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Throughout the past decades, the rapid global economic growth increased the level of the products consumption. Globalization provoked the expansion of the goods distribution streams worldwide, and the manufacturing, storage, and consumption of the goods induced the negative impacts on the natural environment.

Global warming caused by the extensive greenhouse gasses emissions is regarded as one of the most significant issues by the environmentalists and scientists. According to the recent statistics, since the end of the 20th century, the emissions caused by the cross-national aviation has been increased to over 50%, and the further expansion of the international trade will provoke even more significant increases (Abe, Hattori,


Warfare in the Age of Gustavus Adolphus Through the Lens of the Western Way of War Analytical Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction Background

Of all Swedish kings, Gustavus Adolphus is, perhaps, the most famous one. A straightforward thinker and an innovator, he redesigned the very foundation of the military tradition accepted at the time. The changes that he made to the army, including consistent training, change of values, technological and economic innovations, etc. created premises for the development of a strong army and led to the further acceptance of a new Western way of war as later explained by Parker (2008).

Thesis Statement Despite failing to develop the “punctuated equilibrium” (Parker, 2008, p. 6) model due to the obtrusive politics of the royal power enhancement, Gustavus Adolphus managed to not only win numerous armed conflicts with his opponents but also alter the very concept of warfare by reinforcing the significance of technological advancement and consistent training of the soldiers.

Military Tradition and Faith: A Winning Combination

One could also argue that the emphasis on the importance of religious beliefs, particularly, the promotion of the traditional Protestant values among the soldiers. Fueling people’s emotions my supporting their battle spirit with the idea of fighting for a noble cause was promoted by Gustavus Adolphus actively and quite successfully as a military tradition, which the Thirty Year War is a graphic example of (Knox


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Table of Contents Attachment and Culture

Socio-Cultural Influences on Education

Socio-Cultural Influences on Relationships

Views of the Elderly

Works Cited

Attachment and Culture Socio-cultural factors have a strong influence on attachment at various stages. One of the socio-cultural beliefs among many people around the world is that a fatherly figure is a sign of security (Dasgupta and Hauspie 45). This creates a unique bond between a father and other members of his family. The secure attachment created in this context is based on the belief that the father is able to counter any threat that may face the family.

His presence means security not only to the children but also other members of the family who believe that the father has the power to make the home environment safe. Whenever a child is forced to spend some time away from the parents, either for educational purposes or a tour, the primary concern of all the family members is always on its security.

Given that the father will not be present to offer protection, the child will feel very insecure (Artwelle and Wislon 71). The attachment to the father can sometimes be so strong that a child may completely refuse to part from its family for fear of what may happen. This socio-cultural factor is responsible for the unique bond that children, especially girls who often feel insecure, have with their fathers.

Socio-Cultural Influences on Education Social integration is one of the major factors that have significant impact on student’s achievement, especially in higher education. According to Cameron and Bogin, success in higher education is achieved through intensive research and sharing of knowledge (43). Students in higher education institutions stand a better chance of achieving success when they work as a team.

The United States has been struggling to fight racial and other forms of discrimination, especially in institutions of learning, because of its negative consequences. Social integration brings together learners from different social background into a single system where they can easily interact and share the research findings for their own success. Daun says that students who have learnt to accept their colleagues from different social backgrounds have higher chances of achieving academic success than their colleagues who are antisocial (112).

Appreciating other people the way they are expands one’s thinking beyond the narrow sense of racism. Graduate students spend a lot of time testing theories and principles to determine their applicability in a real world situation. They can make better progress if they work as a unit irrespective of the socio-cultural differences they may have. Undergraduate students also stand to benefit a lot if they embrace social integration in the education setting.

Socio-Cultural Influences on Relationships The religion that I embraced has largely shaped my own relationship behavior with my friends. I came from a family of Christians and we strongly believe in loving and caring for people around us. At school, these beliefs have strongly influenced how I relate with my friends. Baumeister and ‎ Bushman note that it is the responsibility of all Christians to offer support to those who are in need of it (43). I have been keen to support my friends in various areas when they are in need.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I also try to avoid engaging in activities that may hurt my colleagues because I always want to share in their happiness. Compassion is another factor that has influenced the way I relate with my friends. As Daun notes, it is ethically important to be compassionate when it is necessary (122).

I have often faced a situation where I have to sacrifice my personal happiness to help a friend who is facing a given problem. It gives me a special satisfaction to see someone happy because of my actions. Sometimes it may not be easy to make major personal sacrifices, but in the long run one realizes that indeed the sacrifice was worth making because of the long-term psychological benefits.

Views of the Elderly The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely an Islamic state with an overwhelming majority professing Islamic faith. In this socio-cultural environment, the elders are viewed as the leaders who have the absolute power to make critical decisions in their families and society. In an Islamic setting, elders are seen as the custodian of wisdom. They know when it is appropriate to go to war, and when the community should refrain from war.

They are revered and their instructions cannot be disrespected. Unlike in Western nations where elders are cared for in homes for the elderly, in Islamic settings the elderly remain with their family members as the head (Kahn and Wright 92). They have the responsibility to guide the younger generation and to show them the right paths they ought to take in order to achieve success.

According to Baumeister and Bushman, elders in this setting remain very active, especially mentally because they are often called upon to make critical decision (78). Instead of the old age being a weakness as is the case in most American families, it becomes a resource revered by the society. In this setting, the government recognizes and respects the role of the elders in the society and the need to consult them as frequently as possible when making major policies.

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We will write a custom Assessment on Human Growth Discussions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Cameron, Noël, and Barry Bogin. Human Growth and Development. Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2012. Print.

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Internet Purchasing Portal to Facilitate Better Online Electronic Commerce Transactions in China Proposal a level english language essay help

While China’s rapidly growing economy has facilitated wholesale purchases using credit cards via B2B transactions and platforms, a majority of the population still has limited access to credit cards that can facilitate international and, in some cases, domestic purchases (Xinsheng and Qi 33).

This is in part due to the restrictions placed by the Chinese government on its internal financial systems due to its desire to have greater control and limit foreign volatility from affecting local markets.

However, with the increase in internet usage, higher demand for smartphones and greater consumer interest in owning a PC, this has created an ever increasing level of localized demand for EC (Electronic Commerce) transactions as more local consumers within China realize the advantage of online purchasing. To meet this demand, it is recommended that an online purchasing gateway be created that allows local Chinese buyers to purchase products online yet make payments locally via a payment center or a bank using a product code.

China has experienced an exponential growth in internet subscribers with more than 18 million being added on a yearly basis. Combined with greater purchasing power as a result of China’s booming production based economy, this has resulted in more local consumers developing consumption habits outside of merely subsistence (Liu 266).

Convenience, novelty and, in some cases, luxury have become the factors by which local consumers within the country base their purchases (Stanworth, Warden and Hsu 461). The ability to accommodate these factors via EC has been at the forefront of the developing online marketplace within China and, as such; requires immediate attention in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is recommended that an internet portal be created that allows online transactions to be funneled via this gateway. All local consumers within China would have to do is create their own account and use this as a means of paying for all online transactions with merchants that also have accounts via the same gateway.

In order to process payments, a barcode or a serial number is sent to the client’s email account once a transaction has been initially processed online (Yali, Yang, and Beixin 24). The client would then take that serial number and barcode to the nearest authorized payment center or bank, have them scan the barcode and pay the amount indicated on the transaction.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Once the amount has been paid, the transaction is then completed with the item being sent to the address indicate on the internet portal account. If the customer has a credit card, the internet portal can process the transaction via agreements with the local bank that the card belongs to.

The advantage of this method is that it allows individuals without credit cards to make online transactions. Also, customers that do have credit cards yet are unable to use them to purchase goods internationally can use the merchant portal as a middle man in order to process the transaction for them (Chang, Chen, and Dobbs 73).

Given the sheer size of China’s economy and the number of consumers within it, it is likely that many online merchants, both local and international, would have very few reservations about opening their own online accounts via the payment portal in order to make their goods and services more accessible to local buyers in China.

Number of Internet Users Vs Number of Credit Cards Issues in China

Number of Internet Users Number of Credit Cards 2012 564000000 270000000 2013 617580000 320000000 2014 641601070 360000000 2015 650000000 390000000 (Zhang, Bian and Zhu 304)

What this data shows is that the number of internet users increases at almost the same pace as the number of credit cards available within China. This shows that as more people have credit cards and access to the internet, they need a reliable method of online payment processing for the local and international goods that they want.

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We will write a custom Proposal on Internet Purchasing Portal to Facilitate Better Online Electronic Commerce Transactions in China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Stanworth, James O., Clyde A. Warden, and Ryan Shuwei Hsu. “The Voice Of The Chinese Customer.” International Journal Of Market Research 57.3 (2015): 459- 481. Print

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Cross-Media Communication in Advertising: Exploring Multimodal Connections Synthesis Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Article Summary This article initiated by scientists from Aalborg University, Denmark provides the reader with the information on the research of cross-media communication in advertising. The research was inspired by latter studies connected to this area. It focuses on the television commercial and the website as two separate advertisings connected with each other.

Three dimensions comprising announcements, participants, and address strategy were studied. Besides, authors have “examined multimodal connections between texts in terms of different degrees of similarity or dissimilarity between what is represented and how it is represented” (Jessen


Transportation Standards and Environmental Regulations Term Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

The rapid growth of global economy and the rise of globalization in the past decade led to the increase in products consumption as well as the expansion of goods distribution streams worldwide. The outburst of the global economic development and manufacturing could not but have a robust impact on the natural environment, and global warming has become one of the most significant matters of concern resulting from the growing interdependence and interconnectedness of economic and manufacturing systems at the international level.

As shown in the recent statistics, more than 50% of greenhouse gas emission is caused by cross-national transportation, and the further expansion of the international trade will provoke even more significant increases (Abe, Hattori,


Port Security Analytical Essay online essay help

Despite the tremendous efforts in the field of port security, U.S. ports remain vulnerable to the threat of the terrorist attacks due to the complexity of their functional systems and the wide range of stakeholders responsible for the different aspects of safety measures development and implementation.

The following discussion will analyze and critique the safety and emergency management structures in the port environment. In addition, it will address the supporting plans and programs and the legislative policies developed to prevent and respond for a WMD attack at a major port.

The safety and emergency management structure found in the port environment can be evaluated as quite effective with some considerable issues that still remain. The weak points include the following omissions: (1) vessel identification system is not available for every port; (2) omissions are identified in port security assessment procedures; (3) security issues related to foreign vessels; (4) IT technical issues in the port security systems; and (5) inconsistence of emergency management practices in some ports to the general guidelines and regulations provided by the government (U.S. General Accounting Office, 2003a; U.S. General Accounting Office, 2003b).

The supporting plans and programs typically found in a major port operation complex structure of ports amount to ensuring that the brought to ports cargo is safe (U.S. General Accounting Office, 2005). The major components of these plans and programs include the principle of “reporting about every cargo assessment result within the 24-hours period” and “integrated training for all port security workers to ensure their professionalism as for the technical aspect of protection systems” (U.S. General Accounting Office, 2004).

Evaluating the legislative policies developed to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a WMD attack at a major port, considerable progress since the year 2001 is noted. Legislators did not fail to notice the limitations the port security systems had. Since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the government systematically draws closer to the exalted objective to secure safety in ports.

The remarkable achievements include refining the Automated Targeting System regulations and designing the national standards for the port security workers’ attestation (Congressional Research Service, 2004; U.S. General Accounting Office, 2004). However, as far as I am concerned, the current legislative security policies are insufficient to secure and protect US ports due to the complicated system of port authority distribution between the public and private stakeholders, and interference from multiple governmental and private agencies.

The reality of a terrorist nuclear threat to America’s seaports is high. The situation is getting worse because of the sheer size of cargo being operated in ports every day and absence of the well-designed system of the central authority overseeing the maritime system (Cruise et al., 2013).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a final point, the vulnerability of the U.S. ports to the terroristic threats remains of high concern to the government and commercial institutions due to a variety of complex issues connected with the port security. The most complicated issues relate to the complexity of ports authority.

Analysis of facts demonstrates that there are too many stakeholders involved in the process of port security control. These stakeholders have problems with implementing the unified security systems developed by the governmental agencies and, as a result, some of the major ports appear vulnerable to a WMD attack due to the existing unifying protection violations.

References Congressional Research Service. (2004). Border and transportation security: Overview of congressional issues. A Report to Congress. Web.

Cruise, R. J., D’Erman, V. J.,


Personality Tests and Employee Selection Report (Assessment) college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Personality Tests

Projective and Objective Tests

Behavioral Measures

Standardized Personality Tests

APA Guidelines


Personality Tests According to Krilowicz and Lowery (1996), “the determining force behind the effectiveness of an organization is the quality of its human resources” (p. 55). The personality tests are the techniques that enable organizations to make a reasonable decision regarding the employee selection and, therefore, they are beneficial to a significant extent.

According to research findings, personality affects the job performance and work productivity significantly (Krilowicz


Porter’s Five Forces and Best Buy Analytical Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Buyer Power





Introduction The model that has been developed by Michael Porter can be viewed as incredibly efficient and still can be used by modern companies. The need to have an understanding of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses should not be disregarded during the development of their strategies, and it could lead to a significant competitive advantage in most cases (Porter, 1991).

Rivalry Best buy is one of the most well-known corporations that operates all over the globe and is focused on consumer electronics. Such retail companies as Radioshack and Circuit city may be viewed as direct competitors because they offer similar services and are aimed at the same target market. Also, it is important to note that the company has to deal with indirect competitors such as Amazon, E-Bay, Wal-Mart and others.

Another issue that should not be overlooked is that the popularity of online sales has been increasing over the years, and many companies may use this approach to minimize unnecessary expenses.

However, Best Buy is capable of using this aspect to its advantage. For instance, an individual may make a purchase, and the product will be delivered to a particular address or may be picked up at a store. It is necessary to mention that the second choice is beneficial for both parties because a customer will be able to avoid shipping fees, and a company will not have to deal with possible issues (Rao, Goldsby,