The “Emotional Intelligence” Book By Daniel Goleman

The reading’s main idea states that emotional intelligence, or one’s capacity to maintain her feeling and acknowledge that of others and communicate with them accordingly, is a valuable competence in all facets of life. Emotional intelligence is the most beneficial, as it creates secure, pleasant personal connections in family, community, and job. Daniel Goleman discusses numerous scholarly papers to demonstrate that emotional intelligence is more valuable than intelligence.

The three building blocks of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy. Self-awareness helps support emotional intelligence by making a person concentrate on oneself and one’s behavior, beliefs, or feelings so that they harmonize with one “s quality requirements. Next, self-regulation assists adults and teens in learning, behaving well, handling social circumstances, and becoming self-sufficient. Finally, empathy is a critical component of emotional intelligence. In simple terms, it means putting oneself in the footwear of the other. As a result, one becomes more sensitive to the sentiments and moods of others.

The reading involves many new and exciting words and phrases. Among them, ‘Intimate Enemies’ and ‘Passion’s Slaves’ have been especially noticeable. First, ‘Intimate Enemies’ means a low or minimal level of emotional intelligence that causes people to portray their companions as adversarial agencies, misinterpreting them as intimate enemies (Goleman, 2020). Further, ‘Passion’s Slaves’ denotes the case when a person’s passions start taking over her life, which drives her out of control and throws her to burst into the flow of circumstances (Goleman, 2020). Hence, emotion’s leading role and purpose are to discover a pleasant medium between emotional silencing and emotional abundance.

For me, it was intriguing to learn how psychology and spiritual growth collaborate to foster growth and be more conscious. I recall the key points lucidly, particularly the conversation about why psychological threshold values vary and the significance of counting to ten to allow the rational side to take over from the primitive nervous system reaction. Although I used to consider human intellect the most crucial aspect, I realized that emotional intelligence could be even more critical in each facet of life.


Goleman, D. (2020). Emotional intelligence. Bantam Books.