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Short term plans

Long Term Plans







Introduction Red Eagle Corporation should maximise its scarce resources to reach the company’s organizational goals. The research focuses on the Red Eagle Company’s responsibility to easily attain its goal of increasing its revenues.

The research centers on the revenues pertain to the equipment and records management market segment, facsimile market segment, and water cooler market segment. The study centers on reducing the Red Eagle marketing and expenses will increase the company’s net profit output.

The research focuses on the company’s willingness to assign a significant amount to the marketing activities of Red Eagle to effectively ensure there is an increased awareness in the minds of the current as well as prospective clients. Marketing will help in enhancing the company’s forecasted net profits for the next accounting year (Fisk, 2006).

The Red Eagle Corporation was founded by Tony Falkenstein, a blazing and adventurous business person. The company’s sales had catapulted to the point where 2001 was seen as the acquisition of the new line of business –Cool Water business type.

The company’s main business products included office and home furniture. One of the company’s major advantages is the implementation of the Barter system of purchase transactions. As the name goes, the barter system excludes the use of cash in both purchase and sale transactions.

Further, the company came up with a metamorphosis of the company’s original Cool Water brand to the more persuasive Aqua –Cool. The Aqua –Cool business is focused on delivering water to the company clients. With the Clean Filters is one of the first big drinking water businesses in Australia.

Red Eagle is on the right path of innovation in the Australian business world. With the opening of Red Eagle’s new head office in Onehunga, New Zealand, the company has maximised its presence with its three major business operations in 1993. The three other major businesses are the facsimile machines, water cooler business, and the business record management.

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The company must implements its short term plans. The short term plans include increasing its marketing services to the New Zealand officers. Falkenstein’s purchase of Just Water water cooler business must be promoted at a more synergized level.

Current revenue data indicates that only 25 percent of the New Zealand offices are buying water coolers. This is in stark contrast with the United States market where only 20 percent of the offices are not using water coolers.

To accomplish this, the company will advertise the company’s products under a new category in the New Zealand telephone yellow pages. The current New Zealand Yellow pages do not include a listing under water coolers. Consequently, there is a low trend of water cooler sales in the local water cooler market segment. Advertising will focus on the many advantages of preferring the water cooler over tap water liquid products (Fisk, 2006).

Another short term plan would be to sell the water coolers at cost plus a 15 percent profit. The cost of delivering the water coolers is minimal compared to the cost of delivering water coolers in the United States.

In the United States, the water cooler companies had to travel longer distances to deliver their water cooler products to their client’s offices. On the other hand, due to the lesser territorial jurisdiction of the New Zealand water cooler market segment.

The cost of delivering the water from the water purification outlets is minimal. Consequently, the selling price of the New Zealand company’s water cooler are lesser than the recuperating selling prices of the American water cooler companies. Despite the high selling prices, it is noteworthy to indicate that the American water cooler companies current fill 80 percent of the American offices (Fisk, 2006).

In addition, the company should include a one day advertising that replicates the algae in water advertisement. The advertisement indicates the regular tap water has algae. The algae is instrumental in causing health occurrences among the people.

We will write a custom Assessment on SMEs Case Study: The Red Eagle Corporation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The advertisement will be run only once a month to ensure that people’s love for tap water will be reduced. In turn, the people will prefer the many health advantages of gulping a glass of Just Water’s water cooler drinks (MacMillan, 2010).

Relating to the same water business, the company must strive to increase its current revenue output by ten percent. The water cooler current revenue output in New Zealand stands at an average of 2,500 clients.

The current clients contribute to a profitable cash inflow in terms of water cooler leasing that includes water cooler sales of $ 1 million per annum. The aim is to increase its current $150 per bottle, $30,000 per month revenue data through advertising the health benefits of the Just Water’s water output.

The key strategy is to ensure an increase in the water cooler business is to offer different water cooler size prices to cater to the budgets of each business office client. Some businesses can buy more than 50 water coolers per month. Other companies can only rent 20 coolers a month. Still, other companies have budgets for less than 50 water cooler rentals per month (Czinkota, 2007).

The company must streamline its water delivery services. The company will schedule the delivery service to lessen the cost of delivering water to its clients. For clients that order only a few water cooler bottle a month, the supply chain manager of Red Eagle can schedule a once a day delivery.

The one day delivery will cater to the once a day delivery of all clients who order one, two, three water coolers a month. This way, the company can save on gasoline and other transportation costs. A reduction in the transportation cost will translate to lesser water cooler selling prices.

Lesser selling prices will result to an increase in the demand for the company’s products and services. A reduction in the water cooler delivery costs will result to higher net profits. a higher net profit will increase dividends distributed to the Red Eagle Company’s investors.

An increase in the company’s profits will result to possible increases in the company’s employee salaries. An increase in the employees’ salaries will increase employee work quality and employee loyalty (Czinkota, 2007).

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Likewise, Red Eagle TRM records and equipment market segment must increase business records management revenues by ten percent. The TRM segment must continue on its current process of reducing operating costs to a bare minimum.

The reduction in costs will increase the company’s net profit presentation. TRM’s permanent overhead cost reduction should not be recalled in the near future in order to ensure that the TRM business will continue to survive until the next foreseeable decade (Fisk, 2006).

In addition, The Red Eagle fax services should increase its revenues. To achieve this, the company must set up a new branch other busy locations. The setting up of a new branch will cater to the locations that cannot be reached by the current Red Eagle fax service centers.

To reach the company’s goal, the company will advertise the company’s records and equipment products under a new category in the New Zealand telephone yellow pages. The new New Zealand Yellow pages will have new listing called equipments and records management.

Advertising will focus on the many advantages of preferring the Red Eagle equipment and records management products over tap the competitors’ products as well as alternative products and services (Fisk, 2006).

The company should creatively innovate its boxes to be at tune with the constantly changing needs, wants, and caprices of the discriminating current and prospective records management and equipment clients in the New Zealand market segment.

The clients are given different box designs that will fit the unique design demands of the company’s current and prospect office record clients. The designs will include different colours. The designs will incorporate different box sizes. The designs will focus on having different box thicknesses.

In addition, the company will focus in increasing its client base. The company will offer its office record box products to clients outside the New Zealand business segment. The office record boxes will be displayed as one of the items being sold in the company’s proposed website (Fisk, 2006). The company website will be named

Facsimile Machine Market Segment

The company will introduce the new water cooler products. The popularity of the foreign water cooler brands will lessen the cash outflow requirements to advertise, and sell the imported water cooler brands. The foreign cooler brands include Sunroc, a major American supplier of water coolers.

Another foreign water cooler brand exclusively being marketed in the New Zealand market is the EBCO deluxe water cooler brand. The company will also market the Mini Chiller water cooler brands. Each of the foreign water coolers cater to different water cooler client needs.

Some of the prospective clients will prefer the Sunroc brand. Other prospective clients will prefer the EBCO water cooler brand. A third set of prospective clients will cater to the Mini Chillers. For example, some clients will prefer the Mini Chillers because the fit the prospective clients’ need for small bench-top cooler (McDonald, 2007).

The company will also focus on creating a demand for its refrigeration technology product. Under the new technology, the need for a compressor is eliminated. Under the proposed new technology, the refrigeration product eliminates the use of a thermostat and other cooling parts.

In turn, there is no need for Freon requirements. Freon is the main ingredient that causes the refrigerator to produce coldness and freezing temperatures within the refrigeration units (McDonald, 2007).

The company should also metamorphose its market to the global market place. The company can offer its water coolers to clients around the world. The company can open a website that displays all the products of Red Eagle. The global client can order the Red Eagle products by placing an order on the Red Eagle website.

Long Term Plans The company must implement its long term plans. The Red Eagle Company’s long term plan for the water cooling marketing segment is to increase its revenues by 10 percent per year. In the same manner, the marketing expense for the water cooler market segment is budgeted to increase by 10 percent per year.

In addition, The Red Eagle Company’s long term plan for the Equipment and Records Management market segment is to increase its revenues by 10 percent per year. In the same manner, the marketing expense for the Equipment and Records Management market segment is budgeted to increase by 10 percent per year.

Likewise, The Red Eagle Company’s long term plan for the facsimile marketing segment is to increase its revenues by 10 percent per year. In the same manner, the marketing expense for the facsimile market segment is budgeted to increase by 10 percent per year (Czinkota, 2007).

Budgets In terms of budgets, the total operating expenses will include marketing expense amounting to $100,000 for the water cooler business. This amount is estimated to increase the sales by more than ten percent of the Red Eagle’s total water cooler sales for the next accounting period (one year).

In addition, the Red Eagle company will allocate $4,000 to its Equipment and Records Management market segment. The budget is enough to catapult the Red Eagle Company from its current net loss of $169,408 to a crystal –clear profitable level.

The estimated marketing allocation is based on the company’s consolidated equipment and records management net profit of only $43,426 for the current year 1993. The Red Eagle company must allocate $2,000 to its marketing activities. The amount represents ten percent of the company’s projected net profit for the next projected year (Hilton, 2007).

The above movable budget ceiling is grounded on the theory that the end justifies the means.

The allocation of funds to the marketing process is based on the principle that money used to pay for advertising the benefits of using the Red Eagle Company’s products and services will precipitate to an increase in the current and prospective clients’ awareness that the Red Eagle Company can easily fill their needs, wants, and caprices during the current and prospective clients’ time of need, want caprice.

The awareness will translate to the increase in the current and prospective clients’ desire to acquire the products and services of Red Eagle Company (Hilton, 2007).

The moving budget ceiling will serve as a benchmark for the marketing department. The marketing department will strive to limit their advertising expenses to within the limit preset in the marketing expense budget allocation.

Further, one year after the implementation of the above marketing budget, the long marketing budget will increase by ten percent based on the prior year budget (Hilton, 2007).

Requirements In terms of requirements, the company’s various activities are geared towards accomplishing its major requirement. The major requirement is to achieve organisational goals and objectives. The organisational goals include increasing the Red Eagle share in the water cooler market segment.

Another organisational goal i s increasing the Red Eagle Company’s share in the equipment and records management market segment. A third organisational goal is increasing the Red Eagle share in the facsimile market segment (Hilton, 2007).

Resources The resources will come from revenues, and investments. The resources will fund the marketing expenses earmarked in the budget section discussed above for the Equipment and Records Management market segment, Facsimile market segment, and Just Water water cooler market segment.

The company will offer more shares of stocks for the current and prospective investors to generate more cash inflows. The investors can invest as much money as they can afford. There are several advantages of investing the Red Eagle shares of stocks.

Investors owning ten percent of the company’s outstanding shares of stocks will generate dividend income amounting to an equivalent ten percent of the company’s net profits. In the same manner, an investor owning 40 percent of the Red Eagle Corporations’ total outstanding shares of stocks will receive an amount equal to 40 percent of the Red Eagle company’s total net income.

This clearly shows that investors owning more investments will receive more dividend income. Likewise, investors owning lesser amounts of investments in the Red Eagle Company will generate lesser dividend income (Rix, 2007).

Further, the company will spearhead a revitalised drive to collect all receivables that fall due. The increase in the collection of receivable amounts will increase the Red Eagle Company’s available cash needed to defray currently maturing accounts payable and other debt instrument maturities.

The increase in revenues will increase the company’s current cash on hand data. The increase in revenues will precipitate from the Red Eagle company’s vigorous marketing efforts. The marketing efforts are pegged on operating expenses.

The operating expenses include advertising expense, transportation expense, gasoline and oil expense, repair expense, employee salaries, marketing personnel sales commissions, client entertainment expenses, rent expense, and depreciation expense (Hilton, 2007).

However, the sudden surge of the company’s projected revenues occur, the company can borrow money to fund the unexpected increase in the client’s demands, needs, and caprices. Borrowing can be done by applying for a bank loan.

In this case, the Red Eagle company will pay for the cost of borrowing the bank’s cash deposits. The cost of borrowing money is classified as interest expense. Often, the interest expense is computed based on a certain percentage.

The interest expense can be computed using ten percent interest on the principal amount borrowed, five percent on the principal amount borrowed, 20 percent on the principal amount borrowed, or any other amount borrowed. Borrowing money will be the last alternative to generating available cash on hand.

Recommendation It is highly recommended that Red Eagle increase its marketing budget. The budget is necessary to increase the company’s revenues. The revenue increase will translate to higher net profits. Higher net profits will translate to higher dividend income given to the investors of Red Eagle Company.

The marketing aspect will focus on the increasing the product quality of the company’s three major market segments (facsimile, equipment and records management, and water cooler). The marketing aspect focuses on making the Red Eagle products accessible to current and prospective clients.

The marketing aspect includes selling its products at reasonable prices; reasonable prices does not always equate to the lowest price in the same market segment. The marketing aspect includes advertising the benefits of using the Red Eagle products to the current and prospective clients; advertising includes television, radio, newspaper, and online avenues.

The above discussion is based on related marketing and management literature. Inmaculada Martin (2008; p1009) emphasized a large quantity of the human resource management literature has displayed the impact of high performance work systems (HPWS) on the line and staff in terms of the organizational performance.

Scott Highhouse (2009,p1461) reiterated the study proponents have only newly looked into the study of corporate reputation. As is characteristic of several prior areas of management inquiry, the field is characterized as multidisciplinary and disconnected.

The article chose reputation studies conducted mainly at the same time as the past decade. A prior returned affirmed prior views concerning the perspective of organizational impression management. Corporations are generally seen as social actors, intent on increasing their respectability and impressiveness to its stakeholders.

Richard Priem observed (2011,p553) “An effective bridge for spanning the macro—micro divide in management studies requires strong disciplinary foundations on each side of the chasm, along with the versatility to address a range of management issues.

This will likely involve simultaneous multilevel, multiparty action—response research. The authors argue that judgment policy studies are especially suited to developing the interactive multilevel context theories that are necessary to narrow the divide across multiple areas of management research”.

Literally several organization members go pass the judgment processes every day, on several subjects, and their choices significantly affect individual, group, and organizational achievements. The researchers offer relevant examples to clarify their thesis.

The examples bear towards the importance of the literatures on the trust, diversity climate, workplace romance, and strategy implementation. The process focuses on indicating how judgment policy analysis processes can aid in the reduction of the macro—micro division in each area.

The authors also summarily explain the available techniques for analyzing individuals’ judgment policies and recommend other high-potential areas for management’s future macro—micro bridge building in its drive to increase revenues and net profits. This can be done through judgment policy studies, including business ethics, entrepreneurial opportunity identification, and international management.

Oliver Schilke (2010, p1192) theorised this research “conceptualizes and operationalizes alliance management capability. The authors develop alliance management capability as a second-order construct to capture the degree to which organizations possess relevant management routines that enable them to effectively manage their portfolio of strategic alliances.

In addition to identifying and measuring specific organizational routines as critical dimensions of alliance management capability, the authors advance knowledge on the performance effects of dedicated alliance structures and alliance experience based on survey data from 204 firms”.

The researchers’ primary input is a theoretically sound alliance management that can be able to measure quantitatively by five underlying routines. The routines are interorganizational coordination, alliance portfolio coordination, interorganizational learning, alliance proactiveness, and alliance transformation.

One of the major findings shows that the alliance management capacity has a positive impact on alliance portfolio performance and mediates the performance effects of dedicated alliance structures and alliance experience.

Nicholas Ashill (2010, p1278) stated “an important contribution to the literature on perceived environmental uncertainty (PEU) is Milliken’s distinction between state uncertainty, effect uncertainty, and response uncertainty.

However, despite its appealing logic in capturing the types of uncertainty managers may experience as they seek to understand and respond to changes in an organization’s environment, there has been no full and rigorous psychometric development and testing of scales to measure the three constructs”.

The study focused on the implementation of a two-phase empirical study. The study focuses on the development and trust to develop and test organizational performance scales in terms of dimensionality, reliability, and validity.

The results suggest that managers do make a meaningful distinction between different types of uncertainty, that it is worth its grain of salt in terms of quantifying all three constructs (as they have differential impacts on outcome variables), as well as the connections between them. Management’s inputs and proposals for future research are relevant to the current research.

James Leigh (1988, p41) theorized “the purpose of this study was to examine the impact of two perceived organizational indicants. The two indicants are the psychological climate and perceptions of the management control system-on the often-studied relationships of role conflict and ambiguity with job satisfaction and intentions to change jobs.

Based on a cross-sectional survey of 423 marketing professionals, it was determined that these two perceived organizational factors predominantly accounted for the shared variability inherent in the relationships considered and in certain instances resulted in a change in the direction of the correlation”.

Specifically, the relationships of both role conflict and vagueness with pay and promotion satisfaction and with turnover proposals had been very the most heavily affected variables. The relationships of the role vagueness with overall satisfaction and with work itself were also affected.

Analysis of unrealistic outcomes showed that the findings hold across various sample segments. This indicates that the role perceptions and job attitudes are both directly related to perceptions about the broader organization. The implications and research trends of the research outcomes for the study of role stress correlates are considered for further research activities.

Francis Yammarino (1990, p87) opined “although prior studies in psychology, management, and marketing have explored the association between salesperson performance and managerially controllable factors, an assumption of these investigations is that the relationship between performance and such antecedents is applicable to salespersons viewed only as individuals without regard for their work group.

In the present study, relationships between variables from three categories of managerially controllable factors (reported by salespersons) and salesperson performance (assessed by supervisors) were investigated in terms of individuals and work groups using Within and Between Analysis procedures”.

The findings from two research experiments indicate that though many relationships between managerially controllable factors and salesperson performance are individually focused, some of the relationships are relevant for the work group as a whole. Implications of the results for management practice are discussed.

Marta Geletkanycz (2001, p3) insists this study “extends research into the determinants of executive commitment to the strategic status quo (CSQ) by examining the effects of functional and educational experience.

Regression analyses conducted on the survey responses of 1385 executives representing 20 different nationalities reveal that experience in the traditionally dominant career tracks of finance, marketing, law, and general management is positively related to CSQ”.

The findings of the research indicate that while functional diversity is negatively connected to the commitment to extant policies, graduate (MBA) education is unrelated to CSQ and does not significantly attenuate the narrowing effects of functional specialization. The theme for executive leadership, management development, and strategic adaptation vividly show that the research was very successful.

Danny Miller (1996, p863) emphasized “some companies compete in a comprehensive and multifaceted way, paying close attention to costs, quality, marketing, expansion, and innovation. Others embrace much simpler competitive strategies and concentrate on just one or two of these elements.

This paper examines the causes and consequences of such strategic simplicity in two very different environments: the stable furniture industry and the more turbulent software industry”. The research findings indicate that a “passive” model of the organizational implementation applied in the former industry shows organisations simplified their strategic repertoires unless managers had noticed their firms were threatened or unless the firms had built a lackluster performance.

Further, the simplicity of the outcome had been inversely related to managerial discomfort and administrative slack, as well as positively associated with financial liquidity. By comparison, an “opportunistic” model of adaptation had been felt to characterize the behavior of companies in the more fast-faced turbulent computer software industry.

In this setting, firms tended to venture into new and uncharted market segments to extend their repertoires of competitive strategies whenever “outsiders” with new ideas were added to the top management group. In both industries, simplicity was found to increase subsequent return on assets.

Justin Webb (2007, p891) insists “the eclectic and pervasive benefits of entrepreneurship are generating research questions that interest scholars in a variety of disciplines. These questions have been primarily examined within the context of a scholar’s home discipline while ignoring insights from other disciplines.

This approach has left entrepreneurship research as a widely dispersed, loosely connected domain of issues”. In this area of discussion, the researchers explored the entrepreneurship aspect in terms of in accounting, anthropology, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations management, political science, psychology, and sociology.

The researchers were trying to pinpoint common interests that can serve as a bridge for scholars interested in using a multitheoretic and multimethodological lens to design and complete entrepreneurship studies.

Kurt Christensen (2001, p777) stated this article “posits a framework that shows how market-based assets and capabilities are leveraged via market-facing or core business processes to deliver superior customer value and competitive advantages. These value elements and competitive advantages can be leveraged to result in superior corporate performance and shareholder value and reinvested to nurture market-based assets and capabilities in the future”.

Ernst Verwaal (2009, p 420) stated “this study integrates the concepts of value creation and value claiming into a theoretical framework that emphasizes the dependence of resource value maximization on value-claiming motivations in outsourcing decisions.

To test this theoretical framework, it develops refutable implications to explain the firm’s outsourcing decision, and it uses data from 178 firms in the publishing and printing industry on outsourcing of application services”. The results of the study showed that the new view on any probabilities will point to the main points of value that optimise the inter-organisational decision making activities.

Edgar Ennen (Ennen, 2010, p207) introduced the concept of “complementarity denotes the beneficial interplay of the elements of a system where the presence of one element increases the value of others. However, the conceptual work on complementarities to date has not progressed sufficiently to constitute a theory that would offer specific predictions regarding the nature of the elements that form complementary relationships or the conditions for their emergence.

To advance our understanding of complementarities, the authors provide a synoptic review of the empirical studies on this concept in leading journals in management, economics, and related disciplines over the period 1988-2008”.

The authors discovered that whether a study gives evidence of complementarities in organizations is at least partially affected by its investigative approach. Based on the outcome of the research, the proponents are steadfast in their aim to the complements will appear from the triggering activities of the significant variables of the organisational processes.

Consequently, the vanishing occurrence in terms of the complement factors among the limited set of variables. The findings of the research showed that the hypothesis is correct. The related experiments that were conducted showed that the hypothesis was positive.

Jeremy Short (2009, p40) proposed opportunity is a central concept within the entrepreneurship field, and there is now a critical mass of literature centered on the concept. The researchers are often on the edge of their seats waiting for the erring employee to be discovered and brought out into open and accept any punishments that are necessarily meted out for violation of any statute or law. The authors seek to make two main contributions to this literature.

Martin Hoegl (2005, p530) insists “prior research on supplier involvement in product development projects has produced contradictory results, with some studies showing a positive relationship, others no relationship, and still others a negative relationship between supplier involvement and project performance”.

Based on the research findings taken from 124 managers, project leaders, clients, and supply store representatives in terms of the 28 product development projects, the researchers discovered that the client – seller collaboration positively pertains to product quality, compliance with product cost targets, compliance to development budgets, and compliance to development schedules.

In addition, the research findings clearly indicate that communication repetitiveness and intensity have a curvilinear relationship with the project development budget as well as product cost estimation.

Conclusion Based on the above discussion, Red Eagle Corporation must harness its scarce resources to achieve organizational goals. The company can easily achieve its goal of increasing its revenues. The revenues pertain to the equipment and records management market segment, facsimile market segment, and water cooler market segment.

Reducing the Red Eagle operating expenses will increase the company’s net profit. The company must allocate a significant amount to the marketing activities of Red Eagle to ensure there is an increased awareness in the minds of the current as well as prospective clients. Indeed, marketing will hasten the increase in the company’s forecasted net profits for the next accounting year.

References Armstrong, M., (2007) A Handbook of Employee Reward Management and Practice. London, Kogan Press.

Fisk, P., (2006) Marketing Genius. New York, J. Wiley


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When making a choice of a subject that others have not focused on, I usually reflect on it without any particular method or order. By so doing, the reflections appear in freedom and looseness of an essay more than the regularity of a discourse set. It is in this manner that I consider Texting in my present essay.

All the creations below and above a man are considered serious because he the merriest of all. A man will always see things in a different angle from other beings and, therefore, find his mirth developing from objects that cause things like displeasure or pity in higher nature. Texting is indeed an incredible counterpoise to spleen.

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At this stage of the essay, I intend to support the wise men who said that, “every thing that has advantages has disadvantages too”. We can all agree that all the people born after 1980 are digital natives. They have grown up under the influence of the new technology because they use it every day. Texting is as delightful as amateurish especially to learning students.

Text messaging is time consuming because it takes time to write particularly on cellular contrivances like keyboards. Just like all other forms of writing, texting takes time especially on cellular devices like keyboards. For many years, ‘texters’ if so called have been saving time through the use of short hand commonly referred to as ‘chat- speak’.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Texting in Modern Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The form used abbreviations which include numbers, incorrect grammar, and symbols. Students are the most users of texts as they do it most often. This has highly affected them because it has led to extension of the habit to school related projects, job applications and in the real world scenarios.

As Tomita puts it, texting has destroyed the way kids think, read, and write because it has reduced their level of critical thinking (5). Students have gone to the extent of instant messaging, which reduces time, resulting to conversion of formal English to informal one. This has made them unable to pronounce and punctuate correctly and hence poor performance. My question is; where will we get the professionals? Automatically, the answer is ‘no where’.

Gone are the days when people could write compelling grammar and converse correctly. Unless something is urgently done in the learning institutions, we will end up with a society of a few or no competence personnel to work and serve people. This is the generation that uses small letters in place of capital letters. Are they the same people who will teach the future generations? I question the future of literacy. Our generation is ending; we better conclude that.

There are very serious issues that arise from such things as social text sending. I think everybody will support me when I say that, chatting with friends by use of text messaging is as addictive as any drug. It is a natural, human tendency that needs to be responded to. These circumstances are much prevalent in places where the medium for communication are readily available.

In addition to that, text message conversations take longer than face to face conversations. But, is this a problem? This brings us to the second negative effect of text messaging. It has created a lot of problems in the social communication. It is not astonishing to hear a child say to everyone around him that, they are not valuable like the person on the phone.

According to the survey done by Zogby International, there is a serious risk on roads. The survey showed that, out of a hundred people, sixty six text while driving. This is indeed a behavior that can be taken as compulsive as well as obsessive, and a stupid thing to do. People who are much addicted to text messaging do not live a comfortable life.

You try to be in two places at the same time and end up, not in either, this leads to lack of comfort when doing things and it is a lousy way to live your life. To a person driving, texting is a vital distraction. It is devilishly hard for him, or her to maintain focus while texting and driving at the same time. This reduces the competence levels of controlling vehicles and increases the time of response to any danger. Texting while driving is equally risky as driving while drunk.

The prospect of a driver getting into an accident increases while he is texting. It does not matter how well one drives, if one driver on the road is not careful, all of them are exposed to a danger of losing their lives. Even though, it is a not a consistent problem, texting do cause wrecks for which some are fatal. I have a pal who was lately involved in an accident because of texting on the road. It is only because he was not driving fast; otherwise, it would be seriously hazardous (Baggott, 2).

Time wasting is another dissenting that makes my heart sunken. According to the survey conducted in year 2000 by Harris Interactive, forty seven percent of the teenagers felt that, texting reduces the time for socializing. It has led to deteriorating of social life. Fifty four percent of the female crowd concurred with this saying that; it leads to over- communication. A lot of time is spent chatting over pointless things.

In the coming years, literacy will eventually fade away or deteriorate. The various aspects of literacy vary in respect to the types of media being used to pass information to people or to varying audiences. Switching to a linguistic mode from a text massaging language mode will be singularly appropriate to students because it will help them in addressing the teachers and essay writing.

As per facts given in various researches, there is a very dynamic change that is happening in the world of text messaging. We need to act now. ‘Tomorrow’ will never come. It is the high time we settle the battle between the past and present. We need to bring down the texting technology that has dominated communication between young people to a lower level. There is a need to change the necessity and purposes of analyzing audience in a tone that will find intelligence and persuasiveness.

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Desirability for Control in the Workplace Essay college admission essay help

Introduction In the psychological studies concerned with the behaviour of human beings and their reactions to different situations, there is one character present in human beings that is of great interest to scholars and researchers. This is the degree to which the way different individuals believe in themselves and seek to control the things that happen around them.

There are two main categories of people in this aspect; people who believe that they can control what goes on around them and those who believe that things happen by chance and hence only let things happen and allow themselves to flow with them (Hammond


Definition of Being a Man Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents There Is no Single Viewpoint

Social Roles

Relationships with Females

Ethnic Identity

Universal Definition

There Is no Single Viewpoint Every male in the world tries to define being a man at least once in his life. Some researchers state that the first attempt takes place at the age of three in the majority of cases when a boy learns about certain peculiarities of his body. Of course, men try to understand what it is like to be a man much later. It goes without saying that men have different viewpoints on the matter. However, in the majority of cases they contemplate similar categories.

Therefore, it is possible to draw a universal definition of being a man when these categories are analyzed. Though, such category as physical features (e.g. strength) should be taken into account, it cannot be the principal one. There are more important categories that make a man ‘man’. These major categories to analyze are as follows: social role, relationships in a family (interaction with females) and ethnic identity.

Social Roles In the first place, it can be important to look at the way men identify themselves in the society. Interestingly, there are certain stereotypes concerning men in this respect. For instance, men often try to hold leading positions. They try to fit the image of a tough guy who can reach his aims and who can reach the top.

Therefore, men often try to measure their ‘masculinity’ (or other male’s ‘masculinity’) with the help of this category. The higher post a man holds, the more manlike he seems. It is also important to note that many often think that men have no right to be sentimental when reaching their aims. However, these are only stereotypes.

Now men are not expected to be sharks in the human society. Though, masculinity is still associated with a high social position, men are not expected to make their way over corpses. Now such feature as responsibility is more important.

Men are regarded as human beings who are responsible when it comes to making decisions. Being a man presupposes being responsible for various projects and for various people involved. Now this is the most important measurement for males.

It is also important to state that masculinity has always been associated with competitiveness. Thus, men have always tried to prove they are ‘tough’. Now this competitiveness is also associated with responsibility. Men do not simply try to win the race; they are supposed to be responsible. Men cannot lose self-control. Thus, masculinity presupposes responsibility, competitiveness and self-control.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Relationships with Females Admittedly, there are loads of stereotypes when it comes to relationships between men and women. Historically, males were supposed to dominate females. Several centuries ago males were regarded as superior creatures. They could suppress their women and their children.

Being a man could be synonymous to being cruel to a woman. Husbands were regarded as masters of their wives and their kids. Therefore, masculinity was measured by the level of his woman’s obedience. This stereotype is still prevailing in many societies.

However, many understand that this stereotype is outdated. Nowadays men do not need to show how strict they are with women. Marriage has transformed into the institution of two equal partners who take care of their children. Of course, it is important to note that these partners have a bit different roles. Thus, masculinity is not synonymous to superiority now. Men do not try to suppress their wives (or partners).

Now an ideal husband is supportive and caring. He is also responsible. Notably, responsibility is important in this category as well. Being a man presupposes being responsible. Men should care about close people. They still should be strongholds of their families. Masculinity is now traced in the ability to be strong enough to admit that women are equal to men.

Remarkably, this ability can be traced in men’s attitude towards feminist movements or even feminist ideas. Now many people understand that only weak and unconfident men try to prove that women should fulfill tasks that they have been carrying out throughout centuries. Such men do not want to let women hold high positions in the society. These men think that the institution of masculinity is in danger if women become in charge of men.

On the contrary, really tough guys accept the changes which took place. They welcome women who can successfully hold the high position. Competitiveness is one of the most common features of masculinity. Real men welcome a deserving competitor, even if it is a female competitor. Therefore, responsibility is one of the most important features of masculinity when it comes to relationships with females, too.

Ethnic Identity Ethnic identity is also one of the most important categories to analyze. Being a man means to be responsible for the entire group of people. This category is a bit similar to the previous one. Men often associate themselves with the entire nation. They feel ties between members of the group.

We will write a custom Essay on Definition of Being a Man specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is possible to state that they also feel responsible for the future of the entire nation. Admittedly, this can be compared to one of the basic instincts which make people continue their race. Likewise, men are supposed to be strongholds of their families. Thus, responsibility appears in the category of ethnic identity, too.

Universal Definition On balance, it is possible to state that men have different viewpoints on masculinity. Likewise, there are many definitions of being a man. Nonetheless, it is still possible to come up with the universal definition. Thus, being a man means being committed and responsible for those who are dependent. Being a man also presupposes ‘healthy’ competitiveness which leads to development of the society

Finally, being a man means being able to accept equality. Of course, it is important to note that this universal definition touches upon the major features of the real man. There are many other qualities that make a man “man”. Nonetheless, if a male is not characterized by such features as responsibility and ‘healthy’ competitiveness, he cannot be called the real man.


Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT Essay best essay help

Toyota Motor Corporation, the world leading car maker, has not been performing well over the recent past as it has been recalling some of its cars because of technical problems. This has been the company’s first car recall in 59 years and it led to an annual net loss (Takahashi, 2010).

However, the car maker was reported to be on the verge of making a 48% profit growth estimated at 310 billion yen (the equivalent of $3.32 billion) by March 2011 (Takahashi, 2010). This is a major breakthrough despite the fact that company had made losses in 2009 fiscal year.

The implication is that even after recalling 8.5 million cars, this would not deter it recovery process. The paper explores the Toyota’s SWOT analysis basically on it weaknesses and strengths and expounding how it has been able to capitalize them in meeting the threats and taking in the opportunities for competitive advantages. It also analyses whether the weaknesses identified will impede its recovery process.

Based on the 2009 annual report following strengths and weaknesses have been identified. The company has a well established marketing mix that incorporates the different marketing concepts like segmentation, targeting and positioning.

This has made it reach the different customers from different segmented markets (Ichimaru, 2009). For instance, the automotive operations are the major business segment which makes it a global competitor.

Also, it has segmented and positioned itself in different geographical markets over some of its competitors giving it a competitive advantage. Some of the differentiated markers are the emerging market like Asia, South and Central America, and China.

The company has diversified its products range which is aimed at targeting different customers depending on social class, geographical location, income and status quo among other factors.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The product-oriented management of Toyota has made it possible to make cars that meet the different customers’ needs in the different regions, at a customer satisfying price (Ichimaru, 2009). For instance, the company introduced Toyota Prius a hybrid that meets the current expectations of its customers.

On the other hand, there are weaknesses that have may be an impediment to the recovery growth of the company. Toyota main markets have been the U.S and Japan.

Dependence on the single markets has seen the company face the financial markets crisis and fluctuating prices that resulted to loss in 2009 fiscal year (Ichimaru, 2009). This coupled by the highly fluctuating interest rates and currency, have left adverse effects on the Toyota daily operations.

For Toyota to retain its operational efficiency, it has to rely on mass production (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2011). When a down turn is experienced in the world market, the company may be exposed to over capacity.

Contrary, when an upturn is experienced in the world market, the company faces the potential sales because of under capacity (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2011) because to accommodate either scenario takes time.

To remain relevant in the market, the company has to capitalize on the potential strengths to deal with the threats by taking advantage of the opportunities conveyed. The different segmented markets especially the emerging markets like China and Asia will help in retaining market share and lead to market expansion.

The different markets it operates from have different exchange rates and interest rates, so the investments in emerging markets have the capacity of enabling the market enjoy different market responses. China was not badly affected by the financial fluctuations, thus Toyota enjoyed high sales during this period in china.

We will write a custom Essay on Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Different segmentation, positioning, and targeting has made it possible for the company produce vehicles that meet the changing trends in preferences and test. For instance, the company launched a hybrid car in 2009 (Ichimaru, 2009) as well as Toyota Lexus hybrid that meets the expectation of the people (Takahashi, 2010).

Therefore, market diversification has made it possible for the company to utilize the opportunities like producing hybrid cars for different people. With focused targets, the company has been able to utilize this strength in manufacturing vehicles that target the urban youth like convertibles which represent a particular segment of the youth (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2011).

Not all the weaknesses will hinder the recovery efforts of the company. The company has continued to invest in emerging markets like Asia and China (Ichimaru, 2009), which during the financial market economies and downturn were not significantly affected.

This has boosted its sales as they have become huge consumers of Toyota Motors Corporation differentiated products. Being a mass producer of vehicles is a weakness that has the capacity of ruining the company as it exposes it to competitive threats.

For instance, the company has been recalling cars since 2003 (Ichimaru, 2009). The latest car recalls have reduced the customers confidence although the company has set have a quality management to oversee the production of quality vehicles (Takahashi, 2010). This may hinder its efforts of recovering quickly if not addressed to.

Although Toyota has been facing some operational issues related to quality, it is still doing well. The recalling of vehicles and loss made in 2009 did not deter its recovery process as it increased its growth by 48%.

The identified strengths are the ability to use different marketing mix and concepts in expanding and maintaining its customers. It has also ensured that it produces different varieties that satisfy the needs of different customers.

The company has been targeting US and Japan as the major markets which have exposed it to financial market crisis and different exchange and currency rates. Lastly, it has faced with issue of mass production which may jeopardize the quality of its vehicles.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reference List Ichimaru, Y. (2009). Toyota Motor Corporation: Annual Report 2009. Web.

Marketing Teacher Ltd. (2011). < SWOT Analysis Toyota. Web.

Takahashi, Y. (2010, May 12). Toyota Registers Surprise Profit. Wall Street Journal. Web.


Chinese Traditional Festivals and Culture Essay essay help site:edu

Introduction The Chinese culture is one of the most celebrated cultures over the world. Owing to this culture, there are many festivals associated with it. Through these festivals, the Chinese culture has become overwhelmingly popular in many parts of the world.

The festivals fall in different times of the year and are celebrated in differing styles. All these festivals may be classified under four categories (Gibney, p. 109). This paper will focus on the three Chinese traditional festivals.

These are the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat festival. This paper will briefly describe the three festivals and their importance to the Chinese people.

The paper will also explain what the festivals tell the audience about Chinese traditional culture, values and the similarities among these festivals’ values. Chinese have various festivals and Cultures which have different values and similarities. The festivals tell more about the Chinese cultures and values.

The Spring Festival Of all the Chinese festivals, the Spring Festival has the greatest value to the Chinese people with its value equated to the value of the Westerners attachment to Christmas. It is a time of the year designated for merrymaking when family members come together to celebrate the occasion.

This period is characterized by congestion and overcrowding in all the transport networks. Millions of Chinese fill the airports, bus stations and rail stations in a rush to return home (Kalman, p. 20).

The Spring Festival is celebrated for a period of three days every year though its entire duration is a bit longer. The festival falls on the first day of the first lunar month but starts unceremoniously in the early days of the twelfth lunar month and extends to the mid of the first lunar month of the following year.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During this entire period, the eve of the Spring festival and the following three days have the greatest importance to the Chinese people (Kalman, p. 20).

The history of this festival dates back to the 12th century. The custom has survived through the centuries though the meaning has slightly changed. Today, the festival does not necessarily involve offering sacrifices to gods or ancestors, but simply marks the end of a year and the beginning of another.

The government attaches a lot of importance to the festival and even stipulates that people take the first seven days of the New Year to celebrate. A series of events carried out by the Chinese people mark the Spring Festival (Kalman, p. 21).

The occasion starts on the eighth day of the last lunar month. On this day, families make laba porridge which is made of beans, rice, lotus seeds, millet, jujube berries, longan and gingko. Following this, preparing delicious meals is held on the twenty third day of the same month.

Initially, the meaning of this day was to offer sacrifice to the Chinese kitchen god; however, today, people prepare the meals to enjoy themselves. The day is called the ’Preliminary Eve’ after which people commence the actual preparations for welcoming the New Year. During this period, people go into a shopping spree buying all they will require during the New Year celebrations (Kalman, p. 21).

To mark a new beginning associated with the up coming New Year, all the people carry out a thorough cleaning of their clothes, utensils, houses and compounds. This is followed by colorful decorations to create an atmosphere of joy and festive mood.

At this time, the Chinese mastery in calligraphy is brought to the fore. All houses are decorated with various patterns depending on the tastes of the owners; however, the most common colors are red and black. The most popular decorations involve pasting of the door panels with couplets which have red and black collage patterns.

We will write a custom Essay on Chinese Traditional Festivals and Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Chinese associate different colors and patterns with personal wishes, such as good luck and success in the New Year. Those who still harbor strong traditional attachments decorate their houses with images of the gods of wealth whom they believe will bring them abundant wealth in the New Year (Kalman, p. 22).

The most remarkable symbol that is almost consciously mandatory in the New Year celebrations is the character fu which stands for the happiness and blessings. Other characters and patterns with various meaning associated with the festivities are also commonplace around this period. For example, red lanterns erected on opposite sides of the doors and other brightly decorated images have special meanings of the new beginning or renewed hope to the Chinese populace (Kalman, p. 22).

Another popular custom is the setting of fire crackers and fireworks. The special meaning of this practice is biding farewell to the previous year and welcoming the New Year. The custom of using the fireworks exists in China for a long and is an integral part in many other occasions, such as sports events and wedding ceremonies.

An important event on the New Year day involves visitations. People move around to visit friends and relatives to send their New Year wishes. Culturally, the young visit the elderly to offer the wishes. The elderly in return offer them monetary gifts wrapped in special red wrappings.

It is considered essential to visit one another and pass the New Year regards; however; with influence of technology on the modern generation, nowadays, people use phones and e-mail services to pass their New Year messages (Kalman, p. 23).

A characteristic delicacy during the festival is the Jiaozi, a preparation of flour stuffed with various fillings. The meal is culturally recommended since its shape which resembles an ancient Chinese currency means that the New Year will bring wealth.

To add to that, different ethnic groups attach other symbols to the dumplings associated with good luck. For instance, candy is believed to signify sweet life, and chestnuts represent vigor. To start the year on the right footing, people try to avoid bad behavior or explicit use of some words such as kill, dead or bad because they believe they could be a bad omen for the New Year.

No sweeping of floor is allowed as it signifies pushing away blessings. There are many other taboos associated with this festival that vary from one ethnic group to another. These signify the wealth of the Chinese culture and the value attached to it (Kalman, p. 23).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Chinese Traditional Festivals and Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Mid-Autumn Festival The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival also referred to as the Moon Cake Festival is commemorated every fifteenth day of the eighth month. The festival is associated with the connection between the mankind’s spirit and nature. The term Moon Cake Festival is used in reference to a special sweet cake, yueh ping, which is baked during the festival and resembles the moon. The cake is prepared and filled with duck eggs, sesame and ground lotus seeds (Kalman, p. 27).

The history of this festival can be traced back to the 14th century. Different theories explaining the origin of this festival exist, but this is not withstanding; the Chinese continue to celebrate annually. One myth about the origin of the Moon Cake Festival states that China was under the control of oppressive Mongols in the 14thcentury.

A revolutionary named Chu Yuen-Chang and his deputy Liu Po-Wen came up with a strategy to overthrow this leadership. Liu entered a besieged city in the disguise of a Taoist priest and distributed cakes in the shape of a moon to the city inhabitants in readiness for an up coming festival (Chung Chiu).

On opening the cakes’ wrappings, people found messages calling on them to help coordinate a rebellion with his army located outside the city. The plan succeeded, and Chu Yuen-Chang became their emperor successfully overthrowing the oppressive rule of the Mongols.

Every following year during the Chung Chiu festival, people in the empire prepared moon shaped cakes, and the custom stuck into all the upcoming generations to signify freedom (Jasmine, p. 38).

Another version argues that a woman lived on the moon during the Hsia dynasty. This woman, Chang-O, was the wife of a great general, Hou-Yi. One day, this general, a skilled archer, shot down eight suns that had mysteriously come out.

These suns, they believed, would have brought disaster to the Earth. The General was thus rewarded by the emperor. People believed that those suns could re-appear and cause more havoc. They, therefore, offered sacrifices to the god of heavens to make the general immortal, so he would forever protect their generations. Their prayer was answered, and Hou received the immortality pill (Jasmine, p. 39).

It is said that the wife, Chang-O, stole the pill and went to live on the moon. Due to the cold weather on the moon, she began coughing until the pill came out. She decided to crash it and scatter it to the earth so all the people would become immortal.

A hare described in many Chinese mythologies as Jade hare helped her and gnawed the pill into dust. Together, they spread the dust all over the earth in the hope it would reach everyone. Owing to this worthy gesture, the Chinese always put images of Chang-O on moon cake boxes and Moon Cake Festival posters as a gesture for good wishes (Jasmine, p. 39).

The third version is based on an ancient belief that marriages are organized on the moon. Yueh Lao Yeh, an old man who was believed to live on the moon, carries out this role. He is said to have a record of all the newborns, their future plans including their matching partners in marriage.

During the Moon Festival, many Chinese including little children climb onto hills and mountains or visit open beaches to have a clear view of the moon and make their wish to the old man. They use symbols with a cultural meaning.

For instance, a butterfly signifies long life, star-like fruits symbolize seasons, a lobster represents mirth, a crap is used to signify strength and wisdom since the symbol was originally a decoration of ancient emperors’ gowns.

The value of this cultural practice among the Chinese indicates that they believe in presence of supernatural beings who determine mortals’ destiny as it is common across almost all the cultures all over the world (Jasmine, p. 40).

The Dragon Boat festival In China, the Dragon Boat Festival is referred to as Duan Wu Jie. This festival is commemorated every fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The origin of this festival dates many centuries back and is based on activities in remembrance of a great Chinese poet, Qu Yuan.

The Chinese culture has a strong connection to the history of Yuan who is still regarded to be one of the greatest patriots in the Chinese history. It is said that Qu Yuan served as an advisor to the emperor Huai. He opposed corruption fervently which apparently annoyed many of the empire’s officials.

Due to corruption and bad leadership, the empire of the Chu state was easily defeated by the Qin state. This disappointed him so much that he committed suicide by drowning into the Miluo River (Stafford, p. 113).

The Chinese government has tried to emphasize the importance of this holyday for the entire nation apart from being held in remembrance of a great patriot and also offered an appropriate platform to remind everyone the importance of good conduct and loyalty and inculcate the culture of being committed to the national course in the people (Stafford, p. 113).

What the festivals tell the audience about Chinese traditional culture and values The Spring Festival can be said to be a time for family members to remember one another by coming together and celebrate the success of the past year together and cross over to a new year encouraging each other. Giving money to the young by the elderly is a sign of wishing them good fortune in life.

This creates oneness in the society and shows the caring nature of the populace. It is also a time dedicated to commemoration of the ancestors from whom the current generation emerges. This ensures continuity and inculcates the sense of belonging (Katz, p. 27).

The Mid-Autumn Festival is characterized by worship. People use this festival to offer their thanksgiving to the moon (heavens) and the earth for all the blessings and successes they have had in their lives. It is also a time to pray for good fortunes. The moon shaped cakes consumed during this festival demonstrate family unity. During this festival, the Chinese people also take time to observe serenity (Katz, p. 27).

Nowadays, the Dragon Boat Festival is also called the Poet’s Festival as it commemorates the death of a great patriotic poet. This patriot committed suicide following disillusionment by the failure of the ruling class to fight corruption or uphold integrity in leadership.

Through this festival, the Chinese are reminded about the value of upright nationhood, commitment to the national course and integrity observation in all the deeds of day to day lives (Katz, p. 27).

These festivals are part of the Chinese effort to maintain their culture and values amidst the overwhelming globalization. The involvement of the Chinese government in promoting these festivals goes a long way in creating a national culture for all the Chinese ethnic grouping which in turn would enhance harmony.

Almost all Chinese ethnic groups attach a lot of importance to these festivals and other cultural practices which has resulted in the practices gaining prominence across generations. The Chinese have indicated the importance of their culture on many more occasions and not only the three festivals mentioned above.

For instance, in 2004, during the Athens- based Olympics, the Chinese performed an extravaganza displaying colorful features of their culture. The use of Chinese only attire and symbols at the event and many other events they perform all over the world, in particular during cultural exchange events only acts to demonstrate the actual value they attach t their culture (Katz, p. 89).

Numerous transformations have occurred in the way the Chinese run their politics, education, family structures, language, the military and the judiciary, however; the traditional practices and festivals that demonstrate the Chinese value attachment to their culture have undergone little or no transformation over the their entire 5000-year history.

Social experts claim that the modernized Chinese who have tried to embrace other cultures of the world that are deemed more civilized especially western cultures have found themselves in a ‘lonely world. This has therefore forced majority of the Chinese to tow the cultural line in an effort to remain relevant (Stafford, p. 202).

One of the strategies that the government has employed includes offering sponsorship and an aggressive media awareness campaign to sensitize the populace on the importance of observing and participating in cultural events and festivals.

Aside from the national governments efforts, local authorities have also made it their responsibility to inculcate the essence of observing the festivals and teaching the importance of the same to their children.

Several individuals have also been involved in promoting culture development by sponsoring events or other programs with a cultural orientation. The maintenance of cultural activities in china such as the traditional festivals has also been prominent due to efforts of non-governmental organizations that have kept the government on its toes to protect culture as it was demonstrated in the out cries when the central government started destroying traditional shrines, artifacts and other heritage sites (Stafford, p. 207).

The national media has lately been at the forefront in promoting traditional holidays and events such as the Dragon boat festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, the Moon festival and other cultural events that were earlier deemed contradictory such as the Maoism, globalism and socialism.

These traditional Chinese festivals have gained so much popularity to an extent of being integrated into the curriculum from basic level education to higher education (Katz, p. 28).

All the Chinese festivals described above have many characteristics in common. They all demonstrate a common desire for joy, well-being, and encourage unity among the people to unite the family. They show an element of the vital link between mankind and their creator.

The issue of avoiding misfortunes is also highlighted. The Chinese use all these festivals for relating and merrymaking. It can be also stated that these festivals are an important opportunity for Chinese to take a break from the hectic day to day life chores (Katz, p. 28).

Conclusion Chinese have various festivals and Cultures which have different values and similarities. The festivals tell more about the Chinese cultures and values. Despite the culture transformations going on in all the parts of the world that have led to erosions of cultures, China is among the few societies that have maintained traditional festivals and customs.

The continued cultural links of the modern Chinese population show the importance of the attachment to the history and culture. There are many other factors that unite the Chinese community, such as language, and ethnic ties, but none of these has a stronger bond than their cultural identity.

Works Cited Gibney, Matthew J. Immigration and Asylum: From 1900 to the Present. Entries A to I, Volume 1. California: ABC-CLIO, 2005. Print.

Jasmine, Julia. Multicultural Holidays: Share our Celebration. Huntington Beach, CA : Teacher Created Materials, 1994. Print.

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Stafford, Charles. The Roads of Chinese Childhood: Learning and Identification in Angang. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995. Print.


Indifference has Robbed Generations of our History Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Main Issue of the Author

Why is the Aboriginal Issue so Important to the Author?

Why are the Issues in this Article Important to the Course?

Values and Assumptions in the Article, and their Implications


Introduction The issue of the welfare of the Aborigines has been a controversial one in Australia for the longest time. It is a fact beyond doubt that Aborigines were the original occupants of this continent before the arrival of the white man, but today, they live on the periphery of their own land.

Documented history indicates that the Aborigines have been displaced from their land, pushed and relegated to reserve settlements and ghettos where they live under deplorable conditions. They have undergone untold terrors under the hands of the white man since 1788.

It is in the year 1788 that the Aborigines had their initial contact with the British settlers with the docking of the First Fleet in Botany Bay (Pardoe 2006). Some scholars claim that the white man brought with him diseases such as small pox and tuberculosis, and given the fact that the Aborigines have been a closed society with no contact with the outside world, these diseases wiped whole communities out.

This is given that they had no natural immunity against these diseases. As earlier indicated, they were also displaced and their land taken over by the colonialists, who started engaging in agriculture.

Circa 1869 to 1969, children of Aborigines were forcibly removed from their families and placed on mission homes or engaged in forced labour as a result of a government declaration. These are the children that form the infamous “stolen generation” (Edwards 2004).

Many books have been written, many films produced, all depicting the current and past life experiences of the Australian Aborigines. Most of them revolve around the issue of the conflict between the settlers and the Aborigines, and the minority status of the Aborigines in their own land.

One of such writings is Nowra Louis’ 2008 piece titled Indifference has Robbed Generations of our History. This article was published on the Sydney Morning Herald on December 27 2008, and in it, Nowra gives his views about the plight of this community.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Main Issue of the Author In this article, the major theme that stands out is how latter day Australians are ignorant of the country’s history. This is especially the history detailing the life of the Australian aboriginal.

Nowra (2008) begins the article by giving the story of how he saw a not so sober Aborigine woman nearly getting ran over by a car on a town street. Drunkards in a nearby bar started laughing at the woman, making fun of her race and her drunken stupor.

Nowra (2008) is of the view that these drunkards are a vivid representation of the “general populace’s attitude towards the first Australians- they are indifferent” (p. 4).

This view is of latter day’s Australian ignorance of their history is supported by other scholars such as Callaway (2011), who are of the view that this ignorance is one of the reasons why the Aborigines lead such a deplorable life.

It is a fact beyond doubt that the history of the Australian continent cannot be separated from that of the Aborigines. Nowra (2008) drives this point home when he says that the historical identity of Australians is “inextricably bound up with the Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islanders” (p. 4).

In fact, it can be argued that the history of latter day Australia has been drawn on an Aboriginal’s canvas. The background of the picture itself is the Aboriginal’s who lived here before and after 1788, and the middle ground and foreground of the same picture is made up of shades of the aboriginals together with the British settlers.

Why is the Aboriginal Issue so Important to the Author? Writers use their work in most cases to communicate and articulate those issues that they feel are important to them. The importance of the issue may draw from the personal experiences of the writer or the experiences of other people around them.

We will write a custom Essay on Indifference has Robbed Generations of our History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Nowra’s article is influenced a lot by his personal experience. The issue of the indifference of Australians towards their history emanates from his personal experience in the Australian society, and especially as a white male playwright, novelist and screenwriter.

When he helped in producing the documentary First Australians, depicting the history of Australia, and especially the Aborigines, he expected that a lot of people will watch the series. However, it was only 300,000 who people who were interested in the documentary series.

As he was talking to a friend of his, bemoaning this fact, the friend told him that she had not watched the series. She was honest enough to tell him that “I have no excuse……actually, to be honest, I am totally indifferent to the whole subject of Aborigines” (Nowra 2008; p. 4). This appears to have influenced so much in writing this article.

Why are the Issues in this Article Important to the Course? Sociology deals with the study of the interaction of people within the society. Nowra’s article is seminal to this end, given the fact that it gives a detailed account of the type of interaction between the Aborigines in Australia and the whites.

Conflict is a major theory in sociology, detailing how different social actors in the society are always in disagreement with each other. This article depicts the conflict between the aborigines and the whites in this country.

According to conflict theorists such as C. Wright Mills and Herbert Spencer, conflict in the society has both positive and negative consequences. One of the positive attributes is the fact that it is a source of internal cohesion among members of the different warring parties.

A negative consequence is the fact that some of the parties are the losers in the conflict, and their life becomes deplorable as a result. This article is important as it depicts the results of the conflict between the aborigines and the whites.

According to Zuckermann (2009), the aborigines are some of the most illiterate individuals in Australia, with school retention beyond primary school standing at less than 20 percent.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Indifference has Robbed Generations of our History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This may be attributed to the conflict between the aboriginals and the whites, with the whites taking most of the resources. However, the conflict has led to some sense of togetherness among the aborigines, and this may be well symbolised by the flag that they have adopted.

Values and Assumptions in the Article, and their Implications In this article, Nowra (2008) makes the assumption that the indifference towards Australian history among the general populace is a matter of personal choice.

He is of the view that it is up to the individual to make a conscious decision to learn the history of their country. He asserts that this indifference and nonchalance attitude can be callous, and to some extent even cruel to the country and the individual at a micro level.

This assumption and value by Nowra (2008) makes him present a strong case for his argument. However, he does not lose sight of the fact that the ignorance may have been passed on from one generation to the other.

References Callaway, E 2011. First Aboriginal Genome Sequenced, Nature News, September 22.

Edwards, W H 2004. An Introduction to Aboriginal Societies, New York: Social Science Press.

Nowra, L 2008. Indifference has Robbed Generations of our History, Sydney Morning Herald, December 27.

Pardoe, C 2006. Becoming Australian: Evolutionary Processes and Biological Variation from Ancient to Modern Times, Before Farming, 2006.

Zuckermann, G 2009. Aboriginal Languages Deserve Revival, Australian Higher Education, August 26.


Knowledge Work and Organization Essay essay help

Introduction Many organizations in different sectors are using community of practice and innovation to improve on their productivity. Community of practice and innovation are interrelated in some ways. This study seeks to identify their similarities, differences and the effects each have on the organization. The last part explains the challenges that firms that participate in social networks face.

Communities of Practice From the community’s point of view, communities of practice are groups of people who come together to meet a common goal. In the business perspective, it is a group of self-motivated people who follow laid out procedures and are challenged to train the persons working with them in order to improve their productivity (Wenger 2000, p.45). These communities of practice are responsible for the smooth running of the organization.

Therefore, they are accountable using their knowledge and skills, are included in the planning of the budget of the organization, and provide the time schedule for the activities carried out in the organization. They have artifacts which are documents, websites and stories and the appointed member maintain them since they are useful in the organization (Kortum


PUMA SE Company Analysis Proposal essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents PUMA SE Company

Products and Market Area

Justification of the company choice

Key players in the industry

Interesting aspects of sports industry

Methodology: Assignment approach


PUMA SE Company The strategic research report will delve much on Puma SE Company. This is renowned German International Corporation which conducts most of its business operations in the universal sports industry. Rudolf Dassler inaugurated Puma in 1948 after a family shoes business was split. The corporation developed into a limited partnership in late 1950s but became a public company in the financial year 1980 (Puma, 2011, p.10).

Products and Market Area Puma SE operates in various regions across the globe. However, the key operational areas for Puma SE include Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe. The corporation has expressed interest in Africa since 2005 where it aims to market its products and outsource raw materials. The major primary dealings of Puma SE include accessories, footwear and apparels (Puma, 2011, p.10)

Justification of the company choice Puma SE has become a renowned multinational corporation whose operations have attracted many investors and researchers alike. The transformation of Puma into a market focused firm means that it has to diversify its brands into superfluous fashion and lifestyle alternatives (Miller, 2010, pg.2).

However, to overcome various market entry barriers, gain competitive edge and emerge a global leader in the sports industry, the company has developed and implemented various market and operational strategies (Spence


A Comparison of the Lottery and the Destructors Short Stories Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Introduction In society, some people derive joy from seeing other people suffer. The above-mentioned fictional stories have a rather sadistic point of view. A specific group in each story derives its comfort in watching its fellow human beings suffer. One of the groups that could be excused are children who often derive fun in extreme and weird situations. However, in the fiction written by Shirley Jackson, the characters involved are adults.

These two fictional stories were both published in the early 1950’s and late 1940’s at a time when there was liberation and mockery during the end of World War II and undesired segregations. The authors’ ideas might have developed due to the situation at the time when the fictional stories were written.

“The Lottery” takes place during a fruitful month of summer, when flowers are blooming and grass is richly green yet the event that followed was utterly unexplainable. Why would anyone want to stone someone on such a beautiful day just because the lottery suggested that it was his or her time to be stoned?

As for “the Destructor”, the scenery is a spontaneous car park, the spot of the most recent bomb of the first bombardment. Next to the car park stood the house of ‘Old Misery’ -a name that had been given to him by the gang. However, his real name was Thomas, a nice person who even more than often tried befriending the gang.

The contrast is that, in “the Destructors”, it is children who are considered to be naive and clueless to the harm they cause to others and themselves but as for “the Lottery”, a whole community just decides to stone one individual. The community which comprises of adults is in support of the idea. In “the Lottery”, the mood is hasty, everyone is eager to wind up and go back home to their daily routine.

The author uses several sentences and describes the events around to lure the reader into presuming that it is a normal community. In developing the plot of the story, the author foreshadows the story’s ending by talking about the black box and the black dot at the end of the story, which symbolized the person to be stoned (Jackson et al).

Irony is employed in the same story in other instances. The beginning tells us of a happy normal hardworking community, but the end contrasts the character highlighted at the beginning. The author in this story also uses the names of the characters to create different styles like allusion, symbolism and irony. Names like Graves symbolize death, but this is ironical because Graves and his family evade death, which befalls Tessie of the Hutchinson’s.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, in “the Destructors”, there is very little or no symbolism created in the names used. Irony has though been used to describe the driver who began to laugh instead of sympathizing with Thomas when he learnt that the old man’s house was in shambles (Greene et al).

“The Destructors” shows Blacker as the team leader. Seemingly, Trevor wanted this post for quite some time. The reader would expect him to go for it as his name, Blacker, suggests it. However, Blacker gives in, and lets Trevor be the leader after he came to the realization that Trevor would lose the gangs’ trust. Furthermore, he had helped him at times. Despite his darkened name, he had a soft spot, which showed some sort of irony intentionally or unintentionally done by the author (Graham et al).

The contrasting bit of these two stories is the fact that the setting of one gives an illusion of a different ending with happiness. What comes out is the stoning of one of the members yet the other one just shows destruction which is eminent at some point. “The Lottery” satirizes a number of social issues, including the reluctance of people to reject outdated traditions, ideas, rules, laws, and practices as well the effects associated with them.

The perspective of Mr. Thomas guards the traditional ways and the archaic trust in the power of elders. He believes he has the ability to control what the boys do and forbid them from taking part in some things simply because he is elder. (Jackson et al). The author demonstrates the lower class and represents it by the gang. The lower class is not content to see the upper class take pleasure in valuable property. Instead, they destroy the property and somehow manage to create equilibrium between the wealthy class and the poor.

Works Cited Greene, Graham. 21 Stories. New York: Viking Press, Questia, 1962. Web.

Jackson, Shirley. The Lottery. Classic Short Stories.n.d. Web.


History of Economic Thought Essay college application essay help

Labor theories of value advanced by Smith, Ricardo and max Marx measured value in units of “simple average labor”. According to Marx, skilled work counts for multiple values of unskilled labour. The average labour time expended in a unit of production can be measured in money. According to Marx’s theory of exploitation, labour can create profit on its own.

Labour power is a component of labour time, wages and profit. Exploitation can be explained in terms of profit. It is from money obtained from labour that a capitalist meets rent and interest expenses (Brue et al. 2007).

Smith advocates for division of labour. Division of labour saves time because workers improve efficiency in a task and specialized machinery can be developed for performance of the tasks. In division of labour, competition is emphasized since employees perform similar tasks.

Exchange value is determined by production costs without considering land and capital. The exchange value is determined by labour inputs. Smith supports growth in wages as a means of achieving equality. As profits increase, so the wages are to do the same.

Ricardo argues that in determining exchange value, labour associated with produce input should be considered. According to Ricardo, increase in wages lowers profits rather than increasing exchange values. Labour creates value, but this is not the absolute value.

Marx’s maintains value is absolute while Ricardo argues on relative values. Mercantilists consider the advancement of foreign trade to be a key to the attainment of state security and prosperity of a country. The expenditure of surplus is individuals’ contributes to the national income.

Physiocrats credited creation of national wealth solely to agriculture. To the physiocrats, the enjoyment of goods and services is viewed as the expenditure of surplus from agriculture. These two divergent views of wealth creation can be observed in the Ancient Greek economic thought.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On economic organization, Plato affirms that no man is self sufficient. To satisfy our myriad of needs, we need to find a person who has surplus which you need, and who is in want of what you are able to offer. To this end, division of labour is paramount. We will then have people practicing specialized trades, e.g. physicians, farmers, cobblers, etc. The state is the product of these different individuals living together symbiotically.

Nations will specialize in what they are good in, giving rise to international trade. Plato maintains that no country can attain self sufficiency. All the countries require imports from time to time. Countries should then strive to produce enough for their populace, to avail a surplus for international trade.

With trade, a unit of exchange that observes fairness is important. Aristotle affirms that commodities are not always portable in their natural state. To ease trade, currency was invented as a means of exchange. The portability of money and its international acceptability have made trading far easier, and increased the volume of trade.

According to Aristotle, the downside of a money economy is the Usury. There is a tendency to want money for accumulation, rather than for the purposes it was intended for. This should not be encouraged. The law of diminishing returns holds that for every extra particle of an item one obtains, the level of happiness attained from its acquisition diminishes.

Xenophon affirms that money can only create wealth for us in so far as we know how to use it. The aspects of wealth and the activities that encompass its creation in the Ancient Greek significantly inform Physiocratic and mercantile economic thought.

Similarities between Marxian analysis to classical tradition of Adam Smith and Ricardo Like Smith and Ricardo, Marx can be credited with participation in determining the theory of exchange values. Like Smith, Marx maintained that growth in productivity activities was a positive aspect of capitalism.

Marx like Smith argued that as productivity increased, workers would be more susceptible to harm. Marx lauded an advance made by Smith beyond the physicrats that only agricultural labour creates value. General social labour is to be credited with creation of value.

We will write a custom Essay on History of Economic Thought specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A case in defense of classical economies The notion that classical economies are excessively self centered and do not address aggregate economic activity is unsound. For instance, our moral faculties inhibit the extreme practice of selfishness. Our conscience and reason play a big part in inhibiting impulses of self-love.

Inadvertently, though of a selfish nature, our actions advance societal interests. For instance, a developer constructs a rental building after accumulating wealth. Division of labour means we don’t need to master all trade (Medema et al. 2003).

We only need to perfect one trade. The proceeds from that trade can be utilized in procuring services and goods that one cannot produce. By perusing our own interests, we inadvertently promote the good of the society more efficiently than we would if the societal interest had been our key objective.

The baker will bake the best cakes to maximize his sales while a butcher weighs his meat fairly to avoid a bad reputation. Engagements of the two entrepreneurs are informed by individual interest, but their interests are harmonized by the unintended societal good.

Society will only prosper if equity amongst its people is championed. Smith argues that wages should rise in tandem with economic growth. Workers should combine to bargain for wages in unison. As the economies prosper, more borrowers will want money.

Classical economists affirm that interest should be treated as a deduction to profits. It does not need to be higher than the rate of profit, but it is to be high enough to compensate for the loss occasioned by the lending.

Conclusion The average labor time expended in a unit of production can be measured in money. According to Marx’s theory of exploitation, labor can create profit on its own. Labor power is a component of labor time, wages and profit. Exchange value is determined by production costs.

Without considering land and capital, the exchange value is determined by labor inputs. Smith supports growth in wages as a means of achieving equality. According to the physiocrats, the enjoyment of goods and services is the expenditure of surplus from agriculture.

Not sure if you can write a paper on History of Economic Thought by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These two divergent views of wealth creation can be observed in the Ancient Greek economic thought. To this end, division of labor is paramount. We will then have people practicing specialized trades e.g. physicians, farmers, cobblers etc.

Division of labor means that we do not need to master all kinds of trade. We only need to perfect one trade (Marshall 2009). The proceeds from that trade can then be utilized in procuring services and goods that one cannot produce.

By perusing our own interests, we inadvertently promote the good of the society more efficiently than we would have done if the societal interest had been our key objective. Ultimately, workers should combine to bargain for wages in unison. As the economies prosper, more borrowers will want money. Classical economists affirm that interest should be treated as a deduction to profits.

References Brue, Stanley L., and Grant, Randy R. (2007). The History of Economic Thought. 7th edition. Mason, OH: Thomson-South Western.

Marshall, A. (2009 reprint). Principles of Economics. 8th edition. NY: Cosimo Classics.

Medema, S, G., and Warren J, S. (eds.) (2003). The History of Economic Thought: A Reader. London: Routledge.


Forgiveness best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Ethical Aspect of the study

Strengths, Limitations and Suggestions



Data Quality



Ethical Aspect of the study Psychologists view forgiveness and reconciliation as two parallel phenomena; this difference, they say, is adaptive, such that one may forgive a deceased person without necessarily returning into (the) relationship (Frise


Ideology of Gender Roles Essay essay help online free

In the world of literature, ideology has played a vital role in depicting the condition of the society. The society has used ideologies to obscure the nature and composition of domination. According to Marxists, ideology is designated as a form of politics and law that is used to legitimate power to certain social class in the society. In the traditional setting, ideologies were used to discriminate one community or gender from the other.

It enhanced the superiority of the dominant community through decision-making and social consciousness (Clinton et al. 48). Although ideologies are sometimes true, they have played a vital role in defining the social structure based on gender roles in society.

The attitude towards gender role is often characterized by different opinions and beliefs on the roles of women and men in the society. For instance, the common ideology is that the place of women should be in the kitchen. The ideologies on gender roles have enhanced the society to define distinct roles of women and men.

In most cases, women have been reported to be the victims of discriminatory acts. The belief has enabled men to have dominance over women in society. Various ways have been used to reveal the perception of ideologies in the society.

In Shakespeare’s work, portrayal of ideology in his work is imminent through Medea’s character. Feminist theorists of theater turned insistently to consider how ideology was embedded in texts and performances. It displays how spectators were positioned to accept such ideologies unquestioningly.

For instance, when Medea initially walked on the stage in fifth-century, she was not a woman at all; she was a man in a mask speaking of words of a male playwright to a gathering of male citizens. This has evoked legal and dramatic narratives that her daughters were succumbed to, following her stand in the society (Massai 52). Most often, like Medea, they are referred to as “non” women.

Gender role ideology is demonstrated by Shakespeare through Othello’s character. Indeed, absolute social and spiritual equality between different sexes do coexist with equal absolute subjection of women that is decreed and then subverted. Puritan marriage ideology in the Renaissance provides a remarkable index of the ways in which modern values were being created, and conflicts were taking shape.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Othello’s character demonstrates the apprehension and exploitation of ideological inconsistencies that prevails in the current society. In the scene (1.3) in which Desdemona and Othello seek to justify their marriage before the Vietnam senate, she unwittingly articulates a conception of sexuality and its relation to public life that is antagonistic to Othello’s (Massai 68). This demonstrate the clarity in the perception of gender role ideology in the society.

In No Name Woman and White Tigers by Maxine Hong Kingston, she used storytelling to demarcate the ideological belief and expose the truth behind the perceived social structures in the society. Kingston’s chronicle, No Name Woman, demonstrates various examples that show men’s dominance over women. For instance, when men migrated from China to America in search of work, they left women to look after the household chores and the children.

The women were expected to keep the customs and rules of the society while their male counterparts fumbled without being detected. Ideally, the work of safeguarding the tradition demands that an individual’s feeling towards an action should be played in one’s guts without exposing the rage to the society (Kingston 8). This implies that there is a significant difference between female and male’s roles.

Consequently, Kingston reveals various forms of ideologies in these two stories that he wrote; blame, oppression, and humiliation. The ideologies are intertwined to demonstrate the society’s perception of gender roles and its implication on mask superstructure. Kingston demonstrates blame ideology through the revelation of aunt’s act of committing adultery. The blame is leveled on the woman’s shoulder while the man is unaccountable of the situation.

Although the aunt is stuck in an unsuitable predicament, it is clear that ignorance persist in the society as they are blinded by gender roles’ ideology. Adultery can only be committed by two people of different sex. In this scenario, Kingston reveals that the men out-live their roles in the society, and they are taken to be in the higher social order than that of women (Massai 32).

The ideology of humiliation is demonstrated in No Name Woman when the mother of Kingston narrates the story of her aunt. This was aimed at forewarning Kingston against humiliating the family and the clan. Mother tells her story as she feels it is essential to warn her in the early stages of life, that is, before commencing her periods. However, Kingston understanding is quite different from that of her mother.

The story reveals the discriminatory acts that exist in the society when one is confined in the cocoon of the society’s culture. It shows that men will always be dominant in the society if they are not punished equally from the acts they commit. Women are not supposed to be punished excessively and men are treated as royals despite committing the same felony. The ideology outlines that men are not supposed to be humiliated.

We will write a custom Essay on Ideology of Gender Roles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The society provides that women are the only ones who can be humiliated from the unacceptable deeds. Ideologies of oppression do exist, as the women cannot air their grievances publicly. This is demonstrated by the community’s council of elders where only men are entitled to be the leaders of the community while the women should stay at home (Clinton et al. 254).

Kingston’s memoir focused on gender roles’ ideology. It shows how men are dominant figure in the society. She also reveals her experience on the society’s superstructure that discriminates women. Indeed, women have tried to achieve a high social order like their male counterparts, but they are hindered by these ideologies.

The use of storytelling aimed at demarcating oppression, discrimination, and humiliation that women face in the society. Her writings provided a challenge to the society on the role of women and men. Kingston’s chronicle is not an ideology reflection, but it is aimed at enabling the literature work to distance itself from ideological misconceptions.

In conclusion, ideology has been the dominant factor in the traditional and current society. Individuals seem to embed on ideological perception when defining gender-based roles. Human being should not be immune to crime in the society. Men should not be treated fairly when both women and men are found guilty of the same crime.

As such, by means of storytelling and writing, Kingston and Shakespeare were able to reveal gender ideologies, and the way men benefit from this misconception. The society needs to understand that ideologies discriminate individuals in the society. Literature work should not instigate gender roles’ ideologies, but it should demarcate its existence. Women’s roles should be distinct and where a crime is committed, like in the case of her aunt, both the genders should be treated equally.

Works Cited Clinton, Jerome, Irele Abiola


The United States and the GCC (Gulf Countries) Multinationals, Strategies Research Paper scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Support Strategies




Support Strategies Strategies should be aimed at making the production more available to customers with regard to target audience and ways of delivery and should include analysis of the rivalry in terms of competitive advantage and best practices that can be implemented in their companies.

In other words, support strategies should include the theoretical and practical perspectives on the supply operations.

By facilitating access to foreign technology licenses, it would become easier to open new markets for building and construction materials supply because of the legal perspective of the case. For instance, it is necessary to follow the laws of the countries of customers because the materials should be manufactured with regard to all technical characteristics allowed for a particular country.

Besides, as suggested in the report by representatives of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2010), “high royalty costs associated with foreign technology licenses and fees, for example, are costly and can have negative effects on competitiveness” (p. 150).

Regarding the issue of concern, facilitating access to foreign technology licenses in terms of low-carbon economy investments can be costly though effective making it a competitive advantage compared to companies that would not have free access to licenses thus bearing losses.

Power sector funding of re-tooling costs for production lines and product designs can be improved with the help of a research conducted on the operation of large and small contractors as well as distributors to analyze the channels of supply.

Assessment of distribution channels is the method of active application of effective improvements introduced into the current operation. As suggested in the study by Liu, Meyer, and Hogan (2010), the supply chain should “begin to develop and produce more energy-efficient buildings and to integrate energy efficiency requirements into standard practices” (p. 11).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At the same time, it is necessary to remember about the licenses that can facilitate emergence of innovations in the countries where energy-efficient buildings are very popular whereas the appropriate materials are not available. Market research should include analysis of the markets, rivals, and available technologies with regard to their use.

On the other hand, Cavinato, Flynn, and Kauffman (2006) analyse the cases when manufacturers cooperate actively with their suppliers and “capitalize on technology innovation” with the latter (p. 270).

The process of upgrading capabilities to produce and supply energy conservation materials can be more time- and cost-consuming than facilitating access to foreign licenses and other ways of entering the foreign market with manufacturing and supply of materials for building and construction.

Discussion For instance, the information by United Nations Publications (2001) supports the idea of active use of the polymer industry focusing on the biotechnology inputs as well as polymer modified cement materials that can be used in future. Delivery of such materials would not be complicated in case customers are interested in the use of such materials.

As claimed by McCabe (2010), “the bargaining power of a supplier is based on their ability to control what they provide” (p. 69). This means that providing materials of high quality makes suppliers more competent in their activity, which also enables them to use this as a competitive advantage and often to use their reputation in order to make deals and carry on negotiations.

The challenges encountered by suppliers can be overcome with the help of a multifaceted approach used in order to investigate and analyse the situation in order to solve all the problems using the drawbacks of the system. In this respect, the foreign market as well as all other markets has its backdoors that can be opened obeying the laws and following the rules of the market.

At the same time, it is possible to capture the market suddenly in case the company possesses the information necessary for that.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The United States and the GCC (Gulf Countries) Multinationals, Strategies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For instance, if the market is growing and population and contractors desperately need materials for building and construction, it is possible to cooperate with the largest rivals and enter the market. Furthermore, the cooperation can be stopped as soon as the customers are familiar with the products and quality offered by suppliers.

Conclusion Support strategies aimed at helping local manufacturers and suppliers enter the foreign markets with their materials for building and construction include a number of practices. It is necessary to conduct a research in order to analyze the foreign market with regard to possible cooperation with currently operation companies that have some position in that market.

In addition, companies can facilitate licensing with regard to evaluation of costs necessary for operation in the new market and potential profit from such a campaign.

Finally, manufacturers and suppliers can improve the technologies in order to meet the increasing needs of the international building and construction area in terms of the green innovations and energy-efficient policies.

To conclude, it is necessary to compare the potential profit with the expected costs on innovations and profits from the entrance to the market and make necessary corrections to the approaches implemented in the pasted to enter the same markets as new technologies require new application.

References Cavinato, J. L., Flynn, A. E. and Kauffman, R. G., 2006. The supply management handbook. 7th ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Professional.

Liu, F., Meyer, A. S. and Hogan, J., 2010. Mainstreaming building energy efficiency codes in developing countries: global experiences and lessons from early adopters. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Publications.

McCabe, S., 2010. Corporate strategy in construction: understanding today’s theory and practice. Oxford, OX: John Wiley and Sons.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The United States and the GCC (Gulf Countries) Multinationals, Strategies by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2010. Investing in a low-carbon economy. London: United Nations Publications.

United Nations Publications, 2001. Review of science and technology in ESCWA member countries, Issue 4. London: United Nations Publications.


The application and implementation of short term and long-term remuneration reward plan Report custom essay help: custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The Justification of Long-Term and Short-Term Rewards Plan




Introduction For any given Company, Business, Firm or Organization, it is the paramount duty of that Institution’s Human Resources or Compensation Committee to recognize the crucial role people play in the achievement of both the Institution’s short-term and long-term objectives as a key source of gaining advantage over its competitors1.

Therefore, for the Institution to grow and become successful it must not only be able to attract talented and capable employees, but also to retain and motivate such employees.

Employee remuneration thus becomes one of strategies that are employed by successful institutions to not only attract and retain top talents, but also as a strategy to remove ineffective and under-performing employees.2 To enforce this, such Institutions employ short term and long-term remuneration and reward plans.

The United State of Florida defines short-term rewards and benefits as benefits payable to individuals in an affected unit under an approved short-time compensation plan.3

In the general sense, short-term compensation refers to a pay strategy where evaluations of an individual or organizational performance have significant sway on the amount of pay increases or bonuses given to each employee.4 It may also refer to a system of compensation where employees are paid according the amount of hours, extra sales or targets achieved by an employee.5

In this remuneration scheme, employers are spared the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new personnel. In turn, the employees are spared the hardships of full-time unemployment thus a more flexible means of working.

Long-term rewards and compensation scheme is aimed towards the attraction and retention of capable employees to enable an institution achieve its long-term goals and objectives. This means that a company can afford to spend more money on training, recruiting and hiring new employees.6

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It therefore includes the payment of salaries, house allowances, insurance and other benefits payable to an employee as stipulated by the law.7 This makes this reward scheme to be deemed by employees more financially secure and sustainable.

New University graduate students often require financial security with a vision of becoming top professionals within their respective careers. They therefore prefer a long-term rewards and benefits plan that offers security in employment and an incentive to excel in their careers.

Whereas in the past most employers remuneration strategies were rigid and did not allow for creativity,8 present remuneration strategies require creativity on the part of the employer with employee motivation and welfare placed at the centre of these strategies.9

This now entails the payment of perquisites, commissions, bonuses, special awards, profit sharing, stock options and cost reduction incentives.10

This report will therefore examine how these long-term and short-term remuneration and reward plans are implemented and measured to remove ineffective and under-performing employees at the modern day work place.

The Justification of Long-Term and Short-Term Rewards Plan The introduction of a pay for performance remuneration system provides the best platform to employ both long-term and short-term remuneration and reward plan to remove ineffective and under-performing employees at the modern day work place.

This is because the system links a worker’s pay to some measure of personal or organizational pay performance, usually through an official performance assessment.

We will write a custom Report on The application and implementation of short term and long-term remuneration reward plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, ineffective employees under this system of remuneration can be easily identified due to their incapacity to meet the company’s goals and targets hence excluded from payment of incentives. This will eventually create room for dismissal such employees.

Pay for performance system can include a variety of rewards for exceeding average performance. One such reward is the payment of bonuses. Bonuses represent an amount of pay that is “at risk” every year. This is in contrast to basic pay, which is fixed, and primarily reflects an employee’s market value, and thus bonuses ought to depend solely on performance.

When the employee excels, he may receive a sizable bonus, but if the employee’s performance is lower, he may not receive a bonus and his salary drops to the base rate.11 As a result, above average employees are assured a certain salary, with the prospective for earning more.

On the other hand, ineffective and under performing employees do not earn any extra rewards and are thus encouraged to either raise their performances or face lay offs. Payment of bonuses is a justifiable motivation tool for employees because they give employees the much needed extra incentive to work harder to augment the base rate wage thereby increasing the company’s wages.

In fact, market trends indicate that bonuses increased employee motivation levels by up to 10%.12It should however be noted that bonuses should be payable to excellent employees only on a yearly basis.

Performance-based compensation increases are another form of short-term rewards that can be incorporated into long-term remuneration to offer incentives to high-performing employees in a company. In contrast to bonuses, performance-based pay increases are integrated into the employee’s base pay and are generally only adjusted upward.

Organizations may differ in how they move staff through the performance-based wage scales. Some pay systems include predetermined levels, which employees step through in an orderly manner, while others allow the supervisors to determine salary amounts anywhere within a broad range.

When the employee’s performance warrants a raise, the employee receives an increase. The main difference of performance-based compensation increase with bonuses is that whereas bonus is paid annually, performance based-compensation increases are permanent. Hence, an ineffective employee cannot be entitled to a raise where his/her performance does not warrant a raise.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The application and implementation of short term and long-term remuneration reward plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The offering of the company’s stake through stock options is a long-term remuneration strategy that is employed to attract and retain highly qualified individuals, especially at the management levels.

Company’s and top institutions have realized that in order to retain top talents within their institutions, they need to offer a sought of entitlement to their top performers to tie them to the company. This is a paradigm shift from past practices where employers thought that the mere payment of hefty of hefty wages was enough to tie top talents to their companies.

Commission is generally based on the performance of an individual or team and is commonly applied to sales people. It is usually paid sales people either individually or as a group depending on the number of sales made or the targets achieved by the employees either individually or as a group.

Commissions may offer an attractive pay to employees who are highly active in their jobs and are an extra source of income for employees who reach and exceed their targets. In recent times, employers have been creative with the use of commissions to motivate highly productive employees.

As opposed to the past practice of basing employees’ base pay on commission, employers may pay a sizeable amount of pay and leave the bulk of pay to be on commission per sale made by the employees. In this way, highly productive employees take home the base pay in addition to the percentage of the commission of the sales they make.

This gives the employee a chance to earn a lot more money through commissions. On the side of the employer, it is a plus sign as the employer stands a chance of making more sales from increased merchandise sales. It also creates a healthy competition among the workers who may try overriding their colleagues in the sale of the company’s product.

Many employers take advantage of this by introducing individual awards such as ‘best individual performer’ whereby the winner may also be awarded with the further payment of a bonus award.

In such a scenario, ineffective employees who are unable to meet the targets or are unable to compete with the rest may voluntarily resign from the work. This remuneration strategy thus be utilized to remove ineffective and under-performing employees and to retain valued and talented employees.

Conclusion Employee remuneration and rewards strategies should be flexible to meet the changing dynamics of the modern day employment needs. They should therefore not only incorporate strategies to retain effective talent, but also to get rid of ineffective and unproductive employees.

By thus adopting and implementing the aforementioned remuneration strategies that incorporate both the long-term and shot-term remuneration strategies, a modern day employer is able to remove ineffective and under-performing employees while on the other hand retaining valued and talented employees.

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Historical Milestones of AFL. Essay (Critical Writing) custom essay help

Effects of Haymarket Riot, Homestead Strike and Pullman Strike on AFL The Haymarket riot helped the AFL by increasing pressure for the creation of reasonable working hours. The AFL took the initiative to campaign for short working days. It is also believed that the strike led to growth and vitality of trade unions. The Homestead Strike on the other hand saw the defeat and collapse of the of The Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers (AA) and this acted as a great setback to the efforts put forward in a bid to unionize the steel workers.

The fact that most steel companies decreased their wages and continued with de-unionization efforts meant that the AFL efforts were also undermined. The Pullman Strike boosted the AFL due to the immense support and great success achieved. The strike did not only increase national attention, but also led to the demand of federal action. The success of the strike was a big milestone to AFL.

These three events hurt AFL as union membership began to decline. This was fuelled by employers developing their own strategies, which they used to counter the activities of the trade unions (Holley, Jennings


Australian Economics in 2009 Essay essay help free: essay help free

The year 2009 was the year of inquiry on the financial services industry in Australia. During the year, the Australian government officially ‘formed three separate inquiries into financial products and services, taxation and superannuation, commonly known as the Ripoll, Henry and Cooper reviews respectively’ (Papandrea 2009, p.01).

The Henry inquiry into taxation is the root and branch review into the taxation and transfer system. This essay focuses on this report. In order to comprehend the contents of the report, the following issues are addressed: the reasons for the Henry review into taxation, its recommendations and the government’s response.

Papandrea (2009, p.02), explains that issues concerning the challenges the Australian and state government taxes face like the interactions with transfer system due to factors like demographic, social, economic and environmental necessitated the formation of the inquiry in order to determine ways in which the government can position itself to deal with them in the future. The commission was also formed to enable the government to address some regulatory and modernization issues to ensure post-retirement products meet retirees needs.

Henry Report recommended that ‘the taxation system should raise revenue from four efficient tax bases, namely: personal income tax, business income, private consumption and economic rents’ (Thompson, 2010, p.01). Concerning company tax rate, the commission suggests that ‘the rate to be reduced to 25 per cent over the medium term and compulsory superannuation to be increased to 12 per cent’ (Thompson, 2010, p.02).

Thompson points out further that the report states that financial institutions operating in Australia should not be subject to interest withholding tax on interest paid to non-residents. This will position Australia as a regional financial centre.

The government’s response to the Henry Review has been to adopt a quite limited number of the recommendations. In regard to the company tax, the government proposes a reduction in the rate of company tax from 30% to 29% in 2013–2014 and a further reduction to 28% although small business will obtain the benefit of the new 28% from 2012-2013. The government also proposes a tax offset for exploration companies where the Australian exploration expenditure results in a tax loss (Thompson, 2010, p.03).

In conclusion, Henry report sets out the principles upon which future Australian tax reform should proceed. In that light, the report is a most significant contribution to the future economic planning of the nation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Papandrea, V 2009, ‘Inquiries galore’, IFA cover story, 16 November, pp. 01-02. Web.

Thompson, WD 2010, ‘A long-term plan for Australian tax reform – the Henry Report and the government’s response’, Minter Ellison Lawyers: Keeping Good Companies, vol. 62, no. 5, pp. 01–04.


Definition of Deontology Theory in Philosophy Case Study college essay help online: college essay help online

The theory was formulated by Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). The word comes from the words, “deon” or “duty” therefore, the reasoning behind the word deontology is on the idea that as human beings, we have the duty to do certain things and avoid others (Hugh, 2000, p. 6). This theory does not look at how much good might be realized from a certain action but rather it looks at the actions of the individual.

The principle of this theory of ethics has been adopted in various ways to achieve a common goal. For instance, beneficence principles help or guide one to do what is good. Respect of autonomy principles helps in reaching a consensus and allowing people to make decisions that are important to their lives (Catherine, 2002, p. 5).

Justice principles endeavor to ensure fairness in our actions, while least harm principles help in making choices that are geared at causing least harm to many. Therefore, they help in reaching a common goal.

The theory dictates that individuals need at all time exhibit behaviors or actions that can become a universal rule. Individuals should also act in such a way that they treat humanity both in their own person and in that of another, usually as an end and not as a means (Hugh, 2000, p. 7). Furthermore, morality of individuals is judged based on nature of their actions and will, not on goals attained. This is because we cannot control our future despite of the best efforts we put in.

Therefore, we are usually blamed because of the actions that are within us, our will, but not our achievement. Individuals should always do unto others as they would have them done unto them. The theory emphasizes on respect of persons and should be treated with the respect that they deserve. Therefore, individual human rights should be acknowledged and should not be violated.

In my nursing practice, this theory has been of great importance. I have used the theory as my guideline in respecting the desires of my patients. For instance, I have respected their wish not to disclose their confidential information to third parties.

Virtue theory is an ethics theory which deemphasizes rules, or consequences but it focus on the person that is involved in an act (Catherine, 2002, p. 8). It does not deemphasize on whether the act is right, abiding rules, and good consequences of our actions. The most important thing is whether the individual acting is expressing good character-moral virtues or not. As the person character is the totality of the individual character traits.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Utilitarianism theory is associated with the British philosopher by the name John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), who developed it. The theory holds that individuals’ actions are right if only they promote good to majority. The theory, therefore, agitates for the respect of every person through our actions. The critics of the theory question the extent on how the good of the majority goes.

Another ethical theory is the casuist theory. This theory is used in comparing the present ethical problems with the past examples and outcomes of similar ethical problems that was experienced. This, therefore, helps in the determination of severity of a given situation and helps in creating of best solutions in relation to another person’s experiences.

Does justice require universal access to health care?

For justice to be realized there is need for universal health care. Universal access to healthcare as embodied in the health systems of developed countries is aimed at securing an equal access to the healthcare. There have been various disagreements pertaining to the accessibility of health care (Jim, 2009, para. 23). Some people view health care as social good and like any other commodity that needs to be purchased. The healthcare should be made accessible to its entire people.

In most circumstances, those people that are not able to access good healthcare services do not have the money to pay for their health, while those who have the resources can afford good healthcare services. This inequality has created disparities and contributed to injustices. Heath care should be rolled out in order to be accessible by every person in need. Health care is important in fostering justice to the whole society. Therefore, I do agree that justice requires a universal access to health care.

References Catherine, R. (2002). Descriptions of ethical theories and principle. Web.

Hugh, L. (2000). The Blackwell guide to ethical theory. New York: John Wiley


Book Review of ‘You don’t Get what you Always Pay For’ by Sclar Essay (Critical Writing) college admissions essay help

Introduction In the book ‘You don’t Always Get what you Pay For’ by Elliot D. Sclar, the author examines the merits and demerits of privatizing the public sector in United States. He provides a detailed explanation of how the private sector works in conjunction with the public sector and the assumptions made by supporters of privatization.

Sclar says that although the model of competitive market may be preferred by many, it lacks a full and comprehensive explanation of the intricacies involved in providing public services on contractual basis. This essay will present a critical book review of Sclar’s book ‘You don’t Always Get What You Pay For’.

Book Review of ‘You don’t Get what you Always Pay For’ by Sclar

The book “You don’t Always get what you pay for’ by Eliot Sclar is a focus on privatization which has seemingly been elusive. In his attempt to analyze the subject, Sclar utilizes case studies to show the advantages and disadvantages of transforming public services into private ones.

After referring to various case studies, his conclusion is that privatization of public services is detrimental to the society. Sclar argues that the perspective presented by neoclassical adherents regarding competition in the market is not clear enough to explain the concept of competition.

However, it is apparent from the way he presents the model that he is against free markets. “The economic playing field is more realistically conceived as mountainous terrain that includes several high peaks from which well endowed corporate and individual warriors swoop down to seize targets of opportunity” 1.

The perspective held by Sclar from this statement is that there is monopoly in the economy where wealth rests in the hands of a limited group of people.

Sclar’s book is easy to read since information is presented in a clear manner. The book lays emphasis on two major issues the first one being that privatization is not the solution to effective and better means of production. He points out that various situations have their uniqueness hence privatization decisions should be based on particular cases.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The approach used by Sclar to analyze the concept of privatization basically revolves around the government’s decision on whether it is supposed to buy or make its own goods.

According to him, the efficiency achieved when the government decides to produce its own products is not different from the one achieved when competitive markets are involved. Sclar argues that the focus should not be on economy analysis but on dealing with management organization2.

The case studies he uses present a valid contribution and the challenges he finds out to be inherent in the process of contracting out. For example, identification of the services to be provided by the private companies becomes difficult.

Judging which is better between producing goods privately or publicly also becomes a difficult task. In addition, what determines the production of goods most is the organizational structure as opposed to the question of whether the producer is from the private or public sector.

Sclar points out that the issue is not producing goods privately or publicly but what matters is recognition of the fact that both public and private production of goods can be used in the improvement of public service.

Sclar attempts to make an evaluation of the degree of success in privatization. He points out that privatization should be aimed at reducing the production cost and it does not necessarily reduce the cost instantly. The notion that producers and consumers gain important information from the prices when assigning resources is an extremely simplified one.

Sclar argues that government agencies incur additional costs such as monitoring costs that are ignored by those who support privatization. The cost of the whole agency should also be put into consideration instead of focusing on the section that is under contract.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Book Review of ‘You don’t Get what you Always Pay For’ by Sclar specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To sclar, the most appropriate method of making a comparison between work done on the basis of a contract and in-house work is basing it on the avoidable cost. On the basis of this accounting strategy, Sclar views the merits of privatization to be minimal.

Sclar has a feeling that private competition affects the consumers negatively through increased costs. For instance, when trying to analyze the medical industry he points out, “we pay a steep price for this competition. In the United States about 25 cents of every health care dollar is spend on administration and profits.

In Canada, which has national health insurance, the comparable overhead figure is 15 cents”3. Sclar is not concerned with the cost or the quality of the product. According to him, the problem of producing goods for public use cannot be solved by privatization but the solution lies in adopting different organization structures for the bureaucratic agencies.

Sclar argues that the ultimate goal should be improvement of the services offered to the public by public agencies. He uses the view of institutions on the economy and costs of transaction to show how the economy can achieve such a goal.

Sclar is keen to identify some of the problems associated with contracting services although he does not acknowledge the steps that have been taken to solve the problems. He suggests that contractual deals between private and public institutions are usually characterized by immense corruption and interference from the political class.

He attributes this kind of interference to the failure of competitive forces. He believes that corruption takes place when the private sector gets involved in matters of the public sector but is not caused by organizational or competition issues.

This book criticizes the way neoclassical theories explain competition as well criticizing the view that bureaucrats and individuals from the political class can produce goods and services better than players from the private sector.

Sclar argues that analyzing the economy in the right manner and having appropriate organizational structures is the key to determining the most appropriate means of production but not relying on ideologies.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Book Review of ‘You don’t Get what you Always Pay For’ by Sclar by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He points out that the focus of conservatives is ideology and trimming the size of the government, a factor that causes them to advocate for privatization with little regard on whether it is cost effective with regard to provision of public services.

The contracting method has some problems and can actually lead to reduced government costs but it is not real privatization. He says that the theoretical approach of competition in Austria where privatization involves transfer of resources from the public to the private sector has been successful.

However, to him this should not be an ideology to be emulated by small governments but a factor of appropriate analysis of economic situations4.

Conclusion In the last chapter of his book, Sclar gives examples of privatization in New York as he attempts to explain the challenges of privatization. He outlines several rules that can be used to improve service provision in the public sector.

Sclar points out the negative aspects of standard economic model which is used by supporters of privatization. He argues that supporters of privatization make assumptions that are not realistic. He further argues that they do not have the right ideologies hence ruling out the possibility of reforming the public sector.

Bibliography Calcagno, P. You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For:The Economics of Privatization. By Elliot D. Sclar.The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 2001: 83-85.

Sclar, E. You Don’t Always Get What you Pay For. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000.

Footnotes 1Elliot,Sclar. You Don’t Always Get What you Pay For. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000.pp.9

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3 Elliot,Sclar. You Don’t Always Get What you Pay For. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000.pp.92

4 Peter,Calcagno. You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For:The Economics of Privatization. By Elliot D. Sclar.The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 2001: 83-85.pp.5


E-Commerce Website: Creation, Growth and Security Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Executive Summary

The E-Commerce Website Security Features

Securely Managing the E-Commerce Website from a Remote Location

Anti-Theft Protection for Johnny’s Laptops



Introduction Jonny is a potential investor into an E-Commerce website and hopes to be able to create, manage and expand the website even as he takes safety measures to ensure that the website is safely operated and accessed from any location, including remote locations.

He therefore plans to spend an amount of $2 million into the project so as to gain a powerful and perfectly-operating website that may be able to eventually compete with top E-Commerce websites like PayPal (Duran, 2009).

This study seeks to identify the different ways in which Jonny may establish a successful and powerful website, its potential to expand, how he may be able to ensure its security and also how he should organize his budget so as to complete the whole process in the right way.

Executive Summary Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is the form of trade that involves buying and selling of products and services using such connections as the internet, LAN, WAN and other computer networks.

The process has also developed to include other processes such as online payment options where a client is able to pay for whatever they have bought online, market development, advertisement and marketing for products over the internet, products delivery services as well as many other trade-related activities that occur over the internet.

E-Commerce has been on the acceleration especially due to the vast technological advancements and innovations that have taken place over the recent past resulting to an unprecedented increase in the use of personal computers as well as internet activities.

With the developments that have been established in E-Commerce, internet users who wish to buy or sell products have been able to have an easy connection with each other from all over the world in such a manner that a seller is able to advertise and market for their products online, converse with the client, negotiate on prices and finally sell the product to the client even without them meeting or even seeing each other physically.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the same way, a buyer is able to view online many products that he/she has an interest in from all over the world and from different sellers, compare prices, quality and other aspects of the products of interest, choose the one’s to purchase, make online payments and then get the products delivered physically to them.

These processes may take place from the comforts of one’s home or office, provided there is internet connection (Howard


A Change of UK Political Policies Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Cause of Political Reforms

Effects of Political Reforms


Introduction Over the years, United Kingdom politics have generated a lot of interest globally. In the recent past, the centre stage of the UK political arena has been the formation of a coalition government in 2010 between two major UK political parties; the conservative and the liberal democrats.

This paper is going to dwell on the coalition government as a change in political policy that has caused the emergence of the UK political reforms and its effects (Dorey, Garnett,