The Bamboo Bath: Project Installation

In the modern world, where people are overloaded with information and globalization is gaining momentum, the demand for places of calm and seclusion is increasing. One can hardly remember when one was far away from the smartphone, alone with nature and the environment for the last time. In this paper, I present the Bamboo Bath Project, which aims to give people the opportunity to plunge into the world of nature. This is a room-sized installation filled with paper bamboos as a symbol of environmental protection (since the paper is an environmentally friendly material). Bamboo Bath allows people to immerse into the world of tranquility and peace, and paper pieces were strewn on the floor to dip the individual into the atmosphere of space.

Besides, the purpose of the installation is to draw people’s attention to the problem of separation from nature. In ancient times, we were much closer to nature, and we lived in it, hunted, and respected it (Carter 43). However, due to technological progress, today, we only use natural resources. Thus, the bamboo bath is not only a place for relaxation but also a symbol of the revival of the relationship with nature.

Work Cited

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