The Future Of Nursing Education

I agree with the current vision of the profession as it continues to maintain the reaching of established goals and recognizes the need for introducing new changes. Education continues to be a prevalent topic within discussions of the future of nursing, as accessibility and progression academically continue to be vital for the entire field. Diversity and leadership development has become increasingly important to nursing, as it is a profession that requires many skills that depend on competent leadership, cultural awareness, and other qualities (American Nurse, 2019). As such, the current vision that promotes these attributes is essential for the growth of the nursing profession.

Because current initiatives and goals engage nurses more directly, the goals are likely to be more realistic as they are based on the insight of working professionals. It is not possible to address all the issues within nursing in a complete manner, but adequate leadership within nursing practices has the ability to prioritize and discern immediate issues. As such, the goals that address diversity, equality, and education among nurses for the coming years are realistic and attainable at a consistent pace. However, it is also important to note that the achievement of many of the goals relies on community and government interference, which may both positively and negatively affect the achievement of said goals.

I hope to contribute to the nursing field through my leadership qualities and my ability to communicate while being socially and culturally informed. The development of current technology is likely to contribute to the changing landscape of nursing, and as such, it is vital for professionals in the field to improve their skills that rely on human factors. In my opinion, leadership, efficient communication, and sensitivity to the needs of patients are integral to the performance of nursing tasks in the coming future.


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