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The Black Arts Era will go into the annals of history as one of the most contentious in American history. The era was heralded by the establishment of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) in Harlem in the decade of the 1960s. Many historians view this movement as the artistic arm of the Black Power movement, representing one of the most significant periods in the growth and blossoming of African-American literature (Pitney 23).

The 1960s was a period of black rediscovery. The black American wanted to assert his cultural and social identity, having realized that he had been subject to racialism and subjugation for far too long. Most of the movements that emerged during this period used various forms of art to pass their message across that time has come for the blacks to take full charge over their lives and destiny (Mike 280).

It was during the Black Arts Era that many blacks were inspired to start their own publishing houses, theaters, magazines, novels, and art institutions, aimed at instilling a voice of demanding their rights from a society that was overly biased towards the whites. According to Mike, the era is “notable for its sophisticated and politically inflected drama, theater, and performance” (278).

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. adhered to the overall philosophy of this era by fighting for the injustices presented to blacks through engaging their strong oratory prowess as a form of art to appeal to blacks to be strong in the face of adversity and demand what is rightfully theirs.

Luther’s ‘I have a dream’ speech is still remembered to date for rallying the black American community to espouse their identity and willingness of both mind and character to fully take charge of their own destiny (Pitney 47). It is imperative to note that both King and Malcolm fought against the injustices from the confines of Civil Rights movement.

Both King and Malcolm were young and charismatic leaders, exuding a lot of confidence in the public gatherings they attended, thereby drawing huge, almost fanatical following.

Despite their common goals of demanding for equality, the styles of the two men were interestingly divergent, and their philosophies for achieving the stated purpose of fighting injustices equally different. King was a staunch campaigner of employing non-violent demonstrations and civil disobedience as a means of triggering social change in the white-dominated society (Mike 282).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, Malcolm X was a firm believer that all methods, including violent actions, should be used to wage a spirited war on the perceived oppressors, with the explicit aim of changing the status quo which equated a black person to someone who could not be in control of his own destiny, and therefore required to be led.

The activists employed the above styles to achieve their purpose – equality and independence of the minority black community. Their strong oratory prowess ensured the sense of purpose and financial independence were also engrained in the mindsets of the black populace.

According to Mike, the leaders’ “…saw the situated, communitarian, and traditionalist implications of the spoken word as the best way to articulate a critical philosophy anchored in everyday activism” (278). Their purpose of ensuring equality was realized, but not before both of them paid the ultimate prize of death for waging the campaign to free the Black Americans from the chains of racism and subjugation

The audiences targeted by King and Malcolm were personalities in authority as well as members of the black community. To those in power, mainly from the mainstream white society, King and Malcolm wanted to see them enact legislation that would eventually recognize the blacks as human beings with similar fundamental rights as members of the white community (Pitney 64).

Both King and Malcolm also appealed to the blacks themselves to stand up to the occasion and be counted as Americans rather than as members of a minority group. It was an uphill task to instill confidence in Black Americans that they should stand up for their rights especially after undergoing many years of subjugation, but the movement of the 60s swept across America like a volatile hurricane, delivering blacks from a myriad of social and political problems that existed before

Works Cited Mike, S. The Voice of Blackness: The Black Arts Movement and Logocentricism. In: D. Krasner


The Circular Ruins Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

‘The Circular ruins’ is a short story written by Jorge Luis Borges about a wizard who moves away from humanity to the circular ruins, an isolated location which is considered to hold magical power. The wizard is motivated to create a human being and he intends to do so by dreaming up the human.

To do so, the wizard starts sleeping and dreaming for prolonged periods on a daily basis where he imagines a young man who gradually gains wisdom and knowledge. Soon, the wizard begins to lose sleep to the point where he can no longer dream of the young man.

The wizard therefore declares the first endeavor to create a human as a failure and decides to try again. After several attempts, he finally falls asleep where he initially dreams of an indistinct form which gradually becomes a clear image of a heart in subsequent nights.

The wizard continues to give detail to his young man form for many years until finally he feels that the form is complete upon which he requests the god Fire to give life to the form. Fire agrees and the form finally becomes just like a human and is sent to the real world to work in a secluded temple of the god Fire.

Since the creation is not human, it is able to do astonishing deeds like walking through fire and on hot coal without being burnt. The creation becomes famous so much so that the wizard learns of these achievements and decides to visit the creation. When he arrives, the wizard walks into the flaming house of Fire and become aware of the fact that just like his creation, he too is not burnt by fire and realizes that he is also a creation of another dreamer.

Discussion Jorge Luis Borges in ‘The Circular ruins’ articulates the prospect that reality is superlative, hence the conscious mind controls all the matter around it. The story takes an idealist approach to realism by suggesting that ideas are just as powerful as reality. For instance, the idea of a rock is just as real as a material rock to a material person to a mind that identifies the idealized rock as real (Costa 78).

The deeper meaning could therefore be that the mind has the power to expand and compress reality hence if the mind is incapable of connecting with reality more than what it is familiar with, what the mind then recognizes is the only pertinent reality (Bronstein 647). The wizard in ‘The Circular Ruins’ lives in the reality of ordinary men before he relocates to the ruins and he is regarded by others and views himself as a normal man (Asma 6). The wizard goes ahead to imagine another person only to realize later that he too is an idea.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Borges here implies that our existence as human beings could also be the thoughts of a more powerful being and since we have no way of knowing, authority has to come from the being that allows us to understand our existence(Costa 81). Consequently, no one is completely certain that their reality including their mind and ideas is not just another person’s imagination which would make their imagination reality (Bronstein 654).

In conventional and modern cosmology, dreams play a major role in enhancing communication between the conscious and subconscious mind as well as bridges the gap between the dream and the dreamer (Hagar 3). The meaning of the dream could be that the wizard was subconsciously longing for a son or a new invention (Asma 9). It is also possible that the wizard was indeed a dream which would mean that the dreamer was neither focused nor was he actually committed to his intentions though the Ego was willing(Hagar 4).

The god Fire is of the essence in the rule of anatomy because he is the one that consequently forms reality out of the wizard’s imagination (Bronstein 659). However, it is in his second attempt that he is able to successfully create an individual through a more thorough and detailed process from the first (Asma 10).

According to Hagar, the anatomy of the final creation has various meanings and interpretations the most profound being the importance of time in doing anything worthwhile (6). The first creation is created rather quickly when compared to the second being meaning some crucial aspects might have been overlooked. In addition, the detailed amalgamation of the second being perpetuates the meaning that carefully collected thoughts are potent and more likely to generate the expected results (Costa 85).

One major advantage that this short story has over conventional philosophic prose is the ability of the author to connect emotionally with the reader. In doing so, cavernous meanings can be drawn from the dreams at both an anatomy and cosmology levels as well as form an idealistic state of mind (Asma 12). It is however apparent that the author meant for the reader to question his environment as well as his thoughts in order to ultimately understand his reality, identity and existence.

Works Cited Asma, Matthew. Borges: Intruding on Reality. May 2002. Web.

Bronstein, Catalina. Borges, Immortality and the Circular Ruins. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol.83, No. 7, pp.647-660, 2002.

We will write a custom Essay on The Circular Ruins specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Costa de René. Humor in Borges. Michigan: Wayne State University Press, 2000. Print.

Hagar, Salamon. Between Conscious and Subconscious: Depth-to-Depth Communication in the Ethnographic Space. Sep., 2002. Ethos, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 249-272. April 26, 2010:


Sense experience is the only source of knowledge Research Paper custom essay help

Table of Contents Empiricism in philosophy


Empiricism compared to other theories

Inconsistencies in the Empiricism theory


Reference List

There are several theories in epistemology also known as the study of human knowledge and one of the theories states that sense experience is the only source of knowledge. Also known as empiricism, this theory is one of numerous contending observations that dominate various fields such as history, science, and philosophy in the study of human knowledge.

The theory gives emphasis to experience and substantiation sensory participation and awareness in particular, in the development of thoughts and ideas. Empiricism however challenges the concept of innate ideas which may in unique cases be deduced from empirical reasoning for instance in hereditary bias.

In addition, the philosophy of science which is a comparatively unrelated sphere of knowledge, integrates empiricism extensively by underscoring the view that that all assumptions and conjectures have to be tested against interpretations of the natural world, instead of being created only through an innate way of thinking, perception or disclosure.

The theory therefore asserts that the features of scientific knowledge in particular as discovered in research, be directly correlated to the evidence and hence science is perceived as a methodologically empirical form of study.

Empiricism in philosophy Empiricism is a philosophical theory that connects knowledge to experience where experience is regarded as the sensory component of perception. The theory disagrees with other theories that support the notion that knowledge in any form exists outside experience (Walter 2008, 82).

Theories such as rationalism the Intuition/Deduction thesis and Innate Knowledge thesis which support the notion that there is the existence of intrinsic or instinctive knowledge or the subsistence of a priori knowledge, knowledge of necessary truths or any common ideologies that claim knowledge in any form is acquired through the use of reason are of an opposing essence to the empiricism theory of philosophy (Maxwell 1998, 56).

The theory’s primary argument is that nothing in the intellect that was not previously in the senses and hence human thoughts are regarded to be completely dependant upon experience.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Various philosophers agree with the empiricism theory though suggesting that rationalism and empiricism are not mutually exclusive thus reason can be used to acquire knowledge though it has to utilize the information provided by the senses(Ward, n.d). For instance we can be rationalists in art, arithmetic, music or a particular area of the given subjects while at the same time we can still be empiricists when it comes to the physical sciences or history (Walter 2008, 83).

If philosophers can be rationalists and empiricists at the same time then the organizational formats frequently used in philosophy need restructuring since early philosophers were either grouped as rationalists or empiricists but the two different categories are now shared among philosophers with a common agenda (Markie, 2008).

Fundamental empiricists on the other hand argue that experience is the only source of knowledge and have a different opinion of the relationship between experiences and thoughts that suggests that thoughts are themselves subjects of examination, perceived by the senses in their categorization (Maxwell 1998, 59).

Two of the most prominent empiricists namely John Locke and David Hume both held that all thoughts and ideas developed from sensual cues are gained through experience and human beings are all are born without any form of knowledge inspiring Hume to state that “all ideas derive from the sense experiences which they copy” (Hume, 2006).

Discussion Sense experience is the only source of knowledge due to the fact that we cannot conceive ideas devoid of an equivalent sense impression. This notion is supported by Hume’s observation that, “A blind man can form no notion of colors; a deaf man of sounds” (Hume, 2006).

In addition, human imagination without any sensory foundation is limited and hence human beings cannot visualize perpetuity since we have never experienced it or a similar event to it. However, it is easy for us to imagine a blue lion although we have never seen one because we are able to combine ideas and thoughts to form a more intricate thought (Ward, n.d).

Empiricism about a given area under discussion for instance history discards the analogous theories that support the notion that such knowledge is innate due to the fact that as long as we have knowledge in history, our knowledge is a posteriori meaning acquired and is reliant upon sense experience such as reading, listening and observation(Walter 2008, 84).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Sense experience is the only source of knowledge specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Markie, (2008) states that; “reasoning can make us realize the connection present between our ideas though the ideas themselves as well as any truths in relation to the external reality the ideas represent can only be achieved due to sense experience”. Hume adjusts the comprehension of the content of our thoughts to simplify the empiricism theory by associating thoughts with experience hence explicating the origin of our thoughts.

Through the study of Hume’s work, it is easy to tell between the two types of mental contents which are impressions and ideas (Ward, n.d). According to Walter 2008, impressions are the contents of our experiences that are currently in progress such as desires, way of thinking, emotions, needs among others, whereas ideas are the mental contents developed from impressions. Ideas are however not similar with the existence of both simple and complex ideas.

Simple ideas are basically replications of impressions while complex ideas are compounded or expanded forms of impressions. Consequently, provided that all our ideas are accordingly achieved through experience, various techniques can be used to establish the content of any idea in addition to the implication of any expression in use to articulate it (Maxwell 1998, 60).

For instance by regarding a philosophical term to be without a meaning or idea, then by finding out the impression that is the supposed source of the idea will substantiate the sense experience (Markie, 2008).

“Therefore, as long as experience is the source of all ideas, then our experiences also establish the contents of our knowledge, such as our knowledge of right and wrong as well as our knowledge of substance have their content verified by the experiences” (Maxwell 1998, 60). Furthermore, empiricists do not support the connotation of the subsequent Innate Concept thesis that suggests that we have innate ideas in any subject area hence concluding that sense experience is our only source of ideas and knowledge.

Empiricism compared to other theories According to Maxwell 1998 (62), Empiricism and Rationalism differ fundamentally in principle though it has been deduced that the two theories simply diverge whenever they are set up to construe a similar subject.

For instance when discussing the truths about the external world, a rationalist with will claim that some external world truths are and have been known a priori since various ideas essential for that knowledge are and have to be innate moreover that this knowledge is more advanced than any knowledge that experience could offer(Ward, n.d).

An empiricist in contrast would argue that experience is the only source of information regarding the truths about the external world. However, the observations of philosophers are more refined and multifaceted and hence the annotations of the philosophers need to be viewed in isolation rather than categorize them as either empiricism or rationalism (Hume, 2006).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Sense experience is the only source of knowledge by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Locke for instance discards rationalism but also acknowledges the significance of the Intuition theory which supports our inherent knowledge of God and his being (Walter 2008, 85). Hume however states that our failure to give explanation as to how some thoughts with contents that can be characterized as rationalists though they are obtained through experience should not present the Innate Concept thesis as a viable option (Ward, n.d).

Such experiences are not able to sustain the content that various rationalists attribute to the consequent ideas and hence we should acknowledge a more restricted outlook of the contents for the thoughts and in so doing a more narrow view of our ability to explain and identify with the world (Markie, 2008).

There is also the Superiority of Reason thesis which empiricists adamantly decline to recognize due to the fact that reason does not offer any knowledge exclusively and hence it does not give more advanced knowledge. The Empiricism theory does not demand that we have empirical knowledge rather it involves the view that sole acquisition of knowledge can only be through experience.

Inconsistencies in the Empiricism theory There are a number of errors which have been identified to be within the Empiricism theory the first discrepancy being in the statement itself due to the fact that we can in reality obtain some knowledge without the necessarily incorporating experience and this is referred to as a priori.

A priori is therefore the knowledge that can be gained without experience while the converse posteriori, is the knowledge that is obtained through experience. Supporters of rationalism argue against empiricism due to the fact that the hypothesis fails to offer provisions for the manner in which thought affords one with compartments which are used to systematize and process the thoughts, a process which is not necessarily derived from experience (Maxwell 1998, 63).

Priori knowledge which is the central form of knowledge in the Empiricism theory is conferred in three dimensions, intuition being one of the means by which such knowledge can be acquired (Ward, n.d). Intuitive knowledge is the understanding gained through instinct as we as reflexively without the necessity of reasoning.

The assumption for instance that wherever there is no property, injustice cannot exist there is not conceived through reasoning and is rather through natural feeling (Markie, 2008). Demonstration is also another source of a priori knowledge and the implication is that knowledge by conclusions is developed through arguments and subsequent agreements, for example it can be proven that a vehicle moves because of the engine (Walter 2008, 87).

Finally, innate knowledge is also a way in which priori knowledge can be obtained and hence human beings are not born as “Tabula rasa” or as a blank slate but instead human beings posses a little innate knowledge during birth. For instance after birth, humans have knowledge about the rational connectives as well as the aptitude to develop verbal communication (Hume, 2006).

According to Hume, 2006 “Words in their primary or immediate signification stand for nothing in the mind of him that uses them.” The underlying significance of this statement is that since words have their meaning rooted in selected sense impressions, a speaker never has the same meaning when he think he is communicating(Ward, n.d).

This argument is erroneous for the reason that a speaker’s words stand for his sense impressions which a listener cannot obtain while the listener’s words represent his sense impressions which are different from the speaker’s and which cannot be obtained by another(Walter 2008, 89).

Furthermore, the Empiricism theory also lacks to acknowledge the fact that that the human mind dynamically transforms the way we experience different objects (Markie, 2008). Human beings observe objects in a diversity of ways since the human mind processes the information in different ways depending on an individual’s past (Maxwell 1998, 65).

Ludwig Richter for example along with a number of his colleagues went to a Tivoli to paint an image of a precisely similar object. However, after the completion of their paintings, they compared their work and noted that every painting was uniquely different from the rest. The conclusion of the above experiment reveals that the human mind has a dynamic role in the way we experience things (Ward, n.d).

Conclusion The empiricism theory was put together by a number of philosophers such as Aristotle, Robert Grosseteste, William of Ockham, Francis Bacon, John Locke, George Berkeley, David Hume, John Stuart Mill and Gilles Deleuze.

The philosophers suggested that the mind is a “tabula rasa” or a “blank tablet” or “white paper” on which experiences create the knowledge that is stored in the mind. Also known as fundamental empiricism, this version of empiricism contradicts the notion that human beings have intrinsic knowledge or that knowledge can ever exist without orientation to experience.

The empiricist view is of the view that knowledge requires to be ultimately obtained through an individual’s sense experience for any information to be accurately presumed understood or concluded. The philosophical empiricism theory is normally an antithesis of the philosophical theory of rationalism which emphasizes that to a great extent, knowledge is gained through reason and without the help of the senses.

The difference between the two theories is however not clear-cut in the present philosophical studies due to the fact that Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz who were fundamental rationalists also supported some aspects of the empiricism theory such as the scientific application of empiricism. Stringent empiricists such as Locke also held the concept that some knowledge for instance the knowledge of God’s existence could be obtained priori through instinct and reasoning only.

However, other philosophers such as Rene Descartes have provided reasonable proof through the rationalism theory that there are several errors in the empiricism theory. Their arguments undoubtedly prove that not all knowledge is gained from sense experiences given that there are indeed some ideas that are obtained without experience such as an aptitude for communication and the belief of the existence of God.

Reference List Hume, David. 2006. “A Treatise of Human Nature.” [email protected] Web.

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Ward, Teddy, “Empiricism.” Web.


Leadership Roles: My Experience in the Nokia Cup Reflective Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Event organization always features different leadership roles being exhibited. There is clearly a need for organization, and therefore events are always instances where leadership is needed. The event I participated in is the Nokia Cup. This is an annual curling event and is very big within the sporting circles. I was assigned the role of lead hand in one of the event locations, namely Guelp Memorial Gardens stadium.

The main leadership role there was organization. A lot of resources and personnel were allocated so that the organization could be efficient. There was the overall committee, which had been working in partnership with other organizations. Additionally, there were departments headed up by individuals who took care of specifics such as security, entertainment and other facets within the event. My role was to help with organizing and controlling others within the stadium I had been assigned to.

The organization had both its advantages and challenges. The first advantage relates to the delegation of duties. The head committee delegated responsibility to various individuals based on the spread of the venue. This delegating allowed the people involved to specialize and take responsibility for different facets of the event. However, this was not followed up with effective communication, thus a breakdown in the quality of organization.

The result was that inter-related aspects of organization were not taken into consideration. For example, security was a nightmare simply because the head committee did not give feedback on the expected attendance. Additionally, the leadership on the ground did not prepare those who were actually going to carry out security properly.

There was need for a master plan as regards to planning, but this did not happen. It would have required an inter-committee task force to properly plan out the security in order for it to work effectively.

The mediocre planning caused a series of unfortunate events. There was need for the leadership role of crisis handling. Good crisis handling allows the event to save face and maintain its reputation. The compressor for keeping the ice temperature was not working properly because the overhead sensor was malfunctioning. Additionally, since concessions were not up to par, we had less money to work with.

However, there was real leadership shown in the heat of the moment. The leadership allowed for creativity, which saw a suggestion to increase the drinking so as to divert attention from the failed areas. This worked as the participants loved to drink. Additionally, the staff on the ground were inspired to work extra hard in order to cover for the unfortunate circumstances. At my venue, our venue head inspired us with a pep talk and a lot of warmth.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The result was that we were able to pull off the event, despite the overwhelming amount of work. However, I do not know specifically how the leadership handled the crises that they were facing in the other venues. What I do know is that the crises had to be handled, thus presenting a leadership moment for those in charge on the ground.

Supervision is another aspect that we can explore. It is the work of any leadership to allocate roles and see them out. This is what supervision entails: handing out roles and checking whether they have been done effectively and efficiently.

The main committee handed out responsibility according to the venue, and thus the delegated supervision to the various leaders appointed. At our venue, our leader was very hands on. He wanted to know what was happening and how it was being done. This allowed him to oversee effectively and respond to the challenges on a real time basis.

However, this also made him very exhausted at the end of the day. In my department, as one of the leaders I was able to organize my minions to move into the irregular roles assigned to us. This made it hard to supervise what they were doing since I had “lent” them out to different departments to help out as was necessary. I left them to be supervised by the various heads of the departments I lent them to.

In terms of creativity, I think the job done was very good. In this regard, I would change very little. The creativity was amazing, as shown by the building of a bar, food and beverages stand within the stadium, at the west end of the rink. They used professionals in creativity, and it paid off.

However, if I extend creativity to include problem solving, I would recommend bringing on more talent and wider experience. The leadership should have trusted us, in the lower levels, to be able to come up with suggestions and insights into how the event could be organized.

Had we been consulted, I am sure a wide range of suggestions that would have proved invaluable would have come up. Additionally, I would have loved if the leadership put in place a feedback mechanism for assessing the event. This way, the people on the ground would have given their view on how to improve the event. Additionally, they would include information on things to watch out for in the next event.

We will write a custom Essay on Leadership Roles: My Experience in the Nokia Cup specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More I recommend that proper planning be done in future. The structure of planning needs to change in order for the event to succeed. In my opinion, the leadership was way too concerned with what was happening in the upper ranks that it forgot the small planning details that mattered. Ensuring proper delegation would solve this.

Event venues should have their own effective planning committees, as opposed to relying on leadership directives from afar. Additionally, I would have the main and sub-committees meet regularly to discuss the challenges of planning. This way, we would avoid the problems altogether. Planning should be a participative process, and therefore I would include the lower levels of staff in the process. This would allow for an even greater pool of suggestions to be made.

As for supervision, I think it would be solved by effective delegation. In order to avoid senior leadership from getting tired handling all the work, I recommend more leadership posts be created. This way, the system runs without exhausting some individuals. I have already stated that with creativity, I would prefer if the leadership allows recommendations from lower levels. This would boost morale and give the leadership a true picture of what is happening on the ground.

Finally, since even the best laid plans have flaws, emergency precautions need to be put in place. Putting flexible and adaptable individuals in charge to handle the unknown would greatly help. Additionally, these individuals must be true leaders: they must be able to rally up those underneath them to effectively handle the challenges. This way, any challenge would be effectively handled.


Historical Events in the History of Los Angeles Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Comments on Some of the Events


Works Cited

Introduction Los Angeles has come a long way to be where it is today. It has undergone numerous changes, some positive, some detrimental. Nevertheless, regardless of the nature of the change, each event contributed largely to the growth of Los Angles. After the transfer of California to the United States in 1948, Los Angles underwent a legion of changes including organizational, administrative, physical, and cultural changes among others.

Of all these events, four events stand out clearly as the most important historical events in the history of Los Angeles. These are the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, which was completed in 1876, the struggle at Los Angeles River in 1938, appropriation, and consolidations of Los Angeles in early twentieth century and the Proposition 14.

Events As aforementioned, the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1876 is one of the most important events in the history of Los Angeles. However, there were other railroads whose construction heralded the completion of this Railroad. San Pedro Railroad, stretching for 21 miles, was the first railroad to exist in Los Angeles.

In 1885, the California Southern Railroad was established due to the rapid population growth and this contributed to the establishment of Central Pacific Railroad, which was directed to Los Angeles instead of San Francisco.

Several railroad conflicts ensued; actually, this would have cost Los Angeles the Southern Pacific Railroad had John Downey not intervened to persuade Collins Huntington, the then president of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company to let this railroad go through Los Angeles. Eventually, construction of the Transcontinental Railroad in Los Angeles reached its climax in 1876 and this heralded massive economical development in the region.

This event was important because it opened Los Angeles to the world and other states. The 1,000 miles of the railroad linked Los Angeles to Pomona, Huntington Beach, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, among other places and this makes this event the most important in the history of Los Angeles.

The other important event is the struggle at Los Angeles River. This permanent river, rich in fresh water, sustained 45 Gabrielino settlements in Los Angeles. According to Gumprecht, floods were the major problem of this river (15). The floods were unpredictable and would catch residents unaware and result into massive destruction. For instance, “The location of the Los Angeles Plaza had to be moved twice because of previously having been built too close to the riverbed” (Estrada 95).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ironically, during the dry season, people would construct houses near the banks of this river only to be washed away by floods. Nevertheless, the worst event in this series of struggles occurred in 1938 when a fierce storm destroyed infrastructure across Los Angeles and the neighboring Orange Counties.

After these massive floods, the federal government came in to save the situation. The Army Corps, “transferred floodwater to the sea, paved the beds of the river and its tributaries, and built several dams in the canyons along the San Gabriel Mountains to reduce the debris flows” (McPhee 26).

This was the turning point in flood history of Los Angeles. To date, Los Angeles River functions to control floods in the area. The Army Corps also drilled numerous wells in the region. This event is important for through it, Los Angeles has been in position to contain floods effectively.

The annexations and appropriations of Los Angeles stand out clearly in historical events of this state. Until, 1890s, Los Angeles stood on 73 km2 area. However, the twentieth century ushered in a new beginning. Garvanza and Highland Park were the first two districts to be added to Los Angeles from the northern side. In 1906, Port of Los Angeles was sanctioned, something that linked Los Angeles to other places just like the railroads.

In 1909, Wilmington and San Pedro became part of Los Angeles. Hollywood, Colegrove, and Cahuenga followed suit in 1910 making Los Angeles to have an area of 233 km2. According to Municipal Secession Fiscal Analysis Scoping Study, by 2004, Los Angeles had a total area of 469 square miles (2). This annexations and appropriations ensured that Los Angeles became a giant in water provision services escalating its economical growth.

More districts meant more economical growth and these annexations have uplifted Los Angeles to the status it enjoys today. If these districts remained divided, there would be no pooling of resources and they would be still minute districts of little or no economic, cultural, or physical importance. Therefore, these annexations allowed economic expansion in the area.

Finally, Proposition 14 ranks among the most important historical events in the history of Los Angeles. Since colonial times, land allocation in Los Angeles had been an ethnicity issue. By 1945, only a minute number of blacks and Asians owned land or houses in this place. Actually, after World War II, blacks who were involved in the war returned home only to miss land and houses. This trend had severe effects in other areas of blacks’ lives like education and economical well-being.

We will write a custom Essay on Historical Events in the History of Los Angeles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, 1959, Augustus Hawkins from Los Angeles pushed for implementation of California Fair Employment Practices Acts, which would root out restrictive land covenants across America. In 1963, California Legislature authorized Rumford Fair Housing Act, which would take from where the previous act had left. However, there was opposition and whites did not want to offer minorities equal opportunities on matters of land ownership.

To attain this, they formed alliance that would campaign against this act in a referendum in what turned out to be Proposition 14. In Los Angeles, Martin Luther King was campaigning for equality and freedom; however, Proposition 14 passed in California and the minorities were doomed to inequality. This led to Watts Riots in 1965.

After these riots, California Supreme Court “ruled that Proposition 14 violated the State Constitution’s provisions for equal protection and due process” (Jeffries


GIS Project: Environmental Hazards in the USA Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Study Objectives

Literature Review


Planned Analysis



Works Cited


Among the variety of problems that disturb people, it is not always easy to define one particular problem and prove that it is the only one that deserves people’s attention. Problems connected to nature and human impact on it is considered to be a burning aspect to deal for a long period of time. “As the world population grows, so more people are exposed to hazard” (Smith 3); this is why the decision to choose environmental hazards as the topic for this GIS project is not accidental.

Study Objectives The main purposes of the study are the evaluation of environmental hazards, analysis of the historical facts, and development of the ideas on how to prevent some hazards in future or, at least, get prepared for possible damages. People awareness about the possibility of natural hazards turns out to be not enough; and the process of mapping hazards and identification of the places which are in danger.

Literature Review It is known that solving problems during the GIS project “involves several distinct components and stages” (Longley et al. 15); this is why it very important to define one purpose to be achieved during the analysis and several supporting ideas on how to comprehend the importance of hazards’ evaluation.

The results of numerous investigations on different levels show that “it is impossible to live in a totally risk-free environment” (Smith 4); however, there is always an opportunity to examine what threats are waiting for people in future and the ways of how these threats may be overcome or minimized by means of human actions.

Methodology The current study is based on the evaluation of the particular territory and the analysis of the data given online. The ideas offered by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences may be used as a reliable and powerful source to define what challenges created by nature are the most serious for people.

After earth conditions are taking into consideration, it is possible to rely on the census data in order to clear up what parts of North America may be changed or damaged by nature. In general, the use of different methods that depend on weather conditions and population level seems to be the most adequate for this type of work.

Planned Analysis A thorough evaluation of conditions that may influence the development of environmental hazards is the central point in this work. The analysis of information found has to be divided into several logically arranged steps: earth analysis, population, human effects on nature, and possible territory for hazards.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Results At the end of the study, it is expected to define the most vulnerable territory and the outcomes of hazards. It is also necessary to clear up what types of hazards are possible in the chosen territory and how serious the level of damage can be.

Evaluating the already found information, it is possible to predict that the north-west of the United States of America may undergo considerable damages due to the level of population and the structure of the earth. The main point is to focus on hazards’ types and effects.

Conclusion In general, the GIS analysis of environmental hazards in the USA shows that a number of dangers for people exists all the time, and people should not only be aware about these threats but also be able to take necessary precautions and be saved.

Works Cited Longley, Paul, A., Goodchild, Michael, F., Maguire, David, J., and Rhid, David, W. Geographic Information Systems and Science. London: John Wiley and Sons, 2005.

Smith, Keith. Environmental Hazards: Assessing Risk and Reducing Disaster. New York: Routledge, 2004.

Appendix Figure 1: Droughts in America


We will write a custom Essay on GIS Project: Environmental Hazards in the USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Figure 2: Census Data

Figure 3: Acceleration of Peak Ground


Group work evaluation Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

For the work on the project, our class was subdivided into groups. We needed to work in groups during the semester; therefore, the proper distribution of students into members was extremely important. I was lucky to appear in the group of my good friends. That is why, working in team with them was easy and interesting for me. I knew every member of my group before the project, and this made it easier for me to communicate with them. Knowing the personal qualities of every individual allowed us organize the work properly.

Specifically, we managed to distribute the tasks among the group members in a way that guaranteed the sufficiency and competency of every individual. Every member of the group was responsible for some task and its performance. All the members managed to do their tasks on time, and there were no disagreement with any of the members.

At the beginning of the work on the project, I expected the work to be rather complicated. Namely, I had assumed that it would be hard for several group members to cooperate. In fact, I had doubts about the team project to be successful.

I thought that it would have been better and more comfortable for me to work on the project on my own. It was also hard for me to trust the other members, and let them be responsible for some tasks. However, with the flow of the work my vision of the project changed. The team project appeared to be a very interesting and educational type of activity.

What is more, the group project contributed to my general understanding of the subject. As far as the responsibilities were distributed among the members of the team, it was easier for me to analyze every level of the subject.

Group project allowed me doing the research step by step, learning its separate parts, and then analyzing the project as a whole. In comparison with other activities group project proved to be harder to do, but in some cases it was even more helpful. Now I can confidently claim that the process of learning would have been incomplete without the group project.

One more advantage of the group project is that it involved interaction with the other group members. Such activity developed my communicative skills, teached me how to express myself clearly and understand others better.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, work in team developed the sense of responsibility in every of the members, as the task of each individual was not only doing his or her own task, but also contributing to the group work. Failing to do the task on time meant not only personal failure, but also letting down of the whole team. I feel that the experience of doing a group project changed my attitude to doing tasks in general, and to the process of learning.

Working on team project was a new kind of activity for me. However, despite the fact that it proved to be very interesting and useful, it is hard for me to decide whether it is the best of the course activities.

I guess that team project is a good kind of work, but it cannot be used alone. Indeed, the textbooks are irreplaceable; they were also helpful in the project. The exercises that we did in the class were very interesting, and they helped to understand the material better.

In addition, while the flow of the project was managed by us, the exercises in class were controlled by the teacher, which guaranteed our adequacy. The films shown in class were also rather helpful, especially for those students, who have a good visual memory. I think that every kind of activity is extremely useful, and all of them need to be used in complex for maximal effect.


The Corporation a level english language essay help

The film by Joel Bakan “The Corporation” deals with the most significant facets of the issue of corporations in our society. This film produced a very strong impression on me, made me think of our society development and our future.

First of all, I’d like to point out that this film made me feel as if I finally understood thoroughly what I only suspected. I realize that this film is not a “scary movie”, but it is a reflection of what is happening. The film revealed what corporations are, what they do, what positive or rather negative impact they produce, and, finally, how people can cope with all that. As far as my opinion on the film is concern I’d like to point out that this is a very useful film, which causes only positive feelings.

Of course, a lot of negative things about corporations are revealed, but still the film shows that it is possible to influence corporations; this film makes the viewers not only see and admit the facts enlisted in the film, but it provokes necessity of action and making corporations work for people, and not vice versa; for corporation is people’s creation “endowed in the interest of society” (Drucker 209).

Personally I was impressed by the passage revealing media corporation impact on people, and how people can resist such a big machine. To my mind, the most frightful and powerful of all corporations are media corporations, since they influence people almost 24 hours a day: ads, news, even programs and films.

All above mentioned are means of making people do the necessary choices in products, and even ideas. People know only what they are allowed to know – this was the most striking notion for me. Nevertheless, even this huge power can be resisted, for there still people “who are feisty and fractious enough” to say about media the whole truth (DeJean). It is only a great pity that there are few people who dare to say truth, and there are too many of those who only think of profits.

To my mind, the main purpose of the film is to make people (as much people as possible) aware of the processes which corporations cause, caused or may cause. The filmmakers intended to provide as comprehensive information as it is possible. The film is devoted to detailed depiction of the corporations and their impact on society.

Actually, I could assume that the filmmakers wanted to provide adequate information with a bit negative tinge, and this, by no means, can not a demerit of a film, since there is much more negative than positive about corporations. They wanted each viewer, after watching this film, to take his/her own ideas about the whole issue.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I believe that the filmmakers counted on a very diverse audience, and they actually succeeded, for it is very clear and watchable for ordinary individuals and it is still very interesting even for specialists. The speakers not only state something, they illustrate it, prove it; the filmmakers support the voices by very emotional videos, thus the film effects by provoking ideas and provoking images.

I am sure that the film reaches its purpose to make people think about the situation in our society and make their response, since I am one of those people, who watched it and was affected by it. I would assume that filmmakers wanted to focus on young people, for young people should understand the necessity of actions and youth can and actually must act. Young people should know these processes so to be able to change things.

As for me, this film depicted the comprehensive picture of the modern society and me in this society. Not so long ago I didn’t think about corporations impact, or rather about corporations at all; but now I understand that corporations are making quite a lot of harm to the whole society, since they are only concerned about the profit, they don’t bother about ethics, other people rights, environment, they simply don’t think about the future.

Industrial corporations use natural resources, accumulate wastes; deprive people from working in normal condition, work out different ways to make money without thinking about the consequences.

At this point I’d like to consider the film passage concerning using chemicals, which not only pollute the environment but cause very negative effects in people. Still corporations sell such products without thinking that they and their relatives can also suffer from their business (not even in the future, the very next day after tasting that milk during their breakfast).

I should admit that I am (or was) aware of most of things discussed in the film, but only now it came across my mind that I am a part of that system: I use corporation’s products, I consider options given by advertisements, finally, I watch news and form my own opinion based on what I am told. Now I understand that the majority of media promotes somebody’s interests, and now I will think twice before making my decision.

My strong belief is our media system needs changes. I would support the Media Reform Movement, since I understand that media corporations forgot about the purpose of media, they don’t provide any truthful and unprejudiced events or facts, they only feed people with some little amounts of information which can bring profit. To my mind it is possible to change this state of things.

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Does Evolution explain human nature? Analytical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Morality is one principle that applies in both human beings and animals alike especially considering the evolution theory. Morality covers a broad perspective made of several elements/virtues like empathy. In their work, Martin Nowak and Frans de Waal address the issue of empathy in relation to human evolution. Of the two scientists, Martin Nowak addresses the issue of empathy better in relation to human evolution.

Nowak’s explanation of empathy fits well in evolution. Elementary, evolution is based on natural selection, which in turn is based on competition. Therefore, if humans have evolved through competition and survival for the best, it means that there has to be a change of rules to contain competition prevalent in natural selection to accommodate empathy.

Empathy calls for cooperation, which is non-existence in competition; therefore, “Cooperation means that one individual pays a cost for another individual to receive a benefit” (Nowak 12). This explains how empathy fits in this selfish nature of evolution as facilitated by natural selection. The rules change when the ‘cost’ for another individual is fully paid.

There has to be mechanisms therefore, to facilitate paying this cost. To this Nowak posits, “The fundamental mechanisms encouraging cooperation are direct and indirect reciprocity” (Nowak 12).

Direct reciprocity results from interaction of two same individuals; what one individual has done to the other, determines how the other individual will treat the former. On the other hand, indirect reciprocity insinuates that what an individual has done to others, will determine how she/he will be treated.

This means that, even in presence of competition, two competing sides may have empathy towards each other and cooperate. This is why Nowak says that, “Cooperation…is another, fundamental force of evolution” (13). Therefore, just like natural selection, cooperation becomes part of evolution bringing in the element of empathy existing amidst competing and evolving beings.

Frans de Waal on his side views empathy from a perspective that does not withhold the competing nature of natural selection that brings about evolution. According to Waal, “Human morality must be quite a bit older than religion and civilization. It may in fact, be older than humanity itself” (12). This argument may be true; however, it does not address the issue of competitive nature of evolution. It excludes the issue of survival for the fittest.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While the principle cardinal rule of doing unto others as you wish them to do to you may hold true, it fails to explain how basic components of evolution apply. Waal argues that, “Other primates live in highly structured cooperative groups in which rules and inhibitions apply and mutual aid is a daily occurrence” (12).

The only thing he fails to address here is how these cooperative groups come to be in a scenario where everyone is competing to survive. He holds that empathy and reciprocity support human morality; however, the big question remains, how does empathy prevail in competition grounds.

Looking at the two works of these scientists, Nowak seems to explain empathy better in relation to evolution. Without changing core principles of evolution like natural selection, empathy could only occur at a cost but not based on morality.

Nowak exposits the process of paying the cost through reciprocity adding that cooperation is a basic element of evolution. Along evolution, competing individuals learn to empathize with those who empathize with them, hence cooperating in the process. Waal’s argument that human morality preceded humanity itself does not address the issue of competition in evolution.

Works Cited Nowak, Martin. “Does Evolution Explain Human Nature?” John Templeton Foundation. N.d. Web.

Waal, Frans. “Does Evolution Explain Human Nature?” John Templeton Foundation. N.d. Web.


William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying Explicatory Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Addie Bundren

Addie’s Perspective in Plot and Themes of the Story


Works Cited

Written by William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying is a masterpiece addressing different societal issues that were pertinent in 1930s and have even persisted to contemporary times. This story is intriguing given the numerous numbers of narrators involved, each upholding different views from the others.

To some extent, each character is pursuing his/her ambitions and does not seem to care about the rest. Nevertheless, even though dead, Addie Bundren stands out in this story. She determines, controls, and directs the entire story. All events result from her, if not so, they revolve around her. Her perspective determines the novels structure and most of the themes of the story.

Addie Bundren Addie dies shortly after the story starts; however, the short period she appears in the play and her dead body directs the structure of the story setting themes in place. From the short stint that Addie appears in the play, it is evident that she is a strong-willed and well-informed woman whose only shortcoming is disillusionment.

She is unloving and unfaithful mother too. She does not love her husband; children, save for Jewel; and her surrounding. Her unfaithfulness comes out clearly when she cheats on her husband, sleeps with Whitefield; a local church minister, and bears Jewel out of wedlock.

She clearly points out her disinterest in life by saying, “the reason for living is to get ready to stay dead a long time” (Faulkner 46). This caps her character. Someone whose purpose of living is to prepare for death cannot be interested in anything and this describes Addie. Nevertheless, as aforementioned, Addie’s perspective determines and dictates the plot and most themes of this story.

Addie’s Perspective in Plot and Themes of the Story Addie’s perspective toward life that, the purpose of living is to prepare for the long time one spends in death, coupled with the fact that she does not love her environs makes her request to be buried in Jefferson; the land of her ‘people’. The journey towards Jefferson is the storyline of this story.

The bigger part of the plot and structure of this story revolves around this journey. If Addie had not asked to be buried in Jefferson, the story would end soon after she dies. However, the story carries fifty-nine sections most of them revolving around the journey to the town of Jefferson.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this journey, many events unfold that are core to this story. The motives of all the Bundrens come out because of this journey. For instance, Jewel’s love for Addie comes out as he takes care of her dead mother including rescuing her corpse from being swept away by water and burnt by fire. Darl’s caring character comes out for he wants to fulfill his mother’s will.

On the other side, Anse’s selfishness stands out for he only wants to go to Jefferson to get some false teeth whilst Cash and Vardaman want to get phonograph and toy train respectively. On her part, Dewey wants to abort and the only way she can do this is being on journey for she would meet new people, probably experts in abortion. Therefore, Addie’s perspectives underpin the plot of this story; moreover, its themes revolve around her and her perspectives as exposited next.

The four main themes of this story viz. mortality; disillusionment, religion, and duty revolve around Addie’s perspective and character. Mortality takes centre stage in this story. After Addie dies, some of her children have many questions about existence and mortality. For instance, Vardaman does not understand all this; actually, he compares his death mother to a fish he had cleaned into, “pieces of not-fish” (Faulkner 29). Mortality brings transformation similar to that of cleaning a fish.

Darl understands mortality as transformation from “is” to “was” because that is how Addie is being referred. By having sex with a church minister, Addie exposes the challenges facing men of the cloth. Religion is only in words, not in actions. Addie’s perspectives portray the theme of disillusionment. She does not seem to understand anything going around her.

Her husband and children are disillusioned for they do not understand maternal love that she does not offer. Finally, the theme of duty is hinged on Addie. After she passes away, her family realizes that it is their duty to bury her despite the fact that they have ulterior motives of going to Jefferson.

Conclusion Addie Bundren passes as a strong-willed, intelligent, unfaithful, disillusioned, and unfaithful woman. She cheats on her husband and shows no love towards her many children. Nevertheless, her perspectives drive and shape the plot and themes of this story. The storyline of this story lies in the journey to Jefferson to burry Addie and fulfill her dying wishes. She only wants to rest with her ‘people’ and this perspective and request sets the story in motion. Themes of religion, duty, mortality, and disillusionment revolve around her.

Addie’s affair with Whitefield exposes cynicism in religion. If it were not for Addie’s perspectives in life, readers could never know of Jewel’s love for his mother, Anse’s selfishness, Dewey’s inhumanity, Cash’s selfish ambition and Vardaman’s innocence and gullibility. Therefore, Addie’s perspective in life makes unfolds a lot in this story; defines its plot and presents its themes. Without Addie’s perspective towards life, the story would end after her death.

We will write a custom Essay on William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Faulkner, Wiliam. “As I Lay Dying.” New York; Vintage Books, 1985.


Flannery O’connor: Influences and Writing Style. Facts from Biography a level english language essay help

Flannery O’Connor is well-known American short-story writer who revealed religious and moral issues in her writings. She was a Southern writer and depicted the life and traditions of her region.

One of her best known stories, Everything That Rises Must Converge, depicts an episode from life of several Southern people, focusing on mother and her son. To my mind, this story can be called quite autobiographic, to certain extent. Sometimes it is possible to see Flannery in Julian, since they both lost their fathers and they both lived with their mothers.

Just as Julian, O’Connor lost her father who was really important and dear for her. She of course, had some difficulties in understanding with her mother, just like ordinary child with her parent.

This story reveals one of the main issues of that time; African American people became equal with white people. Admittedly, O’Connor’s “fiction reveals concern with outsiders” (Spivey 53) and this issue is clearly depicted in Everything That Rises Must Converge.

She experienced a lot of events concerned with this problem, she lived in the South where this issue was of great importance, and thus she depicted what she saw around her. This story reveals O’Connor’s own ideas about the whole problem. She is known to be highly religious as a person and as a writer, and in her writings she contemplates on the religious issues.

But the story under consideration also depicts political changes in society which reveals the eternal religious issues: thus, progressive son is quite rude to his racist mother, and though O’Connor is opposite racism still she insists on the necessity to remain humanity in people relations (Bercovitch


Faith or Free Will Used In the Movie- Minority Report and the Drama – Antigone Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

In life, people have the freewill to choose what they want; however, in some cases, faith and fate takes the center stage despite the choices made through freewill. This aspect of life comes out clearly in the movie Minority Report and the play Antigone. Even though at some point some characters in Antigone have the freewill to make choices, faith plays a key role throughout the play. In the movie Minority Report, faith and fate run all actions that take place in the movie.

In Antigone, after Creon decrees that Polynices will not be given proper burial, Antigone chooses to follow her faith. She decides to follow the unwritten law according to her faith. She does not care whether this will cost her life or not. Fagles notes that, “Antigone appeals not only to the bond of kindred blood but also to the unwritten law, sanctioned by the gods, that the dead must be given a proper burial – a religious principle” (Sophocles 40).

In this case, faith takes precedence over freewill. Even though Antigone has the freewill to comply with Creon’s edict, she has to follow the ‘sanctions’ of her faith. Like wise Creon, even though he seems to defy religious beliefs that the dead should receive a proper burial, he follows faith. Fagles notes that, “But Creon’s, position is not anti-religious; in fact, he believes that he has religion on his side.

The gods for him, are the gods of the city…Creon finds it unthinkable that these gods should demand the burial of a traitor to the city” (Sophocles 40). This shows how faith is deeply rooted in this society. Freewill does not matter; people can only use freewill to make choices based on what they believe.

In the movie Minority Report, faith takes center stage. Anderton’s police have absolute faith in their system of detecting future crimes and stopping them before they happen. This explains why if a Pre-cog detects a suspect, he or she is arrested without questioning.

There is no need of trial because the authorities have faith that this system works perfectly. “Anderton’s single-minded belief that locking up potential murderers is right based on his pre-deterministic belief in Pre-Crime’s righteous predictions” (Bruni Para. 7). This is absolute faith. Actually, Anderton has faith in this system such that even after he learns he would become a murderer in the near future, he does not hide or escape.

Despite the fact that Anderton knows that he is only set up to kill Crow and refuses to kill him in the first place, he later pulls the trigger killing Crow to comply with Pre-cog’s report. This can only be explained in matters of faith. If Anderton had freewill, he would choose not to kill Crow and uphold his decision. Unfortunately, he has so much faith in the system that he does what it says.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nevertheless, the Pre-cog system has faults and this comes out clearly, after Witwer concurs that the systems suffers recidivates of past murders. It is only faith that keeps Agatha, Anderton and Witwer in the Pre-cog system despite the fact that they know it is faulty. Its faultiness comes towards the end of the film when the Pre-crime department is closed.

Faith dominates the play Antigone and movie Minority Report. Antigone’s faith makes her hold steadfast to her beliefs even unto death. Creon also holds to his faith, which he believes does not allow evil people to receive proper burial. As a result, tragedy befalls Creon’s empire because of misusing his faith.

On the other hand, Anderton and his allies have absolute faith in their Pre-crime detection system. This faith explains why an individual; detected in the Pre-cog system, becomes guilty of murder without trail. Actually, Anderton accepts to kill Crow simply because the Pre-cog system has said so. Therefore, faith is used in this movie and drama and not freewill.

Works Cited Bruni, John. “Minority Report.” 2004. Web.

Sophocles. “The Three Theban Plays.” Fagles, Robert


Life of Nicias, Life of Crassus, Comparison of Crassus with Nicias Essay cheap essay help

Table of Contents Life of Nicias

Life of Crassus

Nicias and Crassus


Works Cited

In his work, Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, Plutarch selects some few individuals who had some outstanding characters or who achieved salient things in their lives. Amongst these noble Grecians and Romans are Nicias and Crassus. Plutarch expounds lives these two nobles and compares them as exposited in this paper.

Life of Nicias Nicias was amongst the three renowned, honest, and loving citizens in Athens according to what Aristotle noted. Moreover, he was a captain most of the time working with his master Captain Pericles but sometimes working alone. Fortunately, after Pericles passed away, Nicias fame and popularity propelled him to nobility for people loved him dearly. “…his gravity was neither severe nor odious, but mingled with a kind of modesty…which made them thereby the more to love and esteem him” (Plutarch 295).

There appeared to be some fortune in all that Nicias did. He managed to overcome his closest rival Cleon, by use of subtle tactics. For instance, while Cleon was humorous, something that Nicias lacked, Nicias noted the weakness and, “crept into people’s favor with liberality, with charges of common plays…exceeding in cost and pleasant sports…” (Plutarch 295). He had massive wealth.

His simplicity and popularity ensured that he fitted in any group that he found himself. For instance, he would reward his cravers generously regardless of whether they are malicious or good-hearted. Through these tactics, orators could not find anything to accuse him for he did not even drink, engage in useless talk, or get involved in pleasures that would taint his reputation.

In office he would busy himself with office issues; not meddling with other people’s business. Nicias simplicity and openness made him bring peace amongst Grecians something they call, Nicium peace even to date. His nature to create peace enabled him to stoop low before Gylippus who had taken hostage some Athenians; unfortunately, he was seized, taken in as a prisoner, and killed.

Life of Crassus Crassus was a man of good character; however, accusations that he had defiled Licinia; a nun, tinted his reputation. “…vice of covetousness in Crassus that drowned many other goodly virtues in him” (Plutarch 333). It is unfortunate that one vice would destroy many of Crassus’ virtues.

Nevertheless, despite this shortcoming, Crassus was a wealthy man through diligence, ‘by fire and blood.” He was a friendly person even to strangers; moreover, he would lend his friends interest-free money. Unfortunately, Cinna and Marius attacked Rome forcing Crassus, his father and brother to escape to Spain in a flight. Rumors had it that, some tyrants were looking for Crassus. In Spain, he lived in caves until Cinna died after eight months. He maneuvered his way back to Italy under Sylla.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Later he became part of Cesar’s reign in Rome where he worked under Pompey and became popular amongst Romans for he would lend them money and spend time with them in the market place. “To pleasure everyman; so that by this easy access and familiarity…he grew to exceed the gravity and majesty of Pompey” (Plutarch 340).

At one time, he saved Cesar by lending him 838 talents to satisfy his creditors something that elevated Crassus to nobility; he became the governor and praetor of Gaul; however, Po attacked and overthrew him. Fortunately, the senate was offended, overruled this act, and restored Crassus.

He achieved several feats like conquering Spartacus in Romania. However, later in his reign, Crassus fell into conflict with King Hyrodes and he was slew by Surena, one of the king’s men. His head “his head was brought the same night before the kings…” (Plutarch 374). This marked the end of one Marcus Crassus.

Nicias and Crassus Before comparing these, two noble men, it is important to note that, even though both were rich, Nicias’ wealth was more just than Crassus’ was. Nicias was a man of the people as aforementioned; he never did anything malicious; on the contrary, he purposed to do things that would benefit all.

On his side, Crassus was unpredictable; at one time, he would be friendly, at the other cruel. He had a way of getting what he wanted. For instance, he admitted that “he came to be consul the second time by plain force and cruelty, having hired two murderers to kill Cato and Domitius” (Plutarch 378).

Crassus was an enterprising person and he believed greatness was to be earned. On the other side, Nicias was a quiet character and revered people regardless of their class and status. Whilst the Athenians forced Nicias to war against his wish, Crassus forced Romans into war against their wish. Therefore, “the commonwealth fell into misery by the one, brought into misery by the other” (Plutarch 380). These are some of the differences exhibited by this Grecian and Roman.

Nevertheless, these two great men shared some traits. In his fight against Cleon, Nicias portrayed ambition similar to that of Crassus against Spartacus. Crassus died in the hands of Surena after falling apart with his enemies; he yielded himself to his enemies. Similarly, Nicias surrendered before his enemies in a bid to strike a peace deal; unfortunately, he died infamously. The bottom line is that, they al yielded to their enemies.

We will write a custom Essay on Life of Nicias, Life of Crassus, Comparison of Crassus with Nicias specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Nicias, a Grecian and Crassus, a Roman were both noble men in their times. They ruled differently with Nicias believing in peace while Crassus believed in fighting and violence to have his way. They were rich even though Nicias’ wealth was more just than that of Crassus. Nevertheless, they died similar death of yielding to their enemies.

Works Cited Plutarch. “Plutarch Selected Lives.” Mossman, Judith. (Ed). Wordsworth Classics of World Literature, 1994.


Harrison Bergeron Theme Essay online essay help

Harrison Bergeron, a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, highlights the perils of governmental control, coupled with people’s ignorance. Vonnegut goes ahead to predict the results of such a move. The most prominent theme of Harrison Bergeron is the lack of freedom in American society. Vonnegut also explains how the loss of civil rights is catching with Americans. What is the result of all these? There is a high probability that America will end up in a dystopia. In summary, the loss of freedom and civil rights would lead to America’s dystopia are the main messages of Harrison Bergeron. The essay briefly discusses the topics of the story and the questions raised by the author. Some of them are illustrated by the quotes from the text to demonstrate its tone and the literary devices used in the story.

Central Idea of Harrison Bergeron As aforementioned, Americans love freedom, and Harrison’s actions evidence this; he escapes from prison, goes ahead to remove his handicaps, and finally tries to influence those around him. “Why don’t you stretch out on the sofa, so that you can rest your handicap bag…?” (Vonnegut Page 216).

The government chained this handicap bag around George’s neck; however, Harrison is telling George to ‘rest’ it, as a sign of rebellion and push for freedom. Nevertheless, in Harrison’s world, this freedom is no more, and people cannot make choices because they are above average in everything, and as a result, they are disabled. For instance, the dancers are cloaked to ensure that “nobody would feel like something the cat drug in” (Vonnegut Page 216).

The fact that all people are above average in everything takes away the freedom of choice and hampers everyone in the new dystopia America. The plot unfolds around the main theme of Harrison Bergeron. The main idea of neglect of freedom of choice is also expressed in the article of Clark. The author argues that “Uninformed citizens are left vulnerable to the political exploitation of special-interests” (Clark, 1). That proves that, though Americans love freedom, their freedom of choice is restricted by lack of information.

The loss of civil rights is another contributing factor to this dystopia in America. Everyone is equal “due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution…the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General” (Vonnegut Page 218). In this state, the ‘Handicapper General’ ensures everyone is equal, and he or she has no right, including the right to life. No one in the nowadays society is truly free, as it will be shown in the next paragraphs of the essay. Harrison Bergeron’s character George says, “Two years in prison and two thousand dollars fine for every ball I took out” (Vonnegut Page 216).

George here talks of the consequences of removing the ‘handicap’ that the government has placed around his neck, evidence of loss of civil rights. George even watches her daughter die on television, and he cannot complain leave alone filling a suit. All these events resonate well with what is happening in America today. Manson discusses the issue of loss of civil rights by American citizens in one of his articles, which is devoted to mind control.

There is multiple “evidence for government involvement in attempts to control people’s behavior” (Manson, 1). The mind-control conspiracy theory proves the intrusion of the government to people’s personal lives and even to their consciousness. The violation of fundamental civil rights defined by the Constitution is apparent.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Vonnegut insinuates that if what is happening in contemporary America is not countered, then a dystopia in America is inevitable. That is the central idea of Harrison Bergeron. Even though Vonnegut wrote this story many years ago, he had seen what was lurking; for instance, after the 9/11 events, congress passed the US Patriot Act that allowed security agencies to probe personal issues.

That resonates well with “the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General” (Vonnegut Page 216). Even though the loss of freedom in contemporary America is not as bad as in Harrison’s society, American authorities are slowly taking away freedom.

For instance, smoking regulations placed public places is a move of its kind. To this, Vonnegut would say, “Some things about living still aren’t quite right. The ‘rightness’ of living is disappearing as people lose freedom and head to the new dystopia America. Indeed, the freedom of Americans is gradually lost.

According to Manson, even the right to individual opinions is violated. As a result of the government, activity is such that “a person simply becomes a pair of eyes designed to observe and transmit data.” This serves as evidence of American citizens being deprived of their rights for freedom.

Conclusion This analysis essay outlined the central idea and the main theme of Harrison Bergeron. In summary, Vonnegut tries to highlight how government control would slowly convert America into a dystopian nation. Despite the love that Americans have for freedom, Vonnegut is afraid that this is being taken away, and people will have “a little mental handicap radio in their ears tuned to a government transmitter” (Vonnegut Page 218). That would take away freedom, and civil rights would suffer the same fate for those who rebel against the set ordinances will have, “ten seconds to get their handicaps back on” (Vonnegut Page 219).

The overall effect in this situation would be a nation where all people are equal according to government standards hence dystopia. The take-home point in Vonnegut’s short story is, people should come out of their ignorance, take action, and correct government errors; otherwise, America will be a place of parity without dreams and competition hence dystopia America.

Works Cited Clark, J. “Regulating Government” The Encyclopedia of Public Choice. Dordrecht: Springer Science Business Media, 2004. Credo Reference. Web.

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Labor Market Research for Nurses in the State of California Analytical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Factors Influencing the Supply and Demand of Nurses

How Nurses Pay is Determined and Structured

Towards Increasing the Supply of Nurses

Reference List

The healthcare system in the U.S. is largely dependent on the number of health professionals available in public and private healthcare facilities across the country. Nurses are at the core of the healthcare system by virtue of their role in the doctor-patient relationship, and hence their availability is fundamental if the country is to uphold an effective, competent, and efficient healthcare system (Rickles, n.d.).

However, it has not been easy for many states to maintain the required number of nurses in their health facilities judging by the vastness of the healthcare sector and high level of specialization witnessed in the industry. This paper aims to use the article by Rickles et al (n.d.) titled ‘California Policy Options: Supplying California’s needs for Nurses’ to evaluate the labor market for nurses in California state.

Factors Influencing the Supply and Demand of Nurses The demand and supply of nurses is influenced by a multiplicity of factors judging by their relative importance to the healthcare system. Indeed, analysts are of the opinion that the U.S. is not anywhere near satisfying the demand for more nurses, and a time when the supply of nurses will effectively deal with the demand can never be imagined as of yet (Rickles, n.d.).

California’s shortage of qualified nurses is among the most relentless in the U.S. as many of the state’s health institutions experience great difficulty in the process of recruiting and retaining qualified nursing personnel (Rickles et al, n.d.).

By 2005, California had an estimated 200,000 registered nurses, with credible projections suggesting that the state’s demand for registered nurses will stand at 300,000 by 2010 and 458,733 by 2030 (Rickles et al, n.d; Hausellberg, 2010).

The above scenario can be attributed to a variety of factors that influence the dynamics of supply and demand of the nurses in the state. On the demand side, it can be safely argued that the demand for nurses in California has sharply risen in the past and will continue to steadily grow in the future due to the population’s ever rising demand for healthcare (Rickles et al, n.d.).

The trend is that individuals residing in California are increasingly utilizing hospital facilities, with around 4 million patients being released from hospitals in 2003, a 7% increase from the figures recorded in 1998.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The total population of California has also expanded by at least 8% between 1998 and 2003, and is projected to continue expanding in the future. Still, California’s elderly population is increasing by the day, impacting heavily on the demand of nurses since the elderly requires more medical attention than any other age-category.

Other influences on the demand side include the reimbursement approaches employed by health insurance plans, federal regulations on nurse staffing ratios to meet the required nurse-to-patient ratios, aging of the Registered Nurse work force, natural attrition, and personal wealth (Rickles et al, n.d.).

Influences that determine the supply of nurses into health facilities based in California seems so much constrained to meet the ever rising demand. The supply of nurses in California is mainly influenced by the duration of the nursing educational program, new graduates, input of retired nurses who may wish to return to active employment, external recruitment of nurses from other states, licensing requirements for new nurses, and sourcing of nurses from other countries (Rickles et al, n.d.).

Supply of nurses is also determined by the number of students nurturing an ambition or interest to train in nursing. Rickles et al (n.d.) posits that “…for the first part of the 20th century, licensed nursing was one of a few occupations widely open to women…As career opportunities expanded for women in the second half of that century, however, nursing had to compete with other attractive professions for new entrants” (p. 105).

It is therefore prudent to argue that the enhanced labor market prospects for women have worked to diminish the supply of nurses. Lastly, the supply of nurses in California has been given a lifeline owing to the relaxation of some U.S. immigration regulations.

How Nurses Pay is Determined and Structured The pay for nurses must be determined based on the local labor situation and the forces of supply and demand (Clanton, 2009). When a health facility faces a shortage of nurses as it is the case in California, the net effect on the market equilibrium in competitive market situations would be an increase in nurses’ pay.

Other factors that may influence the market equilibrium and hence determine the nurses pay include costs of living prevailing in the state, consumer price index (CPI), and fluctuations in the purchasing power of the American dollar (Rickles et al n.d.).

We will write a custom Essay on Labor Market Research for Nurses in the State of California specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore, federal regulations such as the nurse-to-patient ratios are likely to increase the nurses’ pay as states fight to attract more nurses to keep up with the set legislations. Lastly, the professional bodies representing the nurses may play a fundamental role in determining their pay.

The pay structure for nurses in the state is determined by a number of factors, namely the level of education and experience, position in the labor force, duration of service, level of specialty, nationality, and station of duty (Rickles, n.d.).

Towards Increasing the Supply of Nurses The concerned stakeholders need to offer more monetary and non-monetary incentives to attract more nurses and trigger more students to enroll in nursing schools. The federal government of California should step in to guide the labor market for nurses by offering more funds to schools for training purposes aimed at boosting supply. To further enhance supply, the central and federal governments should further relax immigration restrictions for qualified nurses from other countries to join the labor market (Rickles, n.d.).

The retired nurses who have the capacity to continue in the service should be encouraged to apply through offering incentives such as bonuses and flexible working hours. Lastly, the government should chip in and assist the health facilities meet the escalating labor costs associated with enhancing the nurse-to patient ratio as per the regulations put in place (Clanton, 2009)

Reference List Clanton, S. (2009). Nursing: Labor Market Research. Web.

Rickles, J., Ong, P.M.,


Modern Dance by Jiri Kylian Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help

Jiri Kylian as one of the most prominent ballet-masters of the twenty-first century is known to perform a wide spectrum of emotions and feelings in his works, which fascinate with their perfection and beauty of movement. No exception is the “performance “Petite Mort”, which was first represented to public in The Nederlands Dans Theater in 1996 and was the part of the so-called “Black


Is solar energy good for the state of New Jersey? Research Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Since historic times, the sun has been a vital resource for the existence of man on this planet. Plants, which humans eventually eat, make their food using the sunlight and adequate exposure to sunlight has beneficial health effects. Besides, man has used the sunlight as a source of generating energy. However, with the depletion of fossil fuels, it was not until the twentieth century that more attention was paid to the benefits of solar energy.

The sun’s energy can be used in many different forms. One of the most commonly used ways is its conversion into electricity by the use of photovoltaic cells to power several household and industrial electrical appliances (Hirschmann; Brooke). The merits that solar energy offers have made some states, for example, the New Jersey, to adopt its use. However, is its use beneficial, especially for the state of New Jersey?

The state of the New Jersey is second to California in terms of the use of solar energy. After a few years of coordinated efforts, the state now generates almost two times more solar energy than Colorado, the number three. The emphasis on renewable energy sources has brought significant benefits to the state.

As people are waking up to the reality that the limited world’s resources are increasingly being depleted, New Jersey has embraced the use of energy from the sun in order to help in the conservation efforts. Humans have milked the Earth’s vital energy reservoirs without thinking of the next generation. Even though the cost of a barrel of oil has increased tremendously, the world’s thirst for oil has not been quenched.

It is estimated that if the current trend continues, the world’s demand for oil is likely to rise by up to sixty percent in the next two decades. It is possible, and as New Jersey has discovered, that solar energy will be present even after the other resources have been completely depleted from the face of our planet.

It is estimated that in the U.S., the cost of electricity has been escalating at an estimated rate of 6.5 percent yearly for the past three decades (Peter, para. 2).

Due to the tremendous increase in the cost of generating energy using conventional non-renewable resources, this increase may yield to unprecedented price increases in consumer power bills if no efforts are made to tap on other alternative sources of energy. Besides, more and more consumers are embracing environmentally friendly methods of generating electric power.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The thousands and thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and other bi-products being emitted in the atmosphere yearly due to the generation of energy from fossil fuels is making more people turn to less destructive means producing energy. In this regard, the state of New Jersey, which is sometimes called the ‘garden state,’ has stood out in reducing the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere.

It is without doubt that our increased dependence on fossil fuels for the generation of energy puts has in a difficult situation (Tyrell).

In as much as there are a number of wonderful renewable technologies that can generate power, the difficulty has always been on the issue of cost effectiveness. For a long time now, it has usually been more cost effective to produce energy using fossil fuels; therefore, renewable sources, for example, sun and wind energies have not been adequately tapped. However, the situation now seems not to be the same again.

The world’s consumption of energy far exceeds the amount that is supplied. The grid cannot adequately meet the increased thirst for power. Power failures have became an everyday occurrence. No wonder the officials of the U.S. government are looking for affordable alternatives to be adopted. And no wonder, New Jersey is outshining the other states in the provision of affordable energy from the sun.

New Jersey is making preparations that will ensure that thirty percent of its energy is supplied from renewable sources by 2020 with 2.12 percent of it entirely from the sun (Pisani, para.6). The complete adoption of this strategy will enable the state to offset utility-supplied energy consumption.

This is because it will significantly reduce the cost of electricity as well as provide its residents with electricity even in the event of a power outage. Energy from the sun is available independently. It does not need a connection to a power or a gas grid for its operations. This implies that solar panels can be installed even in the remotest parts of New Jersey such as in log cabins. This would make it more practical and less costly than the installation of utility electricity to a new location.

In addition, the use of energy from the sun lowers the state’s reliance on centralized energy sources. These centralized energy sources are usually affected by the occurrence of natural catastrophes or wars. Therefore, the use of solar panels will add to the state’s sustainable future.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Is solar energy good for the state of New Jersey? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some people claim that the use of solar energy is expensive due to the high costs incurred in installing solar panels. However, in the long run, solar panels save money or are ‘free’ once the installation process is complete. The recovery period for this investment is shorter for a household or a commercial enterprise that uses more electricity per day.

Moreover, New Jersey offers ambitious financial incentives for people who want to install solar panels. Some utility companies also practice net metering whereby a person sells his or her excess energy to the company, thus building up a credit on his or her account. This eventually reduces the cost on one’s electricity bill. Solar energy systems also save energy in the sense they do not need any fuel; therefore, they are not influenced by the rise and fall of oil prices, and indirectly reduce health costs.

It is argued that unlike other states such as California or Nevada, New Jersey has limited space that can not accommodate solar panels, which need adequate space to achieve a high level of efficiency. However, this problem has been surmounted by developing creative strategies.

For example, grid-connected solar panels have been attached on utility and light poles, businesses with extra space are filling it with solar panels, and households are installing the solar panels on roofs. Thus, once installed, solar energy systems have no or minimal maintenance costs and more of them can be easily added in the future to cater for any increased needs. After installation, solar panels function silently since they lack any moving parts and do not release offensive smells.

Even though solar energy cannot be produced at night, this difficulty can be trounced by having an efficient battery backup system or by practicing net metering. Since the effectiveness of the solar panels depends on the location of the sun, fitting them with certain parts will ensure that they operate optimally under different conditions.

Although bad weather can reduce the rate of production of solar energy, the consequences are not very much far-reaching. This is because even if the United States were to get forty minutes of sunshine daily, it would get more energy than all the fossil fuels it uses in a year. More so, the fossil fuels are being depleted 100,000 times faster than they are being created (Wanamingo, para. 3). The use of energy from the sun is able to reduce the usage of the Earth’s precious fossil fuels.

Attention in the use of sunlight for the production of energy is on the rise, and it should, too. Even as other states are wrestling with energy policies, the state of New Jersey is proving to be the leader in promoting the use of solar power in the U.S.

This is because the use of solar energy has been a beneficial initiative that has assisted it in meeting its increased energy needs. In addition, the state has been able to save money, protect the environment, offset utility-supplied energy consumption, and increase the affordability of electricity.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Is solar energy good for the state of New Jersey? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In contrast to fossil fuels, solar energy is abundant, available almost everywhere in the planet, and can never be depleted. Therefore, even as New Jersey takes the lead, solar power advocates should make concerted efforts to inform the whole world about the benefits of this energy resource.

Works Cited Brooke, Booke. Solar energy. New York: Chelsea House, 1992. Print.

Hirschmann, Kris. Solar energy. Farmington Hills, MI: KidHaven Press, 2006. Print.

Peter, Kavar. “Here Comes the Sun: Solar Energy Is Becoming More Attractive For Mainstream Consumers.” Affordable solar power. 2005. Web.

Pisani, Joseph. “New Jersey Outshines Most Others in Solar Energy.” CNBC. 2009. Web.

Tyrell, Joe.”New Jersey is now a true solar power.” Newsroom Jersey. 2009. Web.

Wanamingo, Erica S. “Solar energy.” Teen Ink. N.d. Web.


Business plan on IT Training Centre Report argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

In any business plan there are fundamental provisions that are required with respect to the nature of the market in question. In essence the market is the most essential tool for consideration when seeking opportunities for the business success.

If there is minimal feasibility of the market, there is no need to launch the business, however if there is an evident market gap in a given region, it is always advisable to optimize on the opportunity that may soon be gone. The UAE in this case is one of the fastest growing economies in the world together with China.

In fact, the UAE is almost not dependent on natural gases like petroleum and oil because of its diversity. With a $270 Billion GDP, UAE is a wealthy region with people who are willing to invest. Technology is the key solution for industrialization and hence the need of technology in the region.

Statement of the problem This analysis explicitly looks into the viability of venturing into an IT training center in the UAE based on the market research that had been concluded. The market research indicated that there is an opportunity to make a successful business venture in the region because of the presence of adequate need in the region.

Purpose In this business plan analysis, the major purpose is to develop a viable business plan that will be used be used for the IT Training Center (ITC) that will be established in the UAE. This business plan will therefore provide important information about the nature of the business that will be launched in the UAE.

Some of the most important considerations in this case include the marketing plan, operation plan, management and organization, financial plan and the milestone for the ITC training center. This business plan is developed after an extensive market research had been carried out to establish the viability and the feasibility of establishing a training center in the UAE.

Significance of the study A successful business plan is a plan that has reasonable projections on profits and reasonable estimations of costs; this is the significance of this study. The other important consideration in ensuring a successful business plan is adequate sources of fund coupled with sound management. When these factors have been considered, marketing plan can now be organized and implemented to acquire as substantial niche. In this case, the establishment of IT Training Center in the UAE has been based on the viability of the project.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The economic base of the UAE is strong and one of the fastest growing economies in the world and therefore highly likely to accommodate foreign investors to the region. The country is also aiming to be dependent on tourism and other sources of funds in future as their oil and mineral base is expected to diminish with time. These facts provide evidence on the viability of the project in the region.

Background The business will be based in the United Arab Emirates; it will be stationed in a rented office in the Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE. The name of the business is IT Training Center (ITC).

The business will target both the local residents and the international students who will be visiting the UAE or outside the UAE but have constant internet access that will enable them attend live class proceedings. The financial plan and its projections have been provided and projected to make a profit $19,740 by the end of three fiscal quarterly years.

The services that will be offered by ITC will include the following, IT Governance and Ethics, Project management, Web designing(Data driven web design using Drupal, Joomla, and SharePoint), Networking, N , A , Cisco CCNA/CCNP, ICDL and office packages, Linux administration, Oracle and Java, web marketing and optimization. The services will be offered on a 24 hour basis, online support will also be provided to other students willing to enroll to the college within the UAE for a reduced fee and outside the UAE.

Literature review In a business venture, there are several concerns to be considered when launching the business. Some of the most foundational concepts in planning a business are; ensuring that there is a sufficient market demand, financial provisions, and operation planning among other imperative considerations (Covello, 123).

A successful business plan should therefore have a comprehensive consideration of the market and the need for the product or service in the market (Covello, 124). This consideration is the foundation of any business since the business cannot survive without the market for the products and services.

In some instances, there is essence to create the need from the market through bridging the market gap by innovative and competitive products and services, if this is achieved; sound business prosperity will be attained(Covello, 126). There are other considerations that should be implemented before the onset of the business enterprise; some of these include PEST and SWOT analysis, these analyses are relevant because of the external influences of the business.

We will write a custom Report on Business plan on IT Training Centre specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Definition of terms PEST- Political Economic Social and Technological analysis

SWOT-Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNP-Cisco Certified Network Professional

ICDL- International Computer Driving License

A – Foundational Networking course

N – Basic networking course based in the fundamentals of A

UAE- United Arab Emirates

Not sure if you can write a paper on Business plan on IT Training Centre by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Results Based on the market research that had been done in the field, the results of the analysis process as outlined in the market research proposal require that the following progression be followed.

Market plan This is the central aspect of the business, the initial analysis for the feasibility of establishing a business opportunity in the UAE had provided evidence of the existing market for training of IT courses in the region. The existence for the need of the services is a great demonstration that there exists opportunities (market in this case) to be exploited in the region.

The imperative step that will be taken by the management of the ITC is the implementation of a thorough marketing strategy that will emphasize on the uniqueness of the services that the college will offer better those of other service providers in the region.

Promotional strategies The promotional strategies that will be exploited by the ITC will aim to capture and convince the service consumers on the services of the college. Considering that technological advancement is the key issue in the modern world. Developing a strategy that show optimum use of technology to the modern world market will be essential to the residents of the region. Online and regional advertisements will be utilized to maximize the market opportunities in the region.

SWOT analysis of based on the competitors Strengths

The colleges in the UAE have a stronger online presence.

The companies in the region are mostly local and hence have a local support.

The colleges in the UAE have most of the courses that are to be offered by the ITC.


The colleges in the region have poor marketing strategies that ITC can take advantage of.

The services offered by the companies in the region are professional but not market oriented as opposed to the ITC which is more market oriented compared to other colleges like sites power training college which exist in the area.


Given the competitive advantage of the ITC, there is a likelihood of the market oriented services like market optimization options if Information technology to influence the residents on using the services of ITC.

The market opportunities in the region are still open to be filled because of the economical strength of the UAE and hence despite the presence of competitors, there are opportunities for new entrants into the market.


The loyalty of the local residents may be biased to international companies.

The cost of starting a business in the region may exceed the approximations because of the dynamic nature of the market in the regions.

As evident from the analysis of the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, the ITC will exploit all the opportunities within its reach in ensuring that the strategies employed by the business will yield positive results.

The aspect of close relation of Information Technology to business will yield more positive market approach because of the uniqueness of the service being offered. Unlike other institutions in the region that have less or no reliance on their market perspective to technology, the ITC will be the market leader in closely relating the two and ensuring that the students who will graduate from the institution will be better placed as managers who are more market oriented and can take advantage of technology for the good of the organization that they will manage after graduating from the ITC institution.

The idea of the penetrating prices at the onset of the institution will be set to be moderate in order to gain the perception of cheap services that are quality. The prices will average compared to other institutions in the region to avoid being mistaken for cheap and possibly poor service and again expensive and an international company that does not understand the needs of the United Arab Emirates.

Plan of operation

The plan of operation in the region will require several requirements to be met in order to enhance a suitable environment for development (Covello, p.121). The initial consideration is proper management of the ITC. The management will be hired from the region because of the loyalty of the customer aspect.

The other important consideration will be the teaching staff. The teaching staff will be hired from the region and outside the region in order to enhance the quality of the services that will be offered. The teaching staff will also be assisted by the support staff and co-workers of the institution, these people will be hired from the region and their financial provisions are as projected in the table below.

In order to impress investors on the viability of the project for financial assistance, the projections outlined below will be of essence. The financial provisions with a projection of a growth rate of more than $4,000 on a quarterly basis will increase their confidence on the guarantee of their returns on investments. The sources of funds will therefore come from different places including bank loan, private investors, personal contributions and savings.

The institution’s partners will be another added advantage in ensuring that there is a value from the services being offered in ITC. Some of the important partners that the institution will create a Business-to-Business relationship (B-2-B) include Microsoft Corporation, Cisco, Linux institute, and Mc fee. These partners will help in building the name or the image of the institution because of their success in their different fields of Information Technology (IT).

Financial plan

Assets Servers


Switches (2-hubs)

Router (1)

Networking Cables(Cat 6)



ISP provides



Licenses and fees




Concepts of Organizational Culture Research Paper online essay help

Table of Contents Organizational Culture at my Workplace

Long-term Employees

Employee Behavior and Action

Collaborative Culture

Cultural Competence


Reference List

In management or organizational learning environments, learners use the phrase ‘organizational culture’ to imply the beliefs, values, attitudes, experiences and psychology of a certain organization. In most cases, organizational culture is a collection of social norms and values applied by people working in an organization. Largely, these values and norms dictate the relationship of members within an organization.

Organizational culture comprises of aspirations and goals set by members towards realizing success. Language, symbols, interactions and expectations are some of the examples of goals set by an organization. They act as culture itself. In essence, personal or group norms sire organizational norms, aspirations, expectations and employee behavior within an organization. (Hill


Connected Activities and its Influence on Firm Essay essay help: essay help

The firm has formed partnership with other big companies like in order to improve on its services to consumers. This has enabled them to deliver orders in time to the benefit of Borders.

The firm apart from operating bookstore also runs music store and coffee bars, these helps in increasing its overall sales. The firm uses modern computerized system to manage its inventory; this makes it record highest sales as compared to other competitors within the market. Borders have divided its products to serve as small business segments to the satisfaction of their clients.

They operate numerous book and music stores within the United States and additionally organize live performance events by artistes and books authors. The coming of the internet enabled multiple works to be performed by providing an efficient and cheaper means of communication between the stores and the clients (Gataric et al, 2002, pp 387-397).

The firm’s superstores engage in sponsoring community functions like story telling occasions as well as group discussions amongst others. Borders also engaged in sponsoring online magazines one of them being Salon which offers customers with opportunity to read variety of books and keep updated with current affairs.

The firm launched the use of Borders Universe which provides online inventory data connecting all the retail outlets, this makes it easier for customers to find books from other related retail stores. Borders deliver books and other products to consumers’ doorsteps and operate telephone support twenty four hours a day throughout the week (Gataric et al, 2002, pp 387-397).

Customer value The firm’s superstores provide consumers with various selections of music and videos at affordable prices. These selections comprises of music that are rarely found but sought after by the majority, these include jazz and opera type of music. They offer the same trend within their video stores which makes available a number of title movies. The firms’ use of the internet in retailing provides the consumers with easier means of selecting variety of what they require online.

This meant that customers are now able to save on time that could have been consumed looking for items in the stores and undergoing all other required services. The merger with enabled Borders to provide customers with unique services that included complete information on store locations and the several events that take place at the in-stores (Feng, et al, 2001, PP 467-503).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Capabilities The firm launched a site that had the capability of handling the largest multimedia database on the internet. It was also the only firm with the largest in-stock of multimedia selection for most of the retailers using the internet, besides they offer ready shipping services for the millions of their products purchased online. offers beautiful sites and choices to the consumers, on top of this they are also time conscious in the way they deliver their services. This makes the firm to be one of the most trusted internet brands. In order to build close relationship with consumers and win more of their trust, the firm created private database that serves customers at individual levels taking care of confidentiality (Gataric et al, 2002, pp 387-397).

The company needed to improve on its commercial capabilities whereby the consumers will be served in a more organized way. The firm launched internet in-store kiosks which provide customers with easy time when locating the products availability and prices online.

The costs of operating the online services seem to be high calling for further strategies. The firm increased the level of their sales through partnership with top leaders in online sales; this has helped in shifting of costs responsibility for internet sales (Gataric et al, 2002, pp 387-397).

References Feng, et al.(2001). A New Business Model? The Capital Market and the New Economy. Economy and Society, Vol. 30, No. 4, pp 467-503. Gataric, I., Gilbert, J., Green, J., Kennedy, I. Lewallen, W., and Sumita, Y. (2002).

Borders: Responding to Change. International Directory of Company Histories Vol. 43, pp 387-397.


Exploration of Watchmen the Graphic Novel Essay (Critical Writing) scholarship essay help

Probably, when the writer Alan Moore together with his artist Dave Gibbons and a colorist John Higgins were creating Watchmen, they did not know it would be a bestseller one day or would be adapted in a movie. What is the secret of their success?

I will try to answer this question in my paper. Watchmen is a graphic novel, in which verbal and visual elements are perfectly combined. A verbal element that includes the main heroes, central themes, and author’s main messages plays a more important role, while a visual element makes a story more vivid and involving.

Watchmen: A Verbal Aspect To understand the importance of a verbal aspect in the novel, let me first discuss briefly the theme of superheroes and their extreme popularity. Superheroes have always been the main characters of almost all or, at least, the most famous comic books. They possess abilities, and very often personal traits that normal people do not. For both kids and adults, superheroes turn into champions always ready to fight for justice – this is what Jamie A. Hughes writes in The Journal of Popular Culture (39: 546-547).

However, what do we see in Watchmen? Authors of this graphic novel make a unique attempt to “deconstruct the very idea of the hero” by “shattering this idealized reflection of humanity” (McLaughlin 101). They do it by mean of the character of Adrian Veidt or Ozymandias who becomes the main villain of the novel.

One of the author’s main purposes was to show that by such medium as comics it is possible to show and make emphasis on some real world problems that exist in society. The main themes covered in the novel perfectly reflect some major 1980s issues that bothered Alan Moore. He saw “superheroes” of his times, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher who were supposed to be watchmen, who had to control the world, and rescue it if necessary (Wright 273). Obviously, Moore was disappointed by those “superheroes”.

Watchmen: A Visual Aspect It is said that the artist Dave Gibbons deviated from some widely accepted rules of drawing comic books. He used a so-called nine-panel grid system for making Watchmen, which he believed gave Alan Moore more control over the plot and storyline (Salisbury 80).

Although somebody may find this style of creating comic books unique or special, I cannot fully agree that it contributes to the overall success of this novel greatly. Yes, all the characters are depicted in a simple and rather realistic way, which definitely makes reading the novel more captivating. However, from my point of view, Gibbon’s style does not differ significantly from other comics.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I can agree with the role of the colorist John Higgins who I think managed to make this novel more lively and moody by using colors. Watchmen is done in so-called European style colors, secondary colors, which are not too bright, but still convey the mood of the main characters, their feelings, etc, perfectly (Duin, Richardson 460).

What can be said in the conclusion? I am sure that millions of people will agree that Watchmen is not just a graphic novel. A brilliant combination of visual and verbal aspects can turn it into motion pictures in someone’s mind, and perhaps this is why the novel was successfully adapted into a movie.

Yet, it is a novel that cannot be understood fully after the first reading. It is a work that should be re-read several times, and each time a reader will discover new meanings and themes in Watchmen.

Bibliography Duin, Steve, Richardson, Mike. Comics Between the Panels. Milwaukie: Dark Horse Comics, 1998.

Hughes, Jamie A. “Who Watches the Watchmen?: Ideology and “Real World” Superheroes”. The Journal of Popular Culture 39.4 (2006): 546-547.

McLaughlin, Jeff. Comics as Philosophy. Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi, 2005.

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We will write a custom Critical Writing on Exploration of Watchmen the Graphic Novel specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Wright, Bradford W. Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America. Baltimore, Maryland: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.


Ann Oakley’s Gender Socialization Theory – Essay college essay help online

Table of Contents The definition of the discipline

Anne Oaksley and her place in sociology

An overview of her work. Main interests

List of References

The definition of the discipline According to Longman, Dictionary of Contemporary English, sociology is defined as the scientific study of societies and the behaviour of people in groups. It also can be synonymic to social science.

It uses different methods (empirical investigation, exploratory and constructive research, analysis) to develop and improve the knowledge about human social activity. Frequently, these facts can be used in practice in order to refine people’s life. The science combines two levels – micro level (interaction between people) and macro level that connects different social systems to one.

Sociology is a very wide discipline. Traditionally, it focuses on social spheres including religion, culture and other, later it was broaden to modern spheres (the Internet), medicine. Nowadays, sociology covers as much as such topics: culture, criminality, economics, environment, education, family and childhood, gender, health, internet, knowledge, law, media, military, politics, race and ethnic relations, religion, social networks, urban and rural spaces, work and industry (Sosteric, 2010).

Anne Oaksley and her place in sociology Ann Oakley was born in 1944. nowadays she is a well-known British scientist in sociology. Oakley’s father is Professor Richard Titmuss. Her mother, Kathleen, was also working in social sphere. Later, she wrote her. She was studying at Somerville College, Oxford University. She received her bachelor degree in 1965. she continued her studies at Bedford College, University of London, Anne has gained a PhD in 1969. main spheres of her investigations included sociology of medicine and health of women.

An overview of her work. Main interests Ann Oakley’s contributions include lots of academic works, most of them touch upon women’s place in life. There are also lots of novels, one of the most popular is The Men’s Room. She has also written her own biography, however it is not full for now.

Main spheres of her interest are numerous. They are childbirth and motherhood, family, feminism, housework, imagining the future, men, relationships between men and women, sex and gender and social science.

In a wide range of books Anne Oakley has proved that the understanding of person’s gender role comes not from biological matter, but from a social one. A person perceives his or her place with communication and interaction with others. The same is with the children. They are given their gender basis from childhood. Oakley believes that gender socialization had four central elements:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Manipulation – parents are influencing on their children, they can easily encourage or discourage ways of behaving in their children on the basis of their own consideration of good and bad for a male or female child.

Canalization – children are persuaded to show more interest to some concrete toys, for example. Adults have their conceptions of toys that are appropriate for a girl and unacceptable for a boy.

Verbal appellations – this is the use of language. Parents are usually providing their children with names for toys, pets etc. in this way, children can be stimulated to usage of certain gender.

Different activities – Girls are encouraged to participate in indoor activities which are often ‘domestic’ in nature. Boys are encouraged to participate in more outdoor activities (Oakley, 1979).

So, socialisation is a key factor to identifying oneself as a male or female person. Furthermore, roots of this process go back to our childhood.

A lot of Anne Oakley’s works were dedicated to women. She was a feminist, so she was struggling for establishment of women’s rights in mainly men’s society. One of these key moments was discussed in her work ‘Interviewing women: a contradiction in terms’.

In this article, Anne Oakley discusses methodological points which she previously highlighted by her research on motherhood. In particular, she describes the gap between textbook advised plans for interviewing and her own experience as an interviewer. Oakley suggests some traditional criteria for interviewing.

First, the problem lies in the one-side process. The interviewing situation implies only an interviewer asking and the person answering. The problem is that the interviewer does not give any information. Oakley shows the absurdity of such situations through a discussion of the questions she usually receives from people during taking an interview.

Second, many scientists advise interviewer to be strict and show certain attitude while interviewing. In their opinion, strictness will provide objectiveness in responses. However it is not so far true. Not feeling comfortable in conversation, a respondent will not say true and sincere things.

Third, sometimes interviewers are seen as having no personal opinion. They are confining everything only by means of statistics and other social data obtained from people. This will not help in taking an interview, as a respondent needs to have an interlocutor to reveal his or her thoughts, but not an emotionless robot that is just asking questions one after another. (Oakley, 2010)

This experience of such problems Anne is applying on feminist interviewers. In order to get helpful data, an interviewer should consider everything mentioned above.

We will write a custom Essay on Ann Oakley’s Gender Socialization Theory – Essay specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More ‘When I say I’m a feminist what do I mean? I mean that I believe that women are an oppressed social group, a group of people sharing a common exclusion from full participation in certain key social institutions (and being over-represented in others).

Women in Britain in the 1980s are still subject to the awful soul-destroying tyranny of being told the meaning of their lives by others in terms which are not theirs.’(Oakley, 1984) this is a citation connected with Oakley’s studies on feminism. She points out that women have no rights and they have a duty to establish them.

Positions in government were bothering her a lot. In her next work, she writes: ‘The state is a masculine institution: men hold most of the top positions in government and its associated agencies…’(Oakley, 2003) She was arguing with the fact that women have no possibility to obtain higher positions in society.

In conclusion, Anne Oakley has made a great benefit in the development of social science. Her works are dedicated to such burning issues as feminism, child upbringing, education and other maternity problems. She touches upon men’s nature of the world. Her works are of great importance to further generations.

List of References Oakley, A. ‘Interviewing Women: a Contradiction In Terms’ Doing feminist research, Roberts H. Web.

Oakley, A. 1979 ‘Becoming a Mother’, Oxford: Martin Robertson.

Oakley, A. 1984 ‘Taking it Like a Woman’, London: Jonathan Cape.

Oakley, A. 2003 ‘Gender on Planet Earth’, Cambridge: Polity Press (New York: The New Press) 15 May (2).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Ann Oakley’s Gender Socialization Theory – Essay by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sosteric, M., Brasted, M. and Scheff, J. T. ‘The Socjournal’, A New Media Journal of Sociology and Society. Web.


Raiding the American Financial System Essay best essay help: best essay help

World societies were normally structured and governed through specific systems. However, none of the administration arrangements demonstrated a sense of fairness to the societies. Egalitarianism, communism, free enterprise, and modern open-mindedness governance systems were exposed as unfair.

Les Leopold, in his book The Looting of America, proposed a theory on how the 2008 financial depression occurred. Capitalism in America had lost its known definition among the citizens. More so, a recent bail out of the complete financial segment in the American economy perplexed most Americans.

The capitalism governance system in the world had been transformed especially in the financial sector. Modern capitalist societies encouraged accrual of enormous wealth, provided financial guarantee to risks taken by the wealthy and evaded accountability for society wellbeing.

Characteristics of the modern American capitalist system demonstrated unfair practices. Governance practices that cushioned the American economy against collapse were ignored. Profits accumulated by the wealthy were not success of businessmen. However, the proceeds gained were endowments provided by the regime.

The governance trend had resulted in bitterness among American citizens. Majority of the wealth buildup activities were carried out by associates of the modern society. The wealthy had always thrived on society unresponsiveness to financial systems manipulation. Measures that established an expanded taxation bracket and included the wealthy would have generated sufficient funds for the society. Advancement in taxes might have cut wealth of the rich and provided increased resources to the public.

America had existed in a situation where most of the national proceeds were handled by the few wealthy citizens. The earnings inspired a dream money club on Wall Street. Earlier in American history, President Roosevelt regulated the financial sector with monetary reforms. A great financial depression and Second World War condensed the society’s earnings divide. Amount of finances for the dream money club on Wall Street had reduced.

However, the earnings allocation stabilized until President Regan liberated the wealthy by slashing taxes, extensive liberalization, and smashed employment. The move by President Regan started the dream money club that contributed to the investments and credit disaster, amalgamation obsession, the dot-com simmer and ruin, shelter and imitative simmers, and the recent dream money collapse of 2008. Ultimately, absence of improved rallied resistance and logical option to distribute resources continued to fuel the dream money club.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Deviation of output and earnings, rejection of firm distribution of income, and regular repositioning of great amounts of wealth from the people to a few selected rich persons had led to a faulty financial system. Wealth transfer was carried out through the American government.

Apparently, false circumstances were developed where business financiers lacked investment opportunities in the physical financial system. Consequently, financiers discovered methods that spent money in expectations, formulated poor speculations to appear admirable, and risked money belonging to citizens in idealistic ventures.

According to Les Leopold’s assumption, the origin of modern financial downturn was a divide between output and actual income. The divide started enlarging in the 1970’s. Income derived from production activities was directed to top business tycoons as opposed to the employees.

A rejection of balanced income split to employees, measured relocation of colossal finances to an extremely rich group of people resulted in a financial imperfection. The huge amounts of money were relocated to the wealthy via the government. Consequently, a circumstance in which financiers could not get new ventures to invest in was created.

In mid 1940’s and early 1970’s rates of production were on the increase and businesses employed more labor to broaden the profitability scale. Increased employment in the businesses forced employment upwards. In later years, large business reduced the profits plough back into their trades.

Financiers retained their earnings resulting in a percentage rise of money owned by the society’s top brass. The wealthy begun to seek for substitute income sources to invest the additional money with large profitability. Thereby, a period of imagined monetary systems, directed by imitations, was developed.

Billions of dollars overflow into a money club financial system stimulated chancy gambles and the home business flare-up. The wealth financiers and their firms made extraordinary profits through the novel trade. Employee’s income levels fell, liabilities inflated, and end user expenditure lingered. Actual trade activities lacked money lending services as financiers opted for dream money clubs with increased profitability.

We will write a custom Essay on Raiding the American Financial System specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Economic mechanisms developed by financiers seemed much secure than conventional investments. Finances were invested into innovative businesses and protected home credit facilities. Furthermore, a steady investment shift was directed towards counterfeit home credit facilities.

The counterfeit financial mechanisms attracted huge sums of money that could have been utilized in other real investments. Gradually, the money generating mechanisms flourished. An economic outlook was created, especially, in the home market. Money availability was increased and the financiers raked in large amounts of money in fees and profits. Financial division of the American economy developed into the most lucrative section.

Forty percent of commercial income was created in the monetary division of the American economy. However, the income generated was later discovered to be false. Reports indicated that a few years before the economic downturn of 2008, the financial division of the American economy had an income of 300 billion dollars. Apparently, all the earned proceeds were spent in wages and bonuses.

Financiers devoted money into financial mechanisms based on counterfeit validations. An artificial profitability mark-up was attached to the financial instruments so as to attract investments. The complicated copied financial instruments were a beneficial to the financial organizations. The New York Times reported that income accrued by major profit-making investment institutions was three hundred and five billion dollars in 2004 to 2007.

Nevertheless, the investment institutions have recently struck out their appraisals on lending’s and property by a similar quantity. Evidently, gains by the investment institutions must have been artificial. As soon as the dream simmers erupted and the imaginary gains lost, the investment institutions were in receivership. The American national administration interceded to prevent a global financial disaster.

Financial investment organizations developed crafty money generating products that were directed at benefiting the wealthy. The economic instruments were speculations based on false projections. American economic analysis information concluded that the downturn was as a result of home credits owned by deprived citizens dangerously invested by irresponsible investors who ought to have had facts.

Roughly one trillion dollars value home credit was issued. Three hundred billion dollars of the invested money were in non-payment. The financial mess resulted in an economic crisis that nearly affected the global economic system. American citizens were required to bail out investment banks to prevent a collapse of the county’s financial system.

In 2007, seven hundred thousand dollars was invested in amenities, skills and prospects for pupils of Whitefish Bay high school. The expenditure arrangement benefited the students as 94% of Whitefish former students preceded on to university right away. Whitefish Bay high school had accountability monetary standards.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Raiding the American Financial System by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, similar to other institutions, responsibility burdens overwhelmed Whitefish high school. Whitefish high school was located in a wealthy neighborhood and the residents, occasionally, chose to bail out the school. The Whitefish Bay town residents sought after a rewarding investment with low risks. Wall Street investors, on the other hand, focused on learning institutions such as Whitefish Bay high school’s dependence resources.

Wall Street financiers anticipated to convince the institutions not to put away money in government securities. The amount of the schools trust funds was prized at one hundred billion dollars countrywide in 2006. Wall Street financier’s ground-breaking investments were much more rewarding. A provision and requirement need was thus created and seemed as an ideal equal.

In contrast, Wall Street homes speculation were lost subsequent to investment of the one hundred billion dollars set aside by learning institutions as dependence finances (Leopold 2009). Financiers developed a concept of investing other people’s money in idealistic ventures. Nonetheless, the Wall Street investors focused on fantasy investment plans that had no forecasted growth. The investors had ulterior motives to enrich themselves and other wealthy colleagues.

The real estate industry had grown rapidly and was a bubble waiting to burst. Financiers developed investment mechanisms that lured institutions into devoting their finances. Speculative ventures with attractive profit margins were developed by investors as dream investment instruments. Subprime mortgages were mostly targeted by the crafty investors.

Obviously, the world economic downturn experienced in 2008 was initiated by fantasy investments by financiers. Money earned by average citizens was invested in false ventures to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor in society. Subprime mortgages were heavily financed which led to an indifferent economic equation.

Supply of homes exceeded demand hence drop in house prices. In a period of three decades, investors diverted money from productivity ventures into dram money clubs. The ripple effect on employment and wages left ordinary citizens in an awkward economic circumstance. Sadly, a possible collapse in the economy required bail out from the deprived citizens. American government had few options that could rescue investment banks and avoid a possible disintegration of the financial system.

The 2008 world financial downturn was destined to cause havoc to major global economies. Media reports that blamed other economic sectors, other than the financial sector, were far fetched. Unscrupulous financiers developed greed for large profits by investing in speculative ventures. A system of public management of resources ought to be adapted. Conventional investments in production and services had a beneficial effect on citizens.

Employment had dropped drastically in recent decades based on poor investment plans. Infrastructure, industry, and services were regarded as real economic ventures. A vibrant financial system dealt with tangible assets as opposed to speculative undertakings. Modern investors focused on the financial sector without solid foundations that would support growth. Exponential growth patterns resulted in a near global catastrophe.

Les Leopold had a reliable analysis of the financial damage caused by fantasy investors. The looting of America book captured the essence of the past three decades of the American financial system. The manuscript concentrated on perceptions, assumption, and outcomes related to the 2008 economic downturn in America. Information obtained from Les Leopold’s manuscript was valuable for understanding how the American financial system had been raided by selfish investors.

Reference List Leopold, Les. 2009. The Looting of America. How Wall Street’s Game of Fantasy Finance Destroyed Our Jobs, Pensions, and Prosperity- and What We Can Do About It. White River Jct., Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing.


Strategy and policy Report essay help

Table of Contents History of the Apple Company

Strategies and policies of the Apple Company



Strategy and policy are the backbones of success in the business world. If the policies and strategies of a company are well structured, they mostly translate to profits (Colley, 2004, p. 23). This is because strategic planning helps an organization to produce goods that are appreciable by their customers and also helps them to enter new markets and thus widen their customer base.

Additionally, strategic planning helps a company plan well for the future and be aware of future business twists and also helps it to maximally employ the skills of its workforce. On the other hand, development of policies helps an organization to maintain ethical standards and thus maintain its goodwill.

Policies also protect the assets of the organization and thus they protect the organization from losses fuelled by fraudulent employees and/or court cases which will, otherwise, be evident in the organization (Hartley, 2010, p. 1). This paper explores the strategies and policies of the Apple Company.

History of the Apple Company Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Wozniak Steve in the year 1976. It was initially a computer manufacturing company but it has, since them, expanded to offer a variety of technology products and a wide range of electronics. In the last 30 years, Apple has expanded its product base to include products like laptops, Mac OSX, the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, Apple TV, Mac OS Server and a wide variety of desktops.

The strategic innovation of the Apple Company has enabled it to gain worldwide popularity with its recent product, the iPad, hitting a million sales marks recently. A billion units of the product are expected to be sold by the end of May. On the other hand, the iPhone is in stock in close to a hundred countries (Malik, 2010, p. 1).

The company has been revolutionary in the distribution of digital media and in the field of personal computing. It has dominated most technology consumers and achieved commendable appreciation from educational establishments.

Most educational institutions are now using Apples products in their classrooms and computer laboratory. Additionally, a great number of students and lecturers own Apple products for their personal computing and technology needs (Malik, 2010, p. 1). This success can be partly attributed to the priority that the Apple Company gives to strategic innovation and invention.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strategies and policies of the Apple Company The Apple Company has also established relationships with international agents to help them market their products. For instance, Rogers Communications Inc. markets Apple products in Canada. They have recently developed policies on the marketing of data plans for the iPad. They offer 250 Mb monthly data for $15 and 5 Gb for $ 35.

They do not have an unlimited data plan because they believe that most customers use less than 250 Mb in a month. This is contrary to the policies set by the Apple Company in the U.S. where they have offered an unlimited data package for $ 30 (Rowley, 2010, p. 1). This way, the Apple Company is able to provide products that a specialized for different groups of customers.

As stated earlier, much of the success of the Apple Company can be attributed to the priority that the company gives to strategic innovation. To exemplify this, in the recent past, the company took the mobile telephony by storm with its invention of the iPhone.

It has fantastic features which include a user friendly User Interface, voicemail enhancement, a powerful GPRS and a powerful platform for development and information sharing. These features enabled the iPhone to be the choice of consumers registering exponential sales in the U.S. since its launch. There are currently more than 6.5 million iPhones active in the U.S. alone. The company has also developed an online music store.

This innovative step has enabled the company to market tunes for their products such as the iPhones. It is also a strategic step since in selling their iTunes, the company also gets a chance to market their products to prospective customers since people buying iTunes are also potential customers for products like the iPod, the iPhone etc (Doughdale, 2010, p. 1).

Apple has also upheld inter-corporation cooperation. To achieve this end, it worked in alliance with Microsoft in the 1990’s incorporating Microsoft’s products like office in their systems. They also abandoned Suns Original for Microsoft java Implementation and took Microsoft browser, the Internet Explorer, as a Mac OS standard.

This strategy of cooperation made the Apple Company to get out of losses that were experienced by the company in 1997. It also helped the company to provide the customers with products that were compatible with other products in the market. For instance, the incorporation of office was a big step in their recovery (Rowley, 2010, p. 1).

We will write a custom Report on Strategy and policy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many people will agree with me that Apple is the company of the decade. In the last decade, Apple has launched a number of new products that have gained amazing popularity and revolutionized the technology industry. To get a glimpse of the success that Apple has seen in the last decade, let us compare it with the technology giant, Google.

The performance of the stock of the giant is amazing but it does not compare to the performance of Apple. Since the time it was listed, Google’s stock has risen by an approximate 500%. In the same period, the stock of Apple has risen by about 1200% (Saxena, 2010, p. 1). This highlights the fact that Apple was the most performing company in the last decade.

This success is attributable to the aforementioned strategic innovation in consumer demanded technology products like the iPhone that has revolutionized the Smartphone industry and the iPod whose influence in the music industry is massive (Foremski, 2010, p. 1).

To cite a current example, the company is now accepting advance orders for the iPad from international clients. This is a strategy that will definitely help in the realization of exponential sales of the product when the company enters international markets in the end of May.

The pre-order strategy has been implemented for the eight countries which appreciate the iPad launch as a very significant event. This implies that the pre-order strategy will definitely have its desired effect since Apple customers in these countries are genuinely interested in acquiring the iPad.

The Apple Company has also adopted a strategy to control the kind of software and applications that run in its hardware. This was developed to add to the existing control on the Operating System that runs on Apple systems.

Many critics have branded Apple Inc. the control freak but the control is advantageous to the company since it enables the company to market more of their software and applications. In this regard, the applications which run on the iPad and the iPhone are all developed by Apple Inc (Foremski, 2010, p. 1).

Another strategy that has enabled Apple Inc. to maintain its competitive edge is its acquisition policy. Remarkable among its acquisitions is the acquisition of its co-founder, Steve Jobs, and his company NeXT. This acquisition brought to Apple a lot of expertise and innovations that enabled the creation of iMac and Mac OS X gold.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Strategy and policy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The company has recently acquired a chip company in order to maintain a competitive edge in the mobile industry. The acquired company, Intrisity, was bought for 121 million dollars, which is a negligible amount of money to Apple compared to the benefits that the company will bring to Apple Inc (Doughdale, 2010, p. 1).

The involvement of the company in the microchip industry has been very profitable to the company since its conception. It is the microchip resources possessed by Apple that have enabled the company to develop products like the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad which are have skyrocketed the success of the Apple Company.

Unfortunately, Lala, a company bought by Apple specializing in streaming of music, is closing down by the end of May. This is bad news to the music streaming industry and to Apple since other music streaming sites using Apples app store may be affected. Users may become reluctant to the buying of music for ownership. Such music sites include Rhapsody, Pandora, MOG etc (Saxena, 2010, p. 1).

Apple Inc’s policies have also helped it to achieve the success it has achieved in the last decade. Consider for example its sales and refunds policy. The company offers assistance about product information, pricing, orders etc throughout the week. This enables it to reach a myriad of customers interested in its high quality technology products.

The company accepts defective products from customers to ensure that their customers get the best of its products (“Apple store”, 2010, p. 1). This has made Apple customers gain confidence in the products of the company and thus it has helped in increasing the customer base of the company.

The company also offers a variety of software which is readily available for downloading on the internet (Lowensohn, 2010, p. 1). This has made the company reach software customers across the globe and it has also enabled the company to market its products since most of its software are compatible with its systems and devices.

Conclusion The Apple Company can be taken as the benchmark of the importance of strategy in the corporate world. Its strategic involvement in products other than desktop computers depending on demand has made the company achieve unimaginably. Much of the success of the company can be attributed to its investment in strategic products like the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. All these products serve different industries and were developed by the company due to its innovative capability and the demand of such products in the technology market.

The company has been able to achieve an innovative and competitive edge though the use of a variety of strategies which include acquisition, inter-corporation cooperation, online marketing, international market exploitation and exceptional customer care.

All the stated strategies were meant to beef up their digital hub strategy which focuses on Macs (hubs) and spokes, software and hardware (Mortensen, 2010, p. 1). The company has therefore been able to achieve its objectives by the production of the aforementioned devices.

Bibliography Apple Store. (2010). Sales and refund Policy. Web.

Colley, J. (2004). Corporate Strategy. California. Barnes


Rearing of cattle Argumentative Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Rearing of cattle is an old practice that has been very beneficial to mankind. Before the discovery of wind and steam power, animal power was relied on as a major source of energy. Harnessing the power in animal muscles, communities ploughed their lands and carried produce to the market; increasing their economic productivity.

It must sound very surprising, strange and even absurd, to you my friends, to even imagine I can advocate for abolishment of beef farming in this country. Given we are all sons and daughters of farmers; you have every reason to consider anybody with my proposal insane. However, please do not dismiss me before hand. Allow me to explain to you my reasons and let see if they have some sense. I am convinced that our world would benefit immensely from a ban on beef farming.

Beef faming in this country and in the world as whole is very lucrative. Ladies and gentlemen, it is imperative for me to note how beneficial beef farming has been and continues to be to you. Meat and milk form a great bulk of people’s diets around the world. Consumption of quick foods like hamburgers in the streets of developed countries like the US continues to sky rocket.

Despite the negative effects of quick foods, people rely on them for convenience purposes. Most of the quick foods are beef products. It is projected that consumption of beef products is bound to increase fourfold by the year 2020 (Schossler 199). Therefore, for those established in the beef industry, huge margins or profits still beckon.

Cereal farmers are also making a kill in this by providing the animal feed that is on high demand due the increased animal farming activities. It is needless to say how beef consumption is beneficial to our body health. Consumption of lean meat, mark the word LEAN, is good for our health.

It is third behind cereals and grains as a source of iron. Beef is also an excellent source of protein, zinc and phosphorus which are important for our body nutrition. Proteins are very essential for our bodies. They are the building blocks for our bodies. I can already see living examples of users of these proteins here. They are well built and good looking.

Dear friends, you have all heard of Global warming, haven’t you? In the last couple of years, everyone was talking about climate change and global warming. We are all very afraid of the effects of global warming; aren’t we? From desertification in Africa to submerging of Islands to Increased Tsunamis, all these are basically effects of climate change. It is for this reason that the whole world has to pose as ask the question “What are the causes of global warming?”

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The answer is simple, climate change and resultant global warming has to do with carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases form a blanket on the atmosphere and trap solar energy radiated from the earth’s surface. This leads to what we are calling global warming, which is causing adverse climate change. We all affirm that our cars, coal and our industries have very adverse effects on our environment.

However, I risk being stoned to death right now for pointing out that today’s diets, especially meat consumption, is a major reason why global warming is happening. This sound awry and maybe very absurd but let me explain. A 2006 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) indicated that beef farms produce higher percentages of greenhouse gases into the environment than cars and industries ( That sounds like an exaggeration, but the report is out there for all of us to read for ourselves.

Compared to crop farming, beef farming produces as much as ten times the amount of greenhouse gases. Gases like carbon IV oxide (CO2), nitrogen IV oxide, and methane are produced in high quantities during beef farming, beef processing and beef transportation to the markets.

From the FAO report, current contribution of beef farms is between “14-22% of 36 billion tons of carbon IV oxide equivalent” ( This is a very high and alarming level. In this case, a small beef farm can produce the same amount of greenhouse gas that a car can produce when driven for several miles. In my introduction I pointed out that beef consumption is increasing all over the world. This boils down to increase in greenhouse gases; from expanding beef farms, thus accelerated global warming.

Additionally, the increased rearing of beef animals has led to increased deforestation as huge tracts of forest land, all over the world, are cleared to create room for pasture development. Clearing of forests for livestock keeping has seen the destruction of “over 25% of the forests in Central America since 1960” (Robbins 220). To clear forests, most farmers simply burn them down.

Away from the global warming issue, considering the amount of vegetation that cattle eat, one would wonder if these are not creatures of destruction. Land dereliction and desertification has been caused to a large extend by livestock all over the world. The cattle trample on the vegetation while devouring tons of vegetation on a daily basis. An animal feeds on approximately 900pounds of vegetation every month. Lack of soil cover due this leads to soil erosion and hence reduction in the soils output (Shiva pp 70-71).

Ladies and gentlemen, suppose some terrorist organizes a bomb attack that kills 4,000 people, how many of us will bay for the terrorist’s blood? How many of us will advocate for the cruelest penalty against the terrorist? My bet is many of us would want to personally lynch such a person. We all want to live well and guarantee a better future for generations to come. However, as I look around, all I notice is people killing themselves and ensuring the future generations will survive in pain.

We will write a custom Essay on Rearing of cattle specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Let us stop to think about it. How many people do we know that have obesity, suffer from heart attacks and other related conditions that are related to diet problems? Consumption of red meat as well as processed meat is harmful to our bodies. Therefore, to remain healthy, we have to cut down on the amounts of meat in our daily diets.

It is medically verifiable that cutting down on meat consumption lowers the chances of getting heart diseases or cancer. Most of the processed meat passes through irradiation. People consuming such meat risk of getting cancer, which is a terminal disease (Schossler 202).

Dear friends, in conclusion, I wish to reiterate that I appreciate the economic value of beef farming and the nutritive value of proper meat consumption.

However, the odds are against the rearing of cattle and consumption of meat. Global warming, climate change, desertification and land dereliction are not only caused by our cars and industries! In this essay, I have provided convincing facts connect beef farming and global warming.

Secondly, I have also shown how unchecked meat consumption is harmful for health. Finally, the quest for more pastures has led to deforestation leading to increasing desertification in some parts of the world. Considering all this facts, I am personally convinced that is it more beneficial and healthy if we switched to vegetarian diets. A vegetarian diet would assure all of us of good health but also decelerate global warming.

Works Cited Global Warning: Climate Change and Animal Welfare, 2008. Web.

Robbins, Richard. Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism. Massachusetts: Allyn and Bacon, 1999.

Schossler, Eric. Fast Food Nation; the Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Harcourt: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Rearing of cattle by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Shiva, Vandana. Stolen Harvest. New York: South End Press, 2000.


Protestant Music: A Sociological Perspective of the Relationship between Reggae and Moral Decadence Essay best essay help: best essay help

Today, more than ever before, the role played by music in shaping our thought systems and our interactions with others can never be underestimated. It is safe to argue that music has not only been able to transcend cultural and racial boundaries to find appeal universally, but has also assisted civilizations across the world to find their own exclusive social niche, bringing them together with other individuals and societies that collectively share the same interest (Durant, 2010).

The reggae music genre has particularly been instrumental in communicating the message of resistance against political and social systems that appear biased to the interests of the blacks not only in Jamaica where the genre originated, but also across the world (Alvalez, 2008).

Through sampling some of lyrics of Bob Marley, the proclaimed founder of the Rasta movement, this paper will purpose to show how the musical messages of resistance to political and social systems have served to fuel social decadence and crime in contemporary world.

It is a well known fact that music is a communicative apparatus that is used and shared by individuals around the world to emphasize their values and articulate new notions. Reggae music is no exception. Bob Marley brought into the world revolutionary ideologies of love, peace, unity, and independence, all wrapped together in a message of political revolution to free the blacks from the colonial masters that had invaded Africa and other parts of the world (Alvarez, 2008).

His Redemption Song in particular rallied the blacks to be strong in the face of white domination using the following lyrics: “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds, have no fear of atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look? Ooh! Some say it’s a part of it: we’ve got to fulfill the book” (Elyrics.Net, 2010, para. 2).

Marley may have had very valid reasons for singing against the system especially with the realization that racism and subjugation of blacks was at its peak during his era. His lyrics together with contributions of other black civil rights activists such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King greatly assisted Africans and black Americans to nurture their own identity and demand for recognition as human beings rather than slave subjects (Alvarez, 2008).

Bob in particular was able to question authority while vividly portraying the agony and suffering of the black community through music. It is therefore sad to note how his legacy has been used to cause social decadence and acts of crime in the name of Rastafarian movement (Rommen, 2006).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Roots reggae and its teachings have become deeply entrenched in the lifestyles of many people across the world. The real value of the music, however, has undergone great transformations mostly to the negative. In the U.S., for example, “reggae has tended to be the soundtrack for college kid’s ganja smoking rather than spiritual or political struggle” (Miner, 2003, para. 2).

This scenario is replicated around the world, where reggae music is increasingly becoming identified with drug-taking behavior more than the ideals it represented some few decades ago mainly due to personal habits and drug life of a few musicians. This problem can be traced back to the issues of self and identity.

According to Stets


Developing the Cultural Diversity at the Workplace Research Paper writing essay help

Importance of Cultural Diversity The main aim of diversity is to tap talent and unique qualities along these dimensions. Cultural diversity in the work force requires those involved in the system should focus and capitalize on their differences to improve their work.

This influence over individual identity and perspective goes beyond legally specified dimensions to offer non-discriminatory opportunities and affirmative statutes within the work setting. The workplace ought to have non-discriminatory programs through the organization culture. This is the key element representing dignity and respect for all to encourage knowledge or experience gain and team work.

The paper addresses presents the common strategies that a manager can utilize to develop and cope with cultural diversity at the workplace. It provides the possible proactive measures a manager requires to deal with conflicts associated with workplace diversity and caters for ways of fostering the practice in the aim of garnering creativity and innovation.

Advantages and disadvantages To begin with, cultural diversity boosts the company’s competitive situation in the market. Unlike the early days when marketers thought that a good or service was universally acceptable, cultural diversification enables today’s marketers to know that different cultures demand for different taste of the same product or service.

Large chain stores like Wal-Mart or Woolworths are in a position of establishing the best way of presenting their products depending on location, thus their competitive advantage over the rival companies (Booyens, 2008).

Today we see a business scenario where small and medium sized companies are able to give big company a run fro their money because they have understood the concept of trading in a multi-cultural setting.

Managers have to understand that the twenty first century creates openings for engaging in technological aspects and resources such as the internet trading, which provides a wide world web, which assists to overcome the physical boundaries. A culturally diverse company is rich in knowledge because of engaging people from various countries thus enough chances of enhancing trade (Miller, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Civilization calls for a management system that is able to cater for a wide rage of personnel preferably from various countries internationally. Cultural diversification means that the business has ethnically diverse personalities who can easily assist in serving a wide base of clients without much effort, considering the ease for workers to relate with clients. The managers have to present clients with a diverse representation in the firm thus the need to ensure sharing of common grounds between the client and the server.

There is a wide and equally diverse but well-balanced pool of knowledge created by diverse cultures in the workplace. Knowledge is power to gain experience, creativity, customer support or participation, lasting results and eventually long-term high profit margins (Booyens, 2008).

Managers utilize the strategy of ensuring acceptance and non-discrimination status in the firms as the main characteristics on the subject of diversification. They characteristics enable the employers or managers to enhance cultural diversity in the workplace. People from different background have personal features that may hinder this form of development, but with proper training, emphasis and practice the diversification at the workplace is achievable.

The cultural diversity within an organization can also be a main source of conflicts, group-work failures and thus fall of business operations and eventually poor economical growth if left unattended. The diversity issue can therefore be a negative aspect if it lacks proper implementation procedures.

Proactive measures a manager can take in resolving cultural diversity related conflicts at the workplace Proactive management requires one to include the process of implementing cultural diversity at the workplace as a subsequent to strategically planning or the human resources management planning. Execution of change management in an organization must entail employees’ inspiration.

The motivation of the personnel is possible through infusion or integration of various aspects such as those involving diversification into the business procedures or requirements. Diversification ought to apply from the top executives, who should show commitment and importance of diversity. Having the employees understand the importance of diversity from the time of recruitment in to the organization reduces any possibilities of conflicts in future.

The productive and successful leader engage an upbeat measure of solving diversity related conflicts by regularly emphasising on its benefits of having various cultural settings in a firm. The business cultural commitment to diversity requires legal gazetting with the external regulator body to emphasize on the consequences regarding the cultural related conflicts or daunt any breaking of the rule that cater for the organization culture.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Developing the Cultural Diversity at the Workplace specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In relation to Booyens’ writing (2008), a company need to have programs for performing prior training to employees during the orientation procedure. This infuses the work etiquettes to guide one on how to deal with counterparts from different cultural setting. Arguably, it is impossible for employees to grasp various complex cultural nuances in one sitting, therefore the need for extra procedures to strengthen the interrelations.

Most organizations that involves the employees in teambuilding activities enhances the cultural diversity easily that those without such continual procedures. Managers emphasizes on the need for to be careful on issues regarding stereotyping, language differences, time differences and individual versus collective mindset, as a measure of avoiding or resolving diversity related conflicts.

Fostering cultural diversity at the workplace Emphasis on acceptance of cultural diversity in the workplace ought to take place before commencement of hiring procedures. This means that the managers should include diversity in the business plan. In line with Pride et al (2009), discovery of strengths or benefits of an action occur well prior to proper planning.

According to Pride et al (2009), “These calls for the management to be responsive over…. recognizing, respecting and capitalizing on various aspects of the society differences, mainly regarding ethnicity, race and gender.” A good manager notes that even outside the work setting it is possible to finds exposure to various cultural practices.

There is need to increase interactive activities outside the work settings such diversifying the programs one watches, the places one visits and the restaurants. Once people are able to establish rapport outside the work situations, then internal diversification becomes a normal procedure to cope with.

Conclusion According to Miller (2008), a good management system capitalizes on the employees strengths while minimizing on the weaknesses. The differences between employees’ cultures should motivate others a resourceful point of the organization thus the need for proper involvement.

Cultural diversification requires managers with the ability to strengthen the understanding and enhance stronger bonds through team works, as a measure to capture global clientele. An entrepreneur should also know that diversity is something more than mare moral obligation or a necessity for a business but is a business opportunity.

References Booyens, S.W. (2008). Introduction to Health Service Management Juta and Company Ltd. South Africa, print

Not sure if you can write a paper on Developing the Cultural Diversity at the Workplace by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Miller, C. (2008, May 30). Cultural Diversity is an Opportunity. Ezinearticles, Retrieved from

Pride, W. M., Hughes, J. M.,


Monsoons in South Asia Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Technically, the term monsoon is used to refer to the blowing of winds between the ocean and land, and the heavy rains that are associated with these winds. The winds blow in opposite directions in different seasons due to the reversed changes in the temperatures of the ocean and land.

South Asia is characterized with extensive land which teams up with the massive water area covered by the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea to form the Asian Monsoon. This monsoon is very strong and has adverse effects on climate in this area (Parker, 2007, p. 1). In this paper, we discuss the causes of the South Asian monsoons and explore their effects on the climate of this region.

There exists substantial controversy over the formation of monsoons but one thing is for sure; air pressure is a factor. With the above fact, therefore, the most plausible explanation to the formation of monsoons in South Asia is that pressure imbalances between the Indian Ocean and the Asian continent are the contributing factors (Arlblaster, 2010, p. 1).

That is, in summer, the air covering the Indian Ocean has a high pressure while that covering Asia has low pressure leading to the movement of air masses from the high pressured zone to the low pressured one i.e. movement of air masses from the ocean to land.

Since the air covering the Indian Ocean is moist during summer, South Asia receives moist air from this phenomenon. In the same way, during winter the pressure imbalance is reversed and thus the Indian Ocean is the one that is lowly pressured while the air over Tibetan Plateau is highly pressured and thus air moves from South of India and down the Himalayas towards the Indian Ocean.

The monsoons are, therefore, cyclic and they consist of both onshore and offshore winds. From the explanation above, it is apparent that the monsoon is parallel to convectional currents. Convectional currents can therefore be described as miniature monsoons (Rao, 1992, p. 34).

The convectional currents are characterized by movement of air currents between the ocean and land due to the different heating and cooling rates of the two. Other factors that contribute to the formation of monsoons are the westerlies and the trade winds that blow across South Asia (Parker, 2007, p. 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Geographers have been increasingly worried about the effect of the monsoons on climatic conditions. Most of them describe the monsoonal climate with one word; violent. This is used to describe the effects of the heavy monsoonal rains on the South Asian climate which is characterized by destructive floods, irregular rainfall changes, occasional extreme temperatures, storms and extensive erosion.

The irregular climate experienced in this region is a great challenge to agricultural activities in this area and therefore agronomists and planners constantly watch the weather to predict planting dates. Sometimes rains delay making farmers to either fail to sow seeds or plant few seeds.

Mostly, the rains come with great intensity accompanied by strong winds and they therefore destroy young plants and property. On the other hand, it is only recently that the people living in Monsoon Asia have been able to curb the effects of drought in this region. The monsoon climate has had adverse effects on the portion of the South Asian population occupying drought prone areas face extended periods of drought and famine in the recent past (Arlblaster, 2010, p. 1).

Approximately 50% of the world’s total populations are affected by the climate patterns that are caused by South Asian Monsoons (Arlblaster, 2010, p. 1). Most of these people are subsistence farmers and therefore adverse monsoonal climate changes have a great affect on their livelihoods. Excess or insufficient monsoonal rain could therefore translate to famine or flood in a number of regions depending entirely on the monsoonal climate for agriculture.

Wet monsoons occurring in June are very significant to India and Bangladesh, giving virtually all the water used in India. The monsoon rains also lead to waterborne diseases which affect the Indian population adversely. Children fail to attend classes while recovering from diseases like cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. The rains sometimes lead to flooding which kills people and displaces them, submerges infrastructure and halts businesses (Parker, 2007, p. 1).

The South Asian monsoons have evidently influenced climate in this region. They are responsible for rains and substantial changes in temperature that occur in this region. Additionally, storms have been repeatedly experienced in this area; courtesy of the monsoon winds. As earlier stated, these climatic influenced have had tremendous effects on the livelihoods of the inhabitants of South Asia.

Despite the negative effects that the monsoons in South Asia have had on the South Asian population, there are a number of benefits that come with them (Parker, 2007, p. 1). The monsoons are responsible for a good percentage of the rainfall experienced in the region and the floods associated with extended periods of rainfall fertilize the South Asian land.

We will write a custom Essay on Monsoons in South Asia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Arlblaster, J. (2010). The Asian Monsoon. Retrieved from

Parker, J. (2007). What is the South Asia Monsoon? Retrieved from

Rao, S. (1992). The physics of monsoons. New York. Barnes


The Efficiency Resulting From Utilizing Information Systems Report (Assessment) custom essay help

Table of Contents Website

Cloud computing

Information technology planning


Reference List

This paper explores how the efficiency resulting from utilizing information systems plays a central role in shaping modern businesses. The paper further explores cloud technology in details and how it impacts on the current trend of technology.

Moreover, the paper discusses the importance of information technology on issues of planning and protecting confidential information thus preventing major losses. Finally, the paper concludes by explaining the importance of planning to enhance efficiency in utilizing new technologies in businesses.

One of the major technological advances that can make a business more effective and efficient is the use of ERP software applications. Moreover, a business is better off when it employs an accounting package. Such packages ensure accuracy and effectiveness in accounting / financial work. Accounting packages are designed in a way that they carry out huge amounts of transactions almost instantly which would otherwise consume a lot of time to be performed manually hence costing a lot for the business (Newman 2009, p.58).

Database management systems software plays a crucial role in managing organizations’ information. The DBMS software ensures that an organization or businesses can easily collect information, securely store, manage and update the same as necessary.

For example, most organizations have a wide customer bases. With a wide customer base, it is difficult maintaining customer related files or information especially when it comes to personal details. However with a data management system (DBMS), such an endeavor is simplified. The software allow for customer data to be stored in a sequential order to facilitate sorting, referencing and enquiries (Newman 2009, p.96).

A data warehouse, which is a central storage area, can be used to facilitate easy storage and retrieval of information. The digital technology has enabled more robust online selling because it allows for retrieval and storage of a wider array of information on products and customers/ clients. This technology allows for interactive transactions between organization and customers over the internet. An interactive way of doing online business helps towards elimination of delay times for transactions, orders and payments.

Another technology that organizations are adopting is data mining technology. Data mining technology is critical for organizational information management because it allows for sorting and fast retrieval of data from archives (Newman 2009, p.111). Data mining enables easy gathering, arranging and analyzing of information in an organization. Such ease comes in handy for example when trying to establish or determine trends or when an organization seeks to compare performance of products in the market (John, 2009, p. 60).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Data mining technology also comes with tools that allow for reporting or querying for data from databases. When reporting and querying technology is incorporated in most databases, it allows employees to easily generate reports and interpret the same for execution of plans in the organization.

Other packages may also be used e.g. word processors to perform typing work and report writing (Newman 2009, p.134). All these software applications must be accompanied by the relevant hardware, so businesses must invest in efficient computers, printers, scanners and other hardware to be able to run its operations softly and efficiently. A network will also be very essential in disseminating emails or instant messages within the business or across its customer base both internally or externally.

Website Websites play a great deal in enhancing the efficiency of a business. By employing the web technology, businesses benefit by accessing useful. For example, many organizations are using websites to conduct surveys on their products. Search engines, which are websites designed to locate information on the World Wide Web can be powerful sources of knowledge.

Despite web usefulness, the business must take extra care in testing the credibility of the information from websites (George, 2003, p. 43). The business may also use internet newsgroups to access business information. By creating its own website, the business will be able to market its products and services online hence increasing on the customer base.

Cloud computing Information technology is always changing. A most recent innovation is called cloud computing. This is a technology that allows an organization to carry out transactions on the internet without having servers within its premises. Cloud technology has widely been used by businesses and has considerably decreased their cost of information management (John, 2009, p. 69).

This technology allows its users to store information on ‘the cloud’ and by so doing; they can access their information from any computer as long as they have internet access.

This technology allows for efficient usage of resources as a centralized storage process is created. It allows for sharing of infrastructure thus saving organizations a lot of money (John, 2009, p. 87).

We will write a custom Assessment on The Efficiency Resulting From Utilizing Information Systems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What this implies is that if the business puts up a website on a cloud, it means that if more users access the website and the business needs more computing power dedicated to the website, the business can get it instantly and the user needs will be met with ease. This is a major advantage that comes with cloud computing; the business only uses what it needs.

Cloud computing has three major segments (John, 2009, p. 112). First there are the applications over which business transactions are run. These applications allow organizations to carry out transactions via the internet without having to install any on-site server. Due to not having to install on-site servers, the costs involved reduce drastically. If there is an on-site server, the organization has to look into related maintenance of hardware and processing necessary licenses and other installation costs.

Cloud computing relies on interactive software sold on demand basis. As a result, the pricing of such software differs greatly from user to user. In normal computing, an end user buys a software license from a dealer or provider and goes to install the same on his or her on-site servers (George, 2003, p. 76).

After the installation the end user continues to pay annual subscription fees and the license provider continues to update the software. As need may necessitate, the service provider occasionally sends the user update information on how to get the best out of the software (John, 2009, p. 133). To access this updates, the end user must have internet connectivity and enable or allow accessibility to the license provider.

The second segment in cloud computing is the platform. Platform plays an important role in deploying the cloud application. Platform is used to refer to the products used to set up applications.

Platforms are the interfaces over which the users are able to interact or deal with the programs or applications provided by other parties. Without the cloud technology platforms, uses cannot access customers or other partner’s applications thus rendering the whole system ineffective.

The final part of cloud technology is the Infrastructure. Infrastructure is the major component or backbone of the cloud computing concept. There are organizations that provide the infrastructure i.e. servers, storage space and everything. These infrastructural vendors provide the processing and physical storage mechanisms (John, 2009, page 169).

Information technology planning Information technology planning is very essential in every business. This involves disaster recovery measures and control processes meant to protect confidential information and to prevent any major loss of information (Goetsch, 1999,p.37). This measures may include data encryption whereby information is encrypted to protect against unauthorized persons accessing it, regular backups made to ensure data which is lost can easily be recovered (Goetsch, 1999,p.56).

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Efficiency Resulting From Utilizing Information Systems by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another way of ensuring security is through data masking. In this process, data is stored in a database cell that is locked to the access of only authorized individuals using measures such as passwords. This is a software controlled process, which involves erasure of sensitive data as soon as it has served its purpose. In often cases, the software overwrites data thus destroying sensitive information that could later be tapped into by people reusing the machine (Goetsch, 1999, p.87).

Conclusion In conclusion, the new developments in information technology such as cloud computing have completely changed how businesses are conducted. Efficient strategic planning, monitoring and implementation play a pillar role in enhancing efficiency within an organization.

One consideration users of information technology have to bear in mind is information security. All organizations embracing new information technology have to institute security measures. To embrace information technology fully and benefit immensely from the same, proper planning is a prerequisite. For many organizations, cloud computing is the most efficient and cost effective way accessing and using information technology.

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Newman, R.,C. (2009). Computer Security: Protecting Digital Resources. Massachusetts: Jones