Technology And Systems Approach For Health Care Managers Week2 Online Essay Help

As a health care manager, it is important to understand technology options that have a positive impact on health care organizations.


reflect back to the Week 1 Technology Evaluation Chart and select 1 of the technology trends you researched for the assignment.(81121doc)


Part l: SWOT Analysis 

Part II: Summary 


Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed or similar references to support your assignment –


Technology And Systems Approach For Health Care Managers week4 college application essay help

Consider the following scenario:


Phoenix Community Health Center is a federally qualified health center with about 20,000 patients that averages 110,000 visits per year and is working on implementing two MRI machines. Maddy is the health care manager for the facility and has been given the task of overseeing the integration process. Maddy is fairly new to the health center and not very familiar with the integration process to be followed.


Develop an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation explaining the integration process the health care manager will need to follow to ensure the integration process is effective, and in which you:


Explain the integration process.

Identify strategies to ensure the integration process is effective.

Identify information systems that support quality initiatives when integrating a new technology.

Explain the benefits of the information systems to the organization integrating the new technology.

Propose a tool and explain the importance of the tool to assist with education and training in the integration process. Include:

Provider and staff training

Patient training and support


List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes that correlate to each point.


Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.

Include at least 2 references to support your presentation


Technology And Systems Approach For Health Care Managers week 5 essay help online: essay help online

As a health care manager, you are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of new technologies.




Reflect on the weekly assignments completed throughout the course regarding the selection, integration, and implementation of new technology.




Write a 700- word paper in which you:


Examine strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the new technology and system. Answer the following questions:

How can you determine if it is the right technology to use?

How can you determine if it integrates well with existing technology?

How can you determine if the system is intuitive or easy to use for the users?

How can you determine the cost and benefits of the technology and system?

Explain your role and responsibilities as a manager in the evaluation of technology in health care.

Identify data sources used to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented technology.



Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed or similar references to support your paper.


Health Care Ethics And Social Responsibility week3 essay help free

Exam Content


Imagine you’ve been assigned to an organizational committee that has been asked to evaluate the organization and make recommendations to the compliance officer on ways to strengthen legal and ethical compliance. Using a memo format, you will be explaining the effect of organizational ethics, culture, and values on compliance to evaluate business ethics.




Preparing for the Assignment:

In this assignment, you will prepare a memo, and the Organizational Research Memo Template has been provided in the Assignment Directions for you to use.  




You’ll research organizations for this assignment, and this does not include agencies. Remember that an organization is a company or business, such as a hospital, clinic, or insurance company. An agency is a part of the government at the federal, state, or local level, such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), or a state health department.




Assignment Directions:

Use 1 of the following options to complete this assignment:  


Option 1: Choose 1 of the following specific organizations:

American Red Cross

American Heart Association

United Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson

Stryker Corporation

Verizon Healthcare IT Solutions

GE Healthcare

Option 2: Choose 1 organization of your choice that meets the following criteria:

A specific hospital or clinic  

An insurance company or a nonprofit health care organization that wasn’t already included on this list

Another organization of your choice (Note: The organization must not be a federal, state, or local agency, and must have information that is publicly available.)



Research your selected organization’s compliance information.  




: Health Care Ethics And Social Responsibility college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Exam Content


In this assignment you’ll be examining the role of a health care manager regarding ethical issues and decision-making. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your professional skills by conducting an interview. Being able to have professional conversations with all stakeholders in an organization, including managers at various levels, is an important skill to have as a health care manager. This will allow you the opportunity to analyze the health care manager’s role in ethical decision-making from a management perspective.


Preparing for the Assignment:

Select and research 1 health care facility (e.g., pharmacy, medical office, nursing home, hospital). Become familiar with the health care facility, including the mission, vision, and goals.


Select 1 leadership position at the health care facility, such as a supervisor, manager, director, vice president, compliance officer, or similar role.


Schedule an interview with the person in your selected health care facility’s leadership position.  




DB 8 What happened to Sears? writing essay help: writing essay help

hat has happened to Sears department stores? Founded in 1886 as a small mail-order catalog company, the iconic retailer grew to be a national chain of department stores that every suburban mall wanted as its important anchor store. Up until the 1990’s Sears was the largest retailer in the United States and was known as “Where America Shops.”

Fast forward 25 years later and the question is “Why would anyone want to shop at Sears?” Sales continually are lost on an annual basis. The stores look old and outdated, as well as the merchandise, especially in clothing and home furnishings. Their customer base is much older and the retail chain has not done a good job of targeting a younger market.  It seems as if Sears’s executives are letting the brand “die on the vine” as there has been very little marketing strategy or innovation injected into the company.

Sears still has a few excellent brands—Kenmore Appliances, Craftsman Tools and they still own a majority share of Land’s End.

You have been hired as the new VP of Marketing for Sears and have been given total freedom to completely turn this company upside down if necessary and bring it into the modern digital age.

List some innovative marketing strategies that you would use to get this company going again!


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Please respond to the below classmate discussion post, minimum of 100 words. 

 Law enforcement agencies should always remember that they are representing an organization and must always be mindful of their actions. In any country law enforcement agencies are working for the state, city, county or the country and they have a responsible to account to the public for any misconduct by law enforcement officers, the first ramification of police misconduct is lawsuit, this is the first easiest option to get compensation from the government for a police misconduct. Millions in lawsuit settlements are another hidden cost of police misconduct, legal experts say, During fiscal year 2019, the city of New York paid out $175.9 million in civil judgments and claims for police -related lawsuits– not including settlements made with the city’s comptroller’s office, said Nick Paolucci, a spokesman with the city’s law Department– the agency that defends the city and its employees in lawsuits.

   The next legal ramification of police misconduct is asking person/ persons to resign in the public interest. This is a huge action that influential people always lean to when authority failed to take the necessary action when a police under their command is involved in a police misconduct or unethical behavior.

In concluding Police misconduct and unethical behavior have a negative impact on the government budget and the number of backlogs of lawsuit claims. It is also bad for the image and reputation of the organization and the government.


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Read the Closing Case at the end of Chapter 4 just before the End Notes in the Management of Information Security Book. Answer the two initial Discussion Questions. 

1. Discussion Questions  1. If the Enterprise Policy Review Committee is not open to the approach that Mike and  Iris want to use for structuring lnfoSec policies into three tiers, how should Mike and  Iris proceed?  

2. Should the CISO (Iris) be assessing HR policies? Why or why not? 

Second under Ethical Decision Making, answer the following:

Has Mike broken any laws in representing Iris’ policy work as his own?

Has Mike committed an ethical lapse in doing so, or is he just being inconsiderate


women rights college admissions essay help



Research and discuss CURRENT USA social action campaigns and/or groups advocating on behalf of the identified group, and how they developed (at least two in addition to the professional and/or group from the podcast);


discussion post custom essay help

Animals are used for many different services: companionship, guard dogs, therapy animals, truffle-hunting pigs, polo ponies, and so on. People harvest all sorts of animal products from wool and leather to glue and even heart valves. People also use them for testing products. In 1933, more than a dozen women went blind after using Lash Lure mascara (National Academy Press, 2004). The compounds in this product literally burned their eyes and resulted in blindness and even death in one case. This led to the use of animals for safety testing of cosmetics. Today, animal testing for safety and efficacy of drugs, sweeteners, food additives, and medical treatments is commonplace. These uses are controversial, however, not only because the animals may suffer during the process and are often euthanized at the end of a test, but because even closely related mammals do not respond to drugs or toxins the same way humans do much of the time.

Use this article to learn more about pros and cons of animal research.

Choose 1 of the following topics:

10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VW’s Campaign for ‘Clean Diesel’

Testing the safety of cosmetics

Alzheimer’s treatments tested in animals


Health determinants essay help: essay help

Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate and explain how the core determinants of health are impacting the health of the elderly population utilizing the picture below. Note that you should briefly review all of the determinants and then choose the ones that impact your target group to talk about in the assignment.  Be sure to review the link information in the classroom on Core Determinants of Health.  You will then use the power point you created as a visual and record your voice, narrating your power point.


To develop a set of learning activities designed to help a class of pre-kindergarten students a level english language essay help

You’ve been hired to work as a curriculum developer for a large pre-K provider. As you review the current syllabus used for instruction, it becomes obvious that almost all the emphasis has been on learning letter sounds and word construction, with very little, if any, attention paid to the meaning of the stories, and even less to the concepts that are the foundation of story-making. The task is a little daunting because concepts are, by their nature, very abstract.

Focus Assignment

1. Identify four age-appropriate books that teach a moral, or other lessons, that you would use to teach reading skills to pre-kindergarten students. Design a learning activity based on each of the books that focuses on helping students to explore the meaning of the story, that is, to understand the message the story conveys. Describe the story elements that are common to the four books you have selected. Create an additional learning activity for two of the books that teach basic story structure (beginning, middle, end), as well as the use of theme and plot.
2. Be sure to read the SELF-EVALUATION section below to guide your thinking. Write your self-evaluation after you have completed mapping out your plan.


1. For each activity:
     a. Explain how this activity addresses the issues in the scenario.

2. Describe and justify how your approach would improve teaching and learn in the scenario.


create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for online essay help: online essay help

create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least two (2) sources throughout your presentation. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.

Imagine you are working as a charge nurse in an assisted living facility. Your unit houses twenty older adults. The residents of this unit are cognitively functional without evidence of cognitive decline. The residents are elderly and do require varying degrees of physical assistance with ADLs. Create a PowerPoint outlining:

Strategies to incorporate in the assisted living facility to promote ego integrity for the residents for group and individual activities to incorporate.

Title Slide (1 slide)

Objective Slide (1 slide)

Strategies to Promote Ego Integrity

Group Activities (2-3 slides)

Individual Activities (2-3 slides)

References (1 slide)


Create a Parent resource best essay help: best essay help

Please use attacment reports 

Utilizing the information from the report you wrote, develop an educational resource for the parent of your selected child. Be sure that the recommended activities are tailored to the home setting and are appropriate for parents to implement. 

 While the parent is the expert on their child, you are the expert in Child Development. As you present the activities to the family, be intentional in how you present the activities. Ensure that your presentation is a “teaching tool”. Be sure that you align the activities with the specific domains in your presentation. The parent educational resource should describe activities and explain why they would be beneficial to the child’s development across all domains of learning.  These domains include physical, emotional/social, cognitive, and language.

Use Graphics and Be creative!  Design your format and delivery method.  You can design a brochure, a handout, or a PowerPoint presentation. Just be creative! Keep in mind that the more creative you are, the more apt a parent will be to use the activities shared in the resource. Personalize your resource to the child you have been observing throughout the assessment process. 


Corporate finance essay help

1. The risk-free rate is 1.53% and the market risk premium is 6.75%. A stock with a β of 0.88 just paid a dividend of $1.28. The dividend is expected to grow at 22.80% for three years and then grow at 4.10% forever. What is the value of the stock?

2.The risk-free rate is 3.67% and the market risk premium is 8.25%. A stock with a β of 1.09 just paid a dividend of $1.27. The dividend is expected to grow at 20.16% for five years and then grow at 4.53% forever. What is the value of the stock?

3.Caspian Sea Drinks needs to raise $54.00 million by issuing additional shares of stock. If the market estimates CSD will pay a dividend of $2.99 next year, which will grow at 3.29% forever and the cost of equity to be 10.28%, then how many shares of stock must CSD sell? 

4.Suppose the risk-free rate is 2.82% and an analyst assumes a market risk premium of 6.19%. Firm A just paid a dividend of $1.36 per share. The analyst estimates the β of Firm A to be 1.28 and estimates the dividend growth rate to be 4.73% forever. Firm A has 294.00 million shares outstanding. Firm B just paid a dividend of $1.71 per share. The analyst estimates the β of Firm B to be 0.87 and believes that dividends will grow at 2.65% forever. Firm B has 198.00 million shares outstanding. What is the value of Firm A?

5. Suppose the risk-free rate is 3.84% and an analyst assumes a market risk premium of 5.24%. Firm A just paid a dividend of $1.13 per share. The analyst estimates the β of Firm A to be 1.29 and estimates the dividend growth rate to be 4.13% forever. Firm A has 281.00 million shares outstanding. Firm B just paid a dividend of $1.67 per share. The analyst estimates the β of Firm B to be 0.84 and believes that dividends will grow at 2.80% forever. Firm B has 180.00 million shares outstanding. What is the value of Firm B?.


Module 2: Memo DUE 4/1 essay help free: essay help free

You are a former Navy officer and fighter pilot who is now the controller of a division of TransGlobal Airlines, which utilizes a fleet of corporate jets for charter at several airports in the southeast part of the United States. Your division’s private charter clients include several Fortune 500 companies in the region. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has informed you that the company is considering the acquisition of two smaller aviation firms in the Caribbean specializing in chartered flights for luxury vacations using light aircraft (60 passengers or less). The CFO has tasked you with assessing the organizational benefits of acquiring these aviation firms.

Before evaluating these aviation firms, you want to evaluate the performance of TransGlobal Airlines.

Write a memo to the rest of the leadership team at TransGlobal Airlines, identifying strategic goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help evaluate the company’s performance. Use the information provided to you in the TransGlobal Airlines Company Information document to complete your memo.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

SMART Goals: Write at least one strategic goal using SMART criteria for each of the four components in a balanced scorecard. Explain your rationale for choosing each goal.


Internal process


Learning and development

KPIs: Identify at least one KPI corresponding to each strategic goal.

Explain how you determined the KPIs.

Guidelines for Submission:
Submit a 1- to 2-page Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


Home, School, Comm Relations essay help


Discuss these main points. Administering the program. The Board of Elections, the Role of the Superintendent, The Administrative Team, Director of school and community Relations, Budgetary Provisions., General Community Relations Responsibilities.

∙ Discuss ways you have used or intend to use chapter information in your career (PE teacher, football and basketball coach)