The Efficiency Of The Venn Diagram

The Venn diagram is widely used in several branches of human activity and types of science, as it allows for an accessible and easy way to structure information for the reader. This diagram is often used when classifying any complex concepts. Therefore, it is beneficial in teaching, as it allows you to analyze events and phenomena, identifying their similarities and differences. In this paper, using a simple Venn diagram of famous video game characters as an example, the effectiveness of this method of illustrating information will be presented.

The infographic by Kuddes (2021) shows the three most famous video game characters, Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mario, in which games or movies have occurred. Because all three characters were first introduced in different games, they are separated by three circles in which their models are depicted. The intersections of these circles indicate the projects in which these familiar characters have been encountered. For example, all three characters were featured in Super Smash Bros. 3DS (Kuddes, 2021). In this case, using the Venn diagram helps to understand which projects featured two characters and which featured all three. Combined with the visual style, the infographic is straightforward to understand.

Thus, by the example of this infographic, we can see that the Venn diagram is convenient and versatile because it can describe almost any information. Because of its simple production and the clarity of how it allows information to be separated, any reader can easily find the information they need by looking at the critical intersections between the circles in the diagram. Also, the simple design of the chart allows it to be separated stylistically, allowing even better separation of the information into sections.


Kuddes, J. (2021). Smash of the titans [Inphografich]. Shirts.