Textbook: Douglas, John And Mark Olshaker. 2017. Mindhunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Gallery Books. ISBN-13 : 978-1501191961 Scholarly Book Review Essay Help

Complete a scholarly book review essay where they must cite a minimum of five outside peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of this assignment is to teach students how to read a relevant academic work and provide a thoughtful and detailed scholarly analysis. As part of this assignment, students will learn to identify and retrieve timely peer-reviewed journal articles and cite these sources throughout their review essay.


Discussion : Product Strategy
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Overall Discussion Forum Notes:

You must make a primary post before a level english language essay help

Discussion : Product Strategy
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Overall Discussion Forum Notes:

You must make a primary post before you can see the other student posts.

The primary post is due on Wednesday of the assigned week.  Primary post made after Wednesday will receive a 10% penalty.

You must reply to at least two other students after your primary post.  The reply posts must be submitted by the due date.

Reply posts must extend the overall conversation and be substantive.  Simple reply posts or simple statements of agreement will receive point deductions.

Any approved late submissions will receive a maximum score of 75%.

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and review the scoring rubric.


Once again, the primary or first post is due by Wednesday night and then two high quality posts are due by the posted due date.  Make sure to review the scoring and gradebook comments from the previous discussion assignments, adjust your participation in order to achieve the maximum points you desire.


Write a post for the Discussion on this topic, addressing the questions below. You may use either written paragraph or bullet-point format. Part 1 should be 2–3 paragraphs in length or an equivalent amount of content in bullet-point form. Responses to your classmates’ posts should be 1–2 paragraphs or several bullet points in length.

Part 1: Product Strategy

Briefly describe your product or service. Where is it in the product development life cycle? What recommendations do you have for improving the offering to fit your target market’s needs? Be sure to consider the following:

What level of quality and consistency does the offering have?

How many features does it have and can they be removed or added?

Does the design and/or service deliver what the customer values? If not, how can it improve?

What improvements would help your offering compete more effectively?


marketing plan part 2 essay help: essay help

Once again you will be submitting the updated marketing plan template for this assignment. You should be building the template as we move through the assignments.  The information below is a guide, you should build the information inside one of the template categories.  If you feel that a section does not fit the marketing template, you may add that section as another group of data inside the most relevant section.

Due Date Note – once again you have two weeks for this assignment, it will be due at the end of Week 6.  However, do not procrastinate.  In Week 7 you will compiling the first full draft of the marketing plan.  Taking time over the next two weeks on this assignment will save significant time in Week 7.  In Week 7 you will only have one week to submit the first draft so that the instructor has time to provide feedback.

Student Instructions: Complete the following information about the organization and products and/or services you will focus on as you develop a complete marketing plan throughout the course. You may need to do research to get answers to the questions below. The subject for this assignment should be the organization and products and/or services you identified for the Marketing Plan, Part 1 Assignment.

Marketing Information and Research
Research Question

Describe an important question you need to answer or a problem you are trying to solve in order to help the organization meet its goals and objectives.

Information Needed

Describe the information your organization needs to make effective decisions about how to answer this question or solve this problem.

Research Recommendations

What research do you recommend in order to provide the information you need? What research method(s) would you use to get the information you need? Will it involve secondary data and research? Primary research such as interviews, focus groups and surveys? Why do you recommend this research approach?
Customer Decision-Making Profile

Identifying the Customer and Problem

Describe a primary decision maker in your target segment: who they are, what they like, how they make buying decisions. Describe the primary problem(s) your organization, product or service will help them solve.

Factors Influencing Customer Decisions

Provide a brief profile of your target segment using at least three of the following categories:

Geographic characteristics: e.g., location, region, population size or climate.

Personal and demographic characteristics: e.g., age, gender, family size, family life stage, income, personality.

Social and Psychological characteristics: e.g., culture, social class, lifestyle, motivation, attitudes, reference groups, beliefs.

Situational characteristics: e.g., buying situation, level of involvement, market offerings, frequency of use, brand loyalty.

B2B/organizational buying considerations: e.g., individual factors, organizational factors, business environment factors, types of complexity

Reaching the Customer

Based on this profile, identify 2-3 marketing strategies or tactics you believe would be effective at reaching this target segment, and briefly explain why they are a good fit.
Positioning and Differentiation

Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors. Respond to the following questions.

Competitive Advantages

List the competitive advantages of the product, service or organization you’re focusing on: the things that make it different from competitors in positive ways.

Market Niche and Positioning Strategy

Describe the market niche you want to fill, along with the positioning strategy you recommend using. Why do you think this is the right approach?

Positioning Statement

Develop a positioning statement using this formula: “To [target audience], [product/service/organization name] is the only [category or frame of reference] that [points of differentiation/benefits delivered] because [reasons to believe].

Repositioning Considerations

Do you recommend a repositioning that improves on what the organization has been using up to this point? Why or why not?

Brand Description

What is the “brand” you are trying to build? What do people think about this brand today, and how do they experience it?

Brand Promise

What is the brand promise for this brand? If one hasn’t been defined yet, create one. If you believe the brand promise needs improvement, please suggest how you would refine it. Why is your recommended brand promise a good fit?

Brand Voice and Personality

Describe your brand voice and personality using the is/is never template:

[Brand] is:

[Brand] is never:

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Make a recommendation about brand positioning and/or branding strategy to help build the brand and contribute to align it with what your target segment wants. How will this contribute to the success of your product, service or organization?



create a visual-only presentation of a total of five slides that includes the title slide and reference slide addressing the following areas: 

·  Title slide

·  No introduction or purpose statement slide required for this activity

·  Define standardized nursing terminologies in informatics

Benefits of using standardized nursing terminologies in the advanced nursing role to improve outcomes

Provide an example of a chosen standardized terminology used in informatics to document or improve outcomes

Reference slide


Hi, You`re already accepted another order and working on it (Order # 363062353). ***IMPORTANT: – MAKE SURE MY FIELD essay help online: essay help online

You`re already accepted another order and working on it (Order # 363062353).
– THIS assignment has 2 parts, (first part needed to be completed by wed, Feb16th, and second part by Sat, Feb 19th)


– Keep in mind that this assignment will be the part of the major one which you`re working on now.

**Here is the instructor`s comment:
“If you are still struggling a bit with how to compose your commentary, you may find Andrew Rosenthal’s seven tips helpful. He is the editorial page editor for the New York Times. View the video at:


***I`ve also attached my previous week`s Rhetorical Analysis and Commentaries with feedbacks which hadn`t written properly by the previous writer. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEEDBACK AND PROCEDD WITH THIS WEEK ASSIGNMENT***



Motivation Concepts college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

Given that individuals tend to judge the favorability of their outcomes relative to what others receive, what can be the result of someone getting rewarded for their performance but yet being disappointed in the reward that they receive? 

500 words, APA format


The Final Project – A Marketing Plan For your final project I want you to be a true entrepreneur. scholarship essay help

The Final Project – A Marketing Plan

For your final project I want you to be a true entrepreneur. Therefore instead of writing a business plan (which many of you have stated that you have already done), I want you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation explaining your Marketing Plan!!

In our course we will at various things about your proposed business such as, buying a franchise, choosing the legal structure and using social media to market it. Now we will go the next step and prepare a Marketing plan.

Imagine that you have your Product or Service ready and now you have to go to a group of venture capitalists (like the people on the TV show “Shark Tank”) to get funding for your business.

You have to convince them of your product and that you have a good plan to market it to be successful! You go to the meeting and you present your Marketing Plan using your PowerPoint presentation.

Your Marketing Plan – PowerPoint presentation will address ALL of the following:

Cover Page – Product name

I – Executive Summary

The Executive Summary will highlight the goals of the marketing plan and how you will accomplish those goals. Make sure to define your product/service.

II – Market Analysis

In this section you will provide a summary of the market for your specific product/service. Make sure to address the past, present and future of the market.

III – Positioning

Explain or show how you will position your product to be successful and how this will attract the consumer. Who is your specific target segment broken up by demographics and why is this the right segment for your product or service?

IV Competition

You will also describe your competition and their strengths and weaknesses. Differentiate between direct and any potential indirect competition.

V. Marketing Strategies

This section should outline your strategies for the following:

Product/Service Strategy – what products or services will you sell and how does that best meet customer needs and how does it compare to your competitors.

Promotional Strategy – how will you promote your business and how will that make customers aware of your business and motivated to buy your products/services.

Pricing Strategy – how will you price your products/services relative to competitors, and what impact will that have on your volume of sales.

Place/Location Strategy – how will the proposed or current location of your business best meet the needs of your customers and/or create an advantage over competitors.

You will have at least 1 slide for each of the above areas, and your presentation must have at least 10 slides.

Use the link in the week 7 assignment folder to submit your Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation.

It will be due no later than 11:59 PM on Saturday of Week 7.


To avoid point loss, carefully follow all assignment instructions and discussion rubric Complete at 2 peer replies of at a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

To avoid point loss, carefully follow all assignment instructions and discussion rubric

Complete at 2 peer replies of at least 100 words with one source each.

Provide properly formatted citations/references for all source material (APA 7) This is a requirement
Do not use any quoted or copied material.
Use US based sources only


ARTICLE CRITIQUE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW In the Article Critique Assignments, you will systematically and objectively critique criminal justice-related research college application essay help

In the Article Critique Assignments, you will systematically and objectively critique criminal justice-related research articles to understand published research. You will critique the strengths and weaknesses of peer-reviewed journal articles and carefully analyze arguments and points in the article. You will develop the technical writing skill of critiquing while furthering critical thinking application and knowledge of the topics investigated. You will incorporate and apply a Christian worldview perspective to each topic and Article Critique Assignment.
• 4-7 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference pages.
• Current APA format.
• Minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles from Liberty University library.
• Acceptable sources (peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5-10 years only).
• Include a critique of least two (2) strengths and two (2) weaknesses from each article.
• Include a Christian and Biblical Worldview perspective.
This Article Critique Assignment requires that you follow a template. Please review and follow the template carefully. Include a running header, title page, abstract (between 120-250 words), proper APA headings/subheadings, and a reference page. Please note that you are asked not to change or omit any of the bold headings that are already in the template. You are only asked to insert your written content into the appropriate sections of the template.

Article Critique: Police Ethnocentricity, Subculture, and Historical Evolution Assignment
Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years about ethics in policing administration. Provide an in-depth discussion of the findings in each article.
• Based on your critique of the literary pieces, what might an ethical organization look like?
• Specify the characteristics of training, leadership, and employees that might be expected in an ethical police organization.
• Review the biblical themes in the video titled: “Police Ethnocentricity, Subculture, and Historical Evolution” found in the module’s Learn section.
• Discuss some of the challenges associated with organizations that are replete with corruption like racism and discrimination from a Christian and Biblical worldview.

Article Critique: Dual-Court System and Roles of Courtroom Workgroup Assignment

Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years that discuss 2 historical Supreme Court cases and review the video titled: “Dual-Court System and Roles of Courtroom Workgroup” found in the module’s Learn section. This historical case law choice is limited to search and seizure, stop and frisk, searches for evidence, or police interrogation and confessions. Chosen articles do not have to be on the same topic although they may be. Find articles related to case law on the aforementioned topics but do not consider articles merely discussing the case law itself. Provide an in-depth discussion of the findings of each article. With respect to the specific case law you have analyzed, defend constitutional democracy and the issues raised in case law from a Christian and Biblical worldview.

Article Critique: Correctional Goals and Prison Privatization Assignment
Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years that discuss American prison privatization. One article must present arguments advocating for American prison privatization and the second article must present arguments against American prison privatization. Provide a critique of each author’s position on the privatization of prisons. Review the video titled: “Correctional Goals and Prison Privatization” found in the the module’s Learn section. From a Christian and Biblical worldview, critique the current state of private prisons in America and present a clear argument on how to fix the system.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


The increase in learner comprehension is the goal of improvement of instruction. Working collaboratively with other instructors as adults is college admission essay help

The increase in learner comprehension is the goal of improvement of instruction. Working collaboratively with other instructors as adults is different than working with early childhood education learners of various ages. At the same time, using some of the same strategies with learners can help them learn through experience, and with the help of instructor guidance, how to improve their own ability to direct and control their learning.

Considering what you have learned, which of the models you have explored do you believe would be the most effective in your situation. Please consider the following:



Instructional improvement.

Please share your discussion in 1–2 paragraphs.


Products, services, and brands: Weekly Academic Journal Article Summaries, Applications, Posts, and Comments Post summaries of two articles from essay help online free: essay help online free

Products, services, and brands: Weekly Academic Journal Article Summaries, Applications, Posts, and Comments

Post summaries of two articles from academic journals and comment on posts from at least two other students. As always, each article summary should consist of three parts: an APA citation of the article, a summary of the article, and a discussion of how the information in the article applies to your industry.

For this module, focus on the ‘what’ aspect of a value proposition: what do firms in this industry offer. It could be a product or a service. Some theorists also distinguish an experience from other types of service and product combinations. In some industries, brands are particularly important. It’s not just consumer brands. Most people recognize the Nike brand and logo. They expect Nike sales to be higher because of its brand recognition.

But IBM and SAP get similar treatment. Think of yourself as an IT manager, director, or vice president. If you pick a less known brand for IT services, you may be considered part of the problem if something goes wrong. If you pick a brand that your CEO knows, then the problems may belong solely to the seller.


Program Closure Phase Essay custom essay help

The concept of the program closure phase is not a common practice that is discussed. However, the reading this week explains the different activities of this phase.

Research a project closure template from any source. Alter the template that was created for a project so that it can now be used for the program closure phase.

Then create a best practice write up, 1-2-pages (title page and references are not included in the page limit) in APA format. The document needs to explain to the organization how to implement and use the program closure template to improve the program closure phase efficiency.

When you submit, ensure to include the following.
The project closure template you decided to alter.
Your new program closure phase template you created.
Best practices write up, 1-2 pages, in APA format.


Debate – Brentford FC Case Study writing essay help: writing essay help

Q1: Which are the main benefits that data has brought to Brentford FC? Could they have achieved the same results without data? If yes/no, why?

Q2: The case study talks about the xG (expected Goals) algorithm, could you please research it and explain in your words why this KPI is important for sport teams?

Q3: Apart from xG, which other KPIs is the community suggesting sport clubs today to have a more sustainable and predictable performance? Please provide 1 example from football and 1 example from other sports (i.e. NFL, Cricket, Basketball, etc.)


OVERVIEW This assignment is designed to evaluate the SPSS analytical and APA writing skills that you have developed during the course. Part of a being a successful practitioner in psychology, counse essay help online: essay help online

Part of a being a successful practitioner in psychology, counseling, social work, and other behavioral science careers is understanding how to intelligently incorporate research findings into practice, and conversely how to design research and analyze data for questions that arise from work in the field. One fundamental aspect of these skills is knowing which statistical test to use for a given research question and how to interpret and effectively communicate the results to your audience. This assignment will present you with five research scenarios and their corresponding research questions. Your job is to choose which statistical test, of the eight you have learned this term, is the correct one for the scenario. You will run the analysis and communicate the outcome in a Results section in current APA format.


MAJOR Assignment For this assignment, you will complete your operating budget for the 2023-2024 academic year. You have an operating budget of $40 million. Be wise in how you allocate your funds. Atta custom essay help

You have an operating budget of $40 million. Be wise in how you allocate your funds. Attached you will find the template (PowerPoint slide 1) you must use to develop your budget for your individual sports. If you have six sports, you must create six budgets using the template. Be sure to label each budget. Second, you will provide a general administration budget.
This assignment requires you to think long and hard about how you want to allocate your $40 million. Be sensible, be fair, and use good sound judgment. 
Mini Assignment 3
Professional Training
I have decided to require all new athletic directors to attend training with me in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please submit your travel for this budget. By the way, be sure to take three coaches (list the coaches) with you. Add them to your budget.
Previous Assignment to help if needed. 
Select the state and city you wish to serve as an athletic director.
I selected Taylorsville, MS to serve as an athletic director.
Determine which level you will serve as an athletic director (high school or college).
It is on the high school level. 
Select the type of community you serve (rural, urban, suburban).
Taylorsville is a rural area.
Determine a name for your school. Select school colors and mascot.
My colors are red, navy blue and white.  My mascot would be Golden Eagles. 
List the sports offered at your school (minimum of six). For the sake of this course, create an equal amount of men and women sports. Typically your sports offerings are based on Title IX policies. However, for this course, you will select an equal number for each.
Boys-football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, soccer
Girls-volleyball, basketball, softball, track, tennis, soccer


Social media scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

VVrite a [email protected] [email protected] on one topic listed below. 

Compare TV shows and the cultural impact of today’s society.

Why do we want to get more likes?

Social media industries: how social sites became a platform for new business destinations.

How can you find your perfect target audience on social sites?

 All assignments must be written in MLA format, use Times New Roman or Arial 12 font size, double space.  

I have uploaded two-word documents chapters from the book Media and Culture to reference. 


You are to assume you have been recently hired and assigned to a team that reports to the CEO essay help online free

You are to assume you have been recently hired and assigned to a team that reports to the CEO of a company. The head of your team is the CFO who is concerned about the company’s current financial performance and comparison against major competitors in the industry and the impact that may have on the firm’s stock price. The CFO would like your team to provide insights that will help them to project future financial performance. Specifically, the primary question to answer is: will the company be financially viable over the next two to three years, and which steps should be done to improve its financial stability?


Week 7: Discussion 1 best essay help

User reviews for restaurants and services have become commonplace and even a go-to reference point for many before heading out to eat or making a purchase. However, there have been cases of false reviews and paid reviews. Public relations and customer service are so important to businesses that they are considered part of the fifth P, People, in the Marketing Mix. This Discussion explores strategies for dealing with disgruntled customers and Internet “trolls.”

Discuss the value of online reviews.
1. As a manager, how would you handle a negative review of your company?
2. What other strategies would you recommend for curtailing false reviews?
3. What strategies and policies would you recommend implementing? Why?

Use this week’s Learning Materials (attached), the article in the link below, and/or additional cited research to support your post. Use APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference list.



I have attached the requirements of the assignment. The “Clinical Log 1” attachment is what I have already completed. Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

I have attached the requirements of the assignment. The “Clinical Log 1” attachment is what I have already completed. ONLY 3D and 4 need to be completed by you.
3D- I have written out the problem lists and need you to fill out the plan using citations. I have attached articles and UpToDate PDF as resources to be used with management recommendations.
4- Use article attached titled “Delivery Hospitalizations Involving Preeclampsia and Eclampsia” Completing all of the points required.
If you have questions please contact me. Thank you.


Risk management project part 5 college essay help online

This project is divided into several parts, each with a deliverable. The first four parts are drafts. These documents should resemble business reports in that they are organized by headings, include source citations (if any), be readable, and be free from typos and grammatical errors. However, they are not final, polished reports.Please see the attached requirements.

Project Part 5: Final Risk Management Plan
Compile all project parts into a single risk management plan document. Reduce redundant text, if any. Incorporate instructor feedback on the previous submissions in the final risk management plan.

Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)

Font: Arial, size 12, double-space

Citation style: Your school’s preferred style guide

Estimated length: 14–20 pages


Unit III Essay Instructions For this assignment, you will write an essay that compares and contrasts creative and critical thinking as used in a stressful situation. Consider their application and eff a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Consider their application and effect as applied to a stressful situation of your choosing that a healthcare administrator might encounter. This may be an actual situation from your experience or a hypothetical situation. Keep the points below in mind as you construct your essay.
Clearly identify the stress and its effects in your chosen situation.
Your essay should do more than just state similarities and differences. It should also evaluate their significance and impact as well as offer a clear analysis of the types of thinking that should be applied in the situation you chose.
It should be organized logically with clear claims of similarities and differences and provide adequate levels of detail and description to support your analysis.
Your essay should be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. It must contain a clear introduction, body, and conclusion that supports your analysis.You must use at least three outside sources, including the textbook. All sources used mu


Mini Case Study 9 writing essay help: writing essay help

Suppose that you are the new chief executive officer at Memorial Hospital. Memorial is a nonprofit hospital with 300
beds and is located in a busy metropolitan area directly adjacent to a large university. Memorial is the only hospital within
a 20-mile radius of campus, but construction on a new, competing hospital has just started within 5 miles. Identify three
forecast content items. How will they be measured? What is
the expected status of the content items in the future? Which
forecasting techniques should you use? Why?


Apply concepts related to governance in a specific, researched public administration case study. Whatever source is used for the Essay best college essay help

Apply concepts related to governance in a specific, researched public administration case study. Whatever source is used for the actual case study must focus on a real-world public administration situation that is being discussed and analyzed in the chosen article.

The article can be qualitative or quantitative in nature, but it must specifically focus on the public administration context.

Remember to synthesize your research and findings with the required readings and presentations for this week and a Biblical/covenantal model of statesmanship, leadership and organizational behavior


Unit III PowerPoint Presentation Instructions For this assignment, imagine you will be presenting at a conference for an audience of newly hired human resource professionals. You are to share your kno cheap essay help: cheap essay help

You are to share your knowledge about how to evaluate the effectiveness of different recruiting and employee selection methods by applying human resource management (HRM) principles.
In your introduction, include one type of position you would like to hire for and the KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) required for that position.
Include examples of methods used in recruitment efforts that foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Consider the diverse cultures and social practices that surround your specific local or regional community.
Include an explanation of steps used in the employee selection process.
Use speaker notes to explain the content (in detail) for each of the slides, and support your presentation with at least two references. One reference may be your textbook.
Include a minimum of one graphic or image that relates to the content.
Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least five slides in length, not counting the title or reference slides. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.


Unit III PowerPoint Presentation Instructions You are a health care administrator of your local medical facility, and you have been asked to give a presentation showing the importance of the census in best essay help

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the information listed below.
How your hospital uses the census on a daily basis (when the information is collected and how is it used).
How inpatient service days (IPSD) and the daily inpatient census (DIPC) are used and affect the financial well-being of the organization (include the roles that admitted and discharged (A


Current Events Discussion Forum #1 essay help

Read the Article :  Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function


Respond the the following Questions:

What are your thoughts on only 10 minutes of movement will increase your memory activity in your brain?

What are other ways that brain activity/memory activity be authentically activated other than physical movement? 


Due: International Management Research Paper, If finished good will add bonus!! The research paper requires a minimum of 5-7 pages double-spaced paper in APA format with references both from the textbook and at least 3-4 credible outside sources (scholarly and business/trade journals). A title page and reference page must be included with your paper (no abstract) but do not count toward page count. online essay help: online essay help

Topic: “How employees from different cultures, race, and languages can collaborate on an international business venture”. The goal of this paper is to enhance students’ understanding of the management challenges facing businesses in today’s multicultural, global environment. Here is a suggested outline to follow: • Introduction • Background (define and describe the issue) • Why is this topic an important aspect of international management? • Who does this issue impact? How? • How does this issue play out in the international workplace? Provide an example. • What are the consequences if left unaddressed? • How are organizations addressing an overcoming these issues? • What issues still remain? How have organizations addressed/responded to this issue? Provide an example. • What did you learn from this project? What was your biggest ah-ha moment or takeaway? • Conclusion


Discussion with 2 writing essay help

Review the following case and answer the questions that follow. Collaborate with other classmates. Be sure to ask them questions that will help to keep the conversation going. You may need to do some outside research but put your answers in your own words. 200- words APA format: 1. Do you see any risk factors that might have contribute to Alexander’s MI?2. What is normal blood pressure, and heart rate?3. Is there anything abnormal in the CMP? Could it contribute to heart disease?


Due, 2 pages short paper Homework/Reflection paper #5 The Future of Alibaba and Amazon best college essay help: best college essay help

A vignette within Ch 11 explores online commerce and, in particular, the strategy and success of Amazon.com. Online retail sales in the United States will reach $1 trillion by 2025. The Chinese retail conglomerate, Alibaba Group, had online sales in 2018 totaling more than triple that of Amazon. Alibaba’s Tmall (Amazon’s competitor) is expected to become the largest individual ecommerce site within the decade, surpassing Amazon in total revenue. Alibaba combines business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer transactions under a single ownership umbrella, while Amazon specializes primarily in just business-to-consumer sales. Amazon not only hosts third-party sellers but also acts as a direct merchant. Amazon buys and sells merchandise, ships products, and warehouses inventory. This direct-seller approach allows Amazon to adapt quickly to changes in demand, but their margin is tightened by the necessary investments, like labor and warehouses. Alibaba is a “mere” facilitator for sales between third parties; thus fixed assets are minimal. However, the company cannot control shipping and distribution, so third-party mistakes reflect on Alibaba. The company does not gain financially from direct-to-consumer selling. The geographic positioning of Amazon and Alibaba affects their potential future growth. While the future growth potential of Amazon is somewhat limited, Alibaba has yet to enter the North American market. Thus, Amazon must expand its market area. Alibaba is better positioned, as only 50 percent of China has Internet access. Long-term success for each company is yet to be determined. Both the managers will be called to develop and initiate new strategies. • Reflect on the differences that exist between the markets and strategies of Amazon and Alibaba. How can the companies plan for the future? • What are the reasons for Amazon’s success as an online retailer? What factors explain Alibaba’s success? • Submission should be 2 pages long. Be sure to add your name to the “header section” of the paper and save it as a pdf file before submitting. Be sure to use 1″ margins and double spacing. See Section 3: Assignments for additional details.


Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Using the attached Assignment #6 – Discussion and Conclusion (TEMPLATE), Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
Using the attached Assignment #6 – Discussion and Conclusion (TEMPLATE), conclude your study by providing a thorough discussion of key findings, as well as any recommendations for further research. In this section of your study, you will include the following information:
Introduction (this introduction forms the transition, not an introduction to the study itself. State the purpose of the section and then present the following sub-sections)
Discussion (what are the implications for the proposed hypotheses [for quantitative studies] or research questions [for qualitative or quantitative studies], the previous literature and the wider communities of interest?)
Conclusion (researchers can discuss as many as four categories of recommendations for further studies. Each category reflects back on one of the previous sub-sections; the three most common categories of recommendations include those:
developed directly from the data
Derived from methodological, research design or other limitations of the study
To investigate issues not supported by the data but relevant to the problem being studied)
Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (6th edition).
Attached is an example of a completed Discussion and Conclusion section from a previous student’s capstone project.

This is the final part of my paper.


I have 2 papers and I need help in writing a literature review for my master degree graduation project essay help free

I have 2 papers and I need help in writing a literature review for my master degree graduation project in cyber security,one paper for each one, paper format is MLA.

I don’t know if i have to pay extra money because there are two papers, but I’m ready to pay

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Presentation on Credit Card Usage Analysis against Net Sales The sales department tasked you with conducting an analysis of customer spending by credit card usage. Use the CC_Sales.csv file for your a essay help online: essay help online

Use the CC_Sales.csv file for your analysis. This file is a 1,000-record sample dataset extracted from your company’s data warehouse and is accessed by clicking “Next” at the bottom of this page.
The dataset contains the following variables:
CC_Card: 0 indicates no credit card usage, 1 indicates customer used a credit for their purchases
Tot_Spend: Net sales amount for all visits by this customer for this month
The objectives of this study are to first determine if the mean value of the variable Tot_Spend for non-credit users is significantly different than for credit card users.
Create a presentation to explain your findings. Your presentation should include the following:
Hypotheses (Alternative and Null)
T-test results including charts, graphs, and tables
Analysis of test results
What business insights could your company gather from these findings
Your presentation should be 5-6 slides in length conforming to the APA guidelines.
Your detailed discussion of the charts, graphs, reports, and findings should be in the presentation’s speaker notes. Include at least one scholarly reference in addition to the course textbook. 


Portfolio Milestone – Intro to Business Intelligence Data Analysis of United States Data If you selected Option 1 to complete for your Portfolio Milestone in Module 2, be sure to complete this milest essay help online

Review the background information for Option 1 of the Portfolio Project in Module 8.  Also, you should incorporate any feedback given by your faculty member in the Module 2 Portfolio Milestone assignment.
For the Module 5 Portfolio Milestone assignment, you are to create a minimum of 4 business questions which, if answered, will solve the business problem. You are to explain why you selected those specific business questions. In addition, you are to create the alternate and null hypotheses for each business question. The business questions and hypotheses will become the primary framework for your Portfolio Project due in Module 8. Finally, you discuss any concerns you have in completing this assignment.
In this assignment, you are to expand on your deliverables from Module 2 by including your approach for conducting the analysis in the Portfolio Project in Module 8. Your approach should include which statistical tests you intend to conduct and why. How will these tests answer the business questions and prove or disprove your hypotheses? Also, your approach should include which visualizations you intend to use and why. Why are these visualizations the best formats for communicating the story the data is telling us?
Deliverables for this assignment are:
Description of the business problem including the organization’s strategic goals (incorporating any feedback from your instructor).
Description of the variables in the SAS dataset created in Module 2 (incorporating any feedback from your instructor)
List, at a minimum, 4 business questions. Justify how these business questions will solve the business problem.
List the alternate and null hypotheses for each business question. Incorporate any feedback from your instructor
List the statistical tests you intend to use and why.
List the visualizations you intend to use and why.
Describe concerns in completing the Portfolio Project.
Your Milestone assignment should be four to five pages in length, excluding your cover and references page, and formatted according to APA requirements.


Introduction The Amazonian rubber boom gave rise to appalling abuses of indigenous peoples. The boom occurred in reaction to essay help online

The Amazonian rubber boom gave rise to appalling abuses of indigenous peoples. The boom occurred in reaction to the end of invention of rubber tires for the newly-created automobile. Rubber trees grew wild in the Amazon, but indigenous knowledge was needed to find an access the latex within the trees. In this isolated environment, foreign corporations used violent tactics to coerce indigenous labor. The most notorious of these rubber corporations was the Peruvian Amazon Rubber Company, owned by a Peruvian trader named Julio Cesar Arana and financed by British merchants on the London Stock Exchange. In 1909 the American engineer Walter Hardenberg wrote an exposé of the labor tactics used by the Aranas, accusing them of enslaving the indigenous peoples and subjecting them to corporal and capital punishment, so well as sexual abuse. Hardenberg’s account was borne out in a 1910 investigation by the British Consulate, led by Sir Rodger Casement. Historians and anthropologists now refer to the Peruvian Amazon Rubber Company as having perpetuated a genocide against the Bora, Witote, and Andoke people. This excerpt comes from a 1912 book published by Hardenberg about his experiences in the Peruvian Amazon. The book was widely read in Britain and the United States and the publicity led to criminal proceedings against the Board of Directors of the Peruvian Amazon Company in London..

Read the attached document and answer the following questions:
1. What economic and political forces account for the brutal treatment of indigenous rubber workers in the Putumayo, according to Hardenberg?
2. What role does sexual exploitation of indigenous women play in upholding this labor system?

You should not use any outside sources beyond the actual documents to complete this assignment. It is intended to be your own analysis and reflections, not based on what you found on the internet. Each question must be answered in full sentences and paragraphs and a minimum of a 150 word response (approximately 1/2 page). Even if the assignment has multiple questions, your total response is still a minimum of 150 words (not 150 words per question). Retyping the question, headers, and long quotes are not counted toward your minimum required response. Please copy/paste the question and put your response below in a 12 point font. If there are multiple questions, then you should copy question #1, put your answer below it, then copy question #2, put your answer below it, and so on. Any direct quotes used from the document should be put in quotation marks but it does not need a citation. Since you are only allowed to use the primary (attached) document as your source, you only need to put quotation marks around the direct quote. All other parts of your response should be in your own words. Copying a sentence and changing a few words in that sentence is plagiarism, so be sure you are careful in your submissions.


Project Part 3 Revision cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Revise your submissions from Part 3 of the Course Project based on
feedback from your instructor.

Instructor feedback: “The assignment called for you to align yourself with a charitable organization and then create a collaboration that would benefit both partners. There is not much here in that regard, You finally get to UNEP at the very end – but did not show any collab strategies.”

I’ve attached the project powerpoint and initial part 3 instructions. Project Part 3 is the word document to be revised.


USING AT LEAST FIVE OF THE ATTACHED RESOURCES Analysis of three symbols of your choice Hint: Some symbols you best essay help


Analysis of three symbols of your choice

Some symbols you may wish to consider:
The diverse ships and the meaning of their names as the meaning relates to narrative. Don’t just list the meanings; instead, demonstrate that you can see how the meanings of the symbols work.The diverse characters and their names — Ratcliff, Squeak, Captain Vere, Billy Budd, John Claggart, Seymour, the Dansker, and others. Do not attempt to analyze more than three.The collective of poor, white males vs white males of authority and rank.The African statue on a ship of educated, authoritative, relatively wealthy white men oppressing illiterate, powerless, voiceless white men falling into the waters — connect the plight of African slaves on the slave ship with poor white men on the other ships. You might also consider the nasty food, the lack of shoes, the illiteracy, the beatings, etc. and compare to the foul food, lack of shoes and clothing, beatings and lynchings of Africana peoples.Melville, unlike Poe, did not believe in such oppression; what do you think he was trying to teach the audience of the time? Do you see any parallels today with uneducated white males who have been “left behind” in the global economy and knowledge based societies and their feelings and actions towards people of color?The ships as diverse micro-cososms of the larger macrocosm.

The Puritans of Massachusetts were not Catholic.Do not rely on Catholicism to answer any of the threads. The particular brand of Puritanism was Calvinism.Moreover, unlike Poe who believed in slavery and Hawthorne who avoided discussing it, Melville was opposed to slavery and one of its parallels, the impressment of poor white men like Billy.


This week’s Question is on the topic of muscle tissue, specifically about the relative differences between skeletal and cardiac college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

This week’s Question is on the topic of muscle tissue, specifically about the relative differences between skeletal and cardiac muscle. I have included an article from the American Heart Association for your review. you can access the article directly at: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/24/2/328.full.pdf.
This AHA journal article, The Contractile Structure of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle, by Charles E. Kossmann and H.E. Huxley, was written and published in 1961, and uses some early electron microscope images as “new” evidence, as described by the author, to display the “fine structure of striated muscle”. There is also some interesting discussion of the differences between skeletal and cardiac muscle.
In reading this article, reference back to your textbook, pages 336-347, which describe the same basic principles of muscle structure, functionality and movement, with so much more information and detailed electron microscope photomicrographs to support your study of the muscle system and structure. How fortunate we are that scientists like Drs. Kossmann and Huxley, and others over the last 60 years (60 years since this article was published), had the curiosity and love of science and medicine to pursue the answers to how the body functions.
What principles related to muscle tissue, structure and function, as noted in the Kossmann/Huxley article, are still relevant today?
Is there any theory or questions that the authors had in 1961 that have been resolved or determined?
What is your reaction in general to the article?
Feel free to add other researched articles that support the discussion and include the source reference.


Choose a particular title or section within the USA PATRIOT Act that you think is most controversial. Discuss the essay help: essay help

Choose a particular title or section within the USA PATRIOT Act that you think is most controversial. Discuss the issue as you see it, and explain your viewpoint within the context of balancing national security and the privacy rights of individuals.

Which way do you fall, or lean, on this balance?
Now consider and explain “going dark” in light of the PATRIOT Act and the impact of technology on the ability (regardless of legality) to gather intelligence.
In your view, should the private sector and individuals have this capability relative to the state’s lawful security concerns?


In TMHG, read “Still Hungry in America” by Marian Wright Edelman (pages 244-47) and the WIC advertisement by the essay help

In TMHG, read “Still Hungry in America” by Marian Wright Edelman (pages 244-47) and the WIC advertisement by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (page 249). Respond to at least three of the following questions (which have been extrapolated from TMHG, “Understanding a Writer’s Goals: Questions to Consider and Discuss” on pages 250). Then reply to at least five threads created by your classmates.

Audience: Describe the intended audience for the article and advertisement? Don’t just write “Readers of The Huffington Post and the WIC Works Resource System, Inc. web site,” which are facts stated explicitly in the author’s blurbs on the first page of each article in TMHG. Think about who reads those publications and why, and then consider who might be interested in the information provided in the article and advertisement.
Purposes: The primary purpose of the article and advertisement is to persuade, but what is it that each author is trying to persuade readers to believe or do? What specific strategies does each author use? (Cite specific examples from the article and advertisement.) Do you think those strategies are successful for their respective audiences? (Refer to Chapter 14 in TMGH if you need to review specific strategies.)
Voice and Tone: How would you describe the tone used in the article and advertisement? To what extent does the tone in each tone make the author seem credible or not? (To review what is meant by voice and tone, see page 6 in TMHG.)
Responsibility: To what extent do the authors responsibly present the issues of hunger and infant nutrition respectively? Are there any places in either the article or advertisement where you think the authors deliberately mislead readers or oversimplify the issues?
Content, format, and genre: As noted in TMHG, “Still Hungry in America” was published in the Huffington Post (an online magazine) and the WIC advertisement appeared in the web site of the he WIC Works Resource System. Even though Edelman’s article is considerably longer than the advertisement, both are short compared to articles in academic journals, because most readers prefer shorter pieces in popular newspapers and magazines. How might the shorter length of Edelman’s article and the advertisement constrain and/or benefit each author?


You are to write an essay explaining and evaluating one of the major positions discussed in Lessons 4, 5, 6, custom essay help: custom essay help

You are to write an essay explaining and evaluating one of the major positions discussed in Lessons 4, 5, 6, or 7. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of one of the central debates in epistemology or the philosophy of mind and to support your position on this issue. Your essay must be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font. I will be evaluating your essay based on the following criteria. Regarding your content development, you will be graded based on the quality of your writing. I expect you to start with an introduction that motivates the project and plainly states your thesis and finish with a conclusion that both summarizes your evaluation of the position clearly and explores implications or limitations of your assessment. In addition, your essay must have a clear and logical organizational plan as well, with ideas, sentences, and paragraphs building naturally in support of your thesis. To accomplish this, you must make sure your organizational plan would be obvious to the reader, and you must use transitional words, phrases, and sentences to show how your sentences and paragraphs relate to each other and to your thesis. To demonstrate your mastery of the relevant conventions of philosophical writing, you will need to provide a clear and complete explanation of the position you are discussing. In addition, you will also need to provide a clear and complete explanation of the relevant alternative views discussed in the lesson and draw a clear contrast between all of these views. To demonstrate your understanding of the context and purpose of this assignment, you should provide a clear example that illustrates to the reader the relevance of this debate to our lives. Your example needs to be realistic, and you need to come up with it on your own. You will also need to explain how the example illustrates the position under discussion. Concerning the appropriate use of sources and evidence, I expect you to explain and evaluate the relevant arguments or considerations from the lessons both for and against the position under discussion, in detail and with clarity. In your evaluation of each argument, you will need to explain whether the premises are true, whether the reasoning is valid, and why you think so. Further, you will need to consider and assess at least one possible objection to each argument and then provide a sufficiently compelling overall evaluation of the argument in light of this objection. Finally, to demonstrate your control of syntax and mechanics, I expect you to skillfully communicate your meaning to the reader with clarity and virtually no grammatical mistakes. Overall, your essay must be clear, with well-developed paragraphs, complete and grammatical sentences, and words chosen for their precise meanings.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to an organization’s efforts to contribute to sustainable development, including the health and the Essay writing essay help

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to an organization’s efforts to contribute to sustainable development, including the health and the welfare of society. Coca-Cola’s “Hello Happiness” campaign is one example of an effective CSR initiative that benefited society and the business as well, an ideal result. Do you believe that this campaign was a genuine attempt at benefiting society and those less fortunate, or do you feel as though it is more of an emotional marketing ploy to aid the business? Provide another example of an international CSR campaign. Was it successful or unsuccessful? Why or why not?

Coca-Cola “Hello Happiness” = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMMjhtUl3Jk