The Crisis Of Gun Violence In The United States

The crisis of violence is a big problem in the United States, and it often involves the use of guns. The legitimacy of its proliferation contributes to the risks of the frequency of violence, which affects the functioning of society. In addition, this type of violence is connected to the capitalist order. The essay offers a perspective on the problem of gun violence in the United States and the current situation.

Firstly, it is need to have a closer look at how America has contributed to the proliferation of guns. Legislation does not restrict gun manufacturers in the quantities of products, and in general the public can purchase them easily. The issuance of a permit is limited only by the tax and duties that go to the state treasury, and the funds from the purchases go to the manufacturers. In addition, manufacturers cooperate with the state because they benefit from the number of goods sold. Consequently, it is a matter of the capitalist system sustaining violence in society since weapons are not luxury items.

Second, one should look at who is affected by access to guns. It is known that there have been a fair number of murders due to school shooters. In addition, the gap is widespread in disadvantaged neighborhoods, where minorities – mostly ethnic groups – are the primary victims. The poor people do not have access to weapons because of their cost, even though it is low enough. The example of Jerry McGill shows that even children are not left out and are frequent victims. All Americans are at constant risk of being subjected to firearms. They are available at the expense of fair pricing and permissive government policies. Current restrictions are not insurmountable, putting society at constant risk of violence. Consequently, the availability of guns sponsors a crisis of violence, which is expressed in increased shootings among various groups.

Thus, U.S. policy on the legitimacy of gun use is such that current restrictions are not barriers to purchasing this commodity. In addition, manufacturers are comfortable accepting the government’s terms because of the capitalist mindset of society, which compels the purchase of non-luxury goods. As a result, every American is at risk, and violence can be applied to them. Consequently, the U.S. gun violence crisis is related to its availability because of capitalism and the lack of good policies.