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Early Childhood Education: Teaching Methods

Table of Contents Introduction A Description of the Scenario Reflections and Learning Theories Identified Developmental Domains Conclusion References Introduction Early child education is one of the most vital stages of learning because children are intrigued by what they see in their environments and enthusiastic about learning. Additionally, the kindergarten stage sets the pace for children’s … Read moreRead Sample

Teaching Process: The Key Approaches

My current observation is in a fifth-grade classroom where health sciences are emphasized as a core subject area. The educator of this particular pupil has been employed by the Chicago Public Schools for some time now. The class used to have twenty-three students, but one of them has since left; thus, there are twenty-two pupils … Read moreRead Sample

The Importance Of Project-Based Learning

Introduction The proposed video highlights the critical importance of project-based learning. Using science lessons as an example, specialists explain the crucial importance of shifting to a new method of teaching that should replace the traditional approach. It implies creating projects that would engage children and motivate them. The effectiveness of this method is evidenced by … Read moreRead Sample

Next Generation Science Standards Classroom Activity

Next Generation Science Standards brings new instructional strategies to the elementary school classroom. According to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2019), the video emphasizes learning by doing science rather than reading science. Michael DiSpezio examines the NGSS performance expectations to explain science dimensions. The goal is to integrate Three dimensions profiled in NGSS; science and engineering practices, … Read moreRead Sample