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Choosing a proper management strategy is never easy, especially when a company is facing an obvious crisis, even though the latter might take rather mild and local forms. Because of the lack of cooperation between the members of the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project, the company is facing a serious threat of being torn apart in the process of the conflict.

Therefore, choosing the right management strategy for the company to get back to its routine course is crucial. Unless a proper stakeholder management strategy is chosen for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project, the latter can possibly lose some of its most valuable staff members, which means that a proper strategy must be developed to satisfy the needs of each member.

It seems that at present, it is best to adopt a stakeholder management strategy that will presuppose that each of the stakeholders have the equal amount of power over the exiting project and are free to shape it according to their needs (Freeman, 2010). However, in the light of the fact that one of the stakeholders, i.e., the user group supporter of the project, bothers the rest of the tam with his excessive activity, it will be reasonable to introduce certain restrictions, i.e., the necessity to pass a judgment based on a compromise, etc.

As it has been mentioned, the members of the group clearly have issues concerning the communication process, since one of the members clearly demands that (s)he should constantly be in the limelight, while none of the team members argues against the given demand.

That being said, it is reasonable to suggest that a communication management plan should be created to address the specified two problems. To be more exact, it is necessary to deal with the hyperactivity of one of the staff members and increase the level of engagement of others. To achieve the given goals, the manager will have to complete the following steps:

Improve the relationships within the team;

Re-introduce the corporate values;

Make sure that each of the team members is assigned with a specific goal;

Stress that each of the staff members has equal rights to voice his/her opinion, while the manager must decide what choice must be made;

Provide a template with the help of which every employee can express his/her ideas concerning the working process and/or the relationships between the staff.

With these steps, more objectivity and democracy can be introduced into the team.

Unfortunately, conflicts among the staff are not the only problems that one can face in a workplace (Masters


Heuristics and Rationality Essay cheap essay help

What is a heuristic? Explain one of the heuristics Tversky and Kahneman identify in greater detail, and illustrate it with an example (e.g. an example from one of their studies).

The ability to make decisions in a fast and efficient manner is referred as heuristic. This means that the time taken to make a decision is made short, as an individual engages his mental ability into other functions. Heuristics is commonly known for its capacity in solving problems. This is achieved through experience and better strategies.

One example of Tversky and Kahneman heuristics is the intuitive judgement or the common sense. This is analyzed under the judgement and uncertainty. In this study, Tversky and Kahneman focus on rational choice in the human mind. It further states that a rational actor will always follow the elementary rules and the probability.

This is usually evidenced when calculating a particular course of action (Kahneman


The 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis Essay best essay help: best essay help

According to Hill (n.d.), the Asian Financial Crisis took place between mid 1997 and early 1998. This financial crisis was brought about by depreciation of the currency, being the result of excessive borrowing (Nanto, 2008). Prior to the crisis, Asian countries had registered a remarkable economic growth.

Such countries as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 6% to 9% (Hill, n.d.). This growth was associated with ”inflow of investments, improvements in technology, increases in education, a ready supply of labor as people moved from the countryside to the cities to work in factories, and reduced restrictions on trade and commerce leading to free‐market economies” (Vallorani, 2009, p. 3).

However, this economic boom came to its end in June 1997 after most of Southeast Asia’s stock and currency markets collapsed (Hill, n.d.). Therefore, although this financial meltdown hit most Asian countries, Southeast Asia was most affected. This essay explains and assesses the causes, extent and effects of the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis as well as its recovery process.

Before the crisis, most Asian countries were enjoying an unprecedented growth in GDP and exports (Hill, n.d.). For instance, between 1990 and 1996, Malaysia, Thai and Singapore’s exports grew by 18%, 16% and 15% respectively (Hill, n.d.). Furthermore, exports from these countries transformed from basic items to complex and high technology goods, such as automobiles and electronics (Hill, n.d.).

At the same time, most countries experienced reduced barriers to international trade and an inflow of international investors. In other words, Asian countries’ Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was on the rise. For that reason, the financial crisis occurred after a decade of the economic growth in Asia.

Hill (n.d.) reiterates that this financial crisis was mainly caused by mismanagement of Asia economic growth. While agreeing with Hill (n.d.), Vallorani (2009) adds that this borrowing led to an increase in the prices of retail spaces, real estates and other assets. In addition, local banks borrowed heavily from international banks and provided unregulated loans to local customers (Vallorani, 2009).

The deregulated financial sector then led to loans and easy money. As a result, Asia found itself in huge debts. Subsequently, this borrowing led to unsustainable valuations of most investments. For instance, enterprises which did not deserve credit were given enormous loans. Consequently, these enterprises lacked the capacity to repay these loans after the crisis. As such, investors began speculating on currency value (Vallorani, 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Expecting local currencies to lose value, many speculators sold their local currencies. This action later led to the actual devaluation of local currencies. Thailand’s baht was the first currency to depreciate. Later on, the devaluation spread from one country to another like a series of dominos knocked down from the first to the last (Vallorani, 2009). Accordingly, international loans, which were valued in dollars, skyrocketed (Vallorani, 2009).

Worse is the fact that investors started to re-evaluate their investment risks in Asia while other completely lost faith in Asian markets. In addition, the crisis raised serious issues about the Asian economic model as well as the ideas behind fixed and floating exchange rates. The Asian economic model advocates for cooperation between businesses and the government. Therefore, Asian countries combine a central government’s planning ability with the dynamics of a market economy (Hill, n.d.).

Prior to the crisis, most Asian countries pegged their currencies against the US dollar and only intervened when their currencies were under threat (Hill, n.d.). Asian countries, therefore, used a managed float as a way of accruing gains related to a fixed exchange rate. However, this undertaking is susceptible to speculative pressure (Hill, n.d.). For that reason, a managed float system can be directly related to the 2007 economic downturn in Asia.

Nonetheless, this crisis did not hit all countries with the same magnitude. China and Singapore were among the least affected countries (Vallorani, 2009). In fact, these countries only suffered from spillover effects. China’s GDP rose, FDI leveled and the Yuen appreciated against the dollar in late 1990s (Vallorani, 2009).

On the other hand, Hong Kong’s GDP growth slowed significantly in late 1990s before bouncing back in 2000 (Vallorani, 2009). The GDP of most countries in Southeast Asia dwindled; FDI remained level and their currency depreciated at an alarming rate against the dollar (Vallorani, 2009).

Examples of countries that were most affected include Japan and Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea (Hill, n.d.). In early 2008, the stock markets in most Southeast Asian countries depreciated by over 70% and their currencies lost more than 70% of their value against the dollar (Hill, n.d.). Some Japanese brokerage firms and banks collapsed in November 2007.

Top on the list were Sanyo and Yamaichi brokerage firms and the Hokkaido Takushoku bank (Hill, n.d.). However, in most countries FDI increased immediately after the crisis (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 1998). This increase was brought about by decreased costs, resulting from depreciated exchange rates, low property prices and selling of company assets. Companies, which sold their assets, were in big debts and could not access liquidity.

We will write a custom Essay on The 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For that reason this crisis affected international business. Owing to the 1990s boom, many investors predicted that Southeast Asia was going to become the next propeller of world’s economy (Hill, n.d.). The collapse of this boom, thus, brought investors back to the drawing board.

The damage caused by the 1997-1998 Asian Economic Crisis took long to repair. Ravaged by this economic downturn, Asian countries reverted to IMF for help. However, IMF’s help came with certain conditions. For instance, affected countries were forced to raise interest rates and relax their restrictions on FDI (Hill, n.d.).

Moreover, these conditions had to be met before any additional funding was provided by IMF. For instance, IMF signed a $58.4 billion rescue package with South Korea on condition that South Korea would correct certain mistakes in its financial systems (Jeon, 2010).

In other words, South Korea was to reform its financial and corporate sector and the labor market. In addition, South Korea was required to soundly manage its macroeconomic policy as a way of regaining global confidence (Jeon, 2010). Nevertheless, affected countries countered the depreciation of their currencies by raising interest rates and selling their foreign exchange reserves (Nanto, 1998). Consequently, their economic growth became sluggish. In addition, equity became less popular than interest-bearing securities.

By engaging in a borrowing spree, Asia brought most of its emerging and powerful economies to their knees (Hill, n.d.). This slump was brought about by depreciation of local currencies. Consequently, Asia lost a decade of unsurpassed economic growth and reverted to the IMF’s for help. Nonetheless, some countries were hit harder than others and it took them long to recover. For example, the crisis had more adverse effects on Japan and Southeast Asian countries than China and Hong Kong.

References Hill, C.W.L. (n.d.). The Asian financial crisis. Web.

Jeon, B.N. (2010). From the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis to the 2008-09 global economic crisis: Lessons from Korea’s experience. East Asia Law Review, 5 (1). Web.

Nanto, D.K. Feb. 1998. The 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). (1998). The financial crisis in Asia and foreign direct investment: An assessment. Web.

Valloran, ED. (2009). 1997 Asian financial crisis. Web.


Where is writing taking us? Research Paper writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The changing times

How the future looks like

On the Web


Works Cited

Introduction The world is evolving at a very alarming rate. Seemingly every single day is a new dawn for a new idea. Virtually all spheres of life are changing. A change from what everyone is used to, to a different version. Writing is not an exception. Writing is going through its equal share of evolution.

Precisely to say, writing remains to be the most trusted and profound form of communication. For instance the most preferred means of committing critical transactions such as writing examination and signing of bills, to mention but a few, mainly relay on writing. Therefore the significance of writing cannot be understated (Hedges 8). The evolution in writing had its genesis in utilization of signs in the old age then developed to translation of vowels to readable letters and now it has heavy visible presence and evidence in the digital world.

This paper tries to elucidate the essence of fundamental processes of writing for individual writers and the effect it has on a group. The papers goes ahead to discuss the matter of whether the writing trends shall adapt to this emerging issues. And essentially what will this mean to the upcoming generation. Shall this be a stepping stone to greater heights or shall this be a stumbling block?

The changing times Vitally to mention the older writing forms had their time and have thrived in those years and now it’s giving birth to newer ones. A new breed of writing is around us and it is taking its place significantly. Silently there is a battle between the old writing approach and the new style. Notably the contest rages on to touch and affect both the writers and readers. One school of thought prefers the older syllabus and at the same time another group throwing its weight behind the emerging trends.

Prompting the question, between the two divides, who is commanding the lead? Who has the greater influence? Is there a possibility of someone been dethroned? Apparently, these questions are signs not of division but of growing concern in the future of writing (McCloud 593). The good news is that the same purpose of writing remains at the core of writing. And the concern of where writing is taking us is becoming a dear to many. And indeed the future of writing is getting brighter and intriguing by the day.

Beyond any shadow of doubt and clear to minds of both writer and readers times have changed. Evidently, days of deep reading and analysis of books, is a thing of the past, so to say. The deep reading that was a sign of academic prowess and pride is now a thorn on the flesh for most people.

he norm is now inclusion of multimedia content to deliver information and achieve communication. It is now a common knowledge and concern that the main source of information is streaming from the internet (Peterson 596). If statistics are anything to go by, then this generation wealthiest source of knowledge and information is the internet and with a special mention of social media forums. This fact has triggered most entities with key interest in sharing information to invest heavily in online services.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Extensive time is now spent online surfing and searching internet databases for purposes of study, information and entertainment. Writers have easily picked up this behavior. The long hours used in turning papers to the left have been replaced by clicks and scrolling up and down internet pages.

After few Google searches, writers have access to more than what they need to compile their work. This new order of conducting business has to be discussed holistically, in order to deduce its positive and negative impact on writing. This emerging trends has directly reduced the amount of time spend reading. Books have been left to stay at shelves as everyone is scrolling their screens whether on personal computers or on mobile devices.

How the future looks like As it is, different people have come up with different explanation about the future of writing especially in the awake of different means of accessing information. Some have proposed that it is high time writers conformed to the new working means or else they shall be rendered obsolete.

As they say if you cannot beat them, join them (McCloud 595). However not everyone buys this idea, some have chosen to remain conservatives and let not of their old ways. The big question of discussion at this particular juncture is evaluation and examination of the impact of the new technologies and how they affect the core purpose of writing.

According to Carr Nicholas, et al, in the book ‘Is Google making us stupid’ the internet is becoming undeniable force of information storage and exchange. It is the unlimited conduit for imperative information streaming to the mind. He goes ahead to state that pages of World Wide Web have proved to turn into programmable and unified database accessed through computers. New approaches such as social media are providing endless opportunities for networking and interaction of information.

The same view was repeated by Marshall McLuhan, the 1960’s media theorists, who stated that the media must not to be just inert feeds of information. The sentiments expressed by Nicholas hold avalanche of truths and underscores the deteriorating trend of over dependence on the internet at the expense of reading (Carr 155). This trend if allowed to persist then will automatically negatively impact the culture of creative reading and writing. The point to ponder at this point, I believe is how to use what is working, to work for the betterment of our generation.

On the Web If you look around the internet, great tools of writing do exist. One of them is Web-Quest. The idea of Web-Quest cannot be ignored in this discussion. Since its inception, the Web-Quest model has greatly contributed to the availability and utilization of information among learners. The Web-Quest model continues to change.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Where is writing taking us? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Over years, the numbers of high-quality Web-Quest continues to increase. This platform provides many education courses and staff empowerment effort around educational spheres. Web-Quests stand out in services provision because of its well informed status to its end users. Similarly with search engines databases a quick search on the Web-Quest avails hundreds of examples (Dodge 10).

In a summary they are five guiding principles that not only ease the search but increase the precision of finding answers you are looking for. These principal include finding great sites. One differentiating aspect between a good and a better Web-Quest is the quality and number of web sites it uses.

The answers exhibited vary depending on the needs of the user. Two great pointers in this section is one the art of mastering a search engine and two probing the deep web. Research and analysis of human behaviors have showed that most people do their search by just typing a few words or phrases in one search engine and then turn over to a storm of irrelevant sites. It is highly recommended to learn better search techniques.

For instance one web page that has been of great help is the “Seven Steps Towards Searching”. Also researchers have found out that although billion of web pages exist for surfing only a few surface on the standard search engines (Peterson 159). This means that the remaining portions is hidden only to be revealed by the ‘deep web’ surfing. Deep web surfing is vital especially for specified information that otherwise shall not turn up on the standard search engines.

Worth to note at this particular point is that it is practical wisdom not to lose the information found. Arriving at any information consumes a lot of time and effort. Therefore once got, information ought to be stored in ways and means that shall be easy to retrieve when called upon. For instance most learners work from different places and sometimes using different machines.

A shift from one place or machine may mean losing vital data or slowing down the learning process. Smooth continuity is therefore an important factor of production in the sense that it saves times and effort (Higbee 6). There are several measures to counteract this; this includes doing regular backups of the data. Another useful methodology is using facilities such as bookmarks which are readily available on most office applications as well as browsers.

The second principle for writing a great Web-Quest is to orchestrate resources and learners. This principle seeks to address the challenge of scarcity of resources. This is achieved through sharing of the available resources. At the end of the day, every computer and other resources are well utilized and everyone has useful work on their desks.

Thus resources are optimally utilized. To achieve this one has to organize resources equitably and sensibly. A good example is a single computer machine can be used to coordinate the whole class discussion while the teacher does the explanation. At the same time, one to ten computers can be utilized as learning base for students to run round while others can actually work offline.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Where is writing taking us? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More If accessibility to the internet is issue then well orchestrated programs need to be designed and implemented (Dodge 5). Another key performance indicator to the success is organizing the people involved. Well organization of learners saves a lot of time. This is a great contributor to coming up with a great Web-Quest. Deep and Profound knowledge of cooperative learning is a clear recipe for designing and developing a successful Web-Quest.

The success or failure of cooperative learning can be determined by the following factors. The first is undeterred positive cooperation and unfading interdependence of students. Learners highly upheld one another and most have the perception that without each other they cannot succeed. Therefore positive interdependence is a critical ingredient to successful cooperative.

The other factor is one on one interaction. As students work together and compete over assignment they end up creating positive competition which is healthy for their development intellectually and also corporately as a group. Thus encouragement of promoting interaction is a vital unit to succeed in environment of cooperative learning (Peterson 155).

Group and individual accountability is a critical attribute to cooperative learning. Essentially speaking the group is held accountable for finishing the assigned task on time and with precision and accuracy. And through the process the individual are rated according to their contribution. The other important attributes and that needs to be cultivated is encouragement of small group and interpersonal skills.

Working together is a skill most people lack in the present world. Therefore possession of these skills means a great plus to the learners and also to the teachers. The last but not the least attribute to successful cooperative learning can be termed as group processing. Improvement of group efficient and effectiveness is a step towards the right direction.

The other important principle to designing great Web-Quest is challenging the learners to think for themselves. We are living in a time and age where standardized tests are the order of the day in most of the American education institutions. A outstanding Web-Quest does not lust contain a list of United States leaders and presidents and their accomplishment.

Instead it seeks to provide an engaging multifaceted backdrop that conveys riches of understanding that if not would not be captured in a coherent and understandable manner. Challenging learners to think can be achieved through taking the learners to task. And this basically is all about asking learners to own information and reproduce results based on the information gained. The other element is designing. For instance, the subject of Canada can be treated as a task to design a Canadian Vacation Web-Quest (Dodge 7).

The task specified to the learners is to develop a timetable through the nation that would suit a family of four, with each having attention in different portions. Web-Quest can also be developed based on a journal-istic methodology in which a student picks on a persona and develops news account. In addition another distinguished approach is the utilization of valid controversies about the world as a means to classify the theme of study.

Utilization of the medium is the other vital principle of creating great Web-Quest. Important to note and mention is that a Web-Quest is not limited to the use of the web. A good picture to portray this could be the imagination of a ‘BookQuest’ in which a compelling question and problem is stated and the solution is created by processing and dividing the information in various books spread throughout the classroom (Dodge 4).

In situations where a teacher has only one computer can sometimes use the alternative of printing out the needed Web pages so that students who cannot access the computers have something to read. But this is a concession and doesn’t completely use the media. A picture of success is a Web-Quest that is not accomplished easily on paper.

The last principle of creating a great Web-Quest is to scaffold high expectations among the learners. A good and perfect Web-Quest is the one that challenges the students to do what they might ordinarily not do or get committed to it. This brings up the spirit of exceeding expectations by striving to do more that it is required. There are three types of scaffolding; they include receptions, productions and transformation (Dodge 5).

Receptions assist the chance to allow learner to familiarize themselves with resources. The process of transformation explores the learners to convert what they learnt into a new model never done before. At the same time production necessitates the learners to produce articles they might have never generated before. The creation approach of the duty can be gibbeted by giving students models, multimedia devices thus prompting the points to writing.

The future of writing definitely lies in the new order of doing things. The unavoidable presence of the internet in our lives is a reality we cannot beat (Hedges 7). Major discussions are now held and stored on the internet. Therefore to avoid a situation where we are fighting a losing battle it is only logical to know how best to maneuver and make the best out of this new wind of change.

Conclusion From the above discussion, it is clear that the future of future of writing is changing. The older forms of writing have given rise to newer ones. And the newer forms are greatly influenced by the changing trends of technology. This has squarely affected the sound writing process for individual as well as a group. The question of adaptability of the writers to the new environment is a subject of discussion.

The deep reading that was a sign of academic prowess and pride is now a thorn in the flesh for most people. The norm is now inclusion of multimedia to deliver information needed whether done through audio or video channels. The long hours used in turning papers to the left have been replaced by clicks and scrolling up and down the internet papers. After few Google searches, writers have access to more than what they need to compile their work.

According to Carr Nicholas, et al, in the book ‘Is Google making us stupid’ the internet is becoming undeniable force medium of information storage and exchange. The five guiding principles for creating Web-Quest, according to Dodge, are finding great sites, orchestrating learners and resources, challenging the learners to think for their own, using the medium, and scaffold high expectations (Dodge 10).

The Web-Quest model continues to change. Over years, the numbers of high-quality Web-Quest shall continue to increase. From the above discussion, the next generation shall have the strong force of emerging trends to face and put up with. The reality of the internet becomes a norm that can no longer be ignored.

Works Cited Carr, Nicholas. Is Google Making Us Stupid. New York: W.W.Norton


“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents The Narrator’s Epiphany

Sonny’s Performance and its Impact on Narrator’s Consciousness

Narrator’s Epiphany Sentimental Value

Important Life Lessons


Works Cited

The Narrator’s Epiphany The narrator in “Sonny’s Blues” is aware of social problems expressed in his brother’s music. The narrator, Sonny’s brother, realizes that music helps Sonny overcome his inner pain and suffering. For a long time, he has been detached from Sonny because they had different perspectives on life. Once they went to a night club where Sonny was offered a chance to play music to the audience. Therefore, music is used symbolically to connect the two brothers together because of their shared blood relations.

It gives the narrator and his brother a chance to escape from their pain, which they experienced while growing up in an environment full of poverty, crime and suffering. The narrator watches Sonny playing the piano in the club and concludes that this helps him deal with frustrations he has experienced in his life. He says, “He seemed to have found, right there beneath his fingers, a damn brand-new piano. It seemed that he couldn’t get over it” (Baldwin).

The narrator discovers that Sonny’s true calling lies in music. He manages to captivate the narrator and other people who are gathered in the club, because of the way he expresses personal emotions through singing. Sonny is deeply involved in singing, which makes the narrator have strong memories.

The song makes the narrator have a sentimental reconnection with his past, because of the way Sonny expresses himself through music. The performance by Sonny helps the narrator understand him better and thus, it manages to bring them closer as members of one family. The narrator offers Sonny a drink after he takes a rest from the performance. And according to the narrator, the one had carried him away. (Baldwin).

Sonny’s Performance and its Impact on Narrator’s Consciousness As Sonny continues singing, the narrator becomes more involved in his brother’s struggles. Sonny interacts freely with Creole and other band members, which makes him realize the importance of forming strong relationships with family and friends. The narrator realizes that music means a lot to Sonny because it helps him build strong social bonds that give him happiness.

Sonny’s musical talents and the way he expresses them enchant everyone in the audience. He becomes more excited by the way he draws them in. Sonny’s lyrics resonate with most people gathered in there and for a brief moment, he helps them forget about struggles they are facing in their lives (Baldwin).

Sonny’s performance makes the writer more conscious about his roots. The narrator and his brother had experienced a lot of suffering in their lives which affected the way they grew up. The narrator manages to reflect on the near hopeless situation which many people in the community face and finds solace in music played by his brother together with other band -mates. The experience at the club helps the narrator to discover his brother’s true personality and his outlook on life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This gives him a chance to reflect on his heritage positively, without thinking about the suffering which people living in surrounding areas have to endure every day. This experience makes him accept the difficult situations which he and his brother have gone through and gives him the courage to forge ahead. He says “And I was yet aware that this was only a moment, that the world waited outside, as hungry as a tiger, and that trouble stretched above us, longer than the sky” (Baldwin).

Narrator’s Epiphany Sentimental Value This self discovery by the narrator makes him understand his own background and issues faced by other people living where he grew up. Sonny has served a prison sentence which has made him suffer the pain of being incarcerated. He has difficulties in adjusting to life outside prison; a situation which is experienced by most former convicts.

The narrator becomes aware that his inconsiderate attitude towards the well-being of his brother failed Sonny and made him deviate into crime. He realizes that he cannot escape the reality that African Americans will continue being persecuted by the political system because of their race.

His brother did not get opportunities which would have empowered him to become a good citizen. Therefore, the narrator manages to overcome his fears and come to terms with the pain he has felt for most of his adult life. His perception of the African American society changes, because he gets to understand the root cause of their social problems (Baldwin).

Important Life Lessons The narrator leads a successful life as a teacher with his family, in a new residential area. This area is more comfortable and differs greatly from the unpleasant environment he was raised in. He gets to understand the importance of having compassion to other people who are not successful like him.

The narrator discovers the strong emotional connections he has with his brother, even though they do not share the same level of success. He learns that with the right determination, any person can get out of any hopeless situation. In the past, he thought it was wise to move away from where he was raised to a new area, which did not have a lot of suffering. This had made him reject his brother and heritage, so as to escape the pain he had lived with since childhood (Baldwin).

Flibbert describes the way the narrator has developed, “a mental and emotional state arising from recognition of limitation imposed-in the case of African-Americans-by racial barriers to opportunity” (69). This argument reveals how racially discriminative policies make it difficult for black people to live a better life.

We will write a custom Essay on “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, this consigns them to a life full of poverty, which makes Sonny and others like him to resort to crime and other undesirable activities. This assertion is true because issues which are raised in the story relate to what many African Americans endured before the Civil Rights movement era.

Conclusion Clark explains the use of imagery in the story to show different stages of life which the narrator and Sonny had to pass through while growing up He says, “The light and dark imagery is pervasive in “Sonny’s Blues” and that this imagery can be roughly equated with the respective conditions of childhood and adulthood” (Clark 202).

This shows that the narrator had not yet understood what made his brother and other people in the neighborhood to live in poverty. The narrator manages to overcome the rejection he had of his heritage, which had been influenced by unpleasant memories he had while growing up. He has to deal with the burden of protecting his brother from any harm because of the promise he made to his mother before she passed away.

Works Cited Baldwin, James. Sonny’s Blues. Scribd Digital Library, 2013. Web.

Clark, Michael. “ James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues: Childhood Light and Art.” CLA Journal 29.2 (1985): 197-205. Print.

Flibbert, Joseph. “Sonny’s Blues: Overview.” Reference Guide to Short Fiction. Ed. Noelle Watson. New York: St James Press, 1994. 69-80. Print.


The film industry Essay (Movie Review) college application essay help: college application essay help

The period before, during and after the Second World War was a time when people in different nations were not particularly familiar with the details of combat and politics in far away parts of the world. The film industry has helped familiarize people with what was really going on and films “Why We Fight” were one of many that showed American people the reality of war.

The violent battles of Europe were rather far from the western civilization and so, films were used to transfer the atmosphere of the battle to the citizens and soldiers. The visual depiction of battles was very effective, as stories and newspaper articles were not able to present the images and general conditions of the violent conflict.

The films were made a necessary attribute of soldiers who would be facing combat and the first-hand camera work documentaries added a great deal to the effect of movies. The messages and more particularly propaganda were another major part of the film industry.

It would depict a certain nation in a specific perspective that would send the message to the viewers. For example, the movie “Soy Cuba” showed the hardships that Cuban people had to suffer and the real affects of the Cold War.

It has been said that the United States were shown in a negative light but the overall message of the production was to depict the suffering of simple citizens who had no intentions to partake in any armed conflict. It also describes how morality and ethics become lowered during the intense conflict between nations and people lose their humanity.

A similar message is sent by the movie “Battle of Algiers”, as it shows how Algerians were fighting for their independence from French. The cruelty and human abuse that took place is shown in the most open and truthful way and the suffering of both Algerians and French, was illustrated in most vivid terms. It is interesting that the tactics that were used by the revolutionaries were not of open combat and were later shown to soldiers in order to demonstrate what to expect from guerilla tactics.

This serves as another reminder that during war, people will resort to any means necessary in order to save themselves in the fight for independence and freedom of their country or nation. A movie that represents yet another fight against the regime is “Battleship Potemkin”. The sailors of the ship refused to follow orders that were demeaning and inhumane. The unity of people against tyranny is portrayed through their selfless sacrifice and unification for the common goal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The movies of the pre and post war era have been known to show patriotic but also humane qualities that people exhibited in the face of fear and death. Many times, it has been proven that patriotism does not mean raising arms against fellow citizens or following orders and political interests that go separately from freedom and liberation from oppressors.

The movies have had a profound effect on people’s understanding of world affairs and the fight for what is right. Visual techniques, as well as character play have proved to be the display of people’s emotions and determination to serve justice and freedom. The idea and plot were so powerful that these movies are still viewed today and are considered masterpieces out of time.x


Understanding Globalization Essay online essay help

Table of Contents Diagnosing Industry Globalization Potential

Building Global Market Participation

Designing Global Products and Services

Locating Global Activities

Creating Global Marketing

Making Global Competitive Moves



Globalization can be defined as a means of advancing reliance by forming associations or integration within the people, companies, states or zones. These associations have impacted economic growth through progressiveexchange of commodities, services, skills, innovation, investments and populations (Beerkens, 2006).

Minimum barriers to trade and investment, reduced transport expenses and reduced costs of information technology are key elements that have contributed to an increase in globalization (Doole and Lowe, 2008). In order to experience economic growth firms should apply external business venturing strategies, develop their communication systems and improve organizational capacity. On the other hand organizations that are yet to adopt these strategies have not experienced as much financial gains (Levitt, 1983).

Economic trends within international market contribute towards development and formation of alliances and partnerships amongst companies. Such alliances require detailed agreement between partners and also provision of quality products and services capable of meeting competitive standards within target markets (Levitt, 1983).

Such trends drives company’s towards restructuring their strategies such as supply concepts and practices capable of addressing complex market demands. This makes integration across supply chains one of the main challenges facing general operations of companies within target markets. However, common customer needs across markets creates some level of uncertainty to firms since it decreases sales potential of a company’s product or services within such markets (Doole and Lowe, 2008).

The case study discusses ‘Indesit Company’ which is a home appliances based venture started in 1975 after firms such as Electrolux, Bosch-Siemens and Whirlpool had already established their market in such similar trade. However the company did a remarkable job to catch up with its competitors. The firm was able to enter the market successfully and expand throughout Western Europe.

Products and services should be dispatched to various market segments based on consumer needs. Success of any business venture within global market environment is determined by the level of satisfaction consumers are able to obtain from products supplied. Other ways of maximizing company’s customer base involves formation of partnerships and alliances which enables organizations to concentrate on their businesses as well as exploring new business avenues.

This company was formed at a time when it was manufacturing a range of domestic appliances and owned oversees locations in Western European Markets. However, Vittorio soon acknowledged that the business locality disfavored his idea of innovative managerial practices and adoption of technology. He had to rely on external concepts to grow his business. He had received advanced skills in work ethics from his father and also acquired the latest means of production from his suppliers and consultants.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The firm developed progressively while facing the challenges of internationalization. Surprisingly they even survived the prevailing strong competition within the industry and still achieved growth that earned them their current position in the market. However, the company would later be challenged to either progress its mission to be Europe’s largest home appliances firm or to join in the global trade.

They were also faced with the issue of analyzing the dilemma surrounding implementation of appropriate global business strategies, considering that some of their direct competitors already had a major global presence. The market risks within the global domain as described in this context could be posed by factors such as fluctuations in currency and political instability within some regions such as Middle East.

After various acquisitions, Indesit had established its presence in most of Europe with an exception of Germany and Turkey. There was also poor performance in the Scandinavian zone. Even while trying to consider the option of going Global and that of maintaining their European Base, management through leadership of Milani could not ignore the absence of Indesit from Germany.

The fact that there was no presence of Indesit in Germany was an advantage to its biggest competitor that enjoyed uninterrupted business in its domestic market. Whereas the biggest consumer of domestic appliances is United Kingdom, Germany had the largest population in Western Europe. The major challenge of Germany was that it was a super aggressive market that had the presence of well-established companies like Carrefour that catered for clients with a desire for German quality products.

The market situation in Germany was defined as “a black hole” by the strategy director of Indesit Company, Giuseppi Salvucci. This was because of the impenetrable state of the market for foreign firms. He also included the Scandinavian and Turkish market in this category as it had little or no presence of Indesit.

The best remedy for the German challenge would be to purchase a highly rated German brand. This is clearly evident from the market penetration strategy adopted by its competitor like Whirlpool. According to Beamish and Lupton (2009), companies stand a good chance of exploring other sales avenues, gaining expertise, acquiring new abilities and assets by practicing joint ventures. However it may prove difficult to administer the joint ventures owing to the ownership structure that may involve more than one institution.

This could be used as a scope for Indesit expansion in Germany and a probable solution for the Scandinavian market as well.In the case of Turkey, initially the market growth played to the advantage of Indesit’s rapid progression, however, the growth and market presence of the local leading brand Arcelik was of no match to fast moving Indesit, since Arcelik was domestic market leader in home appliances products within Turkish market.

We will write a custom Essay on Understanding Globalization specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In order to gain competitive strength in Turkey, Indesit would need tomake crucial marketing investments and probably the purchase of a domestic competitor with a reputable brand in order to connect with the local people (Doole and Lowe, 2008).

There was a strong need to indulge in some kind of cooperation. It was still the opinion of Indesit’s director that the transformations being experienced in the market called for adaptation of a global business consideration. The company would then start an examination of the Chinese and Indian market to diversify their consumer base and increase global presence. Indesit acquired a dishwasher plant in China that earned them first-hand information about the Chinese market (Doole and Lowe, 2008).

Diagnosing Industry Globalization Potential It is important for companies to organize their market channels and structures based on principles of globalization for success to be realized.

In such a case it is necessary for companies to consider consumer needs both in local and international markets and utilize appropriate and effective channels capable of satisfying such needs. Several paradigms influences operations of channel structures some of which include; system flow paradigm, views on product categorization, relationship paradigm and use of power (Rosenbloom and Larsen, 2008).

System flow paradigm represents processes and activities taking place within organizations in global markets. Such organizations and institutions operate under wholesalers, sales agents and retailers and form the necessary link channel between producers and consumers which is an important aspect within global marketing.

The success of marketing strategies such as brand positioning depends on level of coordination and management of available channels of distribution. However, introduction of new technologies such as internet have improved levels of operations making it possible for consumers to transact business direct with producers without involving any intermediaries.

Divergent view on product categories is also another factor which incorporates different perceptions accorded to particular goods by manufacturers and consumers. In this case, producers focus on efficiencies involved during production processes while consumers focus on the benefits that can be derived from using same products.

Relationship Paradigm refers to associations existing amongst those involved in global business transactions. In such partnerships there are various effects such as conflict of goals, objectives and opinions amongst the suppliers, retailers and consumers. Such conflicts create some difficulties in the normal operations within distribution channels (Rosenbloom, 2007).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Understanding Globalization by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the year 2007, Western Europe markets were experiencing plenty of growth and there was also an increase in the number of bulk traders, which refers to companies dealing with manufacture and distribution of products in large quantities. As a matter of fact some of the small franchises were transforming themselves in order to achieve an international status.

Firms like Wal-Mart and Carrefour had a presence in the United States, Europe respectively and also in Asia and all traded in appliances. The approach of the appliance franchises had an authoritative effect on the market and changed market trends. Clients encountered comparable packages that had relatively similar items or functions.

Sales persons were depended upon to guide the clients to the available goods that would deliver beneficial transaction to both the vendor and sales person. While this remained to be the case, there appeared to be a shift in the European market in 2007. The demolition of the Berlin wall which was a considerate economic barrier between the West and East Germany extended the German market scope from Lisbon to Moscow.

Having been the initial occupant of the said markets, Indesit had a first mover advantage thereby benefitting from its outstanding market stake. As a result of these expansions the management considered to effectively restructure its business practices to enable different roles by different groups or divisions.

One group was focused on the struggle between established contenders in Western Europe and the other was to advance aggressively to encounter the potentials of Russian and former Soviet Union Markets. The approach was later to tailor by Marco Milani to offer discrete services. This divisional approach helped them effectively focus on the competitive challenges of each region of operation and expansion.

Moreover, various strategies such as market research are implemented in the process of diagnosing industry globalization potential. The company modified its strategies for the purposes of providing separate organizations for Italy and United Kingdom. There is significant difference between mature and emerging markets depending on relative strength of various distribution channels such as wholesalers and retailers (Levitt, 1983).

However, developing markets presents opportunities for development of strong brands based on the nature of product and the distribution channels used. For instance, Europe presents one of the largest markets for industrial goods hence accounted for over thirty percent of total global market share.

The second largest market for industrial goods was Asia also with market share of over 30%, followed with United States at approximately 22% and other markets of the world in combination providing up-to over 13%. However, market for home appliances as produced by Indesit was identified to be highly competitive in China despite the market being dominated by domestic brands.

Building Global Market Participation There is necessity for companies to build their global marketing participation through integration of supply chain processes and creation of workable marketing strategies within each specified market environments. Such strategies require effective means through which costs of operations are reduced while improving customer service levels.

Indesit Company faced problems in increasing scale and internalization due to its expansive operations within highly volatile global business environment. However, application of standardized technology within dynamic supply chain planning processes could assist in building quality supply chain operations and ensuring efficiency across entire supply chain (Lovins et al., 1999).

At the same time implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, movement of information across organizations and the overall implication of standardization of business processes determine the extent to which Indesit could engage in supply chain integration. This is enabled through incorporation of automation and streamlining of various planning, scheduling and execution processes at wholesale and retailing levels within supply chain.

At the same time the industrial marketplace is reformed through intensive inter-firm communications across regions, this is made possible through Integrated Marketing Communication Mix (IMC). These assisted in creation of efficient international markets through trade links. Moreover, incorporation of enterprise information infrastructure and intensive use of social media led to application of variety of supply chain optimization technologies.

IMC comprises of business processes capable of providing companies with necessary assistance in the process of building and reinforcing their relationships through communication. Efficient communication between companies, customers and stakeholders involves various aspects extending beyond application of traditional marketing communication tools such as use of word of mouth.

This is the reason as to why multinational firms prefer the use of IMC within their business and marketing operations which enables them to reach targeted international market segments effectively within shortest time possible. IMC ensures that consumers receive up-dated and adequate information concerning company’s products and services within the market (Lindgreen and Finn, 2005).

Designing Global Products and Services Indesit Company started with designing Europe’s home appliances and at the same time focused in building modern, progressive enterprise through massive investment in modern technology. The company saw the need to tackle issues with products and services within Germany which included quality of products, improvement in sourcing and design efficiencies, re-balancing manufacturing locations and at the same time upgrading the company’s brand image.

Indesit Company identified home appliance industry as one of the key turning points within the second industrial revolution. These included manufacturing of products such as refrigerators, electric and gas stoves, washing machines which marked significant point in the economic development of the company.

Success of designed products and services within the market is fully dependent on process of naming and branding. Indesit Company made the process part of its regular activities done by marketing department within regions of operation. The naming of their products, services is aligned towards fulfilling some level of uniqueness including the market position of products.

Branding a Company using globally recognized name makes it easier for consumers to identify with the specific category of their products and services (Doole and Lowe, 2008). The company has also considered presenting products in a language that can easily identify with global market environment.

Indesit utilized the art of brand positioning for the purposes of solving marketing problems within Germany. This was done through acquisition of well-regarded German brand. Every region demanded unique product characteristics and delivery processes. However, Indesit brand became the core brand of the company and operated alongside four other brands such as Hotpoint, Scholtes, Stinol and Cannon.

Since the knowledge about the brand plays an important role, major marketing investments were required to increase brand awareness. Also acquisition of locally based strong brand could be utilized in order to penetrate emerging markets with such new products and services. Home appliances required meaningful names structured from incorporation of such elements as color, symbol, and logotype (Larson and Lush, 1992).

The success of Indesit’s brand can be attributed to the nature of brand language which comprises various communication elements. The strategy used by the company in branding their products and services within various European and Scandinavia regions involves verbal and visual components.

The company’s nature on brand evolution aims at being attractive to various consumer categories as well as multiple cultures. This ultimately represents the best means of breaking existing communication barriers within market environment (Larson and Lush, 1992).

Locating Global Activities The company kept on pushing forward and moving into other nations within former USSR. Most likely, its competitive advantage resulted into more profitable activities. According to Hopwood, Mellor and O’Brien (2005), the structure of industry associated with Indesit Company contributes towards the provision of innovative opportunities.

Due to favorable structural attributes within the global market where Indesit operates, the firm has the capability of capturing significant market share. Structural attributes of the company within market includes factors such as, ease of entry to the market and the level of bargaining power (Hopwood et al., 2005).

Resource-based view of the company considers the presence of many firms within the industry and therefore prefers dealing with diversified products having direct effect on the varying performance of the company. Therefore, firms that are operating based on high standards of marketing strategies benefits from such competitive advantages (Sharma and Vredenbrug, 1998). Market segmentation presents companies with the opportunity of satisfying specific consumer needs and desires.

Some organizations implement successful marketing strategies which enables them take advantage of globalization hence gaining competitive advantage. Such strategies should encompass appropriate allocation of company’s resources enabling profit maximization within international market. However, nature of entry into emerging markets applied by multinationals determines to a large extent its impact on consumers and level of market penetration.

Some markets are better penetrated through formation of joint ventures and alliances with domestic organizations. The situation could clearly be identified within Brazilian market where Electrolux and Bosch enjoyed larger percentage of the market. Such situations vary amongst countries. For instance, market for home appliances seems intensely concentrated within Latin America region, despite contributing significant amount of return on capital compared to other regions within global market.

Creating Global Marketing One of the most important aspects in global marketing is the development of global brands having same characteristics in all markets. Nature of global branding plays an important role in advancing company products since it contributes towards creation of company’s economies of scale and at the same time gives the company competitive global image. Large economies of scale at times prove profitable in the process of ascertaining and reducing operational costs within the marketplace (Alden et al, 1999).

Application of unique global brand assists in development of company’s image hence making it easier use of specific advertising strategy acceptable internationally. Such procedures enables the company to reduce overall operational costs. At the same time, global brands are known of their ability to deliver quality products hence are considered trustworthy. However, before a brand attracts consumers within the global market there should be strong local support from domestic market based on quality delivery.

However, research done on global advertisement revealed that success of an advertising campaign within domestic market may sometimes not necessarily deliver the same results within international market segments. Such results calls for extensive research on the level of effectiveness such advertising methods can deliver in some regions before company’s product and services are dispatched to such markets such differences are based on culture and beliefs.

The company requires intensive advertising and promotion of its brand known as “Indesit”. Other brands included are; Hotpoint, Scholtes, Stinol and Cannon. However, the company at some point decided to drop all other brands and focused in marketing them under a single brand i.e. Indesit. Such oorganizations as Indesit use different promotional techniques to move their products and services into the market for the purposes of gaining stability within the market.

The aim is to stimulate demand for a product and increase the sales volumes within the market (Magretta, 2002). Towards understanding the role promotions play in placing and positioning products in the market, Indesit Company attempts to analyse the impact of other companies on their product promotion techniques and the influence on market position of such products in the global market.

Such marketing research is influenced by the knowledge that companies ideally use competitive promotional techniques for the purposes of gaining competitive advantage in the global market (Doole and Lowe, 2008).

A typical example is where Indesit Company attempted to create awareness of its large pool of products through sponsorship activities and also partnering with companies that are already established within domestic target markets. Other strategy used involved investing a large portion of its profits in the past by sponsoring various activities.

Making Global Competitive Moves Indesit Company faced some radical changes in order to conform to the nature of competition within global market. Major causes of such competition included application of modern technology and tension within global markets. Such occurrences have made the company to adjust and modify various aspects within its mode of operations for the purposes of satisfying consumer demand. Indesit adjusted its operational costs in order to cater for final pricing of its commodities within the market.

Various market segments have different expectations some of which include; quality, affordable prices of commodities, nature of delivery, desire for customized services as well as flexibility amongst other factors (Rosenbloom and Larsen, 2008). Such considerations have ensured adequate changes within business strategies for the company.

Indesit Company has undergone tremendous changes aimed at strengthening its presence within the global market such as strengthening its brand image through use of one umbrella brand name.

Some of the changes aimed at increasing its competitive moves which included initiating and implementing appropriate communication mix and business models within various emerging markets. Such model incorporates different reporting structures enabling substituent companies and regions to communicate efficiently with company headquarters.

Application of such business strategy enables the company to specialize in supplying various forms of home appliances and at the same time making use of decentralization of their activities (Doole and Lowe, 2008). This has well been utilized through formation of alliances and Joint Ventures with other companies (Beamish and Lupton, 2009). Moreover, the marketing strategies applied by the company have ensured efficient delivery of products to consumers.

Conclusion Various challenges within the market made Indesit Company to significantly consider prices of products and services. This is since related products from other competitors were on the rise. This had a direct impact on the companies’ profit margins. However, most of the senior managers are recorded as continually tackling supply chain issues based on operational matters rather than strategic.

Product and service supplies are recorded as having increased operational costs experienced across board. Pressure exerted on the company products justifies their demand from consumers. This represents some level of wake-up call for the entire business based on increased costs incurred at the backbone of the business. Integration of all elements within supply chain is identified as most critical for the purposes of enabling sustainability as well as organic growth for the entire business.

References Beamish, P


Argument paper on Milton’s Paradise lost Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Synoptic background

The concept of free will


Introduction In the poem, Milton talks about the story of Adam and Eve and how they lost their place in paradise. He expands the story of creation by including more details and events that led to the creation and fall of man. He also presents a narrative of the activities that happened in the Garden of Eden. The theme of free will is deeply embedded in Milton’s Paradise Lost. It comes out clearly as he tries to explain the way of God towards human beings.

Milton argues that the reason for creation of man was to allow man to assume the previous position held by Satan and his angels. This was primarily the reason for making man after the fall of Satan. Man was given the free will to choose what he wants. However, God still had full knowledge of what man was going to do if he uses the free will. This implies that God knew from the beginning that man would disobey the commandments given to him. As a result, it begs the questions as whether there was free will given in the first place.

If man was truly given free will, God’s knowledge of how the world would eventually turn out raises so many questions. At the same time, man’s inability to make decisions beyond his human and physical nature further creates concerns as to the amount of freedom he has in making his decisions. This paper seeks to explore and develop an argument based on the theme of free will in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Synoptic background According to Milton, the war in heaven led to the defeat of Satan and later dismissal from heaven. He then built a pandemonium in hell where he held meetings with his followers. These meetings were aimed at planning a revenge mission after losing the war in heaven.

In the meetings, it was decided that the mission shall aim at attacking God’s prophesied new creation, mankind. God, being omnipotent and all knowing, foretells the fall of man. When Satan got his way into the Garden of Eden, he became extremely jealous of them. He knew that the favor mankind was experiencing was supposed to be upon him.

But, since he had rebelled against God, his destiny was destruction. Attacking God’s newly favored creation, he thought, was the best way to hit back at God. From this background, one is able to deduce that God knew how everything would transpire even before he created mankind. He was aware of the meeting Satan had with his followers in pandemonium. He knew their agendas and foretold of the fall of man.

The concept of free will The concept of free will refers to the ability of individuals to make choices without the influence of external forces. The forces that impede someone from making free decisions can be physical, spiritual, mental, social, and metaphysical in nature. However, in the context of the poem, such forces are either metaphysical or spiritual.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, if human beings were given the free will, according to Milton, it implies that they should be able to make choices without being constrained by God. This ability is evident in the poem. God makes Adam and Eve then gives the ability to make their decisions. He gives them a commandment and expects them to obey. Even though God knows what Adam and Eve are able to do with their free will, He still expects them to obey the commandment that required them not to eat fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

When the devil came to tempt Adam and Eve, God knew that they would fall to the temptations because they had the free will to make their decisions. He knew that they were eager to gain knowledge and to have an experience beyond what they are. God did not influence or interfere with their decisions to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. According to Milton, God expected man to obey voluntarily. This is what Milton means by Adam and Eve having free will.

The angels in heaven are also part of God’s creation. These angels including Lucifer were also given the free will. They were expected to obey God voluntarily and not out of coercion or influence from God. Lucifer and his cohorts chose not to obey but there is evidence of voluntary obedience in the other angels.

One such angel is Abdel who declines being part of the team that disobeys God. As Satan tries to convince him to join his side, Abdel counters his argument and tells that the laws God makes are to establish a union with him. By disobeying God, the union is broken and the consequence is separation and death. Abdel is used in the story to demonstrate the true meaning of freedom.

Being separated from God, as a result of disobedience, seems democratic and in pursuit of freedom. However, in essence there is no freedom in breaking the union God has established with his creatures. This made mankind to have the tendency of both God and Satan. On one hand, man could be good and act for the benefit of all while on the other hand man could be extremely evil and create a lot of disaster and chaos in his surrounding environment.

In their first state, Adam and Eve were good people. However, after the fall, every aspect of mankind was affected. The mind became unable to comprehend the things of the spirit, the hearts developed deceptive emotions, and the free will became bound. Humans are natural beings.

Even though sometimes they feel like acting beyond their nature, they are bound not to. Adam and even could not act beyond what is natural despite having the desire. The aspect of free will was only truly free when they had not sinned. They would interact with God, according to Milton.

We will write a custom Essay on Argument paper on Milton’s Paradise lost specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More God appeared to them in a form that they would see. They would communicate to God through a normal conversation. This meant that they would be able to get immediate feedback when they spoke to God and vice versa. It was through free will that both of them were able to decide to try something that was not part of them. As Milton describes, both Adam and Eve were very inquisitive and desired to gain knowledge.

This aspect was not part of them prior the fall. They were only to gain knowledge if they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. At that point they had the free will to choose something that was beyond their nature. However, after the fall, they became bound. Their free will became limited only to their human physical nature. They were only able to make free choices that revolve around their nature.

If humans were to really enjoy the concept of free will, they would wish to transform into various things they find interesting. They would wish to operate in the spiritual realm or control forces of nature. But, since their free will is now bound, they can only create things with their imaginations but within the limits of nature. Another concern that is raised from the poem is why God would make such a lousy security system.

In other words, why would God wish to make man to replace the position previously held by the devil and yet allow for the fall of man by giving man free will? The point is that if God wanted mankind to take that position, then man should not have been given the ability to make choices out of their own will. This is because the same rebellion and disobedience God got from Satan would follow through mankind.

Conclusion From the poem, it can be deduced that God, through his mercies, still expects humans to obey him voluntarily despite the fact that Adam and Eve fell. God presented before them life and death.

Even with the fall of man, God still had intentions to rescue man from the consequences of disobedience. He planned a remedy for the fall of man but still left man with the free will to accept the remedy or continue living in disobedience. Man still has the freedom to eat from the tree of life which reestablishes the union man once had with God.


Mood change and impact on eating habits Research Paper essay help free

Abstract Aim/objectives

To know the relationship between food consumption and mood changes and the effects it has on body weight.

Research Methodology

The research was carried out in United Arabs Emirates (UAE). The sample was UAE females who indulge in unhealthy foods depending on their moods which results in weight gain. The sample size was a hundred females. The data were collected using structured questionnaires that were distributed amongst the women who responded to and returned them.


The results of the research were that most people engage in food when they are in a foul mood. The reason for this kind of behavior is to help ease stress. Once they have eaten a lot of food and they are so full, they forget that they were stressed or sad. Food in such a case acts as a temporary stress reliever. These are mostly carbohydrates. Carbohydrates also provide the body with energy and make one feel relaxed. These foods in turn lead to weight gain.


The results of the research indicate that most women gain weight due to eating foods in times of stress. Suggestions are that exercise is important to maintain healthy lifestyles. Reasons why people crave certain foods could be because of anger or frustrations, boredom or excitement. Emotional hunger feels urgent and therefore one is forced to eat junk and fast foods which are unhealthy. People also crave for food when they have missed a meal and they feel low on energy or hungry.

Introduction Certain foods which may include sugary snacks and whole grain foods have effects on the brain. Moreover, they play a role in regulating the moods. This is because carbohydrates help the body to relax. According to Chitale (2008), the most effective way to stabilise mood is to eat a balanced diet. This should include proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, coupled with a lot of exercise.

While people may tend to eat more of unhealthy food when they are either happy or sad, they tend to eat more when they are sad. Happy people want to maintain their mood for a short period and therefore they consider the long-term effects. They look at the nutritional information of the food they are eating in order to achieve their goal. When one is stressed, they look at the fastest solutions which prompts them to engage in fasts foods whose salt and fats contents are very high better (Burns


Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay scholarship essay help

Summary In her essay ‘Mother Tongue’, Amy Tan tries to use her personal experience to describe the importance of language in a society. In this analysis, the author compares perfect English language with ‘broken language’.

Using English as an example, the author attempts to explain how language is important in communications. She says “…language is an essential key in enabling people to understand the definition of their identities”. In addition, the author says that she realized that language allows or authorizes individuals to participate effectively as members of a society.

It is worth noting that Amy Tan is fond of language. For instance, she says that she has written a number of books in English and Chinese. However, she admits that she has never been eloquent or rhetoric when her mother is present. This is the main argument the author has put forward by demonstrating the importance of language in her life. In addition, she argues that communication is difficult without a good language.

In actual sense, this essay is chiefly an analysis of personal views and perceptions of language. The author attempts to describe how language should be used and how people tend to use it in their day-to-day communication. She compares “standard English language” and “broken English language”. To develop her argument, the author has set the essay in the form of a memoir. For instance, she compares her oral use of language with her written language.

Tan informs her readers that the presence of her mother in one of her lecturers made her notice some differences between her oral and written language.

At this point in life, the author realized that she was not using the same language she had been using when communicating with her mother. Instead, she realized that she has been using “broken English” when communicating with her. Therefore, she started reflecting on her childhood and the role that the mother played in helping her shape her language and communication.

Reflection From this essay, one notices the manner in which Tan attempts to present her argument. It is evident that Tan is attempting to demonstrate how learning English has an impact in her and her life. The author analyzes her childhood experience. From her analysis, it is evident that circumstances frequently forced her to translate Chinese into English when communicating with other people at school or in her neighbourhood.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She attempts to argue that it is due to her difficulties in communicating in the two languages that drove her to become a writer. It is also clear that her life as a child was difficult because she was supposed to use Chinese at home, but change to English when at school or when with her peers. Her main ideas are good examples of the real life experience in American communities, especially where language barriers are evident.

Her use of personal experience is an important literal technique because it provides some sense of evidence and reality (Tan 1). In fact, the supporting content, which is particularly drawn from her life as a Chinese child growing up and relating with English children and teachers, provides some evidence that her narrative is convincing.

In addition, it is also effective in presenting her ideas. For instance, she says, “I am not an English scholar. I cannot give you anything beyond my personal points of view…” (Tan 1). This statement makes the opening sentence in the essay.

It seems to make the readers realize that the author will present her personal observations and experience. As such, the reader develops some interest in what the author has experienced in her life and what such experience could affect them. Secondly, Tan has presented her ideas that are based on common issues that everyone experiences or observes in nature, especially where immigrants are trying to fit into a new social environment defined by language barriers.

I tend to agree with Amy Tan for a number of reasons. First, I have seen people going through the same processes when trying to fit into new communities. Their children normally face the pressure of learning and using two languages- the “mother tongue” and the language used in the new society (Tan 3). This issue is good but challenging. It provides children with an ability to learn and apply two or more languages at a time.

In fact, it is worth noting that Amy Tan is presenting her ideas at a time when the issue of cultural diversity is common in the United States. America is a home to a large number of immigrants from all over the world. Therefore, the U.S. has become a culturally diverse society due to the presence of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

In fact, the issue of Standard English versus “Broken English” is a contemporary issue, especially in schools, public places and neighbourhoods. Although people must communicate, language barrier is always a problem in most cases. Therefore, the argument by the author contributes to the issue of language barrier, which is a current topic of debate in America.

We will write a custom Essay on Mother Tongue by Amy Tan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Tan, Amy. Mother tongue. PDF file. Web.


Political Leadership in Africa (Do or Die Affair) Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The do or die affair movie discusses political leadership in Africa. The setting is in Nigeria where the general election is about to take place. The current president is proposing the vice president as the most suited candidate for presidency. Moreover, one of the governors of the states in the country is expressing his interest to run for presidency.

The movie starts with the president outside the state house talking with one of the zonal leaders. This leader comes from an area with a high population density that can favor his chances of winning the presidency. The zonal leader pledges his loyalty to president by promising to support his preferred candidate, the vice president.

The zonal leader is a polygamist who has married three wives. The youngest of the three wives works in the president’s office as the president’s personal assistant in foreign affairs. This leader is a rich man and the other wives are involved in business.

The governor expressing desire to run for presidency appears for the first time and is seen talking to his mother about his worries with regard to stiff competition in the presidential race. The mother is very encouraging and in the end, the governor is reassured of his chances of winning the presidency. However, he faces a tough opponent in the vice president.

From the definition of leadership, the governor seems to be the ideal candidate for the presidency. There is talk on how the state developed during his stint as a governor. The governor is also seen talking to elders asking for their support. Most of the elders support his bid. Nevertheless, all is not well in the house of the governor. Rivalry between the governor’s three wives comes out very clearly when the second wife is openly jealous of the third wife.

The second wife devices a conspiracy to ruin the relationship between her husband and the third wife. To achieve this, she basis her claims on the third wife’s job and the numerous trips she makes with the president as his personal assistant to assert that the wife has an affair with the president. The husband is enraged after discovering that the third wife has an illicit affair with the president. The shortcoming of polygamous marriages is evident.

The governor comes out as a humorous, religious, and family minded person during a press conference. At the press conference, the governor intent is to inform the public of his aspirations to run for president in the next general elections. Moreover, the press conference helps reveal the role of the governor’s mother the son’s campaign and the entire political career. Both the governor and the vice president belong to the same political party.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is a dilemma, which the vice president plans to solve by meeting the party leaders and securing their support for his candidature. The meeting with the party leaders takes place in the vice president’s office. The party leaders decline to give the vice president express nomination and insist that the presidential candidate for the party is only to be selected by the delegates conference to be held later.

The vice president is infuriated by a decision taken by the party leaders and this reveals how most leaders want their decision to be followed without opposition. The vice presidents express his discontent with the stand of the party leaders and accuse them of supporting his opponent, the governor.

When the attempt to remove the governor from the presidential election through the party nominations fails, the vice president decides to limit the governor’s chances. He uses the power vested in him to sabotage the businesses of the governor specifically the governors airline. Through the ministry of transport, the airline is banned on grounds that the airplanes are under poor maintenance and they do not meet the standards stipulated by the government. This shows that political opponents can destroy political ambitions of each other.

The governor takes the case to the president who remains adamant unless he drops his ambition to run for president. The president is arrogant towards the governor. The president employs blackmail to ensure the governor does not run for the presidency, but he is determined to go all the way, notwithstanding that the political tide is against him.

The vice president seeks the service of a young ambitious journalist to release discriminatory information about his opponents. The journalist declines to take up the job at first but accepts when she is offered a bribery. The governor also meets the journalist as a result of an article she has written on the newspaper that supports the governor’s candidature for the presidency.

The governor and the journalist meet at the governor’s office. The intention of the journalist, though not clear to the governor, is to steal information from the governor’s camp and sell it to the vice president’s side. The governor is attracted to the journalist and proposes to her that she be his mistress citing his willingness to spoil her.

The wife of the governor, worried that the husband’s ambition is ruining the family, talks to her husband requesting him to quit his ambition of becoming president. The mother of the governor walks into the room.

We will write a custom Essay on Political Leadership in Africa (Do or Die Affair) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She is so annoyed by the wife’s request, and alleges that she has been paid to discourage her husband from running for office. The governor is worried about his financial situation and at some point contemplates quitting the race. His mother however, encourages him suggesting that he invest in a different country where the opponents cannot influence his business.

The zonal leader is convinced that his wife is having an affair with the president. When the wife returns, she asks her to resign from the job. The relationship between the president and the zone leader is ruined. The zone leader switches his support to the governor’s camp, a move that costs him his life.

The journalist acquires information about offshore accounts that the governor has. She avails the information to the vice president who, together with the president focus on ruining the reputation of the governor. They plan to charge him in court for corruption. The governor however with the help of his new friend, the zonal leader, wins the case in court.

The vice president through his friend Igwe, hires a witch doctor to kill the governor while at his home. The witch doctor goes to the governor’s home and kills the guard. Before he can get into the house, the witch doctor encounters the mother of the governor who also seems to posses magical powers.

After a brief showdown, the witch doctor is arrested and the plot to kill the governor thwarted. The retired military personnel feel that one of them should be the one to hold the highest office in the land. They attribute this decision to the numerous many sacrifices they have made for the country while the politicians take all the credit. The plan they have in mind is for them to rule for the next 30 years.

The military personnel meet with the president to inform him of their view and ask for his support. The president promises to consider the matter and provide his answer at a later date. While the president meets the retired military personnel, he misses a meeting with the vice president where he was to endorse his candidature. This reveals that politicians are sometimes untrustworthy.

Conclusion The movie presents three main candidates each with their own traits. Of all the candidates, the governor is the most suited and the best example that African leaders should strive to emulate. The governor has a track record of development in his state. He consults with the people he led as seen when he meets the elders to inform them of his aspirations and ask for their guidance.

The governor unlike the other leaders does not engage in abuse of office to ensure that personal goals are attained. The other leaders, especially the vice president are seen to use wealth and position in the government to ensure that the governor does not run for presidency. This is achieved by ruining his businesses, using witchcraft, and killing the zonal leader via the vice president’s security guards.

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To Push or Not To Push Compare and Contrast Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction From the moment a precious baby is born, parents focus on how they can make him or her happy, successful, smart and healthy. Everyone has his own views and understanding of happiness and success. However, society plays a big role in shaping standards of ideal living.

The essay will focus on analyzing different perceptions presented by scholars concerning ideal parenting. Success and happiness of a child are important to parents. A valid conclusion, on how parenting should ensure true happiness and success for their children will be drawn. Children should have dreams and high goals, but should be guided to connect them with real life.

According to Chua, happiness can only be achieved through hard work and success. On the other hand, Twenge claims that hard work and success should be stimulated by happiness. Kolbert describes issue of parenting as being sensitive. She targets all young parents in America and highlights outcomes of parenting.

According to Kolbert, parents give their children unanimous authority that will only lead to a less powerful generation. She highlights that children are now more powerful than their parents, since they are worshipped and pampered. Different authors give their ideas about today’s western real world standards and how to teach children to survive. Despite the style of parenting adopted, the aim is to ensure that children are happy and successful in their entire life.

The importance of having dreams and achieving them is positively correlated to success. Inspiring children to have goals and to work on attaining them is the hardest task in parenting. Chua makes it a little bit easier for herself, since she decides on what is good for her daughters to do. Her children play violin and piano very successfully.

She makes them practice three, four or five hours a day to ensure that they play to the best of their abilities and beyond. In this process, her daughters learn to love their instruments and music. She is a competitive woman and encourages her daughters to participate in all competitions and win every title.

When they want to have a break, she reminds them that their competitors will get ahead of them while they are on holiday. Her daughter Lulu, who is a very talented violinist, acknowledges that she loves violin but it is not the only thing that she wants to do in her life. Chua is dedicated and knows how to make children work hard and succeed in achieving dreams. However, dreams achieved by children are those of Chua.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, Twenge states that American children today have so much choice and freedom, that they end up having very high and unrealistic expectations. Children are told that they can achieve everything, without being taught how to work hard and realize their dreams.

For example, a person wants to become a movie director, even before knowing how to act (Twenge 83). When young people realize that some of their goals are unrealistic, they become unhappy and depressed. Big dreamers want everything now and end up preparing themselves for failure and unhappiness.

Naturally children dream big, since they are encouraged by benefits associated with goal achievement. According to Twenge, children should be encouraged to indulge in big dreams and activities. They should be praised for good things and punished for bad deeds. As children grow, they learn to face reality and align their abilities with goals set (Twenge 102). In order to succeed, children need to possess required tools and not just feeling of being special.

Chua compares western parenting with rearing a dog. According to Chua, parenting requires patience, love and possibly an initial investment in training. She says that her dogs cannot do anything, simply because she does not attempt to shape their future. Chua does not give many instructions to them, since she trusts that they can make their own decisions. Despite the fact that she likes her dogs, she cannot raise her daughters in the same way.

Chua states that, parents need to realize that they should guide their children in choosing right goal and help them realize it. Parents should work closely with their children and ask them to do the best. Despite the fact that Lulu did not become a musician, she applied skills learnt in her violin classes to play tennis. Lulu’s instructor says that she is morally upright and improves drastically on her performance.

The instructor recommends Lulu’s parents for her great performance (Chua 220). It should be noted that, Chua does not believe in agreement between parents and children. As a mater fact, she does not mind whether her children are happy or not but emphasizes on hard work. According to her, realistic goals must be achieved.

Birth of a child marks beginning of human life and not end of mother’s pain. Parents assume responsibility of shaping life of their baby. There are those parents who choose to love their child unconditionally and celebrate every little achievement and milestone attained. They let him or her choose what to do in life, as long as it brings happiness. However, there are those who decide to make the child reach parent’s own dreams and goals without considering his or her personality.

We will write a custom Essay on To Push or Not To Push specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It depends on culture and worldview of the parents. I believe that, parents need to realize that until a person is twenty one years old he cannot make proper life decisions. Good parental care entails knowing how to guide a child through important years of life, recognize abilities, make realistic goals together and stand strong to achieve them. Children need to be pushed gently, just like when they are pushed out of their mother’s body to live real life.

Kolbert targets those parents in the upper middle class who, associate fashionable style of parenting with maximum amount of things given to children. According to Many parents, good parenting is ensuring that anything a child wants is made available. Kolbert is moved by variance between behaviors of two kids, one from Los Angeles and the other from Peruvian Amazon. The kid from Los Angeles had his parents intervening and doing things for him whenever he demanded.

In the case of Peruvian Amazon kid, she helped her parents and was involved in difficult tasks like boiling crustaceans. Anthropological analysis of the article, confirms that American kids are less likely to perform even simpler tasks like tying their shoe laces and are therefore spoilt. However, concern is on kind of generation that is likely to be brought up with all authority being centered in a child, rather than being devolved by a parent (Kolbert 1).

Further, Kolbert warns parents against danger of giving in to all whims of their children. Most parents think that doing all things for their children shows, them that they are appreciated and loved. According to Kolbert, long term goals should not be over shadowed by short term ones. Parents should bring up a responsible generation, which will be able to do things independently.

In this regard, helping bit of children should not be erased completely but at least they should be made to take part in activities. Ill parenting is further brought forth by the fact that, American kids are not able to do things which children from other places do (Kolbert 2). Parenting is merely raising a child to be a responsible adult and not a dependent one.

Innovation and creativity needs to be boosted among kids, if sustainability is desired in the next generation. When parents do simple tasks for their kids, the child will not be willing to take part in more complicated tasks like boiling crustaceans. As a result, there will be inhibition of brain and cognitive development that could lead to retardation associated with poor decision making.

According to Kolbert, we need to consider the fact that soon we will not be together with our children especially when they are required to make best decisions. According to her, parents are not raising their children in the best way, as they are actually helping destroy their future gradually and smoothly (Kolbert 2).

Economic prosperity should not lead to ill parenting, but rather promote good nurturing. Despite the fact that parents have enough money to buy whatever their children want, extravagance should be discouraged. She talks of giving unlimited authority and all things that a child demands, as spoiling them. Parents need to show their children that not all things are easily accessible.

Not sure if you can write a paper on To Push or Not To Push by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Children think that all things are available and behave badly any time they are not given what they want. She further compares behavior of a spoilt American kid with that of a Peruvian Amazon, who would not even recognize essence of all expensive playing stuff. According to Kolbert, availability of money should mean good parenting and not doom to the future of America. She also talks of imbalanced cognitive development that is inflicted on children by parents unknowingly.

Parents should be the ones with authority and not the children, as evidenced by demands made by a boy who orders his dad to tie his shoe laces. After the dad refused to tie the shoe laces, the child was disappointed but tied his shoelaces. Focus should be on ensuring that kids can do things for themselves as much as possible (Kolbert, 3). Parenting should instill responsibility in kids and not merely focusing on spoiling them with anything they dream of.

There are two main forms of training that contribute to overall growth and development, thereby dictating the kind of a person one will become in the long run (Kohn 66). The first methodology talks of set of rules and regulations that one must follow with no compromise. Set regulations are important in unifying common norms and practices exemplary in school set up (Kohn 77).

Kohn acknowledges this methodology and states that children should be governed and made to accept the already made norms, so as to ensure responsible beings in future. According to scholars, this is a method of reforming or enhancing moral development by exercising total discipline. Regulations are primal in ensuring that there is law and order, whereby a child who hits another is punished accordingly to discourage any similar attempt. Punishment could also be interpreted as an act of justice to the offended.

However, some scholars postulate that this form of mechanism aims at authoritative restriction from undesired activities, which is likely to limit general growth of children in terms of innovation and adventure. Application of this form of restriction is based on belief that, continued suppression of certain behavior is likely to eradicate it completely. In this regard, a well disciplined child is likely to be a very responsible human being even in future. On the contrary, a spoilt child is likely to be very irresponsible.

Despite the fact that this methodology has received significant acknowledgement, there are also critics. There are scholars who argue that such suppression of ill behavior could possess adverse impacts. As a matter of fact, some psychologists argue that suppression of behavior does not necessarily mean complete eradication but rather postponement to a later resurface (Kohn 48).

In this regard, if you discourage certain behavior in a child, he may end up doing it in future. For example, adolescents who have very strict parents misbehave when they are left alone. In this regard, restriction should only be applied to a certain degree so as to encourage innovation.

The other method that Kohn talks of challenges authoritative restriction. Moral building cannot be achieved by punishment or reward, but rather by helping children realize why it is not right to do wrong things (Kohn 96). He goes further to give an example of a child doing right things, due to fear of consequences but not because he has good morals.

For example, a child is likely to behave well around his parents because he will be punished upon misbehavior, but not because it is right to do so. According to Kohn, such kind of training will only give fake results and likely to produce an irresponsible being in future.

Conclusion Parenting is one issue that should not be taken lightly by all parents. Parenting information is obvious to almost all of them, but is ignored to a great extent. Parents need to understand that income availability does not mean extravagance and giving unnecessary authority to kids. Responsibility is a virtue that can be nurtured or destroyed by parenting style. Spoiling kids with gifts not only communicate unlimited love, but also nurture extravagance trait in them.

Children need a room to expand and become innovative, so as to be able to run things independently in future. Kids therefore should be made to work independently and punished or rewarded, so as ensure that they are accountable and productive in future. Authoritative restriction might lead to future irresponsibility. A child could be obedient, simply because he dreads his parent’s reactions if he misbehaves.

Less strict parents are more likely get true picture of their children, since they do not necessarily have to feign anything. They act in accordance to their will and character, as opposed to those of authoritative parents. Parents should explain to their children, why things are done in a particular way. When children understand why they should work hard they are likely to put more effort, as opposed to when they associate their dreams with fulfillment of their parent’s wish.

Works Cited Chua, Amy. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, New York: Penguin Group. 2011. Print.

Kohn, Arnold. Punished by rewards: the trouble with gold stars, incentive plans, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Press. 1993. Print.

Kolbert, Elizabeth. “Spoiled Rotten: Why do kids rule the roost?” The New Yorker magazine. 12 June. 2012: 1-8. Print.

Twenge, Jean. Generation me: Why today’s young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled and more miserable than ever before, New York: Simon


Diagnosis and Reasons of the Bulimia Nervosa Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Introduction Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder common among young women and adolescent girls. According to the medical encyclopedia, binge and purge eating portray bulimia. It involves regular overeating and a sudden feeling of loss of control. This results in induced vomiting as well as the abuse of laxatives to stimulate weight loss. The American psychological association (APA) uses a precise manual for psychiatric disorders to classify this condition. The manual is also the diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders (DSMV).

The DSM-IV criteria for binge eating comprise frequent episodes of binge eating, which is eating more food than an average person does in a similar time. In addition, the disorder entails a feeling of lack of control of one’s eating habits. It also includes compensatory activities such as purging, exercising or food abstinence to prevent weight gain from the overeating. For one to be certified as having bulimia, the related behaviors have to happen two times a week for at least three months.

Further categorization of bulimia nervosa is the exclusion of anorexia nervosa. Vomiting that occurs in bulimia nervosa is usually self- stimulated; “there is laxative, enema and diuretic abuse” (Polivy


Barrack Obama and Race in Politics and Culture Research Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction The United States is considered the most developed and sophisticated nation in the world due to its democratic institutions, culture and processes. However, very few people will recall the black days and events that engulfed this nation before and after the First World War.

Today, Barrack Obama is the president of this most powerful nation in the world and continues to face racial criticism despite efforts to integrate all races and adopt a non partisan approach in managing national issues (Remnick 7). This research paper explores the issue of president barrack Obama and race in politics and culture.

Background America has evolved from a racist nation and is slowly embracing other cultures in its national issues. The most evident illustration of racism was when it used to allocate national positions to whites while discriminating against other racial groups. It is clearly illustrated in how blacks and red Indians used to be treated unfairly not only in national issues but also those that involved intercultural relations (Harris 71).

Very few Americans allowed their family members to interact with black and this was the epitome of racism. However, American presidents like Kennedy and Lincoln tried their best to integrate all communities to participate in national issues but this was not possible. This country had architects of racism who ensured non whites were never given opportunities to use facilities meant for the elites.

Slavery was also another illustration of how Africans were treated by the whites who during that time thought that the African population was inferior and used them as cheap labor. This trade led to the migration of blacks from Africa to America and later they found their ways into suburbs.

It was impossible to travel back to Africa since they did not have enough money for air ticket. Secondly, it was impossible for them to board a train. This group became so agitated by the discrimination practiced by the whites. This was evident in schools, churches, public transport, churches, recreation facilities and employment (Feagin 109).

The industrial revolution witnessed in America before the beginning of the First World War was an indicator that things were going to turn from bad to worse as the demand for equality and justice continued to gain momentum. Workers unions became very powerful instruments for demanding these rights and they led their members to demo0snbtrate to demand their rights and freedoms. It is important top explain that these demonstrations turned ugly when they took a racial turn.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Africans and Asians were on the streets demanding the immediate inclusion of their demands in national issues while the whites were also protesting and demanding that their country should be respected. It is important to understand d that this war turned from being a demonstration of workers to racial conformations where many blacks and whites were killed on the streets. In addition, the existing government used police brutality to silence hundreds of youths who were spearheading these demonstrations.

Leaders of political p0arties affiliated to the black population and workers unions were detained for months following the chaos witnessed during these demonstrations. Capitalism was a principle adopted by the whites to oppress the poor in the society. This enabled the perpetrator5s to control the instruments of power that enabled them to amass huge wealth in terms of land, labor and money (Harris 41).

The ideology continued to spread to other nations but was stopped by communism that was gaining ground in the Soviet Union. The first and second world wars were culminations of the pent up pressure among the whites and non whites. Even though, this war left many nations with serious injuries and losses they were necessary to create conditions for different nations and races to negotiate and discuss various issues that affected their members.

Critics have claimed that these wars gave America opportunity to exercise justice and equality to its citizens and immigrants. Therefore, it was a necessary evil that could not have been avoided (Barrack 54). The end of these wars signified a new dawn for American democracy and paved way for peaceful demonstrations and negotiations between whites and non whites. However, politics became good ways of advancing racial interests as is evident in the legislations that barred non whites from engaging in active politics or holding public offices.

The Obama presidency has been praised for respecting the rule of justice and equality by ensuring all Americans irrespective of their races are able to access these rights without restrictions. However, this has not been the case due to a number of factors. First, the American population that constitutes a large population of the whites is very conservative.

Even though, Obama continues to urge them to adopt racial integration his efforts are more of public shows that commitments to fight racism. There is no doubt that there are many issues usually swept under the carpet when it comes to American politics. Race is a significant factor that guides voting among the American population.

The main issue of concern here is that even though many non whites are vying for elective seats very few of them manage to win these positions and this is an indication that the American population is still clinging to the old tradition of preferring whites to blacks when it comes to nation al and leadership issues.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Barrack Obama and Race in Politics and Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Research Objectives The objective of this paper is to identify and illustrate the following issues that play key roles in determining the future of politics in America. First, the American population is perceived to have adopted a non racist culture basing on the fact that it voted for president Obama in the last two general elections.

Seco0ndly, this paper examines the impacts of a black American president on the institutions and culture of the United States. Lastly, this paper will outline the recommendations for ensuring that the American government, politics and culture adopts a non racist approach in its social, economic and political affairs.

Research Questions This paper will answer the following questions that will help the audience to examine the role of racism in politics and cultural practices. The following questions will guide this paper in examining these issues.

What is the role of racism in American politics?

What aspects promote racism in American politics and culture?

What role has president Obama played in promoting and eliminating racism?

What are the effects of racism in politics and culture?

What steps should the American government take to avert racism?

Literature Review The Substance of Hope, Barrack Obama and the Paradox of Progress by William Jellani Cobb

William Jellani Cobb criticizes the Obama presidency for openly advocating for racial progress that would allow all races to play active roles in American politics. He focuses his discussion on Obama’s punch line “hope” that marked all his pre-election speeches. The writer argues that Obama used this word to create false optimism and cheated the American population and the world that he was the messiah for them.

This word became a song to all non whites and motivated them to show up in large numbers during voting. Private organizations and well wishers from the non white populations became very loyal and philanthropic to Obama’s campaign to ensure they transform the politics of this country.

However, their efforts are yet to bear fruits since Obama’s presidency has almost every thing in common with the Bush regime. This author is convinced that the Obama presidency has a good opportunity to transform the politics of the United States but has failed to do so. He argues that most non whites that are elected into office are those located in areas that have a huge black population. This means that racism continues to thrive in American culture and is evident i9n political activities.

The Health Care Reform and American Politics, What Everyone Needs to Know By Lawrence Jacobs

Jacobs Lawrence argues that Obama has helped the American government in dealing with racial challenges. However, the challenges he is experiences are to blame for his slow response to racial; issues. This author argues that most non whites face serious health challenges that expose them to diseases and poor services from private healthcare institutions. However, president Obama is trying very hard to make sure that all poor Americans access quality healthcare services through reforming all bills related to healthcare.

In addition, this author claims that most non whites are mistreated at their places of work by being underpaid and subjected to poor working conditions. Therefore, president Obama is ensuring that the senate adopts the recommendations to amend all bills regarding minimum wages to allow workers in informal and formal employments to get salaries that will sustain them.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Barrack Obama and Race in Politics and Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, the president is encouraging many youths and no whites to play active roles of ensuring that they participate in civic processes. These are some of the issues that show how Obama is committed to transforming the racist culture that existed in America for many years.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short, High Hopes and Deferred Dreams in Obama’s “Post-Racial” America by Jon Jeter and Robert E. Pierre

These authors hold the same view with many critics of the Obama presidency by arguing that what president Obama is doing is too little to help his country manage the problem of racism. Even though, they recognize the efforts being done to com bat terrorism they argue that these steps are too slow and cannot be managed by the current financial position of this country.

Their claim is based on the poor financial performance of the united tastes government that have exposed it to damaging allegations of racism. They present that president Obama continued to finance American troop-s to fight the Arab nation by investing in drones and other military equipment, training and staffing to ensure America wins the war. These authors identify the war on Iraq and Afghanistan as serious racial challenges facing Obama’s presidency.

They proposed that he should have distanced himself from perpetuating the evils advanced by the former president Bush. In addition, they argue that Obama has not helped African or Arab nations to develop their economies but instead he has used a lot of American funds to travel to countries that will help his government to develop its economies. This is capitalism that depicts racial practices that were witnessed before and after the First World War.

The American government perpetuated racism by dominating other countries and fighting cold wars with those that opposed it or seemed to give it competition in terms of dominating in world affairs. These authors argues that the war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with terrorism but are aimed at silencing these nations against developing strong ties with the rest of the world since this will be as serious challenge to America.

Effects of Race on Barrack Obama’s Presidency Politics

Politics play central roles in determining various activities of a nation since it establishes guidelines that regulate the allocation of national resources and the provision of services to the population. The United States has a sophisticated political system that ensures the government is representative of all communities and regions in the United States.

It has two houses that work together to ensure the country adopts policies that will develop its institutions, infrastructure and promote the well being of its citizens (Kennedy 43). However, racism had become a serious threat to the exustabce4 of cordial relations between America and its trading partners and this forced the American government to adopt ways of managing this issue.

It is important to state that political analysts had predicted a win for president Obama based on the following issues. The Bush regime had exposed the American government to criticism on its role to eliminate international terrorism. Even though, it had suffered numerous terrorist attacks it had no obligation to commit heinous crimes against innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The constitution did not give Bush any power to invade another country no matter the seriousness of the crimes committed by some of the people from that nation. Therefore, this exposed this government to international criticism and there were fears that if this trend would have continued many nations would have broken their ties with America. As a result, Obama used this criticism as a campaign platform to give people hope that he will stop the war on Afghanistan to ensure the world gains confidence on the American administration.

People were frustrated the way Bush used a lot of money to finance and develop equipment, train soldiers and finance these wars at the expense of the high inflation rates in America (Tesler and Sears 69). Therefore, they admired the manifesto presented by Obama that would ensure the culture of racism will be eliminated and funds will be directed to development projects and provision of goof healthcare services to the population.

However, this was not achieved within the first term of president Obama in office and even though he was granted a second term there is a lot to be done to ensure that American government desists from engaging in racial practices. Therefore, this was a chance for Americans to prove that they are not racist and would not advocate for it in their election process (Kinder and Riddle 33).

However, the election and subsequent re-election of president Obama is just a public show to prove to the world that this nation has adopted non racial approaches to politics. Even though, president Obama claims to be a black American his cultural beliefs are strongly based on the American culture exhibited by the whites. There is no difference between him and the whites since they all have perpetuated class differences based on racial practices.

Therefore, it is necessary to explain that Obama is black in appearance but white in al his political and cultural activities. This is evident in his recent proposal regarding the minimum wage that workers should earn. This policy is meant to increase the salaries of many non whites working in various places but the irony of this provision is that this will also raise taxes levied on their salaries.

Most nations are struggling to reduce their expenses on recurrent bills like salaries and wages of public servants though different financial plans. Obama knows that the United States is experiencing the worst financial performance since the end of the Second World War and should not engage in activities or plans that will force the country to incur unnecessary budgets.

Therefore, his proposal to increase minimum wages is just a populist approach to persuade the government that he is taking care of all racial groups in America. It should be understood that most people earning low salaries are black Americans, Indian and Asians who went to America through slave trade are have migrated there in the recent years. In addition, most of them cannot afford health insurance schemes that will safeguard their health; therefore, he has come up with a proposal for cheap medical services.

These are populist approaches used to hoodwink the non white population that Obama will solve their problems (Alim 77). Therefore, they are perceived to be gullible and cannot reason that America cannot afford to increase salaries and provide cheap medical suffices during this time. Critics have argued that this nation is suffering serious challenges associated with unemployment which stands at about 30% among the educated and 40% among those that have not attained university or college degrees.

Therefore, it is going to be extremely difficult to raise salaries yet there are no jobs for the poor in the society. This means that the cost of living will increase and force the poor and jobless to seek other alternatives of survival. Therefore, they argue that Obama’s presidency will not achieve any good results in its fight against racism but instead it has established other precincts for perpetuating racial practices through populist declarations and policies that will have serious consequences on those that earn low salaries.

Barrack Obama is the only president who gave Americans (whites and blacks) hope that they will live a better life free from economic, social and political challenges. However, this has proved to be a hard nut to crack especially with the many challenges facing his government, the congress has become partisan in moist affairs and this has affected the realization of the dreams of the American population.

Many people had hoped that Obama was going to revolutionize politics of racism and ensure that everybody was involved in his government. In addition, people had hoped that there would be many employment opportunities and many people will invest in various sectors of the economy however, these were just mere dreams that could not be realized no matter how hard they struggled to make it to be reality.

Financial institutions and other money lending organizations still have the culture of evaluating g the ability of clients to repay their loans based on their race. Therefore, they make it easy for whites to access loan facilities and deny the blacks these chances.

Even though, the media has played significant roles in promoting ethical practices in various professions it has failed to highlight the problems non whites experience while applying for bank loan (Pierre and Jeter 108). In addition, housing continues to be a major problem in the American government as tenants are allowed to occupy houses depending on their racial backgrounds.

This has promoted social stratifications and even though racial schools were banned teachers continue to express racial sentiments through punishments given to students. Racism is associated with discriminations and exploitation of the race perceived to be inferi0or and schools are slowly embracing cultural integration. However, this is not associated with prescient Obama but withy the modern trends that require people to interact irrespective of their racial backgrounds.

Moreover, it is necessary to note that Americans have been forced to embrace racial integration as a necessity and not a deliberate step towards abolishing racial practices. This means that Obama has played a minor role in promoting good relations among different races.

The media played a significant role of tracing the origin of Obama and his family lineage that associates him with the Luo community in Kenya. However, since his election to presidency he has never toured Kenya even though this country continues to face serious challenges in terms of poverty, corruption and political wrangles (Cobb 23).

The best he does is issues public statements (video records) that en courage Kenyans to be patriotic and embrace nationhood. However, critics have clai9med that these are reflections that he may be feeling guilty and ashamed of his color; something that has not gone down well with his ancestral kinsmen. The fact that he has never visited Kenya and there is no likelihood that he will do so makes critics to predict that he does not have any good intentions for Africans.

In addition, he has focused a lot of his attention o the war in Iraq since his inauguration into office. This means that he is not different from his predecessors who wanted to show the world that America is a super power and cannot be challenged by any nation. The Indian tigers and Chinese are getting many contracts in African countries and this is giving Obama sleepless nights.

This means that soon they will take over most contracts that were awarded to America and leave America with weak ties. This will reduce its influence on African countries and the rest of the world. As a result china will gain more political and economic power which is serious threats to Obama’s administration. Therefore, he is working very hard to ensure that America remains the most influential nation in the world by cutting tiers with nations that support china.

In addition, Obama, though the congress is establish plans to contain china’s influence on other countries by supporting the enemies of china and putting sanctions on nations perceived to be supporting this country (Fiona 32). However, critics have argued that if Obama continues to steer his government to oppose china’s invasion in international market this will interfere with the economy of America and expose it to many challenges.

However, Obama, just like his predecessors cannot sit and watch other nations magnify their influence. He is using all his powers to ensure that China does not spread its influence to its key partners through establishing strict policies that will limit China’s abilities to invest in some countries.

The congress has become very partisan and advanced Obama’s ideologies that am4erica will continue to be the world super power. The legislations passed in parliament ensure that America continues to interfere in the affairs of other nations while it resists any interference by other nations in its affairs.

It is necessary to explain that the Bush and Obama adnministrat6ion have very much in common regarding international affairs. There are many sanctions and restrictions placed on third world countries compared to how America relates with developed nations. Obama perceives America as the only nation that can manipulate international bodies like the IMF and World Bank to ensure those that accept its policies are able to participate in international affair.

Recently, Obama commented that Kenya will face international restrictions if Kenyans elect International Criminal Court suspects into office in their 2013 general elections. The irony of his statement is that America is not a signatory to the Rome statute yet it continues to urge other countries to respect the institution. Political analysts have claimed that Obama has used this institution to undermine the sovereignty o f third world countries.

The terrorist attacks on various organs of the American government exposed Americans to serious threats. This forced it to issue travel advisory to many nations as an attempt to fight terrorism and keep its citizens safe from terrorist attacks. However, the biggest challenge to Obama is that if he is seriously committed to eradicate terrorism he should not warn his citizens against travelling to nations that are prone to terrorist attacks; instead, he should help these nations to stop these activities.

However, his leadership is associated with racial undertones since he seems to care very much about Americans more than any other people min the world. Bush had subjected this country to animosity with Arab nations and this was a serious threat to American tourist, investors and students that visited other nations. Therefore, Obama was elected as president of America to deceive the worlds that America has now embraced racial integration and that all nations should perceive America as a friendly nation.

Therefore, Obama has not been very active in fighting racial differences in the American culture. His political ideologies are based on the activities of his predecessor and even though most people associate him with an African ancestral origin this has no impact on his presidency (Jacobs and Skocpol 51). It is important to understand that he has lived in America all his life and has interacted with Americans on various political and social events.

For that reason, he knows all aspects of racial and political discrimination affecting Americans. However, his failure to address these issues makes him a racist president and exposes him to criticism from political analysis and other nations. Therefore, he has failed to promote racial integration among different races in America.

Recommendations President Obama has a good opportunity of transforming the political; and cultural practices of America by showing the world that he abhors racism. He can do the following issues to ensure America is a non resist country. First, he should encourage the senate to be non partisan in its affairs to show the public that this house is committed to ensuring the lives of Americans are improved.

The senate has always taken sides with the incumbent president or with a political view that seems to favor the opposing side. This has made members of parliament to advance their interests and ignore their commitment to improve the economy and life of Americans.

Secondly, he should adopt a divergent approach to national issues and avoid issuing public statements for the sake of it. His recent declaration that America will ensure the minimum wage for low income earners will be increased has been mate with mixed reactions.

Some critics argue that this statement is meant to hoodwink the majority who are poor to believe that their welfare will be improved while others perceive this as a way of raising revenue to finance the huge budget that is straining its economy. However, they claim that he should not make statements that will not help his political life since his performance will be evaluated in these issues.

In addition, Obama has a good opportunity to develop the economy of America if he focuses on issues that affect Americans and stops wasting national resources on unnecessary activities like investing in drones. America has pother serious challenges like poor healthcare services, unemployment, drugs and inflation and this should be given first priority by his government.

Therefore, he has options to choose from but he should know that Americans and the rest of the world will evaluate his performance depending on how he manages issues related to politics and racism.

Conclusion Racism is a long term problem that has continued to face America since the beginning of slave trade. Even though, this trade was abolished in the beginning of the 21st century it continues to thrive underground. American politics is largely influenced by international relations and developments and this makes it to lack polit5icalk plans to develop its infrastructure and institutions.

President Obama has a good opportunity to prove his critics wrong by embracing racial integration and practicing politics that will benefit Americans and immigrants.

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Historical Film Review: Schindler’s List Essay cheap essay help

The film Schindler’s List tells the story of a famous German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of many Polish Jews during the Holocaust. This movie was produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. Its plot is derived from the novel Schindler’s Ark written by Thomas Keneally[1]. It was released in 1993, and since that time it has attracted the attention of critics and professional historians.

This paper is aimed at evaluating this film in terms of its historical accuracy and central message. Although, Schindler’s List is not a documentary, this film can throw light on the lives of people who were affected by the Holocaust. More importantly, this cinematographic work shows that even despite changing social or political environment, an individual should be to retain his/her humanity and help the victims of violence and injustice. These are the main aspects that can be identified.

First, it should be noted that the movie is not anachronistic. It provides an accurate description of living conditions in the Polish ghettoes and concentration camps. Moreover, the viewers can see the policies of the Third Reich. For example, the viewers can see that Nazi officials were willing to implement the policies of the state, but they did not try to evaluate the ethical aspects of their decisions[2].

This is one of the aspects that historians identify when examining the behavior of people who were responsible for the Holocaust. Yet, one should take into account that this film is described as an epic drama, so it is not aimed only at creating a detailed account of the main events. This is one of the main issues that should be considered. Thus, Schindler’s List can be an informative source for scholars, especially those ones who examine the decisions of the Nazi officials.

This movie received both commercial and critical success in part because of its cinematography and excellent performance of actors such as Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. Nevertheless, the main strength of this film is that it threw light on the dehumanizing policies of the Nazi regime and its impact on a large group of people.

The most important aspect is that the authors showed how the main character could retain his integrity even despite the presence of ideology that legitimized violence, brutality, and cruelty. One can argue that Liam Neeson managed to portray the the feelings of Oskar Schindler who was forced to live in such an environment.

It should be noted that Schindler’s List is short predominately in black and white[3]. To some extent, this strategy is supposed to emulate the techniques used in documentary films. Moreover, the film-makers relied primarily on held-held camera while shooting the movie.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To some extent, this strategy enabled the authors to create more realistic visual images. Overall, this film produces a very strong impression on viewers since they see the contrast between the horrors of the Holocaust and people’s attempt to lead a normal life. This is one of the main points that can be made.

Overall, Schindler’s List can be of some interest to people who study the history of the Holocaust. Certainly, this film cannot be regarded as a primary document, but it can illustrate the ethical dilemmas that people had to resolve during that period. Additionally, this work can show the destructive effects of totalitarian regimes on groups and individuals. This is one of the reasons why this cinematographic work deserves the attention of historians.

Bibliography Garrard, Eve, and Geoffrey Scarre. Moral philosophy and the Holocaust. New York: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2003.

Haggith, Toby. The Holocaust And The Moving Image: Representations in Film and Television Since 1933. Boston: Wallflower Press, 2005.

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Footnotes Keneally, Thomas. Schindler’s Ark. (London: Hodder General Publishing Division, 2011), 7.

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Haggith, Toby. The Holocaust And The Moving Image: Representations in Film and Television Since 1933 (Boston: Wallflower Press, 2005), 207.


Toyota Supply Chain Management Term Paper online essay help: online essay help

Introduction Today, the Toyota Company has the best supply chain management framework many companies in the world use as a model and benchmark to implement their supply chain management practices. The best practices are based on Toyota’s supply chain management‘s lean thinking techniques.

The rationale is efficiency and lean thinking to achieve effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to discover how Toyota’s supply chain management approach is implemented, the significance, and negative impact of the supply chain management practices.

Toyota’s Supply chain management, Isn’t It Obvious It is obvious that the study raises questions on the meaning of supply chain management and how Toyota implements its supply chain management practices to position the company in the market and be globally competitive. In answer to the questions, supply chain management, in the context of lean thinking, embodies techniques and strategies to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness in the production, supply, and delivery of products and services to the customers (Ohno, 1988, p.3).

Toyota operates on a global scale based on the concept of lean thinking in the steady stream of activities that contribute to the company’s supply chain management processes to optimize the production and delivery of vehicles to the global market (Huntzinger, 2002, p.23).

In answer to “how” Toyota does the supply chain management, it is critical to note here that Toyota’s company executives have all the secrets about the lean thinking techniques the company employs in its supply chain management. The key words “lean thinking” underlies the efficiency that defines Toyota’s supply chain management framework.

Flow system

Flow is a concept underlying Toyota operational efficiency and success. Here, the company ensures that any point in the production and supply chain framework that hinders any process is removed from the entire system (Drogosz, 2002, p.4).

The underlying model is to ensure that the production of different models of vehicles, the supply of materials required for the production of vehicles and the components needed proceed uninterrupted. In this case, a one-piece-at-a-time production process is facilitated creating a lean manufacturing and supply chain environment (Liker, 2004, p.4).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The way Toyota implements its supply chain management strategies is by facilitating the behavior and principles which facilitate production focused on long term results and not on short term gains (Drogosz, 2002, p.5). From the perspective of Toyota’s supply management framework, the flow concept forms the basis for the company’s success and enables the company to eliminate losses from the large inventory of unused equipment, products, and labor (Huntzinger, 2002, p.21).

In addition, the company’s cost per piece production system works by assigning specialized tasks to qualified employees and provides a separation of duties and responsibilities within the company framework, which contributes to the success of the company.

In this case, the products are made in quantities that are in demand. The benefits include short lead times and the making of specific products to address specific needs of the customer. To be lean, Toyota uses a tool that requires each employee’s commitment in eliminating wastes that leads to errors, injuries, and defects.

In addition, the necessary training, knowledge, and motivation are provided to workers by improving the workplace environment (Drogosz, 2002, p.4). The key elements in this approach are management commitment, appropriate training and development, and inculcation of organizational culture that supports the top management commitment and involvement to continuous improvements. In each case, problems could are brought to the surface and solutions to address the problems formulated on time.

Pulling from the customer

On the other hand, the concept of pulling from the back of the customer is a crucial component in Toyota’s supply chain management strategy. All the lean activities are integrated into the system where products are supplied according to the current need and use. Typically, the products are delivered in the right quantities and at the right time to the right destination. The logistics is crucial because it reduces the lead time and costs (Drogosz, 2002, p.4).

A question on the strategy the company uses to implement the pull from the back approach occurs. The answer is obvious. The underlying principle is the just-in-time (JIT). The principle provides the basis for material replenishment, minimal effort and warehousing inventory, based on what is taken by the customer to make small replenishments and ensuring responsibility in the day-to-day changes in the demand for products.

The solution is to integrate computerized information systems for inventory processing purposes (Huntzinger, 2002, p.22). The pull concept is crucial in the entire supply chain management process because the entire workforce uses stable and repeatable methods to ensure regular output, predictability, and timing which form the foundation of the pull and flow concept (Drogosz, 2002, p.5).

We will write a custom Term Paper on Toyota Supply Chain Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The question arises then, how is the lean concept realized in the supply chain of the company in the context of the pull and flow approaches? The answer is that the lean concept becomes a success by ensuring that wastes are eliminated in each phase of the supply chain cycle.

The company ensures that employees and the entire supply chain system is not overburdened (Huntzinger, 2002, p.17). All production and supply chain schedules are evenly distributed to minimize unnecessary burden on the system so that the work is evenly leveled.

Talk time

Talk time is one of the concepts that are the foundation of Toyota’s lean concept in the supply chain management exemplified in the way the management talk about the need to eliminate waste. The management ensures non-value adding activities are avoided to eliminate wastes to reduce lead time, excess inventory, and other delays.

It enables the company to avoid overburdening people and machinery which leads to quality and safety problems. The people are encouraged to talk with qualified and trained group leaders on the problems and challenges encountered and possible solutions to the problems.

Significance of supply chain management One can learn the significance of supply chain management from the above discussion and the way Toyota undertakes the supply chain management process embedded in the lean thinking strategy. Supply chain is critical in the total management of each of the phases involved in the supply chain to eliminate wastes and ensure effectiveness and efficiency (Huntzinger, 2002, p.12).

In addition, supply chain is important because the management is able to identify and align effective inventory management, inbound transportation, material handling, warehousing, and transportation service procurement based on Toyota’s supply management lean thinking strategy (Huntzinger, 2002, p.5).

Toyota, through an effective supply chain strategy embedded in the company’s lean thinking concept has made the company grow in its revenue base (Bolles, 2003, p.3).

In addition, the company has experienced effective asset utilization, effective cost management and controls, and enhance customer product and service delivery. As discussed above, Toyota’s growth is strongly correlated to its supply chain management because perfect orders are given for the right market, with after sales services easily within reach of the customer (Huntzinger, 2002, p.7).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Toyota Supply Chain Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, reduced inventory as stated above leads to working capital reductions where delays in the delivery of products and services are minimal or lacking completely. Investigations show that Toyota’s supply chain management strategy leads to fixed capital efficiency by optimizing the supply network leading to a global tax minimization and cost minimization. However, the negative side of supply chain management exists (Huntzinger, 2002, p.5).

Negative impact Studies show the negative impacts include the risks resulting from the macro economic trends which have the possibility of magnifying the problems that arise because of the complex nature of the supply chain methods (Bolles, 2003, p.3). In addition, other problems include margin erosion and changes in consumer behavior and sudden changes in demand, which makes the supply chain management worse, and the lack of new technologies to absorb the sudden changes (Bolles, 2003, p.3).

Conclusion In conclusion, Toyota’s supply chain management is embodied in the lean manufacturing concept developed by the company for efficiency and effective delivery of products to the market. The significance of Toyota’s supply chain management is valuable and acts as a tool for efficiency and effectiveness in product and service delivery. The key pillar of the effectiveness of Toyota’s supply chain management is the lean thinking concept which has many benefits despite the negative impact of the supply chain management.

References Bolles, R. N. (2003). What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job – Hunters and Career-Changers. Revised edition. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.

Drogosz, J. D. (2002). Applying Lean above the Factory Floor. Journal of Ship Production, 18 (3), 159-166.

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Ohno, T. (1988). Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production. Portland, OR: Productivity Press.


The Establishment of a convenience store and other delivery services at ABZ gas station Research Paper custom essay help

Table of Contents Executive Summary


Product and Service Description

Competitive Advantages of the New Products and Services

Target Market

Strategic Analysis

Works Cited

Executive Summary The ABZ gas station has been in operation for ten years. Due to the increasing market opportunities and the threats by the existing competitors, the company has indentified new products and services that it can invest in. The new services and products encompass: the establishment of a convenience store, a car wash, a service station and delivery services.

These services are expected to add value to the fuel refilling station and customers will be able to get most of the products and services at one place. The services are expected to increase the competitive advantages of the station, result to diversifications of products and services and increase the sales and profit margin. The man weaknesses that the business faces are lack of enough employees, need to manage the supply chain due to increased services and the need to buy new equipments for the extra services.

Introduction The ABZ gas station was established 10 years ago and has been in the business of selling fuel to the local residents for the whole period. The station is situated along a highway and receives approximately 3000 cars every day. The location of the stations is near a residential area which is served by four other gas stations.

Due to its location, most of the people fueling cars visit the station before going home and also early in the morning when going to work. The station specializes in the sale of diesel, fuels and other petroleum products. Despite the high success that the business has achieved over the ten year period, their sales are constantly stagnating and the management feels that they need to increase their sales and profits. The competition for the target market is very high.

Product and Service Description The ABZ gas station has been selling petroleum to customers. All range of petroleum products are offered at the station. In addition to these conventional services and products, the ABZ gas station wants to establish the following new services and products:

Convenience store: the station wants to establish an ultramodern convenience store selling consumer products and fast foods. Customers driving home can buy foodstuffs, cosmetics, drinks and other personal effects.

Delivery services: the company also wants to establish delivery services. Because of the vicinity that the company is to the residential area, they can be able to deliver fast food and other items as ordered by the customers.

Car wash and repair center: the station also wants to establish service stations where minor repairs, car wash, vehicle checkup and other diagnostic tests can be done. Small checkup such as level of oil, engine health, wheel alignment services, greasing and other minor maintenance services will be carried out.

Competitive Advantages of the New Products and Services All the new products and services will have superior advantages and uniqueness (David 23). The major competitive advantages are:

Convenience stores: it has been shown that customers would like to have everything under one roof. One of the most compulsory services to a driver is fueling a car which he must do frequently. During the fueling process, the driver and the car occupants can buy other products elegantly displayed on the shop floor so as to appeal the consumers (Govindarajan and Trimble 23). Introducing efficiencies in the distribution network as well as diversification are accepted to give the station competitive advantages. The services will also be economical to the customers (Slavin 20).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Delivery services: The Company will deliver products such as quick food to the customer at a very cost effective price. This efficiency is an added advantage as products can be supplied to consumers at any time and place.

Service station and car wash: By introducing the service station and car wash, minor vehicle repairs, vehicle cleaning and diagnostic services can be done at one station. This is convenient, cost effective, uses less time and is advantageous to the gas station customers.

Target Market The company target market is in the residential area surrounding the station. The market has approximately 1.2 million people who live in the residential areas surrounding the station. This market is currently served by five gas stations. The ABZ Company has the largest market share as it serves 65% of the total market. The market for this business is segmented based on individuals and corporate clients (Cadle, Debra and Turner 112). Using this segmentation, there are three groups, namely:

Individuals: these are people who fuel their cars at the stations. They form 75 % of the total market size.

Companies: these are corporate and business clients who fuel their company cars at the station.

Retailers: the station also sells fuel in large scale to other small gas stations.

Corporate and retail clientele are sold fuel at a lower price as compared to the individuals who buy the fuel at a retail price.

Strategic Analysis The strategic analysis of the company was carried out using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis matrix (Lawrence 26). This matrix is shown in figure 1 below

Positive forces Negative forces Strength Weaknesses The business location has large number of customers

The company has a lot of experience in the oil sector

The company has enough employees and can be able to hire more

Diversification through provision of more services as outlined in this business plan

Good corporate culture

Brand loyalty (customers in the area know and like our station)

The use of high tech fuel dispensing machines and other equipments

Economies of scale(large purchases attract discounts)

Introduction of delivery services will boost the sales

New services will result to more products and services under one station

Employees are not well trained in the new products and services to be started

There is need for proper management of the new supply chain

There are no established buildings that can be used by the company

Opportunities Threats Large market size of about 1.2 million people

There is possibility of expanding to other markets

New services are required by consumers

The locations of the business is strategic

Environmental challenges and pollution caused by fossil fuels

Threat by the existing competitors who may introduce such services

Threat of new entrants to the market

From the SWOT analysis, the main weaknesses need to be reduced by training workers, proper management of the supply chain and buying of equipments. The company has many opportunities and strengths which forms it competitive advantage (Porter 43). The threat can be reduced by product and service diversification as well as establishing stations in other regions.

Works Cited Cadle, James, Debra Paul and Turner Paul. Business Analysis Techniques: 72 Essential Tools for Success, London: British Computer Society, 2010. Print.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Establishment of a convenience store and other delivery services at ABZ gas station specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More David, Aaker. Developing Business Strategies, 5th edition, New York: Wiley, 1998. Print.

Govindarajan, Vijay, and C.Trimble. Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution, Harvard: Harvard Business Review Press, 2005. Print.

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Slavin, Stephen. Economics, 10th Edition, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2011. Print.