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Adverse Effects Of Virtual Learning On Academic Performance

Introduction The introduction of computer technology in education has evolved to include more online learning than attending physical classrooms. Various forms of technology facilitate learning over long distances through online programs such as virtual classrooms. With the rapid advancements of technological programs that enhance online education practices, more people embrace the culture to obtain higher … Read moreRead Sample

Independent Studying And Its Effect On The Student’s Academic Achievements

Introduction The focus of this research is independent studying and its effect on the student’s academic achievements. Independent study is a kind of learning process in which a single student works independently with little to no supervision (Schouwenburg, 1995). In most cases, a student and their educator agree on a topic for the student to … Read moreRead Sample

Good Learner Performance And Recreational Activities

Introduction In this study, we investigate whether there is a direct relationship between learning and other extracurricular activities. After the research involving ten people, five boys and five girls, out of 25 students, it is possible to draw fairly straightforward conclusions about the proposed topic. That analyzed the materials obtained after the interview with the … Read moreRead Sample