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Bach cantata is a famous term named after a great German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. Approximately, only 200 cantatas of his greatest works can be found nowadays while the others are lost. A part of his duties included performing a church cantata on holidays and every Sunday.

These compositions were based on the Lutheran Liturgy readings. Bach loved his work, and every week, he composed new pieces of work during his first stay in Leizpig. As part of the church service, he performed in the orchestra. The number of cantata cycles that have survived amounts to three.

This is a great loss for people who honestly love his works. For wedding ceremonies, Bach composed sacred cantatas while for other occasions, such as anniversaries, he performed secular ones. Despite the popularization of the name cantata, Bach rarely used it when composing or performing his works (Dürr 2006).

Structure of a Bach Cantata

A traditional Bach Cantata has the following themes.





At the very beginning, there is a polyphonic chorus. The contrasting part of musical fragment is also presented by the orchestra first. Most arias use the A da capo which is the most common form that is adopted. After the arias, the part before the middle section is usually repeated.

The homophone setting usually has a melody that is performed in the chorus finale. Bach never followed strictly any scheme. However, the way he expressed his words is the same way he composed. Cantatas, such as the BWV 76, is an example of a cantata that has a chorus with an opening that is purely instrumental.

Due to the calmness and almost silence of the first, a solo movement commences in the BWV 120. Bach was known to use soloists in the final chorale especially when he was in Weimar. The compositions sounded like chamber music. The closing chorale is set in four parts. Obligatory instruments were used in the chorale final as accompaniments (Arnold 2003).

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Some choirs were divided in four parts and utilized voices, such as bass and alto. Thus, especially for a traditional cantata composed by Bach, they were able to find singers for all the parts without any limitations. The composer preferred to use the various voices to dramatize some of the situations.

For instance, he would use the sopranos to show innocence while the altos were used to show the feelings that should have been motherly touching. The instruments that are dominant in the orchestra are the string instruments. Baroque music uses the rule of a bass that is continuous. Whenever it is absent, then it has a reason behind it; such as the description of fragility (Kennedy 2006).

Wind instruments are used to define single movements or characters specified in the cantata. Wind movements usually featured the bassoon. Festive occasions utilized many richer instruments. When Bach utilized some instruments, such as trumpet or some other, he usually used them to display a meaning that was symbolic and the audience was supposed to feel and understand its real meaning. In his earlier compositions, Bach preferred to use instruments that were old fashioned.


A parody is a process that is used to revise and improve an earlier composition. Bach sometimes used earlier compositions through a process of parody. He preferred to use parodies to perform some pieces for Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Examples of cantata movements include parodies of Bach’s short masses.


These are basically just cantatas that are expanded. Bach preferred to perform them in church during the service. An evangelist is used to tell a story from the Bible, but cantatas are also used to narrate the wordings from the Bible. The Christmas oratorio performed during Christmas usually has three parts all of which are showcased for six days during the Christmas season. Each of the six parts is usually composed like cantata. This means that it includes the opening chorus and a chorale for the closing.

Analyses of BWV 200 Bekennen will ich seinen Namen

This is, perhaps, one of Bach’s compositions that are among the last ones that he managed to write. His lovers are greatly disappointed because most of the other parts of the piece have been lost. This aria has a tune that is mellow and common to his other works. The principle of ritornello forms the basis of this aria.

There is an A section ending at the cadence. Some musical echoes can be heard instead of the reprise that was proper. However, recent reports show that Bach only adopted this aria. It is worth noting that this piece was originally composed by Stolzel. The musical quality of the works must have been what attracted Bach to adopt it in the first place.

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The four voices in this piece are registered by the autograph score which qualifies it to be listed as a cantata despite it being an incomplete movement. Many people believe that this aria began as a violin that was lost in a concerto. However, many people have expressed doubt as to whether this could be the case. The solo violin twice oddly stopped is an indicator for a movement that is radical mainly due to the key board solo movement (Timms 2001).

BWV 50 Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft

The features in this piece are different from all the other choruses. There is a counterpoint that is busy which is meant to suggest armies that are massing and ready for the battle to begin. In addition, eyes of the audience symbolically raise heavenly due to the low and high registers which help to construct the main theme. In c130, these traits are less obvious. The permutation fugue has simple principles. The four themes do not follow any particular order.

The second exposition is usually the only indicator that is signaled by bar 68 at the middle. The same piece is repeated with a few adjustments such as beginning of the piece from the lowest entries to the highest ones. Bach composed this piece as a chorus that was divided into four parts. This explains the movement and the fact that it was composed for St. Michael’s day. It was later arranged for another purpose in a double chorus. Most of the parts of the piece, however, were lost (Chafe 2003).

Conclusion Johann Bach still remains as one of the best composers that have ever lived. Even those few pieces of music that managed to survive to our days are used for musical reviews in institutions of higher learning. He composed cantatas for weddings and other special occasions, such as Easter.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on The Lutheran Liturgy Readings Bach Cantata by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Timms, Colin. Cantata 2001, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. London: Macmillan Publishers. 2001. Print.


International Trade as a Contributor to a Peaceful Existence of Nations Report best essay help

Introduction International trade is a trade that involves two or more countries. It involves the exchange of goods, services and capital. Countries sell products in other countries; these goods are referred to as exports. Goods bought from other countries are referred to as imports (Batiz, 2004). International companies engage in international trade in order to increase their market share.

This leads to increased sales and revenue. Companies engaging in international trade need to access the profitability of participating in such business. There are several challenges encountered when participating in international trade but the returns are worth the risk.

Companies export goods, which they have a competitive advantage in the production. This is because they know their products will find ready markets in new markets in other countries (Helpman, 1987). The company exporting goods in other country must know the requirements it should fulfill before exporting his goods.

The company also needs to know the policies in its home country regarding international trade. Countries engage in trading agreements to facilitate trade between them. This is because no country can be self-sufficient making trade a must for every country.

Countries strive to maintain an intimate relationship with other trading countries to ensure there is a continuous supply of imports and exports. The imports provide countries with foreign exchange, which it uses to purchase imports. A health trading practice should be observed at all times.

International trade involves the use of different currencies and the importer and exporter, therefore, need to agree about currency conversion rate. This is essential to ensure no party feels cheated after the transaction has taken place. International trade is a significant contributor to a peaceful existence of nations, and every nation should uphold it.


The scenario, in this case, is that of TATA Company based in India and Thompson and Thompson Company based in the United Kingdom. The company, which will be the importer, is Thompson and Thompson Company. Tata Motors Limited is an automobile company and concentrates in manufacturing, sale of commercial, and commercial vehicles (Shinde, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company involves itself in the manufacture of trucks, cars, buses and engages in spare part provision to its customers. Tata do engage herself in developing electric and hybrid vehicles for personal, as well as public use (Graham, 2011).

Tata offers its products through dealers, sales and spare parts network. It has expanded its market internationally in regions, in Africa, Europe, and Middle East among other regions. Initially, Tata was referred to as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited. In July 2003, it changed its name to Tata Motors Limited.

This company was founded in 1945, and it is based in Mumbai India. Thompson and Thompson is a family business, which deals with supplying new and used cars to private and commercial trade. In addition to selling vehicles, it involves itself in repair and servicing. The company was established in 1952 in the UK and has grown tremendously.

Preferred incoterms

The two companies in this transaction have agreed to use incoterm FCI. This is in consistence with trade arrangements of Tata Company. This incoterm requires the exporter to quote a price that is enough to cater all expenses to be incurred by him up to importers warehouse (Feenstra, 2003). Companies, which offer door-to-door services to their customers.

Overview of Trade India


Choral Music History Essay best essay help: best essay help

Choral music entails the music sung by a choir. In this case, a choir is a musical assembly of singers. The size of the choir varies from a dozen of singers to a considerably large number of individuals as long as they can sing. Two or more voices sing each musical part to create a set of musical tunes.

The origin of this form of music is the traditional music that people sung in groups across multiple traditional cultures. This form of music dates back to 2nd century BC in the ancient Greece. With time, there have been improvements in this art with the refinement of standards and ways of approaching it. Example of ancient Greece music includes Delphic hymns and Mesomedes (Paine 12).

Nevertheless, other ancient cultures such as the ancient Persia, China, India, and Rome had choral music. With the passage of time, medieval and renaissance music were developed. Medieval music entailed the music led by a choirmaster through singing of the verses while the choir sang the refrain.

This mainly occurred during the 14th and 15th century when there was the need to improve the performance. The renaissance music entailed the sacred choral music performed across the Western Europe. Repeatedly, hundreds of masses and motets were composed for choirs that were either cappella or not. From this era, choral music has evolved and continued to become popular with numerous choirs across the world.

Because of the variation in the sizes of choral music singers, a conductor or a choirmaster leads them. Often, the choirs consist of four sections aimed at being sung in a four-part harmony, but in other instances, the parts could range from three, five, six, or eight. To enhance the outcome of the voices, choral music could be sung with or without the accompaniment of instruments. Cappella refers to the choral music without any accompaniment (Apel 141).

This form of unaccompanied music is in much favour since it is applicable in chapels and the secular world. Some of the instruments that could accompany choral music include orchestra but piano, flute or guitar. Since choral music meets a variety of needs, its performance can occur in many locations like the church, school halls, and opera houses. In some instances, choral music could involve mass choirs meant for special reasons as celebrations or entertainment.

During the composition of the choral music, there are equally important voices that require consideration. These voices include soprano, alto, tenor and bass (Forney 45). Soprano refers to the highest vocal range, which is common among female singers though some boys could exhibit it. Alto is the second highest vocal range, which is the highest male voice while for females it is known as contralto. This voice is placed just below soprano, but above tenor.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Tenor is the highest vocal range for mature males. This vocal is lower than the alto, but higher than the bass. For an opera performance, this voice is used to play the role of a hero. Bass is the lowest male voice. In a choral music performance, these voices are integrated together to produce the desired tunes and appropriate message intended to be delivered.

Additionally, during the performance, the layout of the vocals involves intermingling to portray the exact tune desired. Repeatedly, the arrangement of sections is from soprano, bass, tenor, and alto consecutively, with the conductor and the accompanying orchestra just in front of them. This forms the exact layout that most choral music performances adopt.

Based on the variation of the choral music composers’ concept, there are multiple types of choral music. Some of the major types of choral music include the cappella, anthem, cantata, motet, and oratorio (Juslin 71). The cappella music involves the choral music performance without the accompaniment of the instruments. This form of choral music is popular in churches or the secular world. The variation in the vocals of singers in a choir facilitates the expected voices and conveyance of message to the intended listeners.

Anthem is the choral music comprising of religious or political lyrics that may or may not have instruments accompaniment. This form of music is used to indicate the appropriate cultures that require adoption. Similarly, the music could serve as a form of passing appreciation in a formal manner to those who contribute significantly to the community. This explains the reason why this form of music is usually played in the formal occasions which encompasses all the people of a particular community (Paine 154).

Cantata choral music comes from the Italian word ‘to sing’. During the ancient times, cantata entails any musical piece that was intended to be sung. Over time, this musical form has evolved. Presently, it refers to the musical work that can be sung with multiple movements and accompaniment of instruments.

The messages conveyed by this form of music could exhibit a secular or sacred subject. Similarly the cantatas are structured with three arias which are recitative with an introduction for each. In addition, the performance entails alternation of the arioso (short lyrical piece) with the arias. This nature of music yields the expected outcome of entertainment through message conveyance (Ulrich 78).

Motet refers to any short piece Latin music that is sung at the course of or after the offertorium. This form of music describes the movement of the different voices against each other. The main reason for motets is to serve the interests outlined in the 13th to the late 16th century.

We will write a custom Essay on Choral Music History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As the music is moral, any form of vulgarity is avoided. This music is meant for appropriate people who derive pleasure and understand finer details from hearing it. Other aspects aimed from listening to the music include education of people and advancement of art by those who have the desire for it.

Oratorio refers to the choral music composed with the intention of conveying the message in a narrative manner inclusive of an orchestra. Most of the narrative texts’ basis is the stories extracted from the bible or scriptures. Despite the fact that Oratorio’s basis is sacred subjects, it could facilitate the relay of semi-sacred subjects (Juslin 114).

Contrary to the opera, oratorio involves large-scale participants, but they do not have scenes that display acting or multiple costumes. In this regard, the main important aspect of the oratorio is the chorus and the narrator’s recitatives give it a captivating feature and guide the story’s progress.

After analyzing the choral music that suits the message conveyances, the integration of different form of choral music is likely thus resulting in unique forms of music. It is possible to extend this concept to any limit if the idea of mass movement and different types of vocals is considered.

Similarly, the choral music could vary from one geographical region to the other due to cultural variations and manner of message conveyance. Nevertheless, appropriate measures are vital considerations to ensure that the choir does as required following the designed structure of music during composition. This facilitates the maintenance of the concept of choral music.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Choral Music History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Paine, Gordon, and Howard Swan. Five centuries of choral music: essays in honour of Howard Swan. Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, 1988. Print.

Ulrich, Homer. A survey of choral music. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,1973. Print.


The Role of Uncertainty in the Scientific Method Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Properties of the scientific method

The impact of uncertainty in natural sciences



Introduction In Science every piece of knowledge is established through a rigorous methodology that seeks to keep balance with all other concepts already proven to be true. There are methods of proof that are used for both the experimental and the theoretical. It is well accepted that scientific methods change with various scientific disciplines and hence there is no single defined approach (Gendron, n.d.).

In a general scope however, developing new knowledge requires some level of suspicion based on our intuitive perception and acquired knowledge of everyday phenomena. An argument must be provided to support or disapprove these hypotheses and dispel any uncertainty that is laid upon them.

Therefore, the scientist does not in fact simply take sides in the proposition of a hypothesis. He merely seeks to find out the truth or falsehood of his claim at which point any conclusion reached is recognized as a universal valid establishment of scientific truth. With this in mind, we see that science develops itself from a synthesis of principles that relate to each other without contradiction.

Properties of the scientific method The scientific method has developed over time to include various viewpoints from a host of scientists and philosophers. Aristotle emphasized on the use of empiricism in deducing rationale for the creation of scientific facts.

The ideas of Aristotle were carried over in the 12th and 13th Century by thinkers such as Grossteste and Roger Bacon to realize a new definitive methodology of testing new scientific phenomena (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2007). This method involved a cycle that transitioned between observation, hypothesis, experimentation and verification.

In the verification stage, one’s work must be reviewed by peers who have a suitable understanding of the subject to affirm the findings made. This process has been critical in the functioning of both applied and theoretical scientific fields of inquiry. For instance, in medicine the method is applied in every day practice when diagnosing and treating ailments.

The impact of uncertainty in natural sciences Most of the hypotheses in natural science are substantiated with an acute reliance on pre-defined models. We often make a prediction which will then either be proved through experimentation or model testing. For example, in an average clinical institute, symptoms of a disease will normally be provided by a patient.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The medical practitioner attending to the patient will then use his knowledge of associated symptoms to diagnose the patient’s ailment. If experimental methods are used to diagnose symptoms, the final inferences made will still depend on existing models which link observed traits to known conditions.

The more refined this process is, the more successful it becomes in determining the cause. Possibilities of models that have not been discovered still exist and this is normally characterized in events that lead to the discovery of new diseases and pathogens. In essence, we see a process where scientific method is used to discover new problems in the course of resolving others. The complexity of such diagnosis methodologies can preempt proper treatment when a set of symptoms can be linked to a wider variety of ailments or syndromes.

In ecological research, hypotheses are often evaluated through statistical methods. Statistical methods make use of probabilistic and inductive reasoning methods to base their arguments. The numerical evidence to support a hypothesis is often confined to a set of queries which emanate from presumptions about the model that can be used to test the hypothesis (Hobbs


Mozart Symphonies Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is definitely one of the outstanding composers of symphonies who was well known and highly reputed during the classical period of music development (1750-1830). Although there were other symphonies during his time, his legacy stood out to be the best since his productions withstood the test of time.

He was born in January 27, 1756 by Anna Maria Perti and a musician Leopold. In his lifetime, Mozart composed forty one (41) symphonies in which thirty nine (39) were in major keys while only two (2) were in minor keys (Laitz and Bartlette 54). Coincidentally, both symphonies in minor keys were in G minor.

These are symphony number 25 which was composed in October 1773 and symphony number 40 which he produced way back in 1788. It is imperative to note that Modern study to Mozart’s work has proved that he was indeed an intelligent as well as a talented musical genius who had attained musical virtuosity during his lifetime career in music. Evidently, Mozart’s last symphony “Jupiter” in C major has overwhelming beauty that may not be forgotten quite easily.

A symphony is an artistic work of music mostly produced and played for the orchestra. In addition, it is also worth noting that symphonies contain at least one movement or episode which usually follows the sonata principles. Symphonies can also be tonal works written in four movements with the first always in sonata form.

This type of musical production grew during the period between the Baroque and the Romantic when music had lighter and undoubtedly clearer texture. Moreover, emphasis in the symphonies was in contrast created by a variety of keys, rhythms, dynamics, and melodies, (Downs 106). In the case of Mozart, he mainly dwelt on symphonies that were performed with instruments such as the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet (wind instruments), violin, viola, double bass (stringed instruments), and the timpani among others.

As a matter of fact, this collection of instruments that were used by Mozart were indeed vital in his productions largely due to the fact that they blended quite well in producing masterpiece symphonies. In addition, the manner in which these assortments of musical instruments were played clearly brought out the much needed flavor in his symphonies. This explains why he remained as music icon who was to be remembered long after he was dead.

Historical background of the Mozart symphonies Many scholars have studied and described symphonies that were produced by Mozart as full rigor that have been applied in modern musicological methods. Moreover, these productions have proved to be comprehensive both in terms of contemporary and secondary literature (Zaslow 1991).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, there is no great creation that surpasses a critique’s eye bearing in mind that even the Mozart symphonies were criticized as being too complex with unnecessarily far too many lines and notes within the compositions. In other words, there are those who perceived his music as extremely complex to appeal to most audience and especially those who would be interested to learn the notes.

While the latter argument would perhaps be authentic to some degree, it is also imperative to mention that the dynamisms employed by Mozart included taking familiar musical lines of one piece of music and inserting them in his other new creations or compositions to bring out a completely new flavor.

In due course of creating the symphonies, Mozart entered into a severe financial strain and debt in 1784. By 1788, he was in serious debt. Fortunately, he survived on money that he had borrowed from his Masonic brother called Michael Puchberg. This fact did not deter Mozart from accomplishing his dream since he gave his best during his last years of life.

There are amazing complexities of symphony number 39 in E-flat; number 40 in G minor; and number 41 in C major. Close inspection of these symphonies portray a crowning achievement of Mozart’s instrumental music even though they appear complex. There is also a clear indication of how Mozart was quite thorough with the absorption of his contrapuntal style in most of his music. For instance, the latter characteristic was quite profound in two of his creations namely the virtuosos J.S. Bach and Handel.

Classical-style symphonies as employed by Mozart were mainly in four movements. Their usual arrangement was fast (allegro), slow (adagio), minuet with trio (scherzo), and then fast (allegro, rondo or sonata). However, there are many symphonies by other classical masters that do not conform to this four part model (Prout 92). In addition, Mozart was keen in style and structure. He introduced the third movement (minuet) and gave it splendor. He gave it a pattern that followed an outline of ABA or Minuet-Trio-Minuet.

Capability of Mozart to adapt to the external environment was apparent. He adapted to style of the moment like in symphony number 25 that was inspired by storm and stress of that time (Zaslaw 38). Mozart moved and stayed in Paris for a short period. He composed 3 symphonies including symphony no. 31 while at this place.

These works portrayed Mozart’s ability to adapt to the likes and dislikes of his new hosts and consumers of his music. The three symphonies had distinct Parisian qualities different from his other works. Urgency did not deter Mozart. He was a musical genius and was able to compose, rehearse, and perform symphony no. 36 ‘Linz’ in only four days! Despite the breakneck speed of writing this symphony, he was able to open a work with a slow introduction.

We will write a custom Essay on Mozart Symphonies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He demonstrated his prowess by going the way of his loyalists in writing symphony no. 38 ‘prague’. He was widely accepted in Prague, and he wrote this symphony for Prague people (Deutsch 87). Mozart slightly deviated from his norm when he left out the third movement in this symphony but was able to make it profound and quite provocative.

To recap it all, Mozart was undoubtedly great and a model to those who came after him. This was proven by the mid 19th century composer, Johannes Brahms. Mozart’s last symphony Jupiter was so popular, and Brahms knew its structure so well. The fugue finale of Jupiter begins with notes C-D-F-E-A-A. In this respect, Brahms had his first symphony in C minor; second in D major; third in F major; and forth in E minor – the first four notes of the Jupiter (Laitz and Bartlette 91).

Different music experts in composition and performance interpreted symphonies by Mozart differently. Some viewed majority of his works as possessing lightness, passion, and grace while others considered them “works of violence and grief” (Downs 52). Despite these interpretations, the symphonies are unquestionably admired and are frequently performed and recorded.

Works Cited Deutsch, Otto. Mozart: A Documentary Biography. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1965. Print.

Downs, Philip. Classical Music: The Era of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven; Introduction to Music History. New York, NY: Norton


Different management practices Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Introduction ‘We tend to think of the task of managing as one defined by carefully considered, long-term thinking. If the global financial crisis taught us anything, it is that more often than not organizations operate with very short horizons, reacting to an ever-changing environment.’

In this literature review essay, I will explore the different management practices that have been employed in dealing with the recent global financial crises. The strategies employed ensured the survival of some firms better than others. The 2008 global financial crisis that started in the US was caused by problems of liquidity in the banking sector, translating to the plummeting of the real estate business, increased unemployment rates and collapse of business (Judge


Graphing Tides Data Report (Assessment) college admission essay help

Introduction Decker Computers Limited (DCL) is considered a leader in computer products and service provision across Singapore. The company’s organizational strategy is underpinned on five main points that include a focus on the customer where the company strives to provide value, choice, and service to its customers.

The company also focuses on competitive affiliations across Asia. Decker Computers Limited outlets continue to transform through re-branding thereby offering an expanded choice for the clients. The gains from these transformations will lead to improved customer service, and reduced operational costs for DCL.

Decker Computers Limited knows that within the emergent global economy, e-commerce is increasingly becoming an important part of an organization’s strategy ensuring economic development. Wining on the Internet is prime for DCL strategy, thus information, and communications technology (ICT) in commerce has transformed the way DCL communicates with other businesses.

E-commerce consists of using electronic and communication devices and approaches as well as digital technology for information processing involving business transactions. This is aimed at creating, transforming, and redefinition of links for creating value within organizations, and between organizations, and individuals. Decker Computers Limited implements the business-to-business e-commerce (B2B) defined as e-commerce involving companies.

The building blocks for a web design strategy include requirements, innovation, visibility, and security. Primarily the business objectives, including profit, public service provision and sales growth will be implemented by the website in line with the company’s organizational strategy.

At the base of DCL organizational strategy lies value, choice, and service. These three elements have been defined based on customer insight. In achieving these elements in trade, DCL implements an adequate means of trading. With the customer as the focus, DCL achieves value during trading by among other things offering sales advice, reserve, and collect services, and multi-channel outlets.

Additionally, choice is an important element as considered by DCL. This is achieved by the company in a number of ways that include exclusivity, and a wide range of brands from which the customers can choose.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The third element critical to DCL’s organizational strategy intended to provide an adequate means of trading includes delivery, installation, and help support, and repair, and protection.

Summarily DCL website will be implemented according to the corporate strategy possessing tenets that can relate clearly to the provision of an adequate means of trading for the company.

Decker Computers Limited website will be an e-merchant platform offering public service from various brands and affiliates to clients. The computer products to be marketed through the website are unique to the Asian market and are sold at very competitive prices with unmatched after sales support.

Additionally, the website is expected to achieve communication as a marketing tool where products and services will be related to the information posted. This has focused on the customer giving them service, and choice as part of the organization’s strategy. Secured electronic transfer services for clients who make online orders is in line with the company’s compliance policy.

As following through to accomplish an online order activity at the DCL website will proceed in four steps and consistently gives the visitor a sense of secured transaction. The transactions will be implemented using the secure socket layer protocol. This will be determined by the uniform resource locator address prefix change from ‘http’ to ‘https’. This alludes to DCL’s need to provide a secure transaction environment, especially for e-commerce applications.

Further still the company has an elaborate privacy policy as required by the government. The policy ensures and covers the various principles inherent in data protection act. Generally the website will use the different web design architectural elements in an attempt to conform to the W3C web design standards.

A simplified client registration process at the DCL website will be implemented prior to the completion of any order process. The website will use effectively the client server platform during this account creation and eventual secure electronic transfer (SET). This e-commerce application requires effective and reliable server interactions. For this the client needs to run a browser on the client computer to access the DCL’s website and enable information exchange with designated servers.

We will write a custom Assessment on Graphing Tides Data specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This project aims to design and implement an e-commerce website application for DCL as a company located in Singapore. The proposed application will allow the company to provide online sales and technical support to its customers. Currently the company is providing sales and support over the phone and by onsite pick up and drop in. It is envisaged that the website will provide numerous benefits to both the company and its customers.

A feasibility study was carried out to determine the benefits of the proposed solution.

From interviews conducted with the senior staff at the company the following findings were gathered.


Only sales and support is provided through phone, and the service hours for this support medium are restricted to office hours on site and thus the customer cannot access support outside normal office hours.

Sales and support cannot easily be addressed over the phone as it does not allow files and other support tools to be adequately managed over the phone requiring costly physical visits for the company and customer.

The process is slow and not satisfactorily approved by the customers seeking alternative outlets and hence the company is loosing to competitors.

Primarily the following benefits will be expected on implementing the proposed system

The system is dependent on the Internet available 24/7 to access online information

Flexible hours of operation enabled by access to online support documentation

Reduce infrastructure costs and enable quicker response times

Allow the company to receive customer feedback

An integrated forum will allow customers to share knowledge on PC-based issues and they can share experiences on best practice on solutions to issues.

The website will allow support to be potentially provided via video tutorials.

Increased customer and business satisfaction from faster response times and solutions

Reduce costs associated with paper based records.

Importance of the design phase This report highlights the design phase for the proposed system indicative of the documentation of the proposed system requirements, including database and process specification requirements. The design phase commences after a successful analysis phase in which the current system is evaluated to determine its shortcomings and propositions are made toward improving the processes within the current system. These propositions are modeled within the design phase.

System specification On completion of the analysis, an e-commerce website application fully functional was considered as the best business option to address the current system shortcomings. Flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction were seen as the main reasons for the management’s choice of an e-commerce website application.

Ultimately customer satisfaction would be achieved from a well implemented e-commerce website for the company. Therefore, a system specification was written highlighting the requirements in terms of resources (hardware, software, and people) for the proposed e-commerce website application.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Graphing Tides Data by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Database model Because the e-commerce website application will be online it is likely that the company’s client base will expand enormously requiring a well designed database to store securely information and data related to the clients’ transactions.

Additionally, the database will contain the details and images of all the computer products sold by the company, including the respective prices to enable a potential client to view and purchase any of the products online. Generally the application will be linked to e-merchant platforms that will facilitate secure electronic funds transfer using credit card or digital checks, depending on the customer preference.

The database will be implemented as a relational database management system (RDMS) that includes the table structures and all associated design and implementation as well as management procedures. The typical construction blocks for any RDMS are the table. The table is representative of the entity identified within a system. An entity here represents anything about which data can be kept. Typically, a client, and staff are typical examples in this case. Others include product, and order.

The following is a summary of the entity description in the proposed system Client:

This is the company customer who logs onto the system to evaluate and maybe pick a suitable product to purchase. Prior to accessing these products and their details the system capture the client’s basic details through an automated registration process that enables the client to set up an account within the company’s database. These registration details will be used for eventual order processing and billing.


This is what the company deals in specifically computer products. The model, types, and true colour images of the product is stored in the database. Other relevant specifications related to the product are also included together with the price and terms of purchase.


This represents the employee of the company who may process the orders placed online by a client and respond to client inquiries.


This represents a singular transaction by the client and highlights the product ordered, date of order, quantity ordered, and amount due.

These entities can be illustrated using a simplified entity relationship diagram (ERD) as shown below.

Logical database

Physical database

A general entity relationship diagram (ERD) representing the e-commerce website application.

Table mapping and normalization To maintain a stable database with minimal data redundancy normalization can be applied to the identified tables to ensure that they are in the normalized form. The table below summarizes the normalization process carried out on the tables of the proposed system. Most of the tables are in the most stable form on second normalization. Therefore, the 2NF tables are the likely one present within the proposed system.

UNF 1NF 2NF Client: ClientID Name Password Email ContactAddressOrder: OrderID ClientID StaffID ProductID OrderStatus OrderTitle OrderBody Staff: StaffID Password

Product: ProductID Name Description Image Price

Support: StaffID ClientID Description Title

ClientID Name Email ContactAddressClientID Password OrderID ClientID OrderStatus OrderTitle OrderBody

OrderID StaffRecepient

Staff: StaffID Password

ProductID Name Description Image Price

Client: ClientID Name Email ContactAddress Login: ClientID PasswordOrder: OrderID ClientID OrderStatus OrderTitle OrderBody OrderProcessing: OrderID StaffRecepient Staff: StaffID Password

Product: ProductID Name Description Image Price

Website plan This website application will be designed and implemented is known as a dynamic web site application or server side application. In a dynamic web application a request is made from the client side and executed by a web server that invokes the request with a database, where data is stored, and retrieved in response to a user request.

Examples of dynamic web-based applications include web-based email clients and applications, such as Facebook and eBay as they require data to be communicated between the client side (i.e. web browser) and the web server and database. There are many web technologies and programming languages used to implement dynamic web-based applications that include PHP, ASP, (which is a Microsoft technology), and JSP (Java Server Pages).

User interface description Several renowned specialists in interface design have offered broad-based principles on designing an effective user interface. For the design of the web application interface the adopted principles offered are offered by renowned HCI practitioner Jakob Nielsen from his book on Usability Engineering. Nielsen highlights the use of the following principles:

Visibility of system status

The system should provide feedback to the user to lets him or her to know what is going in when they have performed a task/user input selection.

Matching the system to the real-world

The system must use terms that are easy to understand.

User control and freedom

There should be clearly marked exit buttons for easy reversal of actions/selections.

Consistency and standards

The same words and labels should be used throughout the system to ensure consistency and so the user becomes familiar with the system as quick as possible.

Error prevention

The potential for errors should be minimized with confirmation boxes before an action is performed.

Visual and simple design

Dialogues must not contain extra information and only information that is relevant and necessary should be used.

Helping users to identify, assess, and recover from errors

Error messages must be indicated in a non-technical way, without any programming, or scripts. A quick solution should be presented to the user.

Help and documentation

Where necessary, documentation should be provided on how to use the system, although the use of the system should be self-explanatory.

The graphic below shows the structure of the website with parent, and child pages.

The shapes titled ‘product support 1, 2, 3, and 4’ represent the pages as categorized by sales and support areas. The real names for these sales categories and support will finally be added at the implementation stage.

Form layout (Order form)

Report layout ( Orders processed)

System security design It is imperative that the website application to be adopted by this business model is secure. It should be free from viruses and hacking; where hacking involves an individual accessing computer system without authorization. The website should assure both the server and user that it is secure and confidential.

The user expects that the company described in the website has met all the legal requirements. This is because of the fear of engaging in business with a company that is not even registered and in case of any breach of contract the user cannot sue that particular company. The server also expects that the website will protect its rights by ensuring that the user is not in a position to break and compromise the data and information on the server.

The website to be adopted by this business model should ensure that it gives confidentiality feature between the user and the server. One security measure in websites involves the use of passwords. Business models that have employed web security design have implications that accrue to them.

The positive implications are that they become competitive advantaged, they achieve their goals and objectives, and stick to their mission and vision. The negative implication includes the high cost incurred in the process of web security design and development.

Considering that the intended website is an e-merchant platform able to support e-commerce transactions, security is considered paramount for successful transacting, especially when the risk toward such applications is high. The company must ascribe to standards like the electronic industry citizenship coalition (EICC) code of conduct to govern their business ethics.

The code compels all stakeholders, including suppliers, and customers to comply with certain regulations governing business on the proposed website. This is in line with one of the nine principles in the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) guidelines. A security awareness program must be implemented and serve as reference among the company’s partners.

The company will work with communication service provider to ensure the program is well implemented. This can be managed by a team led by the company’s Internet administrators and the business standards department. Therefore, maintaining security at the company requires concerted effort involving various stakeholders.

Generally, policies, and standards are already available to ensure that security is well addressed on the company’s website. The company also has an internal code of conduct to govern business transactions within the company to ensure that there is no threat that can be initiated internally.

Employees at the company must read and adhere to the code of conduct that addresses security, especially for the information that the company handles. Additionally, the company will have a team that continuously monitors transactions to ensure that these comply with the business rules. All suspect transactions can be identified and isolated to be further evaluated to ascertain their validity.

Recommendation for the next phase The successful conclusion of the design phase highlighted within this report will be followed by the development process in which the proposed system specification is translated into the actual database and procedure specifications or application using suitable programming language. Once the design specification has been approved by the intended user, the development phase will commence.

The table here below summarizes the development plan that will follow the design phase

Task ID Task name Predecessor Duration (in days) I1 Develop the components of the website – 21 I2 Gather media like images to be used on the website I1 7 I3 Develop HTML website and incorporate the images and links I2 3 I4 Create the physical database using the appropriate database management system 11 7 I5 Test the database for referential integrity I4 4 I6 Populate the database with start up data I5 3 I7 Link the database to the website and test connectivity I6 1 I8 Upload the website to a dedicated server for real time testing I7 2


Supply Chain and Logistical Tools and Techniques Report (Assessment) essay help: essay help

New Product Development New Product Development refers to a distinct set of activities that companies use to develop and introduce a product into the market. It has a two concurrent phases. On one hand, there is the product design process culminating in a viable market, while on the other hand, there is the marketing component that starts from market research and ends with the purchase of the product by the eventual consumer. Solar Technical (SL) is a medium sized company that distributes solar products.

It specialises in solar water heating systems. It fabricates solar water tanks for clients that have needs not covered within the conventional systems provided by manufacturers. There have been some problems with the current operations because of problems with the company’s supply chain. This paper will investigate the potential to improve the supply chain performance of the company. In particular, it will compare the potential to improve the supply chain by examining the New Product Development process at SL.

Current Operations and Supply Chain SL is a medium sized company with about thirty employees. It has a technical department that deals with the installation of solar water equipment in client premises. It also fabricates special order tanks and accessories to meet unique needs of the specific clients. It also coordinates Research and Development (R


Consumer Behavior and Culture Essay essay help online

Failures and successes of any business enterprise depend on the behavior of its consumers. The behavior of the end-user consumer affects both the producer of final goods as well as the intermediaries who distribute the products from the point of production to the point of consumption.

Understanding consumer behavior can play a great role in a business enterprise as it helps identifying its weak points and reflect on the positive aspects which can enable it to win the confidence of the consumers (Sinha, 2012). The consumer behavior and the purchasing decision are closely related. Information about consumer product usage therefore enables organizations to come up with effective ways of designing their products (Turner, 2012).

The amount and types of goods that producers produce depend on the level of consumption of the consumers. The trends in consumer behavior have also been known to reflect the performance of the national economy. When the level of consumption is high, businesses tend to increase in size and profitability (Perner, 2010). An economy that has well performing businesses is able to realize significant growth. Therefore, with a high level of consumption in the economy, the level of economic growth is also high and vice versa.

In order for business enterprises to increase their profitability, they need to develop a strategy that can enable them to market their products to consumers effectively. Most organizations devise marketing strategies whose goal is to enable them understand the consumption trends in the areas where they operate. In order to succeed in this process, businesses need to employ a team of marketers who would focus on learning about the consumption behavior of consumers in different markets (Turner, 2012).

When marketers gain a better understanding of consumers in a particular region, they are able to give relevant market information to their organizations. Organizations are therefore able to make adjustments to the products that they produce thereby making them more appealing to the consumers.

Understanding consumer behavior entails knowing what the real wants of consumers are. This way, a business enterprise can be able to design a product that meets the exact needs of its consumers (Reference for Business, 2012).

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all marketers to ensure that they take time to understand the consumption behavior of consumers so that they can manage to come up with the appropriate marketing strategies that would assist in capturing the attention of the consumers. This way, they would be able to win a large number of consumers thereby increasing the profitability of their organization.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Marketers need to understand that the purchases consumers make are meant to address a number of problems that face them. Whenever a customer consumes a product that addresses his basic needs, he is said to be driven by necessity. Therefore marketers should analyze the behavior of such a consumer based on his needs.

However, there is a different group of consumers who purchase goods based on the attractiveness of the products. It is therefore true that different groups of consumers have varying needs and wants (Delbert, Roger,


Head Injuries and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Proposal scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Methodology


Research Design

Instrumentation and Data Collection Plans

Proposed Analysis of the Data


Methodology The focus of the proposed study is on patients suffering from head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, (CTE). Case control methodology is appropriate for this study.

To enhance efficiency, the case control methodology must assume a retrospective approach. This is because the proposed study involves examination of the existing cases of head injuries in the sampled population.

The study will sample the general population and the patients within the outpatient departments of public hospitals. The case groups and the control groups are important.

This is because they form the basis for assessments and comparisons (Sim


The Attitude to Prostitution in Different Times Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction Prostitution is considered to be the oldest profession. In different times there were women who offered their bodies and pleasure to men. However, the meaning and the attitude to prostitution has always been different.

Nowadays, prostitutes are women who provide people with sexual pleasure, however, there were times when to be a prostitute was an art, prostitutes were the most educated women and were praised by some men more than their counselors.

Prostitution as the profession has revolutionized having become a simple satisfaction of the sexual desire, however, in the Middle Ages prostitution was a more responsible and valuable profession with the presentation of many freedoms to prostitutes while women were restricted in many social spheres.

The belief that prostitution is a dirty profession is not correct as people are to know the history of this occupation to judge the issue.

Critical engagement with the film using class materials and academic sources Prostitution is a profession based on sexuality and women of all times wanted to have a great look when chose this occupation. However, to become prostitutes in the Middle Ages women had to work harder than now.

Nowadays, beauty and the opportunity to bring pleasure for men are the main criteria for a prostitute. However, several centuries before a prostitute had to be educated, she had to be able not only to bring pleasure, but to seduce a man, to make him dependant.

Watching the movie Dangerous Beauty, the history of the prostitution may be studied. This movie is a story about one of the greatest prostitutes whose actions once saved Venice, whose mental abilities were great and this was her main weapon, not the sexuality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Paola Franco, the mother of Veronica Franco, the greatest courtesan, said the following, “Courtesans, my dear, are the most educated women in the world… Desire begins in the mind. Cleopatra, Theodocia, she could seduce a man at twenty paces, without revealing an inch of flesh”.

The value of courtesans was higher the wiser a woman was. Sexuality was important as well, however, this was not the most important aspect as each woman is beautiful if she cares about herself.

The movie under consideration, Dangerous Beauty, shows the life of those who were lucky to have rich lovers, this is a story about pain of a woman who loves but cannot become a wife of a man she loves.

The prostitution in this movie is presented as something sacred and acceptable. However, to show the attitude of another part of the society, the final scene of the inquisition is shown.

Watching the movie, it is possible to change the attitude to courtesans, however, for many people such women would always remain prostitutes who sell their bodies and souls without having the right for forgiveness.

Dangerous Beauty is the movie which tries to show that there are many reasons why society should be grateful to courtesans, still anxiety and hostility are the main feelings people consider appropriate for them.

Still, thorough research makes it possible to say that this anxiety and hostility hided compassion (Mathieu, 2011, p. 114).

We will write a custom Essay on The Attitude to Prostitution in Different Times specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It becomes reasonable, as the greatest part of the society is sure that prostitutes steel their husbands, but at the same time they pity prostitute’s destinies.

Levin and Peled (2011) conducted a research where they tried to present the methodology of considering the social relation to prostitution. Validity and reliability of the methods were considered.

The authors do not question the necessity of prostitutes in the society (p. 582). The same idea of the importance of prostitutes (courtesans) in the society is presented in the movie Dangerous Beauty.

Courtesans were necessary for the Middle Age Venice as well as prostitutes are necessary in the modern world. Men need sexual and mental relief and wives cannot always give them what they need and want. Prostitution is a service where human labor is specific, however, it may be one of the main ways to get whatever one wants.

The problem of prostitution and the legalization of the profession remain sharp in many countries and Levin and Peled (2011) have a desire to consider and evaluate the opinion of the societies to draw a conclusion.

The methodology offered by the author my help solve the problem of prostitution legalization in case society understand the real value of the occupation (p. 583).

Conclusions In conclusion it should be stated that the attitude of the society towards prostitution is an important factor in the life of a country.

Looking at the modern country, prostitution is not legalized in most of them, however, the changes in the attitude of the society to the issue may change the situation.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Attitude to Prostitution in Different Times by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Looking at prostitution as the way to get relaxed, to enjoy not only sexually but mentally, may change attitude of people to prostitution in general.

History shows that prostitutes used to be educated people who supported their lowers not only in bed. Such function of prostitutes may increase their status, however, this may also make those uncomfortable for wives.

Reference List Levin, L.,


Jainism college application essay help

Explore ahimsa in Jainism and study how Gandhi applied it to modern times. How can ahimsa be used politically? How should it be applied individually? Does Jainism have other principles that you find applicable to your life?

Compare and contrast Sikhism with either Islam or Hinduism. Discuss how it might feel to be a part of minority religion that has suffered from discrimination both at home and abroad. What is more important, the similarities between these religions or the differences? Why?

* All blog original posts must be at least 200 words.
* Each blog original post should be unique and contain relevant videos, images, and article links.
* Students must respond to at least two other blog posts.


Effects of Video Games Essay online essay help: online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


School Performance

Effects on Social Relationships


Introduction The society has been immensely influenced by the technological changes, which are reshaping some of the activities. The emerging technologies in one way or another have affected every member of society, irrespective of age.

Video Games have had the greatest influence on the lives of children. Children no longer appreciate the outdoor games as was before, as most of their time is spend indoors playing video games.

Although this trend may have a positive impact on the lives of the concerned children as far as their knowledge of computer is concerned, there are various negative impacts.

Various educationists have confirmed that outdoor plays are very important to the development and growth of children.

It helps them develop socially as they meet with their friends and learn to share discussions, get involved in physical activities and develop physically through such games. The paper talks about some of the negative effects of computer games (Finkel, 1995).

It is established through research that computer games do not help children grow academically. In fact, computer games contribute to inactivity of body cells, which might lead to oversight hence causing diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Moreover, indoor games contribute to poor academic performance among students because most of the time is spend on useless games that do not offer any academic lessons.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lastly, computer games lead to the development of antisocial behavior whereby a student is not interested in interacting with his or her peers.

Overweight Available literature shows that more children are growing obese owing to the fact that they spend little time exercising and engage frequently with the computer.

Research shows that children who take part in physical exercises are more healthy, intelligent, and active in class. The study conducted by American Heart Association proved that children are contracting heart diseases mainly because of lack of physical activity.

The research indicated that the number of obese children increased by four percent in 1974. Those affected were children aged six to eleven years.

However, the percentage increase could not be compared with the study conducted in 2006 whereby the increase rate was seventeen percent. As from 1971 to 2006, the number of adolescents thought to be obese increased from 6.1 percent to 17.6 percent.

The percentage increase was shocking. Furthermore, the increase was attributed to lack of physical activity and video games (Wiegman,


Fort Walton Beach Report writing essay help: writing essay help

Introduction Fort Walton Beach is located in Okaloosa County in the state of Florida having a population of approximately 19,992 as per the population census of 2005. This city attracts many tourists especially during summer and the spring break where thousands of tourists flock to the beach. In the light of the above it is true to state that tourism in Fort Walton Beach becomes the primary driving force of the economy of this city (Moore 2007).

Reasons why people travel to Fort Walton Beach As elaborated by Velton, Obolsky and Ellwood (2004), people travel to Fort Walton Beach for different reasons as this beach offers various activities that are fun to the tourists. The temperatures of the beach during the summer time and the spring break are very favorable.

The city climate is clammy, a characteristic of sub-stifling typical weather. Various fun activities that attract people to Fort Walton Beach include the activity of sailing the bay where the tourists get an opportunity to explore the coast and view the Dolphins.

Fishing activity also takes place in the Okaloosa fishing pier where the tourists get a chance to catch some fish, take photographs as well as enjoying the breeze from the gulf.

Kite surfing is also another major activity that takes place at the beach and lessons are usually offered to the starters thus making it fun to people who have never done this activity before.

The infrastructure that Fort Walton Beach has or doesn’t support the current and future tourism Franklin and Mikula (2009) points out that Fort Walton Beach has good infrastructure that enable the tourists to access the parts of the city effectively. The Northwest Florida Regional Airport is located in Fort Walton Beach.

In addition to that, it is the largest airport. The presence of this airport has enabled tourists from distant destinations to access the beach effectively. The city is served by various types of airlines such as the Delta Airline, the American eagle, continental express and Vision Airlines.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Various transits also exist within the city that provides the entry and exit of the people within the city in a more efficient manner.

A perfect example of transits is the Okaloosa County Transit that makes available transportation in the entire Fort Walton Beach. The main alighting station to this transit is the uptown station, lying on State Road 85.

Ways in which the plans for hotel and restaurant development will support the growth of tourism The development of various hotels and restaurants within the Fort Walton Beach will greatly help in the growth of tourism in the area. The presence of many hotels and restaurants that provide good services for the clients will attract many tourists who will be interested in touring the city.

Many tourists are usually attracted to areas where there are good amenities therefore to ensure that tourists continue to visit the beach it is important that the hotels are made suit their needs for example the provision of wireless internet which will ensure that the tourists indulge in business while on vacation thus eliminating inconveniences.

These hotels should also be secure so as to ensure the visitors that they will be safe throughout their stay at the beach.

Unique facilities that will help in the attraction of more tourists to the beach include the provision of Jacuzzi’s, beach games, good food as well as ensuring that the tourists enjoy good food in these beach hotels (Butko


Is it important to distinguish between immigrants and refugees? Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The thesis statement

The body


Works Cited

Introduction As far as there is a strong necessity to address accordingly attitudinal distinctions between refugees and those who come to live permanently in foreign countries, in order to improve the conditions of life, one can conclude that making distinctions between the two groups is rather important.

It seems to be obvious that numerous contradictions concerning people’s values, beliefs, expectations, traditions, mode of life, etc. are to be resolved in a proper way.

Thus, to avoid or minimize the consequences of cultural shock, social violation, and discrimination, immigrants and refugees are to be regarded separately.

Moreover, one is to keep in mind that immigrants and refugees come to foreign countries on the basis of different reasons; so, this point determines the major distinction between those who are forced to leave their country, and those who come of their own accord.

The thesis statement Immigrants and refugees cannot be accepted equally, as their psychology is different. There is a need to distinguish between anthropological, historical and sociological domains the psychology of immigrants and refugees is based on. The contextual factors, which determine immigrants’ and refugees’ acculturation, are also different.

The body The refugee problem is considered to be of particular concern, as people seek safety in strange lands and hesitate in their choice: it is not easy to select between danger at their native land and the loss of identity.

Immigrants, in their turn, have a right of choice. They can come home any time they wish.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, it should be pointed out that such psychological processes as acculturation, assimilation, social changes, and individual challenges are equally experienced by both – immigrants and refugees.

In other words, the processes of socialization based on biculturalism can be applied to representatives of both groups (LaFromboise et al. 395-412).

The intercultural processes are recognized to be extremely important for social adaptation of immigrants and refugees. Thus, the so-called phenomenon of psychological acculturation can be used to explain the psychology of representatives of both groups.

The most important issue, which cannot be ignored, is that acculturation attitudes of immigrants and refugees are different. It was proven that mutual processes as well as mutual changes involve individual behaviors and cannot be interpreted the same way in relation to immigrants and refugees (Berry 616-618).

The issue of cultural identity is also to be discussed in detail, in order to understand the way immigrants and refugees experience acculturation.

It must be noted that immigrants undergo greater behavioral shifts easier in comparison with those who were forced to leave a native land due to certain political, economical or other reasons. That is why immigrants seem to experience less difficulty.

Refugees as compared with immigrants are considered to be less familiar to the dominant population and undergo ethnic stereotyping; however, the resident population prefers “to deal” with refugees rather than immigrants, as immigrants seem to symbolize the threat to the social cohesion of the society.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Is it important to distinguish between immigrants and refugees? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Generally, it is necessary to clarify that ethnic prejudice is related to both groups; although the dominant population expresses more negative attitudes towards immigrants (Stephan et al. 1-19).

Conclusion It is really important to distinguish between immigrants and refugees, as representatives of the two groups experience various acculturation processes in different ways.

Furthermore, the attitudes of the dominant population towards immigrants and refugees are also ambiguous and should be regarded on the basis of different perspectives.

Works Cited Berry, John. “A Psychology of Immigration.” Journal of Social Issues 57.3 (2001): 615-631. Print.

LaFromboise, Teresa, Hardin Coleman and Jennifer Gerton. “Psychological Impact of Biculturalism: Evidence and Theory.” Psychological Bulletin 114.3 (1993): 395-412. Print.

Walter G. Stephan, Lausanne Renfro, Victoria M. Esses, Cookie White Stephan and Tim Martin. “The Effects of Feeling Threatened on Attitudes toward Immigrants.” International Journal of Intercultural Relations 29.1 (2005): 1-19. Print.


Concept of Normal and Abnormal Psychological State Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The semantic meanings of the adjectives normal and abnormal seem to be too generalized; for this reason, one is to keep in mind the areas the terms are to be applied to. For instance, according to the psychological field of study, one can define the adjectives in the following way:

Normal psychological state means a person’s reasonable and realistic approach towards a certain situation, problem, thing, etc.

Normal state is characterized by a number of signs, which most important involve an efficient perception of reality, affectionate relationships with others, feeling comfortably, an ability to control behavior without any efforts, and an ability to maintain productivity.

When classifying abnormality or abnormal psychological state, a wide range of social and cultural variables should be taken into account.

Generally, abnormal state can be characterized by learning disabilities, depression, phobic disorders, etc. Simply speaking, if a person feels bad or depressed a considerable period of time without any reason, his or her emotional state is considered to be abnormal.

When applying the terms to grief, one is to distinguish between normal grief and abnormal grief. Thus, it seems to be evident that normal grieving is associated with a kind of loss.

For instance, a death, a divorce, a dismissal are all recognized to be the notions, which form the category “a loss”. These causes of a person’s grief are normal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Alarm, numbness, searching, depression and recovery are the stages normal grieving is based on. Normal grief involves a variety of emotional responses, which most common are considered to be anger or irritability, loneliness, anxiety, shock, the feeling of helplessness, cynicism, sadness and guilt.

The most widespread physical reactions include headaches, insomnia, fatigue, confusion, poor concentration, loss of direction, etc. If a person understands the importance of healthy eating and sleeping, and tries to take care of himself/herself despite being depressed, one can conclude that he or she experiences normal grieving.

If a person does not refuse to communicate with friends, family members, etc. and can talk about his or her feelings and problems, then he or she experiences normal grieving. Finally, it is necessary to point out that normal grieving means a person accepts the reality of a loss.

Abnormal grief reactions can be caused by the same losses; although a person’s response to a kind of loss is regarded as unhealthy. Thus, abnormal grieving involves self-destructive impulses, a phobia about a serious disease or death, chronic depression, loss of speech, etc.

If a person implements certain radical changes in his or her mode of life, wants to commit a suicide, cannot control his or her behavior, one can make a conclusion that a person experiences abnormal grieving.

It should be noted that not all problems people face can be easily resolved. The reactions to the obstacles are more important than the ways of resolution.

If a person cannot find a way to resolve a problem, he or she is to seek some alternative techniques. For instance, the problems, which seem to have no resolution, can be ignored.

We will write a custom Essay on Concept of Normal and Abnormal Psychological State specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In other words, it is necessary to switch over to another task, in order to divert a person’s attention away from a problem. On the other hand, a person is to wait for some time; sometimes the formation of a right decision requires a considerable period of time.


Henri Fayol’s Contributions to Management Today Essay college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Fayol’s Management Principles in Today’s Work Environment



Introduction Professor Henri Fayol developed management principles that have identified management as a discipline and a profession. Management involves tasks such as recruiting human resources and deploying them in the organization.

They also facilitate the allocation, utilization and control of material and financial resources to ensure that the organization runs effectively.

According to Fayol, managers should be knowledgeable with skills and responsibilities that can enable them address all areas of the organization (Smit, 2007). These areas include production, commercial and financial roles, as well as planning and coordination in management.

He identified five management roles that help a manager run an organization effectively. These roles include forecasting and planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling (McLean, 2011).

However, management has been seen as a leadership role that focuses on people. Leadership involves engaging people fully and effectively to transform ideas into products.

Such interaction between the management and staffs has seen a revolution in lean organizations. This form of leadership integrates managers and teams to ensure that an individual has the right to contribute and not just follow orders (Howel, Macomber, koskela


The Article “Against Gay Marriage” by William J. Bennett Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction





Introduction The article ‘Against gay marriage’ was written by William J. Bennett. He has served in various leadership positions including a position as chairperson of the National Endowment for the humanities. He has produced various write-ups concerning cultural issues in America.

These include books and articles. His thesis is that gay marriage should not be legalized. The legalization of gay marriage in any society leads to social damage and the destruction of the normal structure of the family.

Summary Bennett has (for a long time) been involved in the forefront in the fighting of same-sex marriages in the United States.

He argues that it is a social issue that may be detrimental to the values held in the society. He was disturbed because the Hawaii Supreme Court was considering legalizing same-sex marriage.

He argued that if Hawaii were to make gay marriages legal, many nations would embrace it too. Bennett terms the arguments made in favor of gay marriages as shrewd arguments (Bennett, 2005, p.409).

These arguments try to suggest that legalization may prove helpful to many in the society.

Bennett shows his concern about the value of marriage, given that gay marriages are legalized. He goes ahead to warn the audience not to take the step.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He argues that the marriage institution is fragile already and legalizing same-sex marriage would only make things worse. He continues to mention that all religions only support marriage between a man and a woman and he believes that this is not mere coincidence.

Bennett criticizes the work by Sullivan saying that his argument is baseless as he describes marriage (same-sex marriage) as an open contract where the single, moralistic model is not honored.

Bennett believes that the essence of marriage is faithfulness and some things such as adultery are not encouraged. This is unlike in gay marriages where they are encouraged to explore (Bennett, 2005, p. 410).

The author is against gay marriage due to the implications it may have on the younger generation (Bennett, 2005, p. 410). He argues that those born in such a society would be confused due to the existence of both homosexuality and heterosexuality.

To make things worse some believe that it is a cool thing to be gay and Bennett refers this as ‘sexual identity crisis’. Bennett argues that if gay marriage were to be legalized, several changes would occur including in the education system.

Students will need to be taught about gay marriage and made to understand that one could have two mothers or fathers.

In conclusion, Bennett argues that the marriage institution has suffered enough due to several issues and there is no need for making things worse by introducing same-sex marriage (Bennett, 2005, p. 411).

We will write a custom Essay on The Article “Against Gay Marriage” by William J. Bennett specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Evaluation The information provided by Bennett accurate and logical. He argues that Sullivan supports gay marriage and yet the practices in such marriages do not follow the principles in marriage (faithfulness and fidelity).

He also argues that if all religions believe that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman, then his argument is true.

He provides arguments in a clear and logical manner in such a way as to convince the reader of the ills associated with same-sex marriage. I agree with Bennett that gay marriages are unhealthy to the society.

Conclusion Same-sex marriage is becoming a trend in the developed world and it is corrupting the norms and values in the society (Laycock, Picarello,


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Research Paper best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Whom It Affects

Psychological Problems and Treatment



Introduction The following is a discussion on the posttraumatic stress disorder, a mental condition that comes after an individual experiences traumatic circumstance.

This essay looks into the history, the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, and the individuals who are likely to suffer from this condition, psychological problems associated with this condition and the treatment of the disorder.

History The posttraumatic stress disorder is an extreme anxiety condition that develops because of exposure to psychological trauma. It is an enduring stress reaction. This condition was first identified in the sixth century and has been associated with soldiers.

In the nineteenth century, medical professionals working with the military noted that military officers in the front lines usually had exhaustion after battle. This was characterized by an extreme fatigue and mental shutdown (Kelleher, 2008).

The terminology used for reference at first was that of gross stress reaction but after the world war two and the Vietnam War other terms were used to explain the disorder.

However, as time evolved and diagnosis of this condition in non-military individuals exposed to trauma was observed medical professionals referred the condition as posttraumatic stress disorder (Fullerton, 2004).

Symptoms The following are some of the symptoms that people diagnosed with the condition experience. The first one is that the victims experience a recurrent of the trauma. They usually have trouble-some memories of the experience when they sleep or nightmares.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During the day, the individual may daydream or experience flashbacks of the traumatic event. The condition becomes posttraumatic stress disorder when it persists for a period of more than one month (Kelleher, 2008).

Excessive phobia of events or places associated with the traumatic experience also characterizes the condition. This involves avoidance to places, people, and things that remind the sufferer of the experience.

The third symptom involves having sleeping problems where the individual is unable to sleep. The sufferer also experiences very poor memory and low concentration as the mind is always disturbed.

The individuals suffering from this condition are usually absentminded most of the times and they display high sensitivity to touch or when startled.

They are also extremely watchful to threats. The individual suffering from the posttraumatic stress disorder gets angry quickly. They may have impulsive emotions especially when angry and they may be extremely aggressive (Fullerton, 2004).

The fourth symptom is adehonia; this is an extreme disinterest in what a person previously enjoyed. When one is suffering from this disorder, one becomes extremely reserved, and avoids people.

The victims also fail to make any future or long-term plan as they live in fear and anxiety that they might not live tomorrow. This condition is further associated with feelings of hopelessness, a general dislike for life and suicidal thoughts (Yehuda, 2001).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Whom It Affects The groups of people affected by this disorder are individuals who have experienced traumatic events in their childhood or adult hood. These may involve physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

The second group of people who experience the traumatic disorders may include employees who work in occupations related to war or violence. This mostly includes soldiers and relief or emergency workers in battle zones (Fullerton, 2004).

People or patients diagnosed with the chronic or terminal illness may also experience the condition. People who have suffered from accidents or witnessed their loved ones in physical injuries are also likely to suffer from this condition. The other predisposing factor of this condition is genetic.

There are individuals who have high arousal tendency and adrenaline surges than others because of their genetic makeup (Fullerton, 2004). Such individuals have a higher likelihood of suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Children from foster families or under foster care are likely or have a higher tendency or likelihood to suffer from this condition mainly because they may be exposed to physical abuse or bitter memories, which separated them from their parents (Kelleher, 2008).

Psychological Problems and Treatment The first psychological problem experienced by people who are suffering from posttraumatic stress is that of having a re-experience of the traumatic event. The thought of seeing a psychiatrist usually never appears safe and many of the patients fear stigmatization especially the soldiers.

The first step towards treatment of this psychological disorder is by educating the patient on what they are suffering from.

This involves having a one on one session where the therapist can inform them of the disorder and other patients who have suffered from the same condition and recovered to make them come to terms with the condition and to stop them from living in denial.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The second treatment is engaging the patient with a psychotherapist. The psychotherapy session is an interview where the therapist asks the patient questions and explanations about what they have experienced.

This helps the therapist to have a structured memory of the traumatic event. It also helps the patient to have a sense of relief by talking about the traumatic experience.

The other treatment involves having targeted interventions. These interventions also refer to the cognitive behavior therapy. It is training the mind to accept those experiences and teaching it to cope with such traumatic memories by helping the individual to overcome avoidance.

These psychological procedures are directed to assist the individual to stop avoidance behaviors. It involves helping the individual to identify the thoughts or the stimuli that makes them afraid. It also involves training the individuals to replace the distressing thoughts with less distressing thoughts (Kelleher 2008).

By exposing the individual to stimuli that triggers the memory of those events, the individual learns how to cope with thoughts of fear and anger.

This psychological procedure involves the individuals, for example war survivors or soldiers, watching a video on war together with a therapist who guides them on how to react to certain incidences that they are uncomfortable or nervous about.

This helps the patients to come to terms with the traumatic event and enables them to do away with avoidance tendencies (Yehuda, 2001).

The other therapy is the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It involves having the therapist assisting the patient to talk about the traumatic event while the patient is looking at the therapist’s rapidly moving finger (Kelleher, 2008).

This therapy is especially helpful to patients who are experiencing low concentration and lapse in memory because of the posttraumatic stress disorder. It helps the patients to regain their concentration and alertness especially if they have been experiencing daydreams.

Although some researchers dispute this mode of treatment, it has nevertheless been effective in PTSD recovery (Kelleher, 2008).

The other psychological treatment of the posttraumatic stress disorder is the interpersonal therapy. The interpersonal psychotherapy involves having the patients in support groups such as family support groups that assist the patient to share the traumatic experience (Kelleher, 2008).

The support groups also link the patients with other patients and people who have recovered from the condition. Such support helps the patients to accept their condition and to realize that it is treatable and one can recover from the condition after the treatment (Yehuda, 2001).

Other than having the psychological procedural treatment, patients suffering from the posttraumatic stress condition can recover by having medical assistance. The victims may be given particular drugs to deal with loss of sleep and hypersensitivity.

The drugs include antidepressants such as fluexetine and paroxetine (Kelleher, 2008). Other forms of drugs include adrenergic antagonists that aim at reducing hyper-arousal in the patients by containing the adrenaline and nightmare experiences.

These drugs are effective when administered for a period of more than one year. The other drugs usually administered in the treatment of the posttraumatic disorder are the mood stabilizers that help the patient to be calm; they also significantly reduce sleep disturbances (Yehuda, 2001).

Conclusion The posttraumatic stress disorder is a condition, which has troubled many people but has not received due attention especially in the treatment of non-war patients. As a result, it leads to mental illness if it is not addressed early enough.

An individual suffering from this condition especially the soldiers must stop fearing stigma and seek treatment before this condition worsens. There are different medical procedures for this disorder and they differ because different patients experience the symptoms differently.

However, for the practitioner to diagnose or to consider the individual exhibiting such symptoms as suffering from the posttraumatic stress disorder, the individual must have experienced the symptoms for one month.

The posttraumatic disorder has treatments that are both psychological and medical. Applying both psychological and medical procedures to deal with the condition is necessary for the treatment procedures to have the desired outcome.

References Fullerton, C. (2004). Acute stress disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and depression in disaster or rescue workers. American Journal of Psychiatry, 11, 1370-1376.

Kelleher, I. (2008). Associations between childhood traumas, bullying, and psychotic symptoms among a school-based adolescent sample. Britain’s Journal of Psychiatry, 5, 378-382.

Yehuda, R. (2001). Biology of posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 7, 41-46.


Reading Analysis for Ethics Class Essay college essay help near me

Ethics has a significant role in the public service. Personalities need to emulate and practice proper ethics. Particularly, this relates to those serving in public administrative dockets. Adams and Balfour, (2009), emphasize the need to maintain the society in an ethical state.

The two authors propose two basic approaches that may help in preventing the humanity from ethically “coming apart at the seams.” The present changes within the American society are noted.

The sociopolitical and economic factors have increasingly transformed within the U.S. Consequently, these have impacted on the state of ethics within the public service.

The interconnection between liberalism and individual ethics is obvious. The authors examine the American society from the period of the historical revolution. The ability of liberalism to impose phenomenal ethical challenges within humanity is also indicated.

Authority must be exercised in a manner that motivates controlled freedom. However, the effects of globalization on the morality of the society require great precaution (Adams


Expanding Protection of the Great Bear Case Study a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The Great Bear rainforest falls under the forest classification of coastal temperate rain forests, which is one type of the most endangered types of forests across the globe; before the threat of logging and other human activities threatening their existence, they covered 1/5 of 1% of the earth’s land surface.

Approximately, 60% of the original coverage of these forests, have been destroyed through development and logging among other human activities. The Great Bear rainforest is one ecological center, which provides an unforgettable adventure site, where there are mountains, waterfalls, coastal and water slide scenery.

This paper is a discussion of the recent proposals to expand the protection of the forest and its scenery, which may not be witnessed anywhere else in the world (Raincoast Conservation Society).

Following the threat of the Great Bear forest, which is one of the few remaining but threatened forest type, scientists around the world have raised concerns over the delays facing the implementation of protection agreements, which are supposed to increase the protection of the threatened forest area.

Further, scientists have been in the fore front, insisting that the BC should fasten the protection processes for the forest.

An example of this was the request sent by global rainforest scientists attending the Earth Summit at Rio, pushing for a faster process to implement the protection of the forest (Gracey 1; Reichel 1).

The stakeholders to be affected by the proposed expansion of the protected area of the forest, include the loggers, who earn their income from the logging activities at the forest.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The B.C government is another stakeholder, as its leadership to guide the players to take place in the protection and the making of the agreement, rely on its directing.

The players under the B.C government stakeholders group, include the employees at the ministry of forests, land and natural resources, central and local authorities, for example, the provincial authorities who are greatly involved in the proposal.

There are the forest and research scientists group from different nations, who are pushing the completion of the protection agreement and process, as they are interested in fighting for increased protection of the threatened classification of forests.

Oil companies like the Northern Gateway pipeline company is also interested in the progress of the protection, as its enacting will affect its oil drilling and transportation operations.

Other stakeholders include tourists, who will benefit from viewing the threatened scenery after protection (Raincoast Conservation Society; Reichel 1; Gracey 1).

The benefits from the protection of the forest will include the protection of the wildlife and marine species that live at the temperate rain forest surroundings, which may not be found at other places, except at the few threatened areas.

From the protection of the forest, the authorities will realize the protection of the biodiversity at the area, including the rainforest forest plants, the marine and the land species residing at the region, including bears and the threatened vegetation and rare scenery.

We will write a custom Case Study on Expanding Protection of the Great Bear specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More From the implementation, the process will enable the first nation people living at the region, to improve the wellbeing of the community economically, environmentally, and for the general welfare of the people.

Another benefit is the creation of more tourist income avenues, from which the local people and the government can utilize for long-term growth.

The costs to be borne from implementing the protection of the forest include the cost of implementing the agreements and setting up the protection plan for the forest, and the income of the loggers, hunters and other people relying on the resources at the forest; these groups will lose their source of income and employment.

Another cost to be borne from the implementation is the economic potential of the players within the oil industry, as they will not be able to access the oil reserves at the area, which can form a great source of income and employment locally and nationally (Raincoast Conservation Society; Reichel 1; Gracey 1).

Works Cited Gracey, Kyle. “Scientists around the world concerned over lengthy delays to fully implement the protection agreements in the Great Bear Rainforest.” Canada Newswire, 2012. Web.

Raincoast Conservation Society. Great Bear Rainforest. British Columbia, 2012. Web.

Reichel, Justina. “Scientists Urge BC to Speed up Protection of Iconic Rainforest: Half of Great Bear Rainforest remains open to logging.” The Epoch Times, 2012. Web.


Ethical Scenario in Kant’s Theory of Humanity Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

While trying to explain humanity, Immanuel Kant stated that we should always treat humanity in us or in other people as an end and not as a means (Barbara 2011). This is actually the argument which I believe is strongest.

The moral principle behind this argument is helping other people and at the same time helping you. This principle is normally known as beneficence. Treating an individual and yourself as an end depicts that you respect and value that person’s humanity and your humanity too.

This is how you can know that this premise is good. It is important to treat people equally and not discrimination on others because they are disabled or come from different ethnic group or race. Based on utilitarianism theory, an action is termed good if it generates good in a greater way and number (Wells


Medical Ethics: “Sicko” Documentary by Michael Moore Essay (Movie Review) college admission essay help

I believe Michael Moore’s approach to the health care issue in his documentary, Sicko, is elusive and reactive rather than proactive.

It is argued in the documentary that over fifty million Americans are to insure their lives whereas the large percentage insure is unable to maintain its insurance costs owing to rules and regulations and company fraud.

Several interviews were conducted to ascertain the truth of the matter and it was found out that insurance companies play rackets with the lives of people in case of medical emergencies. The insurance companies would always find a reason not to compensate its policyholders.

This is usually aimed at maximizing the profits of the company. The movie compares the healthcare laws of Canada with those of the US. The actor singles out the efforts of one of the Canadian policy maker by the name Tommy Douglas, who worked tirelessly to improve the healthcare system in Canada (Callenbach, 2008).

The actor argues that anti-health care policy individuals claim that providing free healthcare services amounts to communism, which is not true. The then head of state, Ronald Reagan, advised people that universal healthcare services would lead to the loss of freedom and introduction of socialism into the financial system.

Moore answers the critics basing their arguments to Reagan’s allegations that American financial system had not been converted to socialism by the free police services, fire services and the postal services.

In my view, Moore employs both Kantian approach and virtue ethics approach. However, utilitarianism is not applied anywhere in the movie. As Kant observed, each individual in the world exists as an end in himself but not as a means to a particular end.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In everything that an individual undertakes in the world, it must be viewed as an end not a means to an end. People do not exist as a means to achieve particular tasks. In other words, we need to strive to achieve our own pleasure but not to exist to please something else.

Critics of the healthcare bill believed that people exist to fulfill the wishes and interests of capitalism, which, according to Kant, is unacceptable since we should not attempt to fulfill the wishes of something else and forget ourselves.

In this regard, we need to act as rational beings meaning that we need to apply reason in everything we do. Healthcare is a basic right to every American hence supporting it is rational and reasonable (DeGrazia, Mappes,


Daoism college essay help: college essay help

Explore the Daoist concept of wu wei. Provide an example from your own life that illustrates this principle.

Explain why Confucius thought education was so important. How do these ideas match with your beliefs on education? Explore the relationship between education and a healthy society.

* All blog original posts must be at least 200 words.
* Each blog original post should be unique and contain relevant videos, images, and article links.
* Students must respond to at least two other blog posts.


The Impact of Applied and Behaviourist Psychology on the Field Essay essay help free

James Rowland Angell’s opinion, in as far as the disappearance of the term ‘consciousness’ from psychology is concerned, was based on his studies in psychology as a critical part of mental activity towards different stimulus in the environment (Hergenhahn, 2009).

His principles in psychology were inclined towards a biological understanding, which rarely tolerated elements that were not physically evidenced such as consciousness.

He identified that by evaluating mental operations as a part of evolutionary stimulus series, psychologists manipulated the different psychological positions of their patients or study subjects in a better way. This was mainly by altering the environmental stimulus that they were meant to adapt to.

He identified that consciousness or lack of it did not inhibit the normal functioning of the ordinary mental processes (Haines