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The life of a person as the member of the group or community is associated with definite rites and ceremonies which are followed to respond to the traditions, and cultural values developed during the centuries of the group’s historical progress. Many rites can be discussed as the rites of intensification because they determine the period of significant changes in the person and group’s life.

The changes of seasons and associated activities are as significant for people as the changes in their social statuses. From this point, many rites of passage are the rites of intensification in their nature because to achieve the definite point in the group’s development or to receive the definite status; people should overcome some barriers and cross the boundaries.

In this case, all the phases of the rite are important for a person because he or she can understand the role of the transition and the effects of changes more clearly. Rites of passage and intensification are developed to accentuate the values and traditions within the community, and as a result, they emphasize the ties between people belonging to the community.

Thus, rites, rituals, and ceremonies reflect the cultural heritage of the community and contribute to developing the sense of cohesion because people perceive their social ties more actively with references to various customary practices and focus on the idea of belonging to the community.

The discussion of many rituals and ceremonies as rites of intensification depends on the ideas of transformation, transition, and responsibility.

From this point, the changes of the seasons, for instance, mean natural transformations; the period of growing seeds or preparing the harvest determines the process of transition to the other season, and these activities as the fact accentuate the persons’ responsibility to overcome the critical situation of changes. However, such important situations of transitioning to the new form or status can also affect a man personally.

On the other hand, the fact of belonging to the family and community supports the idea that the ties within the group can be influenced significantly. For instance, referring to the Arab weddings as the rites of passage, it is possible to note that the marriage of a young man and woman means not only the changes in these persons’ social status but also the changes in their family ties.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, the wedding can be considered as the important rite of intensification when two families choose to be brought together, and all the familial ties are intensified and improved. As a result, the group’s sense of cohesion increases with references to the establishment of the new large family and development of new ties between the relatives.

The role of the group’s sense of cohesion in customary practices is significant because people need to feel the ties and their connection with the other persons within the family, group, and community. This sense of cohesion and belonging to the group is associated with the feelings of personal confidence and security.

While participating in different rites and ceremonies which are important for the person because of his or her identity and culture, the individual can acquire the necessary feelings of confidence and security because of relying on the group’s support. Thus, the person’s self-esteem and understanding of his or her role for the group increase, contributing to the individual’s personal development and growth as the social actor.

Moreover, the sense of cohesion develops with references to the actual idea of rites because, while participating in many various rites and ceremonies, a person understands that he or she is the part of the group which follows definite traditions and specific rituals.

For instance, in Arab culture, the fathers of brides and grooms put their hands together to press the thumbs on the traditional act before signing the wedding contract to state the fact of uniting the families.

Furthermore, many Arab rituals associated with the ceremony of wedding and preparations to it are developed to emphasize the idea of improving the familial ties and bonds between the bride and groom’s families. These rituals are necessary to accentuate the role of the sense of cohesion not only for the young couple but also for all the relatives.

The family is the group of persons who have the most developed ties and bonds because they are connected not only with the help of social rituals but also with references to their natural relationship and kinship based on blood. Therefore, relatives as the members of the family group are characterized by the strongest sense of cohesion.

We will write a custom Essay on Social Issues: Rites and Ceremonies in People Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More That is why the wedding is traditionally discussed as a very important rite in many cultures because the members of two different families begin to cohere to form the new social cell. Following the example of the Arab wedding and marriage as the change of statuses, it is possible to note that young bride and groom can experience significant stress and tension associated with the transition to the new form of relations and the new social status.

The concepts of prestige and recognition are also associated with this type of transition in the Arab culture. In this case, the sense of cohesion which is based on the strong familial ties, provides the necessary feeling of security for those family members who are involved in the wedding ceremonies as the rite of intensification.

Cohesion, support, and cooperation are important conditions to discuss the group as the strong organism which can overcome the critical social situations and contribute to the personal transition from one status to another.

Rites of passage and rites of intensification associated with a lot of ceremonies and rituals which can differ depending on the cultures and traditions are important for the person’s development because these customary practices provide individuals with the necessary feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and security.

The rites also emphasize the transition of the group or the person to the new stage of the development that is why all the connected phases contribute to assisting the group or the person in overcoming the critical situation of changes. At this stage, the sense of cohesion is important for all the participants of the rites and ceremonies because of the natural necessity to feel support and approval.

The strongest sense of cohesion is typical for the family members because this group is based not only on the social norms but also on the aspects of kinship. That is why, marriage and the ceremony of the wedding are significant for persons because two families are united, and improved familial ties contribute to intensifying the sense of cohesion as the feeling of belonging to the definite social group.


Customary Practices Concept in Religious Issues Essay essay help free

Introduction The concept of customary practices has been around since the first attempts at creating not even a religion, but mere superstitions were undertaken. People need routine actions so that they could enjoy some form of certainty since the repetitiveness of group actions performed regularly allows for feeling safe.

However, the effects of such habitual actions in which the entire group is involved in the need for artistic outlets for creativity is quite questionable.

Despite the idea that is partaking in a group customary practice kills, the need for artistic expressivity exists, the actual introduction of group sense into the process of a habitual action, as well as the fact that these customary practices presuppose taking a journey to an individual spiritual revelation under the guidance of the group, clearly proves these practices being a source for creativity.

Traditions And Customs As The Outlets For Creativity: Significance And Value Defining the value of traditions and customs in the society where religious issues have mostly been tossed aside, one will have to admit that, for the most part, customary actions are not supposed to lead to creative outcomes – they should inspire one for creativity and for the search of one’s self, as the example of the Hajj rite does. Instead of merely signifying a traditional coming-of-age event, it does set one onto a journey for very spiritual discovery.

Hajj is not about celebration of reaching a particular age, which is by no means the merit of the person in question; quite on the contrary, it is about proving to the community in general and one’s self in particular that one deserves being granted the duties and responsibilities that people reaching the given stage do.

What It All Boils Down To Group Sense Of Cohesion As An Integral Part Of Customary Practices Therefore, the question is whether the group sense of cohesion, which people claim to experience when they engage in customary practices associated with a particular religion are irreplaceable, or for that matter, whether the given sense of cohesion can be induced by any other activity. To answer this question, it is necessary to take a closer look at the nature of the given feeling.

Cohesion, or the feeling of belonging to a particular society as a group of people, is traditionally experienced once the given group of people is engaged in a certain activity, where every single member has his/her particular role. Hence, in a broader meaning of the word, the given activity can take practically any form and happen within any environment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The given observation, however, begs the question whether rites of passage, as well as other customs that supposedly bring the members of a particular society together or signify a change in one’s social status have anything to do with creativity. Getting down to the basics of what creativity is, one must admit that, for the most part, a creative process is meant for a single artist, not for an entire team.

Customs and rites, on the other hand, involve the participation of every single member. Consequently, it would be quite a stretch to claim that the group sense of cohesion, which comes as a result of customary practices and rites, seems to have little to do with the actual artistic expressivity and can hardly be defined as an outlet for creativity.

Taking an active part in customs and rites may even kill an individual’s desire to visualize his ideas through various art media, seeing how in various rituals, the role of an individual is in many ways predetermined by the goals of the ritual in question.

Nonetheless, some rituals and customs to serve as an artistic and expressive outlet for one’s creativity in that they provide one with guidance regarding one’s search for one’s self. For instance, in the Hajj ritual, the process of Pilgrimage to Mecca does not lead to any particular result; instead, it helps one find one’s place in the realm of the present-day world and the context of the Muslim society.

The given ritual is rather a tool than a “thing in itself,” since it provides the means to reach spiritual evolution, yet presupposes that the path to this evolution, as well as the process of revelation, is going to be unique for every person that decides to take it.

Thus, it would be wrong to assume that customs and customary practices block an individual’s way to creativity and self-expression because of the group sense that these practices have. While one might argue that, when guided by a group of people instead of choosing one’s way, a person is deprived of the right to make his/her own artistic decisions.

That being said, getting to the bottom of it, one must admit that the introduction of the group sense into the process of the creative search for one’s own identity needs group support and encouragement from the authoritative people from the given group.

We will write a custom Essay on Customary Practices Concept in Religious Issues specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion: Learning The True Meaning Of Traditions And Customs Judging by the definition of cohesion as an aftereffect of partaking in a certain customary action, at present, it is practically impossible to come up with the means to trigger the same emotion in the members of a certain society without resorting to introducing some sort of religious elements into the customary practices.

Regardless of the target of the given practices, though, they are aimed at helping their participants to define their place within the context of not only the society in question but also the world in a broader sense, i.e., the social, economical, political and cultural space.

While the introduction of the group sense may somewhat hinder the process of individual reconsideration of the world and the process of shaping an individual vision of the universe, group sense still presupposes some form of guidance, which a young and inexperienced mind needs once starting on a journey to a personal revelation.

Therefore, it can be concluded that, once the role of the group sense is not overly emphasized, and the participants of the rite under discussion have as much voice in defining their journey as the rest of the group members, customary practices can possibly lead to the discovery of very important facts about one’s personality, as well as guide one onto a very fascinating journey and, therefore, help one defines one’s place in the world.

An integral part of people’s development, customary practices bear too much significance to be considered irrelevant even in the environment where the power of religion has been reduced nearly to zero.


Philosophy Issues: Universalism versus Cultural Relativism Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Universalism The term “universalism” is a concept used to denote various doctrines and ideas that consider all human beings in their origin and formation.

That being the case, universalism would refer to various concepts such as theology, philosophy, and religion. It is a state whereby something is “universal” in nature.

This is the case because such concepts tend to have “universal applicability.”

In its wider sense, universalism supports the idea that “religion is a critical quality of human beings.” This makes it an important universal value.

From the above definitions and considerations, it becomes evident that universalism refers to “concepts or things that are universal.”

Since universalism is the state of being naturally acceptable and universal, it plays a significant role in the formation of different theological doctrines and concepts.

For instance, Christians have developed the concept of “universal reconciliation” whereby all human souls will eventually be saved or reconciled to be part of their creator (or God).

This explains why a new form of universalism known as “Unitarianism” assumes that “religion and theology form an important human aspect or quality.” As a result, the concept integrates all global religions.

The concept goes further to embrace the idea of “universal reconciliation” between people and their God.

It is agreeable that “universalism” is a critical idea or concept that has played a major role in the establishment of modern religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, among others.

The other important tenet of universalism is that human beings believe in a specific “truth” that is universally acceptable.

This is acceptable because such kind of “truth” sweeps across religious, historical, ethnic, global, or cultural boundaries.

Cultural Relativism The question of “culture” has remained a significant issue in many societies today.

Cultural relativism is a unique principle that seeks to explain the nature of our conceptions, views, and ideas.

From a cultural perspective, the concept explains that all cultures are equal. This means that there is no superior society or cultural group than the other.

Supporters or proponents of cultural relativism have gone further to argue that all ethical, political, religious, cultural, and societal beliefs are always significant to a person’s culture.

Ethical issues and ideas will always be guided by “social aspects or constructs” of a given society.

It is because of such ideas that cultural relativism is widely acknowledged in our modern societies. As a result, anthropologists use the concept widely across the world.

Cultural relativists and proponents argue strongly that all societies and cultures are superior, based on their values and beliefs.

What many people fail to understand, according to cultural relativists, is that the differences between cultural groups are not signs of superiority or inferiority.

The concept of “cultural relativism” goes further to explain that “the truth” is never objective.

This explains that a person will be either wrong or right, depending on his/her opinion. As well, the society will also play a significant role in determining what ought to be right or wrong.

That being the case, “cultural relativism” is a concept that sees everything to be right or wrong depending on the idea of “cultural expression.”

Cultural relativism is, therefore, necessary because it supports the welfare and position of different cultures in society.


Arizona State University Sustainability Efforts Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Economic




Works Cited

The purpose of this essay is to evaluate Arizona State University (ASU) sustainability efforts by focusing on economic, environmental, social, and educational contexts. However, measuring sustainability is a complex process among many organizations (Lozano, 963). The author proposes that the focus should be on economic, environmental, social, and educational contexts.

ASU remains a regional model for sustainability activities and practices. As a result, the institution has made major contributions in many areas. It emphasizes reduction of consumption, enhancing efficiency, and reevaluating products and actions. ASU instills sustainability efforts in the entire university through its business practices and policies. The institution appreciates efforts of all its partners in sustainability practices.

Generally, it has focused on areas of energy, water, transportation, food services, carbon neutrality, buildings and grounds, waste and recycling, and purchasing.

These practices and activities fall within the four critical areas that ASU has identified. These include “climate neutrality, zero waste, active engagement, and principled practice” (ASU Annual Review 2012 2). Economic, social, environmental, and educational aspects of sustainability efforts reflect a complete evaluation tool for universities.

Economic Some of ASU’s sustainability efforts focus on direct economic impacts on students, public, staff, providers of capital, and other external stakeholders.

For instance, Energize Phoenix is a sustainability effort that has received “$25 million funding from the US Department of Energy Better Buildings Neighborhood Program and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” (ASU Driving Economic Development 5). The project would save energy, create jobs, and improve many neighborhoods along the Metro light rail.

ASU has also joined forces with other industries to develop the economy by creating jobs, new technologies, and highly educated employees. This is a way of improving the quality of life of the public, communities, and business.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some sustainability ideas in sustainable high-energy and low-cost initiatives have resulted in the creation of spin-out companies, which have reduced power outages and dependency of the US on foreign oils.

ASU has developed one of the largest solar systems in Arizona. This is a sustainability effort that uses natural resources and teaches students about sustainability. The institution has changed some of its campuses into a solar laboratory for generating electricity.

Social ASU creates knowledge through research for sustainability, which is critical for making informed decisions for positive impacts on society and advancing living social and economic status of the public.

ASU has focused on user-inspired studies to address societal and global challenges. This is evident in the institution’s effort to reduce waste and conserve energy and environments.

Further, the university engages in transdisciplinary research, which focuses on communities beyond its staff and students to include the diverse aspects of society.

Environmental ASU has decided to reduce waste by diversion and aversion (ASU Sustainability 1). For instance, ASU has reduced wastage of water by utilizing “efficient fixtures, improved water management, and wastewater for automatic and irrigation systems” (ASU Sustainability 1).

The University diverts solid waste for the landfill for “recycling, repurposing, reusing, and composting” (ASU Sustainability 1).

We will write a custom Essay on Arizona State University Sustainability Efforts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More ASU averts wastes by reducing consumption. By 2015, the University intends to reduce 90 percent of solid wastes from the landfill from its institutions (ASU Sustainability 1). Also, it also aims to gain carbon neutrality by constructing green buildings, which will reduce emissions by 2025 and make carbon level neutral by 2035.

ASU constructed the largest solar project in Arizona. The project supplies nearly 30 percent of the energy required during the day by the institution. The University has been able to develop this project through donation and external supports.

The Sustainable Cities Network assists local communities in tackling their daily challenges by looking for sustainable solutions. It was a collaborative initiative that involved the city, ASU, county, and tribal leaders who came together to connect research focus and major challenges of sustainability. The US Environmental Protection Agency recognized the work of the network and its effort in promoting sustainable development in the state in March 2013.

ASU aims to reduce the power required and lessen the discharge of toxic gases. Today, ASU works on a technology that would reduce the urban heat island (UHI). This technology will improve the absorption of the day’s heat from streets, concrete, and other structures and increase temperatures during the night.

It has become a major concern in a large city like Phoenix. Specifically, ASU professors have focused on reducing UHI by introducing low, dense construction materials, using additives that could reduce surface heat released on streets and by concretes.

Educational Today, ASU conducts staff evaluations to determine their involvement in sustainability efforts (ASU Sustainability 1). It is the first institution to introduce “sustainability criteria in employee evaluation by Sustainability Literacy Program” (ASU Sustainability 1).

The Global Institute of Sustainability is ASU’s sustainability hub. The hub aims to promote research, education, and business initiatives that modernize the globe. ASU School of Sustainability has developed a curriculum that provides transdisciplinary degree courses, which aim to find workable solutions for public, financial, and environmental issues. The hub has received substantial support for its sustainability efforts.

Table 1: ASU’s Sustainability Efforts: SWOT

Not sure if you can write a paper on Arizona State University Sustainability Efforts by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Strengths Strong collaboration with communities, local authorities, business, entrepreneurs, and the public

Inculcating sustainability criteria for staff and manage team evaluation programs

Sustainability efforts as a part of ASU’s strategic plans

Sustainability degree program and research hub

Weaknesses Slow progress on sustainability efforts, e.g., some projects take several decades to complete

Slow pace of developing spin-out companies from sustainability efforts

No clear tools for measuring or evaluating sustainability achievements and outcomes

Opportunities Sustainability as a growing field of interest for many, including governments, organizations, and the public

Opportunities to develop sustainable processes and structures

Grants and donations to support sustainability efforts

Chances to make substantial savings on costs, consumption, and environments

Threats High costs of R


Literature Studies: “The Iliad” by Homer Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The Historical Background Of The Work

The Summary Of The Book

The Critical Analysis


Works Cited

Introduction The literature is the reflection of the people’s history, feelings, and thoughts. The Iliad by Homer, the Ancient Greek author, is one of the outstanding works in the world literature. It is devoted to the period of the Greek-Trojan War and narrates about the heroic battles between the Greeks and the Trojans. The aim of this essay is to summarize the plot of The Iliad and to analyze it.

The Historical Background Of The Work The Iliad is the masterpiece of the Antique literature. Homer, the legendary Greek author write it. According to the legend, Homer was blind. However, he is considered to be the author of the greatest literary works of Ancient Time. The Iliad is the oldest literature masterpiece on Earth.

It is written in the genre of the epic poem and narrates about the period of the Bronze Age. The theme of the Greek-Trojan War is the central one in the poem. According to the legend, the war started around 1200 BC, when Helen, the wife of the Greek king Menelaus, ran away to her lover Paris, a son of the Trojan king (“The Trojan War” n.pag.).

The Summary Of The Book The Iliad is based on Greek mythology. “Many of the Iliad’s themes center around war, warriors, and their characteristics such as valor and duty, but there are abundant other rich threads including humor, aging, love, and lust” (Jordan n.pag.).

The poem narrates the Greek military campaign to conquer Troy. The unfaithfulness of Helen, the wife of Menelaus, becomes the casus belli and the Greek army led by Agamemnon makes their way to Troy. Achilles is the bravest and the most violent among the Greeks. The Trojan army is led by Hector, a son of the Trojan king Priam. In one of the battles, Patroclus, the best friend of Achilles, dies.

Achilles convenes regiment to avenge on Trojans. He kills Hector in the battle. He ties the body of Hector to his chariot and carries it across the field several times. Priam goes to Achilles to ask him to humble his anger and to give back the body of his son for burial. In the end, Achilles thinks about his father and makes the concessions.

The Critical Analysis It is the epic poem not only about the Gods, but it is about the heroes, the sons of the ordinary people. Undoubtedly, this fact makes The Iliad stand out among the Ancient Greek legends. It has influenced my perception of Ancient history, essentially.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I will recommend reading the poem to everyone eager to know more about Antique mythology and history. “The Iliad is essential to read and understand for any student of the classics, and the book has many fine qualities: poetic language, brave warriors, interfering immortals, strong and caring friendships, and exciting battle scenes” (“The Iliad” n.pag.).

Conclusion To sum up, all the above mentioned, it should be said that The Iliad by Homer is the outstanding literary work of the Antique period. It represents the genre of the epic poem and describes the events of the Greek-Trojan war. The poem is also interesting from the standpoint of Greek mythology and culture. It is one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature, which is worthy of reading for everyone.

Works Cited Jordan, Herbert. “The Major Themes in The Iliad”. 2012. Web. 7 Dec. 2013.

“The Iliad”. 2013. Web. 7 Dec. 2013.

“The Troyan War”. n.d. Web. 7 Dec. 2013.


Linguistics Issues: Morphemes and Phonemes Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Morphemes

Free morphemes

Bound morphemes


Transcription of the text

Morphemes Morphemes are the basic units of meaning in the formation of words. Several morphemes combine to form a single word. Some morphemes stand on their own while others need inflection to be meaningful. The utterances in the text below have both free and bound morphemes.

“Some gentlemen dined at an economical restaurant. They found the service to be unacceptable and wished to express their unhappiness to the management. The manager was unavailable, so they brought the leftovers home to their dog who resided in a doghouse in the backyard.”

The following are morphemes that make up words in the utterances above. The slashes separate individual morphemes from each other.

/Some/ gentle/men/ dine/d/ /at/ /an/ /economi/cal/ /restaurant/. /They/ /found/ /the/ /service/ /to/ /be/ /un/accept/able/ /and/ /wish/ed/ /to/ /express/ /their/ /un/happi/ness/ /to/ /the/ /manage/ment/. /The/ /manage/r/ /was/ /un/avail/able/, /so/ /they/ /brought/ /the/ /left/over/s/ /home/ /to/ /their/ /dog/ /who/ /reside/d/ /in/ /a/ /dog/house/ /in/ /the/ /back/yard/.

These morphemes consist of morphemes that are individual words and others that are fragments of words. The individual words help other dependent morphemes in bringing out their meaning. Morphemes that can express meaning on their own are free morphemes. On the other hand, morphemes that need inflection to be meaningful are bound morphemes. This work analyzes these two categories of morphemes individually.

Free morphemes Free morphemes are morphemes that do not need other morphemes to be meaningful. They are individual words with their own meanings. These words can be nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, or pronouns. Sometimes free morphemes combine with other morphemes, both free and bound morphemes. This alters the meaning of the morphemes. The following are the free morphemes in the text.

/Some/, /gentle/, /men/, /dine/, /at/, /an/, /economi/, /restaurant/, /They/, /found/, /the/, /service/, /to/, /be/, /accept/, /and/, /wish/, /to/, /express/, /their/, /happi/, /to/, /the/, /manage/, /the/, /manage/, /was/, /avail/, /so/, /they/, /brought/, /the/, /left/, /over/, /home/, /to/, /their/, /dog/, /who/, /reside/, /in/, /a/, /dog/, /house/, /in/, /the/ /back/, /yard/.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Bound morphemes Bound morphemes are morphemes which need inflection to be meaningful. They cannot stand on their own. They are mostly suffixes and prefixes that need other morphemes to be meaningful.

These suffixes and prefixes have meanings, but these meanings are not clear when these morphemes stand alone. These meanings include number, tense, mood, negation, ability, opposite, feminine, and masculinity. The following are bound morphemes from the text we are discussing.

/-d/,/-cal/,/un-/,/-ed/,/un-/,/-meant/,/-r/,/un-/,/-d/,/-able/, /-ness/,/-s/,/-able/

The dashes before the words show that they always need inflection.

Phonemes Phonemes are the most basic units of meaning in the study of sounds. They are individual sounds in a language. These sounds fall into two categories; consonants and vowels. Every sound has a symbol that represents it. The IPA is a chart that summarizes these sounds.

The following are the phonemes of all the words in the text. The transcription of the utterances is according to American pronunciation. The British pronunciation of these words slightly differs with the American pronunciation.

“There was an old woman who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she will die.”

We will write a custom Essay on Linguistics Issues: Morphemes and Phonemes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Transcription of the text The following is a phonemic representation of the words in the text.

/ðer/ /wəz/ /ə/ /wʊmən/ /hu:/ /swɑ:loʊd/ /ə/ /flaɪ/. /aɪ/ /dəʊnt/ /noʊ/ /waɪ/ /ʃɪ/ /swɑ:loʊd/ /ə/ /flaɪ/. /pərhæps/ /ʃɪ/ /wɪl/ /daɪ/.


Government Shutdown and Its Impact on Tourism Essay essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Impacts of the Shutdown


Works Cited

Introduction The US government shutdown of 2013 was an event that led to significant financial losses for many industries in the country. This shutdown, which lasted from October 1 to 16, happened because Congress could not agree on spending priorities and policies. This led to a failure in passing the bill appropriating funds for the year 2014.

Once the shutdown was in action, federal employees were required to go on leave and only employees offering crucial services continued working.

Since the services provided by federal employees in the tourism sector are not considered crucial, the shutdown led to the closure of all national parks, museums, and other tourist attraction sites under federal control. This paper will highlight the negative impacts that the politically motivated government shutdown of 2013 had on tourism.

Impacts of the Shutdown The tourism industry in the US is heavily dependent on federal services to operate. The federal government manages the major national parks and tourist attraction sites. It employs the personnel who work in these avenues and maintains the sites. During the shutdown, these tourism sites were closed; therefore deterring tourists from visiting. Hetter reports that the National Parks have a flow of about 715,000 tourists each day (par.5).

As such, over 11million visitors were turned down for the 16-day duration that the National Parks were closed. The White House reports that over $500 million was lost due to the closing of national parks during the 16-day shutdown (11). This amount was what the National Park Service would have obtained as revenue from the visitors who visit the various tourist attraction sites.

In an attempt to reduce the losses suffered by tourism due to the shutdown, State governments opened some of the parks about eight days after the shutdown began. However, this re-opening still failed to attract the high number of visitors who frequent the parks.

During the duration of the shutdown, people were unwilling to make travel plans to the tourist sites due to the uncertainty surrounding the shutdown situation (The White House 11). The decrease in tourist levels was also caused by the fact that most people had canceled their travel plans following the news that a shutdown would occur.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition to the revenue lost by the national parks, the communities that live around the national parks and tourist attraction sites also suffered from financial losses. These local communities provide services such as accommodation and entertainment to the tourists.

They rely on the high inflow of tourists to make their living (Hetter par.5). During the government shutdown, there were few tourists visiting since the attraction sites were closed. The local communities could, therefore, not generate income during the period of the shutdown.

Conclusion This paper set out to discuss the negative impact that the government shutdown had on tourism in the US. People who work in the tourism industry or depend on tourism to make a living lost a substantial amount of revenue during the shutdown.

These losses were caused by the closure of tourist attraction sites and the lack of confidence in federal services. The uncertainty surrounding this situation led to a dramatic reduction in the number of tourists to open sites. The negative impacts of the shutdown made many people angry with Congress for failing to reach a compromise and avoid the shutdown in the first place.

Works Cited Hetter, Katia. Attention, travelers: Your plans have changed. 1 Oct. 2013. Web. 3 Dec. 2013. .

The White House. Impacts and Costs of the October 2013 Federal Government Shutdown. 7. Nov. 2013. Web. 3 Dec. 2013. .


Environmental Problem of the Ok Tedi Copper Mine Essay best essay help: best essay help

In 1998, the leaders of the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (BHP) faced the necessity to resolve the ethical problem related to the significant environmental pollution, which could lead to the ecological catastrophe. Thus, the BHP owned 52% of shares in the Ok Tedi copper mine located in Papua New Guinea.

The problem is in the fact that the mine discharges the great amounts of tailings and waste into the Ok Tedi River during the decades of the mine’s development. As a result, the waters of the Ok Tedi River cannot be used by the local inhabitants, who are dependent on these resources necessary to farm.

However, inhabitants are also dependent on the Ok Tedi copper mine’s development because many local people work there. That is why, the ethical problem is in the necessity to provide the morally appropriate solution to address the environmental and social issues and respond to the interests of employees, local inhabitants, and authorities.

It was agreed in 2001 that the Ok Tedi copper mine would operate till 2010 while continuing to dredge into the waters of the Ok Tedi River, without constructing the facilities for storing dangerous tailings.

In this case, the agreement achieved by the BHP and the government of Papua New Guinea cannot be discussed as ethically appropriate and effective because the decision to continue operations without the significant changes in the process cannot address the needs of the local inhabitants who are also employees at the mine, cannot contribute to decreasing the negative effects on the environment, and cannot prevent the ecological catastrophe associated with the changes in the ecology of the forests near the Ok Tedi River.

From this point, the proposed agreement and decision cannot meet the interests of the stakeholders and community in relation to providing a safe environment for working and development; cannot respond to the idea of sustainability and environmental protection; and cannot satisfy the needs of the local inhabitants and employees related to the limited possibilities for farming and fishing.

Following the ideas associated with the principles of the professional ethics, it is possible to note that the decision of the company and government is characterized by a lot of weaknesses and direct violation of the ethical ideas. That is why it is reasonable to take the position against the decision.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The BHP and the government of Papua New Guinea did not demonstrate the interest in those stakeholders’ needs, which are not associated with the material outcomes for the company and country.

In spite of the fact that the authorities proposed the decision to support the social and economic spheres with references to continuing operations and preserving the profits, the decision cannot be discussed as ethical because its implementation leads to violating such norms as the environmental protection and the guarantee of the community’s welfare.

Referring to the ideals of Utilitarianism, it is possible to state that the consequences of the decision cannot be positive for the community because the absence of changes can lead to worsening the situation and to the ecological catastrophe. Furthermore, this agreement cannot be approved from the point of deontological ethics because such a decision cannot be discussed as the widely appropriate variant to cope with the problem.

The further focus on the mine’s operations without changing the technologies potentially results in ecological catastrophe, violation of the ideas of sustainability, and in the destruction of resources for the local inhabitants’ life and activities.


Neoclassical Economics Concepts and Theories Essay college admission essay help

Stanley Jevons was a neoclassical economist who, among others, advanced the economic theory of marginal revolution. He explained labor and consumption in terms of marginal utility. Classical theorists held the view that the value of a product is directly proportional to the labor used in production.

Jevons, on the other hand, argued that the value of “each additional unit of a commodity-the marginal utility-is less and less to the consumer” (Swedberg 12). He gave an example of a thirsty man and a glass of water. The first glass has more value, but as thirst disappears, subsequent glasses diminish in utility.

Value is, therefore, directly proportional to the utility. This paper will integrate various economics concepts and theories and connect them to the realities of modern society.

Jevons uses his book, ‘The Coal Question,’ to extrapolate how labor relates to consumption. He argues that with increased efficiency in coal mining methods, Britain and America will experience rapid growth (Bentham 5). Fast production increases rates of consumption. This, he argues, will lead to depletion of coal resources in the two nations. America will, however, have an upper hand because it has more coal deposits than Britain.

Jevons also argues that with technology, there will be labor efficiency, which will translate to higher rates of employment. Increased efficiency leads to more consumption and higher profitability. Jevons acknowledges the classical theorists’ assertion that technology brings about unemployment.

However, he advocates for a holistic perspective on the issue. High efficiency leads to increased production. This lowers products’ prices leading to more demand. The high demand widens the employment sphere, thus putting more jobs into the economy.

Jevons’ arguments differ from Veblen’s concepts of conspicuous leisure and conspicuous consumption to a substantial extent. The gist of Jevons’ postulate is that efficiency triggers consumption with a spiral effect on profitability and employment. Veblen argues that people engage in leisure activities to display social status. He traced conspicuous leisure to the early ages when the nobility was exempted from manual labor.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With social stratification, conspicuous leisure and consumption have taken different forms. Rich people in society engage in conspicuous social activities like visiting exquisite destinations and idling all day. They also consume expensive products to show off to the public.

They thus do little work and consume more. Rodrick avers that leisure is nothing but “non-productive consumption of time” (978). Because of their dislike for working, the wealthy spend most of their time consuming what others have produced.

In modern society, Veblen’s concepts of conspicuous leisure and conspicuous consumption can be equated to materialism. This marks the divergence of his concepts from Jevons’ arguments (Chomsky 2). Jevons believed in increasing efficiency to spur consumption, profits, and growth. According to him, high production leads to a price reduction. Cheapened products widen the scope of employment.

Conversely, Veblen argues that consumption stimulates production. The wealthy are preoccupied with lavish spending and unproductive use of time. They devise etiquettes and mannerisms that consume time. Additionally, the house and cloth their servants in spacious spaces and unique attires (uniforms). These unnecessary and lavish desires escalate demand and consumption.

In summary, Jevons had high regard for marginal utility. He argues that labor should contribute to the higher utility for consumers. Veblen, on the other hand, paid little regard to marginal utility and more on the cost of production (Jones 23). Jevons has been criticized for failing to integrate production cost concepts in his elucidation.

Veblen’s concepts have formed templates for studies into modern day materialism. This is because his concepts considered the social and cultural contexts as components in understanding economics.

In the last parts of the 19th century, marginalist writers disregarded political economy in favor of pure economy. The mathematical analysis became common as the place of political and social considerations diminished. Neoclassical writers such as Leon Walras and Stanley Jevons discarded the classical era thought on economics by adopting empirical research.

We will write a custom Essay on Neoclassical Economics Concepts and Theories specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Walras had the most revolutionary view on the application of mathematics in economics. In a letter to his mentor, Charles Gide, Walras argued that economics should expunge the inherent “phraseology and charlatanism” that was a common feature of classical economics (Geisst 3). This section will elucidate on thoughts in favor of applying mathematics in pure economics.

One of the things that perturbed Walras was the common phenomena in which business existed without making a profit or a loss. In a free market, the prices of commodities rise or fall according to dictates of the law of demand and supply (Bentham 2). In the absence of government regulation, there is no set criterion for price determination. Walras sought an empirical way of determining the theory of equilibrium.

This theory underscored the significance of utilizing capital goods optimally. By applying mathematics logic, Walras was able to determine the price in a market system. This sparked a lot of controversies, especially from classical economists who found the approach inadequate in explaining industrial competition.

Stanley Jevons was also among the early pioneers to use mathematics in economics. As mentioned earlier, the economist is most famous for his expositions on marginal utility. When he delved into the economy, he brought with him a logic and statistics acumen that was lacking in this field for a long time. He introduced a mathematical and empirical plane in the studies of political economy.

He also introduced to economics the mathematical concepts of probability and statistics. His philosophical orientation stems from early interactions with Boole, a man reputed for prioritizing mathematics over logic (Altman 2). However, Jevons broke from his mentor by giving logic priority over mathematics.

Jevons’ biggest contribution to mathematics in economics was limited to the pedagogical sphere. As a statistician, he introduced “statistics and econometrics in the social sciences and the use of empirical data” (Drucker 23). Jevons’ prowess in recording and interpreting data would not have been noticed was it not for the 1851 gold discovery in Australia.

Eager to put his theory into practice, he used index numbers and probability to establish the probable duration of the mineral deposit. He applied inverse induction and graphical representation to reduce the errors inherent in similar studies.

Economists have tried to unravel the key to macroeconomic stability for a long time. Wicksell and Fisher, both neoclassical economists, advocated for increases in money supply as a way of establishing macroeconomic stability. According to Chomsky, Wicksell’s argument on micro-stability is tantamount to “urging banks to reduce the rate of interest below the real rate of return on capital” (23).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Neoclassical Economics Concepts and Theories by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This would make investments attractive and escalate the overall spending. Inevitably, high spending leads to high inflation. Inflation reduces when banks are left with the legal amount of money. The cumulative process sets the stage for stability at the macro-economic level.

This supposition is self-contradictory. The inherent confusion led Bentham to the conclusion that Wicksell and Fisher theory was an “intellectual witch’s brew: many ingredients, some of them exotic, many insights, but also a great deal of confusion” (23). Precipitating artificial inflation leads to a financial crisis, not macroeconomic stability.

The Keynesian general theory provides plausible measures for attaining macroeconomic stability. His suppositions were multidimensional, and he was cognizant of the different factors that come into play within an economic setup. Three different factors must play out to attain macroeconomic stability.

Altman itemizes these factors as “goods, the financial, and the labor markets” (4). These three factors interact and cause shifts between individual and national savings on one side and investment on the other side. The exchange between input and output leads to a natural interest rate. Because the interest rates are natural, it is easier for different stakeholders to operate in openness and trust.

Keynes’ position is in contrast to Wicksell and Fisher, who advocated for artificial interest rates. To attain macro-economic stability, prices of commodities must be stable. Employment opportunities must be available, and growth must be rapid. With Wicksell and Fisher’s model, it is hard to realize stable prices.

On expectations, Keynes model offers the best tool for predicting the future with accuracy. Because the interest rates are natural, it is easy to know when to be optimistic or pessimistic. An increase in efficiency of capital is a pointer of better results and more stability.

When the marginal efficiency of capital falls, investors can lower their expectations. Wicksell and Fisher’s model is capricious and hence, impossible to predict. Interest rates are at the whims of one institution rather than a result of the interplay of various factors.

Keynes also differs with Wicksell and Fisher on money and monetary policy. Wicksell and Fisher believed in the quantity theory of money. The more money there is the economy, the more people will spend. The high expenditure will lead to a high return. In essence, therefore, Wicksell and Fisher advocated for a monetary policy that leads to artificial inflation. It is for this reason that Fisher came up with the infamous compensated dollar plan.

The plan sought to increase the amount of money in the economy. Keynes, on the other hand, proposed a total spending monetary policy.

The major division among Keynesian economists is the influence of monetary and fiscal policy. However, they agree that monetary policy can “produce real effects on output and employment only if some prices are rigid” (Bentham 23). The economy runs on a multiplier effect that incorporates many monetary outputs and inputs.

In conclusion, the paper has discussed several economic concepts and theories. The common school of thought during the classical era was pegged on the cost of production. In the neoclassical era, marginalist thinkers introduced mathematics concept in economics.

This made it possible to use empirical data in analyzing the political economy. By the turn of the 20th century, the Keynesian model had emerged as the best tool for economic analysis. This paper has traced all these developments and discussed their implications to political economy.

Additionally, the paper has reviewed Wicksell and Fisher’s economic models and contrasted them with the Keynesian model. Political economy does not exist in a vacuum. It is thus open to influences from social and cultural changes.

Works Cited Altman, Daniel. “Joseph Stiglitz Q


Epicurus and Aristotle Philosophical Views on Emotions Essay essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Epicurus View of Emotion

Stoicism’s Perspective of Emotions

Aristotle’s Perspective of Emotions


Works Cited

The study of emotions has attracted the attention of many philosophers and scholars in various fields. There has been an attempt to have a clear definition of the events that take place within the mind before one gets emotional. As Evans (56) notes, emotions involve the feelings developed when one is subjected to a given environment. Some of the greatest philosophers who dedicated their time to the study emotions include Epicurus and Aristotle.

The two philosophers studied emotions to determine some of the common causes of this mental state, and the events that take place in the mind before one becomes emotional. In this study, the researcher will analyze emotions in light of Epicurus, Stoicism, and Aristotle’s writings.

Epicurus View of Emotion Epicurus analyzed emotions from the perspective of the presence or absence of suffering. As Rolls (57) notes, Epicurus argued that emotions would largely be considered as the presence of happiness or suffering. An individual who is experiencing any form of suffering would be sad. Sadness as emotion would be as a result of the absence of pleasure.

This philosopher argued that pleasure and suffering are two extremes that can never be experienced at the same time with equal measures. If an individual is exposed to factors that bring pleasure and suffering at the same time, one of the two will dominate the other.

The pleasure can be so great that it becomes easy to ignore the suffering. In such a case, an individual would remain happy even in the presence of suffering. Conversely, the pain can be so great that it becomes easier to ignore the presence of pleasure. In this case, an individual would be sad despite the presence of pleasure.

In society, the two extremes of emotion will always be presented to an individual at every stage in life. According to Epicurus, an individual would always find himself in the face of pleasure or pain. In some rare occasions, one may not have control over which of the two factors he or she would face. However, it is most of the occasions, one would have the capacity to choose between the two.

One may choose to suffer as a way of generating more pleasure in the future. For instance, when an individual is presented with an amount of money that is way beyond the current needs, he may choose to spend the money in leisure or invest it in business. At that particular moment, the choice of investing the money would bring suffering. That individual would be forced to dedicate his or her time and energy to the new project.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, if an individual decides to spend the money, he would get pleasure. The pleasure would be spent in many ways depending on the way that an individual chooses to use the money.

However, the two individuals would be considered to view the emotional satisfaction of money from two different perspectives. While the inventor envisions a bigger pleasure in future when the investment becomes profitable, the other individual sees immediate pleasure as the most appropriate.

Although the definition of Epicurus of pleasure as an absence of suffering has been considered as an insight into the study of emotions, some contemporary scholars have rejected this reasoning, describing it shallow. Evans (90) says that there can be instances where one lacks any strong sense of happiness or sadness. For this reason, it would be improper to argue that at one moment in time, one must experience either of the two emotional feelings.

Stoicism’s Perspective of Emotions Stoics are known to have conducted extensive research on emotions, and their works have been subject of study among various scholars who have researched in this field. According to this school of thought, emotions can be classified as either constructive or destructive. This school of thought holds that emotions can be considered constructive if it brings development or any form of benefit to society.

For instance, when one feels happy and motivated, that emotion will be constructive, because the activity that will be delegated to such an individual would be done excellently. On the other hand, emotions can be considered destructive if it can motivate violent reactions or any other destructive behavior. Most of the stoic analysis of emotions were based on their destructive nature.

According to Rolls (79), stoicism school of thought holds that destructive emotions are always as a result of judgment errors. This scholar elaborates on this by stating that some of the destructive emotions such as anger are always as a result of an error in judgment in the mind of an individual. The mind is a very powerful tool that always dictates our actions. In some cases, the mind would make some judgments over some issues that are not factual.

For instance, when a parent is convinced that one of his or her children is careless, any damage that takes place in the house will always be blamed on that particular child, and all the anger will be directed to it. Basing his reasoning on Stoicism, Evans (78) explains that emotions can always be controlled, especially if it is destructive.

We will write a custom Essay on Epicurus and Aristotle Philosophical Views on Emotions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Aristotle’s Perspective of Emotions Aristotle is one of the greatest philosophers that ever lived. His philosophical works covered many areas, including emotional thoughts within the human mind. According to Aristotle, emotions are aroused by some of the activities that take place within the environment. Both positive and negative emotions are triggered by an individual’s experiences.

Happiness will always be a result of the positive experience that one has in the external or internal environment (Rolls 56). The external environment, in this case, refers to activities outside one’s body or mind. The internal environment is all the activities that take place in one’s mind or any part of the body. Depending on the experiences that one has with the environment, the emotion can be pleasant or painful.

Aristotle argued that it is our ethical responsibility to develop a positive response to our emotions. For instance, when one is faced with the emotions of fear, it would be his or her responsibility to develop courage. Similarly, when one is overwhelmed with desire, he or she should have the virtue of controlling such desires to avoid affecting the emotions of others negatively.

Conclusion Emotion is always determined by one’s state of mind. Different scholars have tried to explain emotions in different ways to express different things. In his analysis of emotions, Epicurus argued that happiness is a sign of a lack of suffering. Stoicism school of thought classified emotions as either constructive or destructive. Aristotle argued that one should always be able to control his or her emotions to remain ethical.

Works Cited Evans, Dylan. Emotion: The Science of Sentiment. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Print.

Rolls, Edmund. Emotion Explained. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Print.


Asian Medicine: the Ying and Yang Concept Essay essay help online: essay help online

Introduction The concept of Yin and Yang is fundamental to Chinese medical philosophy. This concept expresses duality with the two forces of yin and yang being opposites, yet complementary. The body organs are categorized as either yin or yang organs. Lloyd (2009) reveals that yin is held within the inner body to nourish the organs while yang stays in the superficial region from.

The balance between Yin and Yang is fundamental to promoting health. This concept affects the health beliefs of many Asian patients. This paper will discuss how the influence of the concept of yin and yang in the traditional Asian patient will affect his view of the healthcare treatment of flu, childbirth, appendectomy, and foot amputation due to diabetic ulcers.

Health Care Treatments Flu

While antiviral drugs are often prescribed for flu patients, the Asian patient might use herbal or dietary remedies. To the Asian patient, the flu will be viewed using the yin-yang concept of hot and cold diseases.

According to this concept, hot diseases are caused by too much yin, while cold diseases are caused by too much yang (Xueqin, 2004). The flu is accompanied by symptoms including fever, chills, and a runny nose. It is therefore classified as a hot disease, and warming Yang foods and herbs are recommended to cure it.


Pregnancy and childbirth are viewed using the yin-yang polar relationship of hot and cold. Traditional Asian clients believe that pregnancy and childbirth are yin condition (Xueqin, 2004). The reason for this is that the woman will experience blood deficiency or fatigue during childbirth.

This will lead to a deficiency in the yang available in the body. Pregnant women and new mothers are therefore asked to consume yang foods which man include chicken, beef, eggs, and spicy foods. This will restore the yin-yang balance and ensure health after pregnancy.


To the traditional Asian patient, appendicitis is caused by the blockage or stagnation of Qi, which is the positive energy flowing in the body. Modern medicine recommends appendectomy, which is the surgical removal of an inflamed appendix, to cure appendicitis and prevent the infection from spreading.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Since appendicitis is connected to intestines, which are yang organs, it is believed that regulating the yin force will cure the condition (Lloyd, 2009). Yin force can be regulated using Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an oriental procedure that stimulates anatomical points, thereby clearing blocked channels of energy in the body and allowing energy to flow freely within the body.

Diabetic Ulcers

The Asian patient is likely to resist a foot amputation in response to diabetic ulcers. Instead, the patient might consider taking yin foods. For the Asian patient, diabetic foot ulcers are regarded as conditions caused by a yin deficiency.

Yunyu (2011) documents that Diabetic foot ulcers are characterized by hot pains and ulceration in the extremities. These “hot” conditions can be alleviated by taking cold herbs or foods. The cold foods will decrease the yin deficiency in the patient’s body.

Conclusion This paper set out to discuss the effect that the yin-yang concept has on traditional Asian patients. It reviewed the impact of this oriental concept on several specific health care treatments. The paper has demonstrated that for the Asian patient, illnesses are cured by taking action to cause the desirable yin-yang balance in the patient’s body.

Health care professionals should be aware of the influence that the concept of yin-yang has on the traditional Asian patient. This will ensure that the patient is helped to take advantage of the benefits of Asian traditional medicine without exposing himself to health risks by refusing modern medicine.

References Lloyd, I. (2009). The Energetics of Health: A Naturopathic Assessment. Boston: Elsevier Health Sciences.

Xueqin, G. (2004). The Culture of Health: Asian Communities in the United States. NY: ABC-CLIO.

We will write a custom Essay on Asian Medicine: the Ying and Yang Concept specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Yunyu, H. (2011). Managing Diabetic Foot Ulcers Using Chinese Medicine. Retrieved from:


The Christianity History Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Main Body


Works Cited

Introduction The history of Christianity reflects the development of the Church and the changes in the people’s attitude towards religious tenets. It also closely connected with historical events. The time in the history of Christianity between the late Roman Empire and the Renaissance represents the difficult period of the formation of the Christian Church. The aim of this essay is to characterize the history of Christianity between IV to VII centuries.

Main Body The period of the late Roman Empire was the time of the Oecumenical Councils, which gathered the representatives of all local churches. It was also a period of the governance of Constantine the Great, the Roman emperor who made Christianity the official religion.

“Constantine can rightfully claim the title of Great, for he turned the history of the world into a new course and made Christianity, which until then had suffered bloody persecution, the religion of the State” (“Constantine the Great” n.pag.). The change of the official religion shook the social order and contributed to the formation of the heretical movements.

To survive under these conditions, the early Christians concealed themselves in the arid regions. All that, ultimately, contributed to the rapid formation of the first cloisters. The Oecumenical Councils were aimed at overcoming the social disorder and the unity of the Church. The First Council of Constantinople took place in 381 (“Constantinople, First Council of” n.pag.). It represented the crucial event in the history of Christianity as it approved the dogma about the Blessed Trinity and the unity of the God-Father and the God-Son, in particular.

During the VII century, Christianity was influenced by the rapid expansion of the Muslims. At the beginning of the VII century, the Islamic Caliphate invaded Spain and France. It was the period of the religious wars. “The small Christian stronghold in the northern mountains eventually grew into the kingdoms of Asturias, Leon, and Castile, and Pelayo is credited with laying the seed of the Christian Reconquest of Spain” (“Moorish Conquest” n.pag.).

In 1054, the Christian Church was divided into the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox (“1054 the East-West Schism” n.pag.). The period of the Medieval Ages was characterized by the strengthening of the Christian Church, and it was the time of the crusades (Latte n.pag.).

During the period of Reformation, the protestant movements occurred. Martin Luther, the German monk, was the initiator of the Reformation and the founder of Protestantism (“Martin Luther” n.pag.). The scholars state that his activity laid the foundations for the development of capitalism.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The epoch of Renaissance was the period of the rethinking of the many of the Church dogmas. During this period, the ideas of humanism spread all over Europe and marked the significant changes in theology and philosophy. The philosophical thoughts shifted from the traditional religious dogmas towards the comprehension of the place of the man in the world.

Conclusion In summary, the history of Christianity from the late Roman Empire to the Epoch of the Renaissance represented the period of the formation of the Christian Church. It was also the time of its split when three major branches occurred: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. The epoch of the Renaissance was the period of the crucial changes in the philosophical thoughts, which became more focused on human nature and its beauty.

Works Cited “Constantinople, First Council of”. 2013. Web. 7 Dec. 2013.

“Constantine the Great”. 2009. Web. 7 Dec. 2013.

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Behavioral Economics And Finance Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

The first attempts to analyze and explain the actions of economic agents from the psychological perspective were made in the 18th century. Since then, this field of study has advanced substantially. The ideas on behavioral economics can be found in the works of the representatives of the different schools. Many of them are devoted to the specific field of study, Behavioral Finance.

Economics is the sphere of study, which is mostly based on the model ignoring the psychological aspects of the economic agents’ behavior. In contrast, Behavioral Economics recognizes the importance of cognitive biases in the context of economic decision-making (Thaler


Hurricane Katrina’ Economic Effects for New Orlean Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

New Orleans was one of the cities greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Subsequent efforts to rebuild the city back to its initial state have proved much expensive and a real burden to the citizens. The estimated cost for the refurbishment of New Orleans is expected to be about $200 billion.

The biggest compromise is whether the government should go ahead and spend this huge sum or this same amount should be given to the residents. I do object to the idea of spending hugely to rehabilitate the city, and as the economist, Ed Glaeser pointed out; New Orleans should be allowed to fail without being bailed out (Glaeser 2007).

Ed Glaeser’s Argument is indeed true, especially when evaluated from an economical point of view (Glaeser 2007). For instance, insurance policy states that once insured the property is damaged, the owner of such a property is entitled to cash reimbursement. The owner will then decide to either repair or replace the same property. Finding an alternative investment may also work out as is in some circumstances.

The government, in this case, intends to rebuild New Orleans as an insurance measure against the destruction by Hurricane Katrina. It will be wise for the government to give residents vouchers so that they decide on what to do with the cash. This will open up new economic ventures for those who might be still willing to do business in the city as well as provide initial capital for others who may opt to invest elsewhere outside New Orleans.

The current poverty levels in the city of New Orleans are also a factor to go by in evaluating the government’s intention to rebuild the city. It is clear that the city was a major economic hub when water transport was largely exploited in the United States of America. The port by then provided employment to multitudes and exploitation of alternative means of transport and introduction of containerization has greatly cut down such employment rates.

The estimated annual per capita income of the city is less than $20,000 (Glaeser 2007). This implies that more effort should be channeled towards economically empowering the residents to raise their living standards than spending to reinstate the city’s infrastructure. Thus, giving cash vouchers to the residents will act as a major life-changing moment for the residents.

Rebuilding New Orleans does not successfully guarantee economic recovery of the city. However, it will be a big waste to invest such a huge amount of money in a project that will do little to change the people’s overall lifestyle, and status and such a move will be a big economic failure.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The best viable solution to the current state of the city is one that targets the living standards of the residents than the general infrastructure of the city. A lot of money may be spent into the overall processes to reinstate the infrastructure that will serve an aesthetic value rather than an economic one (Germany 2007).

It is absolute that rebuilding New Orleans is not an economic activity at all. The hefty expenditure by the government to sustain this process can be directed into more practically viable projects to economically empower the residents. One such approach advocated by economists is to give vouchers to residents and allowing them to spend the money in ways they deem beneficial.

Works Cited Germany, Kent. New Orleans after the Promises: Poverty, Citizenship and the Search for the Great Society, New York, NY: McGraw, 2007. Print.

Glaeser, Edward, “Should the Government Rebuild New Orleans or Just Give Residents Checks?” The Economists Voice 2.4(2005): 1-7. Print.


The Rivalry Between the South and the North – US History Essay essay help site:edu

Although some scholars dispute the perception that slavery was one of the major causes of the American Civil war, it is evident that slavery played a critical role in the hostility between the North and South before the war (Manning, 2007). The conflict between the South’s desire to expand slavery and the North’s desire for a democratic nation is important in this case.

The South’s heavy reliance on cotton farming for its economy demanded effective supply of cheap labor, which could only be provided by the slaves. On the other hand, the northern states relied on manufacturing, which did not demand slaves (Manning, 2007).

Since many freed slaves could not find employment in the South, they were increasingly seeking refuge in the northern states, but these states were not willing to accommodate the large population of blacks.

The North increasingly criticized the “Planter Aristocracy” system in the South. Therefore, it is worth arguing that the differences in socioeconomic systems between the North and the South explain “why” and “how” slavery became the major issue during the antebellum period.

First, the cotton boom of the 19th century boosted the economy of the southern states because slaves supplied almost free labor. Cotton production was relatively labor consuming because it was not yet mechanized. From planting to harvesting and transportation, the farmers heavily relied on human labor.

Bourgeois farmers and their families owned these plantations and slave families lived in these farms. They were viewed as properties rather than American citizens. Farmers were free to sell or buy slaves. They provided housing and basic needs, but the conditions were hostile because most farmers were oppressive and brutal.

On the other hand, the northern states were increasingly shifting from plantation dependent economies to manufacturing-based economies. As manufacturing industries increased in the North, the demand for slaves reduced significantly because industries did not need slaves.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They relied on skilled labor for their processing, which attracted white workers mostly. Also, these industries created positions for skilled and knowledgeable labor, which brought the need for education. These factors were increasingly discriminating against slavery because slaves were not educated. As such, the northern states saw the need to abolish slavery, which caused great criticism from the southern states (Stampp, 2006).

Secondly, the slave issue escalated because manufacturing industries in the North increasingly reduced their reliance on cotton and other agricultural products from the South. The North had experienced an industrial boom after Eli Whitney’s invention of the mechanical cotton gin, which revolutionized the process. Also, Cyrus McCormick invented mechanical mower-reaper, which revolutionized grain production in most parts of the West (Stampp, 2006).

Moreover, the economic relationships between the West and the North increased after the establishment of the Cumberland Road, the Erie Canal, the Railroad, and the steamboat. These factors improved the transportation of agricultural products from the agricultural West to the industrial North, which further boosted the spawning of the labor system in the North.

However, these factors destroyed the relationship between the South and the North because the North was reducing its reliance on agricultural products from the South. It was clear that the South was losing its northern markets. It caused a reduction in the amounts of income the white planters were getting from their cotton. As such, free labor (slavery) was necessary for the survival of the cotton plantations.

Also, the South started accusing the North of interfering with their economic systems because black slaves were now escaping to find employment opportunities in the West or the North. As most northern states turned industrial from agricultural and the rate of urbanization increased significantly, most families moved to live close to the industries.

For the free slaves, it was better to live in these cities because the rate of discrimination in the North was lower than in the South. Since they were no longer forced to provide free labor, the blacks led free but poor lives in the North.

The northern states perhaps angered by the increase in the number of blacks from the southern states, desired to change the system in the South by any means. There was an intensive criticism of the planters’ aristocracy in the southern states.

We will write a custom Essay on The Rivalry Between the South and the North – US History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The abolitionist movement started in the North in the 1830s and called for an immediate end of slavery. It became the dominant movement for the reform during the antebellum era. Abolitionists were convinced by two major factors – the Second Awakening that saw slavery as a sin and the inspiration by the British end of slavery in the West Indies in 1833 (Stampp, 2006).

The impact of radical abolitionism increased the tension between the North and the South during the antebellum era. This movement started after William Lloyd Garrison had published “The Liberator” Newspaper in Boston, which was considered as a militant antislavery newspaper.

The paper asked the North to secede from the union because it was “virtuous” and could not coexist with the “wicked and evil” South in the same union. Garrison’s work did not provide a practical solution for ending the evils of slavery. However, it inspired many abolitionists in establishing the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Under this society, several abolitionist writers and activists continued to accuse the southern states of expanding the evils of slavery for economic benefits. Also, they accused the northern states of doing nothing to deal with the evil South.

For instance, Theodore Dwight Weld appealed to rural farmers in the Ohio Valley with his work “American slavery as it is” published in 1939. Wendell Phillips published his “Abolition golden trumped,” which called for the immediate end of slavery. His work had a major impact on the “North versus South” politics during the era.

Most of the abolitionists were northerners, but a handful of them came from the South. By the 1830s, the southern governments supported by the white farmers had completely silenced abolitionists in their territories (Freehling, 2010). However, the continued accusations from the North made the South think that the North was perpetrating a conspiracy.

Garrison was seen as a terrorist in the South for his work, which made the South offer some $5,000 for his conviction and arrest (Stampp, 2006). Most of the abolitionists in the South faced discrimination and were sometimes whipped, jailed, or even killed. Their literature was completely banned, which further created political tensions between the two sides.

In conclusion, the issue of slavery and its expansion dominated the political and economic rivalry between the North and the South during the antebellum period. As discussed, the need for slavery was the main economic issue that divided the two regions. Ethical and religious aspects sought to explain whether slavery was good or bad, with the North taking a negative stance. Therefore, slavery remained the most important issue of the era.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Rivalry Between the South and the North – US History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Freehling, W. F. (2010). Prelude to Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina, 1816–1836. New York: Oxford University Press.

Manning, C. (2007). What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War. New York: Vintage Books.

Stampp, K. M. (2006). The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Antebellum South. New York: Random House.


Natural Sciences: Biodiversity and Human Civilisation Essay essay help: essay help

Abstract Schwartzman (2014) observes that the existing biodiversity and human civilization have been grossly affected by catastrophic climate change (3that Cs). The review begins by noting that an effective prevention program is necessary to avoid the impending threat of climate change. In other words, threats associated with climthe ate change are inevitable.

Global pandemic and nuclear war also pose similar threats to humanity, although they are not inevitable as it is the case with catastrophic climate change. Past studies confirm that the human race has continued to burn the fossil fuel reserves with impunity. The study goes on to illustrate withthat governments across the globe and especially major emitters of toxic gases have not demonstrated firm commitment to cut down their emission quarters.

The author inquires if there is sufficient time left to avoid environmental threats posed by climate change. The available opportunity to reduce harmful emissions is gradually narrowing down according to estimates provided by climate scientists. Within a period of five to ten years, the world might begin to experience irreversible climate change with a definite rise of 2 degrees centigrade of global temperature.

A similar estimate has been provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The author suggests that major emitters of greenhouse gases can opt for clean energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydro power instead of transforming global economies from capitalism to socialism.

Evaluation The author seeks to explore whether zero economic growth is the best solution for catastrophic climate change that seems to endanger biodiversity.

Schwartzman (2014) objects the idea that the world should divert from capitalistic to socialist economy in order to minimise environmental threats posed by greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. The author argues that it is not technically achievable to lower the expected temperature rise if the current emission quotas are not checked.

The article is constructed around literature reviews of both past and current studies on catastrophic climate change. For example, the 2012 World Energy Outlook report proposed a significant reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels if the five-year emission target is to be achieved. The ability of the global society to attain ecological sustainability will be largely determined by governments if they are willing to use alternative sources of energy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The author in conjunction with a team of other researchers used a modelling study to illustrate the fact approximately 2 percent of global energy is currently being deployed in the generation of wind and solar power. A number of secondary research studies have also been used to support research findings of the model.

Transnational political power is probably a major stumbling block in the realisation of emission goals. Schwartzman (2014) reiterates that the inevitability of dangerous change in climate should not be accepted at all because there are unlimited options for reducing threats associated environmental pollution.

From the above analysis, it is indeed evident that the author has remained objective and sound throughout the article. He has done his job well especially by incorporating both primary and secondary research. Both sides of the argument have been presented by the author with the aim of shedding light on the issue at hand. Second, the author has highlighted and discussed the pros and cons of proposals made by the green energy revolution.

However, there is still some gap in the review study. Most of the pieces of evidence presented by the author in the article are past theoretical studies. A study of this magnitude demands some raw quantitative data that can be used to substantiate arguments and assertions. There are no graphs or pictures used in the article. However, they may not be necessary for this type of a review.

Nonetheless, I agree with the author since he has offered practical solutions for reducing greenhouse emission without necessarily resorting to zero economic growth.

Reference Schwartzman, D. (2014). Is zero economic growth necessary to prevent climate catastrophe? Science


Consumer Law: Suing Companies Over Spilled Drinks Essay essay help

Suing companies because of the negative aftereffects of accidental spillage of hot drinks must not be allowed to continue.

Tort reform and other preventive measures must be in place to discourage this type of lawsuit. If legal reform is not implemented, the justice system will suffer from unnecessary backlogs. More importantly, food and beverage companies will be driven to bankruptcy. Lawsuits of this nature must not be allowed if based on frivolous claims.

There is no legitimate food and beverage company in the world that was established to intentionally injure their customers by serving scalding hot drinks. Nevertheless, it is important to post warning signs that certain types of drinks are served piping hot.

The customers must also understand that they were never forced to buy products from a particular firm. They enter a restaurant or food store under their own free will. It is their responsibility to know the nature of the food items that they want to buy.

Companies must be protected against lawsuits emanating from frivolous claims. Without this protection, a significant percentage of the population will be affected if businesses declare bankruptcy due to legal problems. Customers must learn how to take responsibility with regards to the proper handling of food items.

Conclusion It is important for food and beverage companies to inform their customers about hot products that can potentially injure their customers. However, the law must also consider the financial risk that companies had to contend with on a regular basis. Without legal reforms to protect businessmen from frivolous claims, business establishments will disappear from communities that are known to reward plaintiffs with frivolous claims.


Psychology Research and Its Methods Essay a level english language essay help

The choice of a research method defines the further course of the study; therefore, it must be chosen with the account of the specifics of not only the study, but also the subject and, therefore, the type of data to be dealt with.

In psychology, a range of information comes in its qualitative form; herein, the priority of qualitative research types for such studies as research on Alzheimer’s disease lies (Breckler, 2004). Among the most common methods, a longitudinal study, a quasi-experiment, and a survey may be named. Despite the seeming difference between the specified methods, each of them allows for an all-embracing analysis of the existing qualitative data.

A scientific method is traditionally defined as a systematic process of inquiry (Feldman, 2013).In other words, this is a means of acquiring new knowledge and, most importantly, processing it to make the necessary research implications. As far as three different research methods are concerned, a quasi-experiment is the study that lacks its defining characteristics (Christens


Outbrain and Taboola Companies Service Marketing Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Article Summary

Communication Gap in Online Advertising

Reaction to the Article

Works Cited

Service marketing is distinct from the marketing of tangible products. This type of marketing is growing in stature because of the increasing number of services available for consumption through the internet. Service marketing is also growing because of the increase in the number of active people on the internet.

This article examines the activities of Outbrain and Taboola about service marketing. The basis for the analysis is an article from the Fortune Website titled, “How Taboola and Outbrain are battling a bad reputation and each other.” The article looks at the rivalry between the two firms in the context of the challenge of understanding customer requirements.

Article Summary The article by Erin Griffith discusses two main issues concerning Taboola and Outbrain. The writer discusses the current business rivalries between the two advertising firms that have competing for business models (Griffith). On the other hand, the writer also analyses the reaction of customers to the services offered by the two companies. The key point the writer raises is as follows.

First, the methods the two companies use to suggest content to readers frequently result in questionable content. The titles used in some of the suggested web pages mislead readers into visiting websites of little value to them. Secondly, Griffith points out that internet advertising services based on predictive results will become more popular because of their potential to raise revenue for advertisers.

Google, a global leader in online advertising, is reportedly working on a similar service. Thirdly, the writer states that the reason the algorithms used by Taboola and Outbrain deliver questionable content is because of demand for such content.

Communication Gap in Online Advertising When a company does not carry out adequate market research to find out what the customers want, the company is likely to assume that it understands the needs of its customers (Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler 111). The situation that Taboola and Outbrain are dealing with today has interesting correlations to the need to find out what consumers want when marketing a service.

The current services frequently deliver content that does not match customer expectations. Some users feel that the two services are eroding the quality of consumer experience when they visit sites that contain Taboola and Outbrain advertisements. This is a perfect illustration of the existence of a communication gap between a company and the consumers of its products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A communication gap can lead to the development of ineffective products culminating in market failure (Zeithaml, Bitner, and Gremler 409). In this regard, a service provider may have a good product that does not satisfy the needs of the target market.

Taboola and Outbrain use predictive analytics to present content to people visiting the websites that run their advertisements. Unlike traditional search where people actively enter search terms in a search engine, predictive analytics services do not need the reader’s direct input. Once a reader opens a page, Taboola and Outbrain give a reader suggestions of websites to visit based on the content on their screens.

The communication gap in this situation arises when the content presented does not address the immediate needs of the reader. In some cases, the proposed content is related but is out of context. Someone might be looking for content on the use of sex appeal in advertising, but may receive suggestions on how to increase their sex appeal.

While the internet is here to stay, its form will keep on evolving. One of the points that Griffith raises is that the suggestion of content is going to become more popular with search engine services and online advertising platforms. Therefore, companies that offer predictive advertising services such as Taboola and Outbrain must take into account the needs of their consumers.

Otherwise, they risk falling into disrepute and losing the value of their brands. This situation indicates that a communication gap is present in online advertising. When it comes to predictive analytics, content is just as important as context.

Reaction to the Article Content suggestions by Taboola and Outbrain have become ubiquitous across the internet. These two companies have indeed developed a very interesting model for content delivery to people across the internet. They boast that they intend to expose consumers to the content of interest that they may never have found through conventional search engines.

Reading this article helps one to understand how these two companies work. The understanding is that the content presented in the content suggestion boxes belonging to these two companies eases the decision by consumers regarding which links to click.

We will write a custom Essay on Outbrain and Taboola Companies Service Marketing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Secondly, the services usually present some awkward suggestions that are potentially embarrassing if one is browsing in public. The titles of some of the content are very outlandish and seem calculated to attract attention at all costs. People around you may think that you are visiting a questionable website based on the way the website presents the suggested content from Taboola and Outbrain.

In this sense, the article by Griffith captures the salient issues regarding the need to meet the needs of consumers in the context of online advertising. In other words, companies like Taboola and Outbrain should work even harder to close the communication gap between them and the consumers of their services. In this sense, consumers should be empowered to decide whether they want to see the content suggested by Taboola and Outbrain.

Works Cited Griffith, Erin. “How Taboola and Outbrain are battling a bad reputation and each other.” 2014. Fortune. Web. 20 August 2013.

Zeithaml, Valarie A, Mary Jo Bitner and Dwayne D Gremler. Services Marketing: Intergrating Customer Focus Across the Firm. New York, NY: McGraw Hill, 2013. Print.


History: Orientalism in the American Society Essay college admissions essay help

American society is one of the most diverse in the world as people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds come to the USA in their search for a better life. Andrea Smith notes that these people often face certain hostility as Americans are not friendly and may have a quite distorted view on people coming from other countries.

The author notes that the society is not unified as different groups and minorities alienate themselves from the rest of the society, and their fight for their rights becomes less effective (Smith 67). The author singles out three pillars which create tension within the American society. Orientalism/War is the pillar that got a second life after 9/11 and other terrorist attacks and has contributed to the creation of tension in the US.

Some believe that terroristic attacks made Americans adopt an image of a terrorist who is Muslim fighting against the rest of the civilized world. However, this is not a decisive factor which led to the development of such an image. Smith claims that western civilization has developed a specific view on people of the Middle East and Asia. Western people saw oriental culture exotic, but it was still inferior and hostile in their opinion.

This idea is manifested in a variety of crusades when Christians thought they had the right to intervene in the affairs of nations living in the eastern part of the world. International terrorism is also an outcome of the idea of orientalism as people of the East started avenging people of the West.

Apart from military conflicts and wars, Orientalism is apparent in Americans’ daily life. Hostility and fear contribute greatly to the emerging misunderstanding between Americans and people of various countries of the Middle East and Asia. For instance, Whites do not understand religious beliefs or traditions of other ethnic groups.

It is possible to assume that Whites are simply unwilling to try to understand others as they continue thinking that they are superior to others. Of course, different traditions may be perceived differently. However, if people knew more about other cultures, this misunderstanding could be eliminated from US society.

Smith also notes that ethnic minorities could achieve more goals in their fight against discrimination if they collaborated and interacted with other ethnic groups (73).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The author stresses that Muslims often use the same patterns as whites do and feel certain hostility to other minorities (Smith 73). Thus, Orientalism in the American society makes people of the East adopt a defensive behavioral pattern as they have to prove they are superior or equal with the rest of the society.

In conclusion, it is possible to state that Orientalism has become one of the factors contributing to the development of tension within American society. At that, people coming from the East often alienate themselves from the rest of society and try to focus on their traditions.

Nonetheless, one of the best ways to diminish tension in society is to start a debate involving all people. All Americans (irrespective of the race, ethnicity, religion, and so on) have to share their views and tell others about their culture. Americans have to understand that they are all truly equal. The concept of Orientalism has to be forgotten and eliminated from US society as it leads to tension and disparity among Americans.

Works Cited Smith, Andrea. “Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy.” Color of Violence. Ed. INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 2006. 66-73. Print.


Film Studies “Fly, Penguin” Essay (Movie Review) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Assignment One: Stories of Human Rights First Response

According to the article “If You Were Me: Human Rights Discourses and Transnational Crossings in South Korean Omnibus Films”, an informed understanding of injustice, discrimination, and social marginality will address most of the problems encountered by different citizens.

The article by Diffrient goes further to explain why many omnibus films in the country water down the language of human rights. According to Diffrient, disrespect of other people’s feelings, narrow-mindedness, and chauvinism are inefficient towards satisfying the requirement of human support and intervention.

The above statement is agreeable because most of the efforts towards better humanitarian interventions are inadequate. According to me, Korea needs new efforts in order to deal with most of the above issues.

The decision by the HRC of Korea to commission the film “Fly, Penguin” shows how the country has failed to support the rights of different citizens. Korean films do not support the needs of many citizens in the country. This is the reason why I am agreeing with the above statement by Diffrient.

New efforts are relevant towards supporting every unfortunate member of society. However, the film does not achieve most of the above goals. The country encounters many challenges such as forced detention, torture, and continued disintegration of civil liberties. I will agree with the author’s statement because most of the efforts towards better humanitarian interventions are inadequate.

New efforts are relevant towards dealing with most of the above issues. The film does a commendable job because it addresses most of the issues affecting the people of Korea. The film presents the most appropriate strategies for dealing with such challenges. The film also makes it easier for the reader to identify the major issues affecting different individuals in society. New efforts and attempts are required to support the rights of different individuals.

Second Response

The article “If You Were Me: Human Rights Discourses and Transnational Crossings in South Korean Omnibus Films” explains why Korea should promote political activism in order to address the challenges encountered by marginalized citizens.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The series “If You Were Me” encourages the society to examine every malpractice encountered in the country. Such malpractices violate different human rights in the country. Some of these malpractices include discrimination and socio-cultural inequality. The important thing is for the government to improve the living conditions of its people.

According to the author, narrow-mindedness, chauvinism, and disrespect of other people’s feelings are inefficient towards satisfying the requirement of human support and intervention. The Human Rights Commission (HRC) of Korea decided to commission the film “Fly, Penguin” in order to support the stories of human rights. The fictional events presented in the film reflect the experiences and challenges encountered by ordinary Koreans.

The film does not show any effort by society or the government to support different human rights. Many Korean “Stories of Human Rights” have failed to support the needs of different individuals across the country.

The film “Fly, Penguin” seems to explain how narrow-mindedness and chauvinism can be essential and sufficient for supporting various human rights. That being the case, I agree with the statement by Diffrient because the film does not address the issues encountered by many Koreans.

The author of the article uses several stories to explain why many citizens are unable to achieve their objectives. The arguments presented by the author are valid and acceptable. The film does a commendable job because it addresses most of the issues affecting the people of Korea. The film presents the most appropriate strategies towards dealing with such challenges.

Assignment Two: “Fly, Penguin” The film “Fly, Penguin” plays a significant role in supporting the challenges encountered by many people in the country. According to this film, many individuals fail because they lack most of their liberties and rights.

The malpractice has made it impossible for many young individuals to achieve their potentials. Gwon and Song are unable to address most of the challenges affecting them. Seung-Hyun fails to achieve his ambitions because his parents are displeased with him.

We will write a custom Essay on Film Studies “Fly, Penguin” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The title of the film explains why society should support the needs of marginalized persons. The title of the movie is also symbolic. Penguins are gigantic birds. These birds are common in the Southern Hemisphere. Penguins are unique because of their inability to fly.

The title “Fly, Penguin,” explains why the country should be ready to support the changing expectations of its citizens. The film uses penguins to symbolize disabled or disadvantaged individuals in society. The Korean government should be ready to address the issues affecting its people.

The title of the film is significant because it promotes the concept of mobility. The title also explains why the government and other agencies should continue supporting different human rights.

The approach is critical towards promoting gender equality, empowerment, and the provision of adequate education. The film also explains why different humanitarian strategies and approaches will be necessary for addressing the challenges affecting many Korean citizens.

The above film is significant because it encourages our agencies to support mobility and human rights. More motion-picture releases such as the “Fly, Penguin” will ensure the Korean society addresses most of the above issues and challenges.

The title of the film encourages society to confront various challenges such as gender discrimination, racial inequality, and ethnic skirmish. Similar films and motion pictures will make it easier for every society to empower its people.


Wendy’s Restaurant Vice President of Operations Report college essay help online: college essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Wendy’s Product Life cycle

Components of Wendy’s Supply Chain Management

Total Quality Management Tool

Just-In-Time Philosophy at Wendy’s

Qualitative and Quantitative Forecasting Methods


Introduction Wendy’s restaurant is the third largest fast-food restaurant in the world (Wendy’s, 2013). It only lags behind Burger King and McDonalds in the selling of the hamburger sandwich. Wendy’s is involved in the business of developing, running, and franchising fast-food restaurants, which serve high-quality foods (Wendy’s, 2013). At the end of 2012, the restaurant had 6186 outlets in North America alone (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 3).

Of those, 1427 restaurants were operated directly by Wendy’s, while the other 4759 outlets were operated by 439 franchises (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 3). Outside North America, Wendy’s has 374 restaurants in 26 countries operated under a franchise system (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 3).

Wendy’s generates its revenues by selling the foods cooked at its restaurants and the products at its bakeries, in addition to the loyalities paid by the franchises operating under its brand (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 3). Wendy’s has also partnered with Tim Hortons Incorporated in a real estate joint venture (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 3).

Wendy’s menu includes hamburger sandwiches, chicken nuggets, french fries, chilli, soft drinks, salads, baked potatoes, kids meals, and frosty desserts (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 4). The chain of restaurants also sells promotional merchandise on a limited time basis (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 4).

The company maintains high quality in the preparation of food by training its employees, doing operational audits, and taking its supervisors for instructive visits (Wendy’s, 2013). The only food the company sells to its franchise stores is sandwich buns. New Barkery Company is owned by Wendy’s and is tasked with the responsibility of supplying buns to some of the restaurant’s branches (Wendy’s, 2013).

As of 2012, Wendy’s hamburgers were supplied across the United States by five independent processors (Wendy’s, 2013). On the other hand, Wendy’s chicken were supplied by six other independent processors in the country (Wendy’s, 2013). The suppliers for raw materials have been operating smoothly with Wendy’s (Wendy’s, 2013).

In 2009, Wendy entered into a deal with it franchises, which is known as the Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc (QSCC), to help manage its contracts for the purchase and distribution of foods in the United States and Canada (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 5). QSCC ensures a smooth flow of supplies to minimize absolete inventory along the supply chain in Canada and the United States (Wendy’s, 2013, p. 5).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Wendy’s Product Life cycle Firms normally introduce new products to keep up with the competition and changing consumer demands (Stevenson


Case of the Donor Services Department Essay custom essay help

Joanna Reed considered all details of the work of the Donor Services Department and found several issues. She understands that the department is not efficient enough as employees do not understand their roles and do not complete their tasks correctly. Joanna concludes that employees need the training to be able to complete their work properly and avoid any errors.

She also believes that the relationships within the department are not adequate as the employees do not respect their supervisor. At the same time, the supervisor lacks experience. Some employees are quite reluctant to work and often spend time talking while others are overwhelmed by the workload. Joanna thinks it is necessary to distribute tasks in a more efficient way. She also notices that the outline of the office is not efficient.

Since the number of employees in the department will increase, Joanna should recommend Sam to implement the change. In the first place, it is possible to start with the office layout. Elena (who has official visitors) should have a separate space (or a separate room) to avoid a lot of distraction as visitors often talk with other employees. It is also necessary to provide separate spaces for employees who complete similar tasks.

Employees need training, and it is essential to launch training sessions. More so, it is crucial to make sure that all workers understand their roles and their competences. Furthermore, employees should get tasks corresponding to their skills and experience. It is also possible to launch some team-building training to improve the atmosphere within the department. Finally, it is essential to work on motivation.

Translators may get training (if necessary) and work with English-speaking visitors. At that, there is minimum translation now, and the work completed by other employees should be delegated to translators.

Sam and Jose are inspirational leaders, but their style is laissez-faire. Leaders of this kind give a lot of freedom to their employees. Thus, Sam relies on Jose, who completes a part of his work exceptionally but lacks for attention to details concerning administrative work. Jose also relies on Elena and prefers spending time in the field working with people. Employees respect Sam and Jose.

However, this leadership style can be used with highly professional and trained employees who can work without supervision. This is not the case with the department in question. Elena is meticulous and does her job well. She sees the flaws of other employees but she does not want to confront them. Elena’s leadership style is democratic and sometimes laissez-faire. She tries to help employees and she listens to their ideas and complaints.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, Elena does not exercise authority in the department and does not want to take hard decisions. In this department, these leadership styles will not work as employees lack for training, experience and ability to work in a team. Performance of employees and the entire department is poor, as a result.

It is possible to use autocratic style to develop a team of professionals and after that, the leader (for instance, Elena) can use democratic or even laissez-faire style.

As has been mentioned above, employees are not motivated enough. In this department, training can be one of the most effective motivation strategies. Employees should know how to work efficiently. Besides, translators should be equally involved in the work with English-speaking visitors.

They can also perform different administrative tasks to assist those who are overwhelmed by paperwork. Magdalena should not complete tasks that are below her level of competence and this will also be a motivation strategy. Clearly, monetary rewards or extra days off can be very motivational as well.

It is also important to handle Juana who shows disrespect and distracts other employees. First, it is necessary to explain to Juana as well as the rest of the employees (especially bilingual ones) that Elena is a highly professional supervisor who can run the office.

These employees should also understand their roles. It is possible to have a conversation with Juana and discuss such issues as respect, authority, subordination, ethics and so on. It can be effective to develop a code of conduct to prevent Juana and other employees from humiliating others. There is no need in firing her as she is a professional who fulfills her tasks properly.

There are some cultural factors affecting the case. One of the issues is religion. Elena practices another religion and other employees often offend her because of this. Admittedly, in Latin America, issues concerning religion are very serious and people pay a lot of attention to it.

We will write a custom Essay on Case of the Donor Services Department specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Apart from this, there is an issue concerning status. Bilingual employees expect to have more well-paid jobs and more respect due to their knowledge of another language. It is important to take this cultural peculiarity when implementing changes in the department. Of course, there is a lot of communication between English-speaking people and locals. This can result in numerous misunderstandings as still the culture of local people differs from that of visitors.


E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Abstract Business enterprises operate in competitive environments, which compel them to use data mining methodologies to convert unstructured data into information for business intelligence. The data consisting of millions of transactions is used to fragment existing and target markets according to consumer behavior.

Here, the business intelligence information gained from data mining is also used to detect fraud, understand consumer behavior, gain deeper insight into business operations, and to benchmark business operations based on data classification, prediction, and association rules.

Introduction Many organisations struggling to remain competitive in the market use data mining to gain business intelligence information. Business intelligence is important for forecast demand management, supply chain management, cost management, category management, and to exploit existing business intelligence opportunities to improve the core business processes (Giudici 69).

For instance, Intel uses data mining to strategically access business intelligence information, which yields accurate information for effective decision making to enhance value creation opportunities at different strategic levels of the organization (Giudici 89).

Literature review Many organizations have established that data mining is a new powerful tool that has been integrated into the business practices of different firms for analyzing large amounts of unstructured data to discover new and emerging trends in the fiercely competitive markets. Here, business organizations use automatic methods to analyze data from large databases to establish previously unknown patterns of data.

The amounts of business data, which is generated from millions of transactions, cannot be processed promptly using traditional mechanisms. However, with the advent of new technologies, which have high processing powers, large amounts of unstructured raw data can be mined and processed in a short time form large data warehouses (Delmater and Hancock 2).

Intel is one of the examples of firms, which mine data from different data warehouses to evaluate the company’s performance by benchmarking her business processes against successful business practices. The tangible benefits that accrue from lintel’s business processes include the elimination of unnecessary costs using analytical reports to determine the performance and trend of the business.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Data mining process The data mining process consists of data classification, prediction, and association rules.

To ensure that the data, which is mined for business intelligence is used appropriately to meet Intel’s business goals and objectives, Intel first classifies unknown data according to established classification rules. The process includes identifying 90% of the portions of data of the organisation, which has not been classified for current and future use by ensuring that the classification process factors the goals or the purpose for, which the data to be used.

The classification process captures data from different sources in different unstructured forms, which when processes into information is used to determine the economies of scale, switching costs, business capital requirements, the degree of fragmentation and concentration of the business, the potential for globalisation, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, threats of substitutes, business growth rates, the cost advantages of the business, and the degree of intensity of competition (Kudyba and Hoptroff 34).

The data is derived from the millions of transactions involving the suppliers, information about the customers, and the day to day transactions and operations.

Data mining for business intelligence A case in point is Intel. Intel uses data mining to shift through large amounts of data to establish the relationship between data sets, anomalies in business activities, significant business facts and patterns, existing and emerging trends, and to make decisions on the approach to use to make sales.

In addition, it is used to determine product ranges, establish and develop better marketing strategies, and determine the strategic approaches for creating customer royalties (Sofaer 23).

Market segmentation is used by companies to determine and classify customers with the same buying behavior.

We will write a custom Research Paper on E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, the data provides accurate predictions of trends of loyal customers for competitors to predict and avoid customer churn, determine fraudulent transactions, identify the most appropriate interactive marketing strategies, establish the purchasing trends of customers, and establish the purchasing trends and behavior of the customers (Larson 39).

Sources of data Organisations look for different sources of data, which is mined to address different business needs in different environments and the typical sources of data include website data mining, journals, and e-commerce stores. Such data can be precious when launching new products into the market.

Problem statement Many business organisations make inaccurate decisions because they have not integrated data mining tools to make real time and accurate information to establish, predict, and determine accurately the market segments, detect fraud, and determine the marketing strategies for effective decision making.

To address the problem, this study will analyse the data mining processes, and its benefits, which organisations use as a source of business intelligence reports for accurate and effective decision making.

Objectives Determine how organisations use data mining as a tool to generate business intelligence information

Identify the data mining process that is used by organisations to organise unstructured data for decision making

To determine areas where organizations can use data mining for effective decision making

Scope The scope of the study is to cover study data mining as a process, the areas where data mining can be applied in business organizations, its use in business organizations such as Intel, and the sources of data that is used in data mining.

Research Methodology (Qualitative) The method of inquiry used to achieve the objectives of the study was qualitative research method (Sofaer 45). The method allowed the use of Intel and an example to build the study and the literature on data mining for business intelligence to analyze the findings.

Model The research model consists of the process for data mining, the use of a typical real-world example, which use data mining to organize unstructured data into information for business intelligence as graphically presented below

Results and Analysis The results of the qualitative study, which were based on the objectives and scope of the study, are discussed below.

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The results of the study showed that business organisations use data mining for business intelligence, which is crucial for determining the current patterns of data consumer behavior.

Intel is one example of the companies, which combine different technologies, architectures and methodologies to mine data for business intelligence, which is used for accurate decision making, which is necessary for conducting cost effective business transactions. In addition, the study shows that Intel uses the data to benchmark its business operations and performance to determine the benefits that accrue from its business operations.

Objective two

The data mining process that companies use to accurately organise unstructured data into business intelligence information includes classifying the data into known and unknown categories. The known category of data exists in established patterns and the unknown category of data has to be organised into specific patterns using the rules that for classifying the data into the known categories.

The prediction process is used to establish the probability of the certain business trends such as the changing buyer behavior according to the dynamic business environment.

Gradually, the association rules are used to determine what and why certain actions have to be performed to achieve business goals and objectives.

Objective three

Data mining provides business intelligence information that can be used to make decisions to determine the right market segments, marketing strategies, to detect instances of fraud, and determine the rate of customer turnover to other business competitors (Howson 75).

Conclusions The motivation for the study was to determine the rationale for using data mining as a strategic business tool for business intelligence. It was established that data mining is a crucial tool that competing organisations such as Intel use to organise millions of unstructured business transactions into information to influence decision making.

The study showed that data mining can be used to determine market competiveness, consumer behavior, market segmentation, market trends, marketing strategies, and customer movements.

The approach used automated predictions and discovery mechanisms to organise unknown patterns of data into information for decision making. Here, the benefits from the study included Information integration, enhanced presentation capabilities, insight creation, better organisational memory, benchmarking, and effective decision making.

Works Cited Delmater, Rhonda, and M. Hancock. Data mining explained: a manager’s guide to customer-centric business intelligence. New York, Digital Press, 2001. Print.

Giudici, Paolo. Applied data mining: statistical methods for business and industry. New York: John Wiley


Literature Studies: Toni Morrison’s Story Essay essay help free

Introduction Toni Morrison tells a story of coming home. Her protagonist and his sister have to make a long trip to their home as well as to their selves. Frank had loads of terrifying experiences during the war and in his postwar life. His sister, Cee, almost died, and this experience also made her reconsider her views.

These experiences change a person. Howa ever, Frank and Cee also had to endure moments of shame and remorse that made them more determined to find themselves and come home.

It is possible to note that Morrison’s characters had to go through moments of shame and remorse too, finally, understand who they are, and their experience (whatever short or insignificant they might seem) may help me become a better person who can stand up to certain and change the world for better.

Frank and Cee Frank’ Experience

Frank had to live through a lot of horrible moments but a moment associated with the little Korean girl made a very strong impression on him. Frank saw that “barefoot escapee” when he was on duty, and he had quit mixed feelings (Morrison 11). There was a pity (as the wretched child was miserable) and some degree of disgust (as she was scavenging garbage).

It is noteworthy that he was unsure as to how to react. However, when another soldier killed the poor girl, Frank was bewildered. He did not try to save her. Clearly, in this episode, Frank was not responsible for the girl’s death as he did not kill her. Nevertheless, he felt severe remorse since he did not prevent the murder.

The Consequence

This short episode had a profound effect on Frank and made him come back home and find himself. Frank never forgot the murder of the girl and his inability to act. He went on living “beat up with shame” (Morrison 77). Notably, this shame made him start his quest and save another little girl, his sister (as he was attached to this young woman who was always a little girl for him). He started thinking about his life and the sense of it.

Frank turned back the shameful memory and, eventually, he understood that “maybe his life had been preserved for Cee” (Morrison 34). The shame became a potent force that made the man be bold and find his sister, his home and his self. It is necessary to add that Cee was the link between him and his home as well as his real self.

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Cee also experienced some shameful moments but one of the most painful ones was the end of her relationship with Prince who betrayed her hopes. Cee strived for “a shiny life in the city” (Morrison 49). She thought she had anything she ever wanted as she was with the man she loved and he took her to her dream life. She thought the city life was best for her. However, the man betrayed her and she was left alone.

This shame also made the young woman understand that she could not be home in the city as she did not belong there. The undeserving man abandoned her, and this is a shame any woman tries to avoid and/or escape. The end of the relationship and events that followed were Cee’s first steps on her path to her real self and her home. Of course, her brother helped her and she, finally, managed to feel she was home.

Personal Experience I also had a shameful experience that was quite short and could pass unnoticed. I have to note that I am not very attentive and rarely paid attention to what is going on around me. In my childhood, I was even less attentive. I was going in a subway car at rush hour. I had my backpack in my hands as I could not possible have it on my back. As usual, I was thinking about something pleasant.

My brother was not far from me. Suddenly, I looked down and noticed a hand reaching a woman’s handbag. I was astonished and quite shocked, but intuitively I tried to lift my backpack. The woman who stood beside me also lifted her bag. Luckily, there was a stop, and the hand did not manage to reach the bag. I was really ashamed as I had always thought I was a very brave person. However, in the moment of danger, I turned out to be a coward.

Similar Experiences My Shameful Episode

Reading Morrison’s book made me reconsider my childhood experience. I think Frank’s and my experiences are quite similar. Of course, I did not witness a murder but I almost witnessed a theft that is also a crime. More importantly, I (just as Frank) could have prevented the crime, but I did not do it. Of course, I also felt shame and remorse. I tried to forget this unpleasant experience.

When I read about Frank’s determination, I understood that my unpleasant experience and remorse could also make me a more committed person. I used to think that there was nothing special and I had to forget about it as the theft never happened. Now I understand that it is my duty to be more cautious and try to prevent wrongful actions. I believe that the world can become better if each person is more attentive and responsible.

The Consequence

Frank’s experience and his choices affected my life in a certain way. Frank found his self when he changed his attitude towards his deed. I also changed my opinion as I used to see that episode as a source of remorse and shame, but now I understand that it was a valuable experience.

We will write a custom Essay on Literature Studies: Toni Morrison’s Story specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This experience made me think of a job that could contribute to the development of society or my community. I have not decided yet on the profession I will choose. However, I will make this world better.

Conclusion On balance, it is possible to note that Toni Morrison created two lively characters who teach valuable lessons through their experiences. Thus, I learned that even the shortest and seemingly unimportant episode in a human’s life could have a significant impact on his/her life.

My shameful experience was slight pain and caused some remorse, but the book or rather the story of the young man made me understand that my episode was my first step to my real self. At present, I think I can become more responsible and determined. Perhaps, this determination will save somebody’s property or life and will make the world better.

Works Cited Morrison, Toni. Home. New York, NY: Vintage, 2013. Print.


The Music Band’s Parmalee Promotion Term Paper essay help online

Admittedly, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate visual and verbal message to attract the target audience. The flyers used as well as Facebook posts have to include the most evocative messages which can be created with the help of images, colors, layout and so on.

The band performs country music with some elements of rock. Therefore, it is possible to make focus on such elements as country music, rock, exclusiveness, openness, and closeness. At that, it is crucial to make sure that performers, as well as their albums, will be present at the ads and recognized by the audience.

Thus, it is possible to use a cover page of Parmalee’s album Feels like Carolina (2014). The image is informative and evocative (see figure 1). In the first place, it contains a photo of the performers. Thus, viewers can see their idols and get ‘acquainted’ with them. Notably, the performers are wearing jeans and some shirts which are common for casual style. In fact, this is the clothes Americans wear.

The tattoos and jewelry hints that performers like rock style and their music has elements of this kind of music. Colors used to create a calm atmosphere as green, blue and grey are utilized. Admittedly, these are colors of a calm and relaxed mood. Thus, a feeling of home or a place where one wants to stay is created. Country music is associated with such emotions.

Furthermore, the background of the image is the landscape, which is typical of Carolina as well as other American states. As has been mentioned above, the verbal message is also essential.

There are three simple words at the top of the page, “Feels like Carolina” (Feels like Carolina, 2014). The words are linked to the messages created by the images and layout. It is clear that these guys are making music which is close and understandable to every American’s heart.

The other photo used also creates a calming atmosphere but it adds another meaning as well. The performers are depicted sitting at the table (Parmalee: Home, 2014). It looks like the performers are sitting at someone’s home (see figure 2). Colors are also calm as blue and grey tinges are employed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At the same time, this can be such a setting as a bar or a club. The verbal message enhances the idea of exclusiveness and inclusiveness at the same time. It is clear that people depicted are members of an elite group but they are very friendly and even inviting. Thus, the image also exploits the emotional element. The performers are smiling and look very friendly. This appeals to the audience and people want to join such a friendly elite group.

To sum up, it is possible to state that the choice of photos is effective as they help to communicate major messages to the target audience. The image creates an atmosphere of an inviting and relaxed place where people want to stay. It is clear that the band performs country with elements of rock which is close and understandable for Americans.

Reference List Feels like Carolina [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from

Parmalee: Home [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from

Appendix Figure 1. Feels like Carolina



Film Studies: Chilsu and Mansu by Park Kwang-su Essay (Movie Review) essay help online: essay help online

The film Chilsu and Mansu directed by Park Kwang-su throws light on the experiences of two men who are both economically and politically marginalized. This movie incorporates the elements of different genres, and this approach can give readers better insights into the worldviews of the protagonists, their emotional problems, and their discontent.

Furthermore, this movie shows how two people try to emphasize their masculinity. To a great extent, the authors of this film explore the opinions of young Korean people who did not benefit from the rapid economic growth of their country. These are the main issues that can be identified.

To some degree, this movie can be viewed as a melodrama. This issue is particularly relevant if one speaks about the relations between Chilsu and a girl, named Jina. The protagonist understands that it would be extremely difficult for him to remain with her because she has more opportunities for achieving a higher status in the society. This is one of the reasons why he experiences discontent and despair. This theme is an important element of this film.

Additionally, the dramatic aspects of this movie are particularly important if one speaks about the relations between Chilsu and his sister who is disowned by the parents. Apart from that, this film incorporates the elements of a farce. This comedic effect is partly produced by Chilsu’s attempts to produce a strong impression on Jina.

He tries to look like a well-to-do person. However, these attempts are not convincing. To some degree, this person evokes compassion or empathy. Thus, one can say that the film represents various genres, and this technique is skillfully applied.

Additionally, this film has the elements of the so-called buddy movie. In other words, this film focuses on the relations between two males who struggle with various emotional problems. Chilsu and Mansu are individuals who want to show that they are able to act in a courageous way. To a great extent, they want to highlight their masculinity. This is one of the reasons why they enter into conflict with authorities.

It should be noted that the film-makers depict the time when Korea was only passing through the period of dramatic political transformation, but it was not a fully democratic country. Therefore, the protagonist could face significant risks by confronting governmental officials. This is one of the points that should be considered.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Finally, one should speak about the ending of this film. The main characters protest near the billboard that they just completed. These people want to express their disagreement with the social and political status quo.

The film-director chooses such an ending because it shows how Korean youth perceived the dramatic transformation of their country and its economic development. In many cases, these people could be bitterly frustrated. More importantly, such people as Chilsu and Mansu could be simply marginalized by the society.

On the whole, this discussion indicates that the film Chilsu and Mansu can be viewed as a thought-provoking cinematographic work which can show how people try to adjust to the changing social conditions.

The film incorporates different genres, and this approach enables film-makers to explore the inner world of the main characters, their desires, and attitudes. This movie illustrates the cultural transformation of Korea during the late eighties. These are some of the main details that can be singled out.


The Ford-Firestone Brawl Company’s Decision Essay college admissions essay help

Why Ford might have decided to continue with the production of the Explorer SUV despite its own studies showing that the vehicle was unstable?

The decision made by Ford to carry on with the production of the ‘Ford-Explorer’ also known as a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was grounded on the returns generated for the firm through the sale of SUVs. The firm’s market demand for SUV had increased across the globe. Thus, considering the improved market demand for the new SUV, Ford wanted a faster and cheaper way to produce the commodity.

However, such decisions to continue with the production of the SUV despite being unstable were mainly based on the aspect of time saving as well as meeting the targeted production capacities to satiate the market demand. Ford knew that delayed production of the SUV would give leeway for market competition (Brooks


Religious Studies: the Protestant Reformation Report (Assessment) college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works cited

Introduction Protestant Reformation was an overhaul of Catholicism, which occurred in the 1500s. The Roman Catholic church was embroiled in a conflict with the protestants over church doctrines.

Purists from the West objected to the running of the Catholic church. In fact, the purists were against issues like the sale of indulgence and divine priesthood, among others. Other issue included access to the Holy Bible. This paper will explore religious occurrences in the 1500s. In addition, the paper will provide four main reasons for choosing protestant in the 1500’s Europe (Wilson 1).

Discussion Firstly, Catholicism considered priests as divine in their ministry. This belief did not resonate well with the protestants. The latter wanted priests to be considered ordinary and liable to mistakes. However, based on the pope’s argument, the priesthood was a reserve of a few.

Further regulations that the priests could not marry made it difficult for protestants to join the priesthood. Priesthood infringed on people’s right to marry. Moreover, Catholic priests wanted rich lifestyles; this made it difficult for them to focus on evangelism. Therefore, protestants could be considered superior in this regard (Hodges 1).

Secondly, protestants allowed worshippers to access Bible for spiritual gain. By enhancing access to the Bible, protestants promoted understanding of this book through religious study. On the other hand, the Roman Catholic doctrines did not permit people to read the Bible or get a copy of it.

The pope wanted the Bible to be in one language only (Latin). In this regard, Catholicism wanted to control people, as well as dictate their religious groupings. This was quite damaging to the spread of the gospel, which aimed at reaching every nation and language as directed by Jesus Christ before his ascension (Hodges 1).

Thirdly, the forgiveness of sins also became controversial in the Roman Catholic church. People’s sins could be forgiven by paying money or donating to the church. Moreover, the Catholic Church believed that forgiveness of sins could also be achieved through prayers. This belief was wrong since it encouraged people to commit sins and compensate it through donations to the churches.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, people would just confess their sins to the priests and believe that they would be forgiven. According to protestants, sins could only be forgiven by God or Jesus. Protestants’ argument resonated well with the scriptures. In essence, the sale of indulgence was improper in Catholicism (Zucker and Beth 1).

Finally, Catholic church members assumed that one had to go through a priest to meet God. This action restricted worshipers from reaching God. Additionally, this technique was also used to deny worshippers the right to read the Bible.

However, protestants’ insistence on God as omnipresent enabled worshippers to meet God at a personal level. Catholicism’s assertion that only the priest could find God was wrong. In essence, reaching God at a personal level enabled people to worship him whenever necessary (Zucker and Beth 1).

Conclusion Protestant Reformation in the 1500s ushered in a blood bath between Catholics members and Protestants. Sale of indulgence was of great significance to Catholicism while the protestants remained strong in pursuing what they considered pure.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that the sale of indulgences, the role of priests, the definition of God and his ability to be omnipresent, as well as access to the Bible, among others, was unacceptable in the true body of Christ. In this regard, Protestant was a better choice than Catholicism in 1500’s Europe.

Works cited Hodges, Miles. THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION (Early 1500s to Mid 1600s). 2002. Web. 6 Jul. 2014. .

Wilson, John. The Reformation in Europe (1500-1700). 6 Jul. 2014. Web. 6 Jul. 2014. .

We will write a custom Assessment on Religious Studies: the Protestant Reformation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Zucker, Steven and Harris Beth. 1500-1600- End of the Renaissance and the Reformation. 6 Jul. 2014. Web. 6 Jul. 2014. .


Film Studies: Nowhere to Hide and Aimless Bullet Essay (Movie Review) college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Masculinity The sets of masculinities depicted by the subject characters (Detective Woo, Detective Kim and Sungmin) are coherent with those of the corrupt cops and the robbers as well as the crime incidences. First, the movie titled as Nowhere to Hide relays an outstanding attribute where crimes arise from the male characters.

On the other hand, the investigators are aspired by the rise of the crimes that dictate the roles of detectives in the society. Essentially, men assume the role of serving and solving the recurring occurrences (Seung, 2005). In various instances, the interrogation of the suspects involves fierce strategies while retrieving information. The violence is apparent when a suspect is a male, which leads to bloodshed as men do not release information easily.

Other instances of masculinity observed within the movie involve fighting between the men. They use power and strength to achieve their aims. This aspect is not only revealed by the detectives while arresting suspects, but also by the suspects and robbers.

The outstanding character of Detective Woo is on his guts and fearlessness to face the prevailing situation. Even though the detective is not too bright, his partner (Detective Kim) becomes the exact opposite with a great reasoning capacity. The two characters are challenged with the intelligent, resourceful, daring, and skilled villain namely Sungmin.

Editing and Visual Effects The movie uses various repeated tactics involving the application of classic Korean music fitted into the right contexts of leisure experienced by the characters (Seung, 2005). For instance, the rock music performed by Cherry Filter has been used in it.

Nowhere to Hide Masculinity

The characters of the film titled as Nowhere to Hide relays various personalities of masculine nature. These personalities are revealed by the instances where men take major roles in committing crimes. There are aspects of untrustworthiness where cops associate with the robbers for personal benefits.

Furthermore, the most pertinent villain namely Sungmin is a man who does not only fight with Detective Woo and Detective Kim, but he also harbors illegal crime networks preserved through confidentiality and loyalty from his followers. The cops and the robbers are involved in fights amidst themselves. These masculine characters have been portrayed throughout the movie as crucial aspects.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The detectives fight out of anger while bringing the male suspects into custody. This trait is also practical when the detectives try to retrieve information from the suspects. On other instances, it is evident that Sungmin has the guts to act against the law through such actions as killing people and robbing (Seung, 2005).

This personality is coherent with the one of Detective Woo who does not care about the consequences of investigating against the law. He assumes that his goal is to protect the public and eliminate the villains by any possible strategy. However, Detective Kim is reasonable and cares about these legal strategies.

Editing and Visual Effects

The organization of this movie from the analysis of the basic issues of crime activities is not fully coherent. For instance, it is not clear why Sungmin becomes the most pertinent villain among others. Probably, the director can show why the prevailing crime being discussed is more vital in the movie than others.

However, there is a strategic placement of classic music within the episodes and clear pictures edited in a contextual manner. These are backed with quality soundtracks among other features. The movie has been recorded in a real context without much enhanced editing except at the instances of matching clips and inserting the minor attributes such as words.

Assignment 2 Comforts and Consequences

The movie titled Aimless Bullet depicts the various attributes characterizing family struggles and the part played by each person (Shin, 2005). For instance, Song Chul-ho takes responsibility of the extended family, since he is the oldest brother. The responsibility becomes overwhelming, since his income is low to sustain the whole family.

This responsibility disallows the chance to treat the dental problems, arouses differences between the brothers, and forces the younger sister towards prostitution. The young brother is not bothered about the needs of the family. Therefore, he plays as the villain who disorients the moods of other family members at his comfort. Essentially, he rarely bothers about his efforts in securing a job that can provide for him as well as the whole family.

The pregnant wife of Song is worried about the well-being of the husband (Jeong, 2006). However, the husband assumes that everything is going on properly to avoid stressing her during the pregnancy. Furthermore, the children do not only demand their father to provide for them, but also seek him to create time for family leisure.

We will write a custom Essay on Film Studies: Nowhere to Hide and Aimless Bullet specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is apparent that the younger brother is comfortable because the family responsibilities are at the hands of another person. The younger sister becomes a prostitute due to bad company (Shin, 2005). Whereas all these occurrences appear, the mother of Song has not been considered to have real comforts as she suffers from a mental illness. Her comfort is dependent on the assistances that she gets from the family members.

References Jeong, K. (2006). Nation Rebuilding and Postwar South Korean Cinema: The Coachman and The Stray Bullet. Journal of Korean Studies, 11(1), 127-162.

Seung, H. (2005). Toward a strategic Korean cinephilia: a transnational hollywood melodrama. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Shin, J. (2005). Globalisation and New Korean Cinema. Edinburgh University Press, 4(11), 51-62


Criminology Issues in Chicago Proposal college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Problem statement

Program Design and Narrative

Proposed Method of Implementation

Reference List

Introduction Chicago, sometimes called “the Windy City”, is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country; however, it also does have its share of crime resulting in the need to protect witnesses to ensure that a proper prosecution of criminals is implemented.

The city is divided into a standard grid with the financial business district located in the city center with areas related to manufacturing such as factories and warehouses located within the outskirts of the city with various apartment buildings, malls and government offices radiating out from the center. Roughly an hour away from the city, are the various sub-urban districts which consist of middle to high income families.

All in all, Chicago is quite similar to many of the major metropolitan centers of the country with its only distinction being its rather strong weather patterns and higher amounts of factories that are located near the city center as compared to areas such as Manhattan and L.A. that have their factories located farther out from the city.

Problem statement One of the current problems when it comes to dealing with organized crime syndicates within the city is the fact that they have the propensity of “silencing witnesses” (i.e. killing them) in order to ensure that a conviction is not implemented.

It is due to this that proper witness protection programs need to be implemented to ensure that witnesses continue to survive until they are needed and for a time after a conviction has been made to ensure that they continue to stay alive.

Program Design and Narrative The program design focuses on using a series of apartments located in the central business district of the city to hide the witnesses in plain sight. The logic behind this plan is that most of the apartments located near the central business district are popular and frequently trafficked, as such, this results in a considerable amount of private security already implemented within the area (Bhuckory, 2013).

It should also be noted that by placing witnesses in apartments located within the city itself, this helps to limit the amount of distance between them and the courthouse. The end result is a decrease in the potential for the witness to be killed on the way to the location.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proposed Method of Implementation The proposed method of implementation is actually quite simple; the apartments will be bought under a pseudonym by the Chicago Police Department using the $500,000 in funds that will be provided. Once the apartments have been bought, witnesses can be brought into the apartment via the basement parking level of the building to avoid people from identifying the witness.

After the witness is safely inside the apartment, a guard detail will be placed to look after the witness while at the same time food will be brought in via a person going out to buy the food instead of having the food delivered to the apartment. This helps to further reduce the potential that someone might see the face of the witness and relay it to the criminal syndicate that might be after them (Employee Whistle Blower Protections, 2014).

Once the court date is near, the witness will be brought to the basement garage of the apartment building and from there they will be transported via a car to the courthouse in order to testify against the criminal in question.

Once a sufficient testimony has been given, the witness will be transported back to the apartment where they will wait for the decision of the jury. After a verdict regarding the criminal case has been successfully pushed through, the witness will be guarded at the apartment for at least 2 more weeks before they will be allowed to go back to their ordinary life.

It is expected that through the implementation of such precautions and with the use of the funds that will be donated, more witnesses will be willing to testify in court against the various criminal syndicates that are operating in Chicago since they will know that they will be safeguarded properly by the police (Paunovió, Staršević


Psychological Disorders Problem Essay best essay help: best essay help

Scientists have several theories on the causes of autism. It is possible to single out three major perspectives: genetics, prenatal development, and postnatal causes. Thus, scientists believe that genetics pays a predominant role in the development of autism though it is still unclear which genes are responsible for the development of this disorder and whether it is inheritable (Mash and Wolfe, 2013).

The next cause which significantly affects the development of the disease is the prenatal environment. Thus, the mother can get ill (especially infectious disease) or be exposed to substances. This can contribute to abnormal development of the fetus and lead to the development of autism. The third cause is rather irrelevant, and it involves infectious disorders of children which cause autism.

Learning disorders are associated with genetic influences, brain connections, and ear infections. Some children with learning disabilities inherit these disorders though scientists are unsure of the way genes are inherited. Distorted brain connections also contribute to the development of learning disabilities.

Hence, dyslexia is strongly correlated with abnormal brain connections (Norton, 2013). Ear infections prevent children from properly hearing and decoding verbal signals and they start lagging behind, become inattentive and so on.

The biopsychosocial model can be used to evaluate a child’s development as all major factors affecting his/her functioning can be taken into account. I believe all these factors are closely connected. For instance, when a child is ill and has to stay home because of a simple cold, his/her mood can worsen.

A child with a disability can develop depression as he/she feels a stranger and a person who is not wanted or even disliked. Admittedly, in less well-to-do families, children can have even greater psychological load due to inability to access high-quality medication or treatment.

Stalking Stalking should be seen as a serious crime as it often leads to homicide. Notably, common victims of stalkers are their intimate partners (Gosselin, 2014). This peculiarity leads to numerous complications. Thus, victims often try to solve the issue without addressing police, which only worsens the situation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The cases Crawford v. Washington and Giles v. California had a certain effect on the court’s response to intimate partner violence (Crawford v. Washington, 2011; Giles v. California, 2011). Offenders were judged in a more strict way as out-of-court testimonials were seen as permissible.

Therefore, prosecutors could gather more substantial evidence to convict offenders of their crimes. This will positively affect the situation as stalkers will have to think twice before they start their illegal actions.

It is necessary to note that stalkers are predominantly males (mostly heterosexual) and almost half of them are Caucasian and single. These characteristic features of a stalker can provide insights into the nature of stalking. First of all, it seems that stalking can be related to the concept of masculinity and possessiveness. Men cannot let their partners go and believe they have the right to force the partners to remain with them.

It is quite surprising that only half of stalkers are single. I have always thought that a stalker is a single often unemployed male with certain psychological disorders. The fact that married or non-single men are stalkers suggests that the problem rooted much deeper.

It is necessary to study the issue to understand what exactly makes stalkers pursue their victims. It is also necessary to implement research to identify possible genetic, psychological, socioeconomic causes of the problem. It can be also interesting to identify the particular reason why females rarely resort to stalking.

Memory, Information, Sleep It is possible to single out three major types of memory: short-term, long-term memory and sensory memory (Types of memory, 2010). Sensory memory enables people to remember information for a second and it cannot be prolonged even with the help of rehearsal. Short-term memory lasts for a minute but can be prolonged though rehearsal. Long-term memory stores information for an indefinite time, for whole life, for example.

Long-term memory can be explicit or implicit. The former is unconscious and the latter s conscious. Explicit memory is all about events and facts. People can easily retrieve it consciously. Implicit memory is often related to body movements and skills, for example, playing the guitar, riding a bike and so on.

We will write a custom Essay on Psychological Disorders Problem specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Information is transferred from one hemisphere to the other with the help of small commissures (Kalat, 2013). Anterior, posterior and hippocampal commissure are involved in this transfer. Information transfer from one hemisphere to the other is essential for proper functioning of a human body as one skill or action may require impulses from both hemispheres.

Sleep is closely connected with depression. Lack of sleep can cause depression and, vice versa; depression often leads to insomnia (Kalat, 2013). It has been acknowledged that lack of sleep leads to the development of numerous psychological disorders as the brain is not fully restored. Depression is often associated with anxiety and insomnia which worsen the patient’s condition.

There are two major types of depression treatment: the use pharmaceuticals and cognitive behavioral therapy. Drugs provide certain elements to the brain to block depressive mood. As far as I am concerned, it is better to identify reasons for depression and try to help the patient cope with his/her issues. Dependence on drugs will not help people live full lives and solve numerous issues our life has to offer.

Reference List Crawford v. Washington. (2011). Retrieved from

Giles v. California. (2011). Retrieved from

Gosselin, D.K. (2014). Heavy hands: An introduction to the crimes of family violence. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Kalat, J.W. (2013). Biological psychology. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Mash, E.J.,


American Architecture “Fallingwater” Essay essay help site:edu

A building that amazingly combines the elements of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmony, and the designing solutions, which serve as the characteristics of the Western esthetics, Fallingwater is one of the most famous buildings in the history of the American architecture.

Wright, however, clearly preferred the postulates of the Chinese wisdom of the Feng Shui philosophy (Fiero 21) to the pragmatic concepts of Western architecture. A single look at the building is enough to understand that the house is supposed to represent the universal harmony that the Feng Shui philosophy is based on. To be more specific, the spaciousness of the house allows for the flow of positive energy, which is known in the Chinese philosophy as chi.

However, by far the greatest step towards creating an environment where Feng Shui principles rule, the incorporation of such crucial elements of the Feng Shui philosophy as earth and water must be mentioned. Indeed, a closer look at the building and its location will reveal that the building is located in close proximity to the waterfall of Bear Run and the Mill Run River.

As far as the earth symbol of the Feng Shui philosophy is concerned, it is represented by the location of the house, i.e., the land that the Fallingwater rests on, as well as the numerous trees that it is surrounded with.

Thus, the very environment of the place predetermines a perfect flow of chi in accordance with the Chinese philosophy and the concept of “organic architecture”. In a way, the look of the house is quite similar to the structure of a Japanese Pagoda; the same multilayered structure is the key feature of the latter.

The design of the interior and exterior of the house also aligns with the key principles of Feng Shui, particularly, with the concept of oneness and the principle of energy circulation. Speaking of the exterior of the house, one must mention its shape.

The first detail that falls into one’s eye immediately is the clever use of shape, as well as unique line work. The curvy shape of the exterior allows for creating an impression of the additional spaciousness and, therefore, the feeling of openness, which is quite alien to the Western culture and the Western principles of architecture.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The same can be said about the interior of the building (Fiero 21). In contrast to the traditional Western principles of architecture, FLW did not attempt at making the elements of the urban design evident; quite on the contrary, every single design choice seemed to conceal any presence of civilization and create an illusion of the nature taking over the place completely.

For example, the low level, at which the elements of the house furniture were located, could be interpreted as a means to bring the element of the earth closer to the resident of the Fallingwater. Likewise, most of the elements that are crucial for the household, including kitchen utensils, bathroom, etc., were made barely visible, while the concepts that were supposed to marry nature and civilization were constantly on a display.

Finally, such detail as color should be noted to add to the impression of Fallingwater being the representation of the Feng Shui philosophy. There is no need to stress that urban architecture traditionally does not presuppose active use of bright colors quite, on the contrary, most of the latter are rather inexpressive.

However, the choice of colors that are traditionally made by urban architects does not align with the palette used for Fallingwater either. Instead of using the colors that remind of steel, concrete and other elements of the urban design, FLW chose the palette that could mask the house as a part of the landscape. For example, the outside of the house is barely visible on the background, with grayish and brownish color cast reminding of stone and wood.

The interior also reminds one of the woods; however, inside the house, the colors are slightly more saturated. Thus, the yin (the darker and the subordinate element) and yang (the lighter and the superior element) are intertwined and incorporated into the overall design of the house interior.

One might argue that the darker colors, which the design of the interior is based on, may create a rather gloomy atmosphere; however, inside the house, the colors are also balanced in a very original way.

Unlike the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the house, the furniture is of much lighter color shade, from walnut to ivory. As a result, the contrast between the designs of the aforementioned interior elements is far from striking, yet it still creates a unique peaceful mood.

We will write a custom Essay on American Architecture “Fallingwater” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It seems that the Fallingwater house and property require very expensive maintenance and preservation procedures. However, it would be wrong to consider Fallingwater a waste of money. Instead, it should be viewed as a cultural heritage of the era and the amazing brainchild of a genius architect. Despite the costs, Fallingwater is the building that is worth preserving.

Works Cited Fiero, Gloria. The Humanistic Tradition, Book 6: Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Global Perspective. New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill Humanities. 2010. Print.


Psychology Issues: Asperger Syndrome Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Diagnostic criteria

Possible causes of this disorder



Reference List

Introduction This research paper is aimed at analyzing such a disorder as Asperger syndrome. In particular, it is necessary to examine the diagnostic criteria according to which medical workers can identify this illness. Secondly, one should discuss possible causes of this disorder. Furthermore, much attention should be paid to current treatments that can be used by educators and therapists in order to assist children or adolescents.

The understanding of this disorder can be valuable to many professionals. It should be noted that Asperger syndrome can usually be diagnosed between the ages of five and ten (Stanford, 2002, p. 28). One should also bear in mind that in the United States, there are more than a million people who can have this disease (Baker


Medicine Issues: Emphysema’ Disease Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

The increasing dilemma of dealing with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), as an empirical research asserts, is the major challenge that the primary care physicians and their counterparts, medical specialists currently face. COPD refer to the two lung complications, that is, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

This is asserted because both diseases are characterized by obstructing the smooth flow of air through the trachea into the lungs, thus interfering with the normal breathing process, and the two diseases normally coexists.

However, to narrow down into emphysema, Emphysema aptly defines it as a long-term persistent lung infection that is marked by over enlargement and shrinking of lung-like sores in the lungs muscles (par. 1). Since in such conditions the carbon IV Oxide is confined in the lung-like blisters, each new breath to supply the lungs with fresh air needed by an individuals’ body, thrusts the air truck walls outwards upon each fresh breath.

As the process continues over a period, the difficulty in air transfers arises, thereby causing expansion of the lungs. The lungs then losses the elasticity, and eventually the process destroy the lung tissues. This leads to the retention of high volume of carbon IV Oxide in this respiration organ, thereby shrinking the space for clean air.

As a result, the condition makes an individual to suffer from shortness of breath (Emphysema par. 2). The major muscle used for breathing, that is, the diaphragm flattens. Consequently, the diaphragm does not perform its functions as expected.

Causes of emphysema Even though medical practitioners, authors and medical researchers across the world admit that emphysema is majorly caused by smoking, the University of Michigan Health System points out that the dreaded diseases can be because of either one or a combination of cigarette smoking, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, or Air pollution (Emphysema par. 4).

Cigarette smoking

Smoking of cigarettes changes the operation and alignment of lungs, thereby enlarging them and eventually losing their elasticity. As noted, smoking of cigarettes augments the amount of inflammatory cells in a smoker’s respiratory organ; the increased cells discharge enzymes, which damage the tissues of the lungs (Emphysema par. 4).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Because of the excess enzymes and other products, the lungs develop bullae and, at the same time, lose its elasticity, thus resulting in emphysema.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Apart from smoking of cigarettes, the University of Michigan Health System notes that Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is another common cause of this chronic disease. However noted as a cause, in comparison to smoking, the deficiency is said to be of negligible volume.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin, as the University of Michigan Health System indicates, is a natural protein that circulates in the blood in order to keep the white blood cells from harming the regular tissues. Where the Alpha-1 antitrypsin are deficient, which in most cases are genetic condition, the white blood cells continually damage the lung tissues, thereby resulting in emphysema (Emphysema par. 6).

However, empirical research declares that individuals with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency have high chances of developing the chronic complication at a tender age.

Air pollution

Exposure to poor environmental conditions such as air pollution and second hand smoking is suggested by several studies to also contribute to the cause of emphysema.

Sign and symptoms of emphysema These include shortness of breath, wheezing, a barrel shaped chest, fatigue and a continued loss of weight.

Treatment of emphysema According to the University of Michigan Health System, treatment for emphysema can be accorded in different ways, such as the use of bronchodilators, steroids, antibiotics, and oxygen. Nonetheless, empirical research shows that each individual response differently to same medication. Therefore, any intake of the steroids should be under a doctor’s prescription.

We will write a custom Essay on Medicine Issues: Emphysema’ Disease specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, emphysema patients can deploy the use of pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise to increase their endurance. In so doing, it is exceedingly imperative to note that the patients exercise in nontoxic and examined atmosphere in which the level of oxygen is checked constantly.

Still, additional oxygen when supplied to the patients can assist in decreasing shortness of breath, as well as wheezing. Similarly, this should be supplied under the instruction of a physician. Moreover, under circumstances where the medical treatments fail to bear fruits, the University of Michigan Health System affirms that surgical options can be applied. These may include lung transplantation and lung size reduction surgery.

In all the scenarios, the authors emphasize that all the patients with this chronic condition ought to avoid direct and passive smoking, as well as air polluted regions in order to mitigate additional destruction to the airways (Emphysema par. 8). In addition, these patients ought to involve in consistent workouts.

Similarly, emphysema patients should seek a flue vaccination in the early fall of the disease, as well as a timely treatment of any lung infections that may emerge. Lastly, emphysema patients ought to take small quantities of food severally per day, drink ten to twelve glasses of liquid products per day. In case of patients with excess weight, they should devise means of losing weight in order to minimize wheezing.

Works Cited Emphysema. N.p., 5 Apr. 2014. Web. 20 June 2014.


Management Issues: Conflict Mediation Essay college essay help near me

The type of situation presented in the video is frequent for any workplace. Modern world is a diverse place and many companies face the challenges of working with employees that share different views, belong to different cultures and social groups.

It is very important that the leaders of such companies apply the skills of conflict mediation in order not to let the interpersonal relationships influence the effectiveness of the business process and the organization’s success.

Mediation is represented by a process of negotiation between the sides of a conflict. The process has to be guided by the third side, which is to remain neutral and cannot be in charge of the decisions (What Is Mediation? 2010). The role of this side is to provide guidance and take the situation under control in order to achieve a civilized conversation (What Is Conflict Mediation? 2009).

It is important that the third party acts neutrally and treats the opinions of both sides with respect. The role of the mediator is to prevent the conflict from getting even more heated. Mediation is needed because it is a well known fact that the sides of the conflict cannot succeed at resolution because it requires objectivity, which is very hard to achieve when a personal topic is argued about and both sides have subjective interest in it or feel unfairly hurt.

In the video Syl has to act as a mediator in a conflict between Bob and Daniel that are arguing about a personal matter. This conflict prevents the managers of one company from collaboration and creates a delay in the project. The company’s business is affected by the interpersonal relationships between the workers and the careers of the workers are under the influence of the subjective argument.

My answers to the questions about the situation between Bob and Daniel were slightly different from the decisions Syl made in order to mediate the conflict. The first question was about Syl’s primary objective, to my mind, it was the avoidance of the conflict, because the meeting was supposed to explore the development of the business project and there was a danger that this discussion might go the wrong way and distract everyone from doing their jobs.

The second question was about Daniel’s perception of the problem. I think it was biased. Obviously, Daniel felt insecure and vulnerable about the subject as his lifestyle was not approved by a colleague. Moreover, there was a chance that the employees would spread the rumor and ruin the confidentiality, which would create a lot of discomfort for Daniel.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Syl’s role was to listen and see the conflict from both points of view and show maximum understanding. Listening is the key in conflict mediation (Foster 2014). The third question was about the actions Syl should have made in order to avoid a heated discussion. To my mind, she should have started the mediation at that stage and addressed the argument right away instead of changing the subject.

I think that the earlier a mediator catches the conflict, the more effective the resolution will be. The last two answers I gave matched Syl’s ideas. I think that her concern about the project was reasonable and the measures she decided to take such as empowering Daniel and creating more comfortable conditions for him were the best solution.

In conclusion, what Syl said after the conversation was very wise; Bob has to learn to show more tolerance and flexibility. Moreover, to my mind, Bob turned the situation into the problem by letting his personal beliefs affect his work and refusing to collaborate with Daniel.

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Political Sciences: the United States Army Essay online essay help: online essay help

The United States is considered to be a country with the strongest army in the entire world. Therefore, the most critical question that ought to be answered here is about the secret behind the establishment of a strong army in the world. Besides the expansive role of protecting the country’s territory, the United States Army has a code of conduct that makes it intensely involved in community service across the United States.

As such, this paper explores the profession of the United States Army. The paper argues that the United States government invests heavily in the army, which is a factor that makes the army a key contributing force in securing the United States territory and citizens.

According to Kohn (2009), there are three key definitive factors for positioning the army in terms of professionalism. Intellectualism is the first factor, the second factor is the interplay of politics, and the third factor is the moral or ethical stance of the army. The development of professionalism in the United States army is something that is often weighed against these three elements.

These three elements depict the challenges that often face the development of the armed forces. The question here is whether the United States army has managed to overcome these challenges. The army in the United States is a trusted body. The implication here is that there are a lot of expectations on the side of the United States public on the professional conduct of the United States Army.

At this point, it is imperative to bring into the picture the assertion that, “Current Army doctrine calls for “mission command,” “task and purpose” and “intent-based” orders to guide the execution of military operations” (Reed, 2012, p. 1). This assertion comes from the observation that the United States army has been intensely deployed in conflict zones across the world to help restore security in the zones.

What comes out of the army operations is, in most cases, contrary to the expectations of the global publics about the United States Army. The conduct of the United States army often goes far below the expectations of the public, with a high number of cases of torture and other incidences of human rights violations often reported in the areas where the army is deployed (Reed, 2012).

A look at the history of the United States Army, especially from the beginning of the 20th century to date, denotes the intensive deployment of the army in different regions of the world to help protect the interests of the civilians in these regions. However, it is imperative to note that the civilians have often been subjected to the negative attributes of the military operation in almost all the major operations that have been conducted by the United States Army.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is what raises a lot of questions on the ability of the United States army to employ professionalism and ethics when it is deployed in different regions to help in securing the interests of the civilians (Reed, 2012). According to the Department of the Army (2013), serving in the United States Army is not only considered to be a calling, but also a chance for an individual to embrace professionalism when discharging services to the citizens of the United States.

One of the most outstanding definitions of an army profession in the United States is a person who embraces ethics in the discharge of military duties, as embedded in the assertion that, “An Army professional is one who acts as a steward of the Army Profession while adhering to the highest standards of the Army’s Ethic” (Department of the Army, 2013, p. 1).

While the army sets standards of operation embedded in the ethical standards, leadership in the army is an essential tool that works towards ensuring that the set standards are adhered to by everybody serving under the United States Army.

Expanding on the issue of leadership as an essential tool that ensures that the competence and professionalism of the United States army is maintained, it makes sense to assert that, “A profession is a trusted self-policing and relatively autonomous vocation whose members develop and apply expert knowledge as human expertise to render an essential service to society in a particular field” (Department of the Army, 2013, p. 1).

This is in line with the embrace of professionalism in the army as embedded in the rules that guide the operation of the United States Army. The reason why the United States government invests billions of dollars in the army is to enhance the capacity of the army to discharge its operations, more so securing of the citizens of the United States from any dangers that come from within and outside the country.

The question here is whether professionalism that is on the paper is applied by the United States military in its operations, especially the operations that are carried outside the country’s territory (Reed, 2012).

Reed (2012) observes that the current structure of operation in the army is something that comes to the attention of a substantial number of commentators, especially in regards to the embrace of professionalism in the military operations that are mounted in different regions across the globe.

We will write a custom Essay on Political Sciences: the United States Army specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Most importantly is the embrace of leadership and professionalism in the army is the moderation of the structure of command in the military so that the military men on the ground are given a chance to make rational and ethical decisions concerning the security situation on the ground.

At this point, it makes sense to revisit the observation by Kohn (2009), who brought up the issue of politics and a challenge in the enhancement of professionalism in the operation of the military.

The United States army, as much as it is applauded for having the required technological and communication competencies to make operations more efficient, is sometimes blamed for sidelining the ethical code because of the rules and instructions that they receive from the United States when they are on the ground.

While the investment in the United States army makes them highly equipped in terms of skills, the competencies are often watered down by way of the failure to pay attention to the critical question of ethics in the discharge of work by the armed forces.

Professionalism is necessary for the operation of the armed forcers. The United States Army has a strict code of conduct that denotes the embrace of professionalism in the operation of the members of the army.

The points presented in the paper denote the difficulty in balancing between professionalism and other interests, especially from the political spheres. Politics and the issue of structured command often derail the army from the total embrace of professionalism in the operation of the U.S. Army.

References Department of the Army. (2013). The army profession. Washington, DC.

Kohn, R. H. (2009). Tarnished brass: Is the U.S. military profession in decline?. World Affairs. Retrieved from

Not sure if you can write a paper on Political Sciences: the United States Army by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reed, B. J. (2012). Leader development, learning agility and the army profession. Land Warfare Paper No. 92, October 2012. Retrieved from


“The Birds”: Movie by A. Hitchcock and Story by D. DuMorier Essay (Movie Review) custom essay help: custom essay help

The well-known film called “The Birds” created by Alfred Hitchcock is based on the story by Daphne DuMorier, which has the same title. Even though both works are named the same way and seem to have the same themes, they are very different. Hitchcock’s film was made in 1963, the story was written in 1952.

The director transformed the plot and the characters; he changed the settings. The story by Daphne DuMorier takes place in a small country town in cold England. Hitchcock’s characters live in San Francisco and Bodega Bay, California.

What evidence of foreshadowing is there in the movie and the story? Both the story and the movie are designed as a sequence of horrific happenings that have no explanations. The birds in the area where the main characters dwell go restless and aggressive, they gradually become insane and start attacking buildings and people.

From the very beginning of the film and the story, the main characters start noticing the unusual behavior of the wild birds. Though, in the film, the first element of foreshadowing happens when the characters meet at the pet shop, where Mitch wants to find a pair of lovebirds “that are just friendly” as a present for his little sister (The Birds).

The birds that we see as a symbol of love, attachment, and devotion are used in the film as the first sign of a tragedy that has a supernatural character and is inevitable. In the story, the first elements of foreshadowing are the main character’s observations that “the birds had been more restless than ever this fall of the year, the agitation more marked because the days were still” (DuMorier, 1).

The stillness of the days reflects the famous belief that unusually quiet times always foreshadow something really bad. Besides, in both the film and the story, there are scenes, where a bird kills itself hitting a wall or a door. In many cultures of the world, this is a sign that is normally interpreted as an omen.

What themes does Hitchcock touch that is not in the story? Are there any common themes? The common themes of the story and the film are the confrontations between people and the supernatural, people, and nature. In both the story and the film, the characters that have not been cautious about the birds’ attacks are found dead later. This is how both Hitchcock and DuMorier note that unreasonable bravery leads to negative consequences. Besides, both authors suggest a new perspective on something very common.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More We see birds every day, they are all the time around, and there are thousands of them in every city, the film, and the story present an alternative view to the possible threat and power these creatures could have if they united and attacked together. Neither of the works contains an explanation of the aggression of the birds and their strange and dangerous attacks.

Though, it turns out that making his film Hitchcock has been under the influence of an event that happened in 1961 in San Francisco when thousands of sea gulls killed themselves flying into walls of various buildings (The Birds (1963), par. 5). This mass suicide was caused by a toxic poisoning of the birds.

The special theme Hitchcock raises in his film that is not in the story is the issue of environmental pollution and the fact that the aggression of the birds may have been the result of people’s effect on the environment.

Works Cited DuMorier, Daphne. The Birds. PDF file. n. d. Web. Jun 13. 2014.

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The Birds. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Perf. Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, and Jessica Tandy. Universal Pictures, 1963. Film.


The Inclusive Education Program in the UAE Essay (Article) college essay help online

Table of Contents Study question/hypothesis

Background of the research: Review of literature

Study methods




Study question/hypothesis This research attempts to examine the positive and negative outcomes of the inclusive education program in the UAE from the teacher’s point of view. Since several problems, as well as the strengths of the programs, had been identified, the researcher expected the teachers to prove both positive and negative perceptions on the situation.

Background of the research: Review of literature The researcher has attempted to develop a strong justification for the study based on a brief but comprehensive review of the relevant literature. The review considers the supportive and opposing claims about the idea of inclusion programs in the national education system.

In particular, studies and claims developed outside the country, especially in the western nations, have been reviewed. The author finds that the main opposing claim against the idea of inclusive education programs is that managing classrooms is quite hard because the addition of students with disabilities to normal classes requires additional time and resources.

Study methods In the second section, the article reports a study the researcher carried out in the UAE. It examined some 56 teachers to determine their perceptions of the inclusive system. These were teachers assigned to inclusive classes.

Findings The study found that teacher perceptions could be classified into a few categories. First, attitudes and inspirations affect outcomes and perceptions. Secondly, outcomes are affected by the nature of inclusive education in the involved schools.

Conclusion The article concludes that while the expected benefits of the system are significantly huge, the teachers involved in facilitating learning were expected to have different perceptions of the plans, which formed the main study problem (Anati, 2013).

Also, the study proposes that the program has both positive and negative impacts on the involved parties, including the teachers, normal learners as well as learners with disabilities, an aspect that could be examined from a teachers’ perspective.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference Anati, N. (2013). The pros and cons of inclusive education from the perceptions of teachers in the United Arab Emirates. International journal of research studies in education, 2(1), 55-66.


Criminology: Water Boarding Torture Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Benefits of Water Boarding

Criticism against Water Boarding



Introduction In the US, law enforcement officers interrogate apprehended suspects through various techniques. Uncooperative suspects habitually refuse to answer questions during interrogation. This compels law enforcement officers to use eccentric techniques to get critical information from criminals. Waterboarding is one of the unconventional techniques of extracting information from uncooperative criminals.

Over the years, waterboarding has been used in Europe to get information from suspects. In the US, “application of waterboarding technique has remained controversial among lawmakers, criminal investigation officers, and legal experts” (USA Today, 2007). For example, some individuals contend that waterboarding is similar to other forms of torture (USA Today, 2007). This essay supports waterboarding because of the following reasons.

Benefits of Water Boarding Waterboarding is a kind of torture in which a suspect is subjected to a drowning experience. It involves pouring water over a fabric wrapping the face and respiratory openings of a powerless suspect. This technique makes a suspect uncomfortable.

Hence, he or she divulges information quickly. Terrorists are trained in harsh conditions to make them resistant to simple punishments such as starvation. Hence, it difficult to get information from terror suspects without subjecting them to extreme ordeals.

Second, terror suspects should be interrogated as soon as possible because they can easily plan terror attacks while in police custody. More often than not, apprehended terror suspects do not give information that can be used to thwart their plans. Fortunately, waterboarding can compel a suspect to divulge information quickly. Information derived quickly from a suspect can be used to save millions of lives and property from an impending terror attack.

Waterboarding method is based on the ticking bomb hypothesis. This theory states that a suspect in custody cannot easily give information about a bomb he or she is planning to detonate. Therefore, such an individual must be compelled by all means to reveal information as soon as possible to prevent a crisis.

Waterboarding has extreme physical and psychological side effects on the victims. Hence, a suspect who undergoes such an extreme experience is less likely to engage in crime compared to a criminal interrogated through conventional techniques.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, the extreme effects of waterboarding deter individuals from engaging in criminal activities. Also, terrorists use fear to recruit and compel innocent people to support their activities. Consequently, an equally terrifying deterrent such as waterboarding is needed to curb terrorism.

Criticism against Water Boarding Although waterboarding is used as a quick method of obtaining information from uncooperative suspects, it has been criticized because of the following reasons. First, critiques of waterboarding assert that it causes extreme suffering, which may lead to death (USA Today, 2007). Second, waterboarding has long-term side effects that can incapacitate an individual.

Furthermore, waterboarding causes excruciating physical and psychological pain, which may elicit false responses from a criminal. Thus, the credibility of information obtained from suspects through waterboarding has been doubted by legal experts.

Conclusion This discussion has revealed that the waterboarding method facilitates access to information from uncooperative suspects. It is worth noting that this technique is only used as an alternative technique to get information from rude suspects. Therefore, it should be applied when dangerous suspects refuse to give information. Clear-cut laws should regulate the application of waterboarding method.

Reference USA Today. (2007). Waterboarding illegal? Time for Congress to end the debate. Retrieved from


Philosophical Analysis of Mackie’s “Evil and Omnipotence” Essay custom essay help

Note and Outline In his arguments, Mackie finds it hard to come to terms with theologians’ views regarding the existence of evil and God’s omnipotence.

His arguments focus on three main facts and how they are related to theological beliefs: good, evil, and God’s omnipotence.

He holds the view that since good triumphs over evil, it is difficult to explain why the two moral ideas exist together.

Therefore, he asserts that good, evil, and God’s omnipotence are principles which are not connected in any way.

Consequently, Mackie challenges general meanings commonly associated with the three ideals and how they are used to advance the view that God exists.

Mackie’s Argument Mackie insists that since theologians believe that an omnipotent, caring God exists, then evil should not exist. In his arguments, he emphasizes that since God is described to have power over everything that exists; he would not sit by and watch as evil deeds happen in different places. These two propositions are used by religious people to advance moral arguments that justify the importance of believing in a mysterious higher power.

However, Mackie asserts these two views are inconsistent because an all-knowing, benevolent God cannot exist in a world where suffering and evil is common.

He maintains that since people in different places in the world experience suffering, then this shows that there is enough evidence that evil exists. In the same vein, he argues that this puts into doubt the assertion that an omnipotent, benevolent God exists. Consequently, he concludes that evil exists, but God does not.

The first possible solution he explores holds that; good and evil are complementary principles which exist side by side. He argues that this assumption lacks merit because it limits people from experiencing what they believe to be good deeds from an all-powerful God. As a result, this assumption betrays the original theological position because it makes it difficult to measure God’s goodness in different situations.

On the other hand, the second solution argues that; evil is an important means which enables good deeds to happen. He adds that this argument does not have any basis because it contradicts the common principle used by theologians to describe God as an all-powerful and benevolent deity.

Therefore, this limits God’s capabilities because it shows that he lacks supernatural powers that are associated with his omnipotence. As a result, this shows that he conforms to moral guidelines which normal human beings are expected to follow. Consequently, this does not answer questions about why evil exists because it shows that God is unable to use his power to stop human suffering.

In my own opinion, I do not think Mackie is right. Human beings use their judgment to compare extreme situations, and this allows them to make a choice that is beneficial to their interests. In most instances, they are likely to go for a choice that will guarantee comfort, happiness, or other tangible rewards.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, his argument that good and evil cannot exist side by side does not hold any weight. Also, Mackie’s arguments focus only on extreme applications of the two principles in different situations. However, he fails to mention that in some instances, good deeds may be interpreted as evil deeds depending on the context in which these two principles are applied.