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  Each Teaching Process is followed by a TWS Standard, the Task, directions, and a Rubric that defines various levels of performance on the standard.  The Standards and Rubrics will be used to evaluate your TWS.  The directions help you document the extent to which you have met the standard.
You are required to teach a comprehensive unit.  Before you teach the unit, you will describe contextual factors, identify learning goals based on your state or district content standards, create an assessment plan designed to measure student performance before (pre-assessment), and plan for your instruction.  After you teach the unit, you will analyze student learning and then reflect and evaluate your teaching as related to student learning.
TWS Format
            1.  Complete a cover page that includes:
                        (a)  your name,
                        (b)  date submitted,
                        (c)  grade level taught,
                        (d)  your university,
                        (e)  course number and title.
            2.  Provide a Table of Contents that lists the sections and attachments in your TWS document with page numbers.  Be sure to number each page of the entire document.
            3.  Charts, graphs, and assessment instruments are required as part of the TWS document.  You may also want to provide other attachments, such as student work.  However you should be very selective and make sure your attachments provide clear, concise evidence of your performance related to TWS standards and your students’ learning progress.
            4.  A suggested page length for your narrative is given at the end of each component section.  You have some flexibility of length across components, but
the total length of your written narrative (excluding charts, graphs, attachments and references) should not exceed twenty (20) word-processed pages, double-spaced in 12 point font, with 1 inch margins.
            5.  If you referred to another person’s ideas or material in your narrative, you should cite these in a separate section at the end of your narrative under References and Credits (not included in total page length).  You may use any standard form for references; however, the American Psychological Association (APA) style is a recommended format.
            6.  In order to insure the anonymity of students in your class, do not include any student names or identification in any part of your TWS.
TP 6.  Analysis of Student Learning
TWS Standard:  The teacher uses assessment data to profile student learning and communicate information about student progress and achievement.
Clarity and accuracy of presentation
Alignment with learning goals
Interpretation of data
Evidence of impact on student learning
TP 7.  Reflection and Self-Evaluation
TWS Standard:  The teacher reflects on his or her instruction and student learning in order to improve teaching practice.
Interpretation of student learning
Insights on effective instruction and assessment
Alignment among goals, instruction and assessment
Implications for future teaching
Implications for professional development


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Last week, we all got some experience working with modeling, specifically with ArchiMate. We showed a chosen business from three different core layers: business, application, and technology. However, we can dive much deeper using viewpoints to show specialized diagrams tailored to unique perspectives and stakeholders. The three core layers are actually considered basic viewpoints in and of themselves. In this week’s discussion, we’ll look at some other more specialized viewpoints.

For the company you selected last week, select a viewpoint and present your company from that viewpoint. For a full list of viewpoints and examples, refer to the textbook or visit Full ArchiMate Viewpoints Guide. (Links to an external site.)

Attach your viewpoint as a jpg image to the main post. (Select the Embed Image icon from the box above your discussion reply.) Then, provide 100-word minimum post explaining your thoughts on your company, their process, your experiences using a modeling language, and how such diagrams can be useful and usable.

Response Parameters

Initial responses due by Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET

Posts should be 100 words minimum in length with a diagram

Use APA formatting to cite all of your sources − Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)

Access Evans Library for articles and journals (Links to an external site.)


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This is a REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT. It is worth 100-points. You are required to submit 10-Annotated Bibliographies related to your selected topic. You need to submit the 10-Bibliographies in order to get credit for the assignment by the due date. If you do not submit your assignment by the due date, you will receive a zero (0) for this assignment. There is a grading criterion associated with this assignment. Your work will be compared against your peers using SafeAssign for plagiarism. Please note that copying other people’s work will not be tolerated nor accepted by our institution.

To complete this assignment, you are required to use “ONLY” Peer-Reviewed Journals. Do not use any other source to support your research. Use only Peer-Reviewed Journals.

You need to list the reference of the article from The Peer-Reviewed Journal. All references must follow APA style, structure, and formatting.

Use the basic citation styles mentioned in the APA Manual, Seventh Editions, to cite your sources.

You need to use the form provided to fill in the required information

Do not send your work via e-mail. Your document will be ignored. I will not grade your document if you send it via e-mail.

Please make sure you follow the Format-Template provided as a guide for you to fill in the right information. Don’t change the template. Do not add to it any space; use it as it is. The information must fit the format on one page. Use New Roman – Font-12.

 To complete the 10-Annotated Bibliography: You need to select 10-Articles related to your research topic from Peer-Reviewed Journal.

Use Keywords and Combination of Keywords, to find your articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals.

The leader of your team for week 4, will be the only one that submits the assignment by the due date.

Annotated Bibliography: This is the most important task of your project. The information that you gather-collect is going to help you learn about your topic and find out what has been done, and: what you can do to research your topic of interest. The information that you present in your Annotated Bibliography will help you organize your ideas and find the solution to your problem. The purpose of Annotated Bibliography is to inform your readers of the relevance, accuracy, and quality, and validity of the sources cited in your project.Highly recommend using the following list of Ranked MIS Journals:1 MIS Quarterly2 Information Systems Research3 Communications of the ACM4 Management Science5 Journal of MIS6 Artificial Intelligence7 Decision Sciences8 Harvard Business Review9 IEEE Transactions (various) 


Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene.

For Miami Stories Event:

Theme —   Tell us college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene.

For Miami Stories Event:

Theme —   Tell us your story:

“My first time in Miami. . .”
Give us a scene that you remember from when you first arrived to Miami. If you settled in Miami, describe where you (and/or your family) settled:  address, physical description of the place where you lived, neighbors, landscape, streets.  Give sounds, colors, names of places and people.  How old were you?  What was the year?  The season?  The weather? Give us a specific account of one moment in your life then and your impressions of the place.  Include dialogue, setting, gestures.

“What it’s like to live in Miami. . .”
Give us a scene about living in Miami now.  Give sounds, colors, names of place and people.  Give us the year, the season, the weather.  Include dialogue, setting, gestures

The story you tell could be one that you witnessed or one that was told to you.  Do not state the story’s significance.  It must emerge from the details or actions narrated. 

Tell the story as it comes to you, but tell it in scene, moment to moment.  It could be a memory or a story of when you were a child or a story told about a relative or sibling or a parent.

Be sure to have:

setting/ location

time of day,



gestures (people sit, stand, move),

dialogue (one line per speaker, tags ‘he/she said’)

Incorporate figurative language (See descriptive power-point for examples)


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CSS 300 Module 1 Lab Activity Worksheet
Use this worksheet to complete your lab activity. Submit it to the applicable assignment
submission folder when complete.
– Answers to the questions in Part 1
– An image of the results from Part 2
Part 1 – Getting to Know a Dataset
Download the US Weather Events dataset. You can find out more about this dataset at Kaggle’s
US Weather Events (2016-2019).
Answer these questions to understand the US Weather Events dataset:
1. Where did the data come from? Is it static, or will it be updated on a consistent basis?
Is it reliable?
2. Check the dimensions of the table. How many columns are there? How many rows?
3. What are the data types of each column? Are they continuous/numeric? Are they
integer? Are they categorical?
Part 2 – Importing a Dataset in Python
If you need Python follow this link:
1. Import the Pandas package using the Anaconda install option:
2. Launch the Anaconda Application on your computer
3. Launch the Jupyter Application within Anaconda
4. Navigate to the folder with the dataset and run a New Python 3 Terminal within Jupyter
5. Import dataset from Part 1 by using the following code:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv(“US_WeatherEvents_2016-2019.csv”)
6. Print the data to the screen by using the following code:
7. Print more information for the dataset by using the following code: