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Struggling Readers: Intervention Programs

Table of Contents Intervention Programs Evaluation of Intervention Program Evidence Evaluation Reference Intervention Programs Intervention programs support students by providing extra instructional time, small group instruction, and more intense instruction. They also support teachers by providing professional development and helping them make instructional decisions. Intervention programs pinpoint areas where learners are struggling and adequately meet … Read moreRead Sample

Education: Lesson Plan And Assessment

Table of Contents Learner as a Focus for the Assessment Learning Goal Baseline Data Lesson Objectives Learning Segment of Lessons Communication Skill Key Instructional and Support Materials References Learner as a Focus for the Assessment The learner chosen for this assessment is Laura, a 5-year-old White girl. She grows in a middle-class family with one … Read moreRead Sample

School-Based Physical Activity Program

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion Reference Introduction Nowadays, there is a concerning increasing trend in public inactivity. In the face of recent changes around the world, which involve lockdowns and isolations, adults and children have become less active and do not participate in many physical activity programs. However, the most alarming factor in this … Read moreRead Sample

Learning Outcomes Of Literature Course

Many breakthroughs were identified during my studies, which helped me develop new skills and support a high level of knowledge in academic writing. For example, in Mod 1, I have understood how to find out the controversial topic in literature and how to summarize all facts to find the truth. Moreover, this class helped me … Read moreRead Sample

Proposal For Creation Of Reading Interventionists K2 And K3-5

Abstract Reading and writing challenges among students have become a common problem in the current education system. This proposal discusses an intervention to identify reading challenges among learners. The school district should create the positions of reading interventionists, K2 and K3-5, to cooperate with students who cannot read and write well. The two positions will … Read moreRead Sample

Death Education: Enhancing Existential Thinking

Table of Contents Sample and Methods Data Collection and Analysis Results Implications and Opportunities for Further Research Limitations and Threats for Validity Reference The article being analyzed in this paper is titled Enhancing Existential Thinking through Death Education: A Qualitative Study among High School Students by Testoni et al. (2020). The premise of this study … Read moreRead Sample

Educational Components Of Child Care Programs

It is important to note that the educational process is a highly complex and multifaceted endeavor, which requires consideration of a multitude of skills, competencies, and areas for improvement. The given discussion on teacher support and guideline implementation will focus on four key aspects of education. These include educational knowledge and skills, communication and managing … Read moreRead Sample

Class And Placement Programs In Universities

There are various class programs and placements for students in universities. Since 2020, the education system has integrated more programs to accommodate students’ learning experiences and safety. Not only do classes have the conventional type of learning that is the remedial type of learning, but also student-centered curriculums. On the other hand, placement in the … Read moreRead Sample