The O*NET Website: Providing Career Opportunities

The O*NET website is a multifunctional platform aimed at helping job seekers and employers. The site provides information to help specific groups with their work and career needs. It uses job search and online learning tools to find the perfect job and improve one’s skills. The site provides a vast selection of work, which can help choose one. On the site, one can search for preferred areas of work, which will be considered and help one find the most suitable employers in the future (O*Net OnLine). O*NET gives the information and skills to take one’s career to the next level. Each area proposal summarizes the required skills and expected requirements for the candidate, his duties, and career opportunities.

The site provided all sorts of choice features to find information on the desired vacancy. There is an option to filter a job search by a specific job title or keywords. The advantage is that the site can collect an area of profession that suits a particular person. It suggests taking a test of 60 questions before indicating that it is necessary to choose those areas that bring more pleasure (O*Net OnLine). The test does not take much time, and then it gives the result in coefficients for all areas mentioned in the test and highlights the most suitable ones. For example, after taking a test, I found out that I should move in three areas: social, artistic, and enterprising. Jobs that involve helping others and creatively solving problems on my own are the best for me. After passing the test, one can sort job offers by interest, indicating the top three. In general, I got the professions that I expected; however, ‘Clergy’ was a surprise to me, so I decided to study what it means from a professional side. It turned out to be interesting but did not quite suit my interests, so I think I will keep looking.


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