The Most Popular Stand-up Economist

The writings in the article are a representation of the economist comedian himself. Yoram Bauman argues that he is the only stand-up economist in the world who is also gaining considerable popularity. His most popular video gained over one million views (The world’s first). Bauman has a Ph.D. in economics, which makes his stand-ups unique because they contain interesting and scientific facts (The world’s first). In the article, one can read in detail some of his videos and learn about the events with his participation. In particular, the page also features a famous video with one million views. Yoram Bauman is an example of a man with a unique destiny who has found himself in a humorous field with a serious and respected degree.

In the video “Principles of Economics, translated,” the stand-up economist tells the audience about the basic principles of economics. He divides them into several groups and gives a humorous characterization of each of them. For example, he shares the first seven principles of economics and refers to them as more or less important (Bauman 00.01.26). He transforms the last three principles into “blablabla” inscriptions and emphasizes their impracticality (Bauman 00.04.53). Bauman took these principles from a book on economics by Gregory Mankiw, 10 Principles of Economics. At the beginning of his stand-up, he jokes that a person must have a Ph.D. to understand these principles (Bauman 00.00.16). Notably, Bauman responds well to laughter in the audience and pauses between his lines. After the laughter subsides, he repeats something funny. As a result, his slide gets a translation of familiar economic terms and transforms into a new language. Examples include “people who face tradeoffs” being changed to “choices that are bad” (Bauman 00.04.55). In this humorous way, Bauman changes the entire slide and translates economic concepts.

In conclusion, it is essential to emphasize that even a person with a high scientific degree can run comedy stands and be a successful comedian. Bauman is a fine example of a man who has found his unique way despite society’s standards and customary norms. His videos with jokes on economics are becoming more popular and have been seen a lot on the YouTube platform.

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