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The Humanism Learning Theory: Key Aspects

Learning Activity: Eliciting a Patient/Client History The learning activity adheres to the principles of humanism learning theory. The learners are asked to collect and record a patient’s health history by engaging in a group interaction of two. One student plays the role of a patient, whereas the second one is a medical professional. No manuals, … Read moreRead Sample

Information Processing Theory: How Learning Occurs

Information processing is a theory of human cognition. It was created by the American psychologist George Miller in 1956. It was created to explain the role played by conscious and unconscious information processing in learning (Mayer, 2012). Additionally, it seeks to establish a theoretical foundation for explaining how people can learn new information and adapt … Read moreRead Sample

Constructivism Theory: Pros And Cons

Table of Contents Introduction Pros of Constructivism Theory Cons of Constructivism Theory Conclusion Reference Introduction The constructivist theory holds that most learners are actively involved in the learning journey and that knowledge construction is entirely based on experience. This implies that learners tend to reflect on their past encounters and incorporate their newly learned ideas … Read moreRead Sample

Media And Computer Technology In Learning

Computers and media technology are becoming more prevalent and critical tools for educating children. For instance, interactive technology features ingrained in electronic storybooks enhance readers’ comprehension and vocabulary while engaging with familiar media personalities to help children learn new content and regulate emotions. However, it is crucial for parents and content creators to distinguish acceptable … Read moreRead Sample

Writing Process, Traits Of Writing, And Writing Narrative Pieces

Table of Contents Relationship between Reading and Writing Invented Spelling Analyzing Students’ Writing Difference Between Writing to Learn and Learning to Write Steps of Process Writing Progression of the Common Core State Standards for Writing Issues When Teaching English Language Learners to Write Questions for Colleagues References Relationship between Reading and Writing Writing and reading … Read moreRead Sample

Debunking The Homework Myth: Examining The Impact On Student Achievement

Background The myth that homework boosts achievement in school is a currently debatable topic where many experts are fighting against homework. Homework is supported with several attainable and success-based benefits ripped from the exercise. Among the many advantages are that homework improves the students’ memories and thinking skills, becomes more responsible, and teaches them to … Read moreRead Sample