The Aspects Of Violent Acts


The violent act has a wide definition in the law industry, and professionals working in this sphere meet diverse cases daily. People who are not related to this area can mention some acts in their ordinary life while watching TV or on YouTube. The operational definition of the violent act states that the actions that carry homicide, suicide attempts, following injuries, and significant property losses are related to the concept. Physical and psychological pressure is also associated with a violent act, and the attempts to influence other people negatively are usually taken under consideration by law representatives (Appelbaum, 2020). Legislative articles in many countries provide punishments in the form of freedom restrictions or place people in hospitals for mentally ill individuals. It is important to define the key aspect of violent acts to make the concept operational. Physical and mental abuse, vandalism, and robberies are the main forms that define the idea in the operational state. I have decided to present this concept using this form to explain the part in more depth.


The cartoon called ‘Tom & Jerry’ presents typical examples of light violent acts. The outcomes would be more dramatic in the real world, and the punishment for the actions could be serious. There are about 9 acts of violence in the less than 5-minute episode, but they are not all related to the operational definition of the concept. For instance, the scene when Jerry violently washes Tom’s mouth with soap can be connected to the described definition. The consequences of the actions in real life could be more negative as allergy or loss of tongue sensitivity could appear. Moreover, Jerry set a mousetrap that caught Tom, who was following him. In reality, the nose could be injured, and special medical assistance would be necessary.

The operational definition is an in-depth overview of the idea, and poorly developed cases are rarely counted. For example, WB Kids (2020) presented the scene when Tom tried to catch Jerry and accidentally crashed into the wall. This situation has some aspects of a violent act, but the initial problem is Tom’s inattention. Due to the poor cat’s plan, it fell into a mousetrap. Even though it was not its fault, the violent action happened. The general relationship between Jerry to Tom was fierce, and even uncontrolled moments in the cartoon would be judged and punished in the real world.

The operationalized definition removes vague explanations and defines relevant variables to specific concepts. Concrete aspects of ideas represent more detailed meanings and differ from ordinary representations. Using the methodology of sampling, operational definitions can reveal all methodologies, examples, and research sizes. The violent act can be a classic example where random sample works as violence can be found in many areas of life.


The reliability of the sample test is high as it presents statistics from people who might be aware of specific cases or those who are not related to this sphere. The level of measurement for the variable of violent act could be nominal as it allows aspects to be different, and they do not have a quantitative value of the order. Other measurements present the scales of choice, which offer people numbers or the level of satisfaction that should be chosen. The definition of violent acts is more theoretical and shows individuals diverse variables that can influence people differently.


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