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The Augustus of Primaporta is one of the best-known examples of early Roman Imperial imagery. What are some of the important symbolic messages in the statue? How do these symbols support the leadership and power of Augustus? What relationship does the statue have to both (a) art of the roman republic and (b) art of ancient Greece? Cite an example of classical Greek art from previous lectures in your answer.


all the instructions needed is in the presentation i uploaded below, also i attached the old assignment because you essay help

all the instructions needed is in the presentation i uploaded below, also i attached the old assignment because you might need extra information from it.

NOTE : you need to write a report to compretudo. Telling them why you will be good for them as their freight forwarder and what you as F


Some poorer immigrant children have experienced conditions that seem like they’re “awakening to a nightmare,” where they and their parents are subject to sudden “removal” from the United States. And certainly, after 1990, more people have been “removed” than ever before, year after year. Please explain how immigration rules and policies have structured these circumstances for millions of migrants living in the United States. online essay help: online essay help

Size 12 letter font, double spaced, one-inch margins, 7 pages (preferably 6.5-7 pages) Criteria rubric is listed below for better clarification how the essay should be written (Please follow this rubric) Assigned Reading documents referred to the essay for additional information below I want every single document ( 10 documents) I have uploaded, stated, cited, and implied into the essay in any way possible that can help answer the prompt. The content in the essay should only be from the documents only, no outside online sources/articles should be used and I will check for that. I want a full originality report as well to check that there is no plagiarism in the essay.


In an APA formatted Word document complete the following: Part 1. Explain the concept of ‘margin of error’ in essay help free

In an APA formatted Word document complete the following:

Part 1. Explain the concept of ‘margin of error’ in deciding the size of a sample.

Part 2 – Explain the following terms with an example

Point estimate
Interval estimate
Confidence interval
Confidence limits
Confidence coefficients or critical values.
Part 3 – In a survey carried out in a large city, 170 households out of a random sample of 250 owned at least one pet. Find the 95 per cent confidence interval for the percentage of households in the city who own at least one pet. Does the result support a pet food manufacturer’s claim that 75 per cent of all households have at least one pet?


I have provided a presentation article based on budget. The presentation is a nursing evidence based proposal research project argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

I have provided a presentation article based on budget. The presentation is a nursing evidence based proposal research project and what the ball park of a budget would look like for the research.
The course is designed for medical health care workers, nurses to propose an evidence based project. Explain the order presentation in one page to hit all the points from the attached document. Write it like a speech. I will be presenting 4 slides. Slide 1: Budget (Gives a full pie chart of everything in percentages), Slide 2 (gives expenses, listed is Personnel, Participants incentives, recruiter incentives, and mainteance and operations.) Slide 3 (Benefits), Slide 4 (barriers)
Keep in mind the important questions below:
What do you need from and what will you give to the organization? What are budget considerations (briefly), potential benefits and barriers, and how you might overcome barriers?


(1) So what makes rhetoric different from persuasion? According to our textbook, the word rhetoric had greek roots because Aristotle made his own art of persuasion. He used ethos, pathos, and logos in scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

He used ethos, pathos, and logos in which he named three modes of proof. Logos is the “argument appeals to logic and reason” (Masterclass 2021) such as using data and facts to support an argument. Ethos “relies on the reputation of the person delivering the message” (Masterclass 2021) such as the speaker establishing credibility and authority. Lastly, pathos “establishes an emotional connection with the audience” (Masterclass 2021) such as touching their hearts with sensitive information. Persuasion, however, “only is the attempt to change others with as few words or symbols as possible or an entire audience with a well-developed argument” (Titsworth 360). When defining rhetoric it uses both speaking and writing as the art of persuasion and composing successful writing and presentation to an audience so yes, both writing and speaking are rhetoric. For example in Abraham Lincolns’ “The Gettysburg Address,” he says a bold statement “that all men are created equal, incorporating ethos, logos, and pathos (Masterclass 2021). I love this example because it used all three of the modes of proof and this was the most powerful speech ever made by an American president.
How we deliver news and information is very important.  I agree that how we choose to deliver messages is just as important as the message itself.  The phrase “lost in translation” comes to mind when thinking about the effective delivery of messages and information.  As stated by Harlow and Grant-Brown (2012) stated that McLuhan believed the way that information was delivered was more important than the message itself and that mass media’s content was trying to purposely try and deceive their audience from bigger issues.  How many times have you clicked on a heading to read an article after reading the headline?  This happens often to me because media headlines seem too incredible.  Then I read the article and there are little if any facts to support the headline.  As discussed in our textbook, information has to be properly sourced and credibility established ( (Pearson et al., 2021).  Pearson et al. (2021) established different levels of credibility when engaging an audience: Competence, trustworthiness, dynamism, and common ground.  These factors can also be used in written media formats to engage audiences and provide essential and trustworthy information.  I often find myself looking for more information on a topic after reading news articles.  All information has to be properly sourced and there will always be opposing viewpoints.  To be truly informed in my opinion, we need to know all sides of the information provided.  I do this to see if the information was factual or was there some type of basis from the news media.  As stated by McLuhan, it is important to understand the method of how we receive messages and the context of the messages received/interpreted (Harlow


Tacitus on the Rise of Augustus writing essay help

Below is an account of the Rise of Augustus from the Roman historian Tacitus, who lived about a century after the death of Augustus and several successive generations of cruel and corrupt Roman Emperors. Tacitus begins by describing the ancient Roman kings who ruled the people when the Romans were still warring tribes. As Tacitus describes it, Roman freedom began when the Republic was established by the great leader Lucius Brutus. But the republic does not last. In the second paragraph, Tacitus describes the tools used by Augustus to gain power. What are those tools? How was Augusts able to overturn hundreds of years of historical precedent to establish the empire according to Tacitus? What cautionary tales does Tacitus offer contemporary republics? How does this relate to Augustine art that we viewed in class?

Rome at the beginning was ruled by kings. Freedom and the consulship were established by Lucius Brutus. Dictatorships were held for a temporary crisis. The power of the decemvirs did not last beyond two years, nor was the consular jurisdiction of the military tribunes of long duration. The despotisms of Cinna and Sulla were brief; the rule of Pompey and of Crassus soon yielded before Caesar; the arms of Lepidus and (Mark) Antony before Augustus; who, when the world was wearied by civil strife, subjected it to empire under the title of “Prince.” But the successes and reverses of the old Roman people have been recorded by famous historians; and fine intellects were not wanting to describe the times of Augustus, till growing sycophancy scared them away. The histories of Tiberius, Caius (Caligula), Claudius, and Nero, while they were in power, were falsified through terror, and after their death were written under the irritation of a recent hatred. Hence my purpose is to relate a few facts about Augustus- more particularly his last acts, then the reign of Tiberius, and all which follows, without either bitterness or partiality, from any motives to which I am far removed.

When after the destruction of Brutus and Cassius there was no longer any army of the Republic, when Pompey was crushed in Sicily, and when, with Lepidus pushed aside and (Mark) Antony slain, even the Julian faction had only Caesar left to lead it, then, dropping the title of triumvir, and giving out that he was a Consul, and was satisfied with a tribune’s authority for the protection of the people, Augustus won over the soldiers with gifts, the populace with cheap corn, and all men with the sweets of repose, and so grew greater by degrees, while he concentrated in himself the functions of the Senate, the magistrates, and the laws. He was wholly unopposed, for the boldest spirits had fallen in battle, or in the proscription, while the remaining nobles, the readier they were to be slaves, were raised the higher by wealth and promotion, so that, aggrandised by revolution, they preferred the safety of the present to the dangerous past. Nor did the provinces dislike that condition of affairs, for they distrusted the government of the Senate and the people, because of the rivalries between the leading men and the rapacity of the officials, while the protection of the laws was unavailing, as they were continually deranged by violence, intrigue, and finally by corruption.
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Global Business. How has COVID impacted global business? The paper will be seven pages long, at least 2,000 words. a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Format Requirement The paper should be in APA (6th edition format), double-spaced, Font size 12 You are required to use three sources. You will have in-text citations and references at the end. Refer to “Cite This For Me – Harvard (Links to an external site.)” – (Links to an external site.) Possible sources, our textbook, articles, or news stories from reputable news sources, books. Foreign newspapers (links to an external site) – (Links to an external site.) The paper should be no less than 2,000 words, which comes to about seven pages, double-spaced. You will lose points if the paper does not meet this minimum word requirement. Your name must be on the paper, or I will take off points. Grammar counts. PAPER TOPIC How has COVID impacted global business? This paper is the practical application of what you have learned about global business. Use critical thinking in approaching your presentation of covid on global business. Remember – think globally – not just the US. It will help to narrow your topic. Here are some topic ideas you might research. Remember, we are interested in global business, doing transactions in more than one country. Pick an industry – Automotive, Medical, Religious, are some examples. Labor and Trade Supply Chain – With labor shortages, how is the global business dealing with supply chains. What other issues are they facing? How does a worldwide lockdown affect brick-n-mortal retail? Are we facing a new lockdown with each variant?


You are the Strategy Manager of a fast-growing NATIONAL company. The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy. You have to select online essay help

The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy.
You have to select a NATIONAL company and create an International Strategic Plan Report to analyze and evaluate one of the top countries to consider for international expansion. Based on the findings of your report suggest the owners which foreign market to enter and how.
The International Strategic Plan Report should include the following key areas:
1. Introduction
2. Analysis of the company’s mission, vision, values, and objectives
3. Evaluation on the foreign market to enter by using the PESTLE framework
4. Examination of the sector/industry in the selected foreign market, by using Porter’s Five Forces Framework
5. Justification of the selected entry strategy
6. Conclusions