The Innovative Solutions Information Technology Startup


It is important to note that the company of interest is a small IT startup called Innovative Solutions (INOS), which was acquired by a multinational enterprise (MNE). The cultural attributes of INOS include horizontal, relaxed, non-hierarchal, and innovation-focused elements.


However, the organizational culture of the MNE is hierarchal, vertical, partially bureaucratic, and efficiency-focused. The cultural assimilation process requires achieving a smooth and seamless integration of the smaller company into the structure of the MNE. The anticipated areas of success are not abundant, but the most notable ones include the MNE’s openness to preserve the innovative ‘spirit’ of INOS. In other words, the business will become an extension and subsection of the larger IT department. In other words, they will be responsible to the head of the IT department directly, which means the verticality of the structure will not be as drastic as with other typical branches.

However, there are major roadblocks that require acknowledging and addressing. These include hierarchal and bureaucratic elements as well as the MNE’s need for some degree of efficiency with resources. Since the MNE is not about to change its protocols of reporting and quality monitoring for the business, the adaptations and shifts in organizational culture will need to take place at INOS. The employees will need to adjust to the system of accountability and quarterly objective progress designed by the MNE. This will require measures that are focused on social and cultural activities designed to merge INOS with the IT department.


In conclusion, due to the drastic organizational culture differences, a compromise is needed, at least on a temporary scale, to provide time for INOS’s employees to adjust to the new environment. The HR manager’s role is to provide both education and training on making accountability and hierarchy as intuitive as possible.