Techtonic Group: Recruiting Strategies

Techtonic Group is a fast-developing IT organization attracting young specialists to ensure the introduction of new and unique features. According to Dessler (n.d.), the company has already introduced a program of training people without experience and providing paid internships when they show positive results. However, additional strategies might be introduced in the Techtonic Academy to invite more potential workers. For instance, managers and developers can build placement programs and allow university students to understand the IT sphere’s work and whether they want to continue studying in this area. Some organizations worldwide actively use this practice, and Techtonic Academy can consider helping students between years 2 and 3 of their studies. Moreover, the importance of social media should not be underestimated, and all opportunities should be posted in diverse applications. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and official website. The era of technology can help to spread information needed for young people and attract participants in training and apprenticeship programs of the academy.

The support of supplies used in the academy’s work is crucial, and specialists might consider checking the quality of their laptops and other gadgets before recruiting new specialists. The stable flow of data in the company can allow it to follow all changes and make specific notes in databases. The money invested in support of technology can allow the company to find the right experts for the particular client and ensure that high-quality service is provided. Furthermore, the location and skills of professionals may vary depending on the types of work and previous experience. Consequently, convenience in client distribution can attract new workers interested in further development with the organization.

The popularity of agencies is increasing, allowing them to reduce costs by making recruitment more structured and specific. Based on the project, Techtonic Academy might require recruiting contract workers and ensuring that there will not be any need to extend the operating agreement. The help of the outer part allows the company to avoid paperwork and stay confident that all processes are legal. Moreover, it is easier for candidates to find their desired work as they sign the contract with the recruitment agency and wait for the available positions.

The company might consider investing more money into the HR sector to improve the recruiting process. Workers in this department should have specific steps to be followed, and accuracy can lead them to success. For example, the availability of resources is crucial, and workers should review their opportunities posts. The description and requirements should stay direct and specific. Moreover, every worker should know what positions are missing and, in this case, the right applicant can be found as other workers can observe the performance of a new colleague. The activity on such social media as LinkedIn is important as potential employees can build reliability.

Another suggestion for the company is to involve other workers in the interview process. The candidate’s skills can be observed from different perspectives, and different decisions can occur. Moreover, when HR managers conduct interviews, they should understand that the person will work in a different department, and other workers need to understand if their personalities will be matched for the positive outcome of their work. Consequently, the review of other professionals in the IT industry is helpful in the recruiting process, and Techtonic Academy should not underestimate this aspect.


Dessler, G. (n.d.). Personnel planning and recruiting. Recruitment, Placement, and Talent Management, 162-163.