The Reaction To The “Food, Inc.” Documentary


There are many different conspiracy theories, some of which draw their ideas from the “Food, Inc.” documentary. However, the main point of this video is the problems with the supply and production of food in the United States. The video consists of ten scenes, each raising a critical theme. It begins with an introductory scene describing the strangeness of the contents of the modern American supermarket shelf and ends with conclusions about the growing monopoly and the industry’s harm to the environment. In the process, the topics of animal handling, hidden prices, fast food problems, and the general closed nature of the industry are addressed.


The video’s main point is to attract attention to the price of food inflation for the average citizen, far more than the actual cost of production. No doubt private contractors and the government are vested in increasing profits, but public opinion and public health have an equally vital role to play. Moreover, one of the main themes that can be deduced from the video is the issue of the food chain. There is little point in arguing or refuting the evidence of the authors of the video. However, one should not forget one’s cognitive abilities, for example, to note the astonishment of the employees who were initially approached for commentary. Corporate speech has shortcomings, and if there is enough statistical variation, it is possible to refine the data with increasing levels of control (DocumentaryMixDotCom, 2010). A central theme is the dependence of food production and distribution on specific structures and quality issues.


From my point of view, the video has more of a populist theme than an educational one. Many authors’ ideas have some depth of meaning but lack appropriate content. In this regard, it can draw the viewer’s attention to the style of the story and the lack of adequate arguments to plant the seeds of doubt. To conclude, it must add that all of those examined in the video do not use critical thinking on the viewer’s part, which can be considered unjust. Parallel to delivering the right message about food quality, this conspiracy video looks for the guilty and threatens society with disorder. Therefore, despite the existence of the problem, it is advisable to check all information from verified sources and to deal with the issue seriously, rather than by such an unscientific method.


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