The Adidas Firm’s Project Success Management


Portfolio, programme, and project theory are three vital components of project success management theory (PSMT). They imply using specific methods and measures to attain better outcomes, guarantee return on investment, and create the basis for the further company’s evolution (Hansen & Svejvig, 2022; Nieto-Rodrigues, 2021). Using the real-life example of Adidas, a successful sportswear company, it is possible to evidence the topicality of 3PsT in the modern business world. The corporation adapts its marketing strategies to the existing requirements and guarantees a high level of the client interest.

Components of Project Success Management Theory

For instance, from the perspective of the portfolio concept, Adidas is an example of a company successful in grouping its projects and programmes. For instance, it orients its main products considering the demographics and geography (Adidas Group, 2021). In other words, the most expensive products and offerings can be found in regions characterised by an increased income level (Kotler et al., 2021). It ensures clients will buy the goods (Rothaermel, 2021). Adidas will generate benefits, returning its investment in promotion and manufacturing.

The corporation is also successful in programme management as the key to its success. It organises its projects to create a new framework attractive to clients and triggering the public interest. For instance, its recent sustainability program includes numerous smaller projects designed to meet both the clients’ needs and the existing environmental issues (Adidas Group, 2020). As a result, the corporation improves its reputation and, at the same time, sells products and services to clients interested in such incentives (Torres et al., 2020). It proves the critical importance of programme management.

Finally, Adidas has numerous unique projects designed to attain planned objectives. For instance, its recent project emphasises the shift towards using sustainable materials (Adidas Group, 2016). It was designed because of the change in the customer type, as more young people become oriented toward resolving environmental issues and promoting positive change (Project Management Institute, 2021). As a result, Adidas responded to this trend and introduced new programs aimed at generating benefits using unique projects. At the same time, the brand considers the concept of 4Ps while launching a new incentive (see Appendix) (Project Management Institute, 2017). It helps to select the most appropriate decision for a specific region and avoid losses.


Altogether, the example provided above shows that Portfolio, programme and project management are critical for a success of a particular company. Adidas manages to create successful programs and projects, meeting the clients’ needs and considering their demographics. It helps to return investment, generate a stable income, and guarantee that the clients will remain interested in the offered services.


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