a centralized culture, therefore; the implementation of this plan will be done through one person. This person will be in charge of ensuring that timelines are met and the completion of the overall plan. The marketing strategy has become part of the overall mission and vision of Command Spanish.

Evaluation and control Formal Controls

Prior to implementation of the marketing strategy, resource allocation decisions need to be made based on manpower and capital available for each tactical implementation activity chosen. The above table shows the assigned responsibility, required budget and estimated time completion for each activity.

Process Control

Based on Command Spanish’s organizational structure the most important process control is to commit to the marketing activities it wishes to implement.

Output Controls

Based on the firms marketing objectives, performance standards should be set to ensure accurate assessment of the marketing activities. Performance standards should include information such as how the client heard about the Command Spanish, numbers of customers before and after the marketing activities were implemented, and the effectiveness of the course based on individual customer needs.

One such way to obtain some of this information is to collect a comment card that can be included in course handouts. This comment card should include name, contact information such as e-mail address or phone number, questions as to how they heard about Command Spanish, and how students would rate of the course.

Assessing the effectiveness of the each course, can be done by communicating with the customer after a certain amount of time in regards to their perception of how beneficial they perceived the course to be. Follow up contact is critical for achieving excellence in customer intimacy as well as evaluation controls. By recording a measurement of clientele before and after the marketing activities are implemented, can provide an assessment of effectiveness of how

To ensure proper implementation of Command Spanish’s marketing strategy, procedures must be in place to evaluate outcomes relative to the objectives.

Objective 1: Join the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. Attend at least three Chamber meetings and network events a year.

This objective will be assessed through internal company records as to whether membership for the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce was obtained and how many social or networking events were attended. It is anticipated that at least one conference can be scheduled through networking at these events.

Objective 2: Advertise to specific industries and hold conferences to teach larger groups. Hold a conference, invite businesses and explain the benefits of Command Spanish to those businesses.

This objective will be assessed by the number of conferences performed each year, Records will also be kept of the number of brochures handed out to promote conferences.

Objective 3: Join with ITT Tech, Western Colorado Community College or Colorado Mountain College to teach occupational Spanish to students. Book at least four classes every semester.

This objective will be assessed by the relationship and alliances Command Spanish has with ITT Tech and Western Colorado Community College. It is anticipated that four classes a year can be scheduled through these alliances.

Objective 4: Offer private or home school lessons to children, as well as general Spanish courses at different levels. Product line can also be expanded to offer crash courses for upcoming business, personal or mission trips, and translation services.

This objective will be assessed by internal records of how many private or home school lessons were booked over the year, as well as the number of crash courses booked. Assessing the translation services success will be based on how many documents were translated and how many minutes a year were spent on interpreting.

Objective 5: Place emphasis on the books and CDs that complement the course by direct ordering through the instructor.

This objective will be assessed by the number of clients recorded for all product lines before and after the marketing plan was implemented.

Implementation Timeline

The chart shown below is a 6 month timeline of when each marketing implementation should begin. It would be too overwhelming to start everything at once therefore it has been broken down. Research may need to be conducted has to pricing and whether or not these strategies would be right for Command Spanish, therefore they may have dates to begin after the proposal has been presented.

Contracts from ITT Tech or WCCC should be established for the summer that way classes can begin when the school semester begins. Most people travel during the summer, therefore it is critical to begin offering crash courses, for those travels.

Gradual pricing, spousal pricing, or discounted pricing can begin as soon as Command Spanish is willing to offer it. This may take a little research to determine how much a discount can be offered and the amount that should be offered for translation and private lessons. These prices should continue until management decides otherwise. Investment in the IMC activities should start as soon as possible.

Marketing Audits MARKETING AUDIT Identifications of Marketing Activities 1. In what specific marketing activities is the company currently engaged? ● Product activities: ● Customer Service activities: ● Pricing activities: ● Distribution activities: ● Promotion activities: 2. What additional marketing activities do customers want, need or expect? Review of Standard Procedures for each Marketing Activity 1. Do written procedures exist for each marketing activity? 2. Do any procedures need to be changed in order to accommodate for new consumer wants, needs, or expectations? Identification of Performance Measures for each Marketing Activity 1. What specific quantitative standards exist for each activity? 2. What qualitative standards exist for each activity? 3. How does each activity contribute to customer satisfaction within each marketing program element? 4. How does each activity contribute to marketing goals and objectives? Review and Evaluation of Marketing Personnel 1. What are the internal, profit-based measures for each marketing activity? 2. What are the internal, time-based measures for each marketing activity? 3. How is performance monitored and evaluated internally? Identification and Evaluation of Customer Support Systems 1. Are the quality and accuracy of customer service materials consistent with the image of the company and its products? 2. Is the record keeping system accurate and readily available? References Career Builder. (2007). Bilingual? You’re Valueable. Careerbuilder. Web.

Geographic Solutions (1998-2011). Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. lmigateway.coworkforce. Web.

Ferrell, O. C.,


eBooks eXpress Management and Marketing Overview Essay writing essay help

The digitization of information has become a growing trend in the publishing industry as a result of technological developments that have brought about a new era in consumption and distribution of information. This development has opened previously monopolized markets and has created new avenues of sales by which innovative entrepreneurs can reach a potentially global cliental base.

The development of e-books has enabled publishing companies to digitize the content of novels, text books, and journals, creating a means by which they can be distributed cheaply, instantly, and most usually repeatedly without having to continuously print new material on paper (Amazon, 2000).

One of the latest trends in the e-book industry has been the conversion of school textbooks into e-books. The reasoning behind this lies with the fact that textbooks for high school and college students alike are ranked as one of the highest primary costs to achieving an education.

E-book textbooks are far cheaper than their printed counterparts and far more portable as well, it is due to this that this business venture sees a potential niche market that can be created within the Colorado area. While there are numerous e-book textbook providers the fact remains that few of them cater to a specific area. Various high schools and colleges have their own unique textbook requirements which at times are not available even on the largest of e-book providers such as

This business venture will focus on the Colorado market in order to create a niche market for e-book textbooks that specifically cater for the lesson plans of the various high schools and colleges in the area. By doing so, the venture will not directly compete against the larger e-book providers while at the same time will be able to become the first player in this isolated market.

It is in this particular environment that we plan to create the business venture “eBooks eXpress”. It will be an online -book store dedicated to supplying customers with the latest novels and textbooks at low prices available for viewing on the latest portable gadgets or computer systems.

Company Description The company will be named eBooks eXpress and it will be based in Grand Junction, Colorado. The main bulk of the business will primarily be Internet based with all sales and transactions being handled by an online system with a third party vendor handling payment processing. The website will have a function similar to that of iBooks or where customers can search for available titles, register for an account on an automated system, and buy items using a sales transaction and processing system.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Relying on third party vendors for the company’s payment system reduces the initial startup cost of designing and implementing an in-house system which might have initial problems in functionality. By using a system already available online for a small fee, the company reduces costs which can better serve improving site functionality.

E-books sold on the site are obtained via licensing agreements with publishers wherein a scanned copy of the book is provided in order for it to be converted into a compatible format for various e-book readers (Hadro, 2010). The contract for the sales of the e-books will be done under a shared profitability agreement rather than a lump sum sales agreement.

The reasoning behind this is that some contracts in the e-book industry allow e-book resellers to pay a “lump sum” payment in order to sell a particular e-book on their website for a predetermined period of time. However, one potential risk for this type of contract is that the reseller may not be able to sell enough books within the given period in order to gain back the cost of the contract.

A shared profitability agreement under which the reseller and publisher share in the profits per sale is a better option for a startup. While the profits per sale are lower as compared to lump sum payment contracts, it does not incur as much financial risk resulting in an initially low profit margin but a far more stable business platform.

As a result of the recent financial crisis, flexibility is a key factor that should be taken into account when starting a business. This will be the guiding strategy of this particular venture. In accordance with this, the legal structure of the company will be that of a limited liability company (LLC) to ensure that business remains open and flexibility continues to remain an integral part of operations.

Since the company is an LLC, a specific organizational structure is not needed. In Colorado a LLC can be established with just a single person being involved in the company. For eBooks eXpress we plan to operate it under a structure similar to that of a partnership. However, we will register the company as an LLC in order to gain the tax advantages that come with LLC registration.

The company’s vision is to ensure that schools and colleges based in Colorado access the latest novels and textbooks in form of e-books very cheaply on their computer systems and other latest portable devices. The online book store will ensure that the Colorado market caters for the lesson plans of the schools and colleges in a bid to ensure that learning in the region is not only digitized, but also made effective through the utilization of this new venture.

We will write a custom Essay on eBooks eXpress Management and Marketing Overview specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is expected that the total start up cost of the company would be $87, 854. Due to operation expenses in running the company, the company is not projected to be break even within the first five months of operation. However, sufficient cash inflows that can match expenses and meet profit margins are expected after one year.

Industry Analysis Chain bookstores such as Barnes


How Christopher’s autism affect his life Essay best essay help: best essay help

Christopher is a main character and the narrator in the ‘Curious incidence of the Dog in the Night-Time’ By Mark Haddon who is a writer from Britain. Although the main character has some behavioural problems, he is a gifted child because he is a mathematician as he describes himself in the story.

In spite of the fact that the issue of autism is not clearly explained in the story, the condition of the narrator is referred to as high-functioning autism or Aspersers Syndrome on the cover of various editions of the same story (Haddon, 2007). More to that, various incidences as well as some character traits of Christopher clearly illustrates how Autism had a great effect on his entire life. Bent on that, this essay describes how Christopher’s autism affected his daily life.

Autism is a disorder that affects not only the perception but also the thought processes and the attention of a child. It is a disease characterised by a broad range of symptoms and the affected children always display behaviours, which are in appropriate for their age.

In particular and as highlighted earlier, autistic children have a problem in social interaction, communication and behaviour. Reading through the story illustrates that Christopher had several characteristics, which would have qualified him to be classified as an autistic child, and as a result, such issues had a great effect on his life.

Autism affects the social life of Christopher a great deal and at times, the condition lands him into problems. For instance, police once arrested him although he was released latter.

It is uncommon to find a child who can gather enough courage to hit a police officer. However, due to autism, Christopher gathered enough courage and hit a police officer.

Due to his behavioural problems, Ed who was the father to Christopher did not allow him to interact and communicate with other people especially when he was investigating the death of wellington. Consequently, he fails to know not only many issues that happen in the society but also his neighbourhood.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, while he was investigating the death of wellington, Christopher records that he met some people like Mrs Alexander for the first time although she was living in the same neighbourhood. Most importantly, Christopher was able also to gather important information because the same woman informed him that his mother was having an affair with Mr. Shears for a long time.

In the view of the fact that he knew the information when his mother had already died, it is then clear that his condition prevented him from living a normal life like other people in the society. Unlike his age mates, he failed to know important information (Haddon, 2007).

Christopher becomes too emotional when he is angered or when things work contrary to his expectations. For instance, the story records a day he discovered some of his mother’s letters, which were written after the date of her death while he was looking for a certain book, which his father had hidden from him.

Due to anger, Christopher curled and cried loudly for hours while vomiting until his father came back. Such a situation illustrates that Christopher was more emotional than the normal children and that affected his life because he was unable to deal effectively with problems and challenges he encountered in his life.

Unlike the normal children, Christopher required a lot of care and the adults who used to live with him had to develop a lot of patience. For instance, his father had a great responsibility of ensuring that he interacted well with people. In addition, the father had to clean him up although he was a big child.

Adults in his life had to be patience with him. For instance, Mr. Shears could not bear with him and they had to break up with his mother. Afterwards, they returned to Swindon and looked for a place to stay since they were not willing to go back to their home.

The study indicates that Christopher was antisocial, as he did not want to communicate with other people. Surprisingly, although Christopher did not want to communicate with people, he did not have a problem interacting with animals. For instance, he was so much attached to wellington and that is why he was sad after the death and decided to investigate on the same.

We will write a custom Essay on How Christopher’s autism affect his life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As highlighted earlier, Christopher is an emotional person and acts in a strange manner especially after he is angered. As much as he is bright, autism affects negatively his function in the world. Social life is very important because it determines the overall productivity of a person.

The overall life of Christopher is unstable since he is always on transit. He decided to search for his mother, which was a long, adventurous and a dangerous journey. His thought process is affected, as he is too irrational. Therefore, autism affects his emotions, his function in life and his life in general.

As much as Christopher is a talented student since he manages to pass his A level examination, Autism affects his social life in various ways. For instance, the story illustrates that he always wants things to run in an orderly manner. He chose to investigate the death of wellington, a dog that belonged to Mrs. Shears to ensure that that justice was carried out.

Towards the end of the story, Christopher illustrates that he hopes that his father will be jailed because of killing the dog. Similar to other children suffering from autism, Christopher suffers from misperception.

For instance, just because his father confessed to him that he killed the dog, he decides to run away to look for his mother because he thinks that he might kill him.

Accepting the father back becomes a major problem although his father really tries hard to rebuild the relationship. Therefore, all factors taken into consideration, autism affect the life of Christopher, socially, psychologically and emotionally.

Reference Haddon, M. (2007). Curious incidence of the Dog in the Night-Time. Toronto: Doubleday Canada.


Market Revolution Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Impacts of the Market Revolution in America


Works Cited

Introduction Market revolution in the United States of America was associated with various positive and negative effects in the nation although the positive impacts seem to outweigh the negative ones. The market revolution for example brought about change in the labor systems as technology was employed in most activities of the economy making work easier.

It is also an aspect of industrialization and therefore brought change in the commerce sector through employment of advanced technology and improvement in the communication and transport infrastructure and the ultimate result was the general improvement of the nation’s economy (Brinkley 25).

This paper discusses the fact that although the market revolution in the United States had its drawbacks, it was an unmitigated good for the American people due to the major positive impacts linked with it.

Impacts of the Market Revolution in America Since I support the fact that the market revolution was an unmitigated good for the American people, I will concentrate on its positive impacts to the people and the nation at large. According to (Spark Notes 1) the pre-civil war period in America was marked by a lot of changes in different sectors of the economy for example there were political change, industrial revolution, technological developments and also economical growth including improvement in farming and manufacturing sectors.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the United States of America was not under the Britain governance and had its freedom and could decide on various issues for instance industrial goods and agricultural products like cotton.

There was a change from an agrarian economy to an industrial or knowledge economy. There was creation of employment in the factories and industries for example the textile mills. The cotton gin invention also made the harvesting and production of cotton easy.

Agriculture was also enhanced through invention of things like the steel plow to substitute the oxen-driven plows and mechanical mower reapers that eased wheat farming. Banking was also another aspect associated with market revolution and it helped improve the lives of people through investments and savings and in the long run improved the commerce sector and the economy at large.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The development and advancement in the transport sector for example the steamboat, railways, canals and roads enhanced movement of people, goods and information from one place to another through cost reduction and time saving hence promoting local and international trade. Improvement in communication was also experienced for example the invention of telegraph that enhanced quick communication within the nation and also between the nation and other nations.

Market revolution also brought about cultural and religious reforms by touching on aspects like sexual transgression, breaking the Sabbath rules and drinking with an aim of attaining moral perfectibility among the people through groups like the women rights’ movements (Lauritz 4).

Conclusion The market revolution in the United States is a major event in the American history as it is viewed as a major contributor of the growth and development of the nation’s economy to its present position.

This is due to the positive economic aspects it came along with for instance attractive opportunities that enhanced living conditions, and also acting as a driving force for other developments like communication and transport revolution, increased job opportunities and enhanced service delivery. One of the negative impacts of negative revolution was the overproduction which exceeded the demand and hence lowering the products prices and wage rates.

Works Cited Brinkley, Alan. American History: A Survey. Boston: McGraw-Hill College, 1999.

Lauritz, John. The Market Revolution in America: Liberty, Ambition, and the Eclipse of the Common Good. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Spark Notes. “The Pre-Civil War Era (1815–1850).” SparkNotes LLC, 2010. Web.

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The protest movement in Egypt Cause and Effect Essay college admissions essay help

The Egyptian revolution succeeded the Tunisian revolution that saw Tunisian president Ben Ali end his twenty-five years regime and flee into exile (Chossudovsky, 2010).

In Egypt, the revolution started on 25th January 2011 with emphasis on peaceful protest in airing out their views on issues that have not been addressed in the county for a longer time with the participants comprising of civil society and the other citizens who organized a series of demonstrations, civil disobedience, marches as well as labor strikes demanding to overthrow the regime of Hosni Mubarak (Bengali, 2011).

The protest took place in Alexandria, Cairo and other major cities of Egypt that resulted into resignation of the President Mubarak with their grievances focusing mainly on social, economic and political issues such as police brutality, free and fair elections, freedom of speech, state of emergency laws, and corruption in public sector among others with labor unions putting more pressure on government officials to join the demonstrators (Chossudovsky, 2010).

The Egyptian revolution was caused by several factors, to start with, police force in Egypt were brutal to the citizens with constant corporal punishment regardless of the offence committed by an individual(Khalil,2011). This behavior of the law enforcing agencies caused panic among the citizens who were not able to report cases affecting them to the police for fear of victimization and corrupt dealings before the case is handled (Bengali, 2011).

The human right agencies documented larger number of people to have been tortured to death by the police between 1993 and 2007 as multiple witnesses claimed many citizens have been killed by the police (Chossudovsky, 2010).

Secondly, the .demonstrators blamed the government of much corruption within the public sector as a result of prolonged presidency power of Mubarak as several great business persons were close allies close to the president’s party National Development Party enjoyed monopoly of all the companies in the country (Roi, 2010). This created a picture “where wealth fuels political power and political power buys wealth”.

Moreover, during the parliamentary elections of 2010, the opposition groups complained of serious harassments of individuals with information in regard to corruption cases in the country making citizens shy away and not able to give information to the law enforcing agencies (Bengali, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Similarly, the Emergency law in Egypt that was enacted in 1967 and suspended in 1980 by President Sadat for eighteen month in 1981 continued to affect the lives of citizens as the law extended the power of police and gave the government power to imprison individual indefinitely without any reason (Roi, 2010).

The law also bares any non-governmental organization from participating in political activity such as participating in street demonstration and giving financial assistance to the needy with government under President Mubarak citing terrorism as the major cause of extending the emergency laws claiming that groups such as Muslim Brotherhood are likely to incite citizens and be able to ascend to power (Balluch, 2011).

This led to arrest of several members of the group between 5000and 10000 to serve long-term detention and media crackdown in December 2010 hence the protest.

In addition, Egyptian revolution was caused by power rivalry between the various groups in Egypt who were against the power inheritance. From the year 2000, Hosni has been grooming his son Gamal Mubarak to be his successor when he retires making Gamal to enjoy media coverage as the next president of Egypt and even represented his father in national functions since the country lacked vice president (Roi, 2010).

This move was greatly opposed by various party groups most of which are non official parties, they campaign against aristocratic leadership in the country that does not give chance to other deserving citizens to lead (Balluch, 2011). However, both Mubarak and his son denied the claim as baseless and tailored to spoil their names.

Moreover, the economic situation in Egypt promoted a move to the revolution .Egypt had a closed centralized economy under President Gamel Abdel Nasser that was opened up by Sadat and promoted by Mubarak who later postponed further economic reforms leading to a fall in economic growth in 2009 (Khalil, 2011).

However, despite of high economic growth in the past years ,citizens continued living below average life with basic necessities difficult to come by with majority population being poor with unemployment rate of 10 making university and college graduates sort for other means of earning a living (Balluch, 2011).

We will write a custom Essay on The protest movement in Egypt specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In conclusion, the Egyptian revolution that was initiated and organized by the majority youths ended with the resignation of the long serving President of the republic.

The international community led by USA appealed to the President Mubarak to accept the voices of the people so as to enhance peace to the nation after his resignation, several initiatives to improve the living standards of the people have been put in place under the leadership of former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif (Khalil, 2011).

References Balluch, M. 2011. The Protest movement in Egypt, Global Research Web. Available at: [Accesed] 21st September 2011

Bengali.H. (2011).Day of departure’ ends with Mubarak still in power. Alexandria: Alexandria Publisher

Chossudovsky, M. (2010).The protest movement in Egypt: “Dictators” do not dictate, they obey orders. Cairo. Cairo Printing press

Khalil, M. (2011). Invisible Victims of the Protest Movement in Egypt. Cairo: Al Ahram Al Arabi Printing Press

Roi, Y. (2010).From encroachment to involvement: a documentary study of Egyptian peace movement. Alexandria: Al Ahram Al Riyadi Publishers

Annotated Bibliography Three authors working independently, researched on the protest in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to test the hypothesis that dictators obey orders of their subjects. They interviewed several citizens of Tunisia, Egyptian and Libya on one to one basis to ascertain his claim by interrogating investigating the activities of the security forces, provision of employment and the law making processes on how their government protect and listen to the views of the citizens.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The protest movement in Egypt by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Chossudovsky found out that the hypothesis strongly supported the previous Egyptian regime of President Sadat and not the Mubarak regime. Due to the large number of years in service the President made himself an absolute law maker and did not listen to anyone’s opinion.

Khalili cited below discovered that most of the dictatorial laws are made by the citizens themselves and rulers only ensure their implementation. To achieve this, more strict regulations laws are enacted to give room for dictatorship as they claim to implement what is according to their own citizens.

In contrast, Bengali saw no relationship between the ruled and the rulers and claimed the rulers usually make and implement their own laws without the consent of the ruled who are forced to adhere to the needs of the rulers. The authors then concluded contrary to their hypothesis which had been approved earlier by Roy in his investigation.


Monopoly in the Unites States of America Expository Essay essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Natural monopoly

Government-granted monopoly

Impacts of Postal Service monopoly in United States of America


Monopoly is a situation where there is only a single seller of a given product (a good or service) in the market (Sharkey, 1998). It emerges when the product has no close substitute. The government policies on monopolies such as prohibition, permitting or regulating activities usually affect businesses and society as a whole (Geddes, 2000).

Monopoly has two extreme cases namely pure monopoly and pure or perfect competition. According to Posner (1999), pure monopoly is when one company controls completely the supply or sale of a product with no close substitute. Pure or perfect competition on the other hand occurs when there are several sellers of identical products in the same market (Posner, 1999).

Natural monopoly Natural monopoly is a circumstance that occurs in the market when the average cost of production reduces as compared to relevant range of product demand (Sharkey, 1998). The relevant range of product demand is whereby the average cost curve falls below the demand curve making it is cheaper for a single large firm to provide for the market as compared to multiple smaller firms (Mckenzie, 2008).

The government intervention is therefore necessary failure to which such markets would naturally turn to monopoly exploiting consumers through high pricing and limiting supply.

Government-granted monopoly This is a form of monopoly whereby the government provides exclusive opportunity to a firm or private individual to be the only supplier of good or service to the market (Sharkey, 1998). In such a market potential competitors are barred through legislations that are enforced by the government as patent, copyright and trademarks (Geddes, 2000). The current monopoly in the Unites States of America is the United States Postal Service.

This is an independent agency of the government. It was established in 1971 to solely provide postal services in the America.However, the first postal service in America was established in February 1692 through a grant from King William and Queen Mary to Thomas Neale to initiate a body that would receive and dispatch letters in the colony (Sharkey, 1998).

The agency is currently administered by Board of Governors who establishes policies, procedures and rates that are applied in all services provided. The United States constitution has given the congress the authority to make laws that regulate delivery of mails thereby creating government-granted monopoly as the competitors are barred(Mckenzie,2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Impacts of Postal Service monopoly in United States of America This monopoly has had several adverse effects on the consumers of the services offered by the agency. To start with, it has led to the existence of low quality services as mails are sometimes mishandled hence getting torn as well as recording high number of mails getting lost.

Secondly, it has led to constant increase in prices of postage stamps and other delivery services leading to the emergency of other companies such as the United Parcel services. Similarly, monopoly has led to slow advancement to technology within the sector as old methods of mail delivery are still applied such as use of motor vehicles instead of planes. This is evident as the agency has taken long to embrace technology as noted in 2007 through adoption of electronic postage payment methods.

However, being a government granted monopoly, the government provides incentives to the agency to stabilize prices of mailing and stamps (Sharkey, 1998). The stamp copyright and reproduction act has also helped the agency to reduce forgery and unhealthy completion hence being fore ahead of their emerging competitors.

Several professional economists have accused the agency of limiting supply. Rick Geddes argued that rural customers not able to get the goods due to lack of competition and are likely to pay more if goods are taken to them. Secondly, they argue that the government should award competitive contracts to private firms to provide the same services so as to reach all citizens (Geddes, 2000). This would uphold the notion of fairness through elimination of cross-subsidy that makes citizens reside in areas in which these services are found.

In conclusion, monopoly is considered an evil of economic development and enjoyment of customers’ rights. The government intervention in the provision of goods and services therefore ensures these rights such as stable prices, adequate supply are achieved Posner, R. (1999). Pressure groups and the human right agencies have spearheaded calls by government to intervene in cases of natural or government-granted monopolies.

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We will write a custom Essay on Monopoly in the Unites States of America specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Geddes, R. (2000).How to solve the problems of the U.S .Postal Services. New Jersey: American Society for quality.

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The Enlightenment Age Descriptive Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Emmanuel Kant on enlightenment

Jean-Jacques Rousseau on enlightenment

John Locke on enlightenment

Works Cited

The enlightenment period is when reasoning was advocated as the only source of authority and legitimacy in Europe (Paine, 208). The period was experienced in different countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Netherlands simultaneously and ended with the Atlantic Revolutions leading to the independence of America from the British Empire (Berlin, 132). During this period man used reasoning to understand the natural world and his position in the world without relying on religious beliefs for answers.

Emmanuel Kant on enlightenment Emmanuel Kant defines enlightenment as man’s emergence from self imposed immaturity that made him unable to reason within himself claiming that laziness and cowardice makes man fear acting and always look for extra guidance since it is easy to be immature(De Groër264).

Immaturity promotes laziness as people rely on one another for every aspect of activity around as non is willing to work for himself or herself for example, if one can pay, others will work for him, if one needs information the book is available and provides information. Immaturity has therefore become part of mans life making it difficult for any individual to work himself out of this bondage (Berlin, 216).

Freedom is the most important agent of enlightenment as the most free individual will able to move away from immaturity of non reasoning nature to a point of knowing what to do every time. The public therefore gradually enlightens itself, a situation that that made it possible for the Western Europe citizens to overthrow the aristocratic regimes of the seventeenth and eighteenth century (Paine, 109).

He added that the move for enlightenment cannot be controlled through intimidation of rulers to the subjects at any given time however the establishment of laws in a country restricts citizens from exploiting the freedom since they are required to obey and not question any policy or rule of the government (De Groër266).

Freedom enables citizens to develop a sense of responsibility to their nation and society at large, they learn to the pay tax, and participate in other duties of the society and avoid dogmatic in religious beliefs (Paine, 278).

The sprit of freedom Kant, explains as capable of extending struggle to barbaric activities of the rulers to the subjects due to loss of order and harmony as a result of poor rules by rulers (Berlin, 324). Man emerged from self imposed immaturity due to several reasons such as; rulers having no interest in assuming their role on subjects and because immaturity is destructive and shameful that no man would like to associate with this spirit extended to series of movements and association of the enlightenment age (Berlin, 326).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Jean-Jacques Rousseau on enlightenment Jean came to be the most pronounced writer and philosopher whose work recycled older enlightenment ideas when he summed up his work in his book “The Social Contact”. According to Jean, liberty formed the focal point for which people turned against their rulers and began a movement that latter developed to social, political and economic changes (De Groër218).

The foundation of government and the citizens is the social contact in which the citizens give authority to a given group of people to rule over them. The rulers are suppose to offer protection the ruled by formulating laws to protect lives and property failure to which the ruled are liable to protest , move for political liberation then begins (De Groër280).

The idea on noble savage in which the nobility of the 17th and 18th century engaged in broke the social contract law making human kind to fight for liberty hence inquiry into different aspects of life as people began to reason. Similarly, the nature of mans distinctions in regard to civilization propelled the search for new knowledge of reasoning to attain liberty in social life (De Groër286).

The nature of human freedom made citizens begin venturing in activities that improve their knowledge and reasoning ability (Paine, 228). Rousseau claimed, human beings were willing to forgo individual freedom to the rulers who would protect their rights under formal government rather every individual taking care of himself (De Groër316). He however, argued that the wealthiest and most powerful personalities trick the general populations hence increasing inequality and therefore urged citizens to rethink over the contract.

He proposed that instead of having a government that protects the wealthiest and the powerful few, all governments should be based on fundamental rights and equality of everyone and any government that fails to protect, rights, liberty and equality should be forced out (Berlin, 332). This promoted the revolutions in France and America as he argued “we all have rights that must be protected”.

John Locke on enlightenment The period of enlightenment was promoted by the work of philosopher John Loke who claimed that, man possessed great values majorly life, liberty and property (De Groër317). He argued that people are willing to give up their rights in a contractual agreement that their rights are well taken care of, failure to which the ruled can forcefully grab it.

This led to American declaration of independence (Paine, 300). He defined the role of government purely as that of making laws with penalties such as death for those who fail to abide by the rules and less penalty to regulate property. He emphasized for liberal political philosophy that vindicates how responsible is the government to the subjects (Berlin, 336).

We will write a custom Essay on The Enlightenment Age specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The legitimate government, Locke argued must be acceptable contract between the rulers and the ruled since all men have property in their own person ,together with his labor ,no government has the right take it from him(Berlin, 340). His words influenced William III to limit franchise and excess power of the propertied when he came to the throne of commonwealth as the land owners and the moneyed had taken control of all the property (Paine, 234).

He advocated for freedom of conscience and religious tolerance that would allow the ruled to make sound decision about their life by allowing the rulers who protect their rights as well as advocated for mixed economy that was adopted in the west (De Groër300).

The writings of these scholars liberated the minds of individuals in Western and Eastern Europe who began asking questions leading to the enlightenment movements as most literature emphasized on human right, freedom property ownership as well as the relationship between the ruled and the rulers (Berlin, 202). The ruled were then enlightened on their relationship with the governments leading to revolutions and independence of various nations in Europe and upholding human right and dignity (Berlin, 206).

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