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Economist Valentines

Love can be expressed in multiple unusual and genius ways. One of these means is demonstrated in the page “14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You” (Fosslien). The images and their captions illustrate that pleasure experienced from Valentine’s Day and love can be viewed by economists as perfect economic situations. Thus, the main focus … Read moreRead Sample

Paul Romer’s Nobel Prize

Economics is a complex subject that contains numerous problems affecting humanity. Paul Romer, who received the Nobel Prize award for his explanation of the continuous growth of markets, provided people with an understanding of a critical concept of how markets behave (Cowen). The writer’s praise for Paul Romer is well-deserved, as the Nobel Prize winner … Read moreRead Sample

The Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Matter movement is a social movement that emerged in the United States in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. The movement was initially organized around the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media platforms and has since grown into a global network of activists … Read moreRead Sample

“Stand-up Economists Play Off Finances For Laughs” Video Summary

The video “Stand-up Economists Play Off Finances for Laughs” by PBS NewsHour begins with a presentation of Yoram Bauman, an American economist. He rejects the general idea of the economy being considered a dismal and boring discipline. Bauman proclaims himself “the world’s first stand-up economist” and entertains the public with jokes about various economic terms … Read moreRead Sample

A Career In Economics: Understanding Human Behavior And Tackling Social Issues

Economics, a diverse discipline that extends beyond fiscal matters and quantitative proficiency, presents a dynamic and gratifying career trajectory. Fundamentally, it delves into human conduct and the distribution of resources within societal frameworks. This complex field encompasses micro and macroeconomics, examining the forces that drive individual decision-making and the larger economic systems that influence societies. … Read moreRead Sample

Reducing Healthcare Expenses: Structural And Individual Measures

Healthcare is one of the significant issues in the world, and in recent years, healthcare spending has significantly increased. However, improving healthcare quality and reducing costs are two incompatible tasks, making the situation difficult for governments, organizations, and individuals. This essay will discuss what can be done structurally and individually to help cut healthcare costs. … Read moreRead Sample

Analyzing Industrial Policy Using The Opportunity Cost Concept

Governments in different countries have specific industries considered critical in realization of developmental goals in the economy. The industrial policy supports the allocation of resources to sectors thought to be most essential by a certain administration. The opportunity cost concepts in economics can clearly explain the shift of resources from one industry or sector to … Read moreRead Sample

Free Trade And Prosperity

Based on the Ricardian Trade model, it is worth having free trade even if some people are losing. Free trade promotes access to lower-priced goods with higher quality. Although some people in the home country will experience losses, imports from countries like Mexico and China are cheap, and this helps reduce the inflation rate, lowering … Read moreRead Sample

Concert Review: Houston Symphony

Basic Information On Saturday, March 12, 2022, a concert was held at Jones Hall in Houston, Texas, where I went. A renowned performance space in Houston, Jones Hall presents a range of musical and cultural occasions all year. One of the best orchestras in the U.S., the Houston Symphony, participated in the live show as … Read moreRead Sample

Reflection On What I Learned In English Writing Class

English writing class is a necessary part of school curriculum. English writing classes allow mastering productive vocabulary, grammatical skills, as well as speech skills, including the skills of communicative writing that rely on formed graphic and spelling qualifications. English writing classes that I took allowed me to develop my punctuation and grammar skills, learn to … Read moreRead Sample