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Learning Philosophy And Transnational Influences

Today, many educational institutions strive to apply innovative learning approaches to improve student performance. Teaching methods and philosophies, such as the Maria Montessori method, change how children are educated. In this paper, I will present my learning philosophy, which will be based on the ability of each student to express their opinions and thoughts and … Read moreRead Sample

The Book “The Idea Of The University” By John Henry Cardinal Newman

Table of Contents Basic Knowledge Metaphor and Argument Relevance Work Cited Basic Knowledge “The Idea of the University” by John Henry Cardinal Newman expanded my theoretical understanding of rhetoric and communication philosophy in various ways. First, it provides practical evidence to back up the idea of holistic or comprehensive knowledge engagement. Newman shares his thoughts … Read moreRead Sample

The Qualities Of A Good Student

Introduction It is generally accepted that most students do well, but not all of them are successful. Thus, it takes a lot to become a successful student. While one associates a student’s success with outstanding achievement, innate qualities say otherwise. The image of an ideal student is made up of a combination of different qualities, … Read moreRead Sample

Rules And Regulations In School

Discipline in the school is meant to ensure there is balance and accountability within the school. Rules, regulations, and responsibilities are provided for accountability to be practiced within the school. Examples of popular rules and regulations include; being punctual for school and all classes, respecting other people’s rights and avoiding disturbing or interrupting the class, … Read moreRead Sample