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Table of Contents Sustainability vs. Environment



Knowledge and Sustainability


Sustainability vs. Environment According to Index Mundi (2012), sustainability is the ability of something to be upheld to the future while environment is the external surrounding of objects. While sustainability can be used together with the environment to mean the ability to uphold current environmental conditions for future generations, economists perceive the environment as full of limited resources that are limited given the demand.

The two terms are similar in the sense that they have a common goal of effective utilization in order to serve the future generations. The environment provides chemicals that are used to generate energy, which emits harmful substances that affect its sustainability. Politics are normally in play especially concerning on the benefits and costs of doing away with old harmful forms of energy and generation of clean energy (Sreeram


Bigelow Aerospace: International Business Case Study college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The business issues facing Bigelow Aerospace



Introduction Bigelow Aerospace is a space technology company based in North Las Vegas. The company is pioneering the development of expandable space vessels. The company was founded in 1998, by Robert Bigelow – and operations are funded, largely by the Budget Suites Hotel of America, which is owned by Bigelow (Bigelow, 2011). As of 2010, the founder had injected USD 180 million into the project.

The founder, together with his staffs, is working towards the development of configurable, flexible space habitats. This paper explores the business issues facing Bigelow Aerospace in different areas: tariffs, exchange rates, quotas, local laws and customs, marketing, and copyrights. The paper also presents possible solutions to the issues identified (Bigelow, 2011).

The business issues facing Bigelow Aerospace According to Anonymous (2011), EIAST (Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology) has partnered with Bigelow Aerospace to develop a future-looking human spaceflight initiative for the Middle East. EIAST is the organization that initiated the DubaiSat project. The two partners plan to establish the project in Dubai and the UAE, bringing into existence research and development institution (Anonymous, 2011, p. 1-3).

The center will present the potential of exploring business, space-related projects and advanced biotechnology. The deal between the two institutions is part of the UAE’s strategy, towards reinforcing space capacity, through working on the DubaiSat project as using projects like DubaiSat-1 (Anonymous, 2011). The New programs are expected to enhance business applications across the region (M. Gold, personal interview, June 2009).

The director general of EIAST, Mansoori informed Satellite Today that plans of installing other satellites were in waiting. He said that the EIAST anticipated initiating DubaiSat-2 in 2012, which would be followed by the launch of DubaiSat-3 (Anonymous, 2011).

Among the business issues facing Bigelow Aerospace is the issue of taxation due to business across the US national borders. In the particular case of a partnership with the EIAST, with the plans of launching operations in the UAE and Dubai, they face the issue of the application of tax treaties, in their current case, where it is not clear whether the partnership is allowed to enjoy treaty benefits (Seevers, 2002).

The business issue gets deeper as the states involved are different, in the tax treatment of partnerships. For instance, a classification conflict is likely to face the partnership, which may result in double non-taxation or double taxation (Rhoades, 2008). There is also an issue of the application of tax treaties in the context of the business between Bigelow Aerospace and EIAST (Seevers, 2002).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The business issues to be explored during and after the progress of the project include the tax regimes to be applied to the partnership, whether the projects can be taxed on the basis of the domestic laws of the US, and rules to be applied by the UAE and America – when classifying foreign and domestic organizations for taxation purposes. There is also an issue of the application of tax treaties to the international partnership (Seevers, 2002).

A possible solution to the taxation issue facing the business of Bigelow Aerospace, while executing partnerships with EIAST of the UAE, includes that proposed by Latham


Methodological Relationalism as Dialectical Psychology: Article Evaluation and Analysis essay help free

There are many ways to draw the line between order and chaos. By far the simplest one, however, would be to imagine that the links between all objects and phenomena are removed. What one will get will be chaos (Hayles, 1991). The truth of the matter is that every single object or phenomenon in the objective reality is somehow connected to several other objects or phenomena, whether directly or with the help of a specific mediator.

Offering the theoretical foil for the given idea, methodological relationalism helps define the place that a specific object or phenomenon takes in the universe. In his article Interpersonal relationships and relationship dominance: An analysis based on methodological relationalism.

Ho attempts at proving that Asian psychology in general and methodological relationalism, in particular, is based on the study of people’s common social behavior patterns rather than on the analysis of the behavioral patterns of the Asian society. Though the author also refers to cultural contrasts, the focus of the study is the analysis of social interactions within any cultural context.

Ho also offers a unique construction of methodological relationalism. Ho means to “explicate methodological relationalism as a general framework for the analysis of human thought and action, informed by Asian views reflecting the omnipresence of self-other relations in all social life” (Ho, 1998, 3).

Therefore, Ho restricts the possibilities of methodological relationalism to outlining the key factors that enhance people’s behavior, contribute to the development of specific behavioral patterns and influence the mechanisms of the decision-making process in people’s lives.

However, the deciding point at which one can see clearly that Ho’s interpretation of the meaning and purpose of methodological relationalism is authentic comes when the author announces that he uses the given theoretical foil for analyzing interpersonal relationships (Ho, 1998, 3-4).

According to Ho, the theory of methodological relationalism is also applicable in a multicultural context: “Next, cultural contrasts are explored, with reference to:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More the formation of relationships,

cultural roots of how interpersonal relationships are defined in myths and legends, and

the dominance of specific relationships in different cultures” (Ho, 1998, 4).

Also, Ho offers an interesting idea concerning the dominance of specific relationships in different cultures. According to Ho, “Cultural definition plays a role in governing not only the formation but also the termination of relationships” (Ho, 1998, 9).

The means mentioned above that the ways of conduct that are established traditionally in a specific country define the patterns of behavior of the members of the given society and, therefore, presuppose that specific relationships between its members are encouraged.

Ho’s research, therefore, is hardly groundbreaking, yet it offers an interesting perspective on people’s behavioral patterns. Also, it is essential to stress that Ho manages to overcome such obstacles as the Asian cultural staples, proving that the Asian philosophy provides universal postulates that solve the mysteries of human nature and the human condition.

With the help of methodological relationalism, one is able to cognize the ways in which people behave and develop, since the given teaching helps understand the role of an individual within a specific society, evaluate the significance of social relationships and use “the methodology employed to study the phenomenon or its conceptualization”, as Ho defines it (Ho, 1998, 3), efficiently.

Reference List Hayles, N. K. (1991). Chaos and order: Complex dynamics in literature and science. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Ho, D. Y. F. (1998). Interpersonal relationships and relationship dominance: An analysis based on methodological relationalism. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 1(1), 1-16.


Strategy as Ecology Essay essay help: essay help

The successful creation of a product depends on quite a number of factors such as the company’s collective health. Organizations have a special role in the business ecosystem and should enlighten its stakeholders on issues regarding the ecosystem. The use of stand-alone strategies is no longer suitable for companies that have an intention of improving their production and delivery systems.

Business ecosystems are very critical in the day to day running of organizations. Companies that have enjoyed considerable success such as Microsoft and Wal-Mart employ aggressive strategies that enhance the success their business ecosystems. A business ecosystem is a network of different companies ranging from suppliers, outsourcing firms, distributers, product manufacturers and technology providers.

All the components of a business ecosystem have a special contribution towards the success of an organization. The internal capabilities of a company can only be enhanced with a healthy business ecosystem. The sharing of real-time information among different members of a business ecosystem enhances its performance and at the same time making organizations to be very competitive.

The symbiotic relationship between different members of a business ecosystem brings customer satisfaction. Companies that have a working relationship with market leaders such as Microsoft and Wal-Mart benefit from the creativity and innovation within the industry. Some companies establish business networks beyond their respective industries o promote a healthy business ecosystem.

The concept of business ecosystems has become very popular in modern business due to the success that companies like Microsoft and Wal-Mart continue to enjoy. Many organizations are not well informed about the concept of business ecosystems and this has led to the mismanagement of ecosystems. The health of a company’s business ecosystem should be assessed on regular basis using the recommended framework.

There are lot of companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a single product such as a personal computer. All the companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a product form a business ecosystem. A complex eco-system can also be subdivided into different segments known as business domains.

The domains should be healthy for the entire ecosystem to deliver the desired results. There are a lot of similarities between a business ecosystem and a biological ecosystem especially when it comes to assessment. The health of an ecosystem depends on its productivity, robustness and niche creation. The transformation of inputs such as raw materials and technology into quality products at a lower cost demonstrates the productivity of a particular company.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The productivity of a company can be used to determine how healthy a business ecosystem is. The returns from a capital investment reflect the effectiveness of a business ecosystem. The ability of a business to survive all kinds of disruptions is another indicator of the state of an ecosystem’s health. The disruptions may be brought about by unexpected technological changes or other external shocks.

Companies should be able to create new business niches to demonstrate diversity. Diversity is another perfect indicator of a healthy business ecosystem. The biological ecosystem is therefore a very useful analogy when it comes to modern business networks. Companies that have common assets which are predictable and stable enjoy healthy ecosystems.

Organizations with stable systems and assets are referred as keystone organizations. Keystone organizations are very important especially when it comes to introducing robustness in a business ecosystem. The keystone strategy is meant to create and share value among other organizations within a business ecosystem. The aims and objectives of an organization determine the ecosystem strategy of a company.

Keystone strategies are very useful when a company is involved in complex interrelationships with other companies. A company can benefit a lot from business ecosystems by extracting some maximum value form the assets within the network. The ecosystem strategy is not a must for companies that operate independently. Flexibility and innovation are some of the benefits that companies with effective keystone strategies continue to enjoy.

Some keystone organizations may want to dominate an ecosystem because of their powerful position within the system. The domination of a business ecosystem by keystone organizations can either be direct or indirect. Physical domination takes a direct form whereas the value domination takes an indirect form.

The niche strategies are very useful when it comes to differentiating a company from others within the same business ecosystem. Companies tend to leverage their niche as a way of enhancing their domain. Leveraging a company niche within a business ecosystem protects smaller firms from staying in the shadow of keystone organizations.

The ecosystem strategy clearly highlights the need for companies to work together. Business managers have to consider a business ecosystem strategy when it comes to product design and policy implementation. Business ecology enables companies to access resources from other companies within the ecosystem. Integration is a new form of innovation that promotes business operations within a business ecosystem.

We will write a custom Essay on Strategy as Ecology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Technological evolution is a product of innovation across the different domains of a business ecosystem. Business competition has shifted from individual companies to between ecosystems and the trend is expected to remain the same in the future.


The Renault Nissan Alliance Negotiations Case Study custom essay help

Negotiations are part of our daily activities. In commerce, effective negotiations are the pillars of all successful businesses (Fowler 3). Companies who adopt effective negotiation strategies can be able to generate assessable business values for themselves and for their clients. Unlike in the past, negotiations have become very important to every business organization.

This has been brought about by deals becoming more complex, more professional buyers joining the marketplace, competitive behaviors in the market, and increase in internal negotiations within companies. Business experts classify negotiations into several types based on critical variables such as time, conflicts, and participants (Sparks 12).

In this regard, this case study seeks to analyze the Renault-Nissan alliance negotiations. Through this, this paper will bring into light the negotiation strategies that enabled these companies to reach a winning coalition despite the mutual challenges that faced the two companies.

Prior the year 1999, Renault and Nissan companies were faced with numerous fiscal challenges that threatened their future business successes. As such, Nissan was virtually insolvent in the year 1999. From the year 1990, the automobile company had progressively lost its money and market share.

By the year 1998, its automobile production had decreased by 600, 000 units. On the other hand, Renault was slowly regaining its production and market share after a devastating loss of $ 680 million in the year 1996. Equally, before the alliance Renault was still trying to come into terms with their much-publicized alliance with Volvo that failed to materialize.

In the year 1999, the two companies initiated approaches towards an alliance. Several meetings were later held to assess the prospects of their alliances. Notably, the media and the business experts have applauded Renault’s approaches during the negotiations for their unique negotiation strategies.

As such, the Renault negotiating team applied the six steps needed to reach the target and a winning coalition as described by Lax and Sebenius in their article A Guide To Complex Negotiations Published in the year 2012.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to the Lax and Sebenius, a successful alliance can be achieved by identifying the right parties and grouping them into fronts, assessing inter-dependencies among fronts, determining whether and when to combine fronts, determining how much information to share and when, and being ready to learn and adapt to changing situations.

In the year 1998, Renault’s executive Schweitzer wrote to Nissan’s executive informing him of his strategic plan to form an alliance with Nissan. Schweitzer’s initiatives were against the bankers and investors’ wishes. After identifying the barriers that existed between their companies, Schweitzer was determined to convince all the parties involved of the importance of their alliance.

To carry out its initiatives, Renault had to get the approval from the government, their employees and the shareholders. The French government helped the company overcome most of its regulatory roles since they had power over board decisions. Equally, for successful negotiations Renault had to convince Nissan’s stakeholders, which included the Japanese government, labor unions, and investors.

These investors were Fuji Bank, Fuyo, and Industrial Bank of Japan. Renault was able to convince these parties with the help of Japanese government officials from the ministries of business, international trade, finance, and fair trade. By assessing the inter-dependencies among Nissans shareholders, Renault was able to determine how they affect one another (Lax


Multinational Strategies, Structures, and Learning of Pearl River Piano Analytical Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Executive summary


Problem statement

Analysis of the problem

Alternatives and criteria selection


Action plan



Executive summary The case study is of Pearl River Piano, a company, based in China. The company is seeking to enter into US market. The move is steered by the desire or the company’s CEO to improve quality of the company’s product and secure a Global market. The company’s CEO, Mr. Tong is convinced that the company’s big goal is achievable only if the company secures US market.

Since the US market is mature and piano brands in it are of high quality, the company senses the possibility of failing to achieving its major goal. The company made some efforts to enter the market to no avail. There exist various alternatives for foreign market entry.

Among them are strategic alliance, assembling, joint venture, licensing and contract manufacturing. It is recommended for the company to use strategic alliance to make the entry. The experts say that considering the company’s financial position and US market perception of products from China, strategic alliance is the best way.

Background Pearl Rivers Piano Group (PRPG) was established in 1956, in the southern city of Guangzhou. It emerged from a state owned enterprise with less than 100 employees. During that time, the company recorded low yearly production units of 13 pianos. The company’s production process involved the use of manual skills (Anne


Methods of Environmental Assessment college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool

Leopold Matrix

Fuzzy logic

Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT)

Differences in Methodologies

Reference List

Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool – This method of environmental assessment was designed to help local councils as well as various organizations to create a preliminary assessment and environmental screening of a proposed project or activity in order to determine whether it has a negative, neutral or positive environmental impact (Schianetz et al., 2007).

Leopold Matrix -Similar to the Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool, the Leopold matrix is similarly utilized to measure the impact of a project on the environment (Safont et al., 2012). What differentiates the Leopold Matrix from other methods of environmental assessment is the way in which it utilizes measures of importance (i.e. from a measure of 1 to 10) to magnitude (i.e. from -10 to 10) in order to determine the overall impact of a particular activity (Safont et al., 2012).

Fuzzy logic – Often utilizing quantitative data as a means of assessment, Fuzzy logic can be considered a means of processing data so as to extend classical set theory to the extent that it can handle partial membership. In other words, fuzzy logic is used as a means of clarifying concepts related to “safety”, “health” and “acceptable” to the extent that it can be clearly understood based on quantitative analysis of data sets involving appropriate measures that deal with such abstract concepts (Ridgway, 2005).

It should be noted though that due to the complications involved in fuzzy logic applications and methods of utilization, it is rarely utilized in risk assessment or environmental policy due to the presence of better tools of assessment (Ridgway, 2005).

Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) While not utilized on a daily basis, the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool is one the best methods of assessing any existing or potential environmental impact risks that can be considered as a “significant” risk to locals and the environment through the release of unnatural or exotic chemical compounds into the surrounding environment (Saeed et al., 2012).

FEAT is normally seen in use when a tanker ship, a truck or other vehicle has accidentally let loose its shipment of chemicals. During such incidents, it is important to determine the level of danger involved so that proper cleanup procedures can be implemented (Saeed et al., 2012).

Differences in Methodologies The Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool utilizes 14 potential environmental factors in a checklist format as a means of assessing the impact of a particular project or activity (Chang et al., 2013). Utilizing a color code scheme, it is able to determine whether an activity would be positive for the environment or not.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Leopold Matrix on the other hand utilizes a set of columns which show the various activities of a project with each being measured on a scale of -10 to 10 as to whether or not they are good or bad for the environment (Chang et al., 2013). Fuzzy logic assessment differs from the previous examples in that it utilizes a theoretical framework in order to utilize imprecise and uncertain factors in a way that generates an output that is logical.

Examples of this can consist of determining how the amount of trees cut on a daily basis impacts the amount of carbon dioxide in the hair which can adversely affect people and the environment. FEAT on the other hand utilizes a large array of information on compounds and their impact on local environments in order to create its method of assessment.

Similarities Differences Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool Both utilize a ranking system to create an environmental assessment Utilizes a 14 point check list to assess the environmental impact of projects Leopold Matrix Examines individual activities on their potential environmental impact Fuzzy logic Utilizes statistical data on imprecise factors to create a conclusion Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) Utilizes prior scientific information on chemicals to conduct an analysis Reference List Chang, T., Nielsen, E., Auberle, W.,


The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads Research Paper best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Young Female Musicians and Society

Negative Effects of Objectification/Sexualization

Arguments Favoring Sexualization

Discussion and Conclusion


Introduction Sexualization and objectification of women in the mass media has been a common practice by majority of the media outlets in the Western world. This practice has been fueled by the perception that sex sells. Sexualizing images have therefore become prevalent in corporate advertising and popular media. A significant industry that has capitalized on sexualization and objectification of women is the music industry.

The phenomenon has spilled over to the print advertisement where young female musicians have their images displayed. A report by the American Psychological Association (2007) asserts that the sexualization and objectification of girls through mass media has broad and far-reaching harmful effects on women. This paper will discuss the effects of sexualization and objectification of young female musicians by the print media.

It will begin by highlighting the influence that young musicians have on the society to underscore the impact of their sexualization. The paper will then expound on the numerous negative effects of this objectification by the print media.

Young Female Musicians and Society Young female musicians have significant influence on American youth of all ethnic and racial heritages. Artists especially in the hip-hop genre have influenced the youth who make up the bulk of this genre’s audience and customer base. Studies reveal that popular culture in general and hip-hop culture in particular heavily influences teenagers and informs how they make sense of their lives and the world in general (Emerson, 2002).

The society is therefore likely to view the female musicians as role models, and copy some aspects of their lives including fashion. For their part, young female performers are required to live up to the prevalent notions of physical attractiveness and measure up to the rigid standards of beauty; a fact made clear by the lack of variety in body size and weight by the many female music stars currently enjoying widespread success.

The musicians who try to define themselves differently often face opposition and their commercial success may be hampered. This is in line with findings by Gordon (2008) which declare that young female artists who refuse to be defined by their sexuality and try to project a positive sense of self often risk alienation and marketing invisibility.

Negative Effects of Objectification/Sexualization The objectification of young female musicians in advertisements has led to higher levels of body dissatisfaction and lower self-esteem and body esteem by women in the general public. Lavin and Cash (2000) suggest that this objectification of female musicians negatively influences how women feel about their bodies. Objectification of female musicians leads to self-objectification by women in the general population.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Calogero (2004) declares, “All women who live in a culture where the female body is treated as an object to be evaluated and measured are at risk of self-objectification (p.20). Women have come to expect that their bodies are constantly on display, and this anticipation of being the object of an observer’s gaze trigger the negative consequences associated with self-objectification.

This self-objectification is developed as an adaptive strategy by women who anticipate being focused upon by men and judged based on their appearances. Women therefore grow to be over conscious of their physical appearance even when no one is looking at them. Research by Calogero (2004) states that when women are conditioned to anticipate a male gaze, they experience greater body shame and social physique anxiety.

This causes negative emotional experiences that are detrimental to the mental health of the women. Sexualization of young musicians in print ads helps perpetuate the stereotypes of women. Sexualization of young musicians in the print media distorts the ideologies of women’s sexuality by reinforcing the stereotype of women as sex objects.

Aubrey, Hopper and Mbure (2011) argue that the images portrayed are often constructed around the “pornographic imagination” in which women are simply sex symbols existing primarily for the pleasure of male spectators. This is especially the case with Black women representations that exacerbate the exploitation of the African American woman’s body.

Research by Emerson (2002) demonstrates that video and print appearances of African American music stars emphasized on black women’s bodies. Black women are often presented as hypersexual, promiscuous and of low moral standings. Young female musicians are used to portray the idealized body shape that is tubular and thin.

In the context of the print advertisements, these famous girls are used to promote the idea that the ideal body shape is tubular and thin and that achieving it is relatively easy. Monro (2005) demonstrates that in most of these advertisements, the images portrayed have been heavily edited and refined with computer software.

This leads to significant body dissatisfaction especially among adolescent girls who read magazines that contain these advertizing images. Studies demonstrate that after viewing magazine where thin ideal media images were portrayed, the subjects experienced greater body dissatisfaction (Monro, 2005; Cattarin, et al., 2000).

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The media has significant effect on the attitudes and beliefs of its audience. The Cultivation theory suggests that regular media exposure will result in an adoption of beliefs and attitudes similar to the messages conveyed in the media (Gordon, 2008). Regular exposure to the sexualized and objectified young musicians in print ads will therefore lead to the gradual adoption of the values that such messages convey.

Teenagers and youth are particularly prone to these media influence due to their significantly high levels of media material consumption. Sexualization has also served to inform women on what it takes to be successful (Labennett, 2011). The female musicians represented in advertisements are often beautiful and they are judged and evaluated primarily based on their looks.

Gordon (2008) states that such a portrayal leads women to hold the view that physical beauty is an important asset both for attracting partners and for being successful in life. Sexual images are not only dangerous to the youth but also to children aged between six and eleven. Sexualization of young female musicians in print media is hazardous to young children.

Egan and Hawkes (2008) demonstrate that when these children are exposed to the images of their pop stars, they become unduly concerned with activities such as applying makeup and imitating the dressing of their favorite musicians. Such preoccupations distract the children from the developmentally appropriate activities that they would otherwise be engaging in at their age.

Children are pressured to adopt a certain look that is deemed desirable. Through the images of the young female musicians, they are encouraged to develop anorexic tendencies therefore creating body images issues in young girls. Hobbs (2011) notes that young girls evaluate their bodies within the context of their culture, which is mostly informed by the young musicians.

The negative effects of sexualization are not only limited to girls as young boys are also introduced to habits such as “checking out a girl” and they learn to view women as objects of pleasure at an early age. Objectification and sexualization plays an important role in facilitate acts of violence against women.

This is because when a person has been objectified, their perceived moral status is reduced and this precipitates less moral treatment of the objectified other. Loughnan et al. (2010) suggest that objectification contributes to the perpetration of violence since when a person is objectified, they are depersonalized and it is easier to treat them in a depraved manner.

Sexual objectification by young musicians also creates a distorted view of female sexuality and encourages interpersonal violence in sexual relationships. When female musicians engage in the sexual objectification of their bodies through the print ads, they create a negative perception among men. Aubrey, Hopper and Mbure (2011) suggest that an adversarial sexual belief is developed by young men who perceive that women use their bodies and sexuality to manipulate men.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Such a mentality increases the rates of sexual harassment that women in society experience since sexually aggression related attitudes are fostered. A study by Burgess and Burpo (2012) revealed that viewing highly sexualized portrayals of female artists by college males led to a higher acceptability of date rapes.

An even more troubling result of the sexualization of young musicians is that it promotes pedophilia. Some of the musicians who are sexualized and objectified through print ads are in their teenage years. Their images perpetuate the “grooming of children for pedophiles” (Egan


Strategic Audit: Home Depot Inc. Report writing essay help: writing essay help

Current Situation Home Depot Inc has grown tremendously since its inception back in the 1970’s when it was formed by three business executives who had left Handy Dan Stores. Then the company had only one store and annual earnings of $ 23M; however now the company has grown and is one of the largest retailer and installer of home improvement appliances serving individuals and professional customers.

The company’s founder retired back in the year 2000 after opening the 1000th store and Bob Nardelli was appointed C.E.O. This move has proved highly decisive because since then the company has even performed better. The new C.E.O has overseen the opening of over 900 stores and is prospective to open the 2000th store soon.

The retailer is now among the top 3 retailers in the world behind Wal-Mart, though it is the Americas’ largest Home Improvement selling company (Wheelen


IMAX Analysis Case Study argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Company, customers, competitors, and context

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

IMAX objectives

IMAX’s marketing strategy and why it is changing

Whether the changes have been effective

Works Cited

Company, customers, competitors, and context IMAX is a large format film production company that has a presence in approximately 40 countries. It focuses on film production, theatre operations and IMAX systems sales. Initially, the company was a niche player that produced and displayed educational films and documentaries; this explains why most of its theatres were located in museums, aquariums and similar educational institutions.

However, currently the company is changing that strategy by displaying Hollywood movies in IMAX format and moving its theatre locations to other places other than educational institutions. The company’s customers range from educational institutions, conservatories, museums, theatre owners, individual movie lovers, tourists and film distributors.

Since the company converts films to IMAX formats, then it can either sell the systems to theater owners or lease them out. Here, typical clients include Regal cinemas and AMC. Movie lovers are also another client base for the organization. These are individuals who enjoy movies immensely such that they do not mind watching it again in a new format.

Most of them are educated and earn medium to high incomes. They appreciate the uniqueness that IMAX movies provide with regard to 3D movies. Therefore, many of them do not mind paying extra for this exclusive experience. Another category of customers are the educational, historical and scientific institutions. Usually, these buyers stock IMAX movies for the purpose of showing them to information seekers.

These corporations make IMAX a niche player owing to their focus on educational material. They are responsible for bringing the company’s name to the fore in terms of this need. On the other hand, IMAX also displays educational films in its own theatres. Therefore, non institutional clients also account for a large share of the firm’s sales. These include tourists, students and families (Nair 3).

Key competitors for IMAX include studios that make educational films, producers that target similar demographics like children. One such group is Disney, which offers serious competition to IMAX’s family films. The company also faces stiff competition from large format service providers like Iwerks. The later company not only produces but also displays large format films.

Another entity called Pollavisation also helps large format theatres maximize their service output. Competitors also exist in other related industries such as DVDs, TV programs and the internet. Alternative sources of entertainment drive away potential consumers who may prefer the conveniences and affordability of these sources.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats One of the major strengths exhibited by the company is its investment in technology. Prior to introduction of 3D films, the organization worked on its projection systems such that their images became sharper and brighter than those found in other movie theatres. Additionally, the firm has a strong research and development team that was responsible for the perfection of the 3D systems.

In film production, the company leverages on its strong brand name to minimize production costs. Unlike conventional studios that have to hire famous stars to promote their films, the business often pegs on its unique brand image. Additionally, it does not have to use conventional marketing channels to sell its movies because other parties do it for them.

For instance, when showing Hollywood movies, customers will come to watch the films in IMAX’s theatres owing to movie producers’ campaigns. By riding on other people’s marketing efforts, the organization minimizes its overhead and increases profitability. Additionally, the company does not have to use aggressive marketing because movies can stay within their libraries for years on end.

Another strength that IMAX can boast about is its unique location. Most IMAX theaters are found in areas of great historical value, such as New Jersey’s Liberty Science Center. In this regard, many potential clients can identify with the organization and thus purchase their services. The firm is also a niche player in the family entertainment sector. It has leveraged on parent’s inclinations to develop their children’s intellectual capabilities.

A need exists for education and entertainment for children, and this is available at IMAX theatres. In the theatre systems supplies sector, IMAX’s key strength is its commitment to quality. The organization maintains theatre systems for its suppliers regularly and projected maintenance updates are always quite accurately. Besides this, the organization offers advice on how to maintain those theatre supplies thus building trust among its consumers and ensuring repeat business from them.

One of the major weaknesses for the organization is its high level of expenditure and hence debt. Production and distribution of films is always a costly affair as it is technology – intensive. IMAX has had to pay a lot of money upfront before undertaking a new technology endeavor and this has increased its debts. Additionally, the organization depends on the success of its theater owners, yet their industry is quite risky.

Prior to the mortgage crisis, the theatre owners over expanded in order to accommodate IMAX’s projection systems, but this plunged them into debt. Their situations affected their ability to honor pledges made to IMAX thus dragging IMAX along with them. Opportunities for the organization include partnerships with more theatre owners to offer movies in IMAX format.

We will write a custom Case Study on IMAX Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Currently, the organization has partnered with theatre owners like AMC to offer its film in 3D. In return, the company will benefit by sharing revenue generated from their ticket sales. If the firm liaises with other theatre owners, it could increase its reach without having to run theatres on a daily basis. The company simply needs to be involved in the initial set ups; other aspects of sales should be left to partnering firms.

It needs to refrain from selling its systems to theatres as this only yields one-time only revenue streams. Making long-term agreements with the organizations can lead to long term sources of revenue. In essence, expansion of its Hollywood movie conversion portfolio could lead to greater profit margins and long term sustainability.

Additionally, the company needs to convince movie studios to release their films simultaneously in IMAX format as well as the traditional format. Some studios may worry that traditional film formats will not do as well if releases are done in both layouts. However, IMAX should use past successes on such simultaneous premieres to convince them about the viability of the idea (Nair 8).

Key threats for the company include the threat of vertical integration. Several entities in the production and distribution business are merging with members of the supply chain. For instance, Miramax has been vertically-integrated into Disent while Columbia Pictures is a subsidiary of Sony. As a result, these conglomerates have substantial control over the production process.

They can make movies at more efficient rates than IMAX and this poses a serious threat to the company. It must decide whether it is feasible to stay independent or merge with a larger production firm. Additionally, the company faces a serious threat from educational film makers as competitors are numerous and prospects for recovery of investments are also minimal.

Estimates indicate that only three-fifths of all movies recover the initial investment they made in production of the film. Therefore, profit margins in the IMAX film production department are diminishing owing to increased competition as well as risks of production. Other organizations in the film education niche are also offering similar services to IMAX, and this could undercut their competitive advantage.

A company like Pollavisation now does consulting and maintenance of large format films, yet this is a core aspect of IMAX’s business portfolio. Other threats also exist for the organization in different industries. The proliferation of the internet has intensified cases of piracy. Customers may choose to watch a film on the internet rather than watch it in IMAX theatres.

Additionally, technology development is also a threat to the organization because it enables new film entrants (like Pixar) to leverage on cheaper equipment. This could increase competition for the company. Piracy through camera recordings at theatres may also threaten the viability of IMAX’s offerings.

Not sure if you can write a paper on IMAX Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Lobbyists may also act as deterrents to the organization when they object against some of the films that IMAX displays. They may oppose the use of vulgar language or obscenities found in these films. IMAX will need to consider these concerns if it plans on increasing the number of Hollywood film conversions.

IMAX objectives IMAX’s first objective is to increase its profit margins by expanding into multiplexes and diversifying its product range by offering its films in IMAX format. After conducting an analysis on the average demographics of movie goers in its facilities, the company realized that it was missing the mark as most of its customers fell outside this bracket.

It was essential to come up with a strategy that would bring this key demographic under their wing. Statistics indicate that a fifth of IMAX’s consumers are school groups. Additionally, most of them fall within the 19 to 65 age bracket.

Conversely, the age group that accounts for the highest feature film attendance is the 12-24 year-old group. Additionally, they accounted for 41% of all movie attendants. It was essential to create a business strategy that would attract such a group (Nair 15).

IMAX’s marketing strategy and why it is changing The company utilized its partners’ marketing efforts to sell its products. Furthermore, it took advantage of location to sell its offerings to consumers. For instance, the company partnered with successful institutions like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in order to make it stand out from the rest. Clients came to trust its films through its affiliation to these institutions.

Their marketing efforts would cause clients to try out their products as well. The company also had sales teams in key destinations such as the US, Canada, China, Europe and Japan. The teams were responsible for the sale of theatre systems. Films were not part of the product package as they were sold independently to the partnering firms.

Little marketing was involved as IMAX already established long term relationships with these institutions. Additionally, the continual availability of the movies in IMAX theatres was a way of selling the product continually to the market; they were always assured of finding the product there.

This reliance on educational institutions for marketing is changing dramatically. Now the company is relying on marketing strategies made by Hollywood studios. Prior to the release of a film, most organizations will use internet websites, television advertisements, the press and commercials in order to market their films. If IMAX plans on showing a Hollywood movie in IMAX format, then it also relies on these marketing channels to sell the film.

Some studies often liaise with restaurant chains like McDonalds and other commercial enterprises to promote an upcoming film. Additionally, several of these institutions also rely on the presence of celebrities to promote a film. If IMAX plans on showing the film on concurrent dates with the traditional formats, then similar marketing channels will be utilized.

Aside from other studio’s marketing efforts, the company has also invested in its own marketing efforts. The company used conventional marketing channels like television for its Everest movie. Additionally, the organization is collaborating with some partners to promote its films in public venues.

A case in point was its collaboration of Showtime, which promoted the film T-Rex at stores affiliated to Imaginarium in US malls. As result, the company’s income increased substantially. The traditional IMAX approach is currently changing because of the strategic shift to more conventional films. Additionally, the company has realized that it needs to be aggressive about staying in business, and this explains its strategic shift.

Whether the changes have been effective The new approach seems to be working because box office sales for marketed films are much higher than sales for un-marketed films. Additionally, using other studio’s marketing campaigns to sell IMAX converted films appears to be working as well. When IMAX and multiplex screens released the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” box office sales reaches a soaring $31 million.

Analysts state that this was the highest rate ever reported on an opening weekend. 12% of the sales were attributed to IMAX. Other theatres made average sales of $8,100, yet each IMAX theatre made approximately $ 30, 800. This indicates that using other studios’ marketing strategies is working. Nonetheless, the organization can still do a lot to change the way it markets its own films.

Additionally, it may also develop its own advertisements for IMAX format Hollywood films. The marketing plan will entail five aspects. The first part of the plan is conducting audience research. The company needs to carry out this aspect in order to know the most effective release dates as well as the best way of reaching their clients (Wasko


The Asian Tigers Financial Crises Essay best college essay help

Table of Contents An overview of the Asian Tigers financial crises

The Asian tigers’ growth strategy before crisis

The pre-crisis growth strategy

Productivity, human capital, and investments

The consequences of the 1997 Asian Financial Meltdown

Changes in the post-crisis growth strategy



An overview of the Asian Tigers financial crises The occurrence of the financial crunch stormed the South East Asia Tigers economies from mid 1997 to early 1998. The world most impressive and highest economic development rates were listed in South East Asian republic of South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in the past decades.

From the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the compounded economies of these nations expanded to nine point five percent form six point five percent (6.50%-9.50%). However, owing to the implosion of the currency and local stock bazaars of these countries in the fiscal 1997, the appearance of the Asian wonder came to a sudden stop.

Approximately more than 71.0% worth of stock markets in various Asian Tigers states was lost at a time when the dust of financial crisis started to calm down in early 1998. The frontrunners of these nation states that were at one time full of pride had to humbly strive for an enormous aid from the IMF (Corsetti, Pesenti


Rumsfeld’s Memo argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

The grotesque fear of terrorism continues to elicit much attention in the public domain, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil demonstrated that terrorist attacks can no longer be perceived as isolated, far-away, or unavoidably rare events. Various multi-faceted campaigns against terrorism have been ongoing for the past one decade, but opinion remains divided on whether the global war on terrorism is achieving desired outcomes.

By using the popular Rumsfeld memo of 2003 as the basis of this presentation, this paper aims to not only outline some of the metrics showing that the war on terrorism is being won, but also to espouse several recommendations necessary in order to effectively suppress terrorism.

In the memo addressed to a number of military and civilian personnel, Rumsfeld felt that the U.S. initiated war on terrorism was, at best, achieving mixed results. The then secretary of Defense felt that an organization as huge as the DOD was unable to tame the techniques used by contemporary terrorists since it could not change fast enough.

Hence the need to establish a new institution that faultlessly focuses the capacities of several departments and agencies on the challenge of global terrorism (USA Today, 2005). Rumsfeld expressed the need to come up with the right mix of rewards, amnesty, safety and confidence for people who may assist in suppressing terrorism through sharing of information.

To win the war on global terrorism, the secretary also expressed the need for DOD to design new techniques to organize, train, and equip military personnel, the need to develop metrics to show if the U.S. was winning or losing the global war on terrorism, and the need to come up with a broad, integrated plan that could be employed to stop the next generation of terrorists (USA Today, 2005).

The recent killing of Osama bin Laden by American elite forces demonstrates that the war on global terrorism is being won, albeit slowly. Rumsfeld was right in expressing the need to come up with new ways of rewarding and protecting those who provide information about terrorists (USA Today, 2005), as it can be recalled that it is through information sharing that Osama was finally clipped.

By sending more troops to countries that are traditionally known to support terrorist networks (United States Department of Defense, 2006), it can be argued that the U.S. has to some extent succeeded in disempowering terrorism operatives from willingly planning and executing terrorist activities. This is in line with Rumsfeld’s suggestion in the memo that the DOD need to come up with new ways to organize, train and equip its personnel to be successful in the war on global terrorism.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Today, the U.S. still maintains a heavy presence of military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this strategy has borne fruits in terms of restricting terrorists to have a safe haven from where they can plan and launch terrorist attacks. A number of top-ranking terrorists are either dead or languishing in prisons (Apostolou, n.d.). Consequently, it can be argued that this strategy has succeeded in reducing the terrorists’ scale of planning and executing attacks.

There have been suggestions that the U.S. obsession with Iraq weakened the fight against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan (United States Department of Defense, 2006). Rumsfeld memo is clear that the U.S. need to come up with a broad, integrated plan that could be used to stop the next generation of terrorists (USA Today, 2005).

Such a broad plan, it could be argued, entails targeting terrorist operatives in entirety, not just focusing on one location. The knowledge that Iraq under President Saddam Hussein was a safe haven for terrorist networks is in the public domain. After the U.S. initiated a regime change in Iraq and sustained its efforts to smoke out, capture or kill terrorists in Afghanistan, there has not been a single terrorist attack on U.S. soil since the September 2001 attacks (Gardiner, 2008).

Information sharing among countries committed to fight global terrorism has so far succeeded in stopping the terrorists on their tracks. These are yet other metrics that can be used to show the war on global terrorism is being won, and they can in one way or another be credited to Rumsfeld’s suggestion about the need to come up with broad, integrated plans to stop the new blend of terrorists.

An integrative approach on fighting global terrorism, as suggested by Rumsfeld in the memo, has also succeeded in rallying more counties around the main objective of fighting global terrorism. A metric that can be used to reinforce this assertion is that countries that have been traditionally viewed as offering either moral or material support to the terrorists are now “…tackling the terrorism that lurks within [their] borders” (Apostolou, n.d., p. 2).

This, according to the author, is a point in the right direction. To keep winning the war on global terrorism, the U.S. needs to stay on the offensive and elevate preemptive strikes against terrorist targets with a view to either kill the operatives or keep them on the run (Apostolou, n.d.). Several issues, however, need to be incorporated in the war on global terrorism to keep it on track.

It is known that this war has received much criticism from some quarters due to a lack of clear understanding on its dynamics and challenges (United States Department of Defense, 2006). As such, the U.S. government needs to develop effective communication mechanisms by which the public can be helped to understand the basics and rationale of the conflict (Apostolou, n.d).

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Development of an Online Business Expansion for Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida Proposal online essay help

Viability of the Product Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of the social life of a human being. Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida offers a product that is considered a basic need in the lives of people who live around this place, as well as visitors coming from other parts of the world.

Given the fact that Catholic Church owns the hospital under the Augustinian mission, it is expected to serve various clients, some of whom may come from regions outside Florida. Healthcare is very important and various facilities offering this product have come out strongly to improve their services to customers. This product is very sensitive because any little mistake committed by the doctor or a nurse in charge may be fatal.

It is therefore very important for the concerned individuals to use appropriate equipments that would ensure that services delivered to customers are of high quality. This firm has a website that helps it reach out to clients both within Florida and abroad. This website helps in communicating with the clients in order to understand the status of the firm.

The website must reflect the current condition of the firm. It would be illogical for the firm to advance without showing the advancement on its website. It is therefore a necessity for the management to ensure that the website is changed regularly to reflect the status of the firm. According to Salehnia (2002), online business has gained a lot of popularity in the past one decade.

Firms have come to realize that the best way to reach out to customers is through online means. With the changes taking place in the social structure in most societies around the world, women are also becoming breadwinners in their families. This means that most families do not have time to go around shopping for items they need.

They prefer searching for the desired products online while at work or at home. They do not mind the distance because with improved transport means, geographical barriers have been eliminated. When Mercy Hospitals fails to go online, a patient in Florida may fly all the way to Illinois, Chicago, or Alabama for a treatment that would have been offered at this hospital.

Going online is therefore a move that any firm cannot ignore. Marketing is gaining a new approach in the current society. Immediately after the Second World War, most companies had huge markets in the developing countries. The level of competition was very low and firms only worried about production. Marketing was considered a unit in the production department.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most firms used an inside out approach as a technique of marketing. However, this has changed with the changing environmental factors. Going online has its pros and cons. When a firm makes the decision to go online, there would be extra charges that the firm would have to meet in order to be successful in managing online business.

The cost of hosting and maintaining a website is an extra cost that would have been used elsewhere if this option were not considered. Cyber crimes are other challenges that Mercy Hospital must be ready to deal with. Cyber criminals are increasingly becoming sophisticated. They use advanced technology to hack into sensitive information belonging to the organization.

This can result to massive distortion of information belonging to the firm. They can also add or delete some information on the website, leading to miscommunication between the firm and the targeted audience. Depending on the magnitude of the distortion, the impact would vary. This may injure the image of the firm in the corporate world.

The firm would be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the website is protected from intruders. Despite these challenges, online business has become increasingly important to firms, especially in developed countries such as the United States. Most citizens in this country have internet connectivity through their phones or personal computers.

Going online would help a firm reach out to customers who are beyond their immediate environment. It helps in marketing products to individuals around the world. Online business also eliminates the need for a physical facility in every part of the city. Clients could easily communicate with the firm online and then fly to the firm’s facility. Alternatively, a doctor could be sent as may be appropriate.

Current Online Competitor Assessment Baptist Health in South Florida is one of the rivals of Mercy Hospital. The market place has shifted attention to e-business as a way of expanding growth. Competition is so stiff in the market to an extent that any slight misstep may lead to a closure of a firm permanently. Firms are therefore forced to come up with mechanisms through which they could remain competitive in the market.

Just like Mercy Hospital, Baptist Health is sponsored by a church. This means that none of the two firms may claim to have a competitive edge over the other because of their sponsors. Other firms within this region boast of state-of-the-art facilities in their hospitals. The firms have gone online. In this regard, Baptist Health is keen on attracting online customers.

We will write a custom Proposal on Development of an Online Business Expansion for Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More With a phone or a personal computer with internet connectivity, a customer could easily get in touch with a doctor and get his case resolved. Mercy Hospital enjoys the fact that there are no other major hospitals in Miami marketing themselves to international clients. Narrowing down the region to Miami area leaves Mercy Hospital with three closest competitors.

The competitors are Shiners International, International Florida Hospital, and International Program Broward Health. The main economic activity in Miami is tourism. International tourists from various corners of the world always visit this city throughout the year. It is common that weather changes always have an impact on the health of tourists.

They therefore always try to ensure that they get a hospital where they could be attended to when in this city. Mercy Hospital operates internationally. The hospital has travel specialists who coordinate the entry of visitors into the country, assist patients to make bookings, conduct interpretation if there is need, and ensure that patients get up to date services in this hospital.

Mercy Hospital faces a challenge from three competitors who have developed their websites and can now reach out to the online clients. The firms include Shiners International, International Florida Hospital, and International Program Broward Health. International Florida Hospital has a website that explains various facts about the firm. Moreover, the customer could access the facility through the help of professionals.

However, it lacks a number of important ingredients. The website lacks enough graphics that could help convince clients to make the hospital their preferred choice. The case is the same with International Program Broward Health. However, Shiners international has made an effort to develop a good website that could attract clients. However, the facility only serves children.

The competitors of Mercy Hospitals are health facilities within the entire Florida, and more specifically in Miami. These firms share some the general objectives concerning conducting business online. The following are some of these objectives.

Ability to develop a strong social media marketing techniques

Ability of customers to pay for the products they plan to purchase online

Ability to have a system that is interactive with the customers

The need to grow and capture international markets

Online Marketing Suggestions and Strategies The target market for Mercy Hospital varies in their demographic qualities. Although the hospital has a large customer base from local residents of Miami and the larger Florida, a good number of customers of this hospital are travelers. The hospital receives a high number of travelers who come from various regions around the world and need medical attention while on vacation.

These clients are international patients who require care in the United States. Some of the areas where this firm has received a large number of international patients include cardiac complications, orthopedics, cancer, rehabilitation, and behavioral health. The firm has received an influx of international clients who believe that the hospital has the best capacity to offer them solutions to their problems.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Development of an Online Business Expansion for Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This hospital has decided to take care of patients in this area because they are the main customers of this facility. The services can also be marketed in the international market easily. Cardiac complication is very sensitive and various hospitals around the world have shied away from offering its treatment. It requires state-of-the-art machines in order to be successful.

This makes Mercy Hospital one of the few hospitals that offer this service. Cancer infections are also on the rise globally. Treatment of cancer is also delicate and very expensive. The management decided to focus on these complex diseases because of the limited facilities that offer its treatment. Most of the travelers who come to Miami have the capacity to pay for the expensive cost of treating these complex diseases.

Developing a competitive advantage is one of the important achievements in a business setting. It helps a business unit to show up above others implying that it would be perceived as an organization that has the capability to provide customers with pleasure in the best way possible. As stated above, the target audiences are travelers who come to Miami as travelers, as well as the residents of Florida.

The hospital targets the middle and upper class individuals who have the capacity to afford the high cost that the firm charges. Mercy Hospital has made an effort to ensure that it can attract potential clients from various regions across the world. Product proposition is always the best way that a firm could acquire a special niche in the market and stand out as the best firm.

To manage this, Mercy Hospital should focus on the quality of the services they provide other than the cost. It should use social media alongside mass media in reaching out to the customers. This way, it would be appealing to the middle and upper class clients who could pay premium prices for better healthcare. To improve customer experience, the management should consider offering recreational services to both the patients and their families when they visit the facility.

Miami is one of the most preferred recreational centers in the world. Patients and their families should experience this even when under medication. When making changes on the website, it is important to let customers and even non-customers know about it. They should be informed about the added quality following the changes made.

A number of online strategies that a firm could use to let customers know about these changes exist (Salehnia, 2002). Search engine optimization is one of the best online strategies that a firm could use to reach out to the customers with this news. In this strategy, the firm will need to create product-specific page with all the new features and the desired communication to the target audience.

The page should have necessary photos and various other features that are distinct from the previous website. The firm should ensure that the page is coded appropriately for search, with key words, header text, title tags, and unique URL. This would benefit the firm because those who would key-in the key words would be directed to this site, and this would be a form of advertisement.

To the customers, it would easily allow them access to important information about their firm without struggling to look for the changes. Another good approach is by using e-mail marketing. This strategy is appropriate when dealing with customers that have close relationship with the firm. In this strategy, the firm would develop appropriate messages concerning the changes made on the product.

The firm would then select customers and other specific individuals who should be receiving the message. The firm would then send a message to these individuals via their e-mails over the changes made on the website. This strategy is very beneficial to both the firm and the customers. To the firm, the management would be assured that the message would reach the target audience.

It also helps the firm assure its customers that it cares about them by sending them a message about changes made. The customer will benefit from the fact that the message will reach him or her promptly. Online advertising is another strategy that can be used to inform the target audience of the changes that could have taken place within the firm.

Such tools as Google Ad Words could be useful in reaching out to the target audience directly. This strategy is always very useful when the firm targets a large target audience. The marketing department should conduct a research and determine blogs, which are most widely read in that particular industry. The firm would benefit from this move because it would not only be developing a relationship with the customers, but also helping the firm develop a close relationship with the bloggers.

A social network form is another attractive strategy through which this firm could reach out to the target audience. The world is changing very fast due to the changes brought about by advanced technologies. Smartphone and personal computers have become basic items in the lives of many youths. Many youths visit various social sites on a daily basis.

Facebook has a fan base of more than one billion people. This cuts across various demographic spaces, with a majority being youths from various social statuses. YouTube has almost a similar number of users, with over eight hundred others on Tweeter. Various individuals use other social sites.

When a firm makes a decision to use this site, it would be certain that it would be in a position to reach out to a large number of people through these networks. Customers would also be able to reach out to this information with a lot of ease. They could get the message from friends who are also on Facebook.

Search Engine Consideration and Optimization Strategies Building of links is very important. According to Kidd and Stanford (2000), it is always important to understand the concept of link building in order to ensure that popularity of a link is upgraded instead of being degraded. It is important to ensure that the number and quality of links pointing towards the website are highly maintained.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that the traffic into the website is kept as high as could be possible. In order to increase popularity of a webpage, it would be important to consider raising the graph with the relevant search engine. Search engine optimization is very important. The ultimate aim of any firm across the world is to ensure that it is able to develop a webpage that could be accessed by a large number of people.

However, it is important to appreciate the fact that firms find it extremely difficult to obtain this attention on their website. For instance, the key word for this firm is Mercy Hospital. When an individual searches this key word through Google, various hospitals with the Name Mercy Hospital appears, including Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida would be concerned about the fact that Mercy Medical Center is given priority when one uses the key word Mercy Hospital. Using the key word Mercy Hospital would not direct an individual to the web page of this firm easily, unless one adds the word ‘Miami’. The question that concerned individuals at Mercy Hospital in Miami is how Mercy Medical Center has come to dominate the search engine.

By answering this question, it becomes easy for the firm to consider coming up with strategies for optimization of the search engine. The first strategy is to improve the suitability of the stuff that is directed to the readers. It is important to appreciate the fact that there are millions of websites available through various search engines.

The first determinant of whether or not there would be traffic to a certain website is the popularity of the stuff directed to the readers. The readers must find the stuff attractive to them in order to ignore other sites and visit this particular site. This means that the firm must first ensure that the product targeted to customers is attractive.

The firm should then use attractive key words to direct customers to their websites. Such words for Mercy Hospital may include ‘the best healthcare’, ‘world class treatment’ and many others. This would help in ensuring that that the firm’s website would always be found on the first or second page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once on the website, an individual should be able to find attractive content on the website.

This should include graphics that show the facilities and the team in this firm. To the company, the strategy would increase traffic on the site, making the firm known widely. To the customer, they would benefit from the fact that they would be able to access their desired site without having to navigate a large volume of irrelevant materials.

Another strategy would be to use social media websites to promote a firm’s own website. The ultimate aim of this firm is to ensure that as many people as possible will access the website. A potential client may not have the slightest idea that there is an excellent hospital in Miami called Mercy Hospital. Social media will provide an opportunity for the firm to make the name of the hospital be known.

Such social media websites as Facebook, YouTube, and Tweeter will provide the best opportunity for the firm to popularize itself to the target audience. Through these sites, it is possible for the firm to give the readers direct link to its website. The strategy is beneficial to the firm because it allows it to reach over one billion individuals who are on Facebook.

A client who was wondering where he or she could get the best treatment will be relieved when given the details of where to get the service. Using the referral strategy can also help a firm to get the attention needed in the search engines. The value of the referrals cannot be ignored if a firm expects success in drawing attention of viewers. Cyber crime has made people very weary of the information that is available in the search engines.

When a friend or a family member recommends a site, an individual will have a strong trust on the site. Such an individual will ignore any other sites, and focus on the specific site, which was recommended. Viral marketing is an important strategy that various firms have found to be relevant in the market today. This will allow the firm to get individuals who have a purpose of visiting the site.

Turning them into potential clients is easier than those who accidentally bumped into the site. To the firm, this strategy will have a direct bearing on increasing the number of customers. To the customers, the strategy is always trustworthy because a trusted individual has recommended it.

Social Media Integration Social media has become an important tool in marketing a brand and products of a firm. When Facebook was launched about six years ago, many corporate leaders never imagined that it could turn out to be of massive importance in the corporate sector. It was considered as a social network for youths, specifically those who had time to waste in the internet.

However, this perception changed as Facebook continued attractive massive number of people from all corners of the world. With the increased sophistication in the field of technology, most phones became internet enabled just to allow users to access Facebook. Personal computers also became cheaper. Other social media such of YouTube and Tweeter also became common and very popular.

Corporate leaders realized that they could no longer ignore the potential of the social media. They realized that the best way they could reach out for the customers would be through social media. Large multinational corporations such as Coca Cola and Apple moved with speed to reach out for the customers through social media. Social media has found new role other than the initial role it had.

Besides the role of social networking, social media has become a vital tool for firms to market their brands and products. It has enhanced viral marketing as a strategy of increasing customer base of a firm. Currently, a number of social media that firms use as a way of reaching out for the customers exist. They include Facebook, YouTube Tweeter, and MySpace among others.

Facebook has the highest number of subscribers of all the social networks. According to (Holden