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SAT-Optional Policies For Colleges

Implementing test-based practices to get higher education has been the norm for approximately a century now. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a test for college admission that assesses a student’s abilities and evaluates their level of college readiness depending on what they have studied in high school. The reading, writing, language, and math portions … Read moreRead Sample

A Description Of The Student Observation

Table of Contents Introduction First Impressions Setting-Child Fit School Environment School Atmosphere Conclusion Reference Introduction The observed environment is an early-childhood classroom setting for students aged 3-4 years old. I chose this setting because of the importance of this stage of education in children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. The following report includes a description … Read moreRead Sample

Evaluating Partnerships And School Leadership

It is essential to evaluate partnerships to determine their effectiveness. Partnerships are usually formed between educators, parents, and community members with the aim of supporting and improving student outcomes. Once these partnerships are in place, it is critical to assess their performance. Evaluating partnerships also enable the relevant parties to make changes where necessary. Partnerships … Read moreRead Sample

School, Family, And Community Partnership Programs

Partnerships in education are an integral part of the learning process, as they ensure successful outcomes for all students, regardless of cultural, social, and other differences. Educational partnerships can be defined as cooperation of teachers, schools, families, businesses, and communities, aimed to achieve a common goal of enhancing students’ learning (Otrel-Cass et al., 2022). Therefore, … Read moreRead Sample

School-Family-Community Partnership

The first point I learned from the Video is that school-family-community partnerships enhance academic performance. If the three parties work together, students will likely be more motivated, reduce absenteeism, remain in school, and earn high grades. Parents are given updated information regarding their children’s progress in school to guide them in playing their role in … Read moreRead Sample

Educational Leadership Models And Research Trends

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion Reference Introduction The selected article demonstrates the extent to which various educational leadership models are explored. Gumus et al. (2018) include the evolution of research trends on each model through time, the most renowned scholars working on each model, and the countries where the articles are published. Discussion The … Read moreRead Sample

How Colleges Can Help Scholarly Students Overcome Struggles

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion Reference Introduction When scholarly students feel under-engaged by their instructors, they develop trends that result in absenteeism and tardiness, often leading to underperformance or dropping out. Scholarly students experience increased risks when considering social status, position, and career risks related to being certificate or degree holders. With the increased … Read moreRead Sample

Importance Of Parent-Teacher Partnership In Child Development

Aims and Objectives Introduction At first, this chapter presents the study background, the research problem statement, the rationale of the topic investigation, research aims and objectives, and the research questions. Finally, it gives a detailed outline signposting what the report entails. The report’s arrangement helps determine the study issue and its impact on the children … Read moreRead Sample

Theories Of Skills Assessment In ESL

Table of Contents The Role of Assessment Disadvantages of Assessments Portfolio Tool Advantage Comparing to Other Practices Portfolio Tool Practical Usage Ethics in Assessments Summary References The Role of Assessment The lack of an actionable and motivating assessment of language progress can lead to even more student stress. Therefore, at the moment, the education system … Read moreRead Sample

Policies Addressing International Students’ Wellbeing

Table of Contents Introduction Modes of Management Policy Delivery and Implementation References Introduction Students at higher education levels around the world are likely to experience higher psychological distress levels when compared with their local counterparts. This heightened risk of poor adjustment is strongly connected to their well-being and mental health, which greatly influence overseas experiences … Read moreRead Sample