Teaching An Alien To Cook: Thinking Process

In order to cook a human dish called boiled eggs, that is, a source of energy and pleasure at the same time, an alien needs to learn to perform a sequence of actions. First, they need to turn on the mechanical stove – this is a particular device that heats the water. Water is the substance that forms the basis of life on our planet, and even we, humans, consist mainly of it. In this substance, fixed for convenience in a special metal container, a saucepan, they have to lay two eggs. Eggs consist of a non-edible part, a hard shell, and liquid contents – protein and yolk. One can add that many dishes can be prepared from eggs, and eggs can be used as ingredients in other, more complex foods. Analytical understanding of practical processes is crucial to a person’s independent reproduction of these actions (Hayes & Magana, 2019). By explaining this aspect of cooking, one can develop the alien’s ability to think critically and even creatively.

This content must be kept closed in order to prepare the desired dish. It is necessary to heat the water to the highest possible boiling point – for a given substance, this is one hundred degrees, but higher ones are possible on our planet. The water begins to move, make noise, and bubble up when it reaches the required temperature – therefore, it is possible to understand that it is necessary to lower the eggs. In order not to break the shell containing the nutrient mixture, one needs to lower the eggs into boiling water carefully. Within five minutes, the eggs should be in boiling water and turned into a dish under the influence of temperature. Having explained this, the procedural aspect of cooking the dish and a deeper understanding of the earthly laws of physics will be clear. It is necessary to cool the pot of boiling water to pull out the eggs and serve them to the table.


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