“Stand-up Economists Play Off Finances For Laughs” Video Summary

The video “Stand-up Economists Play Off Finances for Laughs” by PBS NewsHour begins with a presentation of Yoram Bauman, an American economist. He rejects the general idea of the economy being considered a dismal and boring discipline. Bauman proclaims himself “the world’s first stand-up economist” and entertains the public with jokes about various economic terms (PBS NewsHour, 00:00:36-00:00:38). In particular, he performs at the annual Economics Convention in Atlanta. The video includes some examples of his humor and the audience’s positive response.

Bauman is not the only economy comedian featured in the video. Other economists performing at the Convention include Jon Shayne, Jodi Beggs, and Hugo Mialon, who use different approaches to discuss economic concepts in an engaging and amusing way (PBS NewsHour). Furthermore, the video includes brief interviews, which emphasize that people involved in the science of economics do not typically joke or have a conventional sense of humor. This subject is not viewed as funny or interesting by the general public. Out of four interviewees asked about their favorite economics joke, only one provided an answer that would be considered humorous by most people (PBS NewsHour, 00:03:05-00:03:38). Notably, it is based on the idea that economists focus on efficiency above everything else.

In conclusion, the video by PBS NewsHour supports the idea that even a serious subject, such as economics, can be entertaining and engaging. It demonstrates some examples of jokes made by stand-up economists who attempt to make this science more approachable for the general public. Overall, this perspective on economics can motivate more people to learn about important economic and financial concepts. In other words, stand-up economists can contribute to individuals’ knowledge and help promote informed decision-making.

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