The Choice Of A Future Profession

The choice of a future profession is a very responsible and vital stage in any person’s life because a person’s welfare is directly related to his work. Choosing a suitable profession, which would still be in demand on the market, can warn a person against the problem of unemployment, which has been plaguing humankind for many years. I believe that when choosing a profession, first of all, it is necessary to assess the current and future trends of the labor market, which can increase the chances of staying in demand for many years.

The modern labor market is rapidly changing due to globalization and informatization. Many professions are disappearing, and others are appearing, so it is essential to understand which professions will be in demand in the future so that you won’t be downsized one day. Among the professions named by my friend, I want to talk about the job of an information security analyst. The demand for this profession to grow by thirty-three percent over the next ten years (Fastest Growing Occupations, 2022). In addition, professionals in this profession earn, on average, much more than social workers or statisticians (May 2021 National Occupational Employment, 2022). Also, the IT field, and therefore information security, steadily increases opening jobs yearly (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2022).

Thus, I believe my friend should choose a profession related to the IT sphere because, despite the growth in demand for all of the professions listed by my friend, this specialty shows the best results. It is also, on average, more rewarding and in demand right now, not to mention the future trend. So, I would advise my friend to pay more attention to this profession, which, while not guaranteeing his financial well-being in the future, will lower the chance of becoming unemployed.


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