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Abstract The bodywise health spa has developed a floor plan in which it wants to use for setting up a spa. In a bid to assess the problematic areas, this report delves into assessing the floor plan by first evaluating the proximity of departments with regard to their relationship, and then analysing the plan with regard to accommodating clients with diverse health disparities.

Thus, I was able to identify the problematic areas, namely, limited space within the corridors and lack of proximity between related departments. However, I managed to come up with recommendations for improvement. The first recommendation involved making sure that the health spa floor plan is in accord with the legal requirements of spas.

The second recommendation involved identifying ways in which the floor plan integrates all departments to a point where the dynamic process of work is recognized. The third recommendation involved coming up with a reliable communication system with the community to ensure that the needs of clients with diverse health disparities are met. This information sheds light on how to come up with an effective and efficient floor plan for the bodywise health spa.

Introduction The word “spa” is a term used to describe health and wellness, as it takes into account factors that contribute to health on a wide point of view. Spa has a relationship with health and wellness in the sense that it encompasses healing of not only the physical health but also the psychological health (Johnson 2008: 31). With the high increase of spas globally, one key question remains: what strategic operations do spas employ for client satisfaction and profit maximization?

However, a number of aspects contribute to the success of spas. These include committed staff, sufficient and efficient therapy equipments, and good managerial practice, among others. People tend to overlook the floor plan, but it is evident that the size and the design of a floor plan play a crucial role on provision of quality therapy in a spa (Bodeker


Group and Leadership Skills Development Essay essay help free

Each human being has unique behavior and qualities. However, some similarities in these behavior and qualities exist between individuals. To develop and practice our group and leadership skills this course required that we form two different groups and by working in them we were able to experience leadership and organizational dynamics.

Both my colleagues and I learnt the characteristics and qualities that a proper leader should possess. We were also able to gauge our own leadership capacity or being a follower. This was an opportunity for me to understand the positive and negative aspects when working in a group and gain some new knowledge from others.In developing a group as well as improving our personality, theories were essential tools.

We applied these theories and concepts in interesting activities and as a result, we were able to understand them better. Eventually I gained experience in wide area from this interactive process. For instance, I was able to gain a new way to view others and myself as well as different events in the workplace and in life.

In this exercise, I participated in both Large Learning Group (LLG) as well as Peer Learning Group (PLG). I was able to identify variations in both qualities and behaviors among us as well as observe and compare the existing differences.

For instance, when the tutor asked us to form PLGs for the first time, majority of my colleagues formed theirs immediately while I was still struggling to find a group that would like my company. This was because unlike most of them I was too shy in making the first move and lacked in confidence to make acquaintance.

Fortunately, when I bumped into Songtao my former classmate, I was quite relieved because I was quite a nervous wreck. He enquired whether I was already in a group to which I obligingly said no. Then he asked me and three others to join him in order to form one. This was a clear indication that Songtao possessed leadership qualities and was very concerned.

That means I had a lot to learn from him. From there we held lengthy discussion to make project prioritization. This involved each group member’s participation in exchanging his or herown views with others. One lesson that I learnt from this discussion is that a leader is not an instructor who keeps disseminating information, but rather leadership is about coordinating the discussion in the right manner.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this paper, I will seek to highlight the various theories that I learnt in the exercise and use them in the various incidents I experienced in both LLG and PLG sessions.

The first theory I learnt in this process is Argyris Double loop learning. From my experience, I came to appreciate its importance in leadership. This theory gives a leader the opportunity to engage all group members so that there can be goodwill amongst them all (Smith, 2001). So in order to understand this theory our tutor John required that we share and reflect on our experiences as per the theory. What came to my mind at this point is a friend of mine called Joe.

Joe is a supervisor in the company we both work in. He does not learn quickly his mistakes and often end up making the wrong decision. This is because he does not scrutinize critically the cause of problems and as a result, his judgments are usually false. From my experience, I know realized that what Joe lacks is creativity that is required when using double loop theory once a problem is detected.

As a result, instead of solving the problem he ends up failing. While reflecting on my experiences, I realized that I applied model II when relating with Songtao. This is because both of us had different cultural background and as a result, each of us had a different mother language.

Accordingly, we could only speak in English and it helped a lot in seeking valid information. This is because unlike what would have happened had I chosen someone who was from my own cultural background, with songtao I was able to develop my communication skills as well as understand the diversity in our culture. Speaking in English therefore meant we could avoid engaging in non important issues as it would have been the case when dealing with somebody we shared same Arabic accent.

The next theory we learnt in our group process is that of Phenomenological Awareness as applied in Gestalt therapy. Here we had to stand aside from our usual mode of thinking to differentiate our actual perception at each moment from what already existed from our experiences. The main goal of this theory is to develop awareness (Yontef, 1993). By participating in simple activity within our PLG, we were able to discern three awareness zones.

This activity involved grouping into a pair and sharing what we could see, feel, think and describing what our partners felt. In my case, I described the general sitting arrangement of various people engaged in the larger groups as what I could see. However, in describing what I felt this was quite tricky because it was not as obvious as describing what I could see. This made me realize why the exercise was so important.

We will write a custom Essay on Group and Leadership Skills Development specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other groups also seemed to be struggling by looking at the way people were using gestures to form images of their thoughts. As for my partner and I communication seemed difficult because of the intricate nature of describing the feelings that each of us possessed.

Another learning incident that changed my perception of activity-based learning is the experience with Gestalt’s Field Theory. By definition this theory states that objects that seems simple when far away may have different characteristics when observed and analyzed at a close range (Yontef, 1993).

This LLG activity involved selecting an object to observe from a distance and progressing slowly towards it. The object that we chose was a classroom that was about a hundred yards from where we were standing. From this distance, the classroom glass windows looked very smart and nothing seemed to be wrong with any of them. However, as we progressed towards the class we realized that some of the glass panes were missing and others were broken.

Therefore, what started for me as just a mere theory that had little significance started to make a lot of sense. I realized it is possible that something that one observes from a distance can have a completely new meaning when at a close range.

This activity developed some new knowledge to me that I should not make judgment of things at the face value. Other people also learnt this important lesson because like me they had also formed a low opinion about this exercise. This activity therefore turned out to be very important to all of us because at the end we were more knowledgeable than before.

I also learnt more about myself when dealing with contact-full communication task. It happened as we were developing better know how on theory of dialogic relation by Gestalt. This theory states that relationships enlarge with contact.

Where contact refers to experience that an individual has with factors outside self and as a result being in a position to communicate and understand the outer world (Yontef, 1993). This exercise involved giving answers to sixteen sets of questions that focused on how I handle other people in different scenarios. Once I developed the answers to these questions, the next step was to discuss them with another student from the same LLG like me.

Jason was part of my LLG and by choosing him, I was very comfortable. We exchanged the answers for our questions and shared the motive for selecting them. In our discussion, I realized that I lacked good reasons why I had chosen some of the answers. More to that Jason turned out to be very helpful when I did not have answers to some of the questions. This is by helping me understand them and acting like my guide.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Group and Leadership Skills Development by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, to me this exercise as well as Jason partnership turned up to be very educative.We exchanged leadership role throughout the exercise where at sometime, especially when I was supplying the answers, I acted as the leader and Jason as a follower and things reversed when I was being guided.

When Jason guided me he demonstrated to me Argyris theory, Model II. That is at sometimes I failed to closely scrutinize some situations as well as the manner I organized my thoughts. This is something that only came to my attention while doing this exercise with Jason.

The lesson that I learnt as a leader from this exercise is that it is essential to understand what I feel in a particular situation and to learn the way to react in each situation. Again, to understand the feelings that I have in a situation as well as when I state something. Further that as a leader when I have passed the message I intended to, I should pause because some people may not like the message.

This is particularly important because like I observed previously leaders do not entirely pass on information and it is therefore important to learn as well from others in real life. The exercise further taught me that as a leader I should ensure my message is delivered with clarity and devoid of misinterpretation.

This is because as a leader one should not in any way seem confused but instead should have in his/her mind clear goals and aims. Otherwise in case at some point there appears to be confusion, a leader should seek assistance from teammate like was the case with Jason and me in order to have the clarity they deserve.

More so, one can understand the group process by looking at five organizational processes. These are intrapersonal, group-as-a-whole, intergroup, interpersonal, and inter organizational (Wells, 1985). I therefore came to realize that LLG can be considered as a group-as- a whole, while PLG can be taken as a smaller group.

However, because in our groups we were very helpful to one another, it seemed more like a family as opposed to a group. I therefore learnt that in real life it is important for us to consider the group interest before making the final decision or act in certain way.

By the tenth week in the group learning process, we had learnt a lot about each other and most of all each one of us had learnt a lot about self. As a group there was a lot that we were proud of like the fact that we had managed to be there this long for each other and learn a thing or two from each other.

This stage was therefore an important period for the group to understand our progress in this experience through the help of incremental development model by Woodward.This model is divided into four sections with each having team characteristics. A team therefore progresses from one section to the other until it reaches the climax of the hierarchy.

The first section represents the undeveloped team, followed by experimental team, then consolidating team and finally mature team. Our activity in this day therefore was to determine in which quarter or section of the clock like model, our PLG group belonged to.

We were to share our thoughts on this task with our tutor because on this day only three of our group members were present. Giving my opinion on our group’s position was not easy for two reasons, first I am a very shy person and second my knowledge of the model was quite limited at that time.Majority of the students in the LLG group shared their opinion while a few others kept their calm like me.

I attributed the silence of these students to two things either they were too shy like me or lacked confidence in the model. This group participated in the discussion when prompted and by learning from them I realized that failing to chip in to the discussion meant I was pulling back my group’s progress.

I learnt that as a leader I should not contribute in a discussion only when prompted, instead I should demonstrate confidence and ability to communicate my views to other members of my team in a manner that they can appreciate. Therefore for the sake of my team’s position in Woodward’s model I strongly believed that our PLG belonged in Mature Team quarter.

To support my position I can site our dedication in the group, we had also improved our knowledge of strengths and weakness in our team members and as a result we could work well amongst each other by harnessing the good qualities in each team member.

Our team by now could also discuss matters that different members hold different opinions to more openly and accommodate these diversities of opinions.Even more we cared and listened to other group members’ ideas and plan our task and execute them as planned. These are the convincing facts that I presented in my argument that our group belonged to the mature team quarter.

Other students agreed with me and my lesson from this incidence is that instead of waiting to be requested by the tutor to speak I should always strive to give my opinion. This is because although it is always good to listen, it is equally important that as a leader one speaks out his/her opinion. I therefore came out of this exercise one notch wiser because I understood one of my weaknesses.

The next model that we looked at is the Trevor Tyson ART model. This model made me learn that the reason we had taken various position in our groups was due to the inherent authority to act in such a manner (Tyson, 2004).

External forces and previous experiences are some of the reason that might have influenced our decision in taking various positions. For instance some people were able to lead because of their nurturing or passing through situations that made them triumphant. On the other hand some of us were followers because that is the kind of life we are used to.

Lacking an opportunity to be a leader or being denied the opportunity to build the leadership confidence can be one of the reasons for the lack of leadership skills. For my case the decision to follow was due to my shyness as well as weakness in expressing myself. I am therefore less confident and this made me opt to follow instead of being in the lead.

A smaller group with time can develop to be a bigger group. However, this growth can either take a positive or negative direction. In Wilfred Bion psychodynamic theory this growth is called a lifecycle. Going by this theory as adopted by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, two modality level of the group are highlighted. The first one is work group and second one is basic assumption group.

A group achieves the first status modality if members of a group work collaboratively with each other with a collective vision (Tyson, 1998). In such a situation there is rapid result in performing a task and quality of that work is maintained at high standards. Looking at our PLG situation I can justifiably say that we belonged to work group modality level since each team member played his role effectively.

The basic assumption group modality on the other hand is a group in which there is uncoordinated working among team members. It is therefore possible for team members to negate from group’s basic goal (Tyson, 1998). For this level our activity was to analyze our understanding levels for the psychodynamic perspective based on a scale of 0-10.

We were to rank ourselves in this scale as novice, competent or expert with their scales being 0-4, 5-7, 8—10 respectively. At first I rated myself as 4 and many other of my colleagues who had even better knowledge of psychodynamic rated themselves at lower scales than me.

My participation in this group learning process helped me a lot in improving my communication skills. For instance as opposed to waiting to be asked to provide my opinion in any situation I can now freely speak out my view. The process has seen me develop my leadership skills as well as those of other members of my team. The course in leadership and organization dynamic presented us with experiences as well as knowledge that completely transformed our understanding.

This is in both understanding how to handle other people as well as understand ourselves. For instance by handling their work in competent manner leaders in our groups at times ensured that the group progressed as a whole. This can be demonstrated by the manner in which leaders have been able to communicate what has been discussed in incidences where some members were missing in group’s discussion.

In addition our PLG leader was also able to iron out misconceptions in the group which enabled our group to grow and helped us to learn from our mistakes. Through this kind of leadership I have been able to develop my confidence and most importantly learn the value of true leadership.

The LLG was also a good group as team members were always helping each other. Both have therefore proved to be equally important to me and they have contributed to shape my learning experience with leadership. The lessons I have leant from the various experiences I had in both these groups is that I need to make certain improvements to myself in order to make a good leader.

Some of the lessons to improve leadership that I have learnt includeimproving my communication skills, not hiding in my fear when it comes to sharing opinions, not to underrate a person or task, raising my opinions openly instead of waiting to be asked to give these opinions, and finally is to clearly understand in my mind the goals and to be sure of what is taking place in the mind.

I can therefore say that to me the group’s experiences proved to be vital lessons for improving my leadership qualities as well as behavior.

References Smith, MK (2001), ‘Chris Argyris: theories of action, double-loop learning and organizational learning’,The encyclopedia of informal education, accessed from

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Tyson, T ,2004, ‘The ART model: a model of behaviour in groups based on the relationship between authority, role and task’, Swinburne University of Technology, Blackboard website.

Wells, L (1985), ‘The Group-as-a-Whole Perspective and its Theoretical Roots’ in A.D. Colman and M.H. Geller (eds) Group Relations Reader 2.

Yontef, G (1993), ‘Gestalt Therapy: An Introduction’, The Gestalt Journal Press, USA.


The Five Pillars of Islam Analytical Essay online essay help: online essay help

The Muslim religion is based on Five Pillars of Islam. These are basic values and principles which influence the notion, actions and morals of the faith.

Every Muslim adherent is bound by the Five Pillars of Islam to uphold his or her devotion to the Islamic faith. Devout Muslims are required toask for forgiveness for their wrongdoings in order to secure their place in heaven or Jannah. The five tenets of Islam guide the faithful not to waver in their obedience to Allah.

Muslims maintain deep honor for the existence of God, who they believe exists in all the aspects of their life. The religion harbors a profound belief that every individual has a unique natural destiny that is presented to a person by God, thus it is He whogives something to a human. This implies that everything that Muslims own belongs to God.

The first tenet of Islam is Shahada. Shahada means Allah who is the most superior God. He reaches out to the faithful Muslim through Muhammad (Henderson 63-64). This term invokedby Muslims is a constant reminder that only Allah should be worshipped.Moreover, He is the supreme deity with the ability and liberty to act at will.

This status lends credence to His commandments stated in the Koran. Shahada impliesthat the Christian principleswhich recognize God as the most powerful entity are false.All other religious powers, such as pantheism, are equally obsolete. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is holy because, through him, Allah communicated significant revelationsto the faithful (Khan 13-14).

The second Islamic pillar is Salat or prayer. This tenet involves profession of wrongdoings. The profession process begins with the cleansing of oneself and spirit. Prayer is undertaken five times every day, from dawn to dusk.

There are five prayers that fallunder Salat are Fajr, Shurooq, Asr, Dhuhr, Isha and Maghrib. The prayer which Muslims say at sunset is referred to as the Maghrib while Isha comes later in the evening. All the prayers act as a constant reminder of the significance of Allah and his omnipresence among and within the Muslim faithful.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The third pillar is fasting or Saum. Fasting is a significant tenet of the Islamic faith, which puts all the faithful at the same level of the sacrifice as those who do not have food. The month of Ramadan witnesses Muslims of all the social stratasacrifice the basic need and food. Saumis to help Muslims to seek answers for their questionsfrom Allah. In most cases, the fasting process does not involve any form of ingestion or sexual activity during the daytime hours of the holy month (Henderson 62-67).

The fourth pillar is Charity or Zakat. Giving alms is an important facet of the Islamic faith. Muslims advocate and practice philanthropy. Charity benefits the underprivileged members of the society and enables the donor to make tremendous steps towards devoutness and obedience to Allah as He believes in generosity. Muslims consider donations as a way of appreciating God’s help. The final Pillar of Islam is Pilgrimage or Hajj.

The Muslim pilgrimage is normally held in Mecca where all thefinancially stable faithful tender their financial sacrifice as a way of appreciating God’s love and blessing. Muslims are required by the Koran to set the pilgrimage date during the first two weeks of the final month of a lunar year. The Five Pillars of Islam are used to emphasize unity among the faithful and act in one voice (Khan 12-14).

Conclusion In general, all the Five Pillars of Islam dictate the activities and operations of the members of the religion. Shahada and Pilgrimage facets are eminently based on individual actions, although the first Islamic tenet requires community service or appreciation of Ummato some extent.

The remaining pillars, such as prayers, fasting and giving away alms, are a manifestation of Allah’s love andinclusiveness. The pillars inspire activities undertaken in unity by the faithful to improve the status of the less fortunate followers. The community features prominently in relatively all the aspects of the Islamic religious conviction. Through the Five Pillars, Muslims believe in and strive to present their religion in the form of a complete culture rather than just a spiritual entity.

Works Cited Henderson, Shirley. Journey to Allah. Ebony, 65.4 (2010): 62-67. Print.

Khan, Daisy. The Five Pillars of Islam. Appleseeds, 6.3 (2003): 12-14. Print.

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Use of performance enhancing drugs Opinion Essay scholarship essay help

Thesis In this paper, I am going to discuss performance enhancing drugs and its ethical implications to the spirit of sportsmanship.

Introduction Performance enhancing drugs are chemical substances used by sportsmen to boost their performance in the field. For many years, theseclasses of drugs have always been related to anabolic steroids but the global anti doping agency has a broad classification of these drugs which include mass builders, stimulants, painkillers, sedatives and diuretics.

Body Purpose of sport

In my view, the use of performance enhancing drugs is equivalent to cheating and does not add value to the spirit of fair competition in sport. The essence of participating in a sport is to maintain originality. People participate in sports to appreciate their human nature, soul and mental capabilities.

In order to achieve these, sport has to contain the following features to attain these desired values: high degree of fairness should be characterized with fun and happiness, cooperation and hard work. To this effect, the use of performance enhancing drugs violates these values and enables the users to have unfair advantage over their colleagues.

When athletes compete, their ultimate goal is to get a win after having a genuine and well fought struggle. It is the spirit of human nature to get a genuine win which shows that using performance enhancing drugs renders it irrelevant because using these drugs is equivalent to cheating and is therefore, contrary to the intention of sport. The intention of sport is to compete fairly using your human ability to achieve excellence.

Approaches against enhancement drugs

Performance enhancing drugs also referred to as a doping, is considered unethical. As it has been discussed earlier, it goes against the spirit of sporting and is dangerous to the positive impact of sport in the community. Getting rid of this practice calls for participation of all ethical practitioners in sport and advocating for the spirit of fairness in sports.

There is need for consistent rules that prohibit participants found engaging in use of these drugs. When dispensing educative information to sportsmen, emphasis should be placed on promoting the spirit of sport which could be brought down by drug enhancers(Fletcher, 98).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The spirit of sport is not only limited in major competitions like Olympics and commonwealth games but with every movement of a single athlete that chases a football, runs or rides a bicycle. One of the pleasant things that come with sport is the ability to use peoples’ natural talents through practice and training to attain admirable results.

For me to climb a nearby mountain in my neighborhood, I can do it very fast when I use EPO, one of the drug enhancers. The other means that I can use to reach the peak even faster is by using a motorbike. On the contrary, the question is whether satisfaction is attained. Use of these alternatives does not reflect human nature. Therefore, with regard to sport, consideration should be given to human brilliance, talent and hard work and not artificial means that undermine human nature.

Conclusion According to me, I consider athletes who use drug enhancers as cheaters and should not be given an opportunity to compete with the natural athletes who have worked hard to attain their fitness. As argued in the text, doping contradicts the spirit of sport, denies human satisfaction and discourages genuine athletes from exposing their talent. Some of the drugs used also have devastating side effects and should be eliminated.

Work Cited Fletcher, Bennett. Drug Abuse Treatment: The Implementation of Innovative Approaches, California: Greenwood Press, 1994.


The Influence of Environmental Health on Society Health Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Can we have a polluted environment and a healthy society at the same time?

A polluted environment means an unstable and unhealthy society. The effects of pollution are so many, as they range widely. It would be hard to have a healthy society in an area where there is pollution. Pollution causes damage to human and animals, plants, as well as the entire environment(Plattenberg, 2007).

Globally, the types of pollution that are common are air, water, and soil pollution. According to several researches done, it is evident that the impact of pollution may range from a minor discomfort to complex diseases. The people who suffer from mild discomfort because of pollution may tend to ignore the issue. The seriousness of pollution impacts is realized when complex diseases arise such as cancer or physical deformities.

Whether minor or complex effect of pollution, all leads to unhealthy living. Air polluted area would probably result to unhealthy people suffering from lung inefficiency, respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and infected physical body organs.

Water pollution would result to serious complications such as typhoid, Amoebiasis, Ascariasis etc. Soil pollution results to worse effects to human beings such as leukemia, brain damage to young children, kidney damage, and fatigue(Rana, 2006). Nevertheless, it would be hard to maintain health in a polluted environment.

Policies of addressing healthy environment Maintaining environment health is a highly crucial aspect in the society. Citizens find it hard to avoid pollution, but there are measures that can be put, to ensure minimized environmental pollution. Any form of pollution, leading to serious diseases like cancer and body organs failure should be avoided totally.

In efforts of trying to handle the issue of environment pollution, there are vital steps that would be considered first. Close observation of any chemical released to the environment without any control would be crucial. All the offensive trades that might be taking place within cities should be inspected to ensure that they are licensed, and their disposal guaranteed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Any application of intended development that is likely to cause environment pollution should be assessed closely(Malabika, 2009). It would also be the responsibility of citizens to present complains of any form of pollution, which they may experience. Any form of pollution that may cause harm to human and animals should never be given a chance.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident that I have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that, a polluted environment cannot sustain the people’s healthy status. Although Larry used to take water direct from the creek, and did not suffer from a serious illness that would be defined as luck.

However, although Larry did not witness serious complications, biologically he caused himself some internal bodily harm. For people to be secured in the society, pollution should be minimized starting from homes, businesses, institutions, industries, and even recreational areas(Malabika, 2009).

If some organizations control pollution and others refuse to do the same, it would be hard for the society to live in a healthy manner. No matter how minor a certain pollution may seem to be, any form of pollution should be avoided. The minor pollutions, which are avoided leads to some serious effects to human and animals(Malabika, 2009).

I thank Larry for sharing with me his interesting views concerning the water pollution. I am sure now Larry is convinced that a polluted environment leads to unhealthy society. Never again should he ignore to treat drinking water for the sake of his healthy.

References Malabika, R. (2009). Environmental pollution: Impact of technology on quality of life. New York: Today


The Determinism Theory as a Philosophy Concept Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Determinism theory states that all actionstaken by human beings mainly depend on the events that have happened before, but not the ‘free will’of an individual.

In philosophical terms, the theory is built upon a metaphysical assumption that an event which has not been causedisnot likely to happen.This dogma is augmented by the ideas of effective scientific discoveries of several theorists. In some instances,particular behaviors are observed, and taking control seems to support this line of thinking.

The notion that anyaction taken byhuman beings is the outcome of perviouseventshas beenexpounded by both naturalists and theists. Naturalistsbelieve that human beings form part of the machines that drive the world.

In summary, the main idea is that because human beings are part of the universe, their actions originate from events that happened before, which were caused by earlier events, and the list is endless. Since, man is part of this chainof events; it goes without saying that man is part of the causal factors.

Therefore, based on determinism theory, I might not have had any other thoughts than these that I am now having, have had in the past, and will have even in future. Basically, this means that whatever position that I have taken on this debate, it was caused to take.

Thus, if determinism is true, no one could know it is true since all positions are determined. I strongly disagree with this belief. Just like Skinner who views that that every human behavior is entirely controlled by hereditary and ecological factors. The same applies to human actions that are determined by both environmental factors and genetic make-up of the individual.

Some people criticize the theory of determinism. This can be compared to the subject of how Americans view drug addiction.The Federal Bureau of Narcotics believes that narcotics addiction is an action that squarely depends on the police control. They suggest that crime levels have increased because of drug addiction.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The proponents of this school of thought claim that crimes perpetuated by drug addicts are directly linked to narcotics; they also argue that before becoming addicts,many addicts were gangs. On the other hand,others people criticize this belief, and contend that addiction is a disease, or anything similar to it.Therefore,punishing the addicts is not the best solution.

They claim that most addicts engage in criminal activities to get money to purchase the narcotics and not the opposite. For most of our history, drug addiction has been considered a weakness of the will, an inability to control one’s desires. But now there is a growing consensus in the medical and treatment communities that addiction is a disease.

The relevance of determinism theory in this scenario is that it helps us to cement the belief that human actions or behavior have antecedent cause, an event having a previous cause and the events go up to infinitum.

On one hand causal Determinists contend that because of the laws of cause and effect, each and every event that occurs after a preceding event is determined. Thus, the decisions that human beings make are predetermined, hence there is no room to make a choice, or what they refer to as ‘free will’.

On the other hand, logical determinism believes that man’s actions or involvement in events is not predetermined.The future is independent of the present or past events.

In short, we can say that once the logic or justification of some belief is understood, a rational person is bound to accept the belief. Since many of us have abandoned our childhood belief in Santa Clause, I cannot choose to actually believe in Santa again. In real sense it means that human beings make rational choices about their beliefs especially after truth dawning on them.


How do you Define Good Design Analytical Essay college essay help online

A good designis described by whetherit achieves the end results desired. For a project to besignificant there has to be a project manager who should have the qualities needed for managing the project. The quality of art depends on the viewer, since we cannot always rely on the understanding of art experts to influence our decisions regarding good and bad art.

An art project can be said to be significant based on the assessment of several characteristics that include uniqueness, beauty, skill, natural meaning and acquired target. Beauty cannot be influenced, and comes naturally to an individual. A person’s opinion of beauty can be influenced by color, texture, pattern and presentation, among other factors.

The skill and technique of art is measurable, based on an individual’s experience or interaction with other works of art. This feature can be influenced by the talent indicated, level of attention given in the work and consistency of the art work. Another important feature of art work is the meaning portrayed, whether it is emotional, political or just a random concept.

The next aspect that makes a project significant is its uniqueness, which depends on the message being relayed by the artist, as well as the way it is expressed. The last aspect, fulfilled intent, looks at the message being portrayed by the artist. This message, which is usually expressed as a statement on the art work, should help the viewers to understand it easily.

The building environment is evaluated by coming up with a structure that helps in definition, establishes methods to define progress, provides a common set of values,and suggests a management system and decision protocol that will help in evaluation.

The designprocess that produces the best results is that which requires the integrationof many kinds of information into a synthetic whole. This includes the active and continuing participation of users, building technologists, cost consultants, code officials, structural civil electrical and mechanical engineers, specification specialists and consultants from many other concerned fields.

Designing is a collaborative effort. Collaboration is working together to achieve desired goals, whereby two or more people work together to realize theirgoals. Therefore, in design, for the end products to be achieved, many people have to work together and collaborate. Hence, it is seldom a product of a singular genius.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Architecture should not fade into the background, because structures come up every day, hand in hand with economic growth. To achieve this,architectural knowledge is a requirement.

Good designs shouldbe innovative; thus, new ideas brought forward are still considered as useful to a design, since they provoke serious thought among the architects.

There are certain principles that architects and designers should follow when coming up with an architectural design. These principles are beneficial help in creating a desirable design. A design can be weak or strong depending onhow the designer understands the principles of the design and how one can apply them.

They include: balance, which involves bringing together various components in order to create a feeling of equality of weight and attention; movement, which is defined as the linethat we see in art work, which moves along in a particular directionas a suggestion for action;

repeat and rhythm, which is the repetition of an element irregularly or regularly, resulting in a rhythm; emphasis, which involves concentrating on a single area of work; simplicity, which involves the elimination of elements that are not essential;

contrast, which is the difference between various elements; proportion, which examines the way two things relate in quantity, quality or measure; space, which looks at the distance between objects or forms; and unity, which examines how the parts of an individual and the whole composition relate.


Final Strategic Plan and Presentation-Spaans Cookie Co Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Peter Spaans in Holland started Spaans Cookie Co in 1896; later in 1912, he moved to USA and in 1922 opened a bakery selling donuts, potato chips, and pastries. The bakery was formed with the intention of providing the customers their preferences. The company has, in the time of operation, merged with other businesses.

It was designed to be a premium priced bakery, which targeted customers of a higher income level. The success of Spaans Cookie Co is not only in terms of having smooth operations throughout the company but also in the fact that in this industry, there is a very large margin for premium pricing if the company is able to develop a strong value with its customers.

Creating such value is very difficult because they have to cater to the cultural needs of the area they are operating in so that the food provided to the customers is acceptable.

Spaans Cookie Co caters on providing the experience to the consumers, and for that experience, we need the right people for the job. The company, just like any other business, has faced tests in its operations but has emerged stronger. This paper will explore the strategic plan to be implemented by the company to improve its services.

Vision, mission, values Vision statement: the long-term plans of the company are to increase value in such a manner that they remain market leaders. Due to this reason, the mission statement is such that it allows them to progress globally without any problems.

The vision statement guarantees success in the long run as it allows future progress in such a manner that it is acceptable to stakeholders. Unless such windows of opportunities are utilized, it would be very difficult for the company to be in the industry in the long- run. For Spaans Cookie Co, the customers are the most important aspect and providing a value for their money their primary objective.

Mission statement- Spaans Cookie Co has a productivity mission statement that has been issued to all employees, the employees actively carry out the tasks in fulfillment of the goals in the mission statement, and the management gives high priority to the achievement of those goals.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The productivity norms are integrated with the organization’s productivity plans because productivity improvement plan is most effective if it is integrated into the organization’s strategy planning. The results of such plans are not evaluated the overall cost of production as far as Spaans Cookie Co is concerned.

Value Facet Analysis– There is a number of workers of different cultures working in Spaans Cookie Co and as such, cultural issues is a problem in Spaans Cookie Co. However, managers have been trained to handle cross-cultural teams and to deal with cultural issues within their teams.

The top recommendations given have a lot to do with the current organizational culture in Spaans Cookie Co, banking more on complacency, inefficiency, poor communication, less teamwork etc. This trend has to be halted and a new culture of efficiency, competence, effective communication, teamwork etc is brought in. The recommendations suggested would be able to bring in all these traits among the workers as well as in the management.

Most of the employees of Spaans Cookie Co seem not to be interested in aligning their values with that of the organization’s values. The recommendations suggested would align the values of the employees with that of the organization’s values and if any employee’s values cannot be aligned with that of the organization, then he or she should be forced to leave the organization.

There is a good understanding of supplier values in Spaans Cookie Co but the understanding can be hampered if supplies of materials are not made on time as agreed upon due to employee negligence and poor productivity at Spaans Cookie Co. There is need to have understanding of supplier values and provide more consideration to their values by Spaans Cookie Co.

Any organization should have a better understanding of what the customer values. In the case of Spaans Cookie Co, the customer looks up to company to deliver taste cookies. This goes a long way in meeting those customer values.

Spaans Cookie understands the values of third parties like labor unions, the government regulatory agencies etc. If regular employees were sacked for their inefficiency and poor productivity, the labor unions and regulatory agencies would react and from their reactions appropriate steps can be taken that would push Spaans Cookie Co to greater productivity levels and increase efficiency.

We will write a custom Essay on Final Strategic Plan and Presentation-Spaans Cookie Co specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Spaans Cookie Co management is unyielding in front of the labor unions and the regulatory agencies in their determination to make it a productive and efficient organization.

Currently the employees of Spaans Cookie Co who are shepherds of the owner’s assets do seem to be interested in increasing the value of their owner’s assets. However, some of them do work but their complacency hampers their productivity and therefore the increase in value for the owner’s assets is hampered.

External and Internal Environmental SWOTT Analysis Table

Factor Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Trend External Legal


The Worrying Population Statistics Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Summary





Summary Roberts (2011) article highlights on the increased world population, which currently stands at about seven billion people. To estimate the world’s population, UN and USCB use statistics and censuses from over 228 political entities and countries. The censuses and statistics not only help to project deaths inclusive of those caused by epidemics but also to project births inclusive of those conceived by the refugees.

Approximately, 367,000 people are born each day while 153,000 people die each day hence resulting into an increase of 78.5 million people annually. As revealed, the increased population results from the gradual decline of deaths and gradual increase of births in a rapid manner. As a result, more people are born whilst fewer people succumb to death thus leading to population increment “attainment of billion-person milestones every 12 or 13 years” (Roberts, 2011, para. 11).

Analysis However, one cannot help but note the statistical discrepancies that exist between the United Nations and USCB. USCB notes that the population will not reach 7 billion until four months are over. This implies that the United Nations ‘miss’ the population estimation “of 28 million, which is more that all people in Saudi Arabia” (Roberts, 2011, para. 2).

The justification behind the outcome is the “margin of error of at least 1 percent” (Roberts, 2011, para. 4) which is said to give room for errors. Considering that UN and USCB collected information from similar sources, the estimation should be approximately the same and therefore, the error margin is not justifiable.

A close look reveals that the disparity results from interpretation of figures. USCB use ‘silly’ or impractical population interpreters ‘population clock’ that projects the number of persons who die or are given birth to every minute. As indicated, UN “don’t use a population clock” (Roberts, 2011, para. 6).

Unfortunately, USCB dismisses these claims when they state that their estimates are precise ‘remarkably close’ (Roberts, 2011, para. 10). This shows that they are not willing to solve the population’s statistical differences between them and UN.

Interpretation The more people the world has, the more resources are used. Therefore, if there is an increased population that the world can barely support, people will competed for the available resources including land, water and the available economic opportunities. This implies that there are people who will be destitute.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, increased competition for the available resources implies that people will have to fight for the resources thus resulting to conflicts, which can lead to wars. This explains why there is a need to have proper population estimates. They form the basis of addressing the needs and problems that the world’s population is facing such as mitigating overpopulation.

Opinion/insight Changes in population could affect all people including me. If the world becomes overpopulated, I would likely succumb to poverty or live in a war-stricken society. For this reason, I think that the USCB and the UN should collaboratively evaluate the population estimates.

This will help them come up with the most appropriate method that they can use to interpret the statistics and the censuses collected. In addition, this will help them come up with a more precise estimate for the world’s population and project how the population growth will be in future. This way, all members of the society including the government and the international bodies can come up with precise solutions that could help mitigate overpopulation.

References Roberts, S. (2011). U.N. says 7 billion now share the world. Retrieved from


Art Appreciation Compare and Contrast Essay cheap essay help

Renaissance Paintings In the middle age period between thirteenth and sixteenth century, Renaissance paintings dominated the art scene. These paintings reflected themes of religious inspiration and quest to understand God. The environment, saints, and heaven were visualized in religious, law, and medicine themes.

Generally, the interest of these artists was to paint astronomy, biology, natural world and science in the most captivating ways possible. Thus, this research paper attempts to evaluate symbolism, styles, material used, meaning, and aesthetic values of two outstanding paintings as a comparison and contrast of another. In addition, the treatise classifies these paintings into their respective classes, dimensionality, nature, message, and traditional functions.

The paintings identified for this analysis are the Madonna and Child in Glory by Jacopa di Cione in the period between 1360 and 1365, and the Adoration of the Shepherds by Giovanni Agostino da Lori in 1510. The Madonna and child in Glory panting is a landscape painting.

Jacopa has successfully painted this picture of the mother in a three dimensional form. Within its frame, it is clear that the saints are standing before Madonna, and the angels behind her. With the available mathematical formulas, Jacopa uses this tool to represent a convincing three dimensional space giving an impression of the painting frame being a window frame.

Interestingly, the first impression on looking into the painting is the same as that of gazing through a window (Catholic Museum, 2009). Since Madonna and Child in Glory painting was done in the 13th century when egg tempera was the most common material, Jacopa’s painting consists of egg tempera on a golden panel (The Guardian, 2009).

The egg tempera is casted on golden panel. The colors used include blue, yellow, gold, orange, cream, grey, and red mixed. The central image is that of Madonna holding her baby and is larger than the saints standing at Madonna’s feet or the angels on the upper edges.

Specifically, Jacopa made Madonna and her child the centre of attraction to enable viewers understand her significance and importance above others. The rough texture is properly merged with an array of soft and vibrant colors to make the final product look very real.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The rough texture is as a result of the quick drying nature of egg tempera. The subject matter of this painting is revelation of the religious significance of Madonna giving birth of Messiah. Madonna is surrounded by gold background symbolizing atmospheric value of heaven and beauty.

This art is representational of religious beliefs of the Catholic community who lived in this period. The hieratic painting conforms to Catholics ways of representing heavenly beings as larger than the ordinary men. Madonna’s rank is higher than that of the saints and angels (Sammuel, 2000). This painting displays the heavenly beauty in a rich atmosphere.

On the other hand, Adoration of the Shepherds painting by Giovanni Agostino da Lodi is also a three dimensional realistic painting done with more skills than the Madonna. The material used in this painting is oil spread on panel.

Unlike Jacopa’s piece of art, Agostina manages to present finer details of the images in his painting. The images are clear and the characters similar in size apart from the little baby. The technique of brush painting with a mixture of colors reveals an active aspect of imagery and inartistic realism.

A blend of soft and vibrant colors gives this painting a soft texture and refined composition. The translucent oil paint often dries slowly. This gave Agostina ample time to work on each layer of colors. In the end, the product appears deep and of greater dimension. A blend of green, yellow, grey, red, violet, and creamy colors makes the picture very attractive (Robin, 2007).

With the emergence of humanist ideology, Agostina is influenced to adopt the earthy theme of a green natural background as opposed to Jacopa’s heavenly golden background. The landscape and background of this painting presents an impression of forest, green gardens, and dwelling places of ordinary men (Michael, 2010).

This piece of art depicts two shepherds and an angel together with baby Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph. The angel is busy playing a lute in a natural green environment.

We will write a custom Essay on Art Appreciation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The green landscape is symbolic of these figures in the physical being and not heavenly world. The mood of this painting is happiness. Thus, this symbolizes the possibilities of living happy and full life on earth before transitional link to heaven. The perspective used in creating this painting presents a chronological sequence of color pigmentation on a specific landscape.

Agostina and Jacopa lived in the renaissance era. Their painting styles are more or less the same. This was later adopted by the modern academic arts (Adrian, 2000). These paintings present the relationship between humanity, universe and God. Simultaneously, classical precedent architecture has facilitated acceptance of these masterpieces and study.

These paintings are of extra ordinary quality representing the Catholic Church’s doctrines and beliefs. In conclusion, these paintings intrinsically influence views and nature of life in the world and heaven. Besides, posterity and simple oil and tempera on panel paintings communicates different artistic impressions within the same theme.

a.1 Madonna and Child in Glory by Jacopa di Cione (1360-1365).

a.2 Adoration of the Shepherds by Giovanni Agostino da Lori (1510).

References Adrian, F. (2000). Artist of the Italian Renaissance. In Chronology part one(500-1350). Web.

Michael, D. (2010). Madonna and Child. In Artlex art dictionary modules. Web.

Robin, N. (2007). Key Innovations and Artists of the Italian Renaissance. In Eyecon Art. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Art Appreciation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sammuel, K. (2000). Humanism in the Renaissance. In the Renaissnce Connection. Web.

The Guardian. (2009). Why can’t scientists date the Portland Vase? In The Guardian(newspaper). Web.

Vatican Museum. (2009). Borghase Gallary. In Vatican Museum. Web.


Human Resource Management Argumentative Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Affirmative action

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)



Any given society is made up of different social groups mainly characterized by varied features such as race, gender, ethnicity and economic status among others. As a result, there are various imbalances that exist in societies in terms of access to available opportunities. In a business setting, the employed human resource exhibits such variations and at time, there have been cases whereby employees are discriminated due to their race, age, gender and religion.

To mitigate this, governments have in the recent past established legislations that seek to protect employees from such discriminations when it comes to employment, promotions, demotions and rewards. This paper shall set out to identify and analyze three legislations that specifically deal with discrimination in promotion and hiring. To this end, an overview of the selected legislations shall be provided, and their strengths and weaknesses analyzed.

Affirmative action The affirmative action plan was introduced in 1961 by President Kennedy in order to address discrimination based on race and minorities in various sectors (Pynes, 2008). Today, federal contractors and subcontractors are expected to implement affirmative action when recruiting, hiring and promoting minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans.

Pynes (2008) asserts that the procedures used to implement affirmative action in work places should be incorporated into the company’s personnel policies and are expected to be updated annually. The main advantage of affirmative action is that it empowers the minority communities and other vulnerable groups by ensuring that they have an equal opportunity to compete favorably with advantaged groups in society.

On the other hand, Pynes (2008) states that affirmative action leads to misguided notions adopted by the minority groups. For example, young employees from minority groups who join the workforce may expect preferential treatment in regard to promotion and compensation as a result of affirmative action plans set by organizations. This is not right since such considerations should be based on merit (experience) rather than status.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 According to EEOC (2011, p. 1), Title VII “prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.” Section 703 of this act clearly states that it is unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire or discharge an individual based on his color, race, religious affiliation or nationality.

In addition, it states that it is considered as an unlawful employment practice when an employer discriminates against any individual in matters pertaining to compensation, terms and conditions of employment or privileges due to the individual’s sex, religion, race or nationality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Similarly, Title VII considers it an unlawful employment practice if an employer segregate, limit or classify his/her employees in a manner that denies or seeks to deny any individual employment opportunities or affect an individual’s employment status because of his/her race, sex, religion or nationality (EEOC, 2011).

The Act applies to employment agencies, labor organizations, training programs, national security agencies and other sectors within the economy. The main advantage of this legislation is that it protects all employees in varied sectors and gives them a leveled field from which they can effectively compete with others for employment opportunities.

On the other hand, the legislation does not consider language barriers and cultural and religious differences, which may affect the employment process regardless of qualifications. For example, an Indian call center representative may find it hard to gain employment for a similar post in the united state due to the language barrier. This is a disadvantage to organizations since hiring such individuals may cost them in the long run.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) ADEA prohibits employers from discriminating against any individual because of their age. Cihon and Castagnera (2008) assert that the Act states that employers should not refuse to hire, promote, or discharge an employee on the basis of age. It covers matters pertaining to compensation, terms and conditions and other rights such as health care benefits.

In addition, the authors state that the Act specifically seeks to protect employees over the age of 40 years by promoting the employment of older persons in society (Cihon


Areas in which an employer may need to discipline its employees Essay college essay help

Illegal or Unethical Conduct If an employee is involved in any form of illegal or unethical conduct, then such an act would of necessity warrant a disciplinary measure from the employer. Whenever such allegation are made against an employee, it is incumbent on the employer to ensure that thorough investigations are carried out concerning the said allegations before any disciplinary measure is taken on the offender.

The investigation must give sufficient accurate evidence to prove that the employee did really commit the infraction, as such, if the offence is contained in the code of ethics for the institution, the policies thereby must be adhered to the letter (Morris, 2010, p. 1).

Examples of such unethical conducts include but are not limited to; insubordination, theft, fraud and dishonesty, habitual absence without leave, habitual late attendance etcetera.

Under-performance or Incompetency Professional incompetency and under-performance on the part of the employee are some of the vices which can warrant a disciplinary action to be taken by the employer. For the employer to establish the validity of these kinds of allegations, it may take a short lived but timely investigation.

Having ascertained the truth of the matter, it is incumbent upon the employer to make a documentation of the findings in anticipation of any disciplinary measure or follow up initiative within the immediate future.

In a bid to establishing these facts, the employer may compare the said employee incompetency or under-performance with prior infractions associated with the employee in question, alternatively, the employer may consult the upper level of Human Resource management or any other supervisory organ of the institution for an impartial and objective opinion (Morris, 2010, p. 1).

For instance, if an employee is involved in such vices as negligence, sleeps during working hours, bullies and harasses co-workers including sexual harassment etcetera.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Possible types of discipline that may be instituted by the employer

In as much as the employer reserves the right to discipline its employee, the general code of ethics dictates that every disciplinary measure must be given in private, consistent, progressive and immediate.

An employer may, on the grounds of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the expressed or implied conditions of his service, after due inquiry; dismiss the employee without notice, downgrade the employee or impose any other lesser punishment as he deems just and fit and in the event that a punishment of suspension without wages is imposed, it should not exceed a period of two weeks (Aminuddin, 2009, p. 1).

For investigation purposes, the employer may suspend the employee from work for a period not exceeding two weeks but shall pay him not less than half his wages for such period, with the condition that if the investigation does not disclose any misconduct on the part of the employee the employer should forthwith restore to the employee the full amount of wages so withheld.

For minor offences, other disciplinary avenues may be explored by the employer which include; oral warning followed by counseling, warning formally in writing which should not exceed three occasions. The warning letters should describe clearly and specifically the employee misconduct.

Only on those serious crimes and employee misconducts does an employer reserve the right of outright dismissal of its uncouth employee.

Reference List Morris, M. etal. (2010). Documentation, Discipline, and Discharge. Web.

Aminuddin, M. (2009). Industrial Discipline. Web.

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Becwin Printing, Inc. Report (Assessment) college application essay help: college application essay help

Becwin Printing is a successful local business printing company that has managed to gain a large market share. The company’s history highlights several managerial challenges and strategies of business success. Albert Becwin started the company in 1981, at the time when he was a student and working as a salesman for his brother-in-law’s printing business.

After extensive research in business management, particularly printing, Becwin established his company with $20,000 capital, which was mostly borrowed, and another $13,000 from his friends in the printing business. The initial strategy of Becwin Printing was to go after customers with printing needs and ability to pay. Thus, the focus was on banks since it proved profitable for Becwin.

In 1982, Becwin hired Allan White as a partner and the business manager. White purchased 20% of the company because he had been working as a bank executive and was among Becwin’s customer. The business was successful because the sales reached $7.3 million and an operating profit of $657,000 in 1994. Between 1995 and 2004, Becwin registered a profitable growth of about $20 million is sales.

Despite the business growth, Becwin faced many challenges as a leader. Managing the expanding business required feasible leadership strategies, and thus Becwin opted to contact Beth Schubert from a management-consulting firm on how to run the business.

Schubert proposed that the company’s top management should delegate duties to other operational managers. The business was restructured in 1999 to ensure customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Becwin replaced the sales manager, the production manager, the head of the stripping department, and hired new managers to take the positions. Therefore, there was delegation of duties which elicited new policies, systems, procedures and controls to maintain Becwin’s market share.

In addition, buying out White was a challenge after his retirement in 1999. The options available for Becwin was going public, selling out, using Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), and re-capitalization. He however assimilated the ESOP option whereby over a seven-year period, 65 percent of the company’s ownership would be relocated to the Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The strategy was successful because a bank loan financed ESOT, and White received $800, 000 in cash. ESOT affected the company’s funding strategy because everything had to be reported together, including the financial position of the company. Nevertheless, Becwin saw this as a challenge because it gave people a false sense of security.

Another challenge was the pressure to adopt the changing information technology. Many printing business emerged in 2000s, which forced Bercwin to gather necessary information from customers about their needs. He was successful in customer orientation because the profits were positive with a growth rate of 17.6% in 2010 as compared to 8.7% in 2005.

In essence, the major factors that facilitated Bercwin’s success include in-house design, sales force, and expansion of value chain, business description, cost control, and operating practices. The business focuses on customer’s requirements because it conducts surveys to develop ideas.

This implies that the company is more market driven than product driven. Similarly, the re-engineering of production systems has enabled the organization to embrace digital production in its value chain. In managing the sales force, the company trains its own sales people through continuous professional development programs, thus creating loyal workforce.

Moreover, the company utilizes its equipments because the press lines are specialized to reduce unnecessary cost and waste, thus encouraging lean initiatives in the production process. Therefore, Becwin believes that the company will still grow in future despite the intellectual and leadership challenges.


Reflection on Malcolm X Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The Pan-African movement played an invaluable role towards the emancipation of the African Americans. Various African American leaders played significant roles towards the achievement of this goal.

Malcolm X was a prominent figure in the Pan-African world. Based on this notion, this paper is structured by highlighting how the early life of Malcolm X shaped his contribution towards becoming a leading personality in the Pan-African world. Thereafter, the paper reviews the main contributions Malcolm made towards the realization of the African American dreams.

Malcolm X is among the few African Americans who left a lasting mark in the United States history. Coming from a difficult background, Malcolm X had to endure a number of unfavorable events both in his childhood and in adulthood.

To begin with, at the onset of his childhood, Malcolm X had to put up with the persecution directed against his family owing to the fact that the father was a Christian reverend. It appears that the major undoing of Malcolm X’S father was supporting the cause of the African American race. After the death of Malcolm X’S father, the mother was diagnosed with a mental illness and sent to a medical facility. This implies that Malcolm X and his siblings had to be taken to different places for upbringing.

In my view, this could prove a difficult moment for Malcolm X and the siblings since any child needs the love of parents when growing up. Later Malcolm X engages in Larceny, which earns him 10 years in prison. In prison, Malcolm X gets the opportunity to learn Islam. After successfully learning the Islamic religion, Malcolm X becomes an influential cleric who traverses various places in a bid to spread the Islamic word although he mainly focuses on the unjust American society.

During the 1960’s the American society was highly divisive. As Malcolm X remarks, America was facing a serious concern. The problem was reflected both in the country and in its people. As Malcolm X proceeds, it becomes apparent that the focus is on racial discrimination in the United States at the time.

The African Americans and other minority groups in the United States were facing all sorts of discrimination during this time. This scenario was more pronounced in the Southern States as the minority groups in America were forced to work as slaves in plantations. Therefore, in the views of Malcolm X, the American society was divided along racial lines as the white man controlled the state and did everything to ensure that the other races did not participate in the American State as equal citizens.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Differences based on race, religion, color, political party orientation, etc were major issues affecting the American society. Malcolm X chose to demystify these differences by clearly pointing out that as they gathered, they did not do so based on their respective affiliations but did so as equal human beings. This is reflected in the speech Malcolm X delivered in a bid to unify the African Americans.

Having realized the gravity of the task that lay ahead, Malcolm X used the speech to implore those in attendance to unite in order to defeat the common enemy. According to Malcolm X, the common enemy was not only an oppressor but was also a common discriminator and exploiter. Using my learning experience, it is true that the African Americans and other minority races in the US such as Mexicans, Spanish Americans, etc, had to suffer racial injustices.

As an illustration, the minority races were not allowed to share same public places such as beaches, schools and churches. Worse still, they were denied other basic rights such as voting rights. Hence, Malcolm X was being a realist by asking the African Americans to unite and seek a reversal of these happenings in order to attain an equal footing in regards to citizenship.

After identifying the common enemy as the white man, Malcolm X uses the speech to rally African Americans. Malcolm X seeks to foster unity among the African Americans. This is achieved by asking the Africa Americans to put aside squabbles amongst themselves and instead focus their energies on the common oppressor.

Malcolm X also looks at the double standards applied by the white man. He points out how the white man sends people to fight others such as the Japanese, the Koreans, the Germans, the French, etc leading to bloodshed. However, the white man is at pains when such events take place within his own land.

Malcolm X supports this assertion by highlighting the idea that the White man only perceives violence to be wrong in America but not in other places. This view holds since, the white man put obstacles on the way of civil right movements and any minority uprisings that pursued justice or equality in America.

Malcolm X cites several revolutions that took place in other countries as examples to emulate. Revolutions such as the American Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the French Revolution, the Kenyan Revolution and other independent revolutions were mentioned. In my view, Malcolm X was using these revolutions to spur the African Americans into action. Using these examples amounted to challenging the African Americans by telling them that what awaited them was a normal task that had been achieved elsewhere.

We will write a custom Essay on Reflection on Malcolm X specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The Pan-African Movement was important in championing the rights of the African American people. Various individuals such as Malcolm X made significant contributions towards this cause. Malcolm X endured difficult spells before embarking on the emancipation role. Based on the evidence adduced in this paper, it is clear that Malcolm X goes down the history records as a leading Pan-African.


The Patterns of Brain Imaging: Looking for the Answers Analytical Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction: The Main Idea

Concerning the Argument Structure

The Significance of the Research

The Question to Answer

Works Cited

Introduction: The Main Idea Speaking of the chapter fMRI Brain Imaging and the Experience of Sound from Morana Alač’s book Handling Digital Brains, one should mark that the author is trying to convey to the people the importance of comprising the visual and the acoustic information that the fMRI device provides in the course of the examination of the patient.

As the author explains, deciphering the information that is concealed in the sounds made by the machine is just as important as being able to read the information in the tomography picture.

Moreover, Alač emphasizes that it is only with the combination of the two that the doctor can obtain the relevant information and be completely sure that he has all the necessary facts: “In the current account of MRI visuals, this focus on the sound is the first step in indicating how scientists understand and deal with brain imaging data” (Alač 66).

Concerning the Argument Structure It is quite remarkable that the structure of the argument in the paper provides rather insightful observation of the problem and allows the reader see the essence of the issue under discussion.

Initiating the audience briefly into the history of the researches concerning a human brain and the way a human brain works, Alač emphasizes the significance of the issue in question and shifts into the sphere of the practical appliance of the developed theories. Hence, the reader is initiated into the way MRI was created and improved, and understands the way the MRI works, learning its basic principle.

Furthermore, Alač explains the methods to learn people’s reactions to the sounds that the machine makes and the feelings they have about it: “They tried to modify somewhat the prototypical scanning procedures while teaching human cognition as an embodied process” (Alač 56). Furthermore, depicting the UCSD fMRI working principle, the author stresses the changes that have been made to comprise the information obtained from the pictures of fMRI and the sounds that can be analyzed as well.

Intertwining the elements of theory with the practice and discussing the results, Alač finally comes to marking the importance of the “acoustic event” (66) and makes it clear that, when processing the information that comes from both the visual and the audio sources, doctors will be able to “hear as an fMRI practitioner” (66), which is of utter importance for further researches.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Significance of the Research There is no doubt that the given paper is of utter importance for the future interpretation of the fMRI results and the understanding of the way the patients feel when being examined with the help of the fMRI device. According to what Alač says, the results of the tests held so far prove to be of great significance for the further work of the new fMRI practitioners.

It is obvious that the results obtained in the course of experiments are of crucial significance: “The description of how sound functions as a pedagogical agent in the laboratory calls attention to sound as a significant quality of experience for practitioners who work with fMRI visuals” (Alač 54).

In the light of the little facts that the fMRI practitioners have when viewing only the imagery of the fMRI pictures, the importance of Alač’s research is doubtless: “Studies of MRI have emphasized the interpretation of recorded visual and numerical data, with little discussion of the acoustic experience” (Alač 55).

The Question to Answer Why is the experience of “being in the scanner” (Alač 59), according to the author, serves as “an early step in the fMRI apprenticeship” (Alač 59)?

Works Cited Alač, Morana. “fMRI Brain Imaging and the Experience of Sound.” Handling Digital Brains. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 49-66. Print.


Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything by Kenneth Hall Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Summary

How it relates to the history of special education

How it relates to education today

Works Cited

Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything is a very insightful book that relates and resonates well with our current educational environment.

The book, written by Kenneth Hall is very essential for young people who are living with Asperger’s Syndrome. In fact, the writer has written the book with a lot of sincerity and innocence that could only be possible from a child’s point of view (Hall 19). This implies that it has been written from an insight that can entirely be understood by children. All in all, this book is very essential for young people who have been affected and others who live with them.

In a broad perspective, there are others who work with people who have Asperger’s Syndrome which therefore requires a better understanding. The education sector is faced with a lot of challenges every now and then as a result of different changes. In this case, people have different needs as far as education is concerned which presents diverse and numerous challenges.

Kenneth offers a good insight because he has been through the same experience that young people with Asperger’s Syndrome have to cope with.

As a matter of fact, he describes all these aspects with honesty by giving us a better overview of the difficulties that people go through including school going children. Despite all this difficulties, the writer is very positive about his condition and future where he regards Asperger’s Syndrome as a gift (Hall 25).

This can be explained effectively by looking at education today. It should be understood that there has been a growing need for special education because people and individuals with special needs have increased as time goes by. As far as the education industry is concerned, special education has been gaining prominence recently to take care of different and diverse needs.

Children with special needs require education just like normal kids which explains why the book relates well with the history of special education. In fact, it relates well with education because it tries to explain what teachers go through while dealing with children who have special needs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Summary As far as this book is concerned, readers get their own understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome from what the writer is able to explain. Because he had difficulties as a result of Asperger’s Syndrome he explains and elaborates the emotions, frustrations and joy that he experienced.

In a school setting, we should be able to understand different people because of diversity (Bowe 37). This book is a must read for all stakeholders in the education sector based on what it offers. Parents and family members of children with Asperger’s Syndrome should support them wholeheartedly for long term sustainability. Although it might be challenging, there should be concreted efforts to assist children with disabilities.

Kenneth’s story offers a good insight into the life of people who are living with Asperger’s Syndrome. This is based on the history of special education because it has taken time to be factored in the education sector. The role of education in our society can not be underestimated which explains its importance and the impact that it has on our lives.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction. They are repetitive patterns of interest that are exhibited by different people which limits their ability to suit in a group.

The writer was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of eight but this did not kill his pursuit and desire for education. Asperger’s Syndrome is something that we have been hearing about every now and then but different people do not know what it is all about. In fact, people do not know what it feels like to have this disorder.

People who can explain this disorder are parents, guardians and teachers who know and understand what it revolves around. Ken is a young boy who has Asperger’s Syndrome but he has tried to make us understand and see the world through his eyes. This is based on the fact that the young boy who is just ten years old is exceptionally gifted (Hall 33). By reading the book, we are given a better overview on how it feels like to view the world in this special way.

Despite the fact that the writers life changed completely as a result of the syndrome, this should not be a big challenge to other children because the society should help them to cope with the situation (Turnbull 57). We should adapt what the writer says that children who have the syndrome are the best experts. It should be known to us that we can do something to assist people who have the syndrome based on the fact that they are also social beings.

We will write a custom Essay on Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything by Kenneth Hall specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Life can be hard for children who have this disorder because of depression which affects their ability to suit in a group but through assistance, things can change positively. In this case, they should be made to understand that they have the syndrome to enable them go about their studies. As a matter of fact, people with Asperger’s Syndrome should be helped to understand the world better. More attention should be focused on school going children because education defines their future.

How it relates to the history of special education Special education has evolved from an untenable situation where many children with disabilities could not be allowed in school. Apart from being excluded from schools, some of them ended up dropping out before graduating.

There are children with different disabilities and this is where the history of special education can be traced from. Access to appropriate education should not be a preserve of a few students but it should be considerable to all. Because their children were excluded from education, parents ended up forming advocacy groups.

As time went by, students with disabilities were able to spend some time in classrooms with teachers who understood them better. This book relates well with the history of special education because it tries to explain why students with disabilities need to be given the attention that they deserve (Hall 74). Students with Asperger’s Syndrome have found it difficult to communicate with others around them and this necessitates a positive approach.

These are some of the challenges that have been seen around in relation to special education and this book offers a good insight on how such students should be understood. Special education has been evolving as time goes by based on the fact that the society has come to appreciate children with disabilities like Asperger’s Syndrome.

This is based on the common adage that disability should never be inability. Just like the writer is trying to make us understand the world of people with Asperger’s Syndrome, we have a role to play in ensuring that special education is successful for long term sustainability (Turnbull 66). Intellectual disabilities should not deter others from education because they can still realize their full potential.

Special education has been redefined every now and then to suit diverse and distinct needs because of the changing environment. This implies that all stakeholders should come together to support the cause for special education because it is the only way and avenue through which students with disabilities like Asperger’s Syndrome can be taken care of.

How it relates to education today Education today has various challenges because of different complexities and the changing environment. This book relates well with education today because it has given us an insight of real life situations that we encounter every now and then as result of different disabilities (Bowe 59).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything by Kenneth Hall by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More People have different disabilities and these are the realities that we face in our society today. In this case, everybody should be given an opportunity to realize his full potential through good and effective education. The writer tells us that it is only children with Asperger’s Syndrome who can help us understand this disorder.

Education should not be a preserve for a few people but it ought to be wholesome and this is a challenge that the society needs to match up to. As far as education today is concerned, we have children who are exceptionally gifted like the writer yet they are not given an opportunity to excel.

In this case, we should rise up together as a society to help people and students with disabilities like Asperger’s Syndrome because they also need a chance. Everybody has an effective role to play in enhancing education by supporting children with disabilities.

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List and explain the eight seasonal celebrations of Wicca Essay essay help

The eight Wicca celebrations of the year make up what is symbolically known as the eight-spoke wagon wheel. Each of the wheels spoke stand for one of the eight regular rites. The celebrations are also called the Sabbats., with each of the Sabbat ritual being built on the legend or myth of deities that each season is related with. The eigtht celebrations are Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Laughnasadh and mabon (Grimassi 42).

Samhain marks the beginning of the year on October. It is the period before the birth of the god. The myth of the ritual is that the goddess in this period is mourning the death of the god who sacrificed himself so that people can enjoy a bountiful harvest of the grain. She prepares herself to give birth to the Child of the God.

Yule is celebrated mostly on December 21. It marks birth of the new light, which is birth of the god and he symbolizes the new sun for years to come. The idea is that of rebirth and renewal. Belief associated with this day is that it is the shortest in the year. From this day, the days become longer and lighter.

The new sun comes to save the earth from the darkness. This is because the god symbolizes the daylight, and just like how the daylight uncovers everything for us to see. It is associated with things that are common, practical and tangible (Grimassi 47).

Imbolc on the other hand takes place in the month of February. It marks time for preparation and purification. In this period, the born sun is held back by winter. The goddess is introduced here as the flame that starts to melt and attract the god. Goddess is actually the night in this mythos of light and shadows.

She is associated with hidden magic and secret, just like the night hides things from being seen. Today, this festival that in the past used to be celebrated on the eve of February takes place either exactly on second of February or before this.

Ostara follows suit in the month of March. It is also known as spring Equinox. It involves fertility stirring and awakening of the seed. The Goddess becomes young again due to underworld mortal realm and she rekindles the promise of renewed life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From this, they celebrate Beltane in the month of May. The ritual involves mating between male and female forces, which is nature impregnation. It is the period when the God begins courtship with the Goddess. Together with Samhain, these two are celebrated at night.

Litha or Summer Solstice on June follows Beltane. It is a period of nature being filled with abundance. This period is celebrated as the period when the two come together or get married.

In the month of August, people enjoy the abundance and celebrate it in the ritual called Lughnasadh. This timing for this celebration has changed to daytime on first august in the modern era (Grimassi 47). This harvesting period is celebrated the world over with some parts of it involving offering thanksgiving during the period. In ancient times, it was marked by pagans as a period of hope and fear.

Finally on September, they celebrate Mabon or Autum Equinox. In this period, there is decline of powers of life as God disappears into shadow. The Sun God dies in this period and Goddess go down to the underworld to get back her lover. The God is said to sacrifice himself for the sake of the people.

Work Cited Grimassi, Raven. Crafting Wiccan Traditions: Creating a Foundation for Your Spiritual Beliefs


Philosophical Concept of the Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” Explicatory Essay a level english language essay help

In the Plato’s parable of the cave, Plato talks about prisoners who were shackled in a cave with their necks tied in one position. He explains how difficult the conditions in the cave are so that the prisoners cannot even see the sunlight. In this case, the prisoners are not allowed to turn their heads, hence cannot see what is happening behind their backs.

Plato explains the presence of bright light that is visible during the day as a huge fire hanging from a fixed point. This is probably sunlight, which enters the cave via its opening. The prisoners perceive the light as fire since they are in a cocoon where they have no freedom to access the sunlight.

Augustine’s confessions According to Plato (516a-516c), the prisoners observe the luggage carried by people passing along the low built wall ranging from carvings made of stone and wood with other artifacts made by people as puppets. This symbolizes the inability of these prisoners to see beyond the wall and compares it with the low curtain that puppeteers put as they demonstrate their puppets.

In his confessions, Augustine illustrates the imagination of Plato as related to God and the creation of humankind. In his thought, people do not really understand the demarcation between men and God. Plato (1909-14) describes the shadow cast by objects as a misery. Saint Augustine, on the other hand, tries to explain that objects created by God are always in doubt. Augustine wonders if the existence of these composite objects can be considered according to their doubtful character in science.

The perception to this is that there are so many objects created by God, which are of doubtful character. These include the Earth itself, the Sun, the Moon and more, so the shadow is cast by objects, which lack full scientific explanation. It has been difficult to belief in the all-powerful God, which makes the story of creation look like a dream.

The Saint Augustine’s confession VII (10) describes the presence of God as light that is cast by sun. In his arguments, Augustine describes the ability to doubt the creation of humanity either by consequents or by fate as similar to the being of sun.

This is because under any circumstances, one can prove or disprove where the Sun comes from either scientifically or by the story of creation. In fact, the same doubt is found in the Plato’s parable of the cave where he illustrates the sunlight as huge fire perceived by the prisoners in the cave.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Augustine believes that no one can ascertain the Mighty being or believe that there is nothing certain. He rather foresees everything what is found on the Earth as deity and fabulous in comparison to the creation of God. Augustine says that whatever is in God’s mind, it touches our own mind like the light of the sun.

This is in reference to the parable of the cave by Plato who describes the prisoners in the cave as if they just see the shadow but not the sun itself. This context is an explanation of how it is impossible to see God just like how the prisoners can only see the light during the day and not the sun, but believe that there is a huge fire, which produces the light. Human beings can only imagine the existence of a mighty power but cannot see it since it can destroy their eyes.

Light is regarded as the correct knowledge of what exactly the mighty being, God, is. It might be quite impossible to conclude if the following belief is right, and there is God. As Augustine suggests, it is not easy to distinguish the moments when one is dreaming and when he/she is awake. While thinking of some of these composite objects, one can be confused as being asleep or awake due to the nature of the thoughts.

Conclusion According to Descartes’ meditations, the fact of not knowing is as important as knowing. This is as important since the story of composite beings on the Earth remains a point of research by scientists to determine what is not clear. The meditations describe the knowledge as light, which lacked explanation.

In his parable of the cave, Plato describes that it is not important to free the prisoners to discover what they do not know. The prisoners feel comfortable when they can not explain where the light is coming from. When the prisoners are set free from the chains, they experience the ‘fire’ that is so devastating. That is why, if the prisoner remained in the cave, the glare could not make him see the artifacts casting the shadow.

Perhaps, in such a case, It would be better not knowing what is out of our knowledge for it can subject some negative impacts on us. The meditations clearly show ignorance to knowledge as a tool of sleeping well without illusions. They demonstrate the need for an individual to gain objective truth that will help him to have a different view of the world.

Works Cited Saint, Augustine, Confessions. Henry Chadwick, trans. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. Print.

We will write a custom Essay on Philosophical Concept of the Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Chadwick, Henry. Augustine. New York: Oxford University Press, Past Masters Series, 1986. Print.


“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote Essay (Book Review) writing essay help: writing essay help

The Clutter family and how they serve as an example to the All American family The Clutter family is a symbol of the uppermost honesty of family life. Their decency is associated with the strength of their relations. They lead a thriving and admirable life. They are also famous and valued by neighborhood members (Capote 4). Moreover, they lead a regimented, but enjoyable and well-provided life.

In my opinion, the family is a good example to the American family because it was a disciplined one. For instance, the time the girls got home was by ten during weekdays, and by twelve on Saturdays (Capote 7). In addition, Clutter is known by the neighbors in the surroundings to be a kind boss who ensured that his employees were responsible; hence, they served a good example to the Americans (Capote 10).

Would justice have been served if Smith and Dick had been tried and sentenced separately? The initial idea of robbing the Clutters came from Dick (Capote15). Despite Smith wanting to back off when they failed to find the safe they had gone for, Dick urged him to hang about and pursue through. He lied to him that there were no witnesses, making him to commit the murders (Capote15).

Smith did not intend to commit the crime. However, due to the hardships and frustrations he had come across in life, he found himself seeking for revenge. To my mind, Dick was more responsible than Smith was; hence, he deserved a harsher punishment. This would surely lead to justice.

Comparison between Dick and Smith Smith was inventive, insightful, considerate, and smart. However, he comes from a distressed family (Capote 37). His reserved, insightful character contrasts Dick’s pretentious behavior. Dick is a self-confident, eloquent little criminal, who constantly conniving to make quick cash (Capote37).

According to me, Dick is the worst of the two. This is because he had so many advantages in life, which he could have used in order to make his life better. Because of being financially irresponsible, he leads his life away from a firm childhood to a life of insignificant faults. In addition, being the initiator of the robbery at Clutters, he backs off when the time for murder comes. Hence, he avoids being the murderer and lays the blame on Smith.

Hypocrisy Rarely do both Smith and Dick endure traditional religion. Dick was never induced by a conception of God, and regardless of Smith being temporarily influenced by the religious Willie- Jay, he could not find in his heart to pardon the nuns hypocrisy (Capote107). In the novel, religion is considered as a convenient tool of the wealthy and influential, and its account of decency excludes people like Smith and Dick.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hypocrisy can be seen in the sense that the two robbers are malformed from being cruel menaces and merciless individuals, whose dealings seem to disobey human judgment to burdened, sorry, completely civilized persons. The crime is made to look as a fundamental and literally reasonable set of emotional reactions. The novel seems to assert that criminality and wickedness are not different, but usual individual reactions.

Lessons learnt It is clear that the American dream is delicate, and it only functions if trivial citizens are absent. For instance, Herb Clutter’s American view would not have been crushed if it were not for Smith and Dick. In addition, Smith’s character would not have changed if his mother were taking care of him well. I would advocate for our courts to be more reasoning and hold everyone responsible for their own actions.

For instance, Smith did not deserve to die because of a crime initiated by Dick. In addition, I would advocate for change in the Child welfare department because, if at all they had been keen on the happenings, Smith would not have been raised by a drunkard mother and would not have been raised in orphanages where he was constantly mistreated, hence killing his vision in life. By doing this, the American dream cannot be shattered by some minor details like security and the aptitude to find out one’s own fate.

Fox’s letter Fox’s letter marks the onset of killers. A letter from Mr. Fox portrays a request for forgiveness of the murderous acts. The fact that Perry had shared with Dick the act of killing a black man makes me doubt his allegations, because he ended up killing a dog. Additionally, the letter contains no truth in it because Cluter, who is so close to Mr. Fox, come from a background that does not uphold murder.

However, there is a high possibility for the murderer to be a member of the house since the murderer knew the arrangement of the house. Therefore, this letter creates a gap between writings in the letter and the person’s own culture. This strikes us as naïve, has freshness of information, and a social interest that may prove difficult for us to share.

Works Cited Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences. New York: Random House, 1966. Print.


The Parable of the Cave, Augustine’s Confession, Descartes’s Confusion Explicatory Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Augustine’s Confession


Works Cited

Plato’s parable of the cave was describing the situation of prisoners chained and made to stay in one position for a long time. A fierce fire that was burning behind them was their only source of light.

The chains where designed in a way that the prisoners could see nothing else apart from their own shadows that were projected to the wall by the light from the fire. After sometime, puppets were moved in front of the fire and their shadows were projected to the wall too. The prisoner mastered puppets’ images as they appeared on the wall, they could even predict the sequence of appearance of these puppets. (Chadwick 13)

One day, one of the prisoners was set free from the chains and made to turn and see the fire, as well as the puppets, which he compared with the shadows he had been seeing he had been seeing. They were very different. Later, the freed prisoner moved out forcefully of the cave and saw the real things using the light from the sun.

The sun’s light was so bright and for some time he could not see anything. He even feared looking at it, until he was well adapted to the brightness. This prisoner was astounded to see how things really looked like and then difference between the objects and their shadows. While out there, he was able to see the difference between the shadows and the reflection of objects in water.

He remembered his fellow prisoners who were still in the darkness and chained in the cave. He decided to go back and save them from their confusion, but he found that the prisoners had even crowned each other for being then best in predicting the sequence of the images (Gilson, 369).

He could not do what they were doing and when he tried to tell them that what they were seeing was not real, they laughed at him, and accused him of destroying his eyes when he went up there. Though he pitied them, they could not buy his idea of reality, the only choice he had was to leave them. Had he insisted to liberate them, he would have paid a high price that could have included him life.

The fire and the puppets in the parable were signifying the unrevealed truths about reality, and the limiting aspect of this knowledge (Chadwick 325). The limited light signifies the shallow knowledge of reality that people get from politicians. The puppets are the issues that affect the life of men.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The puppets pass in front of the fire-projecting image on the wall that signifying distorted reality. As Plato saw it, people who become enlightened are the ones who should take the leadership in society, as they will lead people towards the truth. The fire and t he puppets also signifies politics, politicians and political leadership.

Augustine’s Confession Augustine knows that God is absolute and he is all knowing. God is also above the human beings in all aspects, and his confession he indicates and worships the power of God. Light refers to knowledge and a mind that is enlightened (Gilson 150). If God’s mind resembles absolute knowledge, then the point of contact with the human mind is like light.

God reveals wisdom to human beings by shading light on their brains that they may be able to reason in the right manner. Plato was referring to the light from the sun as the genuine illumination that helped people to see the reality, and that the sun controlled the seasons. Plato clearly demonstrated that light from the sun was brighter than that which was coming from the fire.

The light is unchangeable n the sense that it is absolute and complete. Least but to mention, it is in its whole form, and nothing is beyond it (Gilson 157). Even though the light is above us, it is in our mind because God allows it to have it. Human beings cannot perceive things that are not at par with them.

Confusion Descartes, in his first meditation, decided to doubt everything that he has ever believed and start seeing as false. His move was prompted by the realization of the fact that fact that everything that he knows was as his sense could perceive. Therefore, his knowledge lacked the aspect of objective truth, but remained subjective to the opinion of his senses. He started on a journey towards achieving the objective truth of the world, because he realized that his sense have been deceiving him (Saint, 100).

Plato discusses the same idea in his parable of the cave, as he indicated the need to take on a journey of salvation that will help him to see the real world. This journey begins with doubting the original knowledge and developing the desire to know then reality as it is not as it is perceived by the senses (Saint 96).

In conclusion, the philosophers named in this write up had a common vision of saving humanity from ignorance. They demonstrated the need for an individual to gain objective truth that will help him to have a different view of the world. They also emphasized on the need to recognize the superiority of God and the need to maintain a good relationship with him to be able to experience the truth.

We will write a custom Essay on The Parable of the Cave, Augustine’s Confession, Descartes’s Confusion specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Chadwick, Henry. Saint Augustine: Confessions. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Saint, Augustine. Confessions. Henry Chadwick, trans. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992.

Chadwick, Henry. Augustine. New York: Oxford University Press, Past Masters Series, 1986.

Gilson, Etienne. The Philosophy of Saint Augustine. L.E.M. Lynch, trans. London: Random House, 1960.


UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations Research Paper essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) operates within a broad framework of foreign policy. The foreign policy of UAE is founded on three main areas: diplomacy, negotiation and compassion. The UAE places the interests of its neighbors and the international community first, particularly with regards to international and regional peace and stability.

The UAE, in order to realize these objectives, has promoted bridges, developed partnerships and promoted dialogue. These factors have helped the government of UAE to pursue an affective and balanced international relations and foreign policy. The demand for justice in its international activities with other states, including the belief in the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign states is the guiding principle of the UAE’s foreign policy.

The UAE is dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflict and disputes, respect for international law and a firm implementation of international treaties and conventions. It is a member of both the UN and Arab League hence it has established diplomatic relations with approximately 100 countries in the world. The UAE has provided material and monetary support to various countries (US Department of State, 2011).

The relationship between the UAE and Afghanistan dates back to the 1980s during the communist regime when Soviet invaded Afghanistan. During this period, the government of UAE provided humanitarian and financial assistance to the people of Afghanistan to facilitate their fight for freedom.

It was also at that time that the people of Afghanistan were welcomed to reside in the UAE. It was after the defeat of the Soviet that Afghan established its embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1993 and this marked the beginning of a diplomatic relationship.

Humanitarian Assistance With regards to Afghanistan, the UAE has positively and immensely contributed to the international efforts of stabilizing Afghanistan and supporting the efforts to have a peaceful Afghanistan. From 2002 to 2008, the UAE has provided humanitarian and development aid to Afghanistan worth US$ 550 million making it the only Arab country to provide the most humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan (UAE Embassy, 2011).

Since the Tokyo conference of 2009, the UAE has contributed US$ 1.5 billion to stabilize Afghanistan. Its humanitarian contribution to Afghanistan began in 2003. The UAE Red Crescent has used approximately given US$30 million towards humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. It has made contributions to several projects in Afghanistan. It has also participated in various donor conferences held in Berlin and London with the UAE pledging to support the stability and the rejuvenation of Afghanistan.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Red Crescent of the UAE has assisted the Afghan refugees by constructing camps for them on the side of Pakistan and providing them with basic commodities in collaborations with UNHCR. The UAE has also donated relief commodities like vehicles, communication equipments, electronics, and office materials (Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 2011).

Promotion of Peace The UAE has contributed non-combatant troops to Afghanistan as part of its promotion of international security assistance force. This makes it one of the two main Islamic countries with troops in Afghanistan apart for NATO. The government of UAE supports the transitional efforts to increase responsibility to Afghan authorities.

Consequently, the UAE took part in NATO’s summit on Regional Economic Cooperation Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. The summit enabled the UAE to understand the link between security and economy and hence prompting it to hold an investment conference on Afghanistan that targeted three main areas: infrastructure, mining and agriculture (UAE Interact, 2011).

Military Mission The UAE has its military personnel in Afghanistan for defense, which is in line with the constitution of UAE. The UAE military on the ground protects humanitarian services as well as enhancing security of the local communities. The modern milestone made in vital sectors like the healthcare, educational and infrastructural development has been achieved with the help of the UAE military personnel.

The forces are also active in the promotion of Islamic culture (UAE Embassy, 2009). The UAE troops in Afghanistan have been functioning since 2004, and it is the only Arab force in the country. This force operates in the southern region of the country, specifically in the Uruzgan province where it has been well received by the local population there. Just as provided by the constitution of UAE, the armed forces in Afghanistan only serve defense purposes due to the constitutional principle.

The UAE only endeavors to extend its protection to the people of Afghanistan that it offers to its citizens to her neighbors in the field of national security (UAE, n.d.). The military is also used to perform culturally sensitive and other development activities by supplementing the work of the humanitarian organizations.

Provision of Aid and Building of Infrastructure The UAE has actively contributed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan; this year (2011), the foreign minister of UAE announced that it will donate US$ 250 million towards the reconstruction of Afghanistan. The aid was to be managed by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

We will write a custom Research Paper on UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The aid was to be used in developing areas of housing for orphans, disabled people and the widows and the rehabilitation of the country’s cities and states. The donation, according to the UAE government was an appreciation of the progress made by the Afghan government despite the difficult times. The two governments have signed a memorandum of understanding on various fields that might require further consultation, particularly agreements on political cooperation.

The UAE citizens have also made private contributions of around US$ 22 million towards the rebuilding of Afghanistan. Through these donations, several schools, heath institutions, libraries and mosques have been developed. The creation of the Islamic fund by the UAE was primarily aimed at assisting the people of Afghanistan after the military intervention by US (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2011).

Since the collapse of the Taliban government, the UAE has pledged US$ 323 million worth of economic aid to Afghanistan. The UAE has also funded projects like the Zayed University which provides education to approximately 6,000 students of Afghanistan and various drinking wells and mosques (Katzman, 2011).

Promotion of Investment The UAE has also taken action in promoting investment in the Afghanistan region. The establishment of the Afghanistan International Investment Friends was an initiative founded with the objective to promote and to advise the Afghanistan authorities on better laws and policies that can help spur investment to enhance the stabilization of the war-ravaged country.

The group would help advice the government on the need to put legislation in place that could protect foreign investment, promote economic growth and facilitate the creation of employment (Shaheen, 2010).

Treaties uniting the two Countries On the signing of treaties, UAE and Afghanistan signed an extradition treaty with two other agreements namely: mutual legal assistance in matters of criminality and assistance, and cooperation on civil matters. The treaties were signed by the minister of Justice of the UAE and the minister for foreign affairs of Afghanistan. The signing of the bilateral treaty was motivated by the desire of the UAE to foster its bilateral, regional and international cooperation on legal and judicial areas (IPS, 2011).

Aviation Industry and Foreign Policy The UAE was among the only three Arab countries that recognized Taliban as the legitimate government in Afghanistan; the other two were Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. During the Taliban regime, the UAE gave lee way to Ariana, the Afghan airlines to continue operating its services.

This was a recipe of smooth financial flows and development of organic relations between the two countries. These relations, however, was strained by the imposition of sanctions on Taliban by the UN, following the September 11 attack, UAE completely disabled its relationship because the Taliban was implicated as one of the prime supporters and sponsors of terrorists.

Not sure if you can write a paper on UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Despite the UAE support for the US-led war on Afghanistan, it has maintained its presence and support of Afghanistan’s people by being the only visible country aiding in humanitarian and reconstruction efforts as well supporting the civilians and refugees (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2003).

Any hidden interest in the UAE Foreign Policy There is basically no hidden interest in the favorable policy of UAE towards Afghanistan. This is because, what UAE id doing is primarily within its foreign policy objectives, which include: feeling of identification within the Muslim community, which entails providing development aid and assistance to fellow Muslims.

The UAE value their Arab identity and this guides its foreign policies and relations with Arab countries like Afghanistan. Consequently, the UAE is interested in establishing peace and stability within its Gulf neighbors and states of the peninsula; it is within this framework that the UAE is interested in the promotion of close relations with all the states that it shares similar religion, history, language, culture and tribal affinities with, which it is applying in Afghanistan (Hellyer, n.d.).

Supplementary role of UAE Military in Afghanistan The humanitarian assistance and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan have often been interrupted by violence and instability that characterize Afghanistan. Criminal and insurgent forces have continued to threaten the peace and tranquility Afghanistan.

These factors have prompted the deployment of troops to serve three main purposes: protection of personnel working for the humanitarian organizations, provide enough security that is necessary for the humanitarian efforts and projects to succeed and to enhance the security, safety and stability of the local environment (Anon., 2006).

Conclusion The government of the UAE has been paying a lot of attention on Afghanistan despite the country being ravaged by conflicts. The UAE provided financial and political assistance to the insurgents who fought in the Soviet Union. Immediately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, UAE came as one among the few governments that recognized the Taliban authority.

This was because Taliban controlled around ninety percent of the Afghanistan territory. It is through the reconstruction efforts of the UAE that have led to massive school enrolment, which is a direct result from the increased construction of schools and other learning institutions. The UAE has generally made a huge contribution towards the stabilization of the Afghanistan nation, and thus the stabilization of the whole region in general.

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Raza Unida Party Book Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The book has to do with third parties in the United States of America. The writer talks of a party – an organized ethnic grouping in the 1970s. The group had only one agenda – to question the existence of the historically dominant parties in the United States of America: democratic and republican parties. The book traces La Raza Unida Party right from its inception.

It outlines the reasons for the party formation, the group vision and belief and its leadership. The book details La Raza Unida Party’s structure, the main strategy employed and the electoral campaign mode. Other things discussed in the book cover the party successes and failures. Besides theses issues, the book details with the general issues concerning the political organizing in some states within the United States of America.

Some of the states mentioned in the book include Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Mid West, Texas and California. The book utilizes rich resource basis to discuss political issues and suggest future political cause of action to be taken. Some of the material resources used by the writer for this book include written documents, diaries, letters, position papers and minutes.

The author also uses published materials such as strategy literatures, published political magazines and articles in the newspapers. The author’s personal experience in the organization of this party informs most of the thoughts on this book. The writer documents in this book his involvement in the establishment of the La Raza Unida Party in the California state of the United States of America. This brilliant history shapes the philosophy and beliefs behind this great book.

The book raises a discussion on the possibilities that third parties have to succeed in the American political scene. The book points out the political strengths and key weaknesses of the traditional political parties. It also highlights the historical matters concerning the political dictatorship of the two leading US parties. It noted the politics that favor some US citizens more than others.

Book Discussion. This book is vital for the evaluation of the political climate in the United States of America. Anyone who wants to understand the politics played in the United States will have interest to read this book. The book highlights the political happenings in the United States of America.

It also highlights the reasons why for decades and centuries it has been difficult to defeat these parties. The writer explores the reasons for political failures by third parties in the United States. The writer observes that a third party had to do with an organized group with leaders, registered members and political supporters. The organized group got designated as a political party.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It documented the general goals and claim to be achieved. It had to face difficult opposition by the political systems and the dominant party dictatorship to force its ideologies to the American people. Important to note would be the fact that traditional parties were not about winning the loyalty of the American people as opposed to providing a real challenge to the dormant US political parties (Navarro, 2000, 4).

Conclusion This book reveals the true identity of third parties, their political organizing and experiences. It provides political strategists with a way forward that when harnessed will change how democratic politics happen in the future of the United States of America.

Works Cited Navarro, Armando. La Raza Unida Party: A Chicano Challenge to the U.S. Two-Party Dictatorship. California: Temple University Press, 2000. Web.


TSA and the Implementations of the Body Scanners in Airports Term Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

How body scanners work?

Privacy Violation Problem

Strategy applied by TSA to stop violation of human right


Works Cited

After America suffered a terrorist attack in 2001, drastic changes were introduced in commercial airports across the world. In the U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and use of full body scanners at airport checkpoints was introduced by the government.

Since then, passengers have to be scanned for threat items thoroughly before boarding a plane. The introduction of these new measures brought about mixed reaction from passengers. Although, most of the passengers approved the body scanning others felt it was violation of their privacy right. In the paper, how scanners work, has been discussed. The problem of violation of pivacy and strategy to solve it has also been discussed.

Introduction After the terrorist attacks of 2001, the US government had to respond on security measures done in airports (Chad, 42). In response to this the federal government developed new legislation, that is, Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA). This act led to the establishment of Transportation Security Administration which was to boost security within the US airports.

TSA had to recruit employees to supply all commercial airports with staff to improve security. Initially, TSA officials started with the use of private security screeners. During these initial stages of implementation, TSA was faced the problem of few staffs to screen passengers and their baggage.

After a few months, TSA officials started using fully body scanners on passengers. These scanners improved the security checkup efficiency greatly as they could scan things which cannot be identified by other scanners. These scanners show the image of a person naked without clothes.

These scanners thus have made it easier and quicker for TSA security officers to carry out thorough checkups on passengers. These fully body scanners have thus reduced significantly the long waits and queues experienced by passengers in commercial airports before.

Although, these scanners have with them a lot of advantages on bases of time and accuracy, a great concern on privacy of passengers have become an issue. The issue of privacy on passengers has become a major problem against the full body scanners. Although, majority of the passengers agree on use of full body scanners, a number still perceive it as violation of personal right.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because it portrays the naked features of a person. Another problem associated with full body scanners is the health risk of getting cancer. Although, there is not enough evidence to support the scanners to cause cancer, the radiations emitted from them pose a great risk. In the paper, discussion on how scanners work, problem of privacy and strategies to solve it are done.

How body scanners work? There are different types of full body scanners used in the US commercial airports. The mainly used two include those based on backscatter X-ray technology and those which are based on millimeter wave technology. Backscatter uses X-ray scanners apply low power X-rays to illuminate a person’s body, forming an image from the generated reflection energy (Brain, 1).

This scanners work on the basis of the lower the atomic number, the stronger the reflection. This is because our human bodies contain low atomic number, the results is a bright image.

The other full body scanner type is the millimeter-wave technology. These scanners use short wavelength radio signals which are of a few millimeters (Brain, 1). The secret behind these scanners is that, these wavelength signals reflect strongly from conductive objects.

This makes metallic objects reflect strong as compared to our bodies which are relatively weak in moderating reflection. Thus, if a person is carrying a gun, the gun will show a more bright image as compared as to his body. This millimeter-wave technology is better than the backscatter X-ray scanners when it comes to health risks (Brain, 1).

This is because the millimeter-wave scanners expose people to very low radiation as compared to the backscatter scanners. This makes them not to likely cause skin cancer as compared to backscatter scanners. Though, their effectiveness in scanning metallic things, full body scanners have some negatives. It is feared that it is hard for them to detect liquid matters or things hidden below the skin.

Privacy Violation Problem Introduction of full body scanners in commercial airports, though effective and quick have led to the problem of personal privacy violation. The full body scanners portray a person’s appearance which is hidden by clothes. They expose the private features and appearance of an individual which some people strongly feel is violation of their privacy right (Chad, 53). This has become a big challenge for TSA officials especially when passengers refuse the full body scanning to be done on them.

We will write a custom Term Paper on TSA and the Implementations of the Body Scanners in Airports specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Those people, who oppose use of full body scanners to stripe passengers without any probable reason, see it as a violation of human right by the government. They argue that the government has no right to trespass the privacy of a person just to prevent the unknown (Bart, 5). These passengers feel that the government has gone too far when it made it a routine to be scanned in commercial airports.

Although, over 50 percent of passengers think it is a good idea and feels comfortable, a certain percentage of passengers feel uncomfortable and thus dislike the idea (Bart, 5). In some cases, it has been reported of some passengers opting to travel to evade the full body scanning.

The violation of privacy right is evident in some commercial airports where some TSA officers have been reported to use the scanned images as a form of pornography. When passengers get to know such kind of information, they will try to avoid the full body scanning by evading flying.

TSA officers have also been reported to harass passengers who want to retain their privacy by refusing to undergo through full body scanning. These passengers are given the option of pat-down procedure but which has become more intense and goes further not to exclude private parts.

Pat-down procedures have been changed so that those passengers not willing to undergo scanning will also be checked thoroughly. These pat-down are done by TSA officials of same sex as the passenger (Bart, 6). This is to enhance even checking of private parts for hidden weapons. These pat-down have gone too far such that TSA officials are allowed to use front part of their hands to check private parts of passengers. This has led to violation of a human right and seems as sexual assault.

Petitions against full body scanners have been taken to court with no avail. The courts have characterized routine checkups at airports as warrantless and which are not prohibited by the constitution (National Research Council, 23). This airport checking have been made no optional thus for those not willing to undergo them they should avoid flying. The court recently ruled the airport searches as reasonable and a passenger should not be allowed to avoid them.

This is because such a rule would encourage terrorists to attempt to penetrate security scanning. Thus, the court has allowed for no exception for passenger who do not want to undergo the full body scanning or the extensive pat-down. The courts have thus ignored the constitutional rights on personal privacy when it comes to checks in airports.

Strategy applied by TSA to stop violation of human right Privacy issue about full body scanners has become a major problem for TSA with petitions against the scanners going to courts regularly. Airports have even reported a decrease of passengers in airports as they opt to travel and avoid the full body as well as baggage scanners.

Not sure if you can write a paper on TSA and the Implementations of the Body Scanners in Airports by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These scanning processes and checkups by TSA consume a lot of time forcing passengers to arrive even two hours before departure. TSA has thus been forced to adopt the strategy of using burled images. This is enabled by use of millimeter-wave technology and pat-down searches (Bart, 6).

These millimeter-wave scanners have been developed not to show clear images of a naked person. They have been developed such that blur distinctive features like facial features are not recognized by scanners (Bart, 6). These filters also hinder a clear appearance of the passengers’ nakedness which prevents clear vision of their private body parts.

These millimeter-wave scanners are thus offering privacy to passengers as TSA scanners can only see burled images of passengers undergoing scanning. On the other hand, X-ray backscatter systems have been developed to apply computer algorithms. These computer algorithms portray images of passengers in a sketch form and still detect concealed weapons. These sketch images do not show body features of passengers clearly thus preventing their privacy.

The TSA has also set the scanners in a way that the screener checking on passengers cannot see the individual that was imaged. The screener is also based in an enclosed space which cannot be accessed by the public. The screening system is also set in a way to have no capacity for image storage or sharing. The screeners are also prohibited to have with them any image recording items like cameras. Therefore, images are deleted immediately a passenger has passed the screening process.

Currently, TSA is developing scanners which have the capability to identify threat items and respond automatically to them without necessary use of the whole body image (National Research Council, 87). Improvements on current scanners are underway with testing been done first.

These modifications will enable scanners to show images of generic figures with boxes identifying threats to screeners instead of portraying actual body images. TSA is thus making a big progress in ensuring passengers privacy is prevented while still efficiently scanning for threat items on passengers’ bodies.

Conclusion Though the government has improved security in commercial airports within US, introduction of TSA and implementation of full body scanners has led to problems.

Although most of the passengers are happy about full body scanners and feel more secure when flying, some passengers has seen this as a violation of their human right. Use of full body scanners has thus brought about mixed reaction among passengers.

Court petitions against use of full body scanners have been ruled out even though they violate a constitutional right of personal privacy. TSA has thus taken it their responsibility to address the issue of privacy violation on passengers. TSA has applied the strategy of scanning passengers through use of burled images that do not reveal actual nakedness of passengers.

TSA has thus modified scanners to accommodate for privacy of passengers. By doing this, TSA will reduce scanning resistance from passengers as their privacy is protected. This will also encourage those passengers who have not been flying on fear of privacy violation and health risk to feel secure again to fly.

Works Cited Bart, Elias. “Changes in Airport Passenger Screening Technologies and Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions.” Congressional Research Service. 26 Jan. 2011. Web.

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National Research Council. Assessment of millimeter-wave and terahertz technology for detection and identification of concealed explosive and weapons. New York: National Academies Press, 2007.


Are Women Better Parents Than Men? Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Gender Inequality in Parenting

Points Why Women Are Better Parents than Men

Impact on Child’s Emotional State

Communication Shouldn’t Be Neglected

So, why Are Mothers Better than Fathers?

Works Cited

Traditionally, the role of raising children was the mothers’. Therefore, it is often considered that women are better parents than men. However, today, circumstances have changed, and both the father and mother are responsible for bringing up the children. There is a stronger bond between a mother and child from birth. The relationship that a mother forms with the child during pregnancy is evident even after the child is born. Mothers will do everything to make sure their children are alright. This is unlike the fathers who always act aloof. This is an argumentative essay that aims to prove that mothers are better parents than fathers.

Gender Inequality in Parenting Mostly, fathers appear to have a weak bond with the children. Fathers are detached from their children and can quickly desert them, while women can not. One of the reasons why fathers seem less committed to their children is because most fathers are not sure about the paternity of the child. For mothers, there can never be such doubts. However, the father cannot be sure that the child is his, and this is the gender difference. Therefore, he is reluctant to support and spend his resources on a child that could be another man’s (Kazanawa par 4).

Another reason for the lack of a strong bond between a father and the children is because men have a more significant potential to have more children than women. The men can get children throughout their lives while this is not possible for women after menopause.

Therefore, the men are not so attached to their children because even if they lose them, they can always have some more. That is why the majority of men can abandon their wives and children and move on to start another family. (Kazanawa par 7). Fathers may be considered biologically inferior parents. This discussion aims to prove that women are better at parenting than men.

Points Why Women Are Better Parents than Men Many communities assign the role of caring for children to the mother while the father is expected to provide for the family and instill discipline in children.

The father is thus distanced from the children because they fear him as they view him as a disciplinarian. Today, there are no distinct roles expected of either the father or mother. In most homes, both the father and mother share the responsibility of providing for the family.

There are also many homes with one parent because of divorce or the death of one parent. The role of upbringing their children should be shared between the mother and the father since both of them go to work. However, fathers do not participate much in raising their children.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mothers spend more time with their children and, therefore, the children form a better connection with them. A hormone called oxytocin enables the mother to bond better with the child than the father. It allows the child to feel secure as long as he/she is with the mother. When the mother leaves, the child gets upset and cries but is happy again when she returns.

This is the reaction of the hormone. It makes the child know that the mother will always be there and will never let him/ her down (Kuchinskas 31). From birth, the mothers spend more time caring for the child. At this stage, the child needs a lot of attention and specialized care, and the mother is the one best suited to do that.

The father only comes in when the baby is older. Therefore, women are better parents than men. Opponents of this position may argue that fathers are better at parenting since they provide financial support. However, active involvement in a child’s life is the most important kind of support in family for children when they are growing up because it shapes their psychological development. Therefore, there should be no differences between female and male parenting.

Both parents need to be aggressively involved in the nurturing of the child. In any case, even mothers are in employment, and both parents share the responsibility of providing for the family. Therefore, men cannot excuse themselves from the role of nurturing the child based on providing financial support as their role is of great importance.

Impact on Child’s Emotional State Mothers are more emotional than men. They are more sympathetic and understanding of their children whenever they are in trouble (Weiten, Dunn and Hammer 344). A mother may even defend her children when their father is angry and wants to punish them. Children, therefore, see the mother as a source of comfort and protection and will seek help from her whenever they need something.

They will invariably run to her when they experience problems. The father is less emotional and less likely to sympathize with the children. Therefore, they will not feel free to share their issues with him. The children tend to love the mother more than the father. One might object here that being very emotional and soft on the children might spoil them and make them unprepared for life’s challenges.

One might argue that men are not overprotective and are rough with the children, and therefore, they teach them to be courageous and go-getters in life. They believe that softly treating the children will make them cowards and reluctant to deal with tough situations in the future.

We will write a custom Essay on Are Women Better Parents Than Men? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the way men treat children may have a detrimental effect on them. This is because treating children harshly and aggressively may affect them emotionally, and this may impact on their future lives as adults. Research reveals that children’s upbringing affects how they relate with others in the future, how they perform in school, and the way they handle challenges. Children who experience violent treatment are impoverished at socializing with others (Attili, Vermigli and Roazzi 24).

Women have better rearing skills than men because that is what they grow up practicing. The parents assign their daughters the roles that involve caring and nurturing. Therefore, by the time they become adults, they have perfected these skills. As they grow up, girls will engage in motherly activities like caring for their dolls or younger siblings.

Boys, on the other hand, are not concerned with such roles. They are interested in rough games and machines, and these do not prepare them to nurture their children. As a result, they grow up without a clue about how to raise their children.

Furthermore, women tend to be gentler than men. They treat the children well while the men are rough and sometimes violent (Weiten, Dunn and Hammer 343). Raising children is a task that requires a lot of patience, gentleness, and tenderness. Women can withstand irritating situations like the constant crying and nagging of a baby. As such, many people believe that women make better parents than men.

Men do not possess such traits and will quickly get angry and impatient with the child. They might even be tempted to yell or hit the children. A child at this stage requires to be taken care of by someone with the right qualities.

Communication Shouldn’t Be Neglected Communication aspect should also be reviewed to answer the question “Are women better parents than men?” Women also have better communication skills than men (Weiten, Dunn and Hammer 344). As they grow up, children need to be listened to and understood. They also need to be advised and reproached. Women can achieve this through proper communication with the children.

Lack of communication between the children and the parents can lead to children looking for answers from other sources, like the peers and the media, which can be misleading (Kanazawa 2008). Mothers will, therefore, be seen as better parents because the children will always prefer to share their problems and concerns with them than with their fathers. Men are less expressive than women and this is another point why mothers are better parents.

Another reason why women are better parents is that they are more conscious and conscientious to the needs of their children than men. When babies cry, the mothers’ maternal instincts will enable them to know what they need. It is not easy for a father to understand what a crying baby needs.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Are Women Better Parents Than Men? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A young baby needs to be understood and attended to accordingly. This makes the women better parents than the men (Frodi, Lamb, Leavitt and Donovan 190). Critics of this position may argue that fathers are good parents because they will be involved in caring for their children later when they grow older and no longer need so much attention. However, the father needs to be actively engaged in raising the child from birth because his involvement is most critical when the child is young.

Women are more sympathetic and softhearted than men (Costello par 6). Sometimes children go through experiences that require the parents to be compassionate and comforting to them. Mothers are perfect at this, while fathers are not willing to show emotion as it might be seen as a sign of weakness.

Fathers want to be perceived by their children as severe and in control. Most of them will always admonish their children. This alienates many fathers from their children as they will always choose to share their concerns with the mother. Of course, the father needs to appear tough so that the children can be well-disciplined, but overdoing it might scare them and negatively affect their relationship.

So, why Are Mothers Better than Fathers? From the above discussion, it is clear that women play a more significant role than men in bringing up children. There are several reasons why mothers are more important than fathers in the family. They provide the right environment for the healthy upbringing of a child. They do this by actively participating in nurturing the child since birth. Carrying a child through pregnancy establishes a powerful bond between the mother and the child.

Mothers also provide comfort and sympathy, which is critical in a child’s psychological development. Moreover, women are sensitive and understanding of the needs of the children more than men. On top of that, women are excellent communicators and will always lend an ear to their children’s concerns.

They are also more sympathetic and less aggressive towards the children than the men. Above all, women have maternal instincts, which always make them look out for their children’s safety. These qualities make most of the children to be more attached to their mothers than their fathers. Therefore, women are better parents than men.

Works Cited Attili, Grazia, Patrizia Vermigli, and Antonio Roazzi. Children’s Social Competence, Peer Status, and the Quality of Mother-Child and Father-Child Relationships: A Multidimensional Scaling Approach. European Psychologist 15.1 (2010): 23-33. Web.

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Weiten, Wayne, Dunn, Dana S., and Elizabeth Hammer Yost. Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century. USA: Cengage Learning, 2011. Web.


The Book “Natural- Born Cyborgs” by Andy Clark Explicatory Essay cheap essay help

In the book, Natural- Born Cyborgs, Clark (1) argues that human beings are natural-beings cyborgs. Although we may not be wired, nonetheless, our reasoning and thinking systems, aided by our biological circuitry and biological brain make us human-technology symbionts.

The author further argues that the idea that human being may in fact be cyborgs first dawned on the author five years ago. Oddly enough, the realization was reassuring, as opposed to painful. This is because the realization answered such questions as why we differ significantly from other animals, even as our bodily and neural resources may not be different.

The cyborg, a potent late twentieth century icon, elicits images of physical merging of electronic circuitry and flesh, and human machine hybrids. By writing the article, the author intended to hijack and reshape that image so that it can portray our hidden biological nature. As human beings, we are open to information processing mergers, a trait that enables us to complex and deep relationships props, constructs, and aids.

The author further argues that because our brains have been primed to lookout for and process intimate relationships with nonbiological resources, this portrays us as intelligent creatures capable of processing abstract thoughts. This is because as natural born cryborgs, we are constantly ready to integrate the operations of paper, pen, and electronics with our mental activities.

Consequently, this allows us to better understand the world.

As human beings, we have a special character to co-opt, exploit scaffoldings and nonbiological propos, and are forever driven to create. Mother Nature has designed us in such as to unite with the best and most reliable tools at our disposal. Clark (4) argues that the line between the technological world and biological self has never been very firm.

There is a unique characteristic of natural-born cyborgs, in that they are always ready to merge their activities with the increasingly intricate technological envelops where they evolve, grow, and operate. There are various technologies that appear to shape every action of our waking lives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They include the electronic alarm clock, the Automatic Braking System, and the laptop. We tend to assume that these technologies help our biological brains to accomplish the task at hand. We carry with us Ancient Western prejudice and these often distracts us from realizing our increasingly cyborg nature. In this case, we are more inclined to view the mind as very special to the extent that it stands out of the natural order.

As human beings, we harbor an illusion that the complex mechanism of self and mind can only be solved using the strategies supported by the old school of thought. In writing this article, the authors intends to water down this illusion, and demonstrate that the problem-solving mechanism may in fact be made up of a complex-matrix consisting of the body, brain, and technology.

There are various technologies that appear to shape nearly every action of our waking lives. They include the electronic alarm clock, the Automatic Braking System, and the laptop. We tend to assume that these technologies help our brains to accomplish the tasks at hand. The one invention that appears to control our daily lives is the cell phone to an extent that we feel disoriented and lost without it.

Could it be then, that we are so metabolically obsessed with our old style of thinking that we now imagine the cyborg as a dramatically transformed and electronically penetrated human body by neural implants, prostheses and enhanced perceptual systems? Our mistake could be that we envision the most profound intimacies and mergers as always encompassing “literal penetrations of the skin-bags” (Clark 8).

Works Cited Clark, Andy. Introduction and Chapter 1: Cyborgs Unplugged. In Natural-born Cyborgs:

Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2003. Print.


The Movie Exhibition Industry Essay essay help

Deliverable 1 The Motion Picture Industry Value Chain

Could the motion picture industry add value to their productions if they concentrated on only one venture? Most of the distribution in the market is done by the divisions of major studios. The studio’s investments span across various major fields and this makes the management of the investment a great challenge.

If the studio’s concentrated only on movie production, the quality of their productions would increase. They would channel all their energies into creating new movie ideas and this would definitely appeal to their target audience.

The Business of Exhibition

Could movie exhibitors find other ways of adding value to the customer while gaining revenue? Most of the profits made by exhibitors are from the sale of concessions. The food served at the movies has gradually increased in price but the quality has remained the same. If movie exhibitors diversified their food options and incorporated alcohol in their drinks options, their high food prices would be justified and the customer base would be increased if they added food options for vegetarians.

The Theater Experience

Now that people can watch movies in their own home, what can movie exhibitors do now to gain that competitive advantage over home theatre systems and offer customers something that their home theatre system cannot? In order to stay in business, the theaters can open smaller branches closer to the living areas so that the people do not have to go through long drives to get to the movies. They should be placed around malls where a lot of people frequent for necessities like food. This would attract customers who had gone to the mall for other reasons and have time to spare.

Raising the Exhibition Curtain in 2011 and Beyond

How can exhibitors ensure that they retain their customers with the current economic recession? The exhibitors are overcharging the customers and this has reduced the number of people willing to go to the movies. The exhibitors should be considerate when they set their price. The customers understand a small price hike due to recession but extreme price hikes as have been witnessed, are affecting the number of people going for movies.

Deliverable 2 Is the lack of competition from new investors causing these companies to deliver low standard services?

How much more do the exhibitors need to do in order to maintain the theater experience do they need to shift to a completely different type of service that no other entertainment venue can offer for that same price?

How can the theaters survive the hard economic times while ticket prices are rising, the number of people going to movies is dropping, and the numbers of theatres are increasing?

Deliverable 3 The motion picture industry seems to be lacking competition from new investors. If there were more studios producing movies, there would be more ideas being made into different movies. This would attract more movie goers. Similarly, if more companies invested in exhibition, the competition would force the exhibitors offer better services. For exhibitors to create a great experience for movie goers they can improve the food they sell and more food options availed.

The people working at the movies should also be polite to the customers and treat them well. For theaters to still make a profit without overpricing the tickets, they could reduce the number of staff they have by introducing computerized ticket sale point and drink buying points. They could save on the workers salaries and still run a profitable and efficient business.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More


The Chicano Movement Research Paper essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Research Points

The Chicano association procedure Stages and definitions

Heritage and Challenges’ of the Chicano Movement


Works Cited

Recent attacks on immigrants and on affirmative action, coupled with the mean-spirited political climate in the U.S.Congress, have brought a revival of Chicano activism on college campuses and in scholarly conferences. Moreover, it has come to a restoration of the oratory of the Chicano Movement of the 60’s and 70’s. This is not fresh as the association continues to dwarf all other post 70’s activist actions inside the Mexican-American society.

Chicano opinionated pundits have so far to productively tag the activism of the post group era in any permanent method. So, each new communal disaster in the barrio brings out those who assert to be society activists, even though some of them are not aged enough to bear in mind the 70’s. This ought to tell us that the association continues to have ideological and touching magnetism for Chicanos today.

The appeal is partially idealistic, much like that which the 60’s has on young white activists of nowadays. But another, more significant cause is that the movement represented a basic move in the way Mexican-Americans saw themselves. We can, from first to last combine, the movement as a procedure by which the Mexican American community develops a construct to argue its place in American history and culture.

The Mexican-Americans no longer act in response to the harms confronting them as they would affect immigrants, or a racial group that is gradually vanishing into incorporation. My attention in this essay is to endorse a dissimilar structure for the study of the Chicano Movement. The paper seeks to examine what the “procedure” known as Chicanismo means and tries to analyze the Marxist and neo-nationalist views concerning the history.

The Mexican-Americans confront the challenges of a society that remains conscious of race through ethnic group solidarity, and through strategies that guarantee their survival as a distinct yet very American community. They reject traditional liberal pressures to assimilate, and they continue to search for a political agenda that opposes the country’s new nativism.

More importantly, the community has come to depend on native sons and daughters for its leadership. Many would argue against my interpretation of the legacy of Chicanismo on Hispanic politicians. And while tempted to agree with their analysis on the failure of this generation, I am reminded that each generation seeks a counter-identity that distinguishes it from those of the past. Hispanics are no different.

Arreola stated that for those who reject the politics of this generation, the Chicano Movement will continue to be the crucial juncture in twentieth century Mexican American history (89). Understanding the Chicano Movement then remains important for those seeking to be different and for those who hope to duplicate the social activism of that most tumultuous period.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Research Points The Chicano Movement Process stages and definitions

Heritage and challenges of the Chicano Movement


The Chicano association procedure Stages and definitions I hypothesize that in the second part of the 20th century, the Chicano community underwent several stages of development and during that course and the Chicano group arose and played itself out. These stages, which I will give details afterward, are:

A denial of the broadminded agenda.

A reinterpretation of history.

A reaffirmation of contest and division;

The formation of an oppositional polity.

The stages proved to be not level, and at an era distracted and opposing. Nonetheless, they generated an array of thoughts in the Mexican American community. The process the liberal agenda seem even more inadequate as Chicanos saw dissatisfaction within those groups they perceived as having more influence on mainstream society.

The Cuban Revolution, and the African wars for independence as well as the Mexican student movement also galvanized “consciousness” among Chicanos. This consciousness was later given direction by the “Farm Workers Union, the Alianza, the Crusade for Justice, student organizations, and … La Raza Unida.”

The working class was obligatory in this action and women were the organizational backbone of the movement. This movement writes Gómez-Quiñones came to concentrate on the “questions of alienation, ethnicity, identity, class, gender, and chauvinism.” It became a struggle for self-identification and a search for a legitimate past.

Carlos Muñoz, the first major figure in the movement to write about it in an autobiographical style, agrees on the question of identity. Muñoz describes the movement as a social phenomenon placed in the “context of the politics of identity.” For him, as with Gómez-Quiñones, students were the backbone of the drive for social change among Chicanos. Unlike Acuña, Muñoz does not see the movement as simply another phase of the Chicano struggle for liberation.

In fact, the Chicano student movement signal led a departure from the struggles of the past because of its youthful nature, its ideological tendencies, and its search for identity. Working-class youths, many already at the universities, saw two major challenges confronting them.

One was the atrocious conditions of the barrios, and the other was their isolation from the historical and cultural process. These were young people who decided to embark on a journey to recapture their culture, history, and primarily their identity as Chicanos. Like Barrera, Muñoz sees external factors as being important in the politicalization of this generation of young people.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Chicano Movement specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These students were moved by events taking place around them. They confronted an unjust war in which Chicanos were dying at a high rate; they were seeing the Johnson liberal years giving way to the Nixon Administration; they were constantly being reminded of white middle-class discontent and black anger. More important, they were beginning to see their elders radicalizing their politics.

While these Chicano scholars and others have provided an intellectual foundation for studying the Chicano Movement, their works can in advertently depict Chicanos as no more than ideological emulators or political copycats who have waited for outside stimulants in order to rise from their slumber. This defeats the purpose of studying the movement and continues to perpetuate the notion that Chicanos have done little that is original; consequently little can be learned of social movements by studying them.

This is a false analysis. This is based on an incomplete chronological perception helped unite many philosophical and past currents in the community. The amalgamation of these feelings caused Mexican Americans to see themselves as the public with a wonderful history and a brilliant upcoming. It in addition provided a foundation for an artistic following movement that distorted the Chicano scenery. That movement, I replicate, played itself out in phases, rather than through events or proceedings.

Thus, the Chicano Movement ought to be calculated as a communal procedure rather than a sequence of actions enthused by organizations or persons. I do not downplay the effects that these had on the barrios of the United States, but I attempt to place them inside the background of a superior communal catharsis. A chronological meaning of the Chicano Movement and an appraisal of what scholars have said concerning this communal procedure are very important before I situate forth the ladder of this procedure.

The Chicano Movement may be distinct as a common interest group that erupted in the 60’s to object the conditions in which the Mexican American society established itself. Flouting with the legalistic and high-minded strategies of the Mexican American age group, new activists propelled crowd recruitment against American institutions.

This touching, but mainly peaceful, improvement movement incorporated numerous concerns of huge substance to a sundry group of people. Among these was the dread of cultural genocide, the lack of financial and communal mobility, out of control bias, and insufficient educational chance and entrance.

The movement did not have an utterly political-electoral nature, as Chicanos fought racial discrimination and abandon in learning, accommodation, service, and in the kingdom of civilization and individuality. Calls for self willpower and uniqueness became an imperative constituent of the group.

For many activists “the Mexican-American society had reached a point in time in its past odyssey that requested a communal and supporting eruption to make important changes in the barrios” (Flores 134). Acuña describes the group as a regeneration of the continuing great effort of Chicanos to set free themselves from racism and use.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Chicano Movement by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More His investigation, once understood in the hypothesis of inner colonialism, presents the Chicano Movement not as impressive new or chiefly different from the struggles of the precedent, with the exemption that it was supplementary nationwide in range and waged mostly in city areas, despite the farm workers’ blending in California and the ground funding battles in rural New Mexico.

Although he later deserted his interior settlement replica, Acuña continued to axis his case of Chicano domination on the military take-over of the Southwest by U.S. forces and its colonizing effects.

Heritage and Challenges’ of the Chicano Movement The Chicano Movement also was not simply a search for identity, nor an outburst of collective anxiety spurred by outside antagonisms. It was a full-fledged transformation in the way Mexican-Americans thought, played politics, and promoted their culture. Chicanos embarked on a struggle to make fundamental political changes, and in the process they redefined their position in American society.

No more were they to be an invisible minority without history or without a voice. Mexican-Americans would no more be known only for their patriotism in time of war, and their work ethic during the harvest time.

To understand this change, one has to analyze the steps taken by significant sectors within the Mexican-American community to develop a political consciousness, or ethos, which defined them as a distinct sector in American society. More focused than just a communal philosophy, a political ethos is the manner by which a community rationalizes and justifies its political participation in society.

The development of that ethos required intellectuals, politicians, activists, and other influential individuals within la comunidad to assess their historical importance; recognize or decide on their class status or statuses; promote their cultural roots; and organize a political agenda.

This process was neither uniform nor ideologically consistent throughout all the sectors which embarked on this philosophical odyssey. In fact, its diversity and often contradictory nature maintained this activity as an ethos rather than a political ideology.

During the movement, activists chose to identify certain symbols, events, rhetoric, and forms of resistance, and make them part of a pool of consciousness that gave meaning to the term Chicano, and the philosophy that came to be known as Chicanismo. By popularizing these elements through rhetoric and debate, Chicano activists developed a cultural-political taxonomy that explained their activism. This taxonomy differed from those of the past which were either pro-America or pro- Mexico.

This new political identification was pro-barrio, and incorporated Americanism with the barrio’s Mexicanism. For Mexican-Americans, the negative aspects of the American experience, combined with the historical nostalgia for Mexico, created a cultural ambience that gave rise to Chicanismo. None of the works cited succeed in explaining this militant ethos.

In fact, several of the authors completely ignore the existence of a political reservoir of ideas and strategies that go beyond promoting cultural pride or political separatism. The movement was driven by profound political and cultural precepts on being Chicano. To this day, no workable synthesis has been provided for looking at the development of a militant ethos in the Mexican-American community.

In the first phase of the movement, Mexican American intellectuals, politicians, students, and others came to believe that the liberal agenda, which had been seen as the solution to the community’s problems, was simply morally corrupt and a failure. This liberal agenda centered on an active government that would provide economic development, protect civil rights, and guarantee cultural pluralism.

It was an approach that required faith in the established institutions, and patience in the face of slow change. It was a steady approach of government action, judicial litigation, and Anglo-American leadership. It also required that Mexican Americans wait for the “real” civil rights problems -those of Black Americans- to be solved before the focus shifted to them.

Acuña, a Chicano activist and writer, succinctly described the dilemma when he said that “Chicanos are not white enough to be accepted and not black enough for the civil rights movement” (155). Time and time again, Mexican Americans had attempted to reach out to the mainstream by developing patriotic organizations, serving in the armed forces in large numbers, adopting American ideals and de-emphasizing their national origins.

Conclusion Using the thesis statement, we can derive that in studying the movement, we can recognize that it was more than a passing phase in Mexican-American history. We, then, understand it as a critical period in developing political strategies for the Mexican American community in the latter part of the twentieth century.

It also distinguishes the movement from other movements that have occurred among the Mexican-origin population. In this manner, the four-phase model is a contribution to the study of the movement, and it can be tested at the national, regional, and local levels. It helps to better identify the changes that took place within the Mexican-American community than the previous narratives or analyses.

This framework also captures the grassroots, democratic tendencies of the movement by showing how a new dialogue occurs that includes voices from a number of sectors within the community that had not fully participated before. This approach also does not relegate the movement to the political graveyard as an unfocused, passionate social catharsis that arose, played out, and left things worse than they were.

This is the kind of conclusion that is often made in some of the previous works, which start out praising the ideals of the movement, criticize its ideological foundations, and bemoan its stepchild, the Hispanic generation. Through this synthesis, we can see the movement as a process by which the Mexican American community develops a construct to debate its place in American history and society.

The Mexican-Americans no longer react to the problems confronting them as immigrants, or an ethnic group that is slowly fading into assimilation would. The Mexican-Americans confront the challenges of a society that remains conscious of race through ethnic group solidarity, and through strategies that guarantee their survival as a distinct yet very American community. They reject traditional liberal pressures to assimilate, and they continue to search for a political agenda that opposes the country’s new nativism.

More importantly, the community has come to depend on native sons and daughters for its leadership. Many would argue against my interpretation of the legacy of Chicanismo on Hispanic politicians. And while tempted to agree with their analysis on the failure of this generation, I am reminded that each generation seeks a counter-identity that distinguishes it from those of the past. Hispanics are no different.

But for those who reject the politics of this generation, the Chicano Movement will continue to be the crucial juncture in twentieth century Mexican American history. Then, understanding the Chicano Movement remains important for those seeking to be different and for those who hope to duplicate the social activism of that most tumultuous period.

Works Cited Acuña, Rodolfo. Occupied America: A History of Chicanos. New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1999. Print.

Arreola, Daniel. Hispanic Spaces, Latino Spaces: Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America. Austin: UT Press, 2004. Print.

Flores, Richard. Remembering the Alamo: Memory, Modernity and the Master Symbol. Austin: University of Texas, 2002. Print.


Fast Food, Quick Problem Emergence, Rapid Addiction and Slow Recovery Process Argumentative Essay college admissions essay help

Fast food service is definitely one of the scourges of the modern society. Making people get used to the quick and comfortable way of eating, fast food service offers the unhealthy food and, thus, provokes a number of health complexities.

Because of the growing popularity of the fast food products, the concern for the effect that the fast food meals have on the population is growing increasingly big, yet the solutions for the problems and dangers that fast food chains pose to people’s health have not even yet offered. Consequently, it cannot be denied that the consumption of fast food products is greatly harmful for people’s health and must be given up once and for all.

It is required to say the specific features of the fast food that makes it incredibly unhealthy meals. According to the recipes used for cooking the fast food meals, the latter are nutritionally imbalanced. The aforementioned presupposes that fast food incorporates a mixture of sugar, fats and sodium, which are refined in such a way so that the consumers were willing to buy more food from the food chains in question.

For instance, in McDonalds, the intake of fats in French fries makes 570; for hamburgers, the calorie intake is 270, and for sandwiches, it makes 470 (A Calorie Counter), which is already a reason for concern.

Speaking of the consequences that the consummation of fast food triggers, one should remember that the fast food meals have negative effect on a variety of organs due to the specific elements that the former is composed of.

Therefore, several effects of the fast food consummation are to be mentioned. Among the worst effects that fast food has on human health, the diseases that concern the blood system and the endocrine system are to be mentioned. It must be admitted, though, that fast food does not seemingly have any effect on the nervous system.

The first and the foremost effect that has to be mentioned is the clogging of the arteries due to the high rates of cholesterol in the fast food. It is important to mention that excessive consumption of fast food can cause hypertension because of the elements that increase blood pressure. In addition, the specific refined sugar that most fast food contains can lead to various forms of diabetes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is also essential to explain that due to a great percentage of fats in fast food, people who consume much fast food are likely to become overweight and even obese. Comprised with the effect that fast food has on blood pressure, the above-mentioned factor can lead even to a heart disease and, therefore, to an untimely death. In the light of the above-mentioned, the fact that fast food can drive to premature dedentition seems rather tolerable issue.

Therefore, it is obvious that the consumption of fast food is incredibly harmful for people’s health. Once giving up the addiction to the meals offered by the fast food chain stores, one will, doubtlessly, observe the improvement of his/her state. As a result of the healthier diet and the refusal from eating fast food products, the improvement of one’s health is bound to occur.

Even though the owners of the fast food chains cannot be denied their rights of doing business, the negative effect that the fast food has on people must not be tolerated, which gives the reasons for refusing to consume the fast food products. It is necessary to admit that staying healthy is a sensible reason to stop buying the food that provides fast saturation, yet has the most deplorable effect on people’s health.

Thus, a solution for the consumption of fast food must be offered. Since most of the people who consume fast food are college students, it can be suggested that there should be a cafeteria next to the college, where the students can have the meals that do not include fast food. One of the probable solutions for the problem is offered by the fast-food chain owners themselves and includes the use of soya bean oil, organic meat and vegetables and the minimized quantity of sodium.

Works Cited “Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition Facts.” A Calorie Counter. 2007. Web. .


Determinant Factors in Choosing a Career Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents The ideal career choice

Pragmatic career choices

Personal opinion


Works Cited

Making a career choice is, perhaps, one of the most difficult decisions that people are faced with in their lives. There are varieties of considerations that should be made before making a career choice. For instance, a person may want to choose a career that he/she has a passion for, but the career may not be rewarding moneywise.

On the other hand, a person may want to choose a career that is rewarding in terms of finances, but this may force his/her to do something that he/she does not love doing. This paper states the ideal career choice, the pragmatic career choice and takes a stand on how people should choose their careers.

The ideal career choice The ideal career choice would indubitably be the case in which a person pursues something he/she really loves doing, and the same turns out to be financially rewarding. In most of these cases, the person actually has a natural flair for the stated career and thus he/she does not encounter major difficulties while working (Rides 1).

For instance, a person who is born with a natural flair for athletics would make a perfect career choice if he/she chooses athletics as a career, and it turns out to be lucrative. Another example would be a nerd with a flair for computer programming. If such a person chooses computer programming as a career and it turns out to be lucrative, he/she will have made an ideal career choice.

It is however, common knowledge that people do not always get financial benefit from doing the things they really love doing. There are many reasons behind this. The main one is unemployment, but there are other factors like lack of good career planning. To explain the latter, it would be unwise for an introvert to study a course in college that will lead to a career that involves public speaking.

Therefore, an introvert who studies political science or mass communication is likely to pursue unrelated careers even if he/she has a passion for political science or mass communication. Such kind of people, together with those who lack employment opportunities are therefore, forced to make more pragmatic career choices.

Pragmatic career choices Most people make career choices that are not related to what they love doing, in other words, their passion. This has been fuelled by the high rate of unemployment world over that has seen people pursuing careers that are even unrelated to what they study in college. For instance, it is common to see an engineer working as a Human Resource Manager, a social scientist working as a journalist or even a teacher in an unrelated career.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This has been the result of unemployment because people indulge in careers that are unrelated to their subjects of study in college in order to make a living as they wait to get a perfect job. The sad reality is that some of these people wait for a lifetime to get these jobs.

On the other hand, people who stick to what they love doing oftentimes get frustrated. This is because it may take a year or two to get a job after college. After the long period of unemployment, one may get a job that is not worth writing home about. The job may have limited financial rewards and it may lack opportunities for growth (Rides 1). This has contributed to the occurrence of the aforementioned career-switches.

Personal opinion From the discussion above, it is clear that career choice should ideally be dictated by a person’s passion and natural talent. However, it is good to be dynamic in career choice in order to ensure that one balances life’s demands with passion. If one is able to secure a well-paying job related to what he/she loves doing, then that is okay. However, a person may be unable to secure a well-paying job that is related to his/her natural flair.

It will be wise for such a person to consider a career-switch into choices that are more rewarding, or even look for a rewarding temporary job while waiting to get the ideal job. However, this choice has a major limitation in that the person may not be satisfied in the job that he/she settles for.

This will obviously lead to stress and burnout that may even affect the quality of work that he/she delivers. Despite this, the main consideration when choosing a job or career path should be the financial benefits of the career/job.

Conclusion From the above discussion, it is clear that financial considerations should be the determinant factor in choosing a career, in case a person is unable to get a well-paying job related to what he/she loves doing. If a person makes enough money doing available lucrative jobs, he/she can be able to do what he/she loves doing.

For instance, if he/she has a passion for charity work, he/she does not have to work for a charity foundation. One can make enough money from other jobs and start his charity foundation. An engineer may make enough money, while working as a Human Resource Manager, to start his/her engineering firm.

We will write a custom Essay on Determinant Factors in Choosing a Career specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Rides, Dark. Tips on choosing the right career for you. 2009. Web.


“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows Essay (Book Review) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents The central message of the book

The Value of this Central Message

Explain if you agree or disagree and why

Comparison between the Book Review and the Articles

Techniques and Methods of Management

Closed and Open Systems

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

Reference List

The central message of the book Systems analysis may not be a distinct discipline, but it provides a different perspective on global issues and ways of addressing the complex challenges that people face globally. Nevertheless, the complex nature of the concept presents a challenge when presenting it, particularly to new audiences.

“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows, unlike most textbooks, captures the importance of systems thinking in a different way; it comprises of a series of stories with each story discussing a different system event coupled with offering advice on the appropriate approach in that respect. The objectives of the book are to inform the reader on systems science and provide fundamental thinking system capabilities with respect to the system (Meadows, 2008, p. 2).

In the text, the book is divided into three distinct parts, each with distinct aim and format. In particular, the first part, Part one, which talks about system structure and behavior, best describes the central message of the book.

This section describes the common components of systems, systems terminologies and the fundamental principles that govern systems. Chapter 2 describes the basic archetypal models common in many contexts: from the “systems zoo” (population and thermostats) to constrained systems (renewable and nonrenewable stocks) (Meadows, 2008, p. 121).

The basic models presented in this chapter illustrate the central of the book, i.e. complex system behavior is influenced by the system elements and to a large extent, the interrelationships, or interactions between these systems elements as a system. For example, Meadow mentions that, “a system causes its own behavior” (2008, p. 11) meaning that, the interaction between different elements (reinforcing and balancing loops) determines the system’s behavior.

The Value of this Central Message In this book, the author effectively describes the relationships between systems elements using models to illustrate the behavior of different systems. Previously, the systems theory had been critical as practical application tool in decision-making in multinational networks and large-scale production. However, recently, systems thinking principles have been integrated in strategic planning for governments and corporations.

In this regard, central theme of the book i.e. the interactions between system elements and the effect on system behavior can help strategic planners understand complex systems and identify how networks are vulnerable to systems changes. In fact, Meadow argues that, system thinking allows people to “look at things in small and understandable way and solve problems by controlling the world around us” (2008, p. 14).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thinking in systems makes people perceive systems in terms of relationships between system elements, instead of focusing on system elements in isolation. Thus, system thinking by use of models primarily allows us to think about how the different elements of a system relate between themselves.

In this way, people are able to notice changes in the systems and see the broader picture of how the system operates. System thinking can be applied in any form of system from a forest, a municipality, or a government program.

By understanding how complex things work, how they change and why, people are able to make informed decisions that allow all the elements of the system to work together effectively (Meadows, 2008, p.43). For example, perceiving the forest, as a system, would help us understand the relationships that exist in a forest system. In this way, people are able to manage this system sustainably for the benefit of all system elements.

Explain if you agree or disagree and why System thinking encapsulates thinking in terms of systems. I agree with the book’s central theme that the interrelationships between the system elements or subsystems determine system behavior. In my opinion, this highlights the essence of system thinking i.e. thinking in terms of systems.

This implies looking at a system as a whole and not just the system parts or subsystems. Meadow defines a systems as “a set of things, cells, molecules, people, or whatever, that are interconnected and have their own internal dynamics” (2008, p.10). Thus, a system is made up of elements whose interactions confer the system its behavior.

For instance, in a forest system, system thinking would allow us to see the not just the trees but also the animals, water, soil among other things. This implies that the “true” forest system comprises of all the system parts and the relationships between them. Thus, system thinking is all about relationships between system elements.

In my opinion, system thinking would help us better understand the complex relationships in systems. This means that by thinking in system terms, we are able to notice the dynamics and relationships that underlie these systems and in the process learn to manage them better.

We will write a custom Book Review on “Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, system thinking perceives the changes in the structure of relationships within a system as the causes rather than the effects. The book uses familiar causal loops to explain the concept of system behavior (Meadows, 2008, p. 11). In contrast, the linear thinking, which is conventionally practiced systems change, is viewed in terms of causes and effects. This implies that each system change is perceived separately instead as a collection of relationships.

In line with its central theme, part 2 of the book reinforces the idea that, human interaction with the systems often results to specified system-level problems (Boons,


Mobile Phones Use in the Learning Institutions Cause and Effect Essay essay help online free

Discuss how study habits have changed and are still changing because of the use of mobile devices The use of mobile technology has been of great impact to various aspects and standards of living. These impacts have been in education through the theory of m learning which means study through the mobile phone. Our focus under this topic is to discuss these impacts on education and the first impact is the increased access to the learning institutions.

The use of the mobile phones, which are easily accessible by most of people, gives people access to institutions of learning without physically attending the institutions. This is especially for the people who are physically disabled, thus making their access to education easier and less costly compared to the cost that would have otherwise been incurred through arrangements of special means of transport.

These people are able to access their studies as scheduled through their phones. Most interesting m learning is portable, which means that classes can be accessed at any point and any time. People can travel, do other works at the same time they are attending their classes (Fong, Reggie


United Arab Emirates Economy Report essay help online: essay help online

Based on the socio-economic indicators such as HDI, GDP growth and GDP per capita, we notice that the United Arab Emirates is a highly developed economy that has grown quite rapidly over recent years. Since 2004 when the GDP of the UAE grew by 11.9 percent, it has continued to grow at high rates over the years. In 2010, however, the growth rate fell and hit an all-time low of -1.6 percent. This was attributed to the crisis in Dubai, which ended up affecting the rest of the Emirates (Anderson, Anderson,


Analysis of Gender Issues in the Media Essay (Critical Writing) custom essay help

Table of Contents Notions of gender

Materials collected

Reinforcement of gender roles

The bigger picture

Personal response to material gathered

General thoughts of the images


The commercial advertising lingerie by the Hope designer company sparked controversy when they showed an advertisement on TV. The advertisement featured Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen. In the advertisement, the supermodel is shown trying to break bad news to her husband.

She tries breaking the news fully dressed then undresses down to her lingerie. The message in the advertisement simply showed that women are able to control men by using their bodies in a certain way. The advertisement was thought to be offensive and sexist because it degraded women to be perceived as mere sex objects (Porthilo-Shrimpton, September 30th 2011).

In another advertisement, for the Toyota Yaris online promotion sparked yet another controversy in their forms of advertising. They used online advertising to promote a car that was to be sold mainly to women. They came up with a competition where there would be an award winning short film that promoted this particular car.

The winning film titled, “clean getaways”, contained phrases such as: “I’m coming”, “She can take a good pounding in any direction”, and “I’m ready to blow”. The advertisement is based on a conversation between a young man and a father talking about a date with the young daughter (Too Rude? Toyota Yaris ad).

Notions of gender Stereotypical notions of gender have been presented in advertisements, magazines and other forms of media. Stereotypes, especially gender stereotypes, generally change to suit the society’s cultural values at a given time. The traditional stereotype of women being secretaries, housewives, has over time been replaced by the aggressive career woman who is independent and focused. Similarly, a more sensitive, male stereotype has replaced the traditionally macho, dominant stereotype of the past.

Gender here has been clearly stereotyped in the advertisements. Women have been regarded to only serve as objects of sexual desire where they use their bodies to manipulate men. The lingerie advertisement shows that a fully dressed woman cannot talk to her husband without getting him angry over something wrong that she did.

This advertisement sends the message that women can get away with anything as long as they say it when they are wearing tiny lingerie. Men, on the other hand are portrayed as being easily manipulated by their wives. They are simply creatures who cannot be assertive on their own and can be easily swayed from one thought to another by their lingerie-wearing wives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the other Toyota advertisement, women have been portrayed as mere sexual objects that can be manipulated by men. This is extremely visible in the conversation that the young man has with his date’s father. The suggestive tones that they use and the words used imply that the daughter is a sexual object.

Materials collected The materials collected portray women as people who use their bodies to get anything that they want. This reinforces the sexist belief that women are by far less intelligent and more incompetent than men. Men are believed to be smarter and more aggressive at their jobs and are able to get promotions in their jobs as well as higher salaries. Women on the other hand are believed to have beauty as their only asset. They have to use it in order to get what they want.

The advertisements also have a tendency to be sexual. They create their advertisements on the notion that sex sells. Most of these advertisements show men as being fully clothed while the women are half naked.

Nudity is a way of attracting consumers to their products. Some countries such as Brazil have banned some of these sexist advertisements on the basis that it degrades women and teaches them that they can use their bodies to get what they want. However, these advertisements receive as much negative comments as they do positive ones.

Reinforcement of gender roles Gender roles have been reinforced by using extreme nudity or overly sexual messages. Sexist advertising shows that the society believes that it is a legitimate form of commercial advertising.

This portrays the society as one which is laden with masculine values. This kind of advertising comes in all forms such as using female nudity and sexuality to sell completely unrelated products. Sexualisation of women’s bodies is believed to have its roots in a patriarchal society. Sexism has been accepted as a virtue such that it is allowed even in advertisements and commercials.

The bigger picture As a result of this, there exists an unrealistic expectation of women’s bodies. Body image problems, sexual and domestic violence have been accepted as the norm in our societies today. The fact that sexist advertising has become a normal thing is something that should be a major concern in our society. Advertising is simply a form of propaganda. In any case it is a form of communication from the producers of products to the direct consumers of these products.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Analysis of Gender Issues in the Media specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More An advertisement seeks to convince the consumer of a particular product, to consume the product of a particular company or seek the services of that company. Any images or symbols used in advertising are chosen for a particular reason.

Similarly, we found ourselves drawn to products by companies that believe it is okay to use women’s bodies in a sexual way to make their brands more attractive and useable. Men identify to these kinds of products and brands and buy them in huge stocks. The sexist propaganda in these advertisements is echoed in the perceptions men have about women.

The men already have an image of how an image of a woman should be thanks to these advertisements. Women hardly ever notice that their sexual appeal is being exploited by these advertising companies in a bid to sell their products to the consumer market. Each day we come across adverts that are sexual in nature.

Personal response to material gathered The producers of the material obviously had no intention of producing offensive content and airing it to their consumers. They were just going along with the general trend of sexuality in our societies. Objectifying women has been so normal in our day to day advertisements that no one ever notices anything wrong with it.

General thoughts of the images Advertising can be done in a way that isn’t sexual. Nudity doesn’t have to be the main attractive feature in every form of advertising. Nudity indeed has been used to sell the company’s products but at the expense of women’s pride and dignity. Men on the other hand have also been portrayed as “cavemen” who cannot control their own sexual desires and would gladly yield to the wishes of a woman once she undresses. Hopefully overtime, this kind of thinking will change for the better.

Bibliography Porthilo-Shrimpton, Thais. Gisele’s Sexist Lingerie Ads are No Laughing Matter in Brazil. September 30th, 2011. n.p.

Too rude? Toyota Yaris ad. n.d Web.


Moral issue in business Analytical Essay essay help online

Privacy has been identified to be an integral part of human life. With the high regard that employees hold of their privacy, employers have always found themselves in a dilemma especially where the organizational goals conflict with the privacy of their employees. This is usually the case where the company demands urine tests to ensure the safety of other employees and customers, and also to ensure that employees do not exhibit erratic behavior due to drug use and meet their personal and organizational targets.

Drug tests done by demanding urine samples from employees may sometimes be regarded as an infringement on their privacy. It has been identified that the autonomy that comes with the freedom to divulge information about oneself plays a significant role in employee comfort as well as overall productivity in the organization.

With the introduction of the contract model, there has been some reprieve as employees gain their moral and legal rights, while the employers are then supposed to hold moral and legal obligations to the employees.

The contents of the contract have, however, introduced a new twist to this debate as it is recognized that only information that is relevant to the employer, in regard to the employee fulfilling his or her job requirements, is required. The extent to which employers are restricted from demanding information from employees has been subject to debate as it turns out that the personal information required may vary between different industries.

Ethical grid In this case, the practice of human resource managers exhibits egoism. This is the view that morality coincides with the self-interest of an individual or an organization. The particular rights of the employees seem to fade as the organization seeks to recruit the best employees in the labor market. Though there may be limited requirements on employment, the organization may add more in the course of employment especially when they are in need of downsizing and cannot afford to pay full benefits to all the employees.

The issue of prima-facie obligation is also exhibited. This is where an obligation can be overridden by a more important obligation. In this case, the obligation to ensure that there is as little conflict in the organization as possible so that the managers can comfortably meet their profit margins, may override their obligation to ensure employee autonomy.

On the other hand, where the contractual model is proposed the assumption is that the personal moral and legal rights of the employee will always override those of the employer or the organization. This is also exhibited where individuals may ignore their personal autonomy if it means getting a job that they desire so much, especially where there is more demand for jobs and competition is high.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The consequential theory which determines the moral rightness or wrongness of an action based on the consequences or results of an action can be applied where the productivity of an employee or the profitability of the organization may be at stake.

This means that though the autonomy of the employees may be important, they have to conform to the employer’s demands that may be meant to ensure there is no conflict in the organization or not. This can also be applied where the restrictions in regard to the demands that could be made in a contract, are hard to define.

Solution Ethical values that have been violated

Utilitarian ethical reasoning has been substituted with egoism in this case. Employers should seek to uphold their employees moral as well as legal rights at all times.

This may at times conflict with their organizational goals, but the ends they desire should not take preference over the personal rights of other people. The extent to which personal rights are considered may vary between organizations, but their application should always be governed by the expressly defined organizational goals.

This is because employees often have prior knowledge of what is required from them when applying to work in a certain organization, and the imposition of additional conditions does not only infringe on their personal rights, but it also contradicts their moral and legal obligations to the organization.

Ethical Reasoning That Should Have Been Upheld

The managers should have thought from a utilitarian point of view as opposed to focusing on selfish means. Employers should not assume that the power they hold, especially where there is more demand for a job, justifies their disapproval of employee autonomy. The contractual model has received some criticism due to the perceived equality that it proposes which doesn’t exist in the labor market.

The fact is, as far as there is a higher demand for jobs than the available supply, employees will often be forced to accept terms that may infringe their personal moral and legal rights. The personal interest of the employer should be synchronized with those of the employees by identifying the conflict areas and exploring their relevance in regard to the organizational goals and the personal goals of all individuals in the organization.

We will write a custom Essay on Moral issue in business specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More An example is in cases where the nature of the work requires employees to be healthy due to the amount of risk involved, such as flying or operating heavy or risky machinery, it would be advisable to demand for employees medical records and maybe perform medical tests on them. The consent of employees should, however, be sought before such personal information is acquired. This is meant to uphold the employees’ rights and autonomy.

Predictable Outcomes Based On the Ethical Analysis

Based on the above analysis, it is evident that the management’s action may result to a detrimental scenario where the workers may feel left out and misused. Should such feelings arise, the workers may end up being less productive as they may fail to own up the entire workplace process. Thus, applying the concept of utilitarianism can adversely help to improve the quality of worker’s productivity.


Business Ethics: Smoking Issue Case Study college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Ethical Grid

Ethical values violated

Ethical reasoning to be applied

New outcomes predicted using the ethical analysis

Ethical behavior has to be maintained at all times in the workplace by both the employees and the employer. This may not be easy where personal issues may lead to conflict especially between employees. In most cases, these personal issues are often not covered in the organizational rules since they are assumed to be personal liberties. In this case, some employees feel free to smoke and since they know that they may be affecting the others who don’t smoke, they avoid smoking in their presence.

On the other hand, there is an employee who doesn’t smoke and though she is normally not affected by the old smell of cigarette smoke, on a particular day the smell makes her feel nauseated. Since she cannot work under such conditions, she decides to complain to her boss who is now in a dilemma whether to stop the other employees from smoking or to punish the complainant.

Ethical Grid One of the components of the ethical grid that openly manifests itself is Libertarianism. This is the identification of justice with an ideal of liberty and in this case whatever Charles Renford chooses to do should ensure that the liberty of all the parties to the dilemma is observed.

The Consequentialist theory, which dictates that the moral rightness or wrongness of an action based on the consequences or results of the action, is also observed. This is in reference to the organization itself, the non-smoking employees and the smokers in the organization.

Utilitarianism which dictates that we should act in ways that produce the most pleasure or happiness for the greatest number of people suggests that if majority of the employees are non-smokers, then it would be advisable for Renford to instill a strict no-smoking policy at the workplace. On the other hand, if there are more non-smokers, it would be advisable for the management to provide separate working quarters for non-smokers like Darlene where they can be comfortable.

Hedonism is one of the aspects identified which suggests that pleasure is the only thing that is good, it is the ultimate good, and the one thing in life worth pursuing for its own sake. In this case, Darlene exhibits this with her personal pleasure taking preference over that of others.

It is important to note that her problem is not the actual smoke, but rather the old smell of smoke. This suggests that she may have other problems with the perfumes or body odors of other employees or the general smell of office stationery. This doesn’t mean that other employees have to suffer for her comfort.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ethical values violated Utilitarianism has been ignored as the comfort of employees is sacrificed for the achievement of organizational goals. The comfort of the employees is a right and employers should seek to uphold their employees moral as well as legal rights at all times. This may at times conflict with their organizational goals, but they should not take preference over the personal rights of other people.

Ethical reasoning to be applied The decision made by Renford should ensure that the companies targets are met, but at the comfort of all the employees. In this case, he is left with one option, which is to give the job to someone else that has no problem with old smoke, so that it is completed in time. He also has to provide the employees with a smoking zone where non-smokers will not interact with the smokers. This will ensure that non-smokers are comfortable especially Darlene, and the smokers’ rights to smoke are observed and the job is done in time.

New outcomes predicted using the ethical analysis The decision of Renford may result in labor union action, employee resistance and reduced productivity as they will know that if they ever have personal issues at the workplace they will probably be ignored or even fired as the organization’s management cares more about the organizational goal than the personal needs of the employees.


The Global Problem of Violence Against Women in Today’s World Argumentative Essay college application essay help

Violence can be defined as actions or even words which are intended to hurt people on purpose. Violence and abuse against women have become a major problem in today’s world; it is a global injustice with alarming proportions. Violence against women is not only a global problem that needs to be addressed but it is also a common burden among many people who think it is a typically accepted behavior.

“The United Nations defines violence against women as ‘any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life” (Violence against Women, n.d.). I have chosen this topic because violence against women is one of the most widespread violations of the human rights which include physical, sexual, economic and even psychological abuse.

Violence against women cuts across geographical boundaries, age, culture, economy and race. The forms of violence are various and it is difficult to address the nature of violence against women.

It can take place at the comforts of home, workplace, and warfare. Violence against women has many manifestations and the most prevalent forms are domestic violence, abuse during pregnancy, psychological abuse, honor killing and female feticides. Across the world, a staggering amount of up to six out of every ten women experience physical and sexual violence during their lifetime.

“A World Health Organization study of 24,000 women in 10 countries found that the prevalence of physical and/or sexual violence by a partner varied from 15 percent in urban Japan to 71 percent in rural Ethiopia, with most areas being in the 30–60 percent range” (Violence against Women, n.d.). This clearly signifies that women are vulnerable and the violence caused to women is a universal problem.

It is alarming to note that “A WHO multi-country study found that between 15–71% of women reported experiencing physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner at some point in their lives” (Violence against Women, 2011, para. 2). Domestic violence is caused specifically by the choice to degrade women or to engage in violent behavior.

A number of factors can be responsible for domestic abuse and one of the major factors is abuse of substance. Domestic violence can take the form of physical and sexual abuse, economic abuse, verbal abuse and economic abuse. In the case of violence, it is recorded that more than half of the incidents took place due to substance abuse.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Alcohol or drugs are often make the consumer easily irritated or unstable which often leads to torturing women. In many cases, it is also noted that most men abuse their wives as they feel that it is their right to do so. This stems from the belief that women are inferior to men and that men have the right to treat their wife or kids the way they want to. The influence of patriarchal rule also affects the way women are treated in the society.

Domestic violence needs to be addressed as this is the most common form of abusing women. Abused women often have a lasting psychological problem apart from the physical damage. The physical health effects of domestic violence can have a lasting impact and victims are known to suffer both physical and mental problems as a result of domestic violence. Apart from the victim, children who are living in families where women are abused can have serious effects such as Behavior problems, Depression and mental problems.

Violence against women needs to be addressed and the society needs to be aware of the evils as well as the consequences. As violence against women is a global problem, measures need to be taken to stop it; unless something is done against it, it will continue to be one of the major issues worldwide.

Reference List Violence against Women, (n.d.). Retrieved from

Violence against Women, (2011). World Health Organization. Retrieved from

Violence against Women, (n.d.). UN Women. Web.


Community and Domestic Violence: Elder Abuse Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Discussion

Short-term consequences of elder abuse

Long-term consequences of elder abuse



An estimation of about several thousands of American elderly people experience domestic violence in the form of elderly abuse in their homes. The violence violates their rights by making them feel neglected, abused, and exploited. Generally, the term elderly abuse can refer to intentional mistreatment act by a person to a vulnerable adult that causes risk of harm to them.

In addition, the fact the elderly people cannot defend themselves because of the physical frailty that they encounter, they will experience most of the elderly abuse. Today, it is evident that elderly abuse is a serious problem all over the world and one that is likely to grow as many countries experience rapidly ageing populations (American Medical Association, 1990).

Discussion The description best describes elderly abuse, which is becoming a severe problem in the society today. The extent of elderly abuse that is committed at home lies between 4 percent and 6 percent. For the elderly people, the consequences of elderly abuse are very serious because the elderly people have brittle bones and prone to prolonged convalescence.

Elderly abuse takes different ways or forms, which include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation, healthcare fraud and abuse, and abandonment. First, elderly abuse can be physical abuse whereby the elderly people experience external forces such as hitting or shoving among other physical torture. Emotional abuse is whereby the elderly face verbal intimidation, humiliation, and ridicule.

Sexual abuse is an abuse whereby a person makes contact with an elder person without their consent or showing pornographic materials to the elder. Neglect focuses on the failure to carry out caretaking obligation (American Medical Association, 1990).

Short-term consequences of elder abuse Elderly abuse has several consequences, which can be either short-term or long-term. Short-term consequences include increased stress whereby the elderly go through emotional stress that follows the shock from the abuse. This may lead to elderly people experiencing depression, appetite loss, early deaths, and feeling of loneliness.

Another short-term consequence is that elderly abuse increases physical weariness and frailty. In experiencing this, the elderly people may develop ill health, which may include hypertension, arthritis among others. In addition, consequences of elderly abuse have effect on the families as well.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The families may have strained relationships among its members and may as well loose respect and honor in the society. Another consequence lies on the community whereby the community enters into fund raisings in dealing with the effects of the abuse. The effects of elderly abuse weaken the community social cohesion and networks (Lindbloom, Brandt,


Article Summary college essay help online: college essay help online

In his article,’ Professional vision’, Charles Goodwin seeks to examine the discursive practices often used by members of a given profession to shape the domain of their professional assessment, the phenomenal environment where their thoughts dwells, as well as the objects of knowledge (including bodies of expertise, theories and artifacts) that symbolize their profession. These objects of knowledge are a source of competence for the professions in question, in that they set them miles apart from other professions.

Goodwin (607) has examined the three practices necessary for achieving a profession’s vision. They include highlighting, coding schemes, and the generation and interpretation of graphical representation. Goodwin (608) examines these practices with respect to two professions under study. The two professions in question are law and archeology.

Instruction was a central element of the activities undertaken by the expert witnesses and archeologists in the courtroom, and for the individual learning processes consisting of modes of access and participation frameworks for the relevant phenomena. Although each of these settings was organized differently, nonetheless, both comprised common discursive practices.

The configuration of the aforementioned practices that the current paper has investigated is pervasive, consequential and generic in nature with respect to human activity, with good reason of course. To start with, the classification process is vital for human cognition. The construction and application of coding schemes allows facilitates social organization of relevant classification systems as bureaucratic and professional knowledge structures.

Ongoing historical practices have helped to shape human cognition. In addition, graphical representations are a prototype version of how human beings are able to construct external cognitive artifacts necessary for the persuasive display and organization of relevant knowledge. Strong political and rhetorical consequences are associated with the graphical representation of a coding scheme.

This is because the practice of highlighting echoes the perceptions of other individuals in that it reshapes a scrutiny domain, in effect making some of the phenomena to become more salient than other. Also, some of the phenomena may fade into the background. Goodwin (609) has investigated seeing as a historically and socially constituted body of practices that allows for the shaping and construction of objects of knowledge that can animate a given profession’s discourse.

The study allowed for an interaction between co-workers, their tools of measurement, the lines that they have drawn, and their ability to view pertinent events in such a manner as to allow for the achievement of a single coherent activity. At the same time, practices mainly involved in the generation, distribution and deducing of these representations provides the cognitive infrastructure and materials needed to allow for the achievement of the archeological theory.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The author has further argued that professional vision is unevenly allocated and is housed by specific social entities. In addition, the author has managed to communicate across the three practices relevant to a given profession in an orderly manner relative to human interaction. Examining the interactions between these practices within specific parameters allows us to explore diverse phenomena using a single analytical framework.

Thanks to the sequence of interaction, individuals of a given profession contest are held responsible for the right perception and constitution of objects that fins use in outlining their professional competence. Upon reading this article, one cannot help but wonder, is professional vision largely established by the three aforementioned practices- coding scheme, highlighting, and the generation and expression of material representation, or not?

Work Cited Goodwin, Charles. Professional vision. American Anthropologists, 96.3(1994): 606- 633


High Health Cost in U.S.A Research Paper college admission essay help

The cost of health care in the United States of America (U.S.A.) has escalated recently. It is estimated that the health care cost in the United States of America account for 16.6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The U.S.A. health care cost is perceived to be the highest health care cost among the developed nations.

In the recent decade, it has been noted that the rate of healthcare expenditure in United States of America has increased more than the national income as well as inflation. Despite the high healthcare cost in United States of America, it is believed that United States of America is characterized by the greatest discrimination, inequality, worst access to health care as well as poorest health care delivery.

The U.S.A. should implement appropriate mechanism to leverage its high health care cost. By 2008, the U.S.A. was spending about $7,800 per person annually as health care cost. Its health care spending was $2.4 trillion by then and was forecasted to escalate to $4.3 trillion by 2017 if appropriate strategies are not adapted. This represents a 19.7% of the U.S.A GDP.

When health care cost escalate more than inflation and people’s income as witnessed in the United States of America, it becomes very difficult for residents to receive deductibles, premiums as well as copayments. High health care costs makes it very tricky for employers to offer their employees medical insurance covers, while at the same time being in a position to remain competitive especially at the current competitive market dynamic.

Similarly, high health care cost as the one reflected in United States of America poses a great challenge to governments. Consequently, any government that mirror such a high health care cost faces a lot of problem to try and balance on how to cover its employees and at the same time pay for health care safety net plans for the elderly, those that earn low income as well as children (Mass-Care par. 4).

The high health care cost in United States of America is caused by American commercial health care system. The United States of America treats its health care like commodity that is purchased by the government, individuals as well as businesses.

Surprisingly, instead of the American health care systems being tailored in a manner to assists the Americans, it is costumed in a way to maximize profits at the expense of the Americans. The United States of America insurance companies, drug manufactures as well as the health care providers are motivated by profits. The monopoly of the single payer Health Care System makes health care coverage in United States of America to be offered as a public good to all.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In California for example, over 6.4 million American have no health insurance. This number is expected to increase very soon if United States of America does not institute appropriate strategies to curtail the situation. The cost of physicians in United States of America is very high. A report given by Price Water Coopers in 2005 revealed that 86 percent of every $ 1 paid in health insurance premium goes to hospitals, doctors, prescription drugs as well as the outpatient care.

In United Sates of America, in every $ 1 that is spent on health insurance premiums, 24 percent go to physician services. It was discovered that health cost of physicians in United States of America in 2005 increased by a rate of 7.8%. This rate was two times higher than the rate of increase of consumer price index that year which was 3.2 percent. The cost of physician was 1.9 percentage points of the 8.8 percent increase in health insurance premiums in 2005 (California Associations of Health Plans 1).

Some of the factors that trigger high physician charges are Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursements rates. Research on health care cost in various nations indicates that low Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursements rates escalate health care cost because physicians opt to get their lost income by charging their private patients higher charges and also they recover the foregone income by performing more services.

Physician salaries in United States of America are very high. Physician in U.S.A. earn three times the salaries that physician receive in other developed nations get. For instance Physician is U.S.A receives about $ 300,000 yearly, while doctors in United Kingdom get about $ 100,000 annually.

The high costs that are associated with litigation and defense medicine in U.S.A also increases the health care cost in U.S.A. These costs accounts for approximately 10 percent of the total cost of physician services. The high costs of defense and litigation occurs because physicians prescribe more tests and other expensive procedures to avoid lawsuits.

The high number of aging population in United States of America makes the United States of America to use a lot of money on its health care since this group is vulnerable to chronic diseases. Similarly, the high cost in health care in United States of America can be linked to increased investment in the development of medical devices that help to prolong life (California Associations of Health Plans 3).

The United States of America is in a dire need to address its ever rising health care cost in order to make sure that every American is in position to access equal and affordable health care service. The sure way to ensure low cost of health care in United States of American is by the federal government enacting appropriated legislations to address high health care cost in U.S.A.

We will write a custom Research Paper on High Health Cost in U.S.A specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The federal government should enact legislation that will leverage the salaries paid to United States of America physicians to reflect those salaries paid to doctors in other developed nations .In additional, appropriate legislation that support uniform billing and fair prescriptions should be adapted. Through these legislations, the United States of America will be in a position to cut down its high health care cost (Mass-Care par 5).

Works Cited California Associations of Health Plans. “Medical Costs Growing Faster Than the Economy.” 18 Feb. 2009. Web.

Mass-Care. “Health Care Cost”.28. Feb 2011. Web.28 Nov. 2011


Struggling Readers vs. Non-Struggling Readers Research Paper best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Using real world teaching

Encouraging collaboration between struggling and non struggling

Giving direct instructions for crucial reading strategies

Determining reading levels of learners


Fitzpatrick, Gunzehauser and Taylor (2007) define struggling readers as categories of students who have difficulties in comprehension and lack word accuracy. On the other hand, non struggling readers are categories of students who master language comprehension well and have word accuracy.

It is always a challenge to educate struggling readers, and therefore, teachers should make it as a continuous struggle. However, teachers should not neglect non struggling readers because they also need continued knowledge acquisition in comprehensions. Teachers should always find a balance in teaching students of various understanding capacities.

In a research involving 22 pre-service teachers, it was discovered that the best way to teach all kinds of students especially in comprehension is to involve the professional knowledge, practical and personal inputs of the teachers (Duffy


College Athletics Essay custom essay help

Academic performance of college athletes is dropping at an alarming rate. In fact, surveys from most universities that offer athletics scholarship have found that both female and male counterparts are guilty of either intentionally underperforming or ignoring basic concepts that would improve their grades.

This has raised debate among theorists as well as teachers. It is quite disappointing that students secure admissions in top colleges like Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina, among others, yet they put little effort to reflect their admission into these institutions. Some of the questions that have risen due to these happenings include considerations on whether students should be paid for their services as athletes or be given ultimatums on goals to be reached academically in order to continue with scholarship.

Moreover, questions have been raised on whether the program has been successful in achieving objectives of college or university education. Several theorists have come up with ideas of the best course to be taken with some suggesting elimination of the program in favor of intellectual and service (altruistic) education.

In essence, college athletics has failed to achieve some of its major goals, in the process, prompting a review on its course. Consequently, college athletics should be eliminated in favor of intellectual and service education. This paper will explore college athletics, its achievements and reasons why it has failed to achieve its full potentials (Glenn 656-677).

College Athletics Sport is an integral part of college education. This is mainly because it produces some of the best athletes in the world. This starts at the lower levels of education like high schools and junior schools. These talents need nurturing in every step of the child. It is in this sense that college and universities offer scholarships to talented athletes in order to continue with development of their talents.

Colleges and universities undergo extensive selection processes to determine possible candidates for scholarship. In fact, they end up giving scholarships to best of the best. In their consideration, education and academic achievements in high schools becomes paramount. However, after admission, it is quite disappointing that a good number of students underachieve, when it comes to academics.

In fact, even students known to perform well in exams are seen to flop with time. To make matters worse, they are also more likely to cause disturbances in universities/colleges than the rest of students. This is quite astonishing given the fact that these scholarships can be revoked, yet for some reasons they are rarely threatened (Glenn 656-677).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, lobbyists are working on plans to integrate pay for these athletes. This has also raised concerns and is believed to cause jitters in academic forums as universities stand less chance of affording these lump sum pays. In essence, the process is losing its initial taste and meaning.

Cartoons that have been designed are mainly aimed at stressing these facts. For instance, cartoon below stresses the fact that athletes are overworked without pay. This is highly hysterical given that colleges and universities are centers for development and not career centers for athletes. College athletics is therefore full of debates that will take decades, if not centuries to resolve (Branch 1).


The following cartoon emphasizes the need for reforms at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletes Association). It claims that rewards given to athletes through scholarships and allowances, among others, do not constitute a good fraction of what they bring to the institutions annually.

In essence, they believe that NCAA infringe on athletes’ right to payment of their performances. This has raised issues with lobbyists trying to cut out a deal for players. On the other hand, universities are finding it difficult to explain their roles in development of athletes with respect to education.

It has been found that most universities rely too much on athleticism of prospective students than their academic ability. This raises concerns on the rational of such universities. The cartoons cries foul on NCAA and universities, which receive lump sum of money in deals and endorsement from companies while they get nothing (Ruby 1).

Fig. 1. Cartoon.


We will write a custom Essay on College Athletics specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Considering students for pay due to their deals and endorsements is a very sensitive matter. This is because there are other students in those colleges who strive to excel in academics. Rewarding students for sporting activities would discourage other students from taking the right initiatives.

Moreover, it would lead to inequality, which already exists due to preference of athletes to others. It is important to note that other disciplines have increasingly been neglected for sports. This is mainly because of the revenue sports generate in schools. To this point, another question arises on whether focus should be place on revenue generated by sports or on developing talents and academic qualifications.

Generally, universities are found to be inclined on one side. This makes it difficult to predict the future of such Universities and colleges in terms of academic viability. This is mainly attributed to their emphasis on athletics, which compromises on the universities’ mission and objectives of achieving excellence in academics for betterment of society (Glenn 656-677).

Is college athletics a rational focus for college or university?

From the discussion above, it is necessary to establish the rational focus of colleges or universities. For instance, there is reason beyond doubt that universities and colleges receive huge lump sums from sports. This can be attested to in the case study by Penn State University, which is said to have earned over 96.1 million dollars in revenue from sports. It has also been established that universities tend to favor athletes when it comes to national selection.

Another point of concern is the fact that some colleges have been found guilty of giving students illegal payments, which makes them better than the rest. Other evidences that have been raised include the fact that athletes tend to flop in academic results as they progress. This may be attributed to amount of time they actually put into books, although it is increasingly agreeable that they neglect studies. Another issue of great concern is the discipline associated with athletes.

Surveys in universities and colleges have shown that higher levels of indiscipline in athletes as compared to other students. Moreover, they gain opportunities in their choice of courses more easily than the rest of students. Going by the evidence shown, Colleges and universities are paying more attention to sports than other academic programs, which are more central to its achievement of objectives than athletics.

This is affecting progress of such universities with issues of corruption taking center stage. Clearly, a step towards this direction is misleading and irrational. In essence, athletics is not a rational focus for universities or colleges (Adler 401-417).

Why should not higher education eliminate athletic programs in favor of intellectual and service (altruistic) education?

As has been shown above, athletics generates revenues to universities or colleges. This has influenced their inclination towards sports. University selections are marred by scrambles for athletes rather than academic prospects. In fact, even though NCAA has introduced tough measures on academic achievements of such students, it remains to be seen what actions universities take to follow them.

Not sure if you can write a paper on College Athletics by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Several pointers to negligence by athletes have been cited as the reason for underperforming, although some theorists argue that this is due to limited time they have with books. Several suggestions have been brought forward to help improve this situation.

They include possibility of extending athletes’ course by two years, introducing degree courses in various categories of sports and rewarding them for their contribution in revenues, among others. Clearly, the world sees fault in the current system. Consequently, it would be wise if education systems eliminate athletics programs in favor of intellectual and altruistic education (Infante 1).

Conclusion College athletics has brought about a series of debates on its viability concerning college or university objectives. However, both parties concur that steps should be made to improve impact of college athletics. For instance, it has been noted that athletes perform poorly as compared to other students. Moreover, their focus is usually not in education, instead it is in their professional progress in athletics.

This has raised concern as to the future of academics in these institutions. Moreover, renewed debate on rewarding athletes is highly likely to demise importance of academics among students. Clearly, education systems should eliminate athletics programs in favor of intellectual and altruistic education. In essence, reforms are required in this sector in order to redefine its objectives (Bragley 1).

Works Cited Adler, Patricia. “Intense Loyalty in Organizations: A Case Study of College Athletics.” Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 3 (1988), pp. 401-417.

Bragley, Pat. “College Athletics Cartoon / September 7, 2011”. DIM, 2011. Web.

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Euthanasia and Modern Society Argumentative Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Historical Background

Arguments for and against



Euthanasia is Greek word that when directly translated refers to the “good death”; more specifically euthanasia is a term that is used to describe death conditions that has been undertaken deliberately for purposes of alleviating suffering of an individual usually from a terminal illness for which no recovery is expected.

Hence, for euthanasia to be defined to have occurred three conditions must be met i.e. it should be deliberate, must involve taking life and should be with intention of relieving “intractable” suffering (Rawls, 1971). There are various forms of euthanasia, but which are generally categorized into two types; passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. In this paper I wish to argue that euthanasia is not a moral issue and should be legalized globally since it is justified and should therefore not be regulated.

Historical Background The debate surrounding the morality and legality of euthanasia is one that has been ongoing since the 17th century when the word euthanasia was first invented and used in the medical field (Pateman and Rawls, 1987). In modern day society the actual meaning of euthanasia has taken different forms and is usually interpreted differently in medical and legal context.

However it was not until the late 1980s when scholarly articles that advocated and argued against the morality of euthanasia were first published. In her article written in 1987 titled “Euthanasia”, Battin advocated for euthanasia by expounding on the moral virtues of euthanasia and why it should be used in the medical context (Pateman and Rawls, 1987).

The case of euthanasia as advocated by Battin is based on the noble idea behind euthanasia which is basically to alleviate pain. Towards this end Battin asserts that “the relief of pain of a patient is the least disputed and of the highest priority to the physician” in direct reference to sole and major reason of carrying out euthanasia, a fact that is not even contested by the proponents of the euthanasia practice (Pateman and Rawls, 1971).

Arguments for and against In the following section of the paper we shall analyze the various ideologies that have been advanced in defense and against the practice of euthanasia. Generally the positions of euthanasia proponents and opponents have to do with morality, religion and legal issues.

For instance, the argument advanced by proponents regarding the need to undertake euthanasia in order to relieve such patients from their physical and emotional pains assumes a moral point of view all other factors being constant. From a religion perspective the debate on euthanasia continues to be a contentious issue because of their different viewpoints. However it is in medical perspective that the practice of euthanasia is most polarized, radical and a never ending issue of contention.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On one hand for example, euthanasia practice radically contradicts the principles of medicine as well as on the very tenets that the practice of medicine was found. Indeed, the fundamental principle of medical practitioner’s demands that they undertake anything possible to save life and ensure it preservation; this is the cardinal oath that doctors must take prior to being allowed to practice.

But on the other hand, and equally important responsibilities of the doctor involves alleviating pain and suffering by bringing about cure, it is when this cure becomes elusive that the idea of euthanasia does not seem so much outrageous or in that case in conflict with the fundamental principles of medicine.

Besides in contemporary society, the practice of medicine has assumed new levels altogether which are very different from the nature of medicine as it was practiced in ancient times, and which these principles of medicine were actually based. In fact, the reasons why the issue of euthanasia has become so polarized has everything to do with advances that has been made in medicine and due to the emerging type of diseases, which are both a product of modern society.

Advance in technology for instance has meant that machines that can sustain life in near death circumstances have been invented. But this technological introduction has only complicated the issue of euthanasia in two major ways; one of which regards the cost and the other has to do with this leap of technology per se.

Regarding cost, it is basically impossible to continuously maintain a person in a life saving machine for several years due to the prohibitive cost alone. Strictly speaking even on a cost benefit analysis such action is not logical unless there are major improvements on the side of the patient.

Another reason why lives saving machines have complicated the issue of euthanasia is because this technological leap has necessitated the redefinition of death, death in the sense of when it should be presumed to occur and for very good reasons.

Indeed, the fact that this life supporting machines have the capability to continue sustaining life in patients that are in vegetative state requires us to redefine when death should be presumed to occur especially given their ability to sustain life even when massive organ failure occurs, usually what would have resulted to death were it not for the ability of this machines.

We will write a custom Essay on Euthanasia and Modern Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Due to this eventuality brought about by this technological advent, modern day definition of death has also taken several meanings. The definition of death as it is currently described includes three forms; whole brain death, higher brain death and traditional death which is usually through cardiovascular arrest (Hassan, 2006).

These various definitions of death are for the purpose of providing leeway of undertaking or preventing euthanasia based on the perspective that one get to look at it. For instance when death is defined as having occurred due to higher brain death, then life support machine is not necessary and can be removed since death in this case is not subject to cardiovascular arrest but rather to higher brain activity (Hassan, 2006); I say this is just being hypocritical.

However in traditional terms life support machines cannot be withdrawn from patients since their death is subject to their cardiovascular arrest which is incidentally enabled through the life supporting machines (Hassan, 2006); (this is even more ironical).

Finally the reason why modernity complicates the issue of euthanasia is because of the increase and emerging of new diseases that are increasingly becoming not only terminal but very painful and humiliating as well. Most of these diseases are a product of modernity and are usually the one at the centre of euthanasia debate mainly because they are terminal and painful diseases.

However, the debate on euthanasia is hardly limited to the various perspectives of legal, medical, moral and religion as we have so far discussed, but also involve philosophical perspectives as well.

The Social Contract Theory is an ideology that is largely attributed to Thomas Hobbes although its concepts have been around for quite some time (Celeste, 2004). In Social Theory Contract, Hobbes argues that human are rational beings but which only reason and act with their best interests at heart in what he refers as “coomodious living” which entail various aspects of life such as morality, society and politics (Celeste, 2004).

The relevance of this theory therefore in the context of euthanasia is that people’s moral standings are usually tied together with the political factors of the society. Perhaps, what Hobbes is advocating concerning euthanasia, is to let the moral and political factors of a society be the framework of determining the justification of euthanasia.

An even more unusual theory regarding euthanasia has been advanced by Susan Wolf in a critique of the Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) concept in which the influence of culture, socialization and sexism as determinant factors of euthanasia are adequately tackled (Dieterle, 2007). The underlying argument that Wolf attempts to portray in that paper claims that euthanasia is largely a gender issue which should not be legalized under the existing legal laws and cultural practices of the society.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Euthanasia and Modern Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In this paper, the practice of euthanasia is described to be gender based in that women are affected differently by the practice compared to men and are more predisposed to the practice than men, mainly because the culture in America tends to devalue women who are terminally ill, disabled or considerably aged more than is the case for their male counterparts (Dieterle, 2007).

In this critique by wolf two major points are raised to support her claim of gender based euthanasia, one of which she claims that majority of persons that are likely to seek PAS would be females rather than males, which in itself is an injustice.

However, data analysis of the various countries and states in America that have so far legalized euthanasia turns out not to support this assertion. The trend is the same even for other countries that have allowed euthanasia such as Netherlands where males constitutes the larger percentage than females.

Conclusion As we can see from the facts discussed it is clear that the modern society has evolved to a point that justifies euthanasia because of the strides in technology and lifestyle changes that necessitates that people be mercifully relieved of life should the situation demand so.

As it is, governments have circumvented the legalization of euthanasia by giving it different definitions as we have seen to fit its intentions. But at the end of the day it is euthanasia, and it is not right to discriminate against citizens based on the nature of death and in the process deny those who also need it as much.

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Pateman, C


Should parents be blamed for their child’s behavior? Argumentative Essay essay help: essay help

Effective parenting has never been as important as it is in today’s family setups. This notion stems from the fact effective and proper parenting goes a long way in to shaping how the children will behave in the future and affect the persons and society around them. Psychological and psychosocial studies have for a long time taught us that parenting without a proper basis can definitely result into confusion in the developmental process of any child (Commons and Miller, 2007).

This is why many attempts have been made to improve parenting methods. In deed, effective parenting should the most important job in the life of any parent. Many studies undertaken on the factors affecting child behaviors have found out that parents have the most significant influence in their child’s behavior, be it good or bad.

Although other factors such as peer influence and other experiences while growing up have been shown to affect the children’s behavior, parental involvement has been numerously cited owing to the level of influence parents have over their children as compared to other factors. Hence, parents are the one who should be blamed for their children’s behavior.

Parents have moral and legal responsibilities towards their child. If they set a bad example to their children, they will definitely follow in their steps. In other words, they are the primary teachers and discipliners of their children. Many parents fail not because they are inadequate, nor lack love for their children but because they procrastinate and they give warnings that they do not follow through.

Parents should recognize that bringing up well-behaved children requires a thorough comprehension of how their behavior is connected with their child’s behavior. Consequently, they should impart moral values such as respect and discipline to the children. All parents have a responsibility when it comes to raising their children for no one will do it for them.

A study undertaken by the NASUWT teachers’ union concluded that lack of parental support is a major crisis behind pupils’ lack of discipline. More than two in three teachers identified lack of support from parents as the most fundamental factor that influences pupils’ behavior.

The teachers cited a lack adequate support from the parents to help them in maintaining high standards in pupils’ behaviour, thus they feel let down by the lack of parents’ support in shaping the pupils’ behavior. In fact, some parents even fail to send their children to school with the right material for their learning, for example, books and pens, instead, they allow them to go to school with mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets will always cause disruptions in classrooms and this makes the pupils not to concentrate, lading to lower grades. Lack of concentration in the classroom also prevents the children from taking in valuable lessons that could influence their behavior (Vogler, Masters and Merrill, 1970). Although some parents cited lack of funds as a source of their waning influence over their child’s behavior, studies have shown otherwise.

Low income families can still influence their children’s behavior by a great margin. Besides, some parents use this excuse as a scapegoat for escaping their parental roles. Some parents pay less attention to their children’s academic activities and hence may not even know whether children are attending classes or not

The relationship between a parent and his/her child is a determinant of how well the child will adjust to life outside of the home, performance in school, as well as what kind of relationships they will form with people outside the family setup. Most parents have failed to establish close relations with their children. They do not spend adequate time with their children, are always busy with work commitments, and some are very hostile to their children.

The relationship between parent and child significantly helps in a child’s emotional and mental development. As parental affection and influence decreases and the amount of time children spend in non-parental care increases, an increased likelihood for behavioral problems both at home and at school is observed. Parents are critical in every aspect of a child’s development (Cavell and Strand, 2002).

They can, and should provide healthy, stable environments for their children besides providing a loving and nurturing relationship with them. All of these aspects are likely to promote behavioral development of a child.

Parents are expected to spend time with their children and are expected to teach their children the behaviors that are embraced or shunned by society. They should be committed to building a strong relationship with their children and must actively contribute to building their children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Some parents even lack the confidence to face their own children and hence are not able to counsel their children on good behavior. When parents have a good relationship with their children, they are able to enforce positive values and acceptable standards of good behaviour and ensure that their children embrace these values in their day-to-day lives. Consequently, parents should create time for their children in order to establish a close relationship that can have a long influence on the child’s behavior.

We will write a custom Essay on Should parents be blamed for their child’s behavior? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Authority, responsibility, discipline, and accountability constitute the foundation of a sensible behavioral structure in all persons. Parents fail to exert these four premises of behaviour in their children and this has gone a long way into shaping their children’s failing to uphold moral values and etiquette.

A letdown in the display of proper protocols from parent to child could result into children taking up unwanted habits and if further displays of bad conduct continue to be shown to the child, a potentially criminalized foundation could be laid. Parents do not let their children to be accountable of their mistakes as they always cover them and this makes the children to believe that the act was not wrong. Parents should learn to discipline their children whenever they display bad behavior.

Besides, their reaction to their children’s behavior should be that of deterrence and a form of warning. Sometimes parents react passively. They give in to their children’s misbehavior because they do not feel like confronting the problem and this only worsens the child’s behavioral problems. When parents fail to understand the motives behind their children’s bad or wrong behavior, their children tend to end up in dangerous and catastrophic situations, such as becoming juveniles.

They should always evaluate their child’s behaviour, discipline them appropriately, and say no to their demands when necessary (Newman


Ten Things I Hate About You Essay (Article) a level english language essay help

Inspired by “The Taming of the Shrew” play by William Shakespeare, the “10 Things I hate About You” movie commences with the main character, Cameron, Padua High new student, in the office of a quirky counselor Perky who is the guidance mistress. Michael procedure on to walk Cameron around the school compound and later, they become close friends clique.

When Michael is passing him through the orientation process, Cameron quickly notices a very beautiful blonde called Bianca Stratford from sophomore. Unfortunately, the only impediment towards getting to know her better is that she has no permission to date whatsoever just like Katrina, her ‘shrew’ sister.

Interestingly, Katrina is the opposite of Bianca in that she has fallen for feminist prose, indie rock, and totally despises conformity. Along the way, their father allows them to date on condition that Katrina had to have a date for Bianca to do so.

Thus, the dilemma to Cameron, who is interested in Bianca, is to fix a friend to date Katrina in order to be with Bianca. Fortunately, Michael comes to his rescue by tricking the pretty model collage mate called Joey Donner in believing that his only chance to get to Bianca would be paying someone to date Katrina.

Written in the Elizabethan Era, the play “The Taming of the Shrew” reflected upon the assumption of this era when men were perceived as superior to women. The theme of patriarchy as a status determination facet has been addressed by William Shakespeare.

This orientation was applied in status determination, and defining traditional values to be imposed on the womenfolk. Reflectively, modern appropriation seems to embrace the same trend though hidden in ‘parental protection’ assumption as presented in the movie, the “Ten Things I Hate About You” produced by Gill Junger.

In the Shakespeare’s era, the society had sophisticated speech as compared to the rugged informal one characters use in the movie. Though Shakespeare’s language was refined, the movie used colloquial dialect characterized by slangs such as ‘heinous bitch’ in reference to Katrina. In the Shakespearean text, ‘wild beast’ and ‘shrew’ was used to define Katharina’s character.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Generally, in the Renaissance era, men dominated and exercised authority quite regularly. Shakespeare’s Katharina is defined by Lucentio and Gremio in the first interaction as hell irrespective of her feelings. In comparison, Kat has enough freedom at the expense of her sister Bianca. As a form of rebellion form male dominance, the character Kat is independent and free to exert her feelings irrespective of the consequences.

Fathers in both writings reflect on society and culture across the generational transition. In the “Ten Things I Hate About You play”, Bianca’s father is over protective due to fears of alcohol and drugs influence on his daughters. He is not ready to allow the two teenagers to go into early sexual relations.

In contrast, Batista, Katharina’s father in the Shakespearean era, is eager to let go of his daughter into marriage due to fear of eroded family reputation. From this analysis, it is apparent that drug abuse and alcoholism was absent in the renaissance era.

Conclusively, it is clear that the “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “The Taming of the Shrew” share many themes which reflect on the nature of societal orientations in different span of time. Factually, the social, cultural, and historical context of Shakespeare’s play influenced the plot and themes in the film “Ten Things I hate About You”, especially on teen culture in the 20th century.


How George would make his decision as a utilitarian Analytical Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Utilitarianism is a normative theory of ethics that places the locus of a right and a wrong action purely on the results or consequences of choosing one action over the other. Therefore it totally disregards one’s own interests or plight and takes into account the interest of other parties involved. In other words, for George to make this decision as a utilitarian, he would have to maximize the overall happiness of the people involved or are to be affected by the decision.

After years of hard work and dedication, George has realized his dream of attaining a doctorate in chemistry but has found it extremely difficult to get a job. Since his health limits the scope of jobs he can do, he has no hope of getting a job soon. As a family man, George is naturally obligated to providing for his family, a responsibility he has failed in due to unemployment. He has also caused a great deal of stress on his young family.

Clearly he should take the job being offered to him by the older chemist. This way he will be able to provide for his family as the job is decently paying. Certainly he will make his wife happy as he will relieve her off the burden of providing for the family alone and she may appreciate him more. His children will be well taken care of by the consolidated family income as a result. George will also make use of the knowledge and skills he acquired in chemistry during his years of study at the university.

This will give him much needed experience which can add to his credentials when looking for a job in other companies in future. He will set a good example to his children as they will see him as a provider. By taking the job as a researcher, he will also make the older chemist happy. Clearly the pros outweigh the cons. He should take the job.

How George would make his decision as deontologist Deontological thinking is based on the fact that we are obligated or have a duty to do certain things that are right based on certain ethical rules and not to do others that are not right based on the same rules. As a deontologist, George will not look at the good that will come out of the action that may follow his decision but rather the obligatory or the prohibition element of the action by ethical considerations.

As a typical deontologist, George has very strong feelings about the words ‘right’ and ‘good’ whereby right has to do with his actions and good has to do with the outcome of his actions, he is strongly opposed to chemical and biological warfare.

As a chemist, George knows too well the adverse effects of the use of chemical and biological weapons on the human race, the effects of which may be catastrophic if not devastating. If he takes the research job, George will be abetting evil policies that may cause millions of deaths in future if not now; he should not take the job. He is however likely to face more problems than his conflicting duty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People who know him and his family in particular are likely to accuse him of being a cruel cold-hearted moral machine that disregards the plight of his family. His children will be severely affected if he remains jobless. Whether he takes the job or not, the research will continue nevertheless. But as a deontologist he should ignore them and act in an egocentric way.

It is wrong to allow harm to come to another human being. George is therefore obligated to protect his honor. The ethically right act supersedes the outcome of taking the job. The human race that may be wiped out by the chemical and biological weapons should therefore come first. George should do justice by acting prudently even if the sky should fall! He should not take the job.


Sara Lee Corporation Case Study best essay help: best essay help

Sara Lee is an international company that is involved in the production and manufacturing as well as marketing of consumer goods. The company was developed back in 1939. This was the time when CD Kenny Company was acquired by Kenny Company that was involved in the distribution of tea, sugars, and coffee.

The company is involved in a number of product lines that includes beverages, food, household products and branded apparel. The company is involved in a highly competitive market competing with about 2000 markets across the world. Since the company is involved in marketing products whose supply is relatively very high, it is forced to put more effort on marketing in order to maintain a high level of sales.

Sara Lee mission

Sara Lee’s mission is to delight its customers’ everyday. The company is very much determined to maintain value to its customers by providing quality products throughout. Consequently, it is advisable for the company.


Sara Lee’s vision is to be the first choice to the consumers and customers from all over the world. The company is therefore determined to maintain good relationships with its customers. This has been achieved by maintaining value for its customers.


In order to maintain a high level of performance throughout the organisation, Sara Lee Corporation is led by several principles that have significantly contributed to the success of the organization. One of the main principles is to act with integrity (Sara Lee Inc. par 6). The company has maintained this principle across the organisation in all its aspects.

The company is also devoted to be inclusive and work in teams in order to promote the overall performance (Anonymous 5). The company is now determined to integrate these values in its day to day operations. Sara Lee has managed to improve the sustainability of business model by promoting dialogue with its stakeholders. This has ensured that all the parties involved are given an opportunity to make their contributions.

External Environment

As already noted, Sara Lee is one of the global marketer and producer of consumer goods (Sara Lee Inc. par 4). The company deals mainly with the foods and beverages. Since the company operates in the global market, it faces a very high level of competition. The company has a number of competitors in the global markets.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These include Bimbo, Kraft, Tyson Foods, Blyth, Inc., Arcor Group among others. Despite the fact that the company has recorded a good performance in the market, it is required to come up with effective strategies in order to maintain good performance compared to its competitors. Lacking to do so may cause the company to lose to its competitors.

Sara Lee’s external environment can clearly be understood using Porter’s five forces model. This model can help in understanding Sara Lee’s external environment. One of the Porter’s forces is the intensity of competition rivalry. The level of competition plays a significant role in determining the performance of an organisation.

Sara Lee faces a high level of competition from other companies in the industry. The bargaining power of the suppliers supplying Sara lee with raw materials is very low. This is because there are many suppliers in the industry. Therefore, the company can easily choose the supplier who is offering the lowest price. On the other hand, the bargaining power of the consumers is high.

There are many companies providing products similar to those provided by Sara Lee. Therefore, buyers can easily shift from one seller to another. Sara Lee is also faced by threat of new substitute products. For instance, more customers are now shifting to organic products. This may lead to a significant fall in the company’s level of sales.

Internal Environment SWOT Analysis

As already noted, Sara Lee is one of the top performing organizations across the world. It has a strongly built brand in branded consumer packaged goods. Its strongly developed brand ensures a stable growth of its capital, the factor that has significantly contributed to the growth of the company’s competitive advantage.

However, it has been projected that the private labels may increase significantly in the future. As a result, the position of Sara Lee may weaken since its sales will tend to diminish as it loose more customers to its competitors.


One of the major strength for Sara Lee lies on its strong brand that is easily recognizable across the world. The strength of the brand is one of the major factors that determine the ability of an organisation to promote its sales. Organizations with strong brands are able to maintain a high level of sales. For instance, an organization can easily market a product with a strong brand in any part of the world.

We will write a custom Case Study on Sara Lee Corporation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Little marketing effort will result in high level of sales compared to other competitors in the same industry. Therefore, strong brand is one of the major factors where Sara Lees’ competitive advantage lies. The major brands that are widely known include the Douwe Egberts, Earth Grains, Jimmy Dean, and Kiwi among others.

All these brands are easily recognized in many parts across the world. As a result, the company can easily sell these products in a different market. This has helped the organization to maintain a high level of sales. This is a clear implication that the company has paid adequate attention in the creation of strong brands in order to come up with such strongly built brands.

It costs an organization significantly to come up with a strong brand. An organisation is required to invest both human and financial capital in order to realize strong brands. Strong brands ensure repetitive purchases of organizations’ product and consequently maintaining a perpetual growth in organization’s revenue.

Sara Lee has also managed to promote diversification in its operations. In most cases, one product may fail in the market; when this happens, organizations specializing on single products may lose significantly. Specialization in one field can therefore lead to total failure, which may even lead to closing of the company. Sara Lee has managed to overcome all these problems by having a diversified business.

The company has diversified its business both geographically and in terms of products. As already noted, the company is involved in manufacturing and selling a wide range of products. Therefore, the company is always in the safer side incase one of the product fails. By dealing with different lines of products, the company is also able to mitigate the risks associated with product cycles.

For instance, the cash cows can maximize the organization’s revenue as the other products at their lower stages of development improve. By operating in different markets, the company is able to innovate. However, the company has come up with a retrenchment strategy in order to concentrate on the cash cows.

Over the past, Sara Lee has managed to maintain perpetual innovation within the organization. Innovation is based on observation and speculations on current and the future needs of the consumers. This has directed the company in innovations and improvement of product quality.

Therefore, the company has managed to maintain a high level rate of customer satisfaction. This has also helped in building the organization’s competitive advantage. Innovation has also led to effective differentiation of the company’s product from those privileged by its competitors.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Sara Lee Corporation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Weaknesses

One of the major weakness of the company lies on its poor financial performance. For instance, its revenue fell from $ 19,566 million in 2004 to $10,793 million in 2010 (Thompson and Gamble 252). This is a significant difference. This revenue has also been characterized by a high level of fluctuations.

Similarly, the profits have been fluctuating significantly. For instance, profit fell by about 62 percent between 2005 and 2006 (Thompson and Gamble 252). This threatens the performance of an organisation since it becomes hard to make predictions.


One of the major opportunities for the company is the emergence of new markets. New markets are emerging in areas like Eastern Europe, some parts of Asia and Central Europe. The company can increase the level of sales by venturing into such markets. By so doing, the company will be able to compensate on the sales lost from the current market saturation. The company has also managed to acquire major organisation. The company can therefore increase its sales by capitalizing on their markets (Witzel 87).


One major threat to the company is the emergence of the private label. Many consumers are shifting to private labels, the factor that has made Sara Lee to lose a significant number of consumers.

This poses a major threat to the company as more consumers change their purchasing pattern. Another threat is the increasing oil prices. High oil prices have led to increase in operational costs. This has led to shrinking of the profit margins. For instance, the costs of distributing products have been increasing with the increase in oil prices.

The rise in the consumers’ diet consciousness also raises a major threat to the company (Data monitor 6). Consumers are now more concerned about the nutrition content of a particular product. Another threat is posed by the environmental and the governmental regulations (Data monitor 6). These requirements tend to form major barriers to the company in its efforts to minimize its production costs.

Value Chain

The company purchases the raw materials from manufacturers, distributers, agents and consultants. Then, the materials are used in production of different products in the company’s premises. By procuring raw materials cheaply from the suppliers, Sara Lee has managed to minimize its operational costs.

The company is determined to minimize its operational costs by restructuring its supply chain. These efforts are aimed at streaming the production process hence reducing the costs. Recently, the company is opting to outsource most of its activities, the fact that has led to a significant decrease in its operational costs.

Once the goods are manufactured, they are distributed to various stores located in strategic points in the market. Finally, the products are distributed to the wholesalers and retailers from where the consumers can access the goods.


As already noted, Sara Lee has emphasized on the need for diversity in its operations. It is involved in the production of numerous food products and beverages. This has minimized the risks since the company cannot be adversely affected in case one of the products fails (Mercer 70). The company also operates in different markets. Therefore, it is able to retain high level of sales in case one of them fails.

Strategy Execution

Sara Lee is committed to promote the effectiveness of all proposed strategies. The company is committed to achieve its goals by engaging all the stakeholders in the decision making process. Therefore, the company has maintained its actions in line with its strategies.

In order to boost its profit margins, Sara Lee decided to undertake retrenchment in order to remain with only those products that have been doing well in the market. So far, the company has executed the strategy effectively. For instance, the company increased its profits margins by 8.5 percent (Thompson and Gamble 243).

Recommendations It has been noted that even after implementing the retrenchment strategy, Sara Lee still records a very low level of percentage increase in profits. The company’s failure can be attributed to the threats discussed above. Therefore, there is a need to come up with strategies to mitigate these risks in order to promote the performance of these organizations.

Adopting Cheaper Transportation Means

As already noted, the company has been experiencing a highly increasing distribution costs following increase in oil prices. However, this threat can be mitigated by adopting cheaper transportation modes like train. In most cases, the company distributes it products using tracks and other kinds of vehicles accordingly.

Transportation of products in small quantities is more expensive compared to bulk transportation. By using transportation modes like the train, Sara Lee will use a smaller amount of fuel. This will be cheaper. This will therefore help the company to reduce its distribution costs despite of the hiking oil prices.

Wellness Education

Another major way through which Sara Lee can maintain a high level of performance is by carrying out campaigns and training programmes in order to educate communities on eating and wellness. It has been realized that consumers are now more conscious about the diet when buying foods and beverages.

In order to avoid loss of customer from such cases, there is a need to conduct training activities in order to educate consumers on the importance of the company’s products in improving their health. This can easily be conducted through the media where it can reach a large number of populations (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel 58). This kind of education may also attract new customers who will seek to use company’s products to get the required nutrients.


In every organisation, change is very important in promoting feasibility between the organization’s operations and the changing market. From the above discussion, it is clear that Sara Lee has a wide range of opportunities that need to be utilized. Although the company has recorded good performance compared to its competitors, there is still a room for improvement.

For instance, the company’s income before tax has been fluctuating significantly. The total income tax has also been falling from 2004 to 2010 (from $1,542 million to $9180 million) (Thompson and Gamble 252). This implies that there is lot to be done in order to realize the company’s potential level of performance.

Some of the products are performing exceptionally well while others are performing exceptionally poor. In order to overcome this problem, the organization must be able to promote collaboration so as to promote the overall performance. It is also important to involve customers by collecting their views on product issues.

Works Cited Anonymous. “Sara Lee 2009 Sustainability Report.” Sara lee, Web.

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Witzel, Morgen. Management: The Basics. New York: Routledge, 2004. Print.


Design Case Study writing essay help

Table of Contents Design: Whirlpool case study

Goals: MasterCard’s master plan

Strategy: Live Nation


Design: Whirlpool case study Product design decisions could be categorized as unstructured decisions, as based on how they are derived and implemented. Unstructured decisions are characterized by their complex nature as they do not follow established standards in the formulation process. Unstructured decisions are those experienced in situations whereby elements are unknown or undefined.

Goals set for this decision making process are often defined in general terms, and are mostly incomparable with alternatives since there is no clear way of measuring their effects. It is difficult to link performance to the actual decision as it would be difficult to isolate factors incorporated in the final decision

Chuck Jones’ decision to change the way design decisions are made came after a meeting with Whirlpool’s resource allocation team. Chuck was unable to persuade the resource allocation team to invest a further $5 in a Kitchen Aid refrigerator that was being redesigned, by adding some ornamentation (Robbins


“O Captain! My Captain!” Essay [Allegory, Allusion, Repetition] essay help online free: essay help online free

‘O Captain! My Captain!’ is an allegorical poem written by Walt Whitman. The poem is one of the best-extended allegorical poems. Among the significant poetic concepts and literary devices that make his poem exceptional are the sound of words (a combination of words to reveal a special effect when we read them) and allusion (allegory, referring to something in an indirect manner, without using words that signify that one has made any direct reference). In this essay, “O Captain! My Captain!” shall be reviewed and analyzed.

Moreover, he extensively incorporates imagery (vivid language that evokes mental images or generates ideas) and rhyme (words having different sounds but with endings that sound alike) to make the poem more allegorical. Extensive use of poetry concepts has made people have an in-depth understanding of the poem in reference to Abraham Lincoln, the American president.

In essence, the allusion in “O Captain! My Captain!” refers to Abraham Lincoln. Whitman wrote the poem in the year 1865, the same year that Lincoln died. Captain is an allusion to the president, Abraham Lincoln, while the ‘ship’ (Whitman 1) is an illusion to the United States. The ‘fearful trip’ (Whitman 1) is an illusion to the troubles that the Americans including the president have to go through during the American Civil War while the phrase ‘some dream that on the deck, fallen cold and dead’ (Whitman 2) is an illusion to Lincoln’s assassination.

This implies that the poem is an illusion to Lincoln’s assassination during the American Civil War, a time when Americans were troubled and feared that they would die because of the war.

We get to know more about the assassination and the era through imagery, which incorporates three senses, sound, touch, and sight. Sight is in the second part of the first paragraph, the second line, ‘O bleeding drops of red’ (Whitman 1). One gets to envision the Captain bleeding and wonder what could have caused the bleeding.

This makes us realize someone hurt the Captain, Lincoln, which leads to the irony in the poem. In the second paragraph, the second line of the first part, there is sound imagery ‘the bugle trills’ (Whitman 2). This makes one imagine how joyful people were. Even though he was dead, people were grateful to Lincoln for helping them end the civil war, and that is why they held him highly. Thus,allegory in “O Captain! My Captain!” is clearly evident

One of the imagery incorporating touch is in the third paragraph, the first part, the second line ‘he has nor pulse not will’ (Whitman 3). This makes one realize the sadness of the poet as well as the people. Someone has to feel Lincoln’s pulse to ascertain that he is dead. It is unbelievable that he will never be the president even though he has helped Americans deal with the war.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The poem makes use of internal rhyme to maintain a steady rhythm. In line three ‘the port is near, the bells I hear’ (Whitman 1), and in the twentieth line ‘from fearful trip, the victor ship’ (Whitman 3), the poem exhibits an internal rhyme that enables the poem to have a joyful, quick and upbeat rhythm. Special syntax structure that features parallelism in lines adds to the tone of the poem

This exhibits excitement, and we get to know that the poet is speaking about how people are excited that they have won the civil war. However, when the poet is talking about sullen and sad moments, he interrupts the poem’s rhythm and redirects the attention of the reader.

To emphasize the shock of finding out that the Captain, Lincoln is dead, the poet makes sure that in each paragraph, the first part has a distinct rhyme scheme pattern. Nevertheless, as the analysis essay on “O Captain! My Captain!” shows, in the second part of each section, the rhyme scheme changes and focuses on the mood that reveals that the captain, Lincoln, is dead. For instance, in the first paragraph, the rhyme is AABB. However, in the second part, the rhyme takes a different direction CDEF

The poet also makes used of words and their sounds to communicate to the audience. In line one and nine, the repetition of the phrase ‘O Captain! My Captain’ (Whitman 2) is used to reveal that the captain’s death, immensely shocked the poet. In addition, at the end of every paragraph, the phrase ‘fallen cold and dead’ (Whitman 2) is repeated.

This emphasizes how difficult it is for people, including the poet, to believe that Lincoln is already dead. The repetition in “O Captain! My Captain!” reveals intense sadness and a hidden wish, the wish that Lincoln was alive. As explained, all the major poetry concepts used by Whitman, including the sound of words, allusion, imagery, and rhyme, helps us to understand the poem better in the form of a poem based on an extended metaphor.

Works Cited Whitman, Walt. O Captain My Captain. Poetry Foundation, 2011. Web.


Is Crowd Sourcing Ethical? Analytical Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Different actors in crowd sourcing

Ethical issues




Introduction The term ‘crowd-sourcing’ was coined by Howe (2006) to designate the act of outsourcing a job traditionally done by a specific employee or specific group of employees to an unknown large group of people by making an open call. Wikipedia is an instance for crowd sourcing, since anyone can make contributions to its knowledge base. Flikr hosts user-contributed images and also uses the intellect of its users to build a massive image store.

Twitter engages in crowd-sourcing of its language translation tool whereby its users provide translations free of charge which Twitter owns and reuses to provide apps in different languages thus expanding its global footprint. This user-friendly way of engaging the website-user community is a typical example of social engagement. (Howe, 2008) With this background, this project seeks to examine whether crowd sourcing is ethical.

Different actors in crowd sourcing Twitter’s translation centre has been created by Twitter where the translators are translating the product of Twitter itself and not its tweets. Twitter states that if one changes the language settings, one will know that Twitter is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish (Twitter Blog, 2011)

“Global voices” is a bloggers and translators community website spread all over the world and is committed to bring in to the fore voices of concern not heard in the international mainstream media (Global Voices, n.d.). It is a non-profit engaged in spreading the ideas worth spreading. It was started in 1984 for convergence of people from the three worlds of technology, entertainment and design. TED invites volunteers to translate an entire talk saying partial translations are not useful to it, and it expects the translator to complete the translation work within one month of assignment. It says they do not pay translators just as they do not pay its speakers.

It does not require formal language training, but expects translators to be fluently bilingual. It does require second pair of eyes on each translation to ensure quality. Translators have to make a request using its Translator Dashboard for further series of actions resulting into the final delivery of the translated piece. Though the translators are not paid, they are honoured on the websites by due credit to their names as translators (TED, n.d.)

Audiovisual translation is a branch of translation studies related to transfer of multimodal and multimedial texts into different languages. Since 1970s, screen-based texts as sub-titles have been on the increase. Subtitling involves superimposition of written texts on the visual footage at the bottom of the screen (Gonzalez, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Crowd-sourced translators do the translations of the updates of Twitter. Recently, Twitter has added Indonesian, Russian, and Turkish languages to its translation centre. It states that crowd-sourcing of translations is not new to them as it has been counting on volunteer translators who help Twitter in localizing since 2009. The translation centre operates in such a way that it enables a volunteer to sign up, choose a language and start translating immediately (TwitterBlog, 2011).

Facebook calls crowd-sourcing a massive outsourcing or voluntary subcontracting through an open call. The website states that crowd-sourcing is a big trend now that helps companies boost their brands and position themselves within the market.

There is a strong belief that crowd-sourcing breaks all the boundaries associated with the traditional translation process, reduces high cost, constraints and inherent errors due to discrepancies between language skills and subject knowledge. Crowd-sourcing is thus a collaborative global web-based platform that acts as a special translation tool. However, the blog raises the basic issues

“is it better or worse than professionally done translations?”,

“Will it work better or result more in faulty and inaccurate translations?” or

“are human translators the most reliable in terms of translation quality?” (Michelleb, 2010).

The fan-based translation initiated by Japanese anime “fansubs” [1] that has been in practice since 1980s. Now that the Web 2.0 platform provides global exposure, translation by fans has matured into a global phenomenon. It has become a participatory culture evolved from a volunteered translation by fans into a community-based translation, which is now known as crowd-sourcing or user generated translation (UGT).

However, the UGTs stand on legally shaky grounds even if the original copyright holders do not take legal action. Unlike, in the early voluntary fans translation, digitized crowd sourcing leads to digital content piracy suffered by film and music industries resulting into closures of file-sharing sites.[2] Translation-hacking [3]is an instance of legal breach.

It takes longer for the professional language services translations than it takes for the crowd sourced translation. For example, translation of the Facebook website into Spanish and German takes one week and into French, 24 hours. It is apparent the boundary between the professional translators and the amateur translators has become unclear. When the UGT enters the professional market, ethical issues are bound to crop up (O’Hagan, 2009).

Ethical issues Anyone can enrol into request tasks and anyone can enrol into completion the tasks listed. Associated with ethical violations, is the practice of firms replacing their own highly-paid employees with cheap labour from crowds outside the firm.

We will write a custom Essay on Is Crowd Sourcing Ethical? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The crowd-sourced translators are exploited as slave labours for the typical Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), though there is no evidence to show that they are physically forced to do the HITs. But the workers become slaves due to their economic conditions that virtually amount to exploitation of labour which is unethical (Paul n.d)

From the perspective of a professional translator, it could be possible that a 13 year old kid from a third world country is doing the translation work for the profit oriented organisation. The so-called social media net work organisations like Facebook, Twitter are not run for charity. They do make money in the process by exploitation of labour for free. It is a huge ethical issue. (Cooper, 2009) It is imperative to examine whether advantages would outweigh disadvantages of crowd sourced translation or vice-versa.

Conclusion Crowd sourcing for the purpose of translation is being used by social media networks to promote their own content in different languages.

It is a voluntary work done by the translators during their leisure hours and professional translators who depend on their earnings from translations cannot afford making contributions as volunteers do. Volunteers who work for the networks free of charge cannot make a living through crowd sourcing. But the boundary between the two is gradually getting blurred. Hence, the crowd sourcing industry must regulate themselves to avoid ethical issues soon.

Already, crowd sourcing in other fields have invited criticisms that they exploit the crowd sourced workers to do the tasks for less than minimum wage rates, but in the case of crowd sourced translators, they do not get paid at all… While crowd sourcing is unstoppable in any field, translations industry cannot be an exception. It is more of economics rather than intentional exploitation.

As stated, intervention is a common occurrence in an adverse economic situation, it is for the crowd-sourced workers to organize themselves and bring some pressure on the authorities to fix a minimum scale of payment for the crowd sourced translation work.

Crowd sourcing in translation is a great idea for all its advantages of distributed knowledge, cloud labour, crowd creativity, open innovation, and crowd funding. The disadvantages of confidentiality or secrecy concerns and copyright violations are not insurmountable.

The specimen guidelines for the crowd sourced translations are really professional-like and in the same spirit, the organsiations engaging in crowd sourced translations must strive to remove the disadvantages as well. If the disadvantages are removed, it can become a sound business model for the organisations of Facebook, Twitter and others who make money in the process.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Crowd Sourcing Ethical? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Cooper, C 2009. Is Translation Crowdsourcing Unethical. Web.

Fansub n.d. Anime News Network. [Online] .

File sharing n.d. Definition Web.

Global Voices ( n.d). About [Online] .

Gonzalez, L P. 2008. Audiovisual Translation IN Routledge Enclyopedia of Translation Studies, ed. M. Baker


Are People Superior to Animals? Analytical Essay college essay help online

Many people think that they are superior to animals. People think they are real masters of all animals. Nonetheless, many thinkers, writers, poets, artists and even ordinary people know that this assumption is absolutely incorrect.

People cannot be superior as they are simply tiny elements in the Universe. Italian authors Leopardi, Calvino, Morante and Pirandello considered this issue in their works. These authors claimed that animals had to endure lots of violent actions. People use animals for their needs. However, this cannot be right.

The authors stress superiority of animals which are perfect creatures living in accordance with the rules of the universe. The present paper dwells upon the authors’ standpoints concerning the relationships between animals and people. The present paper focuses on the authors’ ideas that animals, being superior creatures, have to endure a lot of sorrows caused by people, though some exceptions still exist.

For instance, Elsa Morante (1912-1985) portrays people’s attitude towards animals in her works. This author lived in the twentieth century. This was the time when people thought there could be no limits for humanity: people landed on the Moon, people created sophisticated machines. Of course, many still think that people are superior to animals. Nevertheless, many understand that those discoveries mean nothing and they do not give any right to harm animals.

Many people understand that animals are equal to people. For instance, Morante describes such kind of relationships in her novel stressing that a man believes that his dog is a member of his family (489). In fact, such relationships are not rare. Animals are always helpful and supportive and, fortunately, many people can see that.

Nevertheless, some people take advantage of animals’ supportiveness, loyalty and trust. For instance, Luici Pirandello (1867-1936) describes such kind of relationships in his works. Pirandello was a modernist who lived during a very different historical period.

Essentially, fascism existed in a very specific historical period. Born in Sicily he lived and studied in Germany. He wrote lots of short stories and few novels but he is most famous for the plays, modernist view of identity is his focus (relativism). He also believed that human identity was always in motion because time changed people.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to him although the imitation of nature should be simple and “nude”, he agrees that it should also be complete. He depicts everything in a great detail in his very special way. Thus, he depicts people’s intentions to take advantage of animals. For instance, he describes a man who tries to earn money making animals (birds and an old she-donkey) suffer (Pirandello 60).

However, the man is punished for his cruelty. The saint comes to save little creatures of God. Interestingly, the saint is talking about saving the man’s soul as well: freeing birds means salvation for the man. However, the man is not ready to understand that animals should be respected. Pirandello considers this in one short story “The Bat”. Here Pirandello proves that people can never ‘enslave’ animals totally (“The Bat” 27).

Thus, the bat does not follow the director’s instructions. Though the director wanted to use the animal, the animal proved its superiority. It is possible to state that Pirandello makes it clear that animals follow their own laws and convention which are out of people’s reach.

This idea was suggested by Italo Calvino (1923-1985). He was a post-modernist who fought against the Nazi. He later became a classic of new realist literature and he wrote about his experience. He chose new books that could be published. He won a lot of literary awards and he was very optimists about the future of Italy in 1956. And he started writing fantastic novels. He gave Italians something else than war to think about.

In many ways, Calvino’s visual poetic brings together his interests in visual arts and literature, in human and the natural sciences. As far as the relationships between people and animals are concerned, Calvino articulates the idea that animals follow some universal laws. The author stresses that everything is perfect in nature (Calvino 21).

However, he also tries to draw the line between human society and animals. Notably, he draws parallels between people’s behavior and animals’ actions. The author stresses that all those actions cannot be understood by people as the latter are not aware of basic conventions of the nature (Calvino 21).

This author does not make some major assumptions on the nature of the relationships between people and animals. It is possible to state that he simply observes the life. Notably, he notices that there is some order in the world of animals. The author argues that human society lacks such an order. Though, it is important to note that the author does not focus on superiority of animals (or people). It seems it is not important for the author. He simply strives for harmony in relationships between people and animals.

We will write a custom Essay on Are People Superior to Animals? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, it is possible to claim that Giacomo Leopardi (1789-1837) is the greatest supporter of the idea that animals are superior to people. The author yearns for freedom. He could not move freely and that was the reason why he loved birds so much. These creatures have the power of vision and hearing and they can see everything from above. Admittedly, birds have always been compared with angels and good spirits. This is an archetypal believe. It is but natural that Leopardi articulates these ideas.

Apart from this, he reckons that birds’ singing is better than human laughter (Leopardi 357). He also states that animals are joyful in all their operations and they can move freely (Leopardi 353). The relationship between people and animals is central in his writings. A description of living beings as shapes, even when painted in color, is not as effective in capturing life as a description of them in action.

The relationship between nature and human beings and their groupings into societies raise a number of questions relevant to individual and social happiness, the subject of innumerable treaties during the Enlightenment, and Leopardi’s pivotal concerns. He believed that human life is a form of anguish – and yet leads to anguish because one’s potentially infinite desire for pleasure is bound to remain unsatisfied.

If human life is unhappy, why do people care to perpetuate it? Why are there human beings in the cosmos? What are they there for? One of the strengths of Leopardi’s poetry is that the personal and private becomes comprehensible to people in all its significance and force. That is a quality of the best lyric poetry, a quality also found in Leopardi’s letters.

Perhaps, the main obstacle for readers who look for common ground between Leopardi and their own experience is not just the pessimism or the intensity of introspection.

It is the claim that his view of life is true. In his writings he asserts that there is no way that human beings are able to know the ultimate nature of the universe. Leopardi throws down a challenge to his readers with which they continue to find it hard to come to terms. He uses his own life as a type of general truth, suggesting that the history of his reader’ lives would, in essentials, look no different.

To sum up, the Italian authors claim that the relationships between people and animals have always been really difficult. The authors state that people have always tried to be masters. The authors depict people’s desire to take advantage of animals and nature. These authors describe different instances of relationships between people and animals.

Fortunately, there are some cases when people think that animals are equal to them. The authors also claim that animals live in accordance with their own conventions which cannot be understood by people. More so, the writers stress that animals are perfect creatures as they manage to live in harmony with nature.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Are People Superior to Animals? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Calvino, Italo. Mr. Palomar. Orlando: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, 1986. Print.

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“Set the Fire to the Straw”. Tales of Suicide: A Selection from Luigi Pirandello’s Short Stories for a Year. Ed. Giovanni R. Bussino. New York: Branden Books, 1988. Print.


The Image of Hybrid and Monster in the Stories of Primo Levi and Anna Ortese Essay online essay help: online essay help

An Italian novelist, essayist, and chemist Primo Levi creates the unique world of the fantastic beings. Being the italian short writer and novelist, Anna Ortese combines the elements of fantasy and realism in her stories. In context of the 21st century, the ideas and images of Levi and Ortese are quite striking.

Portraying the pictures of unusual animals such as hybrids and monsters, Primo Levi and Anna Ortese create the unique worlds where the imagination is called in order to show the human nature transformed by the social environment and suffering.

Although Levi was Jew, he wasn’t close to the religion until the government passed some strict laws related to this community. Obviously, all the stories were written under the influence of social atmosphere in the post Second World War Europe. The dramatic events related to Jewish Italians are reflected in the stories of Levi in such fantastic and mythical way. The Fascist Regime destabilized the socio-cultural life of the Europe.

The expressions of this regime were vivid in the collective memory in a postwar Italy. Perhaps, Levi’s perception was traumatized by observing the horror during the war. Dehumanization and marginalization brought the influence of a dark mode on the stories. Through the fantastic images, Levi is able to demonstrate the poignant sense of betrayals.

In a story Angelic Butterfly, Levi shows the image of neoteny of the axolotl as the result of Nazi Professor Leeb’s experiment of the transformation humans into the winged creatures similar to angels. Levi uses the animalization as a particular form of demonization. This image is not traditional in the European literature. However, an idea of such hybrid could be quite expected from the Nazi. Perhaps, Levi creates this monster under the influence of his experience during the World War II.

Thinking about the way of finding human roots, Levi supposes that the origin of human’s behavior is not only in a family’s genealogy. Those roots can be found in words that people read, music that they hear, paintings and films that they see, and journey that people have ever taken. There are actually no rules of the human relations. Everybody uses one’s own experience according to the personal roots.

The fantastic tale Quaestino de Centauris, first appeared in 1961, is one of the most significant and favorably Levi’s stories. The mythical image of the centaur is used as a symbol of mankind. The creature is struggled between the human and bestial nature. This is an allusion of the Jewish people belonging at the same time to their ethnic and the host cultures, as well as a symbol of Levi himself.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The image of centaur starts the tale and centers upon an idea of the hybrid as someone bigger than the sum of its parts. The fantastic image cannot help escape from the cruel reality, however, through the image of centaur the author can reflect his experience of the 1930s and 1940s within the Italian society with the numerous betrayals and disappointment. This is a hidden theme of the story.

According to Levi, the way of evolution is never linear and can lead to the devolution. The similar idea appears also in the The Search for Roots: “natural selection cannot possibly produce any modification in a species exclusively for the good of another species” (Levi, 28). The evolution of centaur is a special tool of showing the process opposite to the usual way of development.

Using the archaic utopia, Levi shows the traditional pastoral with the themes and structure of the European folk traditions. The idyllic harmony of the Edenic is an important part of the composition. Obviously, the European society is not similar to this idyll; however, the image of the beast-man refused and abandoned is perfect allusion of the neglected victims of the war.

Besides, the image of centaur can be considered as a protector of borders and guardian of the society as it was accepted in the culture of ancient Greek. The centaur expresses a human degeneration and the doubts about the future development of the civilization.

The monster figure in literature usually reflects the conception of menace of the reality’s integrity. Traditionally, they are the representatives of chaos, discort and violence. The same idea we can see in the stories of Levi. His monsters and hybrids should set thinking about the evolution and degradation.

However, the monsters of Levi’s stories are not just a symbol of the beast; moreover, they are an allusion to the mankind which produces more cruelty than a beast. Levi wants to call the sympathy of readers toward the monsters. His centaur is a victim which has will to survive in this hostile society.

The collective cultural and historical memory of the Jewish community allows Levi to use the ancient fantastic images. The monsters as the Jewish people in Italian society try to survive. Therefore, the image of the monster helps Levi to express his experience of the Jewish existence in the 20th century (Nicholas, 136).

We will write a custom Essay on The Image of Hybrid and Monster in the Stories of Primo Levi and Anna Ortese specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As well as Primo Levi, Anna Ortese uses the elements of realism and fantasy making the works dreamlike. Her style is particularly similar to the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Franz Kafka. The major themes of Ortese’s works are anxiety, loss and bad sides of the humans. Use of the collective cultural memory is one of the main characteristics of her stories which help to investigate the human nature.

From the beginning of The Iguana written in a style of fairy tale, the reader becomes unsettled. The prologue of the story can be considered from the economic aspect behind the aesthetic conditions. The young Italian count Aleardo comes to the island of Ocana and meets strange servant who probably seems to be an iguana.

Watering down the line between the reality and fantasy, the author makes hint about the social problems and environmental conscience. The iguana is not a monster as reader may suggest, it is a symbol of human relationships within different classes and communities in the natural world.

Being the main hero of the story, the iguana is an image of the oppression which can be taken away only with a help of the young Italian count who is ready to die in order to save the iguana’s life (Ortese 163). The iguana being cherished once later becomes abandoned and identified with its evil essence. However, intrinsically this creature is not an evil. The count’s sacrifice as a symbol of the best characteristics is a hope on the future progress of the civilization.

The reality and dreams cooperate into the creation of the fantastic woman hybrid. Perhaps, it can be difficult for a reader to understand the whole meaning of the story. Was it an iguana who transformed into the human being, or it was a human who became a reptilian?

Nevertheless, this story can be called the social and, moreover, ecological fairy tale which brings disappointment. The count dies and doesn’t realize his dream to involve and integrate the beast into a society where love to the creatures and nature has been forgotten. Ortese says that “anyone whom God has given a fate of continuous encounters with Evil has been dealt a terrible blow” (92).

Describing the picture of monsters and hybrids, Primo Levi and Anna Ortese use the imagination which suggests readers to set thinking about the real monsters of the society. The beasts of the stories are only the allusions of the mankind which turns the evolution into degeneration.

It is obvious that the way of perception of the both authors changed due to the horrible events of the World War II and postwar reality. The War destabilized the socio-cultural life of the Europe. The history of Jewish nation influenced the perception of Levi which has been reflected in his stories about the beasts.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Image of Hybrid and Monster in the Stories of Primo Levi and Anna Ortese by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Monsters of the stories suffer as well as the people undergo the troubles. Primo Levi and Anna Ortese insist upon the existence of the monsters. However, they are too few and not dangerous as the monsters among the human beings. The abandoned beats and hybrids are only the symbol of the lost people in the postwar reality. Using the collective memory and ancient myths, the authors seek for an understanding of the numerous problems by the society.

Works Cited Levi, Primo. The Search for Roots: A Personal Anthology. UK: Penguin Group, 2001. Print.

Nicholas, Patruno. Undestending Primo Levi. US: The University of South Carolina, 1995. Print.

Ortese, Anna Maria. The Iguana. US: McPherson, 1987. Print.


How the Internet Affect the Young People Research Paper essay help

Introduction The Internet is unquestionably the most important mass medium nowadays. According to the research that was done by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006, there are over a billion Internet users in the world and most of them are young people (Healy et al., 2001). Out of 100% of young people that use computers, more than 90% use the internet regularly.

To some extent they use internet to do homework’s and research, however most young people also use internet to communicate with their friends after school (Archer, 2007). They communicate through chat rooms, emails and post comments on their friends’ walls. Internet usage among young people is so pervasive that many professionals, scientists and psychologist have begun to study its effect on the lives of youths.

Literature Review The youths are generally regarding the Internet as a flexible medium and often consider themselves as experts on Internet than their parents. (Buckley, 2008)

Although the young people enjoy the digital web experiences that integrate them into their daily lives their exposure to Internet harbors them with negative impacts especially when they go online (Healy et al., 2001). Online dangers include exposure to improper, exploitative and dangerous contents.

A number of studies have identified attitudinal and behavioral differences between societies and cultures that use the Internet. Unlike television viewing where parents can execute intervention and control the young people confidently by monitoring them, when they use internet is much more complicated (Healy et al., 2001).

Methodology Procedure

A survey will to be conducted to examine the use of internet among the young people. The targeted population include young people aged 15 to 24. Questionnaires are to be prepared and hard copies of the questionnaires are to be distributed through face-to-face interactions. The respondents will be requested to fill out the questionnaires by themselves. A briefing session will be conducted with the interviewers and the exact meaning of questions in the questionnaire will be explained.

The questionnaire will consist of three parts. The first part will focus on how the young people allocate their time across different media types and their media preference for different activities. The respondents’ time allocation to the media will be measured by asking them on average how much time they spend with each medium everyday (Healy et al., 2001).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The second part of the questionnaire will focus on the contexts the usage of Internet. Respondents will be asked about their access to the Internet at school, at home, and at work. Questions on how often the respondents use the Internet for a particular purpose will form the second part (Cuban, 2011). A list of five uses of Internet will also be included. Respondents will be asked on how they know about specific websites and how often they locate them through various means.

The third part of the questionnaire will finally focus on the search of sensitive information’s using Internet (Mander, 2011). Respondents will be asked to indicate which information sources (parents, teachers, friends, and the Internet) they would like to consult for information about sensitive issues under various concerns, including privacy, ease of access, confidentiality and speed.

Research Question Effects of Internet on Young People

New communication technologies including the Internet have been found to have great impacts on the lives of young people than all other technological innovations. With so much social action taking place from behind computer screen, parents and teachers are concerned about the loss of social skills among young people (Cuban, 2011).

Spending hours in front of a computer especially on the internet can lead to obesity due to lack of exercise. Bad posture and body pain can also develop from long hours of sitting hence making the blood circulation to the legs and other parts of the body not to be so effective (Healy et al., 2001). Sometimes after spending long hours in front of the computer screen the eyesight may also vanish. Many young people who spend great time in front of computers begin to show symptoms of some diseases that are not usually seen until someone attains old age.

The amount of time spent in front of the computer can also have many effects. Young people today are able to log on and talk to their counterparts growing up in different parts of the world. The internet literally opens up their minds to possibilities of world culture and hence enabling them to understand and appreciate their diversity.

Painfully shy people that are unable to hold face to face conversations can go online and talk for hours with someone elsewhere in the world, who may be in a similar situation at home (Buckley, 2008). The internet hence enables young people to find answers to questions that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their parents, friends and even teachers. An example of this might be sex education, which is only given cursory consideration in most schools.

Solutions to the Effects of Internet on Young People

Internet is a two edged sword, one edge good and the other edge bad. Parents should use internet access as a teaching tool to help their youngsters understand the duplicity involved in life.

We will write a custom Research Paper on How the Internet Affect the Young People specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some studies have even shown that young people who regularly use the computer are able to improve their reading skills, spatial skills and visual skills.

The only disadvantage computers have so far is that they can be used by the young people in isolation, away from the watchful eyes of parents and some of the information accessed out of the watchful eyes of parents my not be good for young people (Grossman et al., 2007). The younger mind may not be able to process the information appropriately and the only solution to this is that parents are supposed to keep a watchful eye on youngsters without overpowering their growing independence.

Conclusion The 21st century is a digital age and we expect that the importance of the Internet will continue to grow. This study presents the current state on how young people use media especially the internet and hence provides a baseline against measurements of changes in the future. From the current study we find that Internet plays a prominent role among young people. However the use of internet is still preferred as a media choice for information driven activities among young people.

References Archer, A. c. (2007) “Violent video game effects on children and adolescents.” USA: Oxford University Press.

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History of the Period of Antebellum in America Report writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction: Antebellum America

A survey of the slave plantations

Labor condition in the fire companies

Comparison of the state of slavery and free labor

Women laborers in Lowell

Works Cited

Introduction: Antebellum America The period of antebellum in America was characterized by slavery in the southern part of the country. The south was predominantly agricultural and most farmers depended on slaves to cultivate their huge plantations. On the other hand, the northern part of the country was predominantly industrial.

Slavery was not allowed in the northern section therefore most workers were free laborers. This difference in labor ideology resulted into a growing tension that erupted as the Civil War (Maier, Smith and Keyssar 45). In the agricultural south, planters were regarded by the number of slaves they had who worked in their plantations. It was common that for one to have a large number of slaves, then his plantation was very large.

A survey of the slave plantations The agricultural plantations in the south were focused on the owners’ residences. This is where all the necessary business was conducted. Planters owned huge tracks of land and they used the services of their slaves to cultivate and conduct all agricultural business. A good number of the slave holders used to keep a limit of 10 slaves. The slaves were mostly expected to do domestic works and a few other works in the farms. It is only the huge planters who held more than 20 slaves for their farming activities (Douglas 23).

In the early 18th century, the planters used to focus on production of tobacco since this produce was highly marketable at that moment. However, due to the changing nature of the markets, they had to shift their focus to mixed crop production. The diversity of the market was not the only reason why this change was necessary. The soil was also getting exhausted as a result of too much cultivation of one type of crop.

Because of the shift from tobacco planting to mixed crop planting, the farmers in the south who owned many slaves realized that they had extra slaves and no work for them. This meant that they had sale the extra slaves. The idea meant that slavery would expand to the northern part of the country. The north confederation was not ready for the expansion of slave trade.

It had policies that condemned slavery in fact, just before the civil Abraham Lincoln was elected into presidency based on his stance as well as the republican stance on slavery.

Labor condition in the fire companies Slavery was also witnessed in the fire fighting companies in the District of Columbia. The companies required volunteers to support with their operations. There were many companies and each received support from the federal government. The main reason why the companies were numerous and fire fighting was a viable business is because many of the building structures were made of wood. Every company exclusively relied on the power of volunteers to put out fires (Union Fire Company).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The slaves were on numerous occasions commanded to participate in the companies’ effort to put out fires. This included both freed slaves and the people who were still enslaved. Members of the black American community whether freed or enslaved were not allowed to be part of the high ranked officials and volunteers of the fire fighting companies.

The idea of volunteering was a good one however there was need to start making fire fighting a profession. Basically, the firemen were involved in a lot of risky things and their lives were at stakes. The work they did was also very noble since it was aimed towards community service. There was therefore a need to begin appreciating the volunteer fire fighters.

Compared to the form of labor in the southern part of America, North America had policies of free labor. The restrictions on members of certain racial communities were minimal simply because of the fact they were the minority. The fire fighting industry also received a lot of support from other companies and government agencies. This was still by the time when fire fighting was still a voluntary work. The navy could provide assistance by volunteering its employees to participate in the fire fighting.

Comparison of the state of slavery and free labor Slavery witnessed in the south was really not a bad thing; that is if it is viewed from a different perspective. The slaves in the south were considered to be freer than the free laborers of the north. They had the best working environment that does not enslave them as much as the working environment of free laborers does.

The old aged people and children were really not expected to work at all. They experienced the comfort and yet they were getting paid in return. At least they could have free food and a place where they could lay their head without doing anything (Fitzhugh 12).

Similarly, women were less involved in the heavy work. Their white masters protected them from any harassment and despotic treatment from their husbands. The only people who were involved in heavy duties included the stout boys and the men. On averaged, they worked for less than nine hours every single day.

The open fields had good weather and fresh air which they were exposed to on daily basis. Even though the time of work was fixed at almost nine hours, most of the slaves were mainly working in abandonment. This means that they were in several occasions on supervised and therefore they could easily sleep on the job.

We will write a custom Report on History of the Period of Antebellum in America specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The slaves’ Sabbath days and holidays were respected. They were allowed to go to go and worship on Sundays. This however was not the case with the freed laborers. For them to make money, they had to work. There were some professions and jobs such as fire fighting that did not know anything to do with holidays and Sabbath.

The free laborers were expected to work anytime as opportunities could occur any time. Basically freed laborers were enslaved by their work and the duty they owed the people who employed them and the people whom they are serving.

The slaves also enjoyed a lot of free time to rest. Rest is a very essential thing for the health of any human being. On the contrary, this was a highly sort for thing among the free laborers.

Even though they could slightly high wages for their labor, but their capitalistic bosses schemed ways in which they could exploit the laborers. They also had less allowance which did not match up with the load of work they handled and how hard they worked. Therefore, based on Fitzhugh (1857), the freed laborers were more of slave laborers compared to the Negroes.

Women laborers in Lowell Women constituted the majority of factory labors in Lowell, Massachusetts. The textile industry employed more women compared to men. About three quarters of the work force was predominantly female. This was a very unique thing at that time considering how gender insensitive the society was. Because of the nature of this unique phenomenon, it affected the society to begin examining the moral behavior of women. This also caused an agitation in the labor industry (Bagley 9).

The women were very active in terms of being involved in labor related issue. Just like in any other industry, laborers formed petition and joined unions. They several articles to the local news paper in Lowell protesting and demanding their labor rights. They participated in strikes as well.

From the poems and newspaper articles that the women wrote, one thing was coming out clear; that the free labor force of the northern part of America was really not that free as it was assumed. The reason why laborers formed unions and made petition with regards to their terms of employment was because they realized that work environment did not favor them.

The laborers found themselves in dispute with their employers most of the time. The employers, who had a capitalistic mind set of making maximum profit out their labor, were only interested in exploiting them. In Lowell, the women were given priority however their wages were very low compared to the wages of men. This was an unfair treatment. Free laborers were mainly whites while the slave laborers were blacks. Both of them were not treated nicely in some way. They all were in complaints.

Not sure if you can write a paper on History of the Period of Antebellum in America by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More After the civil war, there was still a lot to be done in trying to bring the nation together. The nation was still divided into two: the North and the South. There were a lot of reconstruction amendments that had to take place that saw slavery coming to an end and the government redefining the rights of citizenship. This was then followed by the progressive era where there was a common call for social reforms and purification of the government.

The progressive movement aimed at eliminating corruption in the government and ensuring there is equal rights for all citizens. During the same period was the second industrial revolution that saw several changes in the American labor force. Human beings were replaced by machines to increase effectiveness of the labor. There were also changes in technology, finance, production methods, transportation, communication and farming.

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Clean Energy Importance Research Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Abstract Nowadays pollution is a tremendous problem for people and the earth. Researchers and scientists are trying so hard to try to solve that problem. Clean energy is one of the solutions. Clean energy means the energy that will not effect to the environment.

Clean energy is the energy that can produce by some of the existing resources, like from the wind or the sun. Many organizations try to use these resources to be the main energy for them. Despite the fact that clean energy costs more money than the other energy sources, it can give more benefits to organizations and to the world at large.

Introduction No single energy solution can be able to meet the energy needs of the contemporary society. This explains why there are so many sources of energy. The society tries to utilize energy from various sources in a bid to meet its energy needs. Currently, there are two major categories of energy: renewable and non-renewable energy.

Renewable sources of energy refer to clean sources of energy that do not produce pollutants during their generation. Environmentalists and a large faction of other scientists believe that the answer to the current societal woes, which relate to energy, lies in diverse energy technologies that have a common characteristic: they do not use up the earth’s natural resources, or they do not cause harm to the environment (West 1). They thus use the ever-present energy resources to produce usable energy.

These are the renewable sources of energy, which produce what is also termed as clean energy. The use of this kind of energy will ensure that there is minimal environmental pollution, and that global warming is contained. This paper is an in-depth discussion of renewable or clean energy.

Advantages of clean energy Renewable energy sources are relatively advantageous compared to their non-renewable counterparts. The main advantage of these clean energy sources is that they are reusable, and thus it is impossible to deplete them. In addition to this, renewable sources of energy are friendly to the environment.

Therefore, clean energy does not lead to air pollution, and it can therefore, reduce the extent and effects of global warming. Another advantage of clean energy is that it is obtainable from natural sources, and thus the cost of energy-production operations is minimal. The cost of maintaining the plants for production of clean energy is also minimal, and thus the overall cost of producing clean energy is not as high as that associated with the production of their non-renewable counterparts.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Green energy generation is certain areas can potentially bring economic advantages. This is because the generation plants for green energy are normally far from the main cities, and thus they can help in decentralizing economic activities. In some strategic areas, green energy generation can even be an attraction to tourists (Sawyer 1).

Disadvantages of clean energy The main shortcoming of green energy is that it is challenging and nearly impossible to produce amounts of electricity that are as large as those which are produced using traditional methods like fossil fuel generation. The implication of this fact is that the society may need to minimize its energy consumption, or construct more green energy plants. The former is not a solution because in order to develop further, countries need more energy.

The latter implies that more cost will be incurred, making green energy nearly as costly as its non-renewable counterpart. Another disadvantage of clean energy is that the reliability of its supply is limited. This is because clean energy generation is dependent on weather patterns, and thus there may be times when energy generation goes down due to unfavourable weather.

The fact that renewable energy is a relatively new concept in the society is also disadvantageous because starting a clean energy generation project may require a relatively large capital outlay (Sawyer 1). These disadvantages indicate that the energy solution to the contemporary society may lie in striking a balance between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

Examples of clean energy There are numerous types of renewable energy sources, which are classified here as main types and other types of renewable energy. The main sources of clean energy contribute the highest numbers of Gig watts of clean energy to the world’s energy market, while the other types of clean energy contribute negligible amounts of energy.

Main types of clean energy Wind energy

Wind energy is the energy generated after wind power turns wind turbines to generate electricity. Wind is a product of changes in the atmosphere. The changes in atmospheric temperatures and changes in atmospheric pressure create wind by making air to move around the earth’s surface.

A wind turbine captures the wind power mechanically, and converts it into energy (Weir 1). Wind energy is therefore, a clean source of energy, and it can reliably meet the energy needs of the society. The energy is cost-effective, affordable, sustainable, and pollution-free.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Clean Energy Importance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since wind energy does not use fossil fuels, it does not produce toxic wastes, greenhouse gases, or radioactive wastes (Weir 1). This, therefore, implies that wind energy does not pollute the environment, and therefore, it is an effective way to fight global warming.

Despite the reliability of wind energy for small-scale consumption, wind energy is inappropriate for large-scale consumption. This implies that it will be unwise to rely on wind energy in a factory. The reason for this is that wind energy is dependent on environmental changes, and thus there may be times when there is no wind to generate sufficient power. However, large-scale consumers of energy can counter this by having back-up power provision.

That is, using wind energy as the main source of energy and another source like powerful back-up generators, which can be used when there is no enough wind to generate sufficient power. Wind-energy constitutes a small percentage (about 1%) of the world’s energy generation (Weir 1).

Solar energy

There are several ways to generate energy from the sun. The most common is the solar panel. A solar panel or photovoltaic module captures sunlight and uses it to generate direct current electricity. The design of solar panel is such that it lasts for a long period (decades), while exposed to unfavourable conditions (Imboden 1). In addition to the solar panel, a photovoltaic cell (PV cell) can also harness solar energy.

The photovoltaic cell (PV cell) uses sunlight to produce electricity. The PV cell’s body comprises of materials similar to those used in computer chips. These materials have the special property of releasing electrons upon exposure to sunlight, a property that makes them able to generate energy (Imboden 1).

Another method of harnessing solar power is by using mirrors to concentrate it. The mirrors concentrate the solar power in one area, generating heat energy. The heat energy then produces electricity after powering a generator.

Just like wind energy, solar energy is cheap, reliable and eco-friendly. Solar energy can therefore, be instrumental in countering global warming (Imboden 1). On the other hand, it is also dependent on environmental changes, and thus it is inappropriate for people who consume huge amounts of energy.

Biomass energy

Biomass energy is organic waste and it is the oldest energy source because it was the primary source of energy until the nineteenth century. A large faction of human population for cooking and heating hitherto uses biomass energy. With technology advancement, it has been possible to transform the way biomass is used, and currently large biomass plants for generating power are in existence.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Clean Energy Importance by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some coal plants have even converted from using coal to using biomass as their main raw material in order to reduce climate change and its effects. Biomass is carbon-free. It is composed of waste and thus the use of waste in a productive manner amounts to protection of the environment. It is also naturally occurring, meaning that the poor can afford it (Klass). It is, however, important to note that biomass is a threat to depletion of natural resources, just like some geothermal energy forms.

Geothermal energy

Deep under the surface of earth, water moves and meets hot rocks beneath the earth’s surface. After coming into contact with these hot rocks, the water starts boiling and/or even turns into steam. The hot water may even surpass the normal boiling point of water (100oC) (“Renewable Energy” 1).

The water may not become steam at these high temperatures because it exists beneath the earth’s surface, and therefore, it has no contact with air. In the event that the water finds an escape point, through cracks and crevices, it reaches the earth’s surface at intense pressure.

When the previously mentioned water/steam rises through the underground cracks to the earth’s surface, it forms a hot spring. It may even explode from beneath the surface of the earth to the air; in this case, it forms a geyser. The hot springs and geysers, together with turbines, generate energy.

The energy can come from the heat of water or the kinetic energy of steam/water. In comparison with the other mentioned examples of renewable energy; wind and solar power, geothermal energy has an advantage in that generates electricity twenty-four hours a day (“Renewable Energy” 1). On the contrary, wind and solar energy are not consistent due to the nature of the sun and wind.

It is important to note that despite the investments made in geothermal energy, it growth is still limited. Some countries like the U.S. have however grown strong in the industry of generating geothermal energy (“Renewable Energy” 1). Geothermal energy also leads to the depletion of the earth’s resources, and thus it does not preserve natural resources. However, geothermal energy is clean because it does not produce pollutants and wastes. The steam and water can irrigate pieces of land after condensation and cooling respectively.


Hydropower refers to the energy that generates from flowing water. Hydropower generation uses turbines, which the water turns to generate energy. The water flows through the turbine rotating its blades, and making the turbine to generate energy. The amount of energy generated in this case is dependent on the amount of water that flows through the turbine, turbine size. Hydroelectricity is the largest source of clean energy world over, with a capacity of about 800 GW. It is actually one of the major sources of energy world over. It accounts for approximately 20 per cent of all the energy consumed in the whole world. The future of hydropower is also bright as some developing countries have great potential to exploit it (“The NEED Project”). Examples of such countries include India, China, etc.

Hydro energy does not have emissions that contribute to global warming, and thus it is a reliable source of green energy. It does not have the disadvantages of intermittency and high costs associable with other clean energy sources. The main disadvantage of hydro energy is that it exposes an area to risks that can be catastrophic. It is thus apparent that the advantages of hydro energy outweigh its disadvantages.

Other types of clean energy There are still other energy sources, which belong to the renewable energy category. Examples include tidal energy and wave energy.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a small form of energy whose global capacity is about 500 MW. It, therefore, constitutes 0.001% of electricity generation worldwide (“Renewable Energy” 1). Numerous companies are however researching on ways through which they can develop tidal energy generation because it less costly and it does not pollute the environment. The current tidal energy success is attributable to the French Tidal Wave Power Plant.

Wave Energy

Wave energy is similar to tidal energy in terms of its capacity. It is, therefore, another niche source of green energy. The waves used in energy generation in this case are from the disturbance of the ocean by wind. In many regions, the wind blows consistently enough, forming continuous waves, which are reliable in energy generation.

Wave-power devices then extract the energy carried by the waves from the water surface. Alternatively, the devices can extract the energy from fluctuations in pressure below the surface of the ocean. Some of the areas that are rich with oceanic waves that produce energy when harnessed with turbines include the western coasts of northern Canada, Australia, Southern Africa and Scotland (“Renewable Energy” 1).

Some people even argue that nuclear energy is a renewable form of energy, but in the strict sense, the primary source of nuclear energy is non-renewable. Once a nuclear plant uses uranium fuel, the latter cannot be re-used.

Conclusion As discussed above, the society has many choices as far as clean energy is concerned. It is, therefore, wise to choose renewable energy over its non-renewable counterparts in order to preserve our natural energy deposits for future generations, and limit the extent and effects of global warming.

The use of renewable energy sources will also lead to minimal atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases, leading to a reduction of pollution. However, it is nearly impossible to reach a situation in which the world will be solely using renewable sources of energy to meet all its energy needs.

It is, therefore, imperative that the society strikes a balance between the use of renewable and non-renewable energy. For instance, at home, people can use natural gas for functions like water heating, and they can use wind or solar energy used for other energy needs.

From the discussion above, the main sources of clean energy include the sun, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal energy. In addition to these sources of clean energy, renewable and clean energy is also obtainable from oceanic waves and tides.

The reason why the aforementioned sources of energy come under the other sources category is because the produce minimal amounts of energy, and thus they cannot be relied on for power production. They normally act as back-ups for other sources of energy. For instance, tidal energy can back up nuclear energy.

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The Elasticity of Oil Production and Consumption Research Paper argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Oil Demand

Oil Supply

Peak oil production

Oil Price elasticity of supply


Works Cited

Introduction Oil is one of the leading good consumed in the world. It is a commodity that is mostly traded at the global scene. Majority of countries in the world depend on this good for servicing their industries and for manufacturing. Oil is the major source of energy in the world. The case of fluctuation in prices of oil is a very common global phenomenon, with the rise in prices bringing a blame game.

When oil prices rise a lot of friction is witnessed with most governments blaming the international oil cartels, the citizens blaming the governments for not taking steps to regulate the prices of oil while other economists stand to argue that market forces are the determining factors and hence no need for blaming one another.

The effects of changing prices of oil have far reaching impacts to the global economy (Riley, para. 1). This paper explores the market forces in the oil market and how their elasticity affects the supply and demand of oil.

Oil Demand The efficiency of energy, for instance oil can be established by measuring the energy quantity used per unit of the output attained. This is also referred to as energy intensity.

It can also be established by comparing the increase in the rate of energy consumption and the rate of gross national product growth which roughly equals to the demand elasticity for energy (Amuzegar and Fonds monetaire international, p. 87). It is a fact that energy demands is at greater length unrelated to the price of energy that is in the short-run. However, in the long-run, resilient changes in prices of energy have a significant effect on the demand for the commodity (Natal, p.26)

There exists a strong correlation between oil and the rate at which the world economy grows because of the essentiality of oil as an input in industry. As the economy develops, demand for oil in the economy rises. For instance, China’s economy has grown very fast, and this growth has been accompanied by a rapid growth of the output of the country in sectors that consume a lot of energy. This has necessitated an upsurge in the demand for oil in the economy of China. This is referred to as cyclical demand (Riley, para. 3).

The demand for oil can be also affected by the prices of oil substitute products, for instance the relative price of gas in the market. If more reliable and relatively cheap oil substitutes are developed, that is on a long term basis, the demand is most likely to shift away from oil to its substitutes. However, this is still at a wishful level. The changing seasons affect the demand for oil.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During the winter season in the United States and Canada, more energy is needed to run the heating systems both in houses and at the places of work thus the demand for oil rises (Riley, para. 4). There always exists a speculative demand for crude oil that is purchasers always do hope for an increase in oil prices in the world market. This has made many oil businessmen and corporations to invest in buying future oil contracts (Riley, para. 6).

Oil Supply When the supply of oil is discussed, a crosscut line should be made between short and long term supply of oil to the global market. The curve indicating short run supply is drawn basing on a given technological state of production and the use of capital inputs in a fixed basis.

In the daily supply of oil, a short-run limit is inevitable, but as production nears capacity limits, the short-run oil supply become elastic (Riley, para. 8). The short-run of oil supply is affected by a number of factors. Profit motives of both OPEC non–OPEC countries have a big impact on the supply of crude oil. OPEC accounts for approximately 40 percent of oil supply in the world while other countries account for the other percentage.

It thus has a central influence in determination of prices of oil – that is when members act together to take charge of production and put to balance the market forces in the world market. The cartel sets quotas on the amount of crude oil they are to produce with the reason to stabilize oil price at a certain targeted level (Riley, para. 9).

On the other hand, the long run supply of crude oil in the market is also influenced by certain factors. These are low oil reserves that results from depletion of the oil resources due to an ever increasing demand for the commodity. Exploration affects the supply of oil by the virtue of the investment in exploring new oil zones. Change in the technology of extracting oil affects the extraction cost and the profit levels of extraction and refining thus impacting on the supply of the commodity (Riley, para. 10).

Most classical economic theorists on argue that a rise in demand for a good or service results in the rise in the price for that good. They further add that when prices of a commodity rise, more businessmen are attracted to invest in the production of the commodity. This leads to a surplus in production, thus resulting in a shrink in price as competition between manufacturers continue.

However, these economics failed to consider their argument as it should be applied on a depleting good like oil, minerals and natural gas. The production and consumption of these commodities is relatively inelastic when other factors for example politics, cultural factors and environmental destruction are held constant. For these commodities the shifts in investment however huge the shift may be has no likelihood to lead to a correspondence rise in supply (Cooke, para.3).

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Elasticity of Oil Production and Consumption specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The global oil market has been very inelastic to an extent that huge rises in upstream investment do not produce contemporaneous rise in supply anymore. Assuming that other factors remain constant, it takes a very long time to establish an oil field. Moreover, we have limited ability to bring newer production online thus.

The limit is caused by political objectives of nations and the cultural constraints. An example is countries like Venezuela, Iraq or Nigeria where cultural economics has worked in any potential elasticity to decline due to local restrictions (Cooke, para.3).

The efficiency of energy can be established by measuring the energy quantity used per unit of the output attained. This is also referred to as energy intensity. It can also be established by comparing the increase rate in energy consumption and the rate of gross national product growth which roughly equals to the demand elasticity for energy (Amuzegar and Fonds monetaire international, p. 87).

It is a fact that energy demand is unrelated to the price of energy that is, in the short-run. However, in the long-run, resilient changes in prices of energy have a significant effect on the demand for the commodity (Natal, p.26)

Peak oil production After the mid 2008, the aggregate demand for oil declined due to very high prices. This is the time when the world recession was beginning. The oil price later collapsed. The demand for oil recovered in 2009. The sharp rise in price of oil followed and was accompanied by a sharp rise in commodities and services that utilize oil in its production (McGreal, p. 120).

Oil Price elasticity of supply Price elasticity is the measure of the level to which production can rise to satisfy the rising demand. The increase in production is related to a rise in prices. If the supply of oil is inelastic, increased production is followed by a sharp rise in prices.

It is presumed that the ceiling price of oil that we experience today is linked to the recovering demand that has come after the recession rising against a tighter supply. The sharpest recession was experienced more than seventy years ago (Natal, p. 27).

Conclusion Oil is a very important commodity that is widely consumed globally. Prices of oil have more often than not generated big debates and causing friction in some countries. The demand for oil keeps increasing. The demand and supply of oil is determined by numerous factors though there are some dominant factors that affect oil production and consumption. The elasticity of oil production and consumption is centrally impacted by the oil cartel that controls the production of oil in the world.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Elasticity of Oil Production and Consumption by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Amuzegar, Jahangir and Fonds monétaire international. Oil exporters’ economic development in an interdependent world. Washington, D.C: International Monetary Fund. 2010.

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Written as Spoken Language Research Paper essay help: essay help

Introduction Communication is an important aspect in all living creatures. Other than human beings who have modified communication channels, other animals also have their own way of communicating.

For instance, even the little creatures such as ants have their own ways of communicating, which makes them move in a straight line towards something or their anthill. Human beings have the most sophisticated ways of communicating as they can speak to each other and get immediate response.

There are different forms of communication among the human beings, some of which include writing, direct verbal, phone communication and signals just to mention a few. The method and mode of communication used normally depend on various factors such as time, situation, distance, and availability among other factors (Chafe and Tannen).

Among the many forms of the communication is the spoken language, which is achieved by way of mouth to produce speech (Hughes). However, at times the spoken language is used in writing to convey the same message that could be conveyed by way of mouth. This paper is therefore, an analysis of the spoken language to determine why it is used in writing, the current statistics and examples on the same.

Why spoken language is used in writing Spoken language can be used in writing whereby the people involved write speech-like sentences, phrases, or words (Hughes). In this, the people communicating using this mode may be close or distant from each other. The whole scenario is such that one person writes a question or statement that provokes the other person(s) to respond in the same way, hence leading to a conversation.

This is the case evidenced in Facebook, MSN, and blackberry chats. The same is also applicable through the SMS services of the mobile phones. In all these, people communicate as if they are directly talking to each other but do it in writing. There are various reasons that make people write the spoken language, which include:

First, written spoken language comes in handy for the deaf and dumb people (Sutton 1). Writing of spoken language usually makes it possible for such people to be able to communicate with other people without necessarily using the sign language (Sutton 1). This makes them feel comfortable since they are able to pass their opinions in the way that they would do if they were not challenged by these disabilities.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another reason for using spoken language in written form is the convenience it has in terms of time. Unlike other forms of written communication such as letters, which take time before they reach the recipient of the information and have them respond, this mode of communication is fast (Pereltsvaig 1). This is because the recipient and sender of the information send and get response immediately.

Thirdly, use of spoken language in written form ensures the communication of as much information as possible compared to other modes (Pereltsvaig 1). This is because, despite the fact that those involved in the communication are not close, they are able to communicate as if they are next to each other. As such, they can discuss on several issues since response is immediate giving room for other issues in the discussion forum. This is not the case in written communication, whereby issues are handled one at a time.

In addition, through spoken language it is possible to use words that have no standard written form. Research has shown that there are there are many languages around the world that lack a standard written form but can be spoken (Pinker). It has further been noted that languages of this nature are expressed in written form using International Phonetic Alphabet. Nevertheless, using spoken language in writing has made it possible to use some of these languages.

The cons of using spoken language in writing In the above discussion, the reasons and advantages of using spoken language in writing were discussed. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages that come about because of using the spoken language in written form. For one, this type of communication is very addictive thus hindering the involved people from performing other duties bestowed on them.

For instance, workers working in offices with internet connectivity may spend much of the time chatting through Facebook, Skype, and G-talk among other forms of chats instead of concentrating on the work allocated to them.

Communication of spoken language through writing is not applicable to people who are illiterate. This is because they are not in a position to read and write what has been communicated to them or what they would wish to communicate respectively. This type of communication is also not applicable to people who are visually impaired as they will not be able to see what has been communicated to them.

Another disadvantage of this mode of communication is the high vulnerability of cases of criminal offences such as assaults. In the recent past, cases of kidnapping and assaults of minors have been prevalent. Most of them were after the minors had several chats with the criminals, from which they give their full information and address leading to their kidnap and assaults.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Written as Spoken Language specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These cases are not possible through written forms, as the time in between the responses would definitely cause suspicion leading to the arrest of the criminals.

The current statistics and Examples of spoken language in written form It is true to say that the invention of the spoken language in written form came along with the invention of modern communication channels. The new technology is what has made it possible to communicate from far distances apart in a manner that they seem very close (Miller 1).

Most of these modes of communication have virtual or real images of the people communicating. For instance, in the case of Facebook, one is able to upload images of themselves and post them on their profiles. Other people then view these images when they look at their profiles or even during chatting. The same case applies to the blackberry chats, twitter, my space, and MSN just to mention a few.

In this section, the current statistics of the different types of spoken languages that are in written form will be discussed. This is because of the mere fact that each mode of this communication type has different number of users, and is used in different scenarios.

Facebook: This is the most used mode of spoken language in written form through the Facebook chats. From the statistics, it was noted that by 5 February 2010, Facebook had more than 400mm users. Currently, it is speculated that Facebook has reached the 500mm users mark according to its founder Mark Zuckerberg (Owyang 1).

Twitter: This is yet another way of using spoken language via what are referred to as “tweets”. According to the twitter company, about 50 mm tweets are created on a daily basis. On average, it means that in every second about 600 tweets are created (Owyang 1). This data shows that this mode of communication is being used at a very high rate throughout the globe.

Tagged: This social networking site allows people to communicate and tag each other. In tagged, there is the “meet me” application, which is used to link and create new people into the group. Current statistics as at 2010 indicate that there are 100 million registered users, who create about 40 million the “meet me” page each day (Owyang 1).

LinkedIn: This is more than a social networking site as it has some professional bit in it by allowing professionals of a certain area to meet and mingle on the internet. Statistics indicate that there are about 60mm users of LinkedIn all over the world (Owyang 1).

The aforementioned are just some of the many forms of the spoken language in written form whose list cannot be exhausted. Others in this category include SMS, My space, blackberry chats, and MSN among others.

Conclusion From the above discussion, it is clear that the use of spoken language in written form is widely used throughout the globe. This can be attributed to the advantages it has in terms of speed and convenience as well as other supporting factors such as its invention and spread around the world. Nevertheless, this mode of communication has led to an increase in cases of assaults of minors by pedophiles and other criminal offenders (Guangrong 3).

Works Cited Chafe, W., and Tannen, D. “The relation between written and spoken language.” Annual Review of Anthropology 16.1 (1987): 383-407. Print.

Guangrong, R. “The Negative Impact of the Internet and Its Solutions.” The Chinese Information Center for Defense Science and Technology.1998. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Written as Spoken Language by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hughes, R. English in Speech and Writing. London: Routledge, 1996. Print.

Miller, H. “How Internet Access Has Affected Society and Businesses.” Ezine Articles. 2011. Web.

Owyang, J. “A Collection of Social Network Stats for 2010.” Web Strategy. 2010. Web.

Pereltsvaig, A. “On the primacy of the spoken language.” Languages of the World. 2011. Web.

Pinker, S. The language instinct. New York: William Morrow, 1994. Print.

Sutton, V. “Why Write Sign Language.” Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing. Web.


Japanese Internment in the US during World War II Research Paper essay help online free

Table of Contents Background

Intolerance demonstrated in the event

Impact of racism on relocation

Economic impact


Works Cited

A country becomes exposed to multiple threats from other nations at times of war. As a result, the government takes any necessary measures that it perceives to be vital in promoting the national security of the nation, including subordination of the constitutional rights of certain individuals for the collective safety of the population.

In the United States, one of the key functions of the government is to provide equal protection for the constitutional rights of all citizens. Issues are therefore, raised during a wartime, with regard to individual liberty and collective security (Daniels 12).

Some questions were raised due to the temporary sacrifice of a particular group of people, the Japanese, with the intention of national survival. The issues raised were a result of the attack by Japanese aircraft against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. These questions were associated with two cases brought to the U.S. Supreme Court within the context of World War II: Hirabayashi v. United States and Korematsu v. United States (Okihiro 62).

Background The American naval forces on Hawaii were devastated by the Japanese attack on pearl harbour. Some of the damage caused by the Japanese included the destruction of five American battleships and three cruisers, as well as the death of over 2,200 and injuries on over 1,100 military personnel. The then president was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who re-assured the public that the US would retaliate against the Japanese, which led to their entry in to the World War II (Robinson 29).

The Japanese moved fast to occupy the territories previously in the hands of the US, and the more than 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry in the west coast raised issues for the president’s cabinet. As a result, general DeWitt wanted to relocate all of them to the interior of the country, where they could be kept from getting in touch with the enemy (Irons 22).

The then U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle urged caution, since he believed that forcible relocation of the Japanese Americans would violate their due process rights under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. However, most of the Presidential advisers emphasized the importance of military necessity and national survival.

As a result, “President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, providing authority for military commanders to establish special zones from which civilians might be excluded for reasons of national defence, On February 22, 1942” (Robinson 33). The President based his order on the Espionage Act of 1918 and statutes enacted by Congress in 1940 and 1941 to enhance the chief executive’s wartime powers (Robinson 33).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On March 18, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9102 to establish the War Relocation Authority. This executive agency was empowered to relocate the people identified by military commanders under the provisions of the previously issued Executive Order 9066. More than 110,000 Japanese were commanded to abandon their dwellings in places that the military had identified as sensitive parts of the West Coast. Anti-Japanese frenzy in the United States since the beginning of the century fueled calls for removal (Unk 1).

Intolerance demonstrated in the event About 45,000 Japanese nationals and 75,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry were deprived of liberty and property without criminal charges or even a trial, in the period between 1942 and 1946 (Okihiro 64).

Due to their ancestry, all people of Japanese ancestry were expelled from their homes, and confined in inland detention camps; this did not apply to American citizens of German or Italian ancestry, who were on the same side as the Japanese during the war. The events that occurred marked one of the greatest blows to constitutional liberties on the American citizens (Okihiro 65).

Impact of racism on relocation There had been many previous instances of hostility upon the Japanese and other Asian immigration for many decades before the forceful eviction after the attack at pearl harbour. The attitude of the public was emphasized after the attack, during World War II. The reason why the west coast public was not sympathetic with the Japanese Americans is because the National Guard units from eleven western states were fighting in the Philippines, where they were tortured and starved by their Japanese captors (Daniels 17).

During the war, one of the key attributes in the policy of evacuation and resettlement was to protect the Japanese-Americans from population rage. There were many causes for the evacuation that had little to do with racism.

Peter Irons wrote level-headedly about this in 1983: “To cast this case into outlines of racial prejudice, without reference to the real military dangers which were present, merely confuses the issue. Korematsu was not excluded from the Military Area because of hostility to him or his race…He was excluded because we are at war with the Japanese Empire….” (24).

Economic impact There are a few Japanese Americans who lost their property during the mass eviction, to unscrupulous people, though the army tried to safeguard the evacuees’ property. For those who had crops, the yields were harvested and sold at favourable prices. The gains were then put in their bank accounts, for their access.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Japanese Internment in the US during World War II specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fury directed at the Japanese Americans started in the nineteenth century, when the first immigrants arrived during the California Gold Rush (Unk 1). The discovery of gold in California led to a scramble for control of the gold mines and ultimately for control of the Territory of California.

About 25 percent of the miners in California during the Gold Rush came from China. The English speaking newcomers who had previously established dominance over the native, Spanish, and Mexican Californians were in no mood to tolerate further competition. Using acts of terrorism (e.g., mass murder and arson) the white newcomers drove the Chinese out of the mining areas (Unk 1).

Conclusion The Japanese Americans were conditionally released, that is about 33% of them, between 1943 and 1944. College students were allowed to attend school, though they had to report to government officials. The young men and women were also released for military duty. The remaining 67% were not allowed to leave the camps for the whole duration of the war. The fathers lost their role as breadwinners, and the families fell apart since the children were controlled by the military.

The uncertainties of the situation that the Japanese Americans found themselves in led to some committing suicide (Murray and Daniels 53). Others died due to the harsh environment, and the lack of medical facilities. Communication channels were monitored by the camp administration, the Japanese language was banned at public meetings, and Buddhist religious practices were suppressed (Irons 24).

Other extreme measures like deportation, sterilization or stripping off the citizenship of the Japanese Americans were not pursued, though the events that took place had a lot to do with racism, and the attacks on pearl harbour provided the Americans with an opportunity to get rid of the Japanese Americans, and they went for it, going as far as offering them for exchange with American prisoners of war (Murray and Daniels 60).

Works Cited Daniels, Roger. The Politics of Prejudice. New York: Atheneum, 1970. Print.

Irons, Peter. Justice at War: The Story of the Japanese American Internment Cases. New York: Oxford University Press, 1983.

Murray, Alice Yang and Roger Daniels. What Did the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean? Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2000.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Japanese Internment in the US during World War II by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Okihiro, Gary Y. Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996.

Robinson, Greg. By Order of the President: FDR and the Internment of Japanese Americans. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2001.

Unk. The Exclusion of the Ethnic Japanese from the US West Coast in 1942. 1998. Web. .


Capstone Project Overview Assignment: Assessment Description After conducting the needs assessment, you should have a better idea of how your capstone project will serve the organization you have chos college essay help online

In this assignment, you will formalize your project in a 750-1,000-word paper that includes the following:
A brief description of the scope and purpose identified in the needs analysis.
An outline of your action plan.
Identification of any unique organizational factors, including resources and barriers that could impact your project.
Leadership theories and concepts that you will apply as part of your capstone.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Concept of Narrative Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

A narrative essay can be defined as a story written for a certain purpose and point. People have many stories they need to tell and they therefore write narrative essays for particular audiences or for their own satisfaction. In workplaces, narratives essays are not common occurrences but at times individuals might be asked to give a report on conferences they attended or give an account of something that happened. Narrative essays give the writers an opportunity to speak about themselves.

People have experiences they wish to share with their friends thus narrative essays provide the necessary tools for telling these stories in understandable ways. Narrative essays usually tell stories about the lives of individuals. They may also talk about memorable people or events that took place in the past (Essayinfo 3).

Although it is advisable not to begin narrative essays with I, this may be used to initiate creativity in a narrative essay. It is also a requirement that narrative essays be written in chronological order. However, it does not imply that the rules have to be always followed because narrative essays may be boring when told in this style.

Use of descriptive language is an effective way of drawing the attention of the readers into the experiences of the writer. Verbs adverbs and adjectives that make the reader create visual images should be used in narrative essays.

The writing of a narrative essay should be conversational for the writers to sound as if they tell the story verbally as opposed to a written one. This is made possible by applying metaphors, anecdotes and other related tales within the narrative.

The writer should think of the most comfortable way the story would have been told and write a narrative essay that way. It is always important to start with a draft then transform it into a complete narrative essay. Most narrative tales are told in the 1st person and this applies to a narrative essay.

However, if the essay talks about the experiences of other individuals, she or he may be used. Consistency is crucial in the narrative essay thus if it starts in the first person, the whole essay should be written in the first person. The most important thing to note in writing a narrative essay is that its basis is real events. As a result, it follows all the rules of an essay as opposed to a mere story (Essayinfo 4 ).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Narrative essays start by explaining the topic and then introduce the characters. A basic premise is included in the introduction which in simple terms shows the lesson learnt from the experience and what makes the story important. From the draft of the essay, an individual writing a narrative essay should pick out the most suitable points that give a detailed explanation of the story.

The points should have a close link with the premise of the narrative essay. In the development of the essay, descriptive tests that imply that there is enough information to support the premise should be included.

Just like normal essays, the last paragraph in a narrative essay serves to conclude it. In the conclusion, the premise is restated and a summary of the events leading to such a conclusion presented. Descriptive language and a premise in narrative essays usually make the essays interesting to read. Explaining personal experiences or the experiences of others in narrative essays makes it possible for individuals to relate with memorable events in ways that are easy to understand (Essayinfo 5).

Works Cited Essayinfo. Narrative Essay. 2010. Web.


Technology and Its Impact in the World Essay college essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Technology impacts


Works Cited

Introduction Technology is defined as the use of tools, techniques and methods of organization in solving real world problems, which aims at performing specific tasks.

Technology has a profound root in the society; this is because today’s world relies on the advances in technology. These advances in technology in today’s world has sped people’s lives and made the world a smaller place to live in as it makes different locations closer to one another.

In addition, the fact that technology has become omnipresent in the world today due to its widespread use, is vital because it helps people in carrying out their chores in their daily livelihood. It is therefore important that the technology that exists be easily adaptable and able to solve the current world issues as human progress rate is increasing at an alarming rate (Oak 1).

Technology impacts The advances in technology have brought huge changes in the world today. Some of the areas where technology has brought important changes are as follows. First, technology has enabled the world in automating its critical processes in industries and households. The automobile industry has evolved from mechanical to automated automobiles simply because of the driving force that is technology.

Technology is applicable in performing tasks that are not accessible to man and are vital in automating crucial industrial processes. The technologies that are applicable when performing these crucial tasks include the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in carrying out challenging tasks such as space exploration and mining (Oak 1).

Another positive effect of technology is that it has changed the manner of communication. This has been made possible through the use computer technology; computers have the ability to process huge chunks of data at one go. Information digitization has proved to be a vital technology platform since it has made it possible in storing information and helps in enriching the information quality.

The advances in technology enable harnessing of water from natural sources to homes through robust transmission systems. Technology has brought the discovery of electricity that is important in lighting up the world. Electricity is easily generated by using renewable energy resources.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, with all the advances in technology, it is unimaginable that technology has its side effects in the society even when the world is at the epitome of technology. In the medical technology world, technology can affect and also harm patients in cases where it involves a machine that has radiation rays.

On environmental technology, there is a lot of waste in terms of chemicals, which directly go back to the environment. Lastly, technology has a negative impact on people since they tend to be lazy and rely mostly on technology (Oak 1).

Conclusion In conclusion, the advances brought about by technologies, which are the Internet, cell phones, and notebook computers are vital necessity for daily living. Due to these advances, it is easy for us to forget about those who suffer while attempting to provide for their basic needs, such as clean water, food and health care.

It is a good gesture by the developed world to make use of their technologies to help the underprivileged groups of people in the society. Through the continuous use of these technologies, there are advances that targets medical services, improved economy based on the Internet, emerging technologies in information systems sector, advanced farming methods and industrial sectors.

More importantly, educational needs for the people are taken into consideration by these technologies, since they help them become prosperous nations who do not require help from others but are able to get their own resources. Moreover, transferring technology from the developed world to the developing world has various benefits. There will be improvement in living standards, production efficiency and become a base for economic growth (Oak 1).

Works Cited Oak, Manali. “Positive Effects of Technology on Society.” Buzzle, 21 September. 2011. Web.


Join Us is the Program about Teenagers’ Needs Essay (Article) cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Teenager’s program

The program’s layout

Major themes

Other topics

Popularity of Join Us

Teenager’s program Admittedly, various shows have become an indispensible part of people’s life. Teenagers also like watching certain programs. More so, they often find the necessary answers to their questions. Therefore, teenagers need a program which could address their needs. Join Us can be such a program. It will address the most important issues which are essential for teenagers. The show will focus on such themes as status, cruelty, gender roles, etc.

The program’s layout The program will have quite a specific format. In the first place, the hosts will be teenagers. It is possible to have four hosts: two girls and two boys. There will be no studio audience. However, viewers will be able to make calls. More so, the Internet will also be excessively used. The hosts will actively use Facebook and Twitter (maybe Skype) during the program.

Viewers will be able to ask their questions on the topic. The hosts will discuss these questions. The hosts will invite various guests competent in this or that issue. Apart from this, hosts will make video reports. They will take interviews in schools and in the streets. This program will be weekly. The viewers will have the opportunity to choose topics for the programs. There will be a kind of poll online. Viewers will also come up with their ideas and their stories.

Major themes It goes without saying that teenagers face many issues. For instance, issues concerning status are quite important for teenagers. Admittedly, teenagers try to obtain certain status. Therefore, the host will discuss various problems concerning the matter. However, it is important to encourage young people to be unique and pay less attention to statuses. Of course, the program should not be too didactic. However, viewers should learn a particular lesson during each program.

Issues of cruelty has also come to the fore recently. Here the hosts can address problems concerning violence. Admittedly, teenagers can be regarded as the most vulnerable group. They often have to endure domestic or peer violence. The hosts should interview those who were victims of violent actions or even those who were initiators of conflict situations.

Apart from this, many other cases of cruelty should also be covered in the program: mockery, bullying, etc. Furthermore, teenagers should be acquainted with gender issues. The hosts will discuss cases when some people were suppressed due to their gender. The hosts will also help viewers find successful strategies to avoid certain problems.

Other topics Apart from serious issues, some series of the program (or some parts of the program) should address ‘less’ important problems. For instance, the host can provide some tips for completing assignments, passing exams, preparing for a party, choosing a present for a friend, etc.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This will make program more interesting and helpful as teenagers often have difficulties with their school assignments. They also can have difficulties with developing proper relationships with peers. The program will help viewers to solve all those problems.

Popularity of Join Us The program will become popular among teenagers as it will address some burning issues. The program will provide teenagers with answers they need. The use of the Internet will help the program to remain up-to-date. Viewers will have an opportunity to influence the choice of topics for discussion. Therefore, this will be a very helpful program for teenagers.


Business Proposal: E-Business for Online Curio Shop Report cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Letter of Transmittal Dear Sir/Madam,

Enclosed is a copy of the document entitled ‘Proposal for an e-Business’ in the field of Technical Communication. The proposal is a result of a research and a field study carried out to determine the feasibility and applicability of the proposed business in the target area which is conducted as a response to a necessary identification and aimed at determining the best way to meet with the identified need of the target population,

In compliance with the fulfillment of the requirements on the subject “Technical Communication”, the proponents would like to present the proposal consistent with the provided instructions.

The main purpose of the document is to propose a small business in the given field with an aim of applying the skills and experience that have been obtained while undertaking the above named course. The study is aimed at showing how the discipline may be applied in meeting the needs of the society.

We hope that this proposal will meet your approval.

Very truly yours,

Technical Communication Students.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Introduction The discipline of Technical Communication is one of the disciplines that have undergone a lot of reforms and improvements over the past few years, especially due to its integration with the different technological advancements and inventions. This field has now covered a wide area of application and also started applying different new methods in its functionalities in such a manner that allows it to be more modernized, easier to apply as well as to produce more consistent, satisfactory and high quality results.

One of the main applications of Technical Communication has been made in the field of technology itself and more specifically in the area of Internet.

Internet as a means of trans-national communication has drastically grown and become more popular among all the sectors in the economy and society. As a result, this has led to an increase in different applications, such as websites, online advertisements, online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tagged as well as e-businesses (Katz, 2008).

These facilities have enabled people to carry out business, easily communicate, perform social activities and be also able to advertise their businesses and products over the Internet. More advanced applications of the Internet have also enabled its users to access products from different companies, compare their prices and quality.

Then, they can purchase the goods of their choice over the Internet through online payment methods only for these products to be shipped to their doorsteps. This has enables the world to become a small marketplace where people can buy products from any place in the world over the Internet staying at home or office (Hdodd, 2011; Markel, 2007).

This proposal seeks to identify a market need for e-business and then provide a solution that will be utilized to ensure that the need in the market is met (Katz, 2008).

Project Overview The project is a proposal for an e-business that will comprise of a website which will aim at marketing and selling different products of a cultural genre from different cultures in Africa.

We will write a custom Report on Business Proposal: E-Business for Online Curio Shop specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hence, this will be an e-business in the form of an online Curio Shop that will be represented as a website in which different products including African wear, such as clothes, footwear, hats and caps, belts, African ornaments, necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, jewels, African carvings and paintings and all the other curio products, will be sold (Gurak


Ulysses by James Joyce Term Paper college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Third person narrative


Stream of consciousness



Works Cited

Introduction Ithaca is a complicated chapter in James Joyce’s book Ulysses. The chapter gives details about two protagonists Bloom and Stephen. Bloom returns home together with Stephen. The chapter is written in form of questions and answers. The chapter does not follow the conventional writing style. Joyce gives an outline of events that happen instead of giving a linear plot (Lawrence 559).

Style The chapter is written in a radical style that does not follow the convention literary style. James goes against the rules of prose and writes in his own unique style that makes the chapter difficult. For instance, as the chapter begins, Joyce uses a narrative style full of repetition. The style shows that Bloom’s homecoming is not triumphant, as it would have been expected after being away from home form such a long time.

The narrative style does not go up to the end of the chapter but changes to encyclopaedic narrative (Ulysses 1). The encyclopaedic narrative does not lead to a climax in a story like the way the narrative style does to give a lesson or meaning of the story. At the end of the chapter, no meaning can be derived and a reader can have many conclusions. At the end, Bloom finds out that his wife has been unfaithful.

The evidence of her infidelity stares him in the face but he does not do anything “New clean bedlinen, additional odours, the presence of a human form, female, hers, the imprint of a human form, male, not his, some crumbs, some flakes of potted meat, recooked, which he removed” (Joyce 1).

Molly his wife’s affair with Boylan does not seem to bother Bloom much even though he thinks about divorcing her or confronting Boylan. The two ideas play in his mind just as fantasies. He thinks about the other things that are worse than adultery and the idea that a man sleeps with a woman thinking he is the first in her life but in reality he is one among previous men.

Therefore, Bloom decides to forgive her. A reader has to decide between Bloom being a very forgiving man for overlooking his wife’s betrayal or a foolish man who does not have the nerve to stand up for the right thing. Moreover, one can forget about Bloom entirely with his flaws.

Joyce does not lead the reader to any moral at the end story but he leaves ends hanging loose. The chapter does not give answers to the questions that arises in the readers minds about the happenings. The explanation and happenings in the chapter are many and demonstrate futility (Gibson 16).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The chapter employs anti-climax. The opposite of our expectations happen because we expect Bloom and Stephen to form a meaningful friendship but at the end, they drift apart. Stephen shows he has no consideration for his friend’s feelings when he tells Bloom an anti-Semitic narrative. The narrative shows a lack of understanding between the two friends. Moreover, Stephen declines the offer to sleep over at Blooms and does not seem enthusiastic about meeting in the future (Ulysses 1).

Third person narrative Joyce uses the third person narrative in Ithaca. The story is told in a cold manner and often repetitive by a narrator who sees the characters minds. The details given about ordinary things make them very complicated and the details do not seem important. He employs a scientific style and uses complicated words that often leave a reader wondering what the author is writing about in the story.

For example, Joyce describes how water gets into the tap that Bloom fetches. The details about how the water runs through the water system in the town is explained in detail making the process look very complicated. Ordinarily, a person just fetches water without thinking about how the water gets to the tap.

In another instance, Stephen explains to Bloom his reasons for declining to take a bath. He says he has hydrophobia and hates either partial or total immersion in water. The words used in the explanation are complex and not used in everyday conversation by mundane people (Ulysses 1).

Catechism Joyce employs catechism style in Ithaca. Catechism is a style used in the Catholic Church to teach using questions and responses that students memorize. The students are asked questions and expected to give the memorized responses to show that they have strong faith. Ithaca is written in form of questions and answers.

The responses are not a sets of believes like in Christian catechism but the responses give details regarding people, and how they live their lives in spite of their faith or what it may demand of them. The responses are long and wandering in the strained conversation between Stephen and Bloom. The language used is theoretical and scientific.

It makes Bloom’s spiritual appear as observations and orderly formulas. Bloom shares characteristics similar to other human beings as portrayed by his experiences (Ulysses 1).

We will write a custom Term Paper on Ulysses by James Joyce specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Stream of consciousness The stream of consciousness shows the thoughts of a person in an edited form. Through the technique, Joyce shows us the thoughts of some characters and explains their action. The character’s thoughts are shown to us unedited and we are able to connect their thoughts and actions to make better judgement about their character traits.

Through Bloom’s thoughts, we see how he sees himself through various perspectives such as in a lifetime work, single night sleep or universe’s lifetime. He is able to shift his perspective and judge himself hence he avoids condemning his wife. The stream of consciousness is embedded throughout the chapter (Report on James Joyce Ulysses 1).

Structure The structure of Ithaca is complex because of the question and answer technique employed by the author. The words used in the denotative language are complex to understand. Furthermore, Joyce uses sentences from other languages such as Irish and Hebrew. The structure of the chapter is further complicated by use of gibberish words. Some of the sentences are difficult to understand and a reader has to think hard about what the author means.

In other words reading Joyce’s works becomes an active process. The sentences are like riddles or knots that one must undo to understand their meaning. However, once the knots are undone the sentences become clear and the meaning easily understood. For instance “From outrage (matrimony) to outrage (adultery) there arose nought but outrage (copulation) yet the matrimonial violator of the matrimonially violated had not been outraged by the adulterous violator of the adulterously violated” is a difficult sentence (Joyce 1).

The sentence means that Bloom has accepted his wife’s adultery. He thinks that the affair must have occurred because he was not around to take care of his wife’s needs. Therefore, her action is justified because she needed a man and she must have enjoyed the affair. He shifts the blame from his wife to himself and decides to accept her. He uses the passive form of English a shift from the active form to arrive at the acceptance of his wife’s action.

The chapter has many facts but it also contains nothingness. Some of the words have no meaning and leads to disorderliness. The purpose of the chapter to lead to a system fails, as one gets lost in language.

The author uses awkward words and combines a deliberate effort of employing an incorrect method of writing (Gibson 18). The chapter shows many imperfections such as Bloom’s marriage and his injuries to the head. Joyce uses the errors and imperfections in the chapter to shutter the “illusion of objective reliability” (Gibson 18).

The author also incorporates repetition in the structure. The repetitions help the author to play with words and bring about a sense of humor. For example when Bloom remembers how he turned down an invitation to visit Stephen’s family “Very gratefully, with grateful appreciation, with sincere appreciative gratitude, in appreciatively grateful sincerity of regret, he declined” (Joyce 1).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Ulysses by James Joyce by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Ithaca shows us how Bloom becomes the hero through his action of selflessness forgiveness of a sin many would not consider forgiving easily. Joyce takes us through the characters’ lives and shows us how real life is, and how human beings respond to the things, they encounter along their journey through the world.

The chapter is long and the many questions can leave one confused about what the characters are saying because sometimes the narrator does not give all the details. However, the chapter remains an important one in the book as many questions are answered through the catechism style.

Works Cited Gibson, Andrew. Joyce’s Ithaca. Netherlands: Rodopi, 1996.

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Ulysses. n.d. Web.


Culture Clash as a Great Conflict Research Paper essay help: essay help

Culture is a people’s way of life. It can also be defined as a set of traditions adopted by certain groups of people. When we define culture, we have to talk about the cultural values, which are the principles, or qualities that a group of people will tend to view as good or right (Peterson 22). Different people from different parts of the world have different ways of life. Some carry on activities not carried out by other people elsewhere.

The culture of people includes the food they eat, dances, their race, their way of dressing, and religion just to mention but a few (Peterson 17). However, violent activities such as stoning, mutilation, killing and forceful abortions cannot be termed as part of people’s way of life.

That is, crime and criminal activities cannot be termed as part of people’s culture. The culture of people can remain the same or change with time, especially as people become more civilized. The change can also arise because of a prolonged exposure to a different culture. The exposure to these different cultures can result to positive or negative changes (Haggis and Susanne 18).

To some people, an activity carried out by others is not right before them. For example, different groups of people have different modes of dressing especially for woman. Some religions do not allow the exposure of some parts of the woman’s body like the hair and the legs, while according to others it is very much okay (Haggis and Susanne 104). This can be a great conflict if the two sets of people are to live in the same location.

Circumcision is a form of initiation passed over very many generations up to the present one. Still, there are some communities who to them, circumcision is a taboo. Therefore, when such people with different cultures come together, conflicts can arise. This happens especially when the two groups of people differ with respect to a certain activity carried out by either of them.

The integration of different cultures in one environment leads to disruption of traditions. Contacts between different cultures are also viewed as cultural clashes for they are bound to result in undesirable consequences or even destruction of one or all the cultures (Haggis and Susanne 7). Therefore, culture clash by definition is a conflict that occurs when people with different cultural values come together.

The way of life of people is a measure of their level of civilization. The evolution of man from an ape has seen him change from being primitive to being modern. Thus, culture refers to the acquisition of civilization, which is a process of social development (Haggis and Susanne 18).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The lack of change of people to the new cultures is normally referred to as under civilization. New inventions especially to do with technology normally increase the rate of civilization. Similarly, education makes people to be more civilized. So to say, education and the ever-changing technology can determine the way of life of people.

When people at different levels of civilization are integrated, conflicts will definitely arise because the people will differ in a variety of things. This is because traditions and habits of different people can come into a conflict. The fundamental divisions in humanity in terms of ethnicity, religion, or civilization can lead to new conflicts (Haggis and Susanne 39).

One example of a culture-clashing event is in the issue abortion. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. Various circumstances force women to decide to have an abortion. Most of the times, cases of abortion are based on unwanted pregnancies. The only exception is when a woman is willing to have a child but due to health complications, the doctors advise on an abortion (Keown 99).

Others proceed with it because they cannot afford to have children mainly because they are not prepared in terms of finances. They do not want to fail in giving their children quality life or maybe they do not want to strain in the process of bringing up the child.

Getting a child out of wedlock is also a taboo to some people, and executing it can put one in a social dilemma. Therefore, many prefer to do away with the pregnancy. Most young girls will prefer to have an abortion in order to hide the pregnancies from their parents. In other cases, their parents order them to do it. Other reasons for abortion include the need to continue with education or being in a demanding career.

There has been a big conflict between pro-life and pro-choice supporters especially in the United States of America where abortion has been legalized. Pro-life supporters do not advocate for abortion while the pro-life supporters believe that it is a woman’s choice. Most of the pro-life supporters are mainly religious people.

Some countries have legalized abortion, which has led to a very big debate in the whole world, regarding its authorization. The issue has brought about a great conflict between these two groups of people. According to the religious people, abortion is a sin because it is termed as killing (Keown 20).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Culture Clash as a Great Conflict specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is because they believe that life begins after conception and not birth. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she carries a life in her womb, which deserves due respect. According to them, it undermines human dignity because it deprives a living being the right to live. On the other hand, the pro-choice supporters believe that every female has the legal right to choose whether to continue with a pregnancy or terminate it (Legg 2). The issue has brought about a lot of conflict between the two classes of people.

The Supreme Court in the United States of America, gave women the right to have an abortion if they so wish in the year 1973 (Legge 120). The issue has brought about a big clash between the government and its supporters in the issue and the pro life supporters. Up to date it has faced much opposition especially from the Catholic Church.

There have been many forums held to press the government to do away with the law. The pro-life supporters do not see the reason as to why the government should pass a law that allows the killing of innocent unborn babies. On the other hand, the government and the pro-choice supporters do not recognize the fetus as a person. This has created a big debate as to when life begins.

Other countries have tried to pass the law in vain because, among them there are those who do not support the idea. For instance, in china, the law sometimes allows abortion. The presence of religions in such countries plays a very great role in rejecting the legalization of abortion. Apart from abortion, Pro-life groups do not agree with any activity, which leads to lose of life like the death penalty, assisted suicide, and war among others.

The pro-life supporters believe that the government has every right to preserve all human life. It is conservative where the pro-life ethnic conflicts with personal autonomy, conservative, and liberal where the pro-life ethnic conflicts with government policy. On the contrary, Pro-choice supporters believe that there is unlimited autonomy for individuals with regard to their reproductive systems given that they do not interfere with the autonomy of other people.

This is to mean that, a growing fetus is part of the reproductive system and not a person. The Supreme Court in the United States ruled that the fetus was not a person and therefore, did not require protection from the constitution until it reached a point of viability (Legge 120). This has increased the tension between the two groups of people.

The arguments between the pro-life and the pro-choice supporters on the issue of life differ a lot and that is what has brought about such a conflict. It has been the culture of religious people to preserve life at all cost because it is sacred. On the other hand, pro-choice supporters do not see the importance of protecting a person who has not yet been born.

The pro-life supporters argue that the fetus life is sacred just like any other human life and so the government must protect it (Keown 37). On the other hand, the pro-choice movement argues that there is no proven human personhood in pregnancies. Therefore, the government should not restrict a woman’s right to decide whether to continue with a pregnancy or not. With these different arguments, these two groups of people will never come to an agreement.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Culture Clash as a Great Conflict by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The pro-choice supporters in the United States of America argue that there is no scientific prove for the existence of souls but religion teaches that the soul exists and it is sacred because it is created by God and should not be interfered with (Van11). As said earlier, religious people believe that life begins after conception.

The difference between that life and the life in us is that, that life is inside another life but then, they are two different lives. Therefore, abortion deserves the treatment of a murder case. Women have no right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, for they will be taking away the life of another person.

There is a conflict between the people and the government of the United States because it does not acknowledge the existence of an immortal soul whose life begins at conception. According to the government, there is no personhood in such a fetus and thus it deserves no rights to be accorded to it as given to other human beings (Legge 120). Therefore, women have a right to decide whether to continue with a pregnancy or to terminate it if they so wish. The pro-life supporters do not agree with that.

There is a big conflict between various theological traditions in the United States of America about when life begins. That is the reason as to why there is a big disparity on the issue of abortion. There are theological traditions that teach that the soul does not begin at conception but rather long after the fetus starts to make some movements.

That may be at end of the second trimester or at the beginning of the third trimester. Others believe that the implantation of a soul takes place at birth while others teach that the soul implantation takes place after birth (Van 22). The funniest of all is that there are still others that believe that there is no an immortal soul.

These theological traditional differences make people to come into conflict on the issue of abortion. If the soul implantation takes place after the fetus begins to make some movements, then terminating the pregnancy before it reaches that stage is not bad. Similarly, if the soul implantation occurs at or after birth, then abortion deserves authorization. If there lacks an immortal soul, then abortion should be just something so normal like other daily activities, something that the pro-life supporters do not agree with.

The pro choice supporters argue that research indicates that all parts of the human body are alive apart from the hair and the nails. However, the removal of some parts of the body like the tonsils and the appendix is possible on medical grounds to save the life of a person.

As such, some pro-choice supporters argue that if these parts can be removed and they are part of a life, then a woman should be granted the choice of termination of pregnancy if she so wishes. This is because they do not term the fetus growing within the womb of the woman as a separate being but as a part of her own reproductive system (Van 10). The pro-life supporters do not agree with that and hence the never-ending debate.

To avoid culture clash, people should interact with other cultures and try to fit into each other’s traditions. This will definitely make the people get to understand other people’s way of life and hence appreciate them. This will bring about respect for the people’s backgrounds, races, and religions.

The diversity of cultures makes the world a beautiful place because if we were to behave in the same way, there would no need to travel to different parts of the world and see what other people do. Many tourists travel from different parts of the world to different destinations in order to experience them.

Works Cited Haggis, Jane and Susanne Schaech. Culture and Development: A Critical Introduction. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 2000. Print.

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Hunger’s Nature and Factors That Influence It: Biological Concept Term Paper college admission essay help

Hunger is a biopsycological process that is critical for organisms to survive. It is a biological process because it involves metabolic processes and hormones. It is physiological that in that it creates a physical need that has to be satisfied. The hypothalamus is the brain part that is responsible for controlling the hormonal function in the body.

Carnivores depend on other animals for food. Though at times they can feed on plants, their bodies are not physiologically able to digest vegetables matter. Carnivores require heavy meals but can spend most of the time without eating (DeGroot 3024). Unlike carnivores, omnivores have the ability to eat and digest both animal flesh and vegetables.

Most omnivores eat relatively small meals but periodically. They normally cannot have a single meal in a day. Herbivores are animals that feed on vegetables only. Their taste preferences are uniquely on vegetables and their bodies cannot digest anything else but vegetables (DeGroot 3024). Most herbivores feed for the better part of the day and sleep over the night.

Factors that Influence Hunger Leptin

Scientists have determined that a hormone called leptin controls the brain circuits responsible for controlling hunger. Leptin inhibits appetite by acting on receptors in the hypothalamus. First, it counteracts the effects of neuropeptide Y which is a potent feeding stimulant secreted by cells both in the gut and in the hypothalamus (Liu, et al. 2754).

Secondly, it counteracts the effects of anandamide and thirdly it promotes the synthesis of an appetite suppressant called α-MSH. Unlike the rapid inhibition of eating by cholecystokinin (CCK) and the slower suppression of hunger mediated by PYY3-36, the inhibition of leptin is long-term. The absence of this hormone leads to uncontrollable eating habits and ultimately obesity.


This is another hormone responsible for the control satiety and is produced by the duodenal and intestinal mucosa (Liu, et al. 2754). It does so by controlling the speed of digestion in the body. High fat chime stimulates the production of this hormone, which through a chain of reactions reduce the speed of digestion.

Peptide YY

This is a 36-amino acid protein released in response to feeding by the neuro-endocrine cells in the ileum and colon. This hormone appears to reduce appetite in humans (Liu, et al. 2754). Though it is not clear how this hormone reduces satiety, it is clear that it slows the gastric emptying thus increasing the efficiency of digestion and nutrient absorption after a meal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Genes: Is obesity genetic?

Epigenetics have revealed some genetic characteristics that control the energy levels in the body. One of the impairments that lead to uncontrolled appetite is the Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS). People with this disorder develop uncontrollable appetite, which may result to severe obesity. This I just an example. Many other genetic imprints associated with the eating disorders but no scientific evidence has proved the genetic proof of the epidemic.

How experiences have affected my feeding

My individual eating habits have been greatly influenced by experiences. First, personal skills have affected my choice of foods. The knowledge on cooking and preparing variety of dishes has increased my variety of choice. Another influence has risen from the cultural background, which has determined my basic foods. During the study, I did not find any genetic influence on my eating habits.

The Interactions between nature and nurture that affect diet, body size/shape

Several interactions affect diet, body size/shape. In the prenatal period, the availability of food to a pregnant mother affects the nutrients availability of the developing fetus thus its eventual body size/shape. If the developing child does not have access to adequate nutrients, it ends up being small-bodied besides having a low birth weight. Owing to this, during childhood as well as the other stages of development, such a child requires a diet that is capable of supplying all the essential nutrients for a healthy growth.

Additionally, the body weight of a mother during pregnancy also affects the diet of a child. Mothers who have high body weights as well as those who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy tend to give birth to children who at risk of being overweight by the time they are three years of age. Such children/individuals have big bodies thus require a diet that is instrumental in reducing their weight as well as maintaining a healthy body weight and shape.

Works Cited DeGroot, Leslie, et al. Endocrinology. Philadelphia: Saunders. 1989. Print

Liu, McFadden, et al. “Peptide YY: a potential proabsorptive hormone for the treatment of malabsorptive disorders.” Am Surg. 62 (1996): 232–236. Print


Costume Design for Your Original Dialogue: You will explain and describe, in-depth, the costumes for the characters in the play essay help online free

Costume Design for Your Original Dialogue: You will explain and describe, in-depth, the costumes for the characters in the play and your rationale for your design (about 150-200 words in total) and draw what the costumes would look like.You can draw the sketch on plain white paper and upload a picture of it or use a program like Microsoft paint or any program you may already use for other purposes. If you are uncomfortable drawing, you can find images online that ARE NOT copyright protected nor watermarked (i.e. they have a company logo or photographer’s name splashed across the photo or in the corner). Remember, this is not an art class: your drawings do not have to be brilliant. Do your best. Copy the image into the word document that you are using to explain and rationalize the design to upload as a PDF) Please refer to lecture notes on designs For this assignment, include: Drawings or collections of costumes Verbal explanation of WHAT costume pieces are being used and WHY? 300 word minimum


Investing in IT for Competitive Advantage Research Paper essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Definition of strategic IT systems

The importance of strategic management for FedEx

The competitive strategy adopted by FedEx


Reference List

The advent of computer technologies has revolutionized many numerous spheres of life, including business. The information systems have become an integral element of the companies’ competitive strategies. Understanding the value of information systems, most modern companies spend millions of dollars on development and improvement of their information systems.

A lot of modern companies decide to create board-level committees for controlling their costly IT projects, enhancing their effectiveness and increasing the companies’ gains. This paper will provide a classical definition of strategic IT systems, competitive forces and strategies and apply it to the case of FedEx, one of the leading international logistics companies.

Definition of strategic IT systems In the modern business world, technology is an important cause and driver in the company’s business strategy which can change the way in which the company competes in its market sector. A strategic information system is defined as any type of IT technologies which enables a company to create a competitive advantage, decrease a competitive disadvantage and/or meet certain business targets.

According to the classical model of competition created by Michael Porter, to succeed in implementing a particular IT project, a company should develop strategies to counter five main competitive forces. The five competitive forces include the intensity of competition within the sphere, threats associated wit the potential entrance of new competitors, threats associated with substitute products which can emerge and capture the market sector, and the bargaining powers of customers and suppliers.

To counter these forces, companies can decide between five competitive strategies, including cost leadership, differentiation strategy, innovation strategy, growth strategy, and alliance strategy. A company can use, one, several or all of these strategies.

The importance of strategic management for FedEx Founded in 1971 in Memphis, FedEx Corporation is a logistics company which offers transportation and e-commerce services (Berger, 2010). This company is known for introducing the concept of the next-day delivery in 1973 which revolutionized the industry in general.

Having developed an international network and introducing a number of technological innovations, the company gained a competitive advantage (Melville, Kraemer,


Continue your work with the company you selected in Wk 2. Research your company’s financial reports for 2017. Complete a 2- to 3-page FAQ/Shareholder Analysis. Evaluate economic conditions th best essay help

Research your company’s financial reports for 2017.
Complete a 2- to 3-page FAQ/Shareholder Analysis.
Evaluate economic conditions that influence company performance. Consider political, environmental, currency (money), global economics, and government influences on economic conditions.
Compare market conditions with the company’s performance for 2017. Conclude how the market conditions that year influenced the company’s performance, such as interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy changes, or other market conditions relevant to the company you selected.
Analyze year-over-year performance from 2016 and 2017. Consider key metrics or ratios such as trailing PE ratio, forward PE ratio, price to book, return on assets, and return on equity in your conclusions.
Cite references to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Internet Addiction in Modern Society Report college essay help online: college essay help online

Today, the internet has become the biggest source of information in the whole world thanks to the advancing technology (Green 52). Any kind of information concerning anything in this world can be found there. Therefore, many people have sought to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities about the internet in order to be in a better position to benefit from it. As a result, the world has since become just like a small global village whereby people can communicate from any corner of the world in seconds.

People have also been able to acquire education without having to step in a lecture hall (Tomei 71). It is no longer the time when students had to travel from one continent to another in search of the best institutions of higher learning. These institutions have been brought right in their homes and that has cut them all that cost of having to travel and live in a foreign country.

Never the less, everything good has its negative side, the emergency of the internet has come with its own ills. A lot of work that was done manually is now being done through the internet (Tomei 73). Students need not walk to classrooms; there are no longer messengers to post or deliver written messages from one office to another.

The physical activity that was there is no longer in existence and hence people have become lazy. This is not healthy for the body as people end up developing health complications because of lack of exercise. On top of that, children have been exposed to sources of misleading information.

Pornography sites are common sites that are visited by many young people and as a result, they end up learning a lot that can spoil their lives (Green 53). The biggest problem of all is the fact that many people have become addicted with the internet. People in KSA spend most part of the day online staring on the screen and that has greatly affected other useful activities that used to be carried out there before.

There are various reasons that have caused people in KSA to get addicted in the internet. Having a good connection of internet wiring is one great cause of internet addiction (Green 55). Without the wiring, people would not be in a position to access the internet services. Therefore the fact that the government does a lot in ensuring that people get connected, increases their chances of being addicted.

There is also increased speed in the use of the internet, which enables people to get any kind of information or entertainment that they may want in a very short time (Kutais 100). If people had to wait for a long periods before accessing what they want in the internet, then perhaps they would lose interest and find better things to do.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is no longer the time that entertainment could only be found in the televisions, newspapers, and magazine. The internet has created a more efficient source of entertainment, which creates a mental stimulation just like in a television (Kutais 100). Continuous exposure to the television has made people too much addicted to some programs and thus their minds are always tuned there.

This number of people has since reduced because people have found a more appealing source of entertainment in the internet. There is always that urge to get online and chat with friends, watch movies, play games among other things. The most visited sites in the internet are social sites like face book and twitter. People can now get to know others and make friends on the social cites while others go ahead and get married.

Good internet connectivity coupled with the fact that the cost of using the internet is very cheap make people to spent countless hours in the internet (Green 56). There have been countless cases of people neglecting their duties even starving children with hunger not because there is no food but simply because they cannot get themselves off the damn internet.

By paying a very little amount of money, one can be able to stay glued to the screen for a very long time. Suppose the charges for accessing internet services could be raised, perhaps the number of internet addicts could decline.

The internet services can be accessed not only in the computers but also on mobile phones. Social network addicts are on the increase because even in the absence of the computer or the cyber café, they can easily chat with friends through their mobile phones (Kutais 103). The number of hours people spend on sleep has tremendously declined.

A person may need to sleep and even go to bed but fail to do it immediately because of the urge to view other people’s status, to update one’s own and the like. This has been made simpler by the use of mobile phones. From the comfort of one’s own bed all that is done and thus many people no longer take the required healthy number of hours of sleep.

Internet addiction has had both positive and negative effects in KSA. In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where Islam is the religion, gender segregation is at a very high scale. The females are not allowed to interact with the opposite sex from outside their families (Azzam 44). This gap has since been bridged by the social networks; they can communicate and make friends with people of their own choice from the comfort of their houses.

We will write a custom Report on Internet Addiction in Modern Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There have been many cases of relationships ending due to this. A man may feel jealous when his fiancée keeps chatting with other members of the opposite sex and vice versa. Once cautioned to stop it and one fails to because of addiction, serious problems ensue and many times the relationship becomes very strained. On top of that, health complications have arisen because of staring at the screen for long hours and the failure to carry on activities that cause the body to exercise.

Internet addiction has led to an increase in antisocial behavior. The way people used to communicate in the real world has since changed. The daily practices that comprise interpersonal communication are declining as internet addicts are now using smiley faces and avatars instead of body gestures (Azzam 41).

There is a decline in the use of facial expressions and other body gestures to put across intended emotion. As a result, people have developed personality disorders in which they do not identify with their real life persona but rather with their Internet representation. Therefore, the ability of people to maintain a healthy social life has greatly been reduced (Young 7).

In order to help the people in KSA to deal with the problem, rehabilitation is the best thing that can help them with the best solutions to internet addiction (Young 8). Our group is going to make use the little savings that we have to start a company that will offer rehabilitation services to people addicted to the internet.

It is our expectation that we are going to get funding from the government and other donors since we do want to charge any fee to our clients. I am the overall leader of the group and my role will be to see to the success of the company.

I will organize everything that has to be done, and make sure that everything is in the right order. My duties include looking for the best facilities that will enable us carry out our mission effectively. I will also go ahead to acquire the best sources of labor from people who are experienced and willing to work as volunteer.

The greatest professional problem that many encounter when setting up our company is getting the best human resource (Noble 21). Given that, we do not intend to charge any fee to our clients, we will need a lot of sacrifice.

We will not be in a position to pay for any labor not unless we get good funding or a donor. Therefore, people will offer their services based on helping but not earning daily bread. As a result, we are expecting that many people are going to turn our invitations down never the less we are determined to make it.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Internet Addiction in Modern Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To deal with the above problem, we intend to spread awareness on the importance of offering voluntary services. In addition to that, we are going to request the government for some funds and apply for sponsorship by other able individuals or organizations. If all goes well, we are looking forward to start rewarding our human resources with some amount of money at the end of each month.

The big problem is that, the government may turn down our request and we may not be able to get a good donor. On top of that, it is very hard for some people to offer free services given that they have spent quite a lot in acquiring the knowledge that they have. They see it as a waste of time and their energy (Noble 148). That can make us not be able to get the best human resource to add on the one that we already have.

The other professional problem that we are likely to face is to do with the training of all the members. Professional ethics require that a person should be well conversant with what he or she is doing in a company. Therefore, we need to train our staff thoroughly for them to be able to offer the best services (Noble 4). Getting the required personnel to give the proper training may be quite a challenge given that we do not have the ability to pay in order to get the best.

In order to deal with the above problem, we have decided to make the best use of the internet to look for a volunteer who can offer the service. If that is not possible, we intend to contribute the little that we have to pay for the lowest bidder. In addition to that, we shall try as much as possible to get a lot of information about rehabilitation of internet addicts from the internet.

Getting a volunteer trainer may not be easy and contributing the little that we have to pay for one will mean a decrease in the limited finance that we have. Lack of enough capital when starting a company is a great setback (Worthington 12). Still the information on the internet is not enough to equip us for what we are about to do. Depending much on it will mean that our services will be limited to certain activities.

We intend to work on looking for the best human resource first before considering the issue of training. This is because with the best skilled labor, there is no need for a lot of training (Worthington 13).

That will cut down the cost of having to hire a professional trainer. We will have also been spared the cumbersome duty of having to search for a volunteer trainer. Getting the best skilled labor means having those particular person in our midst throughout. They will end up showing us what to do and correcting us whenever we go wrong.

There is a good internet network in KSA and that has facilitated the use of internet services. Many people are able to access it at very low cost. There are interesting sites like the social media that keeps people glued to the screen for long hours.

As a result, people have been addicted to it, and are exposed to many problems (Young 9). We intend to start a company that will help the people to deal with the problem. Getting the required skilled labor is our greatest problem and in addition to that training the staff could pose a big challenge.

Works Cited Azzam, Henry T. The Arab World Facing the Challenge of the New Millennium. London: Tauris, 2002. Internet resource.

Green, Lelia. The Internet: An Introduction to New Media. Oxford: Berg, 2010. Print.

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Tomei, Lawrence A. Lexicon of Online, and Distance Learning. Lanham: Rowman


Should rich countries forgive all debts for poor countries? Essay essay help: essay help

Introduction The decision by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in 1996 to cancel the debts of 26 heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) that were undertaking reforms outlined, under the HIPC initiative, to decrease their degrees of poverty which led to heated debates between experts in development policy around the world with some supporting it and encouraging other Western nations to follow the same steps while some criticized the move vehemently.

The underlying principle behind the move was that heavily indebted poor countries that were making modest progress in lowering their poverty levels merited a cut in their debt burden so that they could have a temporary break to try to escape poverty while preventing them—once and for all—from restructuring their perpetual debt (Williamson, Nancy, and Deese, 34).

The move by the IMF and World Bank was followed by Paris Club, a group of official lenders who met in Paris, which decided to take the terms laid down in Naples in 1994 one step further and give an 80 percent reduction in the net present value of their debt servicing.

Since then, this initiative has gained momentum particularly after it had been taken up by the G7. In 1998, a consensus was reached to cut HIPC’s debt servicing by a further $50 billion; in return, these countries were to accelerate their domestic programs to fight poverty. This move led to a debt waiver of up to $40 billion by 2002 with more nations joining the program.

Recently, the UK pledged to cancel hundreds of millions of pounds owed to it by a number of the nations that belong to the HIPC group. The move followed a similar one by the US (“Should more countries cancel the debt?”).

Anti-poverty crusaders have welcomed both moves. Is this a positive step in the eradication of poverty in the world’s poorest nations? Should other nations emulate the move? I tend to disagree. I believe that forgiving the existing debt of HIPCs is a quick cosmetic fix that only functions to delay reforms that would permanently end the chain of poverty witnessed in most of the emerging countries.

Besides, a pardon of debt sullies the already negative image the international capital markets have of the heavily indebted nations. Therefore, rich countries should not forgive all debts of developing nations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Several criticisms serve to support the idea that rich nations should not pardon the debts of heavily indebted emerging countries. First, the move is not new. It had already been suggested in several meetings: in 1977 with UNCTAD; in 1987 in Venice; in 1988 in Toronto; in 1990 in Houston; in 1991 in London; and 1994 in Naples. The failure to approve the pardoning of debts in all of these meetings serves to show the challenges involved in endorsing this idea (Williamson et al., 34).

If all the previous propositions failed to sail through, then we could never be sure that this was the right time to endorse such a move. Second, since these nations’ GDP and export growth rates have been lower in the last decade, they have not managed to lower their percentages of debt to a significant margin concerning these two aggregates, regardless of the huge cost it involved.

Third, rich countries should not pardon developing countries’ debt as it would encourage them to become indebted again with the hope of getting another pardon. This could also act as an incentive for other nations without so much indebtedness to increaser debt margin so that they can receive the same pardon. Pakistan, Nigeria, and Indonesia are applying for a debt pardon under the plan, and the countries that obtained debt reductions totaling $33 billion in 1996 have accumulated $41 billion of debt since then.

The move would also be unfair to countries that have fully serviced their debts. Other nations may see such an opportunity as a chance to fault in servicing their debts presently or in the future. If other developing countries can work hard to maintain their loans, why should we exempt other nations from the course?

A debt given to another country is a contract between two or more nations, or between a society and the lending agency, such as the IMF or the World Bank. Both parties in the agreement must be made to share the weight of the risk; that is, the moral hazard must be applied to both ways. A nation, bank, or multi-lateral agency that has loaned money to a country should not bear the full cost of repaying the loan (“Should more countries cancel the debt?”).

After all, the money is lent from the taxpayers and such a move functions to burden the taxpayers as they have to increase their taxes to cover the written off debts. Multilateral lending agencies have always based their fear of debt cancellation on the subject of moral hazard which can be summarized as “If you borrow money you pay it back” (Williamson et al., 34).

They fear that if a nation fails to pay back its loan and does not face the appropriate penalties, how can they trust it if it may need another loan in the future? It is understandable that developing nations will require a considerable inflow of capital to build their economies and loans will play a significant role in this development process. However, if all debts are pardoned, how will these countries ever convince the lending countries and agencies’ to issue loans to them in the future if they cannot pay their current loans?

We will write a custom Essay on Should rich countries forgive all debts for poor countries? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While the cancellation of debts may seem like a respite for the developing countries, such a benefit may only be short-lived, the long term effects of this move would outweigh the benefits as the pardoned countries would no longer be able to receive loans. Besides, why should the lender be made solely responsible for any defaults in the repayment of a loan (“Should more countries cancel the debt?”). In essence, writing off HIPC‘s debts would only stifle future development projects that require credits.

A significant percentage of money lent out to developing countries ends up in the pockets of corrupt government officials and contractors. If a developing nation’s government is severely corrupt, then the status quo- no pardon on debt and no additional loans- is best for it gives the government no official resources to misuse and limits its ability to raise private sector funds.

The problem of corruption is partly responsible for the high poverty rates experienced in these countries, hence, writing off their debts without the appropriate penalties or conditions ignores the root of the problems in these countries, letting them continue down the same doomed path of bad leadership, corruption, and financial indiscipline.

Debt relief often comes at a cost to developing countries. For instance, G7 nations, through the IMF, require states to achieve unimaginable economic practices and gain decline themselves (Mason).

They demand that the developing nations “open up your markets” while they cannot allow such practices to be undertaken in their economies. Another demand is to “structurally adjust their economies,” while the nations themselves cannot undertake similar acts although a significant number is spending beyond their means.

Developing nations are also required to lower the prices of their commodities while the developed countries fail to reduce the costs of their imports (Mason). These economic demands only serve to hurt the feeble developing nations’ economies, and when the requirements are finally met, the debt cancellation is of little benefit.

However, there are good examples of nations making good use of debt write-offs to spur growth in important sectors of their economies. For instance, the government of Uganda used savings from this initiative to waive school fees for more than two million children while Mozambique, Senegal and Burkina Faso, are using these funds to fight AIDS.

The World Bank approximates that 40% of funds obtained through debt write-offs are used in the education sector, while 25% is used to improve healthcare services. These success stories are available only in a small number of developing countries.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Should rich countries forgive all debts for poor countries? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Instead of writing off debts lent to heavily indebted and developing countries, the lender should ensure accountability of the amount lent. Debt relief should only be used as a last option, particularly if the risk of financial distress is a serious problem.

Works Cited Mason, Moya K. “Debt Forgiveness.” 2011. Web.

“Should more countries cancel the debt?” BBC News Online. 22 Dec. 1999. Web.

Williamson, John, Nancy Birdsall, and Brian Deese. Delivering on debt relief: from IMF gold to a new aid architecture. NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002. Print.


Marketing the Apple Brand: E-Marketing Research Paper online essay help

Table of Contents Executive Summary


Company’s Profile

Apple’s Online Marketing Strategies and Experiences

Research Methodology


Findings and Analysis

Conclusion and Recommendation

Works Cited

Executive Summary The use of the internet in marketing goods and services is known as e-marketing. Its proliferation can be attributed to the technological advancement in the modern world. As the digital era conquers humanity and with the rapidly changing advances in information and technology, marketers and advertisers gradually shift strategies in brand promotion and awareness to be in line with such modernization.

Apple Inc., further enhances their brand by injecting e-marketing as part of their corporate marketing methods in promoting brand awareness, introducing new products and drawing in more customers as part of the Apple user clan.

Though in the past the company adopted traditional marketing strategies in creating pull in the market, the company position itself as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics and mobile devices industry, it has adopted e-marketing strategies such as the use of online advertisements to endorse new products and services, announce promotions and the company has developed an online Apple store which enables customers to purchase goods and services without the hassle of visiting the nearest Apple store or lining up, products are delivered to the users’ doorsteps in a matter of days.

Apple Inc.’s has been popular in terms of its advertising campaigns such as the 1984 Super Bowl Commercial, the 1990s Think Different campaign and the 2000s iPhod people campaign (Apple’s Brand Strategy, n. p.).

In the past decades the company’s style of marketing can be seen prominently on their buying of print ads and TV commercials but gradually as the turn of the 21st century dawned, Apple Inc. has been using the internet as part of its marketing campaigns. In the “Switch” campaign of 2001, Apple used traditional TV and print ads in the campaign but decided to add the usage of the internet by directing users to a website where Mac myths were dispelled (Apple, Google tops in loyalty survey, n. p.).

Introduction The turn of the 21st century has given rise to the popularity of the internet where information can be transmitted wirelessly through the World Wide Web. The information age has changed the way people think and behave altering the attitude of the market in consuming products and services.

On the business side, marketers and advertisers of corporations and enterprises have slowly adjusted to the digital era by using the internet to their advantages. E-marketing is the process of promoting a brand’s products and services over the internet.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is also known and referred to as internet marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing or search marketing (Internet Marketing – How, When, Where, n. p.)The concept of e-marketing has a broad scope for it does not only include the act of marketing on the internet, but marketing through emails and wireless media can also be considered as part of its category (Gupta, n. p.).

According to Jaakko Sinisalo et al. (772), electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and digital customer data are also considered part of the e-marketing scope. In his article “Internet Marketing: A Practical Approach”, Alan Charlesworth (49) mentioned that e-marketing unifies the technical and creative features of the internet.

Apple Inc., being a leading brand in the consumer electronics and mobile technology industry, will be the subject of this study where the company’s marketing strategies, especially those involving the internet, will be examined. Types of the internet marketing, such as Pay Per Click/ Impression (PPC/I), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) will be discussed in their relation to Apple’s marketing methods and implementations.

Also several business models such as one-to one approach, appeal to specific interests, niche marketing and geo-targeting will be tackled in order to have a clear understanding on how the company plans and implements marketing and advertising methods in promoting the Apple brand together with its products and services.

In addition, brief discussions with related models of e-commerce, lead based websites, affiliate marketing and local internet marketing will further be examined to see the whole picture of how Apple Inc. markets sell their goods and services and analyze the behavior of customers’ in their patronization and loyalty on the brand.

Company’s Profile Apple Inc. is one of the leading technological American multinational companies founded by three college drop outs in summer of 1976. The company was formerly known as Apple Computer Inc. It designs and markets personal computers, consumer electronics and software with its popular product lines include the Macintosh personal computers, MP3 players called the iPod, iPhone mobile phone device and its recently launched tablet line, iPad.

According to the information provided in the article “Apple Retail Store-Store List” (n. p.), Apple Inc. software line includes the Mac OS X for personal computers’ operating systems, iTunes which is a media browser that enables users to download, listen and transfer music files, iLife suite for multimedia and creative works, iWork is suited for office work functions.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Marketing the Apple Brand: E-Marketing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Aperture for professional photographers who wish to edit and manipulate their photos, Final Cut Studio suites to people who are involved in the professional audio and film industry, Logic Studio is suited for music production enthusiasts, the Safari web browser for surfing experience and iOS as the iPhone’s operating system.

Apple Inc. operates over 357 retail stores worldwide as of October 2011 in 10 countries (Apple Retail Store-Store List, n.p.). The company has also developed an online store where products and services can be bought at the convenience of the customers (Apple Retail Store-Store List, n. p.). In September 2011, Poornima Gupta and Rodrigo Campos cited that Apple Inc. has become the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization (Gupta, n. p.). Its market value as of August 9, 2011 is $341.5 billion (Gupta, n. p.).

Apple Inc. was founded in April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company’s headquarters is based on Cupertino, California. It was incorporated on January 3, 1977. On January 9, 2007 (US SEC), after 30 years of being known as Apple Computer Inc. the company decided to remove “Computer” to be in line with the company’s expansion strategy in the electronics market in addition to its primary focus on the personal computers industry (Markoff, n. p.).

According to the United States Security and Exchange commission, “As of September 25, 2010, the Company had approximately 46,600 full-time equivalent employees and an additional 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and contractors and annual sales worldwide is $65.23 billion” (US SEC).

Over the years, Apple has developed an exceptional reputation in the consumer electronics and mobile technology industry due to its broad artistic design philosophy and unique advertising campaigns (Apple Store, n. p.). The company has established a devoted and loyal customer base, especially in the United States which patronizes the company and its brand (Markoff, n. p.).

Among the numerous achievements of Apple Inc. is being named the most admired company from years 2008 – 2011 and was branded as the most valuable public limited company by Fortune magazine (Fisher 65-67, Colvin, 76).

Apple’s Online Marketing Strategies and Experiences Apple Inc.’s brand strategy includes the usage of the Apple brand in competing with markets. In the personal computing industry, Apple’s Macintosh product line with its related operating systems and software compete against prominent brands such as IBM, Dell and Sony Vio, while the iPod is the company’s contender in the consumer electronics sector with the iTunes Music Store to cater to users’ need for music download and enjoyment.

In the year 2007, Apple penetrated the smart phone market with the introduction of the iPhone and more recently the tablet industry with the iPad computing device. Apple has also continuously expanded through the AppsStore of iPhones and iPads covering scopes related to magazines, books, games and applications publishing. The company is also competing with Google in the advertising industry with its Apps business and iAd network (Apple’s Brand Strategy, n. p.).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Marketing the Apple Brand: E-Marketing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Apple Inc.’s product strategy for the past years has always involved the creation of innovative products and services which complement its digital hub strategy (Former Wachovia, n.p.). In the method provided, Apple’s Macintosh products serve as digital hubs for other electronic devices such as the iPod, iPad, personal digital assistants, mobile devices, digital cameras, and video cameras to name a few (Internet Marketing – How, When, Where, n.p.). The main focus of Apple Inc.’s product strategy is the customers’ experiences with Apple products.

The company’s main competency and advantage among other companies in the industry is its ability to deliver outstanding experience to its customers through excellent user interfaces. Apple based its product strategy on the said competence they posses through its products such as iTunes, iPhone, and the Apple Apps store.

Apple focuses on the emotions and feelings of its past, present and future customers in marketing the brand. Its brand personality is all about the lifestyle it may provide to its prospects. Apple’s brand personality revolves around the notion of being imaginative, free and liberated, innovative, passionate, as well as the having passion, hope, dreams and aspirations (World’s Most Admired Companies, n.p.).

The brand’s general theme is about people attaining power through technology. “The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from people’s lives; people-driven product design; and about being a really humanistic company with a heartfelt connection with its customers” (

Apple’s primary marketing strategy is not about selling products but the provision of exclusivity among its customers. There is a sense of community among Apple users who remain to be loyal to the brand. The equity of the brand, as well as customer franchise exemplified by the company is very strong.

Its strong customer based has been essential to the company’s success over the past decades especially during the economic crisis of the 90s, and it has also helped the company maintain its premium pricing compared to its competitors. Apple’s pricing strategy has enabled it to survive against the low prices brought about by other IT competitors.

The personal computer industry has a small market, thus vendors tend to wage price wars in order to compete and survive in the business. Most notably, the supply chain and manufacturing economies of Dell has proved to be an obstacle to PC vendors with weaker brand equity.

On the other hand, Apple has further improved and advanced its manufacturing economies and supply chain management together with logistics and operations so that it can compete with those of Dell (Apple’s Brand Strategy, n. p.). Apple has managed to attain similar product costs with Dell but the former’s products are more premium in pricing because of additional cost advantage where the company has its own operating system thus there is no agreement to pay for licences to another company for Apple’s case.

The Apple brand is centralized on its promise of providing the best customer experience and satisfaction through its products and technology. In order to have more control over the brand’s image together with its product distribution and services, Apple has opened its own Apple Stores in strategic locations such as in high end malls and quality shopping venues to cater to the needs of its customers.

“Apple provides Apple Mac-expert retail floor staff to selected resellers’ stores (such as Australian department store David Jones); it has entered into strategic alliances with other companies to co-brand or distribute Apple’s products and services (for example, HP who was selling a co-branded form of iPod and pre-loading iTunes onto consumer PCs and laptops though in retrospect this may now just have been a stepping-stone).

Apple has also increased the accessibility of iPods through various resellers that do not currently carry Apple Macintosh systems (such as Harvey Norman), and has increased the reach of its online stores” (Apple’s Brand Strategy, n. p.).

The main purpose of opening Apple stores is for prospective customers to appreciate the values of Apple’s brand. Customers are invited into a stimulating and carefree environment where they are to discover the latest innovations of Apple, be assisted in their queries about the company and products and be able to experience firsthand the goods and services Apple has to offer. The main purpose of the store is to provide a preview to prospects of the exclusive community one will experience in getting an apple product.

The marketing strategies of Apple Inc. have been fairly unique because in the past decades of its existence it has impressively captured loyal customers who patronized the brand even with its premium pricing. The company’s advertising campaigns have been very popular because they reflected the company’s way of marketing products. Significant ad campaigns of Apple Inc. include their 1984 Super Bowl Commercial, Think Different campaign in the 1990s and the iPod people campaign in the 2000s (World’s Most Admired Companies, n. p.).

During the 1980s to the early 1990s, Apple has adopted traditional means of advertising by buying print ad space in magazines, as well as conducting TV commercials to further expose the brand. In 1984, Apple Inc., then Apple Computer Inc., first introduced Macintosh through a TV commercial which aired nationally on January 22, 1984 during a Super Bowl break. This begun the series of Apple’s advertising campaigns with the use of TV commercials and print advertisements.

On June 10, 2002, the company launched the Switch advertising campaign where real people who have switched from using Windows Microsoft to Mac were featured in the advertisement campaign. The campaign was carried out through television commercials and print advertisements but users who observed and witness the materials were directed to a website where the invalid information about the Mac platform was disproved.

Though the campaign was not successful, it was replaced by the “Get a Mac” campaign, “Switch” was the first major attempt of Apple to use the internet in marketing their campaigns. After that, the campaigns were followed by the usage of both traditional methods, such as TV commercials and print advertising and modern strategies such as e-marketing in promoting the apple brand.

Research Methodology The researcher has adopted the explanatory method of research in conducting the study. An explanatory study’s principal objective is to know and understand the trait and mechanisms of relationship and association between variables. It is mainly concerned in seeking and providing an explanation. Explanatory research characteristically seeks to recognize and clarify causal associations which are substantively significant and meaningful.

In this sort of study, secondary existing data has been observed and analyzed. Hypotheses have been developed which are examined and experienced in the light of the existing literature and after that observed whether the data composed and collected can either be called on to support or disprove those hypotheses.

This sort of approach seeks descriptive and explanatory type research by means of case studies and observational data. This type or research can have many goals; first, it is the development of a mental picture of the topic which is under observation. Second is to determine the research feasibility. Third is to refine the research ideas by formulating different questions.

Fourth is that the initial ideas can be built up. In a nut shell, there are so many advantages of explanatory research. This kind of method will cover most of the aspects and perspectives concerned with data gathering, collection and analysis. Using the explanatory method, an analysis of Apple Inc.’s e-marketing strategy will be discussed.

In order to further understand the strategies of e-marketing and how Apple Inc. utilizes the internet in strengthening its brand by creating product awareness and conducting promotional activities, literature available from the internet with reliable source was the priority in gathering facts to further strengthen and enhance the arguments of this paper.

Data collected from the internet are those write ups regarding online advertisements, e-marketing, its strategies, its business modules and marketing methods associated with the internet.

Relevant literature, such as Apple Inc.’s company background and history were also reviewed for this paper, as well as write ups from different sources about the company’s marketing strategies over the past decades of its existence and how it keeps up with the advancement of technology in the information age. Journal articles found online, as well as online newspaper clippings were also taken into consideration to further attain a non-bias analysis of Apple’s marketing strategies with the use of the internet.

In analysing data, a brief background of e-marketing was reviewed to have comprehensive information with regards to the strategy. Different types of e-marketing such as Pay Per Click/ Impression (PPC/ I), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) were identified to determine Apple Inc.’s usage of the strategies. Business models associated with e-marketing were also put into account so as to check whether the strategies of the chosen company overlap with such business models.

E-Marketing The broad scope of e-marketing will further be discussed in this section where the types of the internet marketing, business models and approaches will be discussed to give us a background on the topic.

E-marketing is divided into 3 types namely Pay Per Click/ Impression (PPC/I), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). In the PPC/I pre-decided websites are used to generate leads for the companies who are using online advertisements to create brand awareness and visibility, as well as product introduction and promotions.

Another type of e-marketing is the SEO which improves the visibility of the websites in search engines via search results and lastly SMM where it provides a venue for vendors and customers to interact via a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumber and others.

E-marketing’s diversity of scope has lead to its association with several other business models, such as e-commerce where goods and services are sold directly to customers. Examples of e-commerce sites are Amazon, Ebay and Apple Store. In e-commerce customers can pay the vendor via online banking, credit cards or PayPal accounts. Second, lead-based websites where organizations acquire sales leads from websites. In Affiliate marketing, goods and services are sold by other resellers and the profits are shared.

The vendor may supply marketing support to the reseller such as the provision of marketing materials though such model can be closely associated with e-commerce. Lastly, in local internet marketing, small local companies utilize SMM to develop a relationship which may be advantageous in real world encounters.

Business models and approaches of e-marketing are one-to-one approaches, appeals to specific interests, niche marketing and geo-targeting. In a one-to-one approach, advertisers and marketers based the scope of their advertisements on the search engine keywords entered by the internet users while in appeal to specific interests, users who have a specific behavior or interests are being targeted by marketers.

Markets are typically segmented according to age group, gender, geography to name a few factors. In the niche marketing, the target audience is specified. Lastly, the geo-targeting approach deals with determining the location of the internet user who visits a given website. Contents are delivered to the internet user basing from his location.

Findings and Analysis At the turn of the 21st century Apple Inc. has been utilizing the internet in endorsing and strengthening its brand, as well as promoting its products and services to the internet users around the globe. The prominence of e-marketing among marketers of small-medium enterprises or even large corporations such as Apple Inc. can be associated with its advantages of being inexpensive with regards to the level of exposures it may cover and reach target audience.

Through e-marketing, vendors can be able to reach a wide range of audience in a small amount of time as compared to that of traditional marketing where many factors are needed to be considered before execution because traditional means may involve a huge amount of money. Another advantage of e-marketing is that exposures can be measured easily and cheaper compared to traditional means because in e-marketing ad servers which trace, measure and tests information posted on the internet.

Apple Inc. uses all types of e-marketing in its ad campaigns and exposures. It seems to be a standard for the company to PPC/I in measuring the number of users who clicked or visited their websites. During the “Switch” campaign in 2002, Apple directed prospects to a website with valid information in order for them to test the efficiency of the campaign they used PPC/I. In order to improve the visibility of Apple, SEO is used as a process via search results.

Although this method is free, the popularity or the search ability of a brand or company may depend on the browser giants such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. This method can be manipulated with certain agreements with the vendors. The development of Safari has placed Apple at an advantageous position for they are their own vendor. SMM has been the most popular e-marketing type in the World Wide Web.

Registration via Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler are free and the spread of information can be delivered in split seconds. Apple Inc. has also used this strategy most often with the creation of their very own fan pages via the said social networking sites. It has enabled the internet users to gain access to the latest updates of the company and its products, as well as promotions and sales.

E-marketing has brought about aggressive purchasing behavior among Apple customers that the business model of e-commerce gave rise to Apple’s online store where customers can buy products online and have goods and services delivered to their desired addresses. Though lead based websites are not usually utilized by the company, Apple tends to use affiliate marketing and local internet marketing in order to have other resellers sell the company’s products.

Approaches of Apple’s e-marketing strategy may be in line with the appeal to specific interests and niche marketing methods. Upon observations, the company’s advertisements since 1984 have appealed to the creative people with the revolutionary software offered by the company to cater to the artistic needs of its target market.

Apple has also developed a niche marketing approach in the usage of the internet where the segregation of product software such as for musical lovers, professional photographers and the like have enabled the company to focus on specific types of markets. Apple has adopted specific methods in the enhancement of its marketing strategies but its still continues to prioritize traditional options in promoting events such as the Mac World Expo and Apple Expo.

Conclusion and Recommendation The emergence of the information age has led to the significance of the internet as a viable tool in information dissemination. Advertisers and marketers alike have taken advantage of the World Wide Web in reaching out to their target audience in creating brand awareness and recall, as well as using the internet as an avenue in promoting products and services.

In the light of the 21st century, Apple Inc. has been prominent with regards to their marketing strategy and advertising creativity. Such methods define the company’s marketing platforms in terms of their products and services’ direction. Their advertisements have captured their target markets, thus creating a loyal customer base which patronizes the brand.

Such achievements attained by the company enabled them to survive especially with the aggressive marketing tactics of IT companies in capturing market shares through price wars. Apple Inc.’s customers salvaged the company from folding and closing down during the hard economic times of the 90s where its competitor, Dell, had personal computers at a cheaper price with good manufacturing economies and impressive supply management.

Apple Inc. focused its marketing strategies on honing the Apple brand to be customer centered, thus the experience of the customers with regards to Apple products is the primary source of the company’s marketers in positioning the brand.

In 1984, Apple first released its ad campaign introducing the Macintosh product line. The company spent thousands of dollars to produce a 60 second television commercial and also bought print ads in newspapers in order to create brand awareness.

The advertisement at the Super Bowl gave a strong impression of Apple among viewers, and over the years, the company has utilized such strategies as the production and airing of television commercials and the placement of ad materials in magazine pages to further promote the Apple brand. In 2002, Apple has used the internet in its marketing campaign where users were directed to a website by Apple’s TV commercials and print advertisements.

In its latest campaign, Apple has shown progress in its e-marketing strategies by utilizing the internet more. In the company’s “Get a Mac” campaign, social networking sites were used to spread the commercial campaign, even on YouTube, a series of videos from the campaign is being shown.

The popularity of the internet has resulted into a series of gimmicks among marketers with the use of the internet. Since e-marketing has proven itself to be effective in capturing target markets, efficient for with a lesser time needed to prepare compared to traditional methods and it is inexpensive, marketers can do more creative campaigns through the internet.

Apple alone has utilized the internet in promoting its campaign. The company has ventured out to e-commerce with the creation of the Apple store where customers can purchase online without the hassle of traffic or falling in line.

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Credit Control and Charity Research of the RTE Organization Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Advance payment to suppliers

Charity reporting research

Advantages of renting a room over building their own

Disadvantages of renting a room Over Building their Own

Comparison To Company filing requirements


Advance payment to suppliers Regeneration through Education (RTE) is a Charity Organization formed by several trustees where majority of them are directors of different Companies. The Organization is a Non-profit Organization whose main objective is to influence people in society through rejuvenating their education potential.

This applies to the young people in society who have the urge and interest of pursuing their education but do not have the funds to see them through the system (Hartigan, 2006). However, the biggest challenge that RTE face is that it needs to make an investment worth £100, 000 in fittings and furniture for the new building.

However, The Vital Office Furniture Limited, which is the Firm to supply the materials, demands 50 percent deposit from the Charity before they deliver the materials to Charity Organization. To make it worse, they demand the balance to be paid within 10 days of delivering the goods (Snyder, 2006). The only problem is that the supplier is demanding a lot of down payment and yet the Charity Organization members have no record of accomplishment of the goods.

The trustees are very right to be concerned about this issue because they should not risk their investment since it might cost them a lot. In fact, it might cause them to shut down if the goods are not delivered since it is a Non-profit Organization meaning that it might take a long period to meet its objectives.

Nevertheless, there are several ways through which such investment risks can be reduced as far as this transaction is concerned (Drucker, 2002).

To begin with, RTE Charity can reduce these risks through diversification. Instead of purchasing all those goods from Vital Office Furniture Limited, they may opt to purchase other goods from other stocks so that they reduce their worries about paying too much to an Organization they have no records of accomplishment. For instance, they may decide to purchase fittings from a different stock Company and purchase furniture from Vital Office furniture.

Secondly, they can decide to purchase the goods from industry or manufacturers direct without getting them from stock Companies. Besides, they should also employ the system of diversity meaning that they buy the goods from several distinct industries to protect themselves from industry risks. Yet, they can still reduce portfolio risks through employing global diversification (Malamut and Blach, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, The Vital Office Furniture Limited located in US is charging them high deposit thus; they may opt to purchase the goods from a UK stock Company where they charge little down payment than that demanded by Vital Company. The following are other ways of reducing financial risks.

RTE Charity Organization can employ hedging method, which is known to be a very strong tool to minimize risking within the stock market. The most famous hedging products in the market today are options and futures. These insurances contracts help to hedge against deteriorating stock prices. It is the best system for RTE Charity Organization because insurance can help them secure their investment against doubtful Firms like Vital Furniture (Arnott, 2005).

RTE Charity should also set aside good some of money as it pays down payment to any stock Company so that it can remain financially secure. This is because the Firm’s objective is to help the society in education matters and not profits making. Therefore, in case it does not secure its finances then it may eventually be declared bankruptcy. Any Firm without sufficient funds that get into financial problems may end up selling all its stocks for fewer amounts before closing down (Block, 2002). This means that with that £100, 000, RTE Charity should not spend more than 40 percent of the funds on supplies especially if they are not sure about the accomplishment records.

The other better option is that the RTE Charity Organization should carry out thorough research concerning The Vital Furniture Company and all about investment before opting to risk that entire sum on unaccomplished records. This will give the trustees good knowledge about the Company and help them to avoid risking their money on it. Furthermore, research can help them come up with a good stock selection thus maximizing their investment returns.

Lastly, the RTE trustees need to understand fully the choice of strategy because they must strive for independent advice from financial advisors (Salins, 2000).

Charity reporting research The trustees of RTE are to file their annual financial statements to certain about transparency of their financial affairs. First, the underlying principle behind the filing requirement for the RTE Charity is, identify the advantages and disadvantages of renting a room to offer education courses to the society and to build their own structure.

Advantages of renting a room over building their own Renting a house or a room is a good deal because to begin with, the RTE Charity Organization is not a profit-oriented Organization meaning that they may begin establishing a building and fail to complete it or take longer time than expected to accomplish it. The process may be time-consuming because they may fail to meet their objectives in time due to the length of time the building may take to complete (Drucker, 2002).

Therefore, it is advisable that they decide to rent a room and build their own at later time when they have stabilized and doing well. Besides, renting a room is somehow stress free because after paying the rent, they may now be free to do whatever they wish since the room is under their care. They may be free from expenses such as wear and tear, repairs of the building, heating and lighting among others.

The RTE’s annual income is £2.5 m, which is a good amount that can make them expand quickly if they begin by renting a room. Moreover, they may be successful and accomplish their educational mission where they intend to start from and opt to move somewhere else. With rental room, it is very easy to shift from one place to another without feeling any difficulty (Block, 2002).

In fact, their Organization must be very flexible in terms of movement because they may expand and decide to move to other regions. Lastly, they can only take a little period to settle and stabilize when they are in a rental room whereby they can establish great investment.

However, when they decide to construct their own building, they may take a very long time before they accomplish the building and may as well fail to do so the construction can take more than they have (Baird, 2000). The best way to approach it is to employ Organizations like The Rent a Room Scheme, rent control and rental Real Estate Company.

We will write a custom Essay on Credit Control and Charity Research of the RTE Organization specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These ensure no losses of money to brokers and ensure an individual acquires quality rental room. Nevertheless, renting a house also has some disadvantages in comparison to having own structure where a Company can do whatever it wishes to do with it. Several people and Organizations rent rooms privately and it greatly depends on how well they can get along with it when ordinary areas are encompassed.

Disadvantages of renting a room Over Building their Own First, renting a room means the RTE Charity Organization will have to be situated at a place where there are either residential rooms or other Organizations. The problem with that is that if the people under that roof eventually dislike one another due to one reason or the other, the common areas will be in problem (Hartigan, 2006). For example, if it is an Organization, problem like noise making and destructions will be highly experienced as well as the hygiene.

May be they share washrooms; they may begin differing on the procedure of cleaning them as well as the way they are used. For instance, the RTE Charity Organization will be dealing with young people who wish to pursue their education meaning that the place will be receiving many guests who will definitely use the washrooms. There is no guarantee that they would not dirty them up thus causing a lot of noise and disagreements with the other party[s] (Ramirez, 2010).

Therefore, as far as common areas are involved, there is high probably that misunderstanding may occur making the neighbors not to live in harmony. Therefore, it is better for the trustees of Charity to re-examine that situation and opt to construct their own room to avoid such differences and misunderstandings. Besides, another major difference may occur when it comes to paying bills, which include power bills, water bills, communication bills, and network bills among others.

For example, if they rent a room at a residential area, the other tenants may claim that the Organization is using a lot of power on its daily operations while they are using very little power. This means that the Organization may be forced to pay half of the entire electricity bill. At the same time, the residents on that same building take advantage of the Organization and maximize the usage of power (Arnott, 2005).

For instance, one resident may have a television, a sound system and fridge but since he or she want to take advantage of the Organization, he or she opt to add on heaters, electric iron, coils, and many other electricity gadgets in order to make full use of the electricity that is majorly paid by the RTE Charity Organization.

The same case would be experienced in communication bills, network bills, water bills and many other involved bills. That means the Organization may slowly decline and after sometimes, close down due to lack of funds that according to me would have been misused (Malamut


Peoples Vision of Saudi Arabia Research Paper a level english language essay help

A monarch that comprises of members of the Al Saud, the ruling family rules Saudi Arabia. The king is the imperial ruler who appoints ministers and consultative councils. The monopoly encourages dictatorship and corruption. This portrays Saudi Arabia in a bad light to the international community. The laws that govern the state of Saudi Arabia are based on the Muslim religion. These are the Islamic laws.

These laws are conservative customs and practices of a social nature. They deny other people the freedom deemed as a human right. They also deny women basic human rights. The modern infrastructure and magnificent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia are not fully utilized by tourists due to the fear of the Islamic laws they have.

In the modern world, there are many misconceptions about the people of Saudi Arabia. For a long time, people around the world based conception of the Saudi Arabia nation on the influence brought in by the media. In current years, there has been a growing interest in international news. The news portrays Arab nations on their strict provision of Islamic laws and their negligence of human rights.

Travel advisory has been placed by many nations against the republic of Saudi Arabia due to their breach of human rights. The media portrays the negative aspects of the laws imposed on Saudi Arabia and breach of their human rights. It is portrayed that the nation abuses its prisoners and detains people incommunicado.

The press also emphasizes that the nation gags the media and restricts speech, peaceful assembly and change of government. Other religions presented in the region are oppressed. Many workers and women rights are suppressed.

The global image of Saudi Arabia was tainted by its strict implementation of Islamic laws, breach of human and women’s rights, corruption and torture allegations. The September 11 terrorist attack in the New York City further dampened the image of Arabic nations Saudi Arabia included. Before the 9/11 attacks, Saudi Arabia was known for its Islamic religious shrines and its oil reserves.

It was the most stable country in the Arab league with strong international relations. The United States believed in their reforms. After the attacks, Saudi Arabia appeared to support the religious act behind the attacks and these dampened relations with the west. It further portrayed itself negatively to the public.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Aims

The aim is to examine the perception of Saudi Arabia. The aim is to establish the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Saudi Arabians in the management of their national image. The paper seeks to examine views and opinions of Saudi Arabians.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this follow-up survey include the following:

Explore the opinion of people on the image portrayed by Saudi Arabians.

To identify modes of perception of image portrayed.

Develop recommendations about priority interventions needed to address the urgent situation.


This research is based on a web-based survey. The design of the study comprised of two mutually reinforcing data collection methods. The two are aimed at collecting mainly qualitative data. Selected literature on perception of people on Saudi Arabia was reviewed to derive generalized experiences.

The study also used purposive sampling to interview using a structured questionnaire with open and closed questions used for the interview. The purpose of the interviews was to determine the perception of people on Saudi Arabia. Interviews were conducted with key informants.

Literature reviews

For Saudi Arabia to go back to its lost glory, it has to rebuild its image among its citizen and the worldwide public at large. The Saudi Arabian nation has to improve the international relations with the wider society and delink itself from the oppressive culture. The state must engage in various international activities that involve public communication, media diplomacy and management of their image.

They should restrict the Islamic laws to Muslims in the state and encourage freedom of religion to others. The scholars in the communication field suggest the use of freedom of expression of members of the Arabic nation as a means of improving trust amongst other nations. The word of the people is stronger than the word of a single representative of the government (Gifford, 2000).

The questions of issues that affect the ordinary Saudis must be poised. The government should also learn to collect views of average citizens’ conception of the government and domestic economies. They should also look into attitudes towards the religion being extreme. These factors immensely influence on how people depict the nation (Martin, 1998).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Peoples Vision of Saudi Arabia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The acceptance of the system of the current monarch rule makes an enormous impact on the long and short-term stability of Saudi Arabia. The government is weary of the reactions of the public to its initiatives and should avoid suppression of its control. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not use opinion polls. This means that the opinion of public belief is centered upon the view of the government representatives of the people (Janin