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Thesis There can be very little doubt as to the fact that experiences do play rather important role in defying the essence of one’s identity and also in how a particular individual perceives such an identity. Nevertheless, the application of strictly environmentalist approach to dealing with identity-related discourses cannot be considered fully appropriate. In this paper, I will aim to explore the validity of an earlier statement at length.

Analytical part Nowadays, it became quite fashionable among ‘progressive’ social sciences to come up with a suggestion that is namely people’s experiences that define who they are, as individuals. But what is experience? Experience is nothing but one’s memory of how he or she had dealt with existential challenges at certain point of its life.

And, as the recent breakthroughs in the field of genetics indicate – it is namely the specifics of a particular individual’s biological makeup, which characterizes the qualitative subtleties of how he or she addresses these challenges, more than anything else does.

For example, regardless of how ‘underprivileged’ a concerned individual may be, in social context of this word, for as long as the rate of this person’s IQ is above 110, the chances for him or her to attain social prominence would still be rather high – after all, in post-industrial world, it is specifically one’s endowment with an ability to operate with abstract categories (intellect), which reflects upon his or her value, as society’s member.

And, once this individual succeeds with setting itself on the path of attaining social prominence, his or her life-experiences are going to positive – hence, contributing to the construction of this individual’s identity as someone whose very existence benefits the society.

Alternatively, for as long as the rate of one’s IQ is within the range of 70-80 or below, as it is often the case among students and employees, qualified for ‘affirmative action’ programs, it would be very unlikely for such person’s life-experiences to be positive, because it is namely the acuteness of this individual’s animalistic urges and not his or her analytical abilities, which will define the qualitative essence of how he or she would be reacting to existential challenges.

Given the fact that, during the course of last fifty years, Western societies became almost completely secularized, it makes perfectly logical sense for citizens to think of making money as foremost priority in their lives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More After all, it is not a secret that, as of today, a particular individual’s identity is being assessed through the lenses of his or her ‘monetary value’ – the more money we have, the more our identity is being appreciated. Had it been otherwise, people would not be buying expensive ‘brand name’ products in an attempt to emphasize their identity as successful individuals, who can afford buying these products, in the first place.

Yet, there are essentially only two ways towards attaining social prominence, and consequentially becoming rich – pursuing a well-paid professional career, or pursuing the career of a drug-dealer. And, it goes without saying, of course, that only people that are being biologically predisposed towards studying, due to the high rate of their IQ, who may choose in favor of the first option.

For the rest, there is simply place under the sun in this world, unless they had proven themselves lucky enough not to get caught, while peddling drugs on the streets or scheming to take an advantage of social assistance programs.

Conclusion As we are well aware of, it is not utterly uncommon to hear people complaining about the bad choices they had made in the past. Nevertheless, only few of these complainers seem to understand that the choices, they had made during the course of their lives, were dialectically predetermined – at the time of making a particular choice, this choice appeared for them being the most logical.

And, it is namely who we are, in biological sense of this word, which reflects upon the qualitative essence of our life-choices, which in its turn defines the essence of our life-experiences – pure and simple.

Whereas, for one person it might appear that, the easiest and therefore most logical way to achieve financial security would be robbing a bank, another person, capable of operating with abstract categories, would be more likely to think of the easiest way towards becoming rich along the lines of doing something else, such as trading on stock exchange, or getting a patent on its science or industry related invention, for example.


Cultures are eroded by foreign cultural influences including media Essay argumentative essay help

Culture erosion is all about a people’s culture getting washed away and forgotten while a new culture is being picked up and practiced by that group of people (Glassner 2005). To a large extent through time, the world realizes that some practices that are distinct to a group of people are dropped as time goes by and it is realized that, that same group of people gets to practice activities that they get exposed to.

To a large extent it can be said that the media has got a very big role that it plays in culture erosion, as a people get more exposed to the media, they get exposed to new lifestyles that are practiced elsewhere, they then get influenced by these new practices and in no time, a new culture will have been picked up and life will continue. This will result to the dropping of one’s culture and a new culture will have taken over.

Globalization is the main offspring of culture change and this is usually seen in the adoption of new cultures that are taken up the world over, the life styles of people through out the world have changed drastically due to adoption of new cultures. The ideas of acculturation are driving the world today because nothing in this evolving world will not stand and avoid change.

Media, has got a great role that it has played in this, it is seen as a means of bringing the wide world together and therefore contributing to propelling new ideas and advancements the world over, for instance through media, a common music is propelled through out the world, hip hop music for example is attributed to some form of lifestyle, this as has basically played a role in the lives of young people who listen to this form of music. Transformation then will be seen taking place through this music and this brings in a culture that can be taken up around the world.

Globalization through the media can be seen as a great influence on the psychological functioning of different individuals, this is solely seen through the issues of identity that engulf different individuals (Glassner 2005).

The degree of a peoples open mindedness determines their psychological potentiality to change, this can practically be seen in the adolescents who are open to adventure and exploration and thus, their position guarantees that once exposed to other lifestyles and ideas outside their cultures then they easily take up what they come across.

They have a strong attachment to the media and therefore whatever the media feeds them, and if they appear to agree to it, then, that will have been a lifestyle picked and embedded into their lives and this will automatically influence their lives in the years they will live. Thus their role in globalization is evidently significant.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The global culture among the youth is increasingly on the rise (Ott 1989). Most of the blame is directed to the west where most of the influence comes from, the dwindling cultures of other places of the world, especially in the Muslim world is attribute to western cultures where the youth are seen to be copying what they re seeing happen in the west.

Most youths the world over have got access to the internet and modern technologies which aid exchange of material in the shortest time, especially with the internet. Moral decadence is seen to have been greatly propelled by the media and internet whereby for instance sexually provoking material is available and can be reached in microseconds (Ott 1989).

Premarital sex and early pregnancies are on an alarming increase as traditional set ups as sexual education is seen to be out dated, more especially in Africa where sex education was given during initiation. Unlike in the past young women are getting career oriented ignoring the traditional position spelled out for them as house keepers and thus gender roles are seen to be changing on an alarming rate whereby everyone is seeking to be economically independent.

There then arises the war of supremacy as both genders who seek to be independent (Kramsch 2008), this in conservative cultures is seen to be breaking family set ups especially in Africa and Asia. families are also broken as family members especially from rural areas move to urban areas to seek for employment, these kind of lifestyles can be greatly attributed to the west and they are getting adopted by the rest of the world more especially the third world regions.

Identity confusion creeps in when adapting to changes becomes difficult, when the new cultures seem to be too much to take in and adapt, and their own cultures seem to be foreign to their current positions thus not fitting anywhere (Kramsch 2008). This eventually leads to denial of an individual or a society and eventually leading to long term psychological problems that will finally affect their off springs leading to a society being left behind culturally

Foreign cultural influences and the media in the long run dictate the society’s life styles (Kramsch 2008), these are the determinants of globalization and there after making the world a common global village where its inhabitants have a common culture and way of living.

Of course there will be loss of identity, but the media propels an identity that can be taken up by the current generation and the generations to come. In as much there are the negative effects of media in terms of cultural transformations, if focus is put on its benefit to the generations to come, then loss of cultures will not be an issue to be given much attention (Ott 1989).

We will write a custom Essay on Cultures are eroded by foreign cultural influences including media specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore a culture, be it western or even indigenous African, Asian etc cultures, if looked at in a positive way, then there will be no problem as to which culture is superior than the other, and that change is inevitable, they are subject to change and acceptance by the peoples of the world. The media is therefore considered to be having a great influence on culture transformation (Glassner 2005).

References Glassner, B. 2005. The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things: Crime, Drugs, Minorities, Teen Moms, Killer Kids, Mutant Microbes, Plane Crashes, Road Rage,


The case of U.S.A versus Cecil Price et al (1967) Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was an extremist organization in U.S.A and it always aimed at preserving the white culture and domination of other minority groups that lived in U.S. This group was also anti-communist and it never wanted the black people to have equal rights with whites (Sullivan, 2000).

In the second half of 19th century, the first Klan emerged but it collapsed around 1870. In 1920s the second group was formed and it subscribed to the traditions and activities of the former. The third clan came to the limelight after the end of the Second World War and its major aim was to suppress the civil rights activities that were often conducted by the black elites (Sullivan, 2000).

This extremist group of terrorists is popularly known for advocating for the white domination over the minority groups that lived in the south. The Klan conducted a series of terrorist activities both in the rural and urban centers. They mainly targeted the black activists who always demanded democratic rights (Hansen, 2005). This paper discusses the tactics that were used by the Klan in the movie “Mississippi Rising” and also the tactics that were used by the F.B.I to investigate the group (Hansen, 2005).

Tactics used by the Ku Klux Klan Lynching

The Ku Klux Klan which was against the civil rights granted to the black people in U.S used a number of tactics in a bid to intimidate the black people who were demanding for equal opportunities.

The tactics included the following. Lynching was one of the tactics that was commonly used by the members of the Klan. Lynching refers to the act of killing people through mob action and it was commonly practiced in U.S, between1860-1960. This tactic is closely connected with white supremacy which was widely practiced in the south after the civil war of 1860 (Sullivan, 2000).

During the reconstruction period in the south that took place immediately after the American civil war, the Africa Americans were granted civil rights (Hansen, 2005). The whites who for a very long time had dominated the Africans were greatly disturbed. The people who were demanding for the civil rights were now targeted by this gang with the aim of being lynched and killed.

The Klan members who conducted the lynching always had different motives. Some of them could raid and displace the Africans from their investments, others wanted to gain political control in the south, while others aimed at punishing those who had contradicted their customs (Hansen, 2005).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hate Messages

Apart from lynching, the members of the Klan circulated fliers that had hate messages to the blacks. These messages were actually very provocative and scary in nature. They burnt crosses in the black residential areas as a way of provoking them. In addition to these tactics, they carried out protest rallies on the street. They occasionally burnt firms and properties belonging to the blacks (Sullivan, 2000). The blacks resisted the lynching in several ways.

For example, the black elites and journalists always informed the public about their rights. They protested against lynching through peaceful demonstrations and questioned the government’s position in these violent attacks against the blacks. Several advocacy groups together with some whites who disliked the activities of the Klan also helped them by pressurizing the government to address the issue (Dublin, 1993).

How the F.B.I Dealt with Ku Klux Klan Inadequate Investigation

The government responded by using the F.B.I to investigate and deal with the Klan. The F.B.I used four main tactics to dismantle the militia groups and they included the following. Infiltration was one of the methods they used. In several cases the F.B.I detectives simply discredited and disrupted political activities deeming them illegal without conducting proper investigations (Sullivan, 2000).

The police officers and detectives from F.B.I unit used dubious methods like “Psychological Warfare from the Outside” (Sullivan, 2000) to suppress political movements.

They created their own information and relayed wrong information to media houses concerning illegal movements like Klan. Apart from doing this, the F.B.I officials also wrote false reports and letters. They also kept on manipulating parents, workers and children to give the activists a hard time (Dublin, 1993).

Misuse of the Law

The F.B.I and police officers misused the law by harassing innocent people and treating them like criminals. The police officers created stories to file charges against innocent people and many citizens ended up being unlawfully arrested and imprisoned. They also used extra force and violence to harass innocent people with the aim of silencing and preventing them from engaging in politics (Hansen, 2005).

Conclusion From the above discussion it is evident that the black people in U.S faced a lot of challenges during the reconstruction period that took place after the end of the civil war. This inhuman treatment of the blacks by the whites was a great demonstration of racism and discrimination against the black people.

We will write a custom Essay on The case of U.S.A versus Cecil Price et al (1967) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The activities of the Klan were not simple criminal activities but they were militant in nature. This is because they had a large group that conducted raids in various parts of the south (Hansen, 2005). Besides, the Klan had a clear objective to achieve. The methods that were used by the F.B.I in conducting the investigations about the Klan’s activities were very illegal and action ought to have been taken against them (Dublin, 1993).

References Dublin, T. (1993). Immigrant voices. Chicago: University ofIllonois Press.

Hansen, D. (2005). The dream:Martin Luther King and the speech that inspired a nation. New York: Harpper Perrenial.

Sullivan, P. (2000). Civil rights in the United States. New York: Macmillan Refence USA.


The Fire and Rescue Services’ Implementing and Managing Change Report college application essay help

Implementing and managing change in the fire and safety industry is necessary. The research focuses on the fire and safety organization’s fitting the policies to the changing needs of the community. The research focuses on the effect of the community on the changing response of the fire and safety organisation’s immediate response to the victims’ wants, needs, and caprices. Fire safety and security agencies must implement change to perk up their current public image.

Functions of the organization. The Fire and Rescue Services must perform two functions. First, the members should prioritise complying with their legal responsibilities enshrined in the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 (“Fire and Rescue” 21).

In addition, the members of the Fire and Rescue Services must comply with the public and moral expectations in the areas of rescue and disaster prevention. This means the members should go out of their way to help everyone need of their fire and safety skills. The new policy includes helping others not mentioned in the statutes and other legal requirements.

The main contention of the change policy is to help others in their time of disaster need. If there are two disaster victims asking for help at the same time, the members of the fire and safety services must prioritize the victim covered by the Fire and Rescue Services Act. The officers of the fire and safety organization continually explain to the change-resistant member there is nothing permanent in this world except change itself.

The leaders will explain the main purpose of the organization is to help people in case disaster unexpectedly strikes the community. Thus, helping people not covered by the fire and safety law will create a very positive impression of the organization as people-oriented and not law-oriented.

The existing best practices in the fire and safety industry show disaster prevention and rescue is the prime goal of the United Kingdom fire and safety agencies. Brian Sweeney of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (“Performance report” 3) emphasized the organisation’s vision is to link with the third parties to ensure better fire and safety services within the Strathclyde community.

The process of delivering change within organizations can be easily implemented. First, the best practices include explaining the advantages of implementing the change. Another best practice is the company’s discussion of the employees’ benefits in accepting the change in company policy with open arms. Third, another best practice is to incorporate feedback as a basis for reducing resistance to the implementation of the new company policy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To monitor the impact of the change in services’ fire and safety procedures, the officers discusses the salient points of each company policy memo given to each member of the team. The company new company policy clearly states that all members must prioritise complying with all the requirements of the fire and safety law.

Likewise, the same memo indicates the members of the team must help others in need of their services during times of idleness. Idleness is defined as the time of duty when there are no emergencies needing the rescue services of the members described by the current statutes.

The objective of the new policy is to paint a better public image of the fire and safety agency. In the past, the members would comply with rescue services mentioned in the law. The change in company policy will reduce the public’s complaints and clamor for the fire and safety agency to help them in their time of disaster need. The objective of the new policy is to bring the government closer to the people.

The key aspects of the performance of the Fire and Rescue Service include helping people in times of unexpected safety and prevention needs. The Communities and Local Government place priority on the safety and rescue of its residents, just like other U.K. fire and safety organizations.

This means each fire and safety agency member must not be bound by the fire laws in helping the citizens. The fire authorities, including the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are mandated to make arrangements for dealing with disasters like road accidents, water accidents, animal salvaging, other similar safety and prevention concerns (“Lancashire Fire” 3).

As long as helping does not violate the laws of the land, then the members are free to help those in times of distress or calamity. Going out of their way, the public will have a more favorable picture of the government agency. The public can sleep soundly at night with the thought that the Fire and Rescue Service is always on its toes waiting to help someone in their time of disaster need.

To determine the effectiveness of the change in company policy, the officers will conduct two community surveys. Done before the change in policy is implemented, the first survey determines the public’s impression of the Fire and Safety Service organization. The second survey is done one month after the change in policy is implemented.

We will write a custom Report on The Fire and Rescue Services’ Implementing and Managing Change specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The second survey determines if there is a change in the public’s impression of the Fire and Safety Service organization. The findings of the surveys are used as basis for enhancing the benefits of the policy change within the organisations’ fire and safety procedures.

In terms of change resistance, the change will be accepted by the members. A seminar will brief the members of the advantages of implementing the new fire and safety strategy. A feedback survey will be conducted after the seminar to iron out any obstacles to the full implementation of the new company policy. Likewise, another feedback survey will be conducted one month after the new policy is implemented. Another seminar will be conducted to iron out any points raised from each survey questionnaire.

Additional surveys will be conducted every six months as a basis for adjusting the company’s fire and safety procedures to the latest public sentiments. Management will regularly compare the regular community’s and the current fire and safety policies to ensure the community that the organization continually updates its fire and safety procedures to prioritise the community’s fire and safety needs.

Prior to the implementation of the change in policy, a representative from all affected members of the community are invited to a safety and prevention brainstorming session. In the session, all persons will be given their chance to air their comments, suggestions, criticisms, and complaints, and other remarks on the implementation of the change in the organisation’s fire and safety service policy.

In the London community, The London Fire Brigade engages the partnership benefits from Crime


American History: The Kingdom of Matthias Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Introduction The Kingdom of Matthias is a great literary work that is as intriguing as it is captivating. Its capture of a myriad of characters with divergent cultures and social class and its basis on contemporary issues that affected the people of the time is particularly of great interest and makes the story equally authentic as it is relevant to the issues of religion and women position in the time.

The central theme in the story revolves around two ladies whose lives are used by the author to discuss the thematic issues addressed in the story such as social injustice, affirmative action, equality and activism. The iconic women that are at the centre of the story are Isabella Van Wagenen and Isabella Matthews Laisdell.

Drawing from The Kingdom of Matthias, class lectures, and the course textbook this paper examines the ways that race and gender affected the legal rights of both the Isabellas and of women in general during the nineteenth century. Specifically, it does so by determining the rights of their husbands and fathers and also includes a discussion of dominant notions of marriage and motherhood that examine whether these notions applied equally to both Isabellas.

The one Isabella Van Wagenen is a name remembered with an aurora of awe, respect and honour to date. Isabella who changed her name to Sojourner Truth was born around 1787 in Ulster County New York as Isabella Hardenbreg (last name of her owner Colonel Hardenbreg).

Upon the Colonel’s death, she was inherited by his son, Charles, and subsequently auctioned off along with her brothers when Charles died in 1808. She lived in lamentable and terrible conditions most of her life (Johnson and Wilentz 93). At Colonel Hardenbreg’s plantation she shared a common area with twelve other slaves.

She had several owners in her life; some were harsh and cruel work masters, some were kinder than other slave owners and yet others were indifferent. As difficult as her life would seem it is actually the trials and tribulations that she went through that forged her into the wise, determined and remarkable woman that she is remembered as (Johnson and Wilentz 93-95).

The many years of slavery, losing her parents, beatings and humiliation by her owners only served to teach her the value of humor in tough times, made her a tough woman both mentally and physically and turned her into one of the greatest activist for rights of women and blacks and minorities. In their book, The Kingdom of Matthias, Johnson and Wilentz describe her as being mysterious. Life for women was very difficult in the nineteenth century but for a black woman it was particularly distressing and cruel.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Living in a patriarchal society where women either belonged to their fathers or husbands or in the case of black women, their owners was particularly difficult (Johnson and Wilentz 45). Their everyday lives were dominated and dictated by these oppressive male figures in their lives and they were robbed off their dignity. Women were whipped for real and perceived transgressions by their husband or fathers and were treated like children who knew no better.

In the book The Kingdom of Matthias, the self proclaimed prophet of God, Matthias, had his followers living on a farmhouse a few miles outside of New York where he could dictate each and every minute aspect of their lives, from their clothing, diet, finances and even sexual life. Matthias ran the farmhouse (which he named Mt. Zion) just like any tyrannical patriarch would, with a harsh hand and particularly intense hate for women (Johnson and Wilentz 85).

He firmly believed in the subjugation of women and believed they existed to cook, clean, care for the home and act as sexual objects for the men. It is in such oppressive conditions that Isabella Van Wanegen lived. In fact at one time Matthias whipped Isabella when she was sick because he believed that the sick ‘harbored detached spirits and devils’ (Johnson and Wilentz 122-123).

She joined Matthias’ cult through her master Elijah Pierson the Tishbite who believed that he was an incarnate of John the Baptist preparing the way for Matthias’ coming. The cult, despite its obvious flaw in doctrine, was a champion for the rights of the poor and oppressed and back then there was no shortage of poor and oppressed folk. Life at Mt. Zion was about community and togetherness.

The people who lived there all believed in their prophet, they had a common faith and they were intimate and very close to one another and this served to break down any racial or color barriers. This enabled Isabella to feel accepted and valued among at Mt. Zion where she was an important source of information for Mathias.

Isabella Matthews Laisdell was Matthias’ daughter. She was brought up in somewhat better conditions than Isabella Van Wanegen although she did not escape the patriarchal domination of her father.

Being Caucasian, she was not subjected to slavery like Van Wanegen. Matthias, a firm misogynist, was so deep into his hatred of women that even his own daughter could not escape. In fact, before starting his cult, he had applied to be a member of the Presbyterian Church but he was rejected because of his violent nature and it was this rejection that drove him to begin his own following based on the Old Testament teachings (Lecture notes 3).

We will write a custom Essay on American History: The Kingdom of Matthias specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He declared that women who nagged and belittled their husbands would be cast away (Johnson and Wilentz 93). When he moved to Mt. Zion, he was successfully seduced by Anne Folger, the wife of Benjamin Folger and he declared her to be his match spirit according to a revelation given to him by god, hence her marriage to Benjamin was nullified.

Matthias then sent Benjamin to bring his children to the farm (Mt. Zion). Benjamin had sex with Isabella before bringing her back as payback to what Matthias had done to him, and made a point of informing her father of this. Matthias was furious and severely whipped his daughter before thinking through and deciding that she and Benjamin were ‘match spirits’ and ought to wed despite her current marriage to Charles Laisdell.

This clearly illustrates the similar troubles undergone by both Isabella Van Wanegen and Isabella Matthews Laisdell under the iron fist rule of Matthias. Isabella Mathews also experienced beatings from her father all her life. Matthias was a wildly violent man who easily lost his temper and this cost him several jobs. He frequently roughed up his wife (Margret) and children which included young Isabella.

In conclusion, the nineteenth century society was very conservative about marriage. The role of the man was to provide for his wife (who he owned) and children. The woman’s function was to take care of her home and children and submit to her husband (Lecture notes 2).

The patriarchal model was propagated and enforced by the church which integrated domestic authority in its administration structure and men led their families to church. Infidelity was not tolerated at all. It is in this setting that Matthias fashioned and dissolved marriages between his followers in any manner that he pleased.

He took Anne Folger as his wife even though she was already married to Benjamin Folger, Catherine Galloway, a widow, had sex with the married Benjamin and was confused and hurt when he was declared to be a ‘match spirit’ to Isabella and then married her.

Matthias and his preachers had several sexual partners plucked from their young female followers. This form of liberal living was just too much for the then society to accept as normal and it proved to be the downfall of Matthias and his cult after the death of Elijah when the gutter press had a field day with wild sexual accusations leveled against the cult.

Works Cited Johnson, Paul and Sean Wilentz. The Kingdom of Matthias. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 1995. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on American History: The Kingdom of Matthias by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Murrin, John, et al. Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People. Vo.1 to 1877. 5th ed. Toronto, ON: Wadsworth Publishing, 2005. Print.

Lecture Notes.


Description of Life in Summer and Winter Essay essay help online: essay help online

There are different seasons in the world and each has got its significance as well as particular characteristics that make it unique. In most cases, there are four main seasons in a year which are inclusive of winter, summer, spring and autumn. Since all seasons are different in various ways, this essay shall describe winter and summer being two seasons which are marked by the extreme weather conditions.

Due to the weather conditions, life is quite different as there are certain activities and aspects that characterize each season. Bent on that, this essay shall give a description of life in winter and in summer focusing more on not only the activities but also on weather and clothing.

Summer is a season that is marked by the relatively high temperatures. Days in summer are usually longer than the nights because the sun always rises up early. Consequently, people wake up earlier, work for long hours and end up accomplishing much. Due to the hot weather, people have to put on light clothes as they cannot make it to be on heavy clothing.

Generally, life is more enjoyable in summer and people are more energetic to perform their daily activities. However, such kind of a life is not enjoyed in the countries that lie near the tropics since temperatures are extremely hot in such places. Working indoors and outdoors is no different as it is quite uncomfortable in both cases.

For instance, working indoors requires the help of air conditioners while working outdoor is also very problematic because people have an added responsibility of protecting their skins from the hot temperatures which are quite hazardous (Advantages and disadvantages of cold weather).

Winter as highlighted in the introductory part is a season marked with cold temperatures as well as by short days and long nights. Although the term is rather subjective, its beginning is marked by winter solstice which takes place exactly on the longest night as well as the shortest day in each year. Due to the cold and chilly weather, people as well as animals are very inactive and hence the reason why most animals hibernate as they are not able to continue with their daily lives due to the cold weather.

Plant life is also affected since most plants cannot thrive in extremely cold temperatures. People have to put on very heavy clothing to generate and maintain warmth. Activities that people engage in are also meant to generate heat. However, there is also some fun since the season gives people a chance to engage in wonderful activities like skiing and children enjoy playing with snow and making snow balls.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In conclusion, it is important to mention that winter and summer are all important seasons in each year as they have different impact in the life of individuals. Although both terms are subjective, they do take place interchangeably such that when it is winter at the northern hemisphere, it is summer at the southern hemisphere.

Both seasons are marked by different weather conditions which in turn determine several aspects like activities and the clothing that people wear in each. Temperatures in each season determine the type of activities, clothing and even food.

The study has indicated that since winter is marked by low temperatures, people wear warm clothing, take foods that help to generate warmth and take part in activities that help to generate warmth. In summer, people wear very light clothing since the temperature is a bit high and have to take a lot of fluids to replace lost fluids. Both seasons have got advantages and disadvantages and hence none is superior to the other.

Works Cited Advantages and disadvantages of cold weather. 2009. Web.


Byzantine and Islamic civilizations Essay (Critical Writing) scholarship essay help

The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire that had separated itself from the western part of Rome during the 8th century. The Empire was based on Greek mythologies that were oriented around Constantinople and the Byzantines were remembered for the preservation of Greek philosophy and art forms that would connect Europe to the rest of Rome.

The Byzantine Empire was therefore a Greek state with Greek being the most common language in use instead of Latin which was the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Empire was also a Christian state as many of its citizens believed in the life of Jesus Christ and they practiced Christianity in their day-to-day activities (Spielvogel 206).

Religion was an important part of Byzantine and it had a major influence in most of the citizen’s lives. The Byzantine architecture mostly had its influence from artistic talents that existed amongst the Empire’s citizens where spiritual principles were used to create art forms in churches and church decorations. The architecture also incorporated the use of religious images in the form of sacred icons and pictures which were used for worship.

The most well known Byzantine piece of architecture is the St. Sophia Byzantine Church that was built in 530 A.D. Religion also played an important role in the selection of the emperor who occupied an important position in the Byzantine Empire.

The emperor had the authority and power to select a patriarch for the church within the Empire as well as to preserve the true faith of the Byzantines which was Orthodox Christianity. Religion, spiritual values and beliefs played an important role in the governorship of the Byzantine Empire (Spielvogel 206).

In 620 AD, a new religious and political group begun to emerge in the Middle East that threatened the fundamental laws and religion of the Byzantine Empire. This group was the Islamic civilization which was founded by Prophet Muhammad in 610AD. Muhammad first preached in Mecca where he convinced the people there to abandon their gods and idols and submit to the one God.

He went round to the various states that made up Saudi Arabia converting people into Islamism that was mostly based on the writings of the Quran which was written in Medina. Muhammad became the spiritual leader of the Islamic movement as well as the legal and military leader of Medina. He established his empire in Medina where his house was used as the first communal gathering place for prayer (Cunnigham and Reich 35).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Islamic faith was different from that of the Byzantine Empire as it was focused on the teachings of the Qur’an which formed the cornerstone of the Islamic faith. The Qur’an provided guidelines that would be used in deciding the social welfare of the citizens in medina as well as the family and inheritance laws.

With regards to idols, the Qur’an did not speak against the creation of images and idols rather it spoke against the creation of idols which was a similar practice in the Byzantine Empire. The Islamic religion focused on worshipping God which was also similar for the Byzantines but the Muslims worshipped God five times a day.

Islamic art forms were devoid of any decorations or ornaments which were mostly common in Byzantine art forms and architecture. They were instead focused on elaborate calligraphy that was derived from passages from the Qur’an as well as from geometric patterns. When the Islamic movement gained more prominence during the 8th century, Emperor Leo of the Byzantine Emperor began to incorporate Islamic art into Byzantine art forms (Grant 225)

Works Cited Cunnigham, Lawrence and Reich, John. Culture and values: a survey of the humanities. Massachusetts: Cengage Learning, 2005. Print.

Grant, Edward. Science and religion, 400 BC to AD 1550: from Aristotle to Copernicus. Westport, Cincinnati: Greenwood Publishing, 2004. Print.

Spielvogel, Jackson. Western civilization: to 1715. Belmont, California: Thomson Higher Education, 2009. Print.


The Importance of Facial Attractiveness on Genetic Diversity Essay (Critical Writing) cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Goals of the Research


Research Methodology




Follow-Up Design

Works Cited

Introduction The author tries to prove the importance of facial attractiveness on genetic diversity. He therefore carries out a background research to make predictions and then undertakes an empirical research to prove his hypothesis. The study applies two approaches in its investigations.

The first approach that it applies to study the relationship between facial features and their genetic human preferences is the novel approach where the author tries to investigate whether attractiveness has any association with mate quality. The second approach which applies the use of microsatellite markers in an empirical approach, investigates the structural facial characteristics which can be used to determine the relationship between facial attractiveness and the relative genetic diversity.

Goals of the Research The main aim of the author is to establish the significance of facial attractiveness in genetic diversity in terms of mate preferences. The author tries to establish whether males also have unique preference for Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) heterogygosity in female’s appearances.

This was prompted by research results which have proved that MHC genotype has an influence in mate preferences for many species. Another goal that the author tries to find out is whether genetic diversity is also associated with female facial attractiveness.

The author also tries to show the role of MHC in human beings as regards to mate preferences. The author investigates the differences between the influences of genetic diversity and the possible influences of MHC genetic diversity on humans’ mate preferences. MHC could be essential particularly in mate preferences since MHC heterozygosity had no correlation with the general heterozygosity in many human samples.

The author also tries to establish the relationship between human facial attractiveness and the genetic diversity that falls within as well as outside the MHC. Finally, the author investigates whether genetic diversity has any relationship with femininity, masculinity as well as averageness.

Hypotheses The author predicts that there is a strong correlation between genetic diversity and facial attractiveness. The author also predicts that genetic diversity has a strong relationship with major histocompatibility complex and influences reproductive success and fitness. The author hypothesizes that facial characteristics shapes the selection for high-quality males.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Research Methodology The research applied the use of microsatellite markers which is normally used to carry out researches on non-human animal studies to investigate the genetic significance of human facial attractiveness. The microsatellite markers are used in approximating the genetic diversity independently for non-MHC as well as MHC loci and in estimating the individual mean heterozygosity which the author symbolized by H as well as the standard mean which the author also symbolized as d2.

The study involved taking DNA samples from 160 Caucasian students from the University of Western Australia who had written consents for their participation in the research. 80 males and females took part respectively and their ages averaged at 20 and 19 in that order. The research procedures were endorsed by the Human Research Ethics Committee in the university.

Thereafter, DNA samples were taken and two Buccal swabs were collected from each participant. These were then set up for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) under the instructions of the manufacturer. The Australian Genome Research Facility did the PCR as well as fragment analyses. 12 microsatellites were typed at key loci in the MHC region that had linkages with disequilibrium in every HLA locus.

In measuring the non-MHC genetic diversity, the researchers used eleven non-MHC microsatellites which were all from elevens different chromosomes. The MHC microsatellites as well as the non-MHC microsatellites chosen were qualitatively similar in terms of the number of alleles as well as the expected heterozygosity. Bayesian Clustering Method was to analyze the population ancestry for each participant (Donnley et al. 2000,).

Genetic diversity for non-MHC loci as well as for MHC loci was measured separately. This was done using standard mean d2, the individual mean heterozygosity (H) as well as genetic distance in the alleles. Both H and d2 were calculated at each locus per individual.

The d2 measure was standardized to achieve a higher weighting of every locus. The standardized values were averaged in all loci to achieve a standardized d2. There was also the need to test for the underlying mechanisms of the effects of the genetic diversity particularly on the facial appearance.

Here, Heterozygosity-heterozygosity (H-H) correlation test was used. It involved randomly sampling the loci into two sets where each set was examined to establish whether each H that was calculated from the two groups was correlated to the other.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Importance of Facial Attractiveness on Genetic Diversity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The procedure was replicated 100 times, each time randomly resampling to achieve a standard deviation, a strong correlation coefficient and mean for MHC as well as non-MHC loci. Multiple regression models were applied to analyze each locus so as to determine the local effects of genetic diversity.

Quality digital color photograph was also taken of students who participated in the DNA sampling. The participants were asked to remove their make-ups or any facial hair before the photographs were taken. The researchers used separate groups from the same university mainly from the opposite sex to rate the attractiveness, masculinity, symmetry as well as averageness and femininity of each photograph. Outliers in the face ratings who had extreme scores below and above the mean and the standard deviations were removed.

Multiple regression models were then used to separately conduct male and female analysis. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to analyze face ratings: hierarchical multiple regression which included the use of SPSS 16 and Sobel’s test were used to analyze attractiveness.

Conclusion The results of the study proved that MHC diversity has a critical effect on male facial attractiveness. It also proved that males’ and females’ particular attractive facial characteristics were related to their genetic diversity. It established that the MHC is responsible for female preferences for the facial attractiveness of the male. However, MHC plays no role in male preferences for the female’s facial attractiveness.

The study also provided evidence of the relationship between facial appearance and genetic diversity (Brown 1997; 1999). It also established that human facial attractiveness especially that of the male faces influenced the mate quality. Finally, the results showed that the males as well as the female are inclined at finding attractive genotype in the opposite sex faces. The author boasts of having provided research results that links MHC genotype with male facial averageness.

Critique The strength of the study lies in its methodology. The author applies the use of novel approach to provide the basis for his predictions on the relationship between facial attractiveness and genetic diversity in humans. It tests variables which are practical and easy to test using the available research methodologies and analysis models. It tests attractiveness, masculinity, symmetry as well as femininity and averageness.

The various methods used in collecting the data, testing and analyzing the variables are standard and valid. Although microsatellite marker that was used has majorly been applied in other non-human animals, it was used perfectly used as the researchers sought the guide of the manufacturers of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

The use of multiple regression models to analyze the variables makes the research more credible. The multiple regression models enable the researchers to present reliable qualitative results which also lead to stronger conclusive results. The results are explained qualitatively and supported by quantitative results of the empirical research.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Importance of Facial Attractiveness on Genetic Diversity by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to the reviewer, the research failed to organize a sample size that could provide stronger results. The author acknowledges that there was a fairly small sample size for the research. Thus it was not possible to find significant relationship between attractiveness and the non-MHC standardized-mean.

The research could not provide significant statistical power to prove the relationship. Besides, the study has made use of all white Caucasians as the respondents. Perhaps if the research was a comparative study between say, the Caucasians and the African Americans, this would have helped to shed more light on the research.

The methods that were used in the research are certainly appropriate as they helped investigate the possible associations between genetics and attractiveness in human beings through DNA sampling and use of photographs.

According to the reviewer, the research method that was applied provided more conclusive results which could not have been possible through the use of another method. The previous results that had been done by other research methods could not establish MHC’s role in mate preferences as well as whether males had any unique preferences on the females’ facial attractiveness.

This research was the first to provide evidence on the role of MHC diversity on male facial attractiveness. It was also the first to establish that genetic diversity is related to unique facial attractiveness. This proves the feasibility and the credibility of the research. Therefore, in the reviewer’s opinion, this was the best research methodology for the research topic. However, the results presented could have been more comprehensive and stronger if he sample size could have been made larger and diverse.

Significance The research makes significant contributions to the field of evolution. It provides evidences that support the relationship between genetics and human attractiveness. It enables us understand the underlying phenotypic characteristics which are associated with genotype in opposite-sex facial attractiveness, thus providing significant insights into human sexual selection. It enhances research in genetic diversity as it explores research areas which have never been proven by previous researches in the topic.

The topic of the study in the article is well covered in the study book used in class (Ridley 2004). The book covers many areas covered by the article and provides more insight in it since most of the contents of the article is related to several chapters and subtopics in the book. However, the research methodology used in the study; Microsatellite Markers, has not been fully elaborated in the book.

The research methodology has proved to be more reliable and therefore more skills on its application would be very important in our research processes. I would also recommend that Ridley (2004) cite this article since it presents a professionally conducted research with strong conclusions.

The evidences presented in the article have quantitative data to support them. The article would offer more credibility to the information provided in the “Quantitative Genetics” in chapter nine of the book (Ridley, 2004). The article provides relevant evidence to most sub topics in this chapter and this would offer learners and all those interested in the field of evolution a comprehensive learning material with more accurate and recent research results.

Follow-Up Design The next level in the research should investigate the association of MHC-genotype and health. This would help justify the fact that genetic diversity has an effect on the reproductive success as well as fitness (Lie, Hanne and Simmons 2008).

In this case, the variables would be facial attractiveness, skin quality, masculinity, symmetry as well as averageness and femininity. The research would attempt to prove the fact put forward by Donnely et al (155), which explain that MHC heterozygous males have healthier skin as compared to less heterozygous males.

Therefore the hypothesis for the study would be: there is a strong correlation between MHC genotype and skin quality. The research methodology would involve the use of microsatellite in collecting DNA samples and in calculating the individual mean heterozygosity as well as standard mean for the DNA tests. Photographs would also be taken and analyzed by other separate groups from the non-participants. The results of all the tests carried out would then be quantitatively analyzed using multiple regression models.

Works Cited Brown, Jerram. The new heterozygosity theory of mate choice and the MHC. Genetica, 104 (1999):215–221.

Brown, Jerram. A theory of mate choice based on heterozygosity. Behav. Ecol., 8(1997):60–65.

Donnely, Peter., Pritchard, Jonathan., and Stephens, Mathew. Inference of population structure using multilocus genotype data. Genetics, 2000(155): 945–959

Lie, Hanne., Simmons, Leigh., and Rhodes, Gillian. Genetic diversity revealed in human faces. Crawley: University of Western Australia, 2008. Print.

Ridley, Mark. Evolution. London: Wiley-Blackwell, 2004. Print.


Proposal for a MNE – Wildbear Report (Assessment) scholarship essay help

Introduction Wildbear is a manufacturing company that mainly deals in the production of mobile phones and accessories. The company has headquarters in Washington D.C, U.S.A and has recently established branches in some of the Asian countries. The rapidly growing company also deals in the production of other electronic devices like Radios and Television and is currently working on the modern technology devices like handheld computers, palmtops, and laptops.

All the devices have a unique combination of rechargeable batteries and solar cells, and the user has the option of switching from one power source to the other. The modern ones also have several computer application tools incorporated in them. Technological advances is still a major factor considered in the management of operations at the in the company.

The proposed country The management at the organization has opted to extend their operations beyond the U.S.A and Asian borders and is currently going for the other developing countries especially those in Africa and the Latin America. In Africa, WILDBEAR has sub-branches in Nigeria, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, and Guinea. These are countries of western and central Africa. The company intends to invest in the eastern Africa as well and in particular, kit has chosen to establish its branch in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reasons for choosing Kenya as one of the host countries

Foreign investment had bad refutation for a very long period especially among the developing countries. However, due to the prevailing political and economic forces, it has since been accepted as an important tool in the growth and development of a country’s economy (Dunning 1972, p372). The World Trade Organization (WTO) has been in the forefront to help establish policies that encourage foreign investment, which was initially perceived as a way of transferring a country’s wealth to the docket of the other country.

Some of the features that attract foreign investment, and which attracted WILDBEAR to Kenya include availability of cheap labor, plenty of natural resources, good infrastructure, hospitality in the country, the excellent trade policies prevailing in the country, the market environment in the country, and the political stability that had prevailed in the country for a long time.

The above factors constitute what would be considered as the strengths and opportunities the company has and upon which the management would rely to ensure their success in the market.

Business plan of the wildbear Background

The use of modern technology devices is rapidly increasing due to the increased use of technology. The devices that have been in common use are mainly single-user with short-lived batteries. Others are not compatible with the modern operating systems. Devices then need to be manufactured that are efficient to the user in several dimensions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They need to be user friendly, portable, energy saving, and have longer power supply owing to the beckoning international energy deficiency. The increasing need of a combination of such features prompted WILDBEAR to start manufacturing the devices, which it currently does. It intends to venture more into market research concerning the products.

Market opportunity

Based on the market research that was conducting in October 2009 and based on the comparison with the statistics that had been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the company is set to sell 1.6 million mobile phones and 0.5 USB devices by the end of this financial year.

The other electronic devices, which the company does not intend to major in, showed a promising market as well. The total sales are expected to be about $200 million at the end of the year. If the same trend experienced in DRC is assumed, the total sales are projected to be about $1.5 billion by 2015.


WILDBEAR has the pride of dealing in products that are widely used across almost all groups of people. Almost everyone in the world can watch Television or listen to a radio. A good proportion of the world’s population including the illiterates and semi-literates can operate a mobile handset. Another increasing proportion of the population can operate a personal computer.

Product strategy

The main aim of the company was to produce devices that could take into account power failures that are often experienced mainly in the developing countries. The mobile phones have dual power supply that ensure security incase one goes off. Besides, the personal computers that the company is currently working have an in-built uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

This takes much longer (about three hours) than the traditional UPS that only allowed the user to save whatever document had been created. One can complete a task long after the power went off.

Mode of sales

The company has established the main retail store in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It also has other branches in Kisumu and Mombasa, still in Kenya, and is set to establish other stores in the major towns. Sales are made to retailers at these levels with few cases of direct sales to the individual users. Other retail traders who cannot access our retail stores can access and the purchase the products online. We will transport the products to the location of the retailer on agreed terms and conditions.

We will write a custom Assessment on Proposal for a MNE – Wildbear specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Competitor analysis

We are aware of the numerous companies that offer the products in this region. The major companies are Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, L.G, Sony, Bird, and Alcatel among others. Most of these companies are old enough and have failed to advance with the technological growth that is experienced.

Some modern features that our products have are not found in the products of these companies. Besides, our products go at a relatively cheaper price than equivalent products from other companies. For instance, Nokia 2730 classic goes for about $100.

Our Wildbear C32, which has similar features and additional solar power supply, goes for about $75. We also offer a one-year warranty on all of our products. We have a customer-care call center at the head office that operates fulltime and which a customer can call for any inquiry.

The risk that we are likely to face is that of piracy. We are protected against this vice by the copyright policies in this country.

Marketing plan

We listen to the opinions and suggestions that we receive from our potential customers on the kinds of products that we offer and we are sure we will do well in the region. The use of online purchasing services has and will continue to promote our sales. Customers can visit our site to access and order for our products.

We have also entered a business deal with Safaricom Company, a mobile service provider in the region, which will see our products dominate the market in the region. We also carry various sales promotions using the numerous media outlets.

Financial plans

With the plan of establishing 15 more retail centers by the end of the year, the company is set to reduce the transportation costs by about 25% down to approximately $15 million from the $20 million be used this year. The profits are expected to be $40 million (25%) at the end of the year and are expected to increase in the subsequent years.

Benefits and costs of the FDI to the host and home countries Benefits to the host country

According to a 2002 report by the Organization for Economic and Co-operation Development (OECD), Foreign Direct Investment has several benefits to developing country (p6). The following are some the benefits:

Not sure if you can write a paper on Proposal for a MNE – Wildbear by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It enables the country to obtain foreign capital.

Foreign Direct Investment also enables the host nation to acquire the modern technologies and skills that are necessary for the growth and development of an economy. The company has skilled work force from which the citizens can acquire the modern skills necessary for the industrialization of an economy. It thus serves to modernize the country (OECD, 2002, p.6).

The investment also offers employment opportunities to the expatriates in the country who would rush to other countries in such of employment. It boosts the demand for skilled labor thus raising the wages for such skills (Wei


Baseball and urbanization Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Urbanization in the United States


Baseball in the United States

Sports and urbanization

Baseball and urbanization in the United States


Works Cited

Introduction Urbanization refers to the shift of the primary population of a country from the rural setting to urban setting. The urban setting in this context refers to towns, cities, and their suburbs. The major cause of urbanization is the movement of people from their rural homes into urban centers to look for employment opportunities and to enjoy the social amenities that are readily available in the urban centers (Delaney


Voting in the US Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Introduction This paper will briefly examine the factors that influence voting in the US with light being shade on the roles played by political parties, perceptions of the running candidate and the issue of preferences. The factors which may have influenced the 2008 election in the US are also highlighted and a personal opinion given.

Factors Influencing voting in the US There are many factors that influence how people choose their respective candidates in elections. The three most important factors which determine how voting is done are party identification, issue preferences, and voter perception of the candidate.

Party Identification

With the exception of race, party identification has been for a long time the most determining factor in the voting behavior of American voters. In the United States, affiliation to a particular party is influenced by many factors such as families, generational effects, and assessment of candidates by the voters. For many years the voting history in the US has had a fairly constant number of voters for the respective parties. This means that voters would vote for a party without regard to the choice of candidate (Schmidt et. al, 2010).

Perception of the candidate

A candidate’s image also influences the choice of voters. In the US the attitudes of voters towards their candidates of choice are in most cases based on emotions. In many elections voters have been perceived to choose candidates who they think share their concerns and worries. For instance President Obama was preferred in 2008 because many of the voters saw him as a person who stood for change as opposed to the Bush administration (Schmidt et. al, 2009).

Issue Preferences

Basic issues such as change in the government policy play a big role in choice of candidate. In the US, economic concerns are very powerful in determining a candidate’s public opinion. For example, inflation, unemployment and the healthcare policy are the major issues that propelled Obama to the presidency (Holbrook, 2009).

US 2008 Election According to the Pew Research center, young voters in the US have proffered candidates from the Democratic Party in the last three general elections. In 2008, 66% of voters under the age of 30 voted for President Obama, this was bigger turnout than any other election since 1972.

This indicated that there is a shift in political allegiance that has been building over the years. This is attributed to the fact that young voters tend to have more racial and ethnic view points that the older voters and also have more secular inclinations towards religion. Party identification also played a role in the large turnout of youths who voted in 2008. Many of the young voters had a strong inclination towards the Democratic Party (Keeter


Nanotechnology in Human and Animal Health Research Paper essay help site:edu

Nanotechnology is a steadily growing technology that has effective use in the filed of manufacturing, engineering, medicine, treatment and therapy, and agriculture and food production. The technology manipulates matter in the subatomic level. Scientific researches revealed that nanoparticles behave differently that can be beneficial for the health of humans and animals.

Manipulating atoms in the nanoscale results to exciting outcomes which cannot be done in their natural state. Nano-medical tools and instruments facilitate study and observation of the functioning and metabolism of minute living cells such as proteins and hormones (Shrivastava


Softwood Lumber Trading Between Canada and US Research Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction The US and Canada have been trading on softwood lumber for years now but disputes on the exports have marred the two countries for over 20 years now. The US has been aggravated by stumpage fees which they claim are subsidies to local companies. This essay will discuss the history of this trade and why America buys lumber from Canada. I will also examine the dispute of this trade and the effect of this in their respective economies.

History of the Trade Wood has been a great Canadian trade for much of the 19th century. Canada is one of the largest producers and exporters of softwood lumber and accounts for 16 percent of forest exports by Canada. In 1986, the US decided that Canada was subsidizing local lumber production through low stumpage fees and on discussion with the Canadian government a Memorandum of understanding was established that called a 15 ad percent valorem tariff on Canadian softwood.

The Memorandum of understanding was later terminated by Canada in 1991and claimed that the stumpage fees were not a subsidy. This lead to the US placing a tax of 6.1 for softwood imported from Canada. Canada appealed under the FTA which sided with it, US appeal was not successful. In 1996, the two governments signed a softwood lumber agreement, which required Canada to collect export tax after 14.7 million feet have been reached and which lasted until 2001.

The US (department of Commence) DOC again imposed sanctions in 200 when the agreement expired and started the fourth investigation whether Canada was involved in the lumber practices. This lead to another tax of 19.31 imposed on Canadian softwood. A further “anti-dumping duty” of 12.57 percent was imposed. Canada appealed to these duties to WTO which later ruled to Canada’s favor in 2003.

The rules were unbinding and therefore the American government has no obligation to change the policies and although the US has the opportunity to appeal but in the meanwhile the case is being handled by NAFTA which is likely to issue a binding rule (Moffat M. 2010). The latest news on the dispute this year according to, the US is accusing Canada of breaching the 2006 softwood deal and therefore the US has decided to take Canada to court (Moffat, 2010).

Why America buys Softwood from Canada Three factors can be associated with the preference that exists among the Americans for the Canadian softwood: cost, vicinity and reliability. In a world where cost reduction is a major factor in carrying out business it becomes preferable for Americans to prefer softwood from Canada.

Canadian softwood is cheap than the American softwood thus it becomes preferred as a means of reducing construction expenses. The cheap softwood from Canada is usually as a result of the system of ownership. It is claimed that the Canada softwood is much subsidised than the American softwood making softwood from Canada cheaper than that in America (Makarenko, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another factor considered is that Canada has a large reserve of softwood which will ensure that there is a continuous supply to sustain business. Apart from having large reserve of softwood, it is worth noting that Canada is in close vicinity to the US. This will ensure that the soft wood can be easily shipped to the US to serve its needs. The close vicinity also helps to reduce the transportation costs associated with the softwood thus the costs associated with the softwood is not too much (Makarenko, 2008).

Problem for this Trade Since 1982, there have been trade disputes between the US and Canada over softwood lumber trade. The US importing companies logged complaints against Canada on subsidized stumpage rates. Over that period, the trade has been forced to respond to several intrusions. This dispute has been the longest running trade dispute disagreement between the two countries. Unfortunately despite the money, energy and time that have been devoted to solve the issue, only intermediary solutions have been found (Driver, 2008)

Basis of the Dispute

Majority of the lumber harvested in the US is from privately owned land while in Canada most of harvested lumber is from Crown land (land owned by the federal government or provincial government). The basis of the argument has been on the way the government of the two countries set the price they charge corporations to harvest the softwood lumber.

In Canada, stumpage fees set by the government based on transportation fees and labor tend to be lower than the prices coming out of US auctions. According to the US, the low prices are a subsidy to Canadian producers and therefore they decided to retaliate (Moffat, 2010).

Effect of the Trade in the two Economies Canada exports bulky of its lumber products to the US. In 2001, 82 percent of the total $11.6 billion exports went to the US. This means that the lumbering survival depends largely on the US market. NAFTA is handling the latest dispute between the two countries, and most experts believe that they will rule in favor of Canada.

The US has expressed some desire that the Canadian government should institute some form of taxation to make the softwood business competitive. However it is unfortunate that the Canadian government has shown little desire to change it way of managing the soft wood business (Moffat, 2010).

The agreement as reached in 2006 requires that the US government makes a compensation of up to 80 percent collected previously from imports. Depending on the price reduction, producers will be required to pay between 5-15 percent export taxes. This agreement is meant to last for the next 7 years after the 2006 agreement (CBC, 2006).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Softwood Lumber Trading Between Canada and US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The lumbering industry as a result has been hit severally by the disputes. For example in 2001, the US administration hit the Canadian lumber with billions of dollars in disputes. The trade war between the two countries has resulted to downsizing in Canadian jobs. There were reported many cases of job losses (CBC, 2006).

Conclusion Though U.S. and Canada have engaged in trade for a long time of over 20 years, it has been a rough ride as the two countries have most had disputes over this period of time. The US claims that the stumpage fees are a subsidy by the Canadian government as they are too low.

The US wants Canada to follow the American system and auction of timber. Canada had a lukewarm response, the US responded by levying tariffs on Canadian timber exports. The Canada has proved to be cheap than the American softwood and this has been the main cause of disputes between the two trading partners.

References CBC. (2006). Softwood lumber dispute. CBC CA. Web.

Driver, S. (2008). Assessing the softwood lumber trade dispute between Canada and the United States. Art and Science. Web.

Makarenko, J. (2008). The Canada-US Softwood Lumber Dispute. Maplelea web. Web.

Moffat, M. (2010). The softwood lumber dispute. Economics About. Web.


Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything by Steven. D. Levitt and Stephen. J. Dubner Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Executive Summary

Problem Definition

Information used



Executive Summary The authors of Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything, Steven. D. Levitt and Stephen. J. Dubner, have gone out of their way to challenge conventional wisdom using simple analysis in what they term as the ‘economic’ side to reality. Though the article does not have a baseline plot, the authors lay down several ‘truths’ which they use to test conventional wisdom.

These fundamental ‘truths’ are; according to the current life we live in, a cornerstone of Incentives, conservative wisdom is at times wrong, staged effects have distant causes, professionals use their advantage in information to serve their own agenda, and finally, Knowing what to gauge and how to measure it makes the world less complex. Using these ideas, they analyze in Chapter 4, the sudden drop in crime from the late 90’s against earlier predictions that crime rates would soar.

First, the authors tear apart several opinions given for the sharp decline in crime using a realistic and sensible approach that relies on facts and statistics. They find that the reason crime reduced so drastically was because of the legalization of abortion through Roe v. Wade, and this fact has more weight than any other explanation.

Problem Definition The authors of Freakonomics begin Chapter 4: Where Have All the Criminals Gone?, with a brief summary of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist regime in Romania, which they use as a reversed image of the American scenario.

While Ceausescu prohibited abortion leading to a huge population growth, the US at around the same time legalized it through Roe v. Wade. The large number of teenage youth in Romania finally led to Ceausescu’s execution in 1989. Similarly in the US, the reduced number of teenage youth led to a lower crime rate.

Through the way the authors frame their arguments, they clearly define the issues at hand. They begin by showing rising trends in crime before the early 90’s and the prediction of various criminologists such as James Alan Fox that crime would eventually spiral out of control as the years progressed.

The authors then show us the folly of experts such as criminologists, police, economists and politicians attempting to explain the decline while none had foreseen it. They then systematically analyze each of the opinions given as per the information available in the LexisNexis database and find flaws in the arguments. Finally, they show why abortion is the most logical reason for the sharp decline in crime after the 90’s.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Information used The authors rely on studies and other relevant research materials to justify their arguments. In Chapter 4, they first obtain all the expert opinion articles published on the decline of crime from the year 1991 to 2001 available from ten of the largest circulation papers in the LexisNexis database.

The authors then analyze each opinion on the probable cause of the decline is analyzed using research studies e.g. a 1977 study called On Behalf of a Moratorium on Prison Construction which the authors use to counter the opinion that increased reliance on prisons is one of the reasons for the crime decline. They also use crime statistics obtained from various police departments in the US.

Interpretation One thing that is strikingly interesting about Chapter 4, Where Have All the Criminals Gone?, is the authors’ analysis and interpretation of issues in a logical sequence. Perhaps another ingenious analysis technique is the way the authors frame the issues into a larger context without leaving room for doubt as to the sustainability of their argument.

Again, their interpretation differs from that of the so-called ‘experts’ since they approach the topic from an economic sense and not a moral one. A good example of this is the analysis of a strong economy as a good explanation for the crime drop. The authors begin by accepting that there was a significant improvement in the economy in the 1990’s.

They first show that this rationale only applies for non-violent crimes, which is true. Secondly, they rely on studies to show that a drop in unemployment rates reduces non-violent crime by a mere 1%. They kill off the rationale by comparing the scenario to the 1960’s where the economy grew at the same rate as crime.

The analysis of the impact of Roe v. Wade and how it led to a lower crime rate separates the authors’ interpretations of the issues from those of the experts. They first take statistics of the number of abortions carried out after Roe v. Wade and the impact this had in terms of lowering abortion costs, preventing unwanted children who would most likely have turned into criminals and finally, the link between causality and correlation in the issue of crime and abortion.

While other experts have preferred ‘positive’ and easily explainable explanations such as better policing and stricter gun control laws, the authors have diverted from this appealing ‘moral’ view to a more realistic solution.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything by Steven. D. Levitt and Stephen. J. Dubner specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Freakonomics is well researched and analyzed but has some flaws such as its disregard of positive crime reducing measures. While the authors have ‘expertly’ analyzed the drop in crime using economic realities, they agree that the other opinions are not too far fetched.

They also do not state that the decline was as a consequence of one act, but instead, they seek to establish the most logical explanation. Their finding of the legalization of abortion as being a major cause of the crime drop though vexatious to many is shockingly accurate, judging on the convergence of statistics and the support by facts such as the corresponding years between the US and Romanian cases.


Freakonomics: Unearthing Hidden Answers to Problems Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help

Critical writing is one of the most interesting models of writing that exits. It involves presenting a problem by exposing unimaginable and hidden issues that emerge as the answers to those problems. This form of writing invites a lot of debate and possible opposition to the writer s assumptions.

It has been called freakonomics (DiNardo 973). DiNardo continues to argue that Freakonomics is intended to entertain than to inform. There is a lack of “serious questions to ask and therefore it is even more impossible to imagine what serious answers would look like” thus becoming even the more entertaining (973).

Despite this simplification by DiNardio, Baker argues that freakonomics presents a problem in a “new way, associating factors that seem unrelated to the problem in trying to come up with the solutions” and exposing uncertainties about the knowledge experts hold as conclusive (para 1). This leaves a lot of room for disagreements on the author’s assumptions.

In their 2005 book on freakonomics, they propose alternative conclusions on several problems the American society is facing. Their arguments propose that just because “two things are correlated does not mean that one cause another.” They use the analogy of X being related to Y. This correlation does not “offer further information of the direction of the relationship.” They argue that maybe X cause Y or vice versa. Or may be both X and Y are caused by another unseen factor (10).

In analyzing the causes of the unexpected sudden 50% decline in crimes in the late 1990s America, many experts proposed a number of reasons. Key among them was an improved economy, so many would be criminals were gainfully employed, and better policing initiative by the American police.

However Freakonomics view of this event point to a little insignificant event 20 years earlier. It all stated when a young troubled 21 year old drug abusing alcoholic Norma McCorvey sought to abort her third pregnancy. Norma had previously given up her two other children for adoption. Her plight was adopted by pro abortionist. The result is that abortion was legalized. Levitt


George Orwell and Animal Farm: A Critical Analysis Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help near me: college essay help near me

George Orwell is one of the most celebrated English writers in the 20th century (George 1). Orwell’s literature is committed to telling the blatant truth about the violation of people’s freedom and the injustices against the common person (Dedria and Hall 479). Such phrases from his works such as “some animals are more equal than others” have become so popular especially in political dialogues and has shaped peoples opinions regarding the kind of society we live in (Kerala 36).

George Orwell was born as Eric Arthur Blair in India in 1903, where his British father worked as a civil servant. He had gone to school like any other normal child and graduated at Eaton. He worked in the Burma police force and later unsuccessfully tired his hand in a few business ventures but failed. He left for Spain where signed to fight in the Civil War.

His experience at the civil war de-motivated his views abut communalism so much that he decided to live a life of voluntary poverty (Dedria and Hall 479) . This was a deliberate effort to “experience want and the suffering of the oppressed.” He wanted to feel how poor people fell to help in shaping his own theories on socialism.

At this time, he had changed his name to P.S. Burton. His first novel Down and out in Paris was published as a response to his life in voluntary poverty. This was soon followed by Burmese Days and several other essays that questioned the capitalist state. His best novel so far is The Road to Wigan Pier which was published in 1937. It highlighted the pathetic life of the poor.

By this time, he had started gaining prominence as a writer and his works were starting to draw attention. He continued his writing with such other publications as Keep Aspidistra Flying and Coming up for Air followed in 1936 and 1939 respectively. His novel The Animal Farm is his most popular. It is a satirical piece that portrays a society that fully embraces totalitarian rules, much to the chagrin of those who want “individual freedom” (Kerala 36).

All of George Orwell’s novels seem to defend one main theme: socialism. Socialism is a means of production whereby everything is owned communally or by the government. Every one has equal opportunities to everything. The kind of socialism that George Orwell’s socialism advocates for has real life significance as it portrays “revolutionary idealism experienced in Russia and other countries which was betrayed by the revolutionaries themselves, who continue to pat lip service to revolutionary ideas” (Pierce para 6).

His novel then Animal Farm brilliantly employs satire in highlighting shameless betrayal by leaders who promised change (Dedria and Sharon 479). Orwell continues to portray authoritarianism as an enemy to individual freedoms.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There were concerted efforts to bring in a revolution that would save the people but always the new leaders upon tasting power, would betray this revolution. The new leaders would start to dictate what the same people whom they were fighting to save would do, or not do. Such betrayal was the end of socialism in the 20th century. In this light, this paper will analyze one of his prized novels The Animal Farm.

The story begins in Mr. Jones’ farmhouse one night. Old major, a fatherly and respected pig, gathers the animals and informs them that they had endured deplorable conditions for a long period under the leadership of human beings and therefore a rebellion was necessary. Unfortunately, Old Major succumbs to old age. This leaves the other pigs to lead the fights for animal rights (Darell Para 1).

Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball lead a successful revolution and after Mr. Jones and his family is driven out, Manor Farm is renamed The Animal Farm (para 2). Other farm owners try to attack the Animal Farm but Snowball lead a successful defense in the battle of the Cowshed and gains much worship amongst the animals (para 4). This is the beginning of his downfall. False rumors are spread by Squealer about him and when the conflict heightens he chased off the farm by Napoleons’ guard dogs (para 6).

Squealer is adopted as Napoleons spokes animal, and proposes the construction of a windmill, an idea that Napoleon takes credit for. Unfortunately the windmill is destroyed in a storm but Napoleon blames Snowball and sentences him to death, together with his sympathizers (para 6). Napoleon and the other pigs begin engaging in anti animalism behavior, such as doing business with men and drinking whiskey. To add to this, the food rations to other animals are reduced significantly (para 6).

To concur with his message that new and old leadership is alike; pigs begin to walk on two feet just like humans. They also start claiming, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” The novel culminates in the farm being renamed The Animal Farm while napoleon and other pigs initiate friendship with the human owners of the neighboring farm, and they become just like humans (para 8). It portrays the betrayal of the initial comradeship, and the pessimism of revolutionary movements (Hall and Poupard 348).

George Orwell creates characters carefully to fit in the roles that he needs them to play. Some characters play a major role in this novel. Mr. Jones is a tyrant who represents the old corrupt order. In the real world George Orwell model 20th century dictators such as Stalin in Mr. Jones (Novelguide para 1).

Snowball and Napoleon are the two pigs who lead a successful revolution. They were ambitious of leadership and courageously fought Mr. Jones out of the farm (NovelGuide para 7-12). The pigs are symbolic of the calculating leaders who benefit from tyrannical leadership. They are opportunists who do not spare any chance afforded to them to exploit their advantaged position in the society (Hall and Poupard, 348).

We will write a custom Critical Writing on George Orwell and Animal Farm: A Critical Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Squealer is Napoleons manipulative tool in the farm. The dogs are a symbol security only that this security is used negatively. They are also another group of loyalist who are misused by the system to gain advantage over the common person (NovelGuide para 20- 22). However, other characters only play minor roles. Old major represents the good father figure in the society who can be relied upon to give concrete advice. He is respected by other animals who take to his advice without question (NovelGuide para 4).

Boxer and Clover in contrast are dedicated workers who spent all their life serving the society (They are also foolishly gullible in that they believe in all the propaganda spread by Squealer who is a “manipulative and persuasive figure” (Hall and Poupard 348). Just like Squealer, Moses is another manipulative and cunning character in the novel (NovelGuide para 7, 8; 13, 14). Benjamin is an enigmatic character who continues to do his work without care of what is happening (NovelGuide para 17).

The Animal Farm is a classic example of how governments exploit and deny citizens of their basic rights. At the beginning of the novel, the animals are united under the banner of exploitation by Mr. Jones. They manage to fight and install their own leaders in Napoleon.

However, Napoleon turns to be worse that Mr. Jones and “perverts the first commandments he helped make” (Pierce para 7). For example, he reduced food rations for the other animals other than the fellow pigs. Some animals as Boxer worked so hard, believing in their leaders but instead of being rewarded, were exploited for the benefit of the same leaders they served (Grade saver para 15-17). These governments use totalitarian rules, to stay in power and subvert justice.

The pigs lead a revolution against Mr. Jones totalitarian rule, but ends up worse. They not only “end up in Mr. Jones House and position but also in his clothes.” Some critics have used this evidence to explain that The Animal Farm is another successful attempt by the society to kill dissent (Hall


A Sociological Reflection paper of one’s life experience Research Paper college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Family


Extended family


Institutional Discrimination

Nuclear family

Sociological perspective


Family A family is the group of people who are associated together; it can mean a man and a woman who share a common household or people who share the same blood relations include parents, children and relatives. In the given case, the family consisted of the Mother and her daughter. Since she was raised by a single parent her mother.

This can thereof be termed as a single parent family. A very vital function of a family is to reproduce persons (children) both biologically and socially. It plays a key role in the social upbringing of children to acknowledge the gradual acceptance by a person or group of the standards and practices of another person or culture, thus it can be termed as an orientation unit.

On the other hand, it is not only meant to produce children but to be a unit where it is economically viable. This family answered to only one function, which is to reproduce children but has failed in the other functions. The child has neither been brought up by the mother nor the father thus she has not been socialized (Adorno 2002).

Values A family has basic norms or values that it is expected to observe. The values include a family as a basic economic unit of the society, as a source of perpetuation of society through children and a provision of a framework for companionship. In this case, the family lacked some family values as the family was split when the child was very young.

The parents broke their marriage thus there was no companionship between them. In addition, the child was not raised by both parents as expected. In addition, the girl’s mother lacked mothering skills as depicted in the child’s childhood experience, she never supported her daughter nor nurtured her into a responsible person and as a result she sent her child to live with her extended family in Mexico.

The child notes “to define her is a sum; she has the characteristics of a narcissist, and admits that she is not a mother material, I spend a lot of time bouncing around and staying with extended family, I guess my mom could not handle responsibility during my child-hood.” This was one of the greatest values for a family (Chinoy


Comparison of US Supreme Court Decisions Compare and Contrast Essay essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Case 1

Case 2

Comparison of the Supreme Court’s Decision

Works Cited

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to compare the various court decisions made by the Supreme Court before and after 1937. The United States Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the United States and it is charged with the mandate of deciding cases based on a majority vote by the various judiciaries who make up the court.

The Supreme Court faced a re-organization in 1937 with the introduction of the Judiciary Reorganization Bill by President Franklin Roosevelt to add more court justices to the US Supreme Court and to also obtain more favourable rulings in court cases and decisions (Mckenna 413).

As part of his election campaign, President Roosevelt launched his New Deal initiative that was meant to promote economic recovery within the United States following the Wall Street Crash in 1929 as well as the Great Depression in 1932. President Roosevelt introduced the Reorganization Bill to deal with discrepancies in court rulings that existed in the US Supreme Court (Epstein


Expressing anger effectively Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Anger involves a very potent process involving emotional feelings that always need to be expressed. Though many people may not know this, anger is essential in healthy balanced life in all human beings. However, the difference in effects of anger on the affected person as well as those close to the person depends greatly on how that person expresses it.

Expression of anger is not necessarily violence, but requires effective management and expression which is basically a process. Understanding anger is the initial and very critical point in its management as well as expression. This involves understanding and examining of the real cause of the anger. Identify the situation under which you got angry and try to look at the feelings that made you angry.

Understanding anger helps individuals to avoid any of the two scenarios that many people tend to use when they are angry; blaming anger and justifying anger. Blaming anger occurs when a person got angry and as a result he does something unpleasant. Later, the person uses anger as the cause of his actions. We have all heard “I am sorry I was angry”. This is a good example of blaming anger.

Justifying anger is some kind of showing proof that a person has the right to react in a specific manner. For instance, a person may get angry and try to do something unpleasant but if people try to stop him, the angry person will try to show the others that he has to react because he is angry. It is therefore very important to understand what made one angry to avoid later regrets over one’s actions (Thomas 1).

Expression of anger is very important and usual to all men. However, anger should be expressed in a healthy way that allows all involved parties to be in a situation that promotes their interests. Direct and straight forward discussion (should not be verbally aggressive) of the problem at hand is always the best way to handle anger rather than getting physically violent.

This helps a lot in getting the anger out and in a clear way rather than keeping it to oneself. Approaching the people involved with the anger is a great move since it helps one understand the cause of the anger and gives the involved parties the opportunity to address the issue in a proper way to avoid grudges.

Assertive approach in dealing with anger also enables the people involved to express their expectations from one another to prevent similar occurrences. For those who cannot remain non physical when angry, they should do so intelligently and safely. Kicking a pillow is a good example rather than beating up the other person or even oneself. Professionals have suggested that angry people can divert their attention to tasks that require physical energy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is based on the fact that angry people tend to be more energetic and they should therefore avoid physical attack to other people as much as possible. This helps prevent physical beatings and on the other hand it promotes productive activities such as sports (Gay 1).

Every person gets angry at some point but the way that we express and deal with it is what matters. Identification of the cause of anger is the root towards a managed expression of anger that is aimed at promoting our personal and other people’s needs and interests.

Works Cited Gay, Bobbi. “Processing Emotions Effectively”. 2006 – January 27, 2011,

Thomas, Patrick. “Diffusing Anger”. 2002 – January 27, 2011. Web.


The Problem of Workplace Stress Definition Essay college application essay help

Introduction Employees have always been faced by several challenges at work place ranging from poor salaries to job layoffs. Stress at work is also affecting many employees today and it is important for them to know how to deal with it. Stress at work can be defined as “the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker” (Somaz and Tulgan 34). For example a sales employee who fails to meet his sales targets is likely to be stressed.

Causes of Stress at Workplace Stress at work is always caused by several factors which may include the following. An employee who is given several responsibilities may feel that he or she is being exploited. This may cause a bad relationship between him and his employer. If an employee is given very few responsibilities he or she may feel neglected and less important at work. This makes such an employee to continue serving in constant fear that he may lose his position easily. Workers who serve under strict supervision of their managers may often feel confused. Heath related problems can also lower the performance of employees and this can be really stressing to them (Somaz and Tulgan 39).

Symptoms of Stress at Workplace Work related stress can be manifested in the following ways. A worker who is stressed may experience physical problems like: headaches, high rate of metabolism, stomach pains or ulcers, and also high blood pressure. Workers may also experience psychological stress and its symptoms may include the following: poor concentration, depression, anxiety, great sensitivity, and mood swings.

Apart from these symptoms, some stressed workers may also have the following behavioral symptoms: lack of patience, poor work relationships with the managers, absenteeism, loss of appetite, and increased rate of smoking (Losyk 24).

Management of Stress at Workplace Employers’ Initiatives

The success of any organization depends on the productivity of the workers. This is because the employees are the ones who always implement the decisions made by the managers.

They therefore need constant motivation from the employers and workmates. Stressful conditions should therefore be kept at a minimum level because they can cause detrimental effects on the employees. The managers can use the following strategies in managing stress. The workplace environment should be calm and free from any interference that may affect the workers.

Workers should be given enough responsibilities. Managers should motivate employees by giving them extra allowances and incentives for extra duties that they perform. Workers should be engaged in decision making processes. This makes them feel that they are part of the organization. There should be opportunities for promoting the workers. This is because no body would ever want to remain in the same position forever. A variety of tasks should also be given to the workers so that they are not bored (Losyk 25).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Employees’ Initiatives

Workers can also avoid being stressed by practicing the following. It is important for an employee to plan properly before performing any task. This is because proper planning reduces chances of doing the wrong things. Development of good workplace relationship can help in reducing hatred among employees (Losyk 27).

This enables them to feel free to share their challenges and problems at work. Hence such problems become easier to solve. Last but more importantly, workers should try as much as possible to maintain their health and hygiene in order to remain physically fit to work.

Conclusion From the above discussion it is very clear that stress can have detrimental effects both on the organization and the employees. It is therefore important for workers and employers in a given organization to develop a good working atmosphere that is stress-free. This would enable them to enjoy doing their work and also achieve a high level of performance.

Works Cited Losyk, Bob. Get a grip!: overcoming stress and thriving in the work place. New York: Wiley, 2004.Print.

Somaz, Heidi and Bruce Tulgan. Performance under pressure: managing stress in the workplace. New York: HRD Press, 2003.Print.


Understanding and Attitude towards Environment: Course Document Review Essay best essay help: best essay help


The Fish

Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts


THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE William Butler Yeats in the poem “THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE” observes the peaceful collaboration and living of nature; nature has different components that co-exist with each other if uninterrupted. He portrays how different element of nature work for the benefit of each other.

They have overflowing peace and live for the good of the other. Nature has its own way of providing a life to the other however, when man exploits nature he does so with a selfish mind, he want to use the elements of nature for his own benefit without considering the dangers caused to the same environment exploited.

Human attitude towards environmental damage is that the environment exists for human benefit; environment should be exploited for the good of man and at no any one point should exploiting the environment be seen to be destructive.

Man from the poem is considered to be taking advantage of existence of nature for his own benefit; he is seen to be ignorant of any benefit that he can bring to nature but his interests are on how he is going to benefit.

The Fish Elizabeth Bishop in the poem “The Fish” portrays the picture and the emotional attachment that a fisherman gets after catching a fish. She portrays how cruel human beings are when destroying nature in the efforts of satisfying their need.

The environment is portrayed as a source of live hood; the poem brings out three beneficiaries in the exercise, the fisherman, the boat owner and the final consumer. Little was done by either party to restore the environment. The beauty of nature and environment is brought about by the description given for the aquatic life caught.

The poem portrays people to have a “don’t care” attitude to the dangers they do on the environment. It shows how selfish human beings are however; it recognizes the need to exploit the environment for food and live hood.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts According to KIRK JOHNSON, article in New York Times; “Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts”, exploitation of energy for various industrial use is threatening archeological and historical facts. According to the article, human being are more interested in satisfying their current economic need but are not concerned on saving preserving the environment.

When they exploit resources for current need, they are seen to be doing this with little regard of future generation. Environmental problems of current generation was brought about by exploitation of resources by past generation and if the modern generation fails to take appropriate measures to conserve the environment then future generations are likely to suffer.

People develop concepts like environmental sustainability and sustainable development but they do not follow them. They have an ignoring attitude to the effects of environmental damage especially for those products that are exhaustible like oil. In exploitation, people are guided by greed and self interests thus are willing to destroy the environment for their own use without any regard of future generations.

Conclusion All the three articles have a similarity in that they have portrayed people’s negative attitude towards environmental conservation thus encouraging environmental damage. The writers are of the opinion that environmental damage occurs as man exploit natural resources for his benefit. They acknowledge that exploitation is necessary for live-hood but conservation and restoration measures should be taken.


War and Violence Research Paper essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Women and War

Women are victimized

Men are a Danger

More Witnesses


Works Cited

Introduction History shows that war comes with all kinds of violence to the people involved in it. This violence can be in the form of killings by guns, bombs and the many hardships that come with it. Wars do not involve only men but also women. Many of these women who have gone through war experiences have had to live with fears of such violence.

To many of them, the greatest fear that has stayed with them is the fear of being harassed sexually where by those who resist risk being killed. In this paper we will discuss the fact that the greatest fear of women during times of war is not the killings and the hardships, but men.

Women and War Women are the most affected victims during times of war. And if you thought that women soldiers are safe, then you are wrong. Women soldiers who have participated in wars have recounted horrible stories of being harassed by their men counterparts.

Many of the US female veterans of the war in Iraq when interviewed confirmed this allegation that rape by men soldiers was their greatest danger to the extent that they were routinely warned by their superiors about going out without an escort. Some soldiers resorted to carrying knives with them for protection.

A case to prove this point was given by Spc. Mickiela aged 21; when asked why a knife was her accompaniment, she said “The knife wasn’t for the Iraqis; it was for the guys on my own side.” (Benedict 1). Although there are no comprehensive statistics on these issues, the US DoD acknowledged that this is a serious problem. Measures have been put in place, but as the number of female soldiers increases, the problems also seems to increase.

Women are victimized A report by Col. Janis Karpinski showed that three female soldiers died of dehydration because they refused to drinks liquids during the day. All this was because they feared that could be raped if they visited the latrines in the dark. In the US, female soldiers are prohibited by the pentagon from serving in ground combat, but this is not the case for those who have took part in wars in the Middle East. Women soldiers are exposed to equal risks just like men, and as if this is not enough, the men treat them as inferior and sex toys.

Many female soldiers have been sexually assaulted but did not report it for fear of being victimized or being punished if the assailant was their superior. In most cases, the superiors to whom the female soldiers report to are men. That is why most of the cases go unpunished. It is an issue of a woman’s word against the man’s, and the man’s word always prevails. It is all about covering up your comrade. Many atrocities are committed and go unpunished under the disguise of comradeship.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Men will protect their fellow men, the same is expected from women, but female soldiers are very few meaning that they depend on men for protection, men who are not trustworthy. A man will not protect a woman who refuses his advances, these forces female soldiers to cope with these assaults or risk being left alone (Benedict 1).

Men are a Danger The story of the little girl who died by Sushma Joshi also confirms that men are the biggest danger to women during wars. It brings out the rage felt by a female Maoist guerrilla fighter, Ambika, who was on a mission to kill Major Krishna Basnet, a soldier in the Royal Nepal Army. Major Basnet was on a mission to smoke out the guerrillas from a village where Ambika and her group stayed. These soldiers are known for raping women they come across.

This is confirmed when the author says that “the three women were almost certain to face rape“(Joshi 1), this is in relation to the incidence where Ambika and her comrades had been captured and taken to the army barracks. That particular night, the major vents his disappointment of not finding the guerrillas on a helpless woman and her 7 year old daughter. He brutally murders the woman and the girl by shooting them. Ambika is confronted with the urge to shoot the Major and risk her life and those of her comrades.

She decides on the latter, this just shows how women fear and hate men to the extent that they would be willing to kill them if the situation allows. Just as in the case of the US female soldiers, war has changed Ambika into a different person, a person who will do anything to counter the cruelty of men (Joshi 1).

In the argument “the main purpose and outcome of war is injuring”, the author asserts that this fact has been ignored or omitted by many institutions especially the military. This omission has not helped but made it worse. The problem is not that it is hard to identify the issues on the ground, the path to disclosure and justice has always been met with resistance.

The author has cited the case of rape and sexual assault in times of war. Finding a solution has remained a problem not just on the side of the assailant, but also the victim. For instance, the way women choose to report or keep quite about the trauma of sexual harassments challenges the understanding of silence and agency (Tabea 129).

More Witnesses There are two stories which bring show women suffering clearly. In one we see a girl on a mission to revenge after witnessing an army general assault her mother. In the other story we see a woman who has after losing a child in a bombing, slapping a soldier in the face and crying out “That is it. You give us babies only to kill them later” (Linhard 1). This two incidences just show how ignoring or omitting the injustices that happen to the society can transform people.

We will write a custom Research Paper on War and Violence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The mother’ rape, the search for revenge, the killing of the child, and the slapping of the soldier by the woman are all acts of physical violence. They have occurred in the public domain, but the worst violence is the one that occurs in the public domain. The manifestations of domestic violence are often tolerated and even encouraged. The victims of this violence are mostly women and children and the culprits, who are mostly men, usually go unpunished” (Linhard 1).

Conclusion All the authors have shown that physical violence usually goes hand in hand with other forms of less explicit violence. Soldiers raping their female counterparts in the barracks, women being assaulted by men at home, are all forms of violence that usually go without punishment because victims do not report the cases for fear of losing their jobs, and being forced out of homes. Therefore, to a woman, man will always be the enemy that she is forced to deal with in her daily life regardless of whether it is at home or at work.

Works Cited Benedict, Helen. The Private War of Women Soldiers. Middle East, 2007. Web.

Joshi, Sushma. The Little Girl Who Died. World Literature Today, 2010. Web.

Linhard, Alexa. A perpetual trace of violence: gendered narratives of revolution and war. Discourse [Detroit, MI], 2003. Web.

Tabea, Linhard. Fearless women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. Missouri: University of Missouri Press, 2005. Print.


Comparison: Nokia E73 Mode, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II Compare and Contrast Essay online essay help

Table of Contents Abstract

Thesis Statement

Nokia E73 Mode

Samsung R360 Freeform II

Motorola EX115



Reference List

Abstract Phones today provide many services as compared to a few years back when they were only used for voice call communications. In the wake of advancing technologies, phones have become very significant in accessing and supplying information and data as well as for communication purposes.

In terms durability and more advanced technologies, Nokia phones have always proved that they can lead as other phone companies follows. This article compares three different phone models from different companies. The models featured are Nokia E73 Mode, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II.

Thesis Statement Nokia E73 Mode would better serve the organization’s needs as compared to other phone models of its caliber from other phone companies.

Nokia E73 Mode Nokia E73 Mode is the latest Nokia phone in the market built to suit the changing trends of the customers and to meet the technology advancements. With a dimension of 113.8×58.4×10.2 mm and weight of only 127.6g, Nokia E73 has been designed and is built in many modern features that allow it perform various functions favourable for the duties of members of the staff. It is both available in 2G Network and 3G Network.

It is GPRS and EDGE Class 32 enabled and is also built with WLAN, USB, and bluetooth to support its data features. It has TFT and 16M display colours as well as an optical trackpad. It has an internal memory of 250MB and a card slot of up to 16GB and comes with a free 4GB memory card implying that the phone has the highest storage capacity.

It has both primary and secondary camera features with the secondary features built to support VGA videocall camera features. It has GPS features which is built in A-GPS and is also built to support several java features.

The phone comes with a standard battery of 1500 mAh Li-lon and has battery stand-by period of 384 hours for its 2G network and 528 hours for its 3G network. The battery can last for 13 hours of talk time for the 2G network and 6 hours for the 3G network. An online survey carried out on 2472 people by Nokia Company indicated that customers rate its performance, design and features at 70% (Nokia, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Samsung R360 Freeform II It is the latest Samsung phone released in October, 2010, four months after the release of Nokia E73 Mode. This phone is built in 2G Network and has no GPRS and EDGE features. However, it can support 3G data and also has bluetooth and USB features. It weighs 108g and has a size dimension of 104.9×53.8×15 mm.

It has TFT and 256k display colours and an internal memory of 42 MB as well as a card slot of up to 16GB. It only has the primary features for video camera, but also supports A-GPS as well as MetroNavigator GPS. It has a standard battery of 1000 mAh Li-lon which can stand-by for about 550 hours and can withstand 5 hours of talk time. An online survey which involved only 38 people carried out by Samsung Company rated its performance at 84%; its design at 87%; and its features at 85% (Samsung, 2011).

Motorola EX115 Motorola EX115 is also the latest Motorola model released in September, 2010. It is built in 2G network and does not support 3G data features. It has GPRS and EDGE of class 10 as well as bluetooth and USB features. It has an internal memory of 50 MB and a card slot of up to 32GB. Its camera supports video and primary camera features.

It has limited java features and no GPS. Its battery standard is 930 mAh Li-lon and has stand-by duration of 250 hours with talk time of about 3 hours and 20 minutes. An online survey carried out by the company on 1053 people showed that customers rate its performance at 75%; its design at 78%; and its features at 74% (Motorola, 2011).

Comparison These phones have various features with some being similar and some being completely different to given them their uniqueness. They all provide internet, messaging and calling services. Nokia E73 has the longest lasting battery as well as the highest standard Li-lon battery with 1500 mAh. While Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 support 2Gnetwork, Nokia supports both 3G network and data. Nokia E73 has an internal memory of 250MB and comes with a free external memory of 4GB.

However, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 have 50MB and 42MB respectively and do not come with any free external memory card. The Nokia phone supports both primary and secondary features of video camera while the Motorola and Samsung phones only support the primary video camera features and therefore, unlike the Nokia phone, they do not have VGA videocall camera.

Nokia E73 has GPRS and EDGE Class 32 as well as 3G data features while Samsung has only 3G data features and Motorola has EDGE and GPRS of Class 10. This and many more other features not mentioned, Nokia E73 Mode supports several functions as compared to Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II.

We will write a custom Essay on Comparison: Nokia E73 Mode, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Given the nature of services that the organisation would want to receive from mobile phones, Nokia E73 Mode would be most preferable. The VGA videocall camera features, the 3G network, the GPRS and EDGE features, the large memory both internal and external as well as the longer duration that its battery takes when charged, shows its suitability for the organisation’s requirements.

Reference List Motorola. (2011). Motorola EX115. Retrieved from

Nokia. (2011). Nokia E73 Mode. Retrieved from

Samsung. (2011). Samsung R360 Freeform II. Retrieved from


Ethical implication of genetic research Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Genetic research versus the public

Recruitment of subjects

Confidential, privacy and safety


Reference List

Introduction In the present days, advances in genetic research have often occupied the headlines in the media publication (Parker, Williamson,


President Obama’s State of the Union Address on January 1, 2011 Essay best essay help

The current U.S. President, Barrack Obama, gave a 61-minute State of the Union Address on January 25, 2011 to Congress that focused on the main challenges that are facing the country in this decade. Among the notable issues that the President addressed in the speech were the country’s economic policy, development and employment issues.

In the annual speech, the President focused mainly on domestic issues, especially issues of the economy. He said that America has to be more competitive in the global economy and he suggested a number of reforms within the government that ought to be implemented.

Mr. Obama called for more investment in education, infrastructure and scientific innovation that would ensure that the country out-innovates, out-educates, and out-build’s the rest of the world. In the speech, the President suggested revenue and savings plans that should be adopted.

These are a partial government spending freeze that is projected to save up to $400 billion over the next ten years, removal of billions in tax breaks for oil companies, decrease in health care costs, including Medicare and Medicaid, reform for Social Security, merging, consolidating, and reorganizing the activities of the federal government, and lowering of corporate tax rate.

In order to reduce further the expenses of the Americans, the president promised to provide eighty percent of Americans with high-speed rail access within the next twenty-five years, ensure that one million electric vehicles are available in five years, increase the source of the country’s energy to clean-energy sources by 2035, and encourage investments in biomedical research and information technology.

In illustrating the country’s economic recovery, Mr. Obama employed his most optimistic language. “Now we are poised for progress,” said Obama. “Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up.

The economy is growing again” (Obama, para.10). However, despite the economic growth, the president acknowledged that many American citizens still lack jobs and that more attention need to be focused on creating job opportunities for the citizens of the country. Mr. Obama reminded his listeners that years ago, finding a good job was not as difficult as it is now since competition for the opportunities was low.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, nowadays, getting the same opportunities is more difficult because of technological improvements that have changed the way people live, work, and do business. Nonetheless, the president said that these should not impair the ability of Americans to get jobs since “no country has more successful companies, or grants more patents to inventors and entrepreneurs and America is the home of the world’s best colleges and universities” (Obama, para. 17).

This year’s State of the Union Address laid out the policy agenda of the Obama administration to bring reforms in the country for the next year. Focusing mainly on domestic economic issues, the speech was an attempt to shape the national political narrative to the advantage of the president in tackling the problems facing the country, considering his cratering poll numbers.

Mr. Obama admitted that the previous year was a failure since less effort was focused on creating jobs and building the economy. However, through the speech, the president aims to hit the reset button and spearhead economic reforms in the country.

Works Cited Obama, Barrack. “Obama State Of The Union Speech 2011.” The Huffington Post, 2011. Web.


Rhetorical Situation of a Resume Essay (Critical Writing) college admission essay help

Table of Contents Social Context

Purposes of the Text

Text Exigence



Social Context A resume is a written piece of work with the help of which a person analyses his/her own skills and knowledge in order to meet particular professional goals. There are many forms of a resume, however, the social context of each resume remains to be similar: a brief text, clear arguments, concise documentation, and the identification of positive characteristics.

To succeed in writing a resume, a person has to take such factors like time and environment into consideration: what has to be underlined first of all, what features may attract the reader, and why it is necessary to focus on writing a resume.

Purposes of the Text Each resume is an attempt to prove personal abilities and readiness to take the position offered. There are many goals a resume writer wants to achieve, still, the major are as follows: persuasion of the reader about personal proficiency, identification of personal skills, self-analysis, and finally, admission to the required institution.

The author of a resume understands that there are many other writings which will be also evaluated, this is why it is important to do his/her best in order to become the most appropriate candidate and prove personal worth. Writing a resume is a significant step in the life of every person. So, all purposes have to set clearly and achieved accordingly.

Text Exigence The exigence of the text is all about the problems which may be observed during the writing process. Still, the point is that any imperfection identified in the text may be improved in order to achieve the most successful results in the chosen writing process.

As it has been mentioned above, there are many examples of resumes which may be created at the same time for one position. This is why the main exigence of the text is the competition existed. It is crucially important to choose the most appropriate ideas and words to attract the reader’s attention and prove that the chosen piece of writing deserves recognition.

Though it seems to be a difficult task for many writers to describe personal skills and positive characteristics only, this challenge has to be overcome. There are many ways of how this obstacle may be solved: the use of writing tips, attention to the widely-offered examples and the possibility to rely on them still be unique, and following the rules which are strictly identified.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Audience The audience for the resume is the employer who has to make a decision whether the writer of the chosen work deserves a chance to take the position offered. It seems to be reasonable to pay attention to audience’s purposes and backgrounds in order to find an appropriate way for writing a resume.

In the case under consideration, the main purpose of the audience is to find the best candidate among the existed variety. This is why a resume should be produced so that the reader will understand the level of the future worker. It is also necessary to consider audience backgrounds: an employer has already dealt with numerous resumes and realizes that all ideas have to be supported by clear arguments.

This is why the resume writer should realize that the reader is aware of the basics of resume writing. Finally, the employer’s attitude should be admitted by the writer. The way of how the reader accepts the resume will define his/her future decision. It is better to avoid too many attributes which provide a brief image of a future worker but focus on the arguments and past experience that will help to understand what a kind of worker the writer is.

Constraints There are many constraints the writer of a resume may face. As a rule, these constraints are based on the audience (the employer), the purpose (to attract the attention and prove persona worth), and the exigence (a variety of other resumes). Each constraint has its own peculiarities, and the writer has to treat each challenge in a right way to solve possible problems and present the best resume.

First of all, it is necessary to admit that there are certain rules of writing a resume. This is why each writer is limited in his/her decisions and abilities. It is not allowed to break the rules just in order to demonstrate personal attitude to the task. Still, it is necessary to consider the already identified circumstances and use the best arguments in writing.

The main sources of constraints are the writer’s beliefs, motives, and facts. There is no need to describe how skillful and hard-working the writer may be because the reader of a resume wants to know more about some personal traits of the writer, facts from his/her past life with the help of which it is possible to understand a true nature of the employee, and abilities which will help to achieve better results with time.

All actions of the resume writer should have proper grounds and evidence. Only in case the writer is ready to take responsibility for each word written in the resume, the success of such work may be achieved.

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Saint Sernin and Chartres Cathedral Compare and Contrast Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Cultural Context

Stylistic Characteristics

Subject Matter

Function and Possible Meaning

Similarities and Differences


Works Cited

Introduction From the ancestral times to the present, people have used art and design to come up with structures that provide shelter for different human activities. During the building process, designers usually combine the usefulness of a building with its beauty to put up unique structures.

The architecture of Western Europe in the middle ages was greatly influenced by the growth of the Christian Church and the emergence of feudalism. This saw the growth of the Romanesque style between the 9th and the 12th centuries. This later developed into the Gothic style between the 12th and 16th century. This paper seeks to compare and contrast some important works of art that developed in these periods, Saint Sernin and Chartres Cathedral.

Cultural Context Saint Sernin was build at a time when there was resurgence in music, education and art in Europe. There was also widespread manual labor and self denial from the people who provided cheap labor. It was a time when monasteries housed relics of saints, the cult of relics greatly influenced architectural style because many Christians paid pilgrimages to these places to see the relics, which they believed to have healing powers.

The routes that these people used later became trade routes. Saint Sernin was built in its design to meet the needs of the many travelers who came there. At this time the building structure preferred were the huge ones. It was also built at the time of crusaders who stimulated trade that generated wealth that was used in the construction (Romanesque 1).

Chartres on the other hand was the most important building, a center of the economy of the town. It functioned as a market place where different commercial activities were distributed in its many portals. Those who sold textile were stationed at the north transept. The south porch was designated for those who sold meat, vegetables and fuel.

The west portal was for the money changers because at the time each town had its own currency. The nave was for those who sold wine. The town was under the jurisdiction of the Counts of Blois, but the cathedral and the surrounding area was a free trade zone under the eye of the church authority.

The church collected taxes as a source of income. It was also a place of pilgrimage who visited the “The well of the strong saints”. It is also believed that the cathedral housed the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary. These relics made it an important pilgrimage destination. The cathedral also functioned as a school in the middle ages (Chartres 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Stylistic Characteristics St. Sernin Church was built in a typical pilgrimage style. The plan of its floor was made in a Latin cross that has clearly defined parts. It is basically a Basilica plan that was modified to accommodate large crowds of people. It has aisles on four sides, which form a continuous circuit around the nave and transept. The ambulatory aisle was made to enclose the choir, which is the area on the east of the transept. These two are separated by a screen to ensure that monks have their privacy during mass or other activities.

The structuring of the building is in such a way that walking can be carried out without any disruptions. St Sernin Church also has radiating chapels, these were made because at the time, churches were in the relics business, this meant that the many relics churches had, the more income they got. They therefore created chapels for the different relics that were funded by wealthy individuals.

The nave was made with a rhythmic vertical motion with two story elevations, a gallery and a nave arcade. The gallery was structured in a way to provide overflow space on special occasions that attracted large crowds such feast days. It has heavy buttressed walls that provide strong support to the stone vaults (Romanesque 1).

The plan of the Chartres cathedral is also a Latin cross but with only three aisles, an ambulatory and a short transept. Its east end has five radiating chapels semicircular in shape. It has a high nave that is supported by double flying buttresses. It has three facades each with three portals that open into the transepts from the north and south, and into the nave from the west.

The central portal in each façade is large and was only meant for specials occasions whereas the smaller portals gave daily access to the many people that used the cathedral. It has large stained windows that give it a distinctive feature. The windows are 176 in totally all with equally dense stained glass that creates a dark interior but rich in color. The windows are the only source of illumination (Chartres 1).

Subject Matter The Chartres cathedral has tall towers that were made specifically to make people look upwards and think of God. In the ancient times people viewed the earth as God. The church was therefore a place for everyone. St. Sernin was built in medieval ages where people believed in permanency, stability and eternity. This explains why it very spacious internally. Both the buildings had large spaces to accommodate pilgrimages (Vago 1).

Function and Possible Meaning When looking at St. Sernin, one sees the round embracing Romanesque style. Its windows are just slits that make it look like a fortress with solid walls. To a Christian, its interior gives a sense of warmth and strength. The light inside is modified by the color of the big walls that makes one feel the strength of the surroundings.

We will write a custom Essay on Saint Sernin and Chartres Cathedral specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The sculptures were made to represent biblical personages and scenes. For instance, the ascension of Christ can be seen on the south portal. The two towers on Chartres cathedral stand for God and its creation and between them there is the rose window, which represents Mary, the rose of creation. There is a labyrinth engraved on the floor, this represents the dark forces associated with hell. This meant that for people to escape the entrapments of hell, they had to put their faith in Mary (Hankey 1).

Similarities and Differences Most of the features of St. Sernin are close to those of Chartres cathedral. It has a cross shaped plan, its walls are made of brick; it has a vaulted ceiling, buttresses, an ambulatory and also radiating chapels. These are all found in Chartres cathedral. A significant difference between these two is the height; the Chartres Cathedral has higher walls that are supported by the buttresses.

The walls of St. Sernin carry all its mass together with the drum vault therefore, they are not tall. St. Sernin has plane and geometrical decorations, but the Chartres cathedral has lots of sculpture with delicate ornaments. Chartres cathedral has big windows made of stained glass, whereas the thick walls on St. Sernin made it impossible to open big window spaces on it (Architecture 1).

Conclusion We have that the gothic architecture was used to build the Chartres cathedral. It shows some great improvement from the Romanesque style that was used in building St. Sernin Church. This is because Chartres was build almost five centuries after St. Sernin. Both architectural designs have great similarities and differences, but the fact remains that they are all great pieces of art that have demonstrated great resistance.

Works Cited Architecture. Architecture. History World, 2002. Web.

Chartres. Chartres Cathedral. A Bit About, n.d. Web.

Hankey, Wycliffe. The Iconography of Nature: Fifth to Fifteenth Century. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 1991. Web.

Romanesque. Romanesque architecture. Cartage, n.d. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Saint Sernin and Chartres Cathedral by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Vago, Robert. Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Art History, 1998. Web.


Comparison between MLA and APA Formatting Compare and Contrast Essay cheap essay help

In the world of academia, sharing of knowledge plays a key role in development of a given area of knowledge. For instance, a researcher will look for information from existing researches in order to develop his thesis. As a result, referencing is an integral part of academia. Consequently, this paper seeks to shed light on how to utilize Internet resources in research and what to look for when researching and also show comparison between MLA and APA formatting.

APA formatting is highly used in referencing works cited in social science. In APA, the research work should be written in an essay form that is comprised of four main sections namely; the title page, abstract, main body and references. The title page must consist of the title of the paper, the name of the person who wrote it and the institution in which the writer is a student.

Since the abstract seeks to explain the contents of the paper, it should contain the major points within the body. Then the main body of the research work should follow suit. It should contain a brief introduction, body and conclusion. Finally references should be provided in order to form a reference list and can also be used to build the in-text reference (Stolley par. 4).

Other than APA, one can also opt to use MLA as his referencing style. The two styles are different. The following are some of the differences between MLA and APA. MLA (Modern Language Association) does not use headings and subheadings in their essays while APA (American Psychological Association) has several levels of headings and subheadings.

When it comes to in-text citations, MLA uses signal phrase i.e. authors name then page number in brackets. For example; According to Charles Darwin, the world is evolving at alarming rate (50).

Alternatively there can be no signal phrase with author name and page number in brackets (Rusell, Brizee


Company Risk Avoidance Plan-Contracts Report essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Product Liability

Sales Contracts

Performance of Sales Contracts


Product Liability Products that BGP Technologies avails to the consumers may cause injuries. The company takes full responsibility for such an occurrence. Therefore, all should be done to avoid the escalation of that possibility with regards to BGP goods.

Some of the risks that the company should try to avoid may originate from the design of the product, problems in production (which may cause a defect) or failure to inform the public of the consequences of the usage of the products: marketing defects. In this category, the company may be held responsible if it fails to honor its own commitment or breaches on some other contractual agreements with the consumers. It is also common to experience negligence charges.

To avoid all these, it is advisable for the company to put necessary measures that will help it curtail the likelihood of the hazards. Firstly, it should hire experts in its manufacturing department and set up an internal quality-check system. This will ensure that the products that re availed to the market are high quality.

That should be followed by a truthful and honest marketing department. It will be responsible for any information deemed fit for the consumers before consumption of BGP products. This includes expiry dates and potential harmful effects (White, 1996).

The company should set up a vibrant legal department to ensure that the warranties drawn up are fair. This means they do not overstep the company’s willingness to repair and dose not give room for potential users of products to manipulate the company. The department will also be the handler of legal cases arising from the usage of the products that the company has. This includes negligence, improper information and possible but inadvertent breach of contract between the company and consumers (White, 1996).

Sales Contracts These are agreements, just like any contract, that involves the buyer and the seller (in this case BGP Technologies) which are legally binding. On many instances, the company will involve itself in contract business as it seeks to increase sales and prop up profits. It is obligatory for the parties involved in a contract to abide by the terms f the contract failure to which possible legal ramifications will ensue. To avoid that the company may perform the following activities that entail sales contracting beforehand (Hearnden and Moore, 1999).

The company should engage a good team of expert lawyers when entering in any contract to avoid the possible cheating from the other party.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This will ensure the terms are fair to both. In particular, the company should be interested in the terms of the contract and the legal implications of the failure to honor its terms. Therefore, the company should carry out a study of the capability and capacity of the company in terms of delivery of the terms: quality, timeliness, quantity and general logistics.

The company should also go the extra mile to look up the other party’s reputation in terms of payment before agreeing to the contract. This will involve looking up bank records, financial standing and previous contracts, if any. This will greatly avoid the delay in payment that may be associated with a legal process after the other party’s failure to honor his side of the deal.

A back ground may be considered uncouth but it is absolutely necessary in this case. A contractual payment should be seen to make business sense. There is no need to enter into a contract that leaves BGP technologies on its knees financial wise. It should meet all the costs associated with it and make some profit (Hearnden and Moore, 1999).

Performance of Sales Contracts A sales contract is not complete until all the terms of the contracts are met to the satisfaction of both parties. However, in this case where BGP Technologies is involved, it is rather important for it to honor its part of the contract so as to avoid been on the receiving end. This is putting into consideration that all the terms of the contract are legally binding. The company should do or not do the following.

When drawing up sales contracts, it incumbent upon the company to have the capacity for delivery of the products it is promising to deliver. The company should have enough capacity to manufacture that amount of goods it is promising and within a particular timeframe. This is because failure to do that will mean loss of business for the other party which may be duly compensated in the event of failure to deliver. It will also mean lack of future good will which is paramount in conduct of business in future (Linville, 2002).

The goods should be delivered in the agreed upon state and quality. Below-standard goods are not supposed to be availed to the customer as that may lead to legal ramifications. In case unable to deliver the goods on time, the company should inform the other party well in advance so that necessary arrangements may be made for purchase from other suppliers.

This will also reduce the imminent legal consequences and will be a sign of goodwill. The subject for delivery (goods) should be in the right amount and quantity. Failure to do that will mean the company is engaging in cheating the consumers and will lead to possible legal implications (Linville, 2002).

We will write a custom Report on Company Risk Avoidance Plan-Contracts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Hearnden, K.


Kohut and Self Psychology and the Freudian Classical Model Term Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Abstract This essay compares and contrasts Freud’s classical model of personality with the theory of self psychology devised by Heinz Kohut. Each theory proposes a different understanding of the nature of the human personality in regards to how it is formed and the extent to which it can adapt to its environment during the formative childhood years.

Freud’s classical theory of personality promoted a notion of human personality as static, predetermined, and unchanging entity which an individual remained powerless to affect whether positively or negatively. Kohut’s theory of self psychology by contrast returned human agency to the theory of personality and promoted a more dynamic interplay between the individual and his or her environment.

This essay compares and contrasts Freud’s classical model of personality with the theory of self psychology devised by Heinz Kohut. For the purposes of this comparison, personality will be defined as any and all significant and reasonably constant behavioral elements exhibited and repeated in an individual human being (Ewen 4).

Each theory proposes a different understanding of the nature of the human personality in regards to how it is formed and the extent to which it can adapt to its environment during the formative childhood years.

Freud posited that human personality formed within the first five years of life and could be divided into three strata: the Id, the Ego and the Superego (Ewen 2003). An individual is born with his or her Id, best characterized as an “entirely unconscious” entity possessing the sole motivation to have its physical needs met and avoid pain (Ewen 2003).

The Ego arrives at approximately six months of age and represents the social face of the Id; Ego functions as a mediator between Id’s desires and “the reality principle, delaying pleasure until a suitable and safe object has been found” (Ewen 2003). The final member of the personality triumvirate the Superego forms between three and five years of age to moderate parental influence, conscious and unconscious desires, and “standards of right and wrong” (Ewen 2003).

Kohut’s self psychology theory of personality denied the principal tenet of inherent sexual and aggressive forces (Kohut 1996). Self psychology launched the earliest psychoanalytic recognition of the importance of empathy in personality (Kohut 1996). Kohut (1996) focused attention on expanding the therapist’s role to practice relating empathically to the patient (Kohut 1996).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Healthy development of personality was fluid and changeable, Kohut (1996) asserted, particularly in the realm of “selfobject experiences;” mutually beneficial experiences with other personalities nurtured the self and contributed to a positive view of the self, and greater self-esteem in the patient (Kohut 1996). “Healthy narcissism” refers to a robust, ambitious and integrated self that aspires toward full self actualization as well as the fulfillment of proficiencies and talents (Kohut 1996).

“Narcissism” by contrast indicates the presence of a powerless self striving to preserve a false self unity and self worth through destructive channels (Kohut 1996).

Teicholtz (1999) argued “from the viewpoint of…feminist and postmodern critics” that Freud’s theory was essentially a dinosaur of “male supremacy…heterosexist views, and…derivative emphasis on reproductive sexuality” (Teicholtz 1999).

Teicholtz (1999) asserted that Freud’s theory of personality was best “understood as having been multiply determined by a mix of the intellectual/sociopolitical climate of his times, the limiting effects of his personal subjectivity, certain unanalyzed aspects of his childhood misperceptions, and defensive unconscious fantasy” (Teicholtz 1999).

Kohut’s theory of self psychology, Teicholtz (1999) states, “can be seen as [an] important waystation…between classical and postmodern theories” (Teicholtz 1999). Kohut championed the value of the “belief in the possibility of psychic order and coherence on the basis of certain kinds of relationships available to the individual during childhood” while simultaneously letting go of Freud’s rigid interpretation of “biological determinism” (Teicholtz 1999).

Kohut reformulated Freud’s concept of the instinctual aggressive drive and characterized it as more of a social construction than a predetermined unconscious response (Kohut 1996). Aggressive responses resemble “preformed action patterns” that are “learned with greater ease than other action patterns” (Kohut 1996). Said drives then were better described as a “biological and psychobiological readiness to express oneself aggressively” (Kohut 1996).

Given that “certain patterns are more easily mobilized than others,” Kohut argued that the “drive in and of itself is neutral. You cannot say from the drive whether it is destructive in its social implications or constructive” (Kohut 1996).

We will write a custom Term Paper on Kohut and Self Psychology and the Freudian Classical Model specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Kohut essentially asserted that the aggressive response drew meaning exclusively from its context, and not from an iron clad, consistently destructive biological instinct that gave no agency to its human host. Teicholtz (1999) characterizes Kohut’s theory of self psychology as a bridging theory, and one that extended Frued’s theory into the 21st century Teicholtz (1999).

“Kohut’s self psychology was an answer to what he felt were the limitations of Freud’s drive theory. Where Freud saw sexual and aggressive instincts as the driving force of development, Kohut saw the need for a coherent and continuous sense of the self” (Teicholtz 1999).

Another area of contrast between the two theorists lay in their understanding of the higher emotions. Freud characterized the fruits of humanity – love for instance – as rewards for a healthy development of personality, yet in Freud’s mind these rewards only arrived once the individual had sublimated his true instincts, and so functioned as “derivatives of the instincts” (Teicholtz 1999).

Kohut, by contrast, saw the capacity for and the realization of love as direct extensions of the “nondrive aspects of self” (Teicholtz 1999). Kohut preferred to characterize human personality as a potential, a perennial bloom that could be influenced positively by his or her environment. Teicholtz (1999) showed that Kohut’s self psychology focused more on the whole human than separate and distinct parts (Teicholtz 1999).

In conclusion, Freud’s classical theory of personality promoted a notion of human personality as a static, predetermined, and unchanging entity which an individual remained powerless to affect, whether positively or negatively. Kohut’s theory of self psychology by contrast returned human agency to the theory of personality and promoted a more dynamic interplay between the individual and his or her environment.

References Ewen, R.B. (2003). An introduction to theories of personality (6th ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Kohut, H. (1996). Heinz Kohut: The Chicago institute lectures. P. Tolpin


Elements of high fantasy literature Essay best college essay help

Fantasy literature has been defined as a “story based on and controlled by overt violation of what is accepted as the norm or possibility a narrative that transform a condition that is contrary to the fact into fact itself” (Jackson 14). This kind of literature represents the unreal as the new real, and puts to question people’s accepted truths on reality.

Jackson also adds that fantasy literature is “concerned with describing the desire in its excessive forms as well as in its various transformations or pervasions” (10). Therefore, this kind of literature tends to engage and test the reader’s ideas of the real world by indulging him deeper into the unreal and unnatural world. The aim of this paper is to define real fantasy and explain its six basic elements.

In Fantasy literature, the most consistent creation is a highly valuable object, which in most cases is a place that offers safety to the hero. The appearance and significance of this object is usually blown out of proportions. Stevens in his 1918 narrative Friend Island explains this mysterious island called Anita that had a human heart.

Anita was so priceless and valuable to the sea woman, who had come to posses it so dearly (para 56). This mysterious lady island had human feeling such that when Nelson cussed it, she responded by “throwing snakes and lava” at them, which according to the see woman was expression of human feelings (para 57, 58). In Ballard’s Drowned Giant, the drowned giant is the priceless object as the local finds several uses for it including making fertilizer (7).

Fantasy narrative authors also create a hero, a person who posses the right characters to accomplish heroic acts has to travel great distances to locate the prized possession. This hero has to be a person with the right characteristics, such as the sea woman and the young English student (Stevens para 2; McDonald para 23).

These two fantasy characters possess extraordinary strength and characters to fight unnatural odds, and come out victors. It is characters that must make long journeys to find that priceless object. In most of the cases, the location of the prized objects is not known but its seekers have the hope and courage to go after it until they finally find it. Fish, in his narrative Bleeding Jungle portrays such a character in Atl, (17).

Atl overcomes unimaginable odds. Unlike his father Ollin, the tribe’s chief, he survives plague and because of that his dying father hands him the leadership of the tribes, asking him to deliver it to the promise land where there are no marauding white men (16).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To reveal the real hero in fantasy stores, the characters are put through a series of impossibly challenging situations, to eliminate the weak ones. Some characters survive these great odds and emerge as the heroes. A good example is the sea woman who survives a great storm and a volatile volcanic island to reach to safety (Stevens para 13, 23).

The sea woman, who is of extreme abilities stronger even than men, emerges the hero, as she is the one who saves Nelson when Anita blew up (para 60). Fish creates a hero in Atl, and not his father Ollin. Atl is among the few people to overcome the plague and as a result his sick father initiates and hands him the leadership of the tribe (9). He mobilizes the tribe three thousandth movement to safety (17).

The acquisition of this object is never easy and is always protected by a powerful force. The hero must firsts overcome the objects’ guardian, sometimes through a helper. For example, Bradley’s Year of the Big Thaw is about an alien ship the crashes into Mr. Emmett’s back yard, killing a couple, and ironically their child survive (para 28).

The couple’s child, the only survivor, is trapped into this burning ship and Mr. Emmet has to help the hero by brining him to his wife for nursing (para 40). Ironically, the hero upon being helped does not benefit the helper. This is exemplified by the young boy who runs away leaving his helper lying helplessly (Stevens para 29)

In conclusion, high fantasy literature is about the unnatural seeming natural. It presents perverted reality to the reader. Most of these stories are gory and scaring as they involve insurmountable suffering for the hero. The hero has to overcome great and unimaginable odds to reach to the prized destination.

This destination could be either the search of an important object or a far distant place where they find safety. for heroes to reach to their prized object they have to overcome a the objects guardian protector, a powerful force. This is done through a helper nut the irony of it is that the heroes acts do not benefit the helper. This shows that these heroes are ungrateful and selfish as they only mind about themselves.

Works Cited Ballard John. The Drowned Giant. 1962. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Elements of high fantasy literature specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Bradley, Zimmer. Year of the Big Thaw. 2009. Web.

Fish, Charlie. Bleeding Jungle. 1980. Web.

I Jackson, Rosemary. Fantasy, the literature of subversion. New York: Methuen


American History: Freedom and Progress Compare and Contrast Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Introduction The history of a country or state serves as an important component to progress and development. History teaches about the past of a particular people, community, society, and so forth. Freedom is a state of one being in a position to express his own ideas, establish them and being treated in accordance to his wishes.

On the other hand, progress is an act of a country improving from one level to another in various aspects, be it economical, political, social or even moral aspects. In order for a community to calculate its progress and recent achievements, it is always in order to consider where they have come from, learn from past success and failures, embrace what would be helpful from the past, and amend the failures to avoid a repeat of the mistakes, giving room for modernization, industrialization, and advancements.

On learning about history, many ideologists emerge with distinct visions that are sometimes interrelated, though others are contrasting concerning what freedom civilization and progress aspects are. Thus, this paper will aim at investigating the history of America.

Additionally, it will seek to find out the visions that have been put forward concerning freedom and the American progress from the perspective of American Indians. More over, it will seek to establish the comparison and contrast of the visions about freedom and progress of America, as well as the idea of civilization that has occurred in the distinct ethic communities[1].

The history of the United States and its characteristics The United States, being one of the most famous and prominent countries in the world, has a kind of memorable history. It is characterized by various events that have helped to shape its future. In addition, it was among the first states to gain full independence during the early 19th century, and at the same time, witnessing tremendous events whose end marked the beginning of progress. First, the country faced the challenge of colonization by British and other forces who caused the country’ freedom to be deprived.

It was also marked by the presence of different ethnic communities who had conflicting ideas about progress, civilization, as well as freedom. Moreover, there was rampant slavery, which had emanated from colonization, depriving people of their rights and freedoms and causing many to rise up in questing for freedom. Furthermore, the economic, political and social status was poorly developed, thus it needed some critical attention.

More important, the United States was not an exception when it came to the world wars touching almost all European states; this is evidenced by participation in the World War I and World War II, as well as the Cold Wars, events that awakened them to stand strategically in the recent years[2]. Recently, other historical events like terrorism have also been experienced, giving way for the different ideologies that have been put across.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The vision of American progress and freedom from the perspective of American Indians From the recorded reports in the history of America and the Dee Brown’s literature, it is evident that America had been occupied by a number of numerous ethnic groups for a long time. Thus, from the perspective of American Indians, many ideas developed concerning the progress of America and the idea of freedom.

First, the Americans believed that it could not matter the number of ethnic groups that occupied the state, however, they would expand towards the four corners to become a large territory in the world.

They thought of the expansion not only as a wise idea, but also as an opening to economic, political, and social opportunities for every citizen living in the country. Additionally, owing to the occurrence of the consequent world wars, they believed in a destiny that is manifest where democracy and freedom were key achievements in all areas of governance.

Secondly, the idea of a destiny that was manifest was interpreted differently by different groups, thus the development of a variety of ideas concerning what freedom is, including Dee Brown’s views[3]. The vision to expand was accompanied by idea to become the most industrialized state in the world, ending every kind of a bondage and expansion of trade. Furthermore, the Americans anticipated working to their best in ceasing slavery, promoting development, and fostering progress in a nation that is democratic and free.

Furthermore, from the perspective of American Indians, the Americans always have a vision to promote the unity of different races that are in existence in the country. United State harbors every kind of a race that exists in the earth, thus creating many problems. However, a lot of racism has thrived, sometimes acting as a hindrance to the achievement of positive visions.

Therefore, there has always been hope that the problem of racism will one day end, while at the same time, other ideologists believe that the existence of such races is adequate. More important, most Americans have long anticipated for a politically free state, where the constitution in the country gives room for every citizen to exercise their ideas and rights in all ways since freedom paves a way for a peaceful nation[4].

Similarities in the competing visions about freedom and progress The competing visions concerning progress and freedom put forward by the United States have had some distinct similarities. One, most of them has focused on the liberty of the people regardless of the race, thus the reason for most ideologists trying to define freedom as a way of fighting for it. The vision for all citizens has as well focused on the idea of civilization, without leaving behind any of the races in order to create a modern country.

We will write a custom Essay on American History: Freedom and Progress specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the same time, the ides of economic, political, and social development is well embraced in the country by all ethnic races, despite the racial differences that may occur between them. Overall, they all concur that a Free State, freedom, and democracy is the key to every success[5]. More over, all are keen about their history since it will definitely provide some direction for the success of the future plans.

Contrast in the competing visions about freedom and progress In the recorded history of America, contrasting visions concerning freedom and the country’s progress have been put in place. The main reason as to why there have to be competing visions about something is simply that of people being created differently and uniquely in their way of viewing things. All along, people have provided distinct ideas of what they view as freedom.

For instance, Dee brown records that some ideologies have been passed to portray freedom as the aspect of not being in slavery. On the other hand, others view freedom to emanate from security in the economy of America. Moreover, some people consider that, when a country becomes politically independent, there is a room for freedom to find its way easily in such a state.

Most people have considered freedom to take pre-eminence in a state where the constitution gives full rights to a citizen to exercise their freedom for a long time. This is the most common ideology since almost all states in the world have documented freedom in their constitutions.

Nevertheless, if we revisit the history, the term freedom ought to have a deeper and a concise meaning, since, though records declare one free according to a constitution, other factors may declare one definitely bound. For instance, from people, a history of the United States, the Americans vision was that of self-freedom from a state of colonialism, at a time when colonialism had overtaken them.

Thus, they were working towards eliminating the colonialists from their land in this perspective. Therefore, freedom would be possibly defined appropriately in accordance to the prevailing conditions at the time of its requirement to avoid dwelling on a diversity of contrasting visions[6].

Furthermore, different people have also rated the challenges that the country faces currently to the high rate of industrialization and modernization. They have viewed much industrialization as a key to sources of conflicts and terror attacks and they suggest that minimal developments are healthy.

Others view freedom to be problematic since it is a source of rampant crimes in the state, thus decide that much freedom should not be granted. However, as people still anticipate that racism would come to an end, other people do embrace the same finding it as a solution to the many problems since two are always considered better than one on terms of development and progress[7].

Not sure if you can write a paper on American History: Freedom and Progress by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion The American history is marked by a number of events and ideologies about freedom and progress. It is true that freedom and progress are directly interrelated, since freedom paves way for developmental ideas. In addition, there have been many ideas, some similar and other contrasting ideas about freedom and progress over the years.

Nevertheless, the objective of the paper has been achieved in discussing about the history, as well as comparing and contrasting different visions that have been put forward concerning freedom and progress. Thus, more research should be conducted to come up with an appropriate definition of freedom and its relationship with progress as well as other economic, social, and political factors.

Bibliography Abbott, Jacob. American History. NY: Sheldon


Wellness in Adults and Young Children Essay essay help

Introduction Wellness has been commonly associated with being free from diseases. Therefore if a person is not feeling sick then he or she is believed to be healthy. This perspective of looking at health is currently changing. Absence of diseases is just one aspect of being healthy, but it does not guarantee total well being.

Wellness is a choice of lifestyle and everybody has the obligation to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved by ensuring that one has access to: “proper nutrition, exercise, and control of weight” (Blaylock, 2006). Wellness also demands that a person should avoid bad habits such as taking alcohol, smoking, and general drug abuse. All these factors if considered leads to the wellness of a person.

Personal care is the key to wellness. In health the word wellness can be defined “as an active process through which you become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence” (Null, 1986). A good lifestyle motivates a person to develop habits which enhance a good health.

Impact of Safety, Nutrition, and Health on the Wellness of Person Safety, nutrition, and health work closely to contribute toward the wellness of an individual. Apart from the family members of a child, teachers are also very instrumental in the development of a child’s health (Blaylock, 2006). It is therefore important for teachers to understand the elements of wellness.

Several factors also affect the learning abilities of children hence it is important for teachers to understand them. Teachers who lead good lifestyles are able to encourage young children to also practice the same (Blaylock, 2006). For example they should create conducive environment that facilitate proper learning.

How to Teach the Concepts of Wellness in Preschool Teachers can teach children the concepts and elements of wellness using the following methodologies. Demonstration is one of the methods that can be used in teaching wellness concepts and it involves showing the students what to do using various teaching aids. For example you can show students how to wash their hands as part of self hygiene.

Explanation is also an appropriate method of teaching these concepts. For example you can explain to students how to maintain good health. In addition to the normal teaching methodologies, a teacher should understand the development needs of a child.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For example they should appreciate efforts made by children in class. It is also important for teachers to help children overcome their challenges related to nutrition and health. For example students who are physically or emotionally weak should not be harassed (Null, 1986).

Importance of Knowing Wellness Concepts to a Teacher Teachers who have a good understanding of wellness can always have a good work relationship with students because of the following reasons (Blaylock, 2006). First, they will be in a position to advice students to lead a better life. Secondly, such teachers can also be in apposition to teach the students the right content which is in line with their health needs.

Conclusion There are many health challenges at a present affecting people all over the world. Most of these health complications are derived from poor habits that people adopt and practice. For example drug abuse is known to increase chances of contracting terminal diseases and it should be avoided.

Teachers should therefore be taught various aspects of health and nutrition. This can also be extended to the curriculum prepared for young children in school. This would enable children to develop wellness skills at a young age. The choice to have a good or a bad life is therefore a decision one has to make (Null, 1986).

References Blaylock, R. (2006). Health and nutrition secrets. New York: Health Press.

Null, G. (1986). The complete guide to health and nutrition. New York: Dell.


Beyond Yourself as Principle Applied at Haas School Essay college essay help near me

Introduction Various institutions are today faced with the challenge of how to produce competitive students who can thrive in the ever sliming job market. It is in this context that various institutions have found it necessary to redesign their curriculums. Some institutions have also come up with strategic plans which are meant to govern them toward achieving excellence. Haas School is offering business related courses and it is striving to achieve academic excellence.

This school is currently governed by four principles which define what it stands for. These principles are: beyond yourself, confidence without attitude, students always, and question the status quo. This institution aspires to produce innovative students who can be better leaders at workplace.

This institution defines innovative leaders “as individuals who drive growth by putting new ideas into action in every corner and every function of their organizations, and who do so responsibly” (Schuller 34). The institution has therefore redesigned its curriculum in such away that it provides innovative skills to the students. These skills are offered through a program called “BUILD” approach”. This paper will discuss Beyond Yourself as one of the principles at Haas School.

Importance of the Principle Beyond yourself Beyond yourself means that one should give the interests of an organization the first priority and not his own interests. It also states that the stakeholders of an organization should make several considerations before making decisions and taking actions. This principle has been a great source of motivation to me because of the following reasons. When I started my studies I did not have a master plan of what I wanted to achieve in my studies.

I always studied just for the sake of it without aiming at achieving something good from it. This principle has however changed my attitude toward academic excellence and life in general. I have learnt that self sacrifice is very important. If we sacrifice our time and energy in whatever we do we can never fail to succeed. For example I am now going to give my studies the first priority and I will also encourage others to continue striving for excellence.

I am now more focused and dynamic in the way I approach issues and take actions. For example I want to get good academic performance and at the same time it is my wish to change my community to be a better place. Going beyond yourself also states that we should learn to cope with challenges that we encounter in what ever we do.

For example the stories and comments that I read about students who benefitted from this principle have greatly changed my life. I learnt that we should always take challenges positively. This is because if we remain comfortable in whatever we do then we cannot think of improving our community and status quo.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The principle has also helped me to become more organized. For example I have developed a master plan for my studies and the targets I would like to meet at the end of it. Last but more importantly, I now know the importance of being innovative and I am going to handle my studies using different approaches apart from the normal ways. For instance I will use my skills to bring changes in my workplace. I will also share my experiences in learning with my colleagues in order to learn from them.

Conclusion I am therefore identifying myself with this principle because it has greatly motivated me and I now do things better than I used to before I learnt about it. I also want encourage other people and students to be more innovative in life.


Сompare and Сontrast: the Lottery and the Rocking Horse Winner college application essay help: college application essay help

Table of Contents Stories’ Tones and Plots

Irony in the Stories

Symbolism in the Stories


There are many elements of literary devices, imagery, style, and tone that contribute to the creation of the overall spirit of works in literature. They shape the reader’s perception of the plot, the main characters, and the overall message of the literary piece. These elements are often used in their direct meaning, thus enforcing a direct effect on the reader; however, there also are cases when they are used controversially, making the impression from the read piece stronger and even more emphatic. This paper’s main goal is to compare and contrast “The Lottery” and “The Rocking Horse Winner” and examines themes, characters, settings, and literary devices of the two stories.

Stories’ Tones and Plots The tone of the work is significant in its terms as well because it creates the fleur of seriousness, light-mindedness, sadness or cheerfulness, introducing the reader to the world of the literary work, and even making him or her the participant of events. Symbols are the fruitful addition to the literary stylistic devices, since they add the third dimension of the plot and message, showing what cannot be expressed by words, and making the work lively.

All these issues have found their direct and at times, sophisticated realization in the works of Shirley Jackson and D.H. Lawrence. These two works are remarkable from the perspective of investigating the impact of tone, style, and symbol in a literary work. Thus, for example, the topic of the question of tone becomes extremely topical in Jackson’s work “The Lottery” that in itself represents a contradiction, controversy, and conflict.

The opening lines of the short story presuppose some cheerful scenario, some picturesque place, and a holiday-suggesting lexicon: “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green” (Jackson, 1949, p. 5). The beginning clearly suggests a lovely landscape, a beautiful day, and a similarly pleasant continuation of the plot.

Nonetheless, the short story’s essence, plot, and message are quite different from the beginning, setting people in a positive tone and perceiving the lottery as something rewarding and exciting for the villagers. The only fact that the ritual is of vital importance does not cause any doubts since there is much attention to every detail, to every participant of the events, to the black box, and the responsibilities of the lottery’s chairman as well.

The meaning of being the chosen, picking the black spot from the box, is not evident until the end of the work, though the tone comes to its correct form by the end of the short story. It changes rapidly after the choice falls on Mr. Hutchinson, and the fierce protection he gets from his wife, Tessie, the ultimate victim of the medieval, bloody tradition.

Irony in the Stories In Lawrence’s story, “The Rocking Horse Winner,” the tone is plain and unhappy. Moreover, the story is much more consistent in terms of plot, and style. However, though the mood of the story is quite pessimistic, gloomy, depressing, with short sentences and broken phrases, there is much irony at the beginning of the work. The irony shows that the author himself does not consider the hardships faced by the family so hard and awful as they are depicted. From his point of view, the problems are over-exaggerated.This irony may be quite well felt in the phrases such as:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “…there must be more money. The father, who was always very handsome and expensive in his tastes, seemed as if he never would be able to do anything worth doing. And the mother, who ha a great belief in herself, did not succeed any better, and her tastes were just as expensive” (Lawrence, 1926, p. 552).

The irony is striking – people who cannot find any money to let their children study well can afford expensive tastes, and at the same time, they call themselves “the poor members of the family” (Lawrence, 1926, p. 553). They buy expensive toys for their children, use the services of a taxi, but they remain poor because they do not live up to their wishes and ambitions.

The talk of the mother with her son Paul is also quite ironic, though it also contains some symbolism of the concept of luck. Their family traditionally ties luck with money, but Paul dies a young and rich person, which cannot be considered luck at all. Hence, the crisis of belief, understanding, and morale in the family is shown through an ironic representation of their so-called ‘poverty’ and the dramatic effect of that perception imposed on Paul at an early age.

The irony is also present in “The Lottery,” though it is quite far from being ironic in its complete sense. The talk between Old Man Warner and Mr. Adams is very ironic – Old Man Warner compares the refusal from the lottery in other towns to degradation – “they’ll be wanting to back to living in caves, nobody work anymore” (Jackson, 1949, p. 14).

However, it is clear that the ritual is a remnant of the dark, medieval, illiterate, cruel, nearly pagan times when people believed that killing one chosen person was useful for their harvest – “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon” (Jackson, 1949, p. 14). There are multiple examples of imagery in “The Lottery,” meanwhile “The Rocking Horse Winner” abounds with metaphors.

Symbolism in the Stories Contrasting the works according to their style and tone, one should surely note that they can also be compared concerning the symbolism in works; besides the proverb about the good harvest, the symbol of the black box is powerful in Jackson’s story, and the symbol of the rocking horse also occupies the central place in the work “The Rocking Horse Winner”.

It is evident that the mistaken perception of luck compared directly with money leads to further misconceptions, and the boy draws a parallel between his luck and the rocking horse. Hence, these symbols distinguish both works and allow a reliable comparison between them. From this comparison essay, symbolism in “The Rocking Horse Winner” and “The Lottery” is evident.

We will write a custom Essay on Сompare and Сontrast: the Lottery and the Rocking Horse Winner specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As it comes from the present comparison and contrast, the stylistic devices such as tone and style are vastly used by writers to enhance the impact on the reader, to create the spirit of the unexpected, to surprise him or her, and to make the work highly emphatic.

Symbols are also widely used equally to the characters of the stories, as they produce the impact on the characters only by their presence, by the profound meaning they have. If to compare and contrast “The Lottery” and “The Rocking Horse Winner,”it is possible to say that both authors have skillfully used the discussed techniques, though each of them in their own way.

References Jackson, S. (1949). The Lottery. New York, NY: Farrar, Straus.

Lawrence, D. H. (1926). The Rocking Horse Winner. In D.H. Lawrence. Full Score: Twenty Tales by D.H. Lawrence (2008). Rockville, MD: Wildside Press LLC.


Wal-mart and Riordan Compare and Contrast Essay essay help

Table of Contents Abstract

Problems Faced By Riordan

Problems faced by Wal-mart

Problems Faced By Both Firms

Recommendations and Conclusion

Reference List

Abstract The purpose of this business report is to analyze and evaluate the challenges faced by Wal-mart and Riordan, firms that operates in two different countries. Wal-mart is among the largest firms in the US, a position which it has earned through its marketing approach including low priced products, just-in time delivery, and its organizational behavior. It operates in major countries such as China, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and United Kingdom.

On the other hand, Riordan manufacturing is based in China and specializes in the production of plastics which are distributed in many parts of the world. Its product range includes plastic beverage containers, plastic fan parts, and custom parts for automobiles. Major customers for these products are in the aviation industry, appliance manufacturing, automobile industry, and bottlers of soft drinks.

Both firms face similar challenges although they operate in different countries. Most of these problems are political, legal, and environmental. The building blocks of a successful global business company starts with a sound strategy, which incorporates structural, leadership and cultural forces the business needs to take into consideration. This report gives some of the problems faced by these two firms in their operations.

Problems Faced By Riordan These challenges can be summarized as follows:

Discrimination lawsuits through employee malpractice

Corporate social responsibility issues, and

Ethical dilemmas

Riordan faces Public relation issues mostly arising from these malpractices. The procedure for handling these issues are defined in Riordan’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which is a systematic strategy detailing how to mitigate those risks. The risk in a leaning strategy is in determining which activities are not critical to the core competence of the firm. If a firm mistakenly cedes out crucial activities it can severely cripple its long-term strategy (Mintzberg, et al 2003).

Problems faced by Wal-mart Government regulation

Restriction on foreign ownership

Requirement of skilled labor

Opposition in its expansion strategies

Wal-mart faces similar problems as the ones faced by Riordan manufacturing. First there is the government requirement which it has to adhere to before being allowed to expand its services, increased capital costs, requirement of skilled labor force, and rivalry from other firms.

To add to these risks, the company is not guaranteed of a ready market in these areas making it a risky undertaking. Most of its expansion strategies are normally opposed by activities claiming that if new stores are opened, they will result in traffic congestion, poor public relations, and low wages (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Problems Faced By Both Firms Both firms have to abide by all state and local laws and enact a complicit information security policy, which will encompass all their corporate culture as a whole and applied to all new locations. Their risk management plans have to include training sessions for all managers on good ethical decision-making. Management needs to be taught contingency plans for looming risky situations and the steps necessary to mitigate them.

The simple steps are basic awareness of the ethical perspectives that serve as the foundation of good moral and ethical decisions, the art of explaining the principles of their position, and the application of understanding of an ethical decision that establishes those three principles into an action for the things they do on a daily basis (Mintzberg et al 2003).

There are also risks associated with innovation in which the companies continuously work to improve the product, as well as a lot of capital investment and strategy that takes place in this process. The simple changes or adjustments in existing products, services, or processes are called incremental innovation (Campbell


Technology: Being Digital Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

People are always ready to embrace and adopt new technologies. This can be explained by people’s behavior of trying to comprehend electronic content, computers and the internet by reading content that gives guideline on this.

Different age groups of people engage in diversified reading with regard to technology all in an effort of getting more knowledge and insight on how to go about using the present modes of technology. The bits are bits idea by Negroponte shows how larger components can be transformed into minor segments which can be easily accessed with the help of computers.

Everything that is tangible in form has been converted in bits that can be accessed from a computer. To start with, there were the actual objects like books and CDs. Later, these were converted into computer software that enhanced accessibility across the globe. As a result of this, the world has become a small village referred to as “the global village”. This way, people from different corners of life are able to interact and share ideas that have been translated into bits and can be accessed from the computer.

Digital technology reduces time and money. Previously, before the world became digitalized, the entire economic telecommunications model relied on charges per minute, per bits (data) or per mile.

The disruption of human to human interactions due to digitalization has resulted into timelessness since one does not need to spend a lot of time trying to get in touch with someone else who may be overseas. This has been achieved by the fact that the world is a global village thus transmitting information does not have to rely on time and money.

A click of the mouse is enough to have the information appearing on every computer in the world. Face book is a perfect example of this, one can post any kind of information that will be accessed by a large number of people without having to incur expenses or spend a lot of time. The conversion of the world into a digital world meant no distance, no time consumption and therefore fast delivery of computer content.

For example, music, which was delivered in five hours, is currently delivered in no more than five seconds. The same case applies to movies and distance. The movement from New York to London has been made easy by the presence of the satellite. The act of being digital makes it possible for people to create atoms (books, CDs and related tangible objects) from bits (computerized data) and bits from atoms.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This means that technology can be used to achieve an intended effect like in desktop conferencing. The use of bits from atoms is cheaper as compared with obtaining the actual atoms, which are things like books, CDs, et cetera, since there are no middlemen. In addition, no distance is covered. Negroponte has used his wired column of being digital as an example to show how technology transmits information in the simplest form more efficiently and effectively.

However, being digital has disrupted the structure of the society and cultural values. This is because, as the world becomes a global village, cultural values from a different society are assimilated and this dilutes the originally held cultural values. Digital technology is also associated with refined and less detailed information as most of the wired columns lack illustrations. High-definition televisions have destroyed broadcasting power.

Ownership of bits in the digital world is not certain. This is because there are no copyright laws to protect the ones who make the bits’ inventories and as a result, bits’ cost, ownership and interaction with people are usually up for grabs. One can find e-books and download movies and music from the internet without giving credit to the owner. This way, the author or producer of a book, film or movie fails to get his or her rightful compensation.

The contemporary world is an ultimate reflection of how Negroponte viewed it. Everything has become digitalized and a recent example is the world cup where people could actually refer to the match from the internet days after due to availability of bits with regard to the match. The fact that books, music and movies can be easily obtained from the internet is a show that technology is a great referencing point that can be used to source for information and events with ease.


Popular Culture of TV watching in USA and China Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The reason why this study is important


Works Cited

Introduction Popular culture has assumed numerous definitions from being regarded as common culture, folk culture, to popular culture; and all these definitions have varied across time in history (English Department, University of California p.1).

The post-War American society has experienced advent and growth of popular culture at almost every point in history of the country. In this post-war period, America’s popular culture became a reflection and representation of commercial culture characterized by all its elements such as movies, television, radio, cyberspace, advertising, toys, and almost every commodity that qualify for purchase.

In addition, the popular culture was demonstrated in different forms of art, photography, games, and even collective groups such comet watching and rave dancing (English Department, University of California p.1). Advent of television stirred the American population as leisure time shifted to TV watching, consuming the largest part of people’s time.

The reason why this study is important John Store in the book ‘Cultural studies and the study of popular culture’ notes that television is the popular cultural form that characterizes the 21st century (Storey p.9). The author further asserts that television has evolved as world’s most popular leisure activity where in USA, about 67 per cent of the population watch television daily while 98 per cent of the population own television sets (Storey p.9).

On average, it has been estimated that Americas spend about seven years of their entire lives watching television (Storey p.9). Since the advent of mass consumption of television products in USA, many writers have postulated how TV watching has had the negative effects to young people, but this essay paper demonstrate that, even with advent of mass consumption of TV products, young people have acquired some valuable aspects in terms of values, norms, and product cultural aspects from watching television.

The rise of television in America was accompanied by rise and change in consumer market as advertising became the center stage in promoting products. Television caused more leisure revolutions especially in homestead by even modifying the architecture of the homes as spatial arrangements of houses changed with need to shift and enlarge sitting rooms necessary for ample TV watching (Anon p.1).

TV modified the eating habits of the Americans, as many people, while watching TV’s, requested for snacks, convenience and finger foods, together with other things like TV dinners and TV trays (Anon p.1). On overall, TV modified how Americans utilized their free time and a new age of information was born that for long time has changed what information is available to people and how people can access it (Anon p.1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In contrast, TV watching in Asian countries has steadily evolved as a popular culture, which is being embraced by young populations in these countries. China is one country that TV watching has become a form culture to children, adolescents, and adults. However, as compared to USA culture, watching television programs in China is controlled and regulated by the state, a situation that has forced some young people to resort to internet television where they watch downloaded TV programs (Contact Music Ltd p.1).

The effect of TV watching or TV culture in China has less impact as compared to that of USA – where there is less regulation of TV programming. However, in the two cultures, TV watching has increased consumerism, an issue that has raised concerns from stakeholders (Contact Music Ltd p.1).

Television popularity among children resulted into many of them substituting it with other important things like physical exercises and extra-timer reading in order to watch television (Great Britain, House of Commons Committee p.163). Therefore, television became a dominant aspect in the lives of the children, while at the same time, it became a major influence on children’s values and behaviors, together with impacting on children health and education achievement (Great Britain, House of Commons Committee p.163). TV replaced parents and teachers as educators, role models, and primary source of information concerning the world as well as how to behave.

Moreover, TV was preferred as it was the true avenue children and young people could find all the above. As reality encroached in young people and children could not differentiate between fantasy on television and reality, and consequently, they became victims of thousands of advertisements that promoted alcohol, junk foods, fast foods, toys, and all forms of crime comedies (Great Britain, House of Commons Committee p.163).

In essence, advertisement arouses curiosity of feelings of missing something, thus the need to be acquired. Hence, with TV commercial advertisements, there came more violence among young population, while sexuality issues, certain stereotypes, and drugs and alcohol abuse became dominant themes on television (Great Britain, House of Commons Committee p.163).

On contrary, Carole L. Edelman and Carol L. Mandle in their book titled ‘Health Promotion through the life span’ note that television watching was and has not always exhibited and promoted negative aspects, but rather, some positive aspects exist (Edelman and Mandle p.14).

For instance, the author points to children programs such as ‘Mr. Rogers’, Neighborhood’, and ‘Reading Rainbow’, together with other programs such as ‘Call It Macaroni’, ‘Seventh Heaven’, and ‘Full House’ as some of the developmental programs that impact positive aspects among children (Edelman and Mandle p.14).

We will write a custom Essay on Popular Culture of TV watching in USA and China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion In conclusion, it can be said that, research on popular culture is diverse as more themes of popular culture exist, hence require in-depth investigations especially with regard to cross-cultural research of the impact of television watching.

Nevertheless, television as popular culture is seen to be an important area of research, as more literature exists on the negative aspects of television on young children. What lacks is adequate and empirically supported research to show that, as much criticism about television impact on young children would want justification, in the same realm, there exists positive aspects that television transmit to young children.

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Public Policy Administration in Modern Society Essay essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Introduction

Healthcare inequalities



Introduction Public policy administration can be defined as “the implementation of government policies, based on the expert analysis and the resolution of specific issues that generally have far-reaching impact on the citizens who live under the government in question” (Stewart, 2007).

Public policy is mainly handled by the following groups. First, we have interests groups and they are “people who always bargain on behalf of the citizens” (Cochran


Policy Making Process Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Agenda setting






Reference List

Introduction US$ 20, 000 for a ticket, US$ 50, 000 to access smaller discussion units away from the main conference, and US$ 60, 000 for accommodation on the lower side. That is the cost of attending the ongoing 43rd World Economic Forum popularly referred to as Davos 2011.

Global leaders in various fields; industry, academia, civil society, government, and the media converge at the Swiss Ski resort during the annual meeting to reflect on, rethink, strategize, explore, find solutions to, and develop policies that shape world agenda. The meeting is one of the occasions when policymaking is a core business of the day. The art of policymaking is a common practice amongst leaders in many organizations whether public or private.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (2006), “policy making is; high development more particularly of official government policy’’. Officials in government institutions do develop public policies in order to provide solutions to public issues by means of a political process. Although policymaking is normally a long tedious demanding process, all the steps involved are actually necessary for desirable results to be archived. Policy making conforms to the steps discussed below for a better yield.

Agenda setting This is the initial step into policy making where an issue of concern and/or to be evaluated by the government is brought up. The issue may be tabled by the government or citizens during consultations with government officials. Such consultations are necessary as individuals can advise on issues affecting them which officials may be oblivious of. If various matters come up to be addressed at this stage, prioritization is done in order to select what to first handle when all cases cannot be addressed at that particular juncture.

Politicians, public officials, and elites should be accountable for their actions to the public and not pursue their personal interests without any constraints. Governments, and any other institutions for that matter involved in decision making process should be transparent and accessible to the public. Any concerns raised by stakeholders are factored in the process and they are offered a chance to freely challenge the decision making process.

Formulation After setting the agenda described above, possible solutions are then elaborated at this stage. Public demand is taken into account in formulating a solution to the issue and possible available options are carefully weighed out.

Special interest groups such as those whose concerns lie with the environment, business, and human rights, among others are consulted in the formulation process, caution is however taken not to divert from the main objective of the policy for their own purpose. It is understood that since many conflicting interests are involved, there is no one correct solution to the agenda as complex issues need to be solved in a versatile environment characterized by uncertainty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Decision-making After all considerations in the formulating process, a final decision is taken by the government amongst the possible solutions floated. There are several possibilities in this decision-making. The government can go ahead with its proposal to the solution, use other counterproposals made by stakeholders, or compromise between the two. The decision can also be to take no action in which case the status quo is maintained.

Implementation With the final decision made, government officials possibly together with all the stakeholders translate the policy to a concrete action plan by use of substantive policy tools. An entirely new routine sometimes arise from the made decision. In some cases, new regulations are mandated and enforcement procedures developed to allow for the implementation of the policy.

Evaluation This is the final stage of a policy making process. According to Lindblom (1968), evaluation is, “the systematic assessment and acquisition of information so as to provide useful feedback about some object”. This can be performed by government officials or other parties concern with the policy once implemented.

Formal means of evaluation like data analysis, or informal ones involving citizens’ reaction are deployed in evaluating the policy. Of concern during the evaluation process include among others: the effectiveness and net impact of the policy- that is, a revelation of failures, successes or need for any modifications to be made. In the event of a problem with a particular policy, the policy-making steps begin again.

Conclusion Commitment to consultations and information is important in enhancing active participation at all levels and should be embraced. This should be taken in good time; at initial stages of policy making process to gather numerous possible solutions and required information. Clarifications on the public’s limit of access to information, citizen’s rights as pertaining to the policy, and procedures for feedback are made.

Adequate material and human resources are allocated to implementing the policy in addition to cross government and public coordination so as to enhance feedback and implementation. Together with promoting active citizenship and evaluation of a policy, transparent, amenable, external scrutiny of a policy making process leads to accountability.

In a nutshell, implementation of all the above steps results in: strengthened public trust in their officials, meeting of societal challenges, and improvement of the quality of a policy.

We will write a custom Essay on Policy Making Process specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Editors of The American Heritage dictionaries. (2006). The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Lindblom, C. (1968). The policy making process. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.


History of the Islamic Civilization Essay online essay help

During the 10th through the 14th centuries, various professionals from the then Islamic world contributed immensely to the growth and development of Europe. Through preserving earlier traditions and making inventions of their own, the Muslim artistes, scientists, thinkers, princes, and laborers, brought various changes in astronomy, math, philosophy, agriculture, and sanitation.

Consequently, they made remarkable contributions to the European Renaissance in which many new inventions and beliefs were instituted. The age of Islamic civilization started when Muslim conquests led to the establishment of the Caliphate, or Islamic Empire, during the 8th to 10th century.

Consequently, the Muslim world was recognized as the epicenter of all knowledge. In astronomy, Islamic civilization in Spain made important discoveries. Since they had to know the direction of Makka, they invented valuable astronomical instruments to assist them in this (Mottaleb, para. 7). Due to this, the Muslim astronomers discovered several new things, such as the invention that the celestial spheres are not solid, the idea that the heavens are less dense than air and the possibility of the earth rotating on its own axis.

In math, the Islamic thinkers made significant contributions by developing algebra, algorithms, as well as several other advances in arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus, which did not exist among the Greek (Hughes, Part I). In addition, they are also responsible for the addition of decimal point notation to numbers.

Muslim philosophers of Spain played a major role towards preserving the ideologies of Aristotle, whose opinions were widely embraced by those who did not embrace Christianity and the Islamic faith.

The Arab philosophers also welcomed other ideas from other places such as China and India, which increased their knowledge from their own studies. Their philosophies were highly influential among the Muslims and Christians of the region.

In Spain, the ideas of the influential Muslim philosophers were translated to other languages such as Hebrew and Latin, which enhanced their spread. It is said that the translation assisted in the development of the modern European philosophy. The Islamic civilization witnessed many advances in agriculture. Muslim traders introduced different crops from other parts of the world that could not grow in the Islamic lands. Crops such as sorghum, rice, cotton, citrus fruits, and sugar cane were introduced in the lands.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Improved farming techniques, such as cash cropping, crop rotation, and irrigation were also introduced. Lastly, the rise of Islam brought fundamental changes in sanitation both in Spain and in Europe. The Muslim scientists discovered the cause of various maladies and taught the people to maintain high standards of hygiene in order to avoid falling sick. In addition, waste management was being undertaken in the various major Islamic towns.

During the Spanish Inquisition, Muslims were ordered to convert to the Catholic faith or risk being persecuted because of their faith. This had devastating effects on them. During the early years of the Inquisition, several Muslims were executed. Consequently, because of the resultant panic, many Spanish Muslims left the nation (“Spanish Inquisition,” para. 3). Most of them were traders, physicians, and academics.

This migration enabled them to take their knowledge in other parts of Europe. More so, because of the Inquisitions, many of the Muslims lost their lives, which drastically reduced their influence in the region. The censorship of Islamic material and the limitation of the entrance of students studying overseas, to prevent them from bringing Islamic ideas into the nation, and the general atmosphere of fear limited the growth of Islam in Spain during the Inquisition.

Works Cited Hughes, Bettany. “The Islamic roots of Modern civilization and the construction of European identity.” Spiritual Change, n.d. Web.

Mottaleb, Abdul. “The Influence of Civilization on European Civilization during the Renaissance Period in the Field of Medicine or its Allied Subject. “ Islamset, n.d. Web.

“Spanish Inquisition.” Spanish Fiestas, n.d. Web.


Law Opinion Paper Essay a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Creation of Laws

State and Federal Jurisdiction



Introduction This essay will briefly discuss the creation laws in the US. A special attention is given to the common law heritage and US court system as sources of laws. An opinion is also given on what should and should not be taken into account when the laws are being formed.

Creation of Laws Laws are created to “maintain a well regulated society” (Bakken Para. 1). In the process of creating the law there are some specific considerations which have to be taken care of: “a need to have the consent of the people, a system of checks and balances, and a public policy flexibility suited to the problems of time and place” (Bakken Para. 1).

It reported that in the 17th and 18th centuries representatives were sent to colonial nations to create rules which could help to govern the people. Laws governing the running of trains were created through gatherings.

Upon the discovery of gold in California a gathering was formed to create local mining district rules. Still in the 21st century neighbours in California gather “to make rule changes, within a recorded declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions, on what property alterations are permissible for those living within a housing tract” (Bakken Para. 1).

The origin of the US law has some English roots. The British in America put into practice their homeland laws after slight adjustments so as to serve the US better (Beatty


Singapore Geography and Culture Research Paper essay help: essay help

Introduction Singapore is a small island state that that is surrounded by around 64 smaller islands and lies south of the Malay Peninsula. The most important part of Singapore history starts in 1819 when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles first arrived in Singapore. However, it is important to note that Singapore history dates much earlier.

It is recorded that when Sir Raffles arrived in Singapore, it was only a small island with around 200 people and that Raffles immediately fell in love with this island. He purchased the island from the local chief, Abdul Rahman for the east India Company. The island later became an important seaport. Later on, the island of Singapore together with that of Penang and Malacca joined strait settlements which all fell under the British East India Company.

Singapore is a multiethnic society with immigrants from china, India, Malaya and Indonesia who arrived in Singapore during the establishment of the island as a sea port. Immigration into Singapore resulted from the thriving economy in Singapore as a result of the British rule.

There were a lot of opportunities and many immigrants worked either as clerks, technicians or teachers. 1823 saw Singapore become a penal station and convicts from India other parts of Asia were used in the building of roads. The eminence of Singapore grew especially following its colonization by the British and the development of the steamships around 1869.

The presence of tin and rubber made Singapore one of the leading sea ports in the region. In 1921, Singapore fell under the Japanese rule but was recaptured in 1945 by the British. In 1946, Singapore ceased to become part of the straits settlement and in 1959 attained her internal rule. She (Singapore) joined Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak forming Malaysia. 1965 saw Singapore attain full independence following her secession from Malaysia.

Mode Of Subsistence Singapore is a home to numerous groups of people most of whom are immigrants from china, India, Malay Archipelago and Japan. Majority of the Singapore population is made up of the Chinese immigrants who arrived here as early as 1800s. The main economic activity in Singapore is trade but there are also instances of manufacturing industries.

It is an active ship making country with tin smelting and rubber milling activities. It is formed on intensive capital, high wage and techno rather than the low wage and labor intensive industrial state it was in early 1980s. Singapore has a free market policy with open business characteristic (Venu, 2007 p.6).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Economic Organization Of Singapore Singapore, like the rest of the Asian economic giants has experienced tremendous economic growth since the late 1970s. Though Singapore is the world’s most populous country, she continues to enjoy an all high economic growth rates that are fueled by large labor and capital. Singapore forms the frontline in economic growth in Asia and has experienced an increase in the level of industrialization, political stability and accountability.

Economic Organization of the Singapore Chinese Chinese started moving into Singapore during the British settlement into the island. However, records shows that there were Chinese living in Singapore long before the arrival of the European. Many Chinese flocked into Singapore following the establishment of port in hope of making better lives.

Mass migrations started in 1840s after china was forced to open up its ports to European powers. Though many Chinese arrived on their own, most of them came through a credit system and provided cheap labor as coolies on arrival. These coolies were exploited and most of them were turned into slaves.

They were treated inhumanely and often arrived in overcrowded ships that were badly ventilated. The trade in coolies turned so ruthless that those who tried to escape faced dire consequences. This unfair treatment attracted the colonial authority that established a Chinese protectorate in 1877 (National Library Board, 2004 p.4). In 1840s, the population of Singapore had up to 50% Chinese.

In 1822, Sir Raffles ordered the division of the city state into different divisions each for a different ethnic group. The Malay community got the Kampong Glam area, Indians the Serangoon area while the Chinese community was allocated the Chinese kampong. The Chinese in Singapore were involved in trade and industry. Most of them worked as writers, cashiers, teachers, shoemaker brewers, shopkeeper and many other trades.


The Chinese Singaporeans were mainly agriculturalists and engaged in the cultivation of pepper and gambier. Large tracts of plantations were owned by the Teochews who cultivated these crops. Agriculture however began its downfall in 1840s when many farmers moved to Johor.


Chinese merchants were among the first to settle in Singapore following its establishment as a sea port by the Europeans. Many others served as middlemen while some actually established businesses here. The Chinese also provided cheap labor as manual workers. Other Chinese immigrants were employed in the gambier and pepper plantations. An important feature of the Chinese immigrants was their dialect specialization in which each dialect specialized in a given trade.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Singapore Geography and Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Modern Economy Currently, Singapore is the leading economic power in Asia. In Singapore, people have a fear of losing and always aspire to be the best. This aspect of ‘Kiasu’ makes the Singaporeans maintain high standards though it is thought to make them a graceless state. They have a very strong value placed on competition and relatively sturdy work ethics. Singapore prides in a well developed infrastructure far much ahead than in European countries and has a very hardworking population making it financially stable (Krause, Koh


Teleological and Deontological Theories of Ethics Definition Term Paper essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Teleologic Theory

Deontological Theory

Judgment using the Double Effect Criterion



Introduction The term ethics means inquiry into the state and basis of morality. Morality refers to right decisions, principles, and rules of demeanor. Ethics has been termed as the discipline that deals with the human behavior in some cases, with an emphasis of verifying right and wrong. The distinction between a normal choice and an ethical one is that the latter requires one to exercise the duty of weighing virtues and arriving at a judgment in a case that is unique from the others that he or she has encountered prior to this.

Another distinction relates to the amount of accent placed by decision makers on their own principles and accepted ways of doing things in their own company. Accordingly, values and principles play a significant part when people or organizations have to make decisions that are ethical in nature. It is an agreeable fact that elevated ethical standards are determined by the ability of both persons and businesses to ascribe to sound moral values (Ferrell, Fraedrich, and Ferrell, 2009, p. 6).

Generally, beliefs about right and wrong are described by ethics and morality. Ethics are also used to give suitable directions regarding how one should undertake a certain action. On the other hand, morality is a devotion to personal values that are informal (Day, Paul and Williams, 2009, p. 27).

Since there is a very thin line between morality and ethics, one is often used in place of the other. A 29 year old wife has been paralyzed from a traumatic brain injury due to an automobile accident that she had several years ago. The husband is now taking care of both the wife and their sons. The wife is unable to communicate and decide well on various life issues.

The wife has terminated a recent pregnancy due to health decisions that were contributed by her own family. They regard the husband’s sexual relations with his handicapped wife as rape. The husband on the other hand justifies his sexual relations with his wife as necessary since it has existed prior to her having an accident.

This essay therefore attempts to look at whether the husband’s sexual relations with the wife are ethical. This is done by looking at the scenario in view of some ethical theories and in exploring some facts and issues that would be helpful in effectively answering the question.

Teleologic Theory This is a theory that puts a focus on the results of actions. Under this theory, the choice of action is vivid since the best action to be undertaken is that which maximizes good over bad. The difficulty of this theory is in judging intrinsic values to ascertain whose good ought to be the greatest. Moreover, an important question to be asked is whether immoral actions can be justified when they are being used to achieve good consequences (Day, Paul and Williams, 2009, p. 27).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the present case, the consequences under focus are several. First, the paralysis of the wife that was caused by the automobile accident has thus made her not be able to communicate, take care of herself, walk, or even eat. Secondly, the husband is compelled to provide her with homecare as a result of the paralysis.

Thirdly, she gets pregnant due to their sexual relations with her husband. Fourthly, the pregnancy is terminated by her physicians in view of her health concerns. Apparently, this is due to decisions from her family. Lastly, there is the resulting conflict between the husband and the wife’s family members due to the termination of the pregnancy.

Of great importance in this study is whether the husband’s sexual relations are ethical. In answering this question in the view of the teleological theory, it will be prudent to look at other questions as well.

These include whether it could have been better for the husband to have extra marital affairs because of the current state of health of his wife, and the question of whether it is unlawful to have sexual relations with one’s spouse if they are in a state of health similar to the one the wife is in. This is in addition to how rape is defined and circumstances under which physicians ought to terminate pregnancy.

It is clear that the husband is both loving and caring and that is why he has chosen to take care of his ailing wife. Although the wife is in a pathetic state of health, she is perhaps in need of sexual satisfaction from the husband. Since she is unable to talk, it cannot be assumed that she is not in need of sexual relations with her husband. In addition, as the husband asserts, they were in a loving sexual relation throughout their marriage.

This being his own wife, he could restrain himself from having intimacy with her. Since she is unable to talk, it could have been difficulty for the husband to agree with her on whether it was needful to have another child, hence getting pregnant. However, non-verbal communication could have been employed between the two to agree on this since she is said to be responsive to visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

In view of the shortcomings of the teleological theory with respect to the present study, is that based on the judgment of intrinsic values, the good of the ailing wife should have been the greatest. She is already in much trauma due to the accident that occurred.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Teleological and Deontological Theories of Ethics Definition specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, pregnancy and any action leading to it should have been avoided at all costs so that she is given sufficient health care to let her recover first. This is because extra discomfort is encountered when one is pregnant. Thus, although the husband was trying to avoid any bad outcome such as extra-marital affairs that could have led to further problems like sexually transmitted diseases and neglect of his family; his sexual actions could have led to more problems and was in this regard not ethical.

Deontological Theory The argument of this theory is that the ethical standards and their outcomes are mutually exclusive. A single situation may suit the application of one or several moral principles. One’ action may be based either on the one moral principle or on several moral principles available. The shortcoming of this theory is that either personal or cultural biases may affect the choice of the most primary moral principle (Day, Paul and Williams, 2009, p. 27).

In the current case, the husband’s actions are guided by a primary moral principle, which is as the husband; he reserves the right to have sexual relations with his wife. In addition, in him doing this, he will be fulfilling one of the key purposes of their marriage; procreation. It is also amoral for him to have extra marital affairs because the wife is sick.

Thus, according to this theory, his actions are justified since it is for the good of the family and that the consequences of his actions are separate from his sexual actions. However, his actions may not be justified based on how the wife’s family members and health professionals perceive it.

Accordingly, the wife’s family regards his sexual relations with her as rape. This is because rape can be defined as a coercing or compelling someone to have sexual relations against their willingness and in this may be the case of marital rape (Page, 2010, p. 381).

Since the wife is incapacitated and lacks the ability to communicate effectively and make appropriate judgment, the husband having sexual relations with her may be regarded as rape since she may not have consented to the same. Thus, viewed from this moral principle, the husband’s actions may be termed as amoral.

Judgment using the Double Effect Criterion This is a criterion that can be used to ethically justify some actions whose consequences are either good or bad (Day, Paul and Williams, 2009).

Thus, although the outcomes of the husband’s actions may not be good, his action may be morally justified. This is because, first, the action can be termed as being ethically impartial; having physical intimacy with his wife is morally acceptable. However, given that her present state of health does not allow her to make sound decisions with respect to having sex, doing so may amount to rape, which is amoral.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Teleological and Deontological Theories of Ethics Definition by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Secondly, the agent (husband) genuinely intends for good and not a bad outcome. The bad outcome is not intended but it can be foreseen. He intends to sexually satisfy his wife and remain faithful. However, this does not stop him from foreseeing the pregnancy that might complicate the wife’s state of health.

Thirdly, the evil outcome is not used as a means of achieving the good outcome. The husband is consciously aware that his action will have a good outcome and not the evil one. Finally, the balance of good over evil is proportionate. The intention behind the husband’s decision to have sexual relations with his ailing wife is favorable in comparison to the amoral aspect of it. Thus viewed from this criterion, the husband’s action is justified.

Conclusion Ethics describe beliefs about right and wrong. Judging whether a given action is ethical or not can be done from the various ethical theories; these are the teleological, deontological and the double effect.

Based from the more vivid and adequate arguments presented by both the teleological and deontological theories with respect to the present study, it is not morally upright for the husband to have sexual relations with his ailing life. He would rather take care of her until she recovers first. His actions are unethical since in the state the wife is in, she cannot make any sound decision since her communication is impaired.

Therefore, although the husband’s action is not ill informed, it may be regarded as rape. The husband has good intentions such as expressing love to his wife, being faithful and being responsible. Moreover, the resulting pregnancy could have further deteriorated the wife’s state of health. Although the double effect theory may tend to justify the husband’s action by overlooking the outcomes, the weight of the consequences of his sexual actions far outweigh his good intentions. His sexual actions were not thus ethical.

References Day, R., Paul, P. and Williams, B. (2009). Brunner and Suddarth’s Textbook of Canadian Medical-Surgical Nursing. Ontario: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Web.

Ferrell, O, C., Fraedrich, J. and Ferrell, L. (2009). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. New York: Cengage Learning. Web.

Page, R.M. (2010). Promoting Health and Emotional Well-Being in Your Classroom. Sudbury: Jones and Bartlett Learning. Web.


Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions Analytical Essay essay help free: essay help free

Introduction This is an argumentative report on Elizabeth Candy Stanton’s “Declaration of sentiments and resolutions”. In this report an argument is made on the effectiveness of the above speech. This is done by examining a number of factors including the historical and cultural context, the audience for which the speech was intended, and in general the kind of facts that the speech brought out.

Background Information The best way to analyse this speech is by examining the historical and cultural context at the time the speech was made. This is accomplished below.

Historical and Cultural Context

The speech was made in 1948. Eight years earlier in 1940 Elizabeth Candy along with other women were subjected to a kind of discrimination in a major convention in London. This is an era when slavery was an order of the day. In the US, slavery was far from being abolished as it drove the economies of the states especially in the south.

The issue of human rights was still a new term and surprisingly men, and in this case white men, were considered to be the only rational creatures. Women were treated as kids and therefore were not given rights as those that men possessed. Women were denied instruments of enlightenment such as pursuing courses in theology and law which were very significant in liberating them. Women therefore being ignorant accepted the positions that men degraded them to.

The Declaration and Resolution The Arguments

Elizabeth made very keen observations and presented them in a very logical way. She started her argument by claiming that all people are created equal and are entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Stanton 73).

She further argued that governments are instituted with the purpose on ensuring that these rights are not violated. She believed that whenever a government is not able to protect these rights then it becomes irrelevant in the eyes of those who gave it the consent to govern. Having laid her foundation she knocks the nail on the head of the subject matter by pointing out how the government has allowed men to continuously trample on the rights of women.

Stanton argued that men have never allowed women to participate in elective franchise. She argued against the notion of being subjected to rules whose formation they did not participate in. She argued that the most ignorant men were subjected to rights which women were denied. She viewed the isolation from the hall of legislation as the major way which men used to oppress women from all sides.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She goes on to outline many ways in which men have oppressed women through legislation. She argued in manner that clearly depicted the kind of slavery that women were in: “He has monopolised nearly all the profitable employment, and from those she is permitted to follow, she receives but a scanty remuneration” (Stanton 74).

She was very logical in her of arguing, for instance she pointed out that women are kept in darkness concerning their rights by being out rightly denied to know about them (their rights) by being denied college admission. She finalised her argument by pointing out the fact that she anticipated some stiff resistance in form of “misconception, misrepresentation, and ridicule” (Stanton 74).


Twelve resolutions were made. The resolutions were meant to correct the wrongs which had been committed against women. The first resolution declared that laws which were in conflict with the happiness of women were invalid. It was resolved that laws which placed men in superior positions than women were against the precept of nature. More resolutions advocated for women to be treated as equals of men and consequently be enlightened in reference to the laws that govern them.

It was resolved that there shall be no use of double standards in matters of “virtue, delicacy, and refinement of behaviour” (Stanton 74) as it pertains to women. The ninth resolution read “that it is the duty of the women of this country to secure to themselves their sacred rights to the elective franchise” (Stanton 75). The last resolution made was meant to trigger some action from the supporters of women liberation to get into action and help in the liberation process.

Discussion Stanton presented a very strong case for women liberation. She tactfully showed how men took advantage of women and relegated them to some kind of slavery.

Although women had assumed that men were justified to treat them as such, Stanton made a very strong appeal and evoked some sense in women. It is recorded that all the resolutions were unanimously adopted except the ninth one which it was felt would be used to term the whole movement ridicule. I must admit that the declaration was effective as the argument was plain and simple to understand based on simple basics of nature.

Conclusion “Declaration of sentiments and resolutions” as made by Stanton was quite effective. Although made in a time when women were generally regarded as inferior in the society, its impact was great taking into consideration the clear and straight forward way of arguing that was presented by Stanton.

We will write a custom Essay on Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Work Cited Stanton, Elizabeth. Declaration of sentiments and resolutions; Women’s History. New York: Arno, 1969. Print.


War and Nature in Literature Compare and Contrast Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

War and nature are two themes that have so much in common. Mankind is always on a mission to exploit the environment for new possibilities, make life easier and bearable. Archeologists for instance channel a lot of efforts, time and resources exploiting and studying artifacts.

Being exploitative by nature, man also puts much effort in exploiting oil wells and other forms of energy and use different means to transport to the areas where it is needed. The exploitation has had several negative effects on the environment and despite this, energy demands keep increasing and hence the need to do more exploitation.

Exhaust fumes from tracks, factories as well as other poisonous substances pose a serious threat to the environment. The exploitation seems to pose a threat to archeological research as well (Johnson 1-4).

A very small percentage of nature has been exploited and studied archeologically and this includes the forests and the landscape, yet exploitation for energy is destroying them. Population grown has also contributed to the destruction of the natural environment. Energy companies have been known to build roads that lead to the mining fields while people use the roads to explore and exploit the environment as they use off-road vehicles.

What used to be remote is no longer remote and the environment is being overexploited and to the level where the future generations may have nothing to depend on. This is in accordance with a New York Times article on the Western energy boom that was published on 2nd August, 2008.

There are other places which have recreational facilities, cultural resources as well as energy development firms all at the same place hence causing a great conflict. There is a great need for the coexistence of energy and history instead of energy exploitation leading to the destruction of archeological sites.

Exploitation has to be done in a responsible way to ensure that nature is preserved. The exploitation must therefore be policed be it by volunteers or the government. More research on archeological sites and their importance has to be enhanced and methods that are friendly to nature be employed in exploration.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People have continually been exploiting the natural resources, for instance through fishing. The indigenous species are continually being depleted with minimal or no restriction at all. Elizabeth Bishop in her poem, ‘The fish’ notes; “He didn’t fight. He hadn’t fought at all (Bishop 200).”

This is in reference to the fact that man meets little resistance while exploiting the environment to his benefit, yet distorting the balance in nature. Nature and man seem to always be at war, with man always taking advantage of nature and overexploiting it and nature reacts by hauling the side effects of overexploitation back to him.

Given the fact that mans desire to explore and exploit never seize, he goes to the level of overexploiting nature and leaves the environment desolate with no ancient and attractive sites hence causing people to long for it yet they cannot get it. With the continued industrialization, the emergence of factories, mines as well as railroads, all of most of which use coal, environmental pollution has been on the rise both in the cities as well as the countries hence making nature to lose its beauty (Wordsworth 22).

The persona in the poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree,’ yarns to go and experience nature in its ideal and uninterrupted form. For instance he says, “And evening full of the linnet’s wings,” which is a symbol of the natural environment. (Yeats 44).

Another significant aspect in man’s life is war. Since time immemorial man has always been at war. Humans have always tried to outdo each other by waging war against the rivals, hence spreading havoc and distraction against the enemy as well as killing. The aim of war is to silence the foe and claim victory hence granting freedom to the coming generations. Most of the time what is left of war is the memories of the past.

At the time of war, people undergo so much difficulty, loosing valuable, hurting and even dying in the process yet others keep the fight. At war time, pleasure is derived from the anguish and agony that is directed to the enemy as stated in Wilfred Owen’s poem (Owen 2). Although those who win encounter losses as well, as evident in the poem, Concord Hymn, “The foe long since in silence slept; Alike the conqueror silent sleeps (Emerson 43)”

War is fought and people killed just because they belong to the camp of the foes. In real sense, had those who were killing each other met in an inn, they would have perceived each other in a different way. There is usually no substantial justification for killings occur during war time.

We will write a custom Essay on War and Nature in Literature specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People kill others yet had they met at a bar they would have treated each other, or helped each other under different circumstances. The poet in the poem, ‘The Man He Killed,’ notes; “You shoot a fellow down You’d treat, if met where any bar (Hardy 130).” People get to war just for the sake of fighting at times with no established reason or no justification for it.

They march into the valley of death to kill and be killed. They go in multitudes and with sophisticated weapons. War never seems to surprise people, and no care is given as to whether a mistake was made are whether a reason is given for the war to take place. All that the soldiers care about is to kill and get killed.

Weapons are arranged in every side and fired causing destruction and death and those who return from the battlefield are usually fewer than those who went. Those who fight well escape death as their colleagues are killed (Tennyson 100). All that is gained is the glory and the memories of how they fought bravely. War and nature are in a way related.

War has adverse effects on nature. The shelling, bombing, fumes and fires that emanate from war not only cause death but also leads to the destruction of the natural environment. They leave the battle field desolate and in some cases the effects are over a wider area.

Man has always taken part in the destruction of the natural environment as well as in engineering war which causes a lot of havoc to the environment. In both cases, the destructive nature of man is manifest.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on War and Nature in Literature by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Johnson, Kirk. “Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts.” NewYork Times (2008): 1-4.

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Lincoln’s Speech and did Reconstruction Happen in the Country? Essay college essay help online

Lincoln’s second inaugural speech is one of the most remarkable documents in the history of the United States of America and much importance is attached to it due to its content or the massage it contains. The then president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, gave his second inaugural speech to the citizens on the fourth day of March the year 1865 as he entered his second term of presidency.

It was just before the end of the civil war and slavery that had existed for the past four years and hence the nation was filled with a feeling of sadness as they suffered from the effects of war and slavery. The audience had many expectations as they wanted to know the way forward in regard to the nations’ state.

Lincoln had previously also not spoken of reconstruction and hopes for the future which he did in the speech by bringing into light the bad deeds of both the people from the North and the South and sought peace between them. Lincoln’s speech was very brief and straight to the point as he made it known to the audience what he had felt about the situation that prevailed in the nation.

He used his religious beliefs to explain the situation stating that the results attained had been out of the will of God. He urged people to change their ways and not to judge others of their past deeds and that God’s will could be quite different from that of either party in the civil war but rather unite in doing good in order to heal the nation’s wounds. This amazed the crowd as it was unusual of him to behave in that manner (White and White JR: 17).

Reconstruction and Its Effects In Lincoln’s second inaugural speech, he stated clearly that all the citizens should join hands in doing well and promoting the welfare of one another with an aim of ensuring that peace and harmony exist within the nation and also among the nation and the other nations. Reconstruction period was marked by the years that followed the civil war.

Reconstruction was a very critical and sensitive process that entailed restoration of the split states to the Union. Major aspects of concern were how to handle the states, the treatment of the southern whites and the freed slaves.

Although both the presidential and congressional reconstruction sought to bring about peace and harmony among the citizens with an aim of healing the nation’s wounds, they opposed one another in the way they approached the issue and the recommendations they advocated for.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, Abraham’s Lincoln’s approach to reconstruction worked on the principle that the states in question were never completely separated from the union and thus they should be treated fairly. He stated that the people from the south who were involved in the civil war had the right to be pardoned after taking an oath of loyalty to the United States of America.

He also advocated for the acceptance of any state where ten percent of its citizens have taken the oath of loyalty to the United States of America and had a government that worked forward towards the end of slavery. Although Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor, was pleased with his plan and adopted it, the congress opposed his actions and came up with its reconstruction plan.

The Congress’ reconstruction plan had the following provisions; establishment of a freedmen’s bureau that was supposed to handle the freed slaves, enactment of reconstruction Acts which would make re-admission to the Union not easy, passage of the Civil Right Act that was aimed at protecting the freed slaves from various laws which were being enacted in most southern states for example the Black Codes and the enactment of the fourteenth amendment that would guarantee that no legislatures could make any changes to the passed Civil Rights Act. After Andrew Johnson’s period of presidency, the Congress reconstruction plan was adopted.

Although the reconstruction helped in some ways to bind up the nation’s wounds, the affected people like most southerners and also other concerned people like historians view the process as not being successful as it caused more destruction than the civil war itself due to the consequences that was associated with it. If Lincoln’s reconstruction plan and policy was adopted and implemented, it would have helped a great deal in enhancing the healing process of the wounds caused by the civil war as it involved moderate and effective actions.

The adoption of the policy that tried to force the southern people into moves they did not appreciate slowed the healing process as they did not feel well represented in the process since the need to preserve the north leaving the south behind was explicit. Lack of systematic organization of the reconstruction process and the hurry to accomplish the expected change increased the racial problem in the south making it impossible to attain peace (Klose and Lader 19).

Works Cited Klose, Nelson and Lader Curt. United States History, since 1865, 6th Ed. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 2001.

White, C. Ronald and White, C. Ronald Jr. Lincoln’s Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural. USA: Simon and Schuster, 2002.

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Stages of Change Inventory Essay (Critical Writing) essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The stages of change are psychological stages that psychotherapists use to assess and evaluate psychological progress of patients under psychotherapy.

Assessing the patients’ psychological stages and customizing psychotherapy to be in line with their psychological progress, significantly enhances the outcomes of any psychotherapy. According to varied psychotherapy models, change in behavior undergoes six consecutive stages, namely “pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination” (Prochaska


“Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” by Gary Kleck Essay (Critical Writing) college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Authors’ Use of Language

Evaluation of Evidence

Influence on the Authors

Authors’ Perception on the Topic

Works Cited

Introduction Controversy surrounding gun control has been existence in America for over a century. While possession of guns has been widely associated with injury and death of innocent people, guns have also been known to save lives and prevent crimes when used appropriately (Valdez 7). According to the federal government’s national vital statistic report of 2001, 11001 people were murdered by use of a fire arm, 924 died as a result of accidental shootings, while 16455 people used guns to commit suicide (Gold 11).

Thousands of Americans are dying each year from gun inflicted injuries. However, the same guns are used by police and other law enforcing agents to protect people against crime. Opponents of gun control such as Kleck Gary oppose gun control citing that such regulations have no significant effect on the overall crime reduction in America. On the other hand, proponents of gun control argue that ownership of more guns often results in increased deaths emanating from use of fire arms.

Authors’ Use of Language In his book, Point blank: guns and violence in America, Gary Kleck is contemptuous of gun control proponents. According to Kleck, the central rationale for gun control as a means of controlling violence is ‘eminently commonsensical’ (Kleck 429). He argues that the effects of disarming violent people are limited in scope and would not necessarily produce any net violence reducing impact. The writer is critical of the proponents’ views which he refers to as ‘unduly simplified conception of the role of weaponry in human violence’ (Kleck 429).

Susan Dudley Gold accommodates the views of gun control opponents and incorporates them in her discussion. The writer presents the views of proponents and supports them with relevant evidence. She assesses both sides of the discussion and acknowledges that the ongoing debate continues to be complicated by lack of consensus between the two sides (Gold 17). The writer is not cynical of the opposing side; rather, she considers the arguments from both sides in order to make an informed decision.

Evaluation of Evidence According to Gary Kleck, general gun ownership appears to have an insignificant net effect on the rates of crime although they affect the fraction of crimes committed with guns (Kleck, 430). Kleck claims that gun ownership levels have no net effect on suicide rates especially due to the wide range of alternative suicide methods.

In addition, gun ownership levels appear to have no relationship with the rates of fatal gun accidents since such accidents are rare and confined to a small portion of the population. This makes it difficult to detect any statistical relationship existing between gun levels and accident rates (Kleck 430). However, the writer fails to adequately support his evidence with research findings and statistical data.

Susan Gold clearly outlines the views of gun control advocates and supports them with statistical evidence. The proponents argue that possession of a gun does not guarantee family and property safety. Indeed, such possession endangers lives of family members through accidental shootings and gun related suicides (Gold, 17). This argument is backed by Arthur Kellermann, a medical school professor, who in his research found that death from such incidences occur twice as much as death resulting from killings by armed criminals.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, proponents of gun control argue that the more guns there are, the more the deaths resulting from guns. In support of this argument, the writer cites the report issued by the federal by Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire arms which indicated that the highest rates of violent crimes was in 1990 when the sale of small fire arms was at the peak (Gold 17).

Influence on the Authors Susan Daudley Gold was heavily influenced by the escalating violence rates across regions of the world. In her book, she gives a statistical outline of the crime rates in various countries as well as gun murder rates. The writer looks at the debate on guns control from both perspectives in order to establish the reasons why criminal rates remain high in most parts of the world.

Gary Kleck was highly influenced by the irony prevalent in the gun control struggle. When it comes to the issue of gun control, the traditional political positions often become reversed. The debate has forced liberals and conservatives to switch places whereby liberalists support gun laws whereas conservatives oppose them. The writer out rightly rejects the proponents view by criticizing the arguments that they place in support of gun laws.

Authors’ Perception on the Topic According to Susan Gold, the century old argument revolves around the issues of the second amendment, the relationship between gun ownership and crime and the effectiveness of gun control regulations. She is accommodates views from both sides and suggests that the only reason for persistence of the highly controversial debate is the complication arising from the fact that guns are used for both protection and harm.

Gary Kleck on the other hand disagrees with the proponents of gun control citing that there exists no valid relationship between levels of guns and rates of violent crimes. However, the writer acknowledges the need for a workable gun control strategy due to the dangerous nature of gun as a weapon.

Works Cited Gold D. Susan. Gun Control. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2004. Print.

Kleck, Gary. Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2005. Print.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” by Gary Kleck specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Valdez, Angela. Gun Control. New York: InfoBase Publishing, 2003, Print.


Electronic Business and Security Issues Problem Solution Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Models of E-Business

Applications of E-Business

Network Security Issues in E-Business

Effecting Security in the Network


Reference List

Introduction The 21st century is characterized by an enhanced technological development and more so in the field of Information technology. This advancement has promoted the business arena greatly by facilitating the establishment of electronic businesses. E- Business, often referred as e-commerce, is any business activity that involves sharing of information over the internet (Beynon-Davies, 2004).

Models of E-Business E-business uses the following three models for its operation: B2B, B2C or C2C (Timmers, (2000). The first involves any business trading that involves two business entities. The second one is when a consumer buys goods or services from a businessman/woman for consumption.

Lastly, we have C2C that occurs when various consumers are brought together to buy; for instance in an E-bay (Timmers, 2000). E-commerce has boosted businesses significantly by enabling many companies extend their operations from national levels to trade globally, thereby enhancing their performances in a great manner in terms of the profits they realize.

Applications of E-Business E-business has enhanced the efficiency of current business transactions. In some cases, buying of goods and services involves just the click of the mouse. Most of the e-businesses prefer the use of electronic payments as their mode of payment. Some of options they have as their payment preferences include; wire transfer, PayPal, Credit Card ,E gold and others (Beynon-Davies, 2004).

E-business has also led to the computerization of almost all the processes in these organizations. For example, the human resource departments of these companies are computerized so that they can comply with the high demand that accompanies such businesses. The human resource departments of these companies conduct their recruitments online.

They generally store the testimonials of their preferred applicant in a common database from where they make their choices when they require hiring some personnel (Beynon-Davies, 2004). Their task becomes very easy since they only have to sort the testimonials of their preferred candidates electronically from these databases.

The human resource department can also conduct their training online for both the newly recruited and the other employees that need to upgrade their skills. Similarly, the accounting, marketing and procurement departments employ the same concept, while conducting their day-to-day activities (Beynon-Davies, 2004). The e-commerce is very sensitive and is commonly venerable to both internal and external security threats such as hackers or malicious damage of companies files by some employees (Beynon-Davies, 2004).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Network Security Issues in E-Business Internal and external network security threats occurs in three forms which include reconnaissance attach, access attack and lastly the denial of service attack. The first attack entails the hacker’s effort to determine the nature of one’s network. It involves identifying the hardware and software used as well as the topology adapted.

This basic information is very important as it gives the hacker the direction on how to proceed. Reconnaissance attack occurs in various types such as scanning or Eavesdropping. Scanning attacks are executed to assist the attacker determine whether the computers in the network have IP addresses (Westfall, 2010).

An access attack is an attempt to access the files’ passwords using password cracking programs. Hackers achieve this by cracking the passwords through eavesdropping whereby they are able to establish the passwords from the packets that have clear-text passwords. Similarly, a hacker can access the network by capitalizing on the weaknesses of the operating system used. Once inside the network, the hacker maximizes this opportunity to break into other networks, erase files or change the coding of some programs (Fickes, 2000).

The internal attacks are executed by those that have authorized access. Most of these are some employees that may have some hidden agenda that they are willing to accomplish. Their missions may include illegally accessing the human resource files to order their testimonials when they are planning to acquire unaccredited promotions or increase in their salaries.

Similarly, it may include accessing the records in the accounting department and altering their content maybe to reflect higher pay. This can easily happen to those networks that are not well secured. It happens when a network that hosts various departments does not have good restrictions on the files that should be accessed by all the users and those that should be accessed by only a few (Fickes, 2000).

Effecting Security in the Network To avoid such an attack, the network administrator should share only those files that are not sensitive to the operations of the company. Such files include the company policies, training manuals and such documents. The sharing of such files can be realized by the network administrator establishing a common folder in the server that is sharing it with all the workstations in the computer network and not those files which are very sensitive to the daily operations of the company.

Files that highlight the company’s strategies and accounting performances should not be shared, but their access should be restricted to a few personnel. Their security can be enhanced by reinforcing their security further through encryption and assigning them a password (Fickes, 2000). Encryption will ensure that their contents are not hacked when these files are being relayed from one point to the other.

We will write a custom Essay on Electronic Business and Security Issues specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For instance, when the accounting department is sending the accounting performances to the head office, no one can be able to intercept these files through eavesdropping. This is because encryption encodes these files such that if unauthorized person comes across such files they cannot be able to use them unless they contain the required decoding program (Fickes, 2000).

The use of password prevents any unauthorized user who may accidentally access the server not be in a position to access the contents of such files unless that person posses the required password (Fickes, 2000). The network administrator should advice the employees to use very strong passwords to secure their sensitive information or secure their machines so that to minimize malicious attacks within the company.

They should strengthen their passwords by avoiding passwords such as their names, name of palaces. Instead they should use password that contains more than 6 characters and those that are not easy to guess. The network administrator should also assign every employee his/her own workstation which should always be secured with their password whenever not in use and that password should not be disclosed to anybody.

The external attacks occur when unauthorized access or tries to access a given network. This may be an individual with a hidden agenda or a business rival that is employing unethical techniques to compete. Some of the common external attack that exists includes denial of service attack; this is a security threat whereby attackers delay or deny legal traffic or user access a specific resource. The attacker can achieve this by overpower such a resource with a lot of ICMP packets (Westfall, 2010).

This type of attack is mostly associated with the corporate world. Some companies interfere with the performances of other organizations through this type of attack to reduce the quality of their services so that to enable them gain a competitive advantage over them (Westfall, 2010).

The attack can only affect a specific program or can make all the machines fail. To avoid such an attack, the network administrator should ensure that the network is installed with filtering solutions such as firewall like Cisco IOS routers or IPEX. Intrusion-Detection System is another strategy that can be used to avoid external attacks.

The IDS detects the reconnaissance attacks and alert the users of any looming attack. Cisco has various tools that the administrator can adapt in the network to detect such attacks so that to act accordingly in good time (Westfall, 2010).

Virus, worms and Trojan attacks; these are the most common external attack that exhibits any given network. A virus is considered as any program that is installed and runs in a computer without one’s knowledge (Fickes, 2000). Most often these viruses replicate and distribute their damages to other places within the network.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Electronic Business and Security Issues by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Worms replicated within a network with an intension of using all the systems resource or crashing it altogether. A Trojan horse is a software that is loaded in a computer within a network and awaits the user to activate it so that to initiate its damage (Fickes, 2000). They disguise themselves as antivirus, but instead of removing them they increase them. They can be avoided through user training, proper use of antivirus programs and use of application-verification program.

The human resource department can play a pivotal role in helping to control both the internal and external attacks in any given network. The human resource department should liaise with the network administrator and come up with policies that will guide the employees when running their day-to-day activities so that to uphold the security of the network.

The human resource department while training the newly recruited workforce should educate them on safe use of information system. They should advice them not to install any program in their computers and to consult the system administrator when confronted with any technical issue. They should also be educated on how to select the password they should use to secure their systems. They should ensure that they use passwords that have both letters and numbers and avoid writing them on their desks.

The human resource department and the system administrator should advice the concerned individuals to ensure that they encrypt their sensitive information such as credit cards information, passwords and sometimes even the usernames, company trade secrets and sensitive information and individual personal details such as address, telephone number, social security numbers and so on (Fickes, 2000).

This will help the network to avoid security attacks and especially due to eavesdropping. The employees should be informed not to disclose any information that can compromise the security of the network maybe as a response to a telephone call. This will help to avoid an attack as a result of social engineering.

Conclusion If the highlighted issues are taken into consideration, both the internal and external network attacks will be a resolved issue. The company will be able to better protect its strategic business information, property rights as well as trade secrets.

Reference List Beynon-Davies, P. (2004). E-Business. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Fickes, M. (2010). B2B security: Access control


Situational Irony in ‘The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad’ Essay online essay help: online essay help

‘The Secret Agent’ by Joseph Conrad is political novel which was set in London and published in the early twentieth century. Although the novel has got other themes, terrorism is among the most outstanding issues that have been discussed through out the whole story.

The main character in the novel is Mr. Verloc who is a secret agent. He is a shop owner and trades in pornographic materials. Other characters that are important include the wife of Mr. Verloc, his mother in law as well as his brother in law who suffers from a mental condition. The novel majors in explaining the work life of Verloc as well as his family life.

It has a tragic ending since the brother in law dies and Verloc is stabbed by his wife to death who goes missing after trying to run away. The story has been presented in various ways to capture the attention of the audience and to make it interesting. Situational irony has been greatly and this essay shall discuss the use of the same.

Conrad has used irony to such a great extent as it has been noted by most people who have read the story. Situational irony which has been used occurs when there is a difference between the events that take place and the expected events. For instance, in the German / Australian Embassy in the introductory part, things turn out opposite of what was initially expected.

The councilor states that “We are not very satisfied with the attitude of the police here” (Conrad pp. 12). Councilor Wurmt starts by doubting the vigilance of the policemen from England but latter came to the realization that they were by far more vigilant than his initial expectations.

More often than not, presence of a mother in law in the house causes not only conflicts but may also lead to a family breakup. It was expected that the presence of Winnie’s mother in Mr. Verloc’s home would annoy him and cause him to hate his brother in law who was mentally disabled.

Instead, Mr. Verloc appreciated Stevie even more. Nevertheless, the actions of the Winnie’s mother had far many severe consequences because due to Mr. Verloc taking more notice of Stevie, he used him to deposit the bomb which later caused not only his death but also the death of the husband and wife. It was unexpected that the action of the mother in law would lead to the death of his son, his son in law and eventually his daughter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The author majors in using the situation irony especially in relation to the death of Stevie. It was unexpected that the death of Stevie will end up being so consequential. After the death, Mr. Verloc makes an attempt to pacify his wife but instead, Mrs. Verloc becomes agitated and stabs his husband to death. Worse still, after committing the murder, Mrs. Verloc resolves to escape from her own village which she succeeds. However, she goes missing towards the end of the book and it is believed that she had committed suicide through drowning.

Use of Stevie to deposit Verloc’s bomb has lead to a lot of unexpected outcome. It does not only lead to the breakdown of the family but also to the death of some of the main characters: Mr. Verloc and his wife. It is quite ironic how Conrad uses situational irony not only to maintain the tone of the story but also to make it interesting.

In addition, irony helps to create more suspense and therefore, helps to capture the attention of the audience. Through out the whole story, is it is clear that trivial actions are causing unexpected results. For instance, were it not for the fact that Winnie had sewn the address of the house on the collar of Stevie; he would not have been identified after the explosion.

Coincidentally, while Winnie was escaping from her home place, she managed to meet Ossipona, a man who falls in love with her. The man believes that it is out of good luck he has managed to meet Winnie and decides to move on with her. However, after discovering that Winnie had killed her husband, Ossipona not only plans to break up with her, but also to stop relating with women and opts to become a drunkard. It is ironic that just by meeting one woman who had killed her husband; Ossipona is put off completely (Conrad pp. 194).

As highlighted in the introductory part, Conrad has succeeded in the use of situational irony. Most of the events in the story led to the occurrence of the unexpected results. For instance, a trivial event may become more consequential or a very important event may lead to trivial consequences.

For example, in their aim to make Stevie more presentable to Verloc, Winnie and her mother ended up making him not only to be loyal but also docile. As a result, it was easy for him to be manipulated by Verloc and be made to carry the bomb which led to his death. Therefore, it cannot be an understatement to conclude that Conrad has succeeded in using situational irony to contribute to the comic effect thorough out the whole story.

Work Cited Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Agent. Stilwell: Publishing , 2007. Print.

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Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Essay online essay help

HCA has a board of directors whose main function is to oversee its general administration. It makes corporate decisions on behalf of the institution, which include funding projects and acquisition of new facilities. An additional function of the board is to employ and fire the company’s directors and officers when need arises.

Furthermore, the institution has the position of Chairman and ‘Chief Executive Officer’ (CEO) who coordinates its daily activities within the hospitals and other medical facilities around the world. The vice president in charge of finance manages the institution’s assets. Lastly, the senior vice president oversees the well-being of employees and clients[1].

The headquarters of HCA is in Nashville in the state of Tennessee, US; moreover, it is in the Nashville-Davidson County. It has initiated community-based programs that help the community in diverse ways. The institution owns hospitals and properly established surgical facilities in twenty states, in the U.S and London in England.

It provides sufficient Medicare that meets the community’s healthcare demands. Moreover, it puts together many services with an aim of delivering maximum quality and efficient medication to clients. The institution shares technology with other facilities to ensure excellent Medicare. It is noteworthy that it also offers training for health practitioners through a well-integrated internship curriculum. This mainly targets medical students from colleges[2].

Its excellently structured hierarchy of governance shuns any misapprehension between personnel, especially the administration. It is noteworthy that the board of directors designates duties to the directors and officers of the institution.

As a result, the officers seek administrative clarifications from the board through the Chairman and CEO. This ensures they respect the authority of the Chairman and CEO. Moreover, the junior officers and departmental heads receive directions from their respective supervisors and coordinators. Efficiency at work is one of the shared values that connect all individuals involved in HCA. The institution requires all personnel to embrace efficiency in every duty they perform.

Furthermore, its employees practice professionalism at work. Thus, they perform every task in accordance with the set rules and regulations. It is evident that teamwork is a quality present in HCA’s employees, whereby they work together to ensure they provide consummate services to clients. In this institution, each employee is accountable for the actions and decisions he undertakes. This ensures they perform their work with care and concentration to avoid mistakes[3].

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In achieving its purpose, the institution offers various services in healthcare. In order to attain these, there are practices that must be undertaken. The first one is the management of patient account services, which enables it keep records about its patients. Additionally, the supply chain services ensure the institution acquires all the tools, machinery, personnel and drugs it requires for its daily operation.

The other practice is the management of the payroll services through its payroll center. This helps in the payment of hospital bills by patients seeking its services. It is noteworthy that, in HCA, the board of governors remains the highest ranked office.

This board conveys administrative decisions to the institution employees through the Chairman and CEO who passes it to his juniors. The Senior Vice Chairman in charge of finance ensures the implementation of these decisions. Moreover, he has a direct link with the CEO, with whom he discusses various institutional issues. It is evident that the departmental heads convey medical decisions to the personnel in their respective departments.

Most importantly, employees act upon these decisions in accordance to the instructions provided. Employees in HCA departments include medical professionals who formulate laws and policies enacted in the corporation. In addition, there are also subordinate staffs such as financial clerks, receptionists, and cleaners who ensure the corporation performs its duties adequately[4].

Execution of these inherent powers takes place through a number of ways that are both formal and informal. It is evident that incase the board has a significant administrative decision to make, it arranges for a formal meeting with the CEO. This gives him a chance to react to these decisions before they reach the employees.

The execution of administrative decisions can take place through notifications placed in the institutions weekly bulletins. Such decisions are minor, and thus employees can access them at their own time. It is evident that each employee receives the bulletins on a weekly basis. At HCA, internal memos convey formal departmental decisions, which are mainly medical related.

Thus, the employees in these departments come across them on their office notice boards or desks. Additionally, departmental notices placed on announcement boards can convey these decisions. On the contrary, those involved can make decisions informally through office sermons and corridor notifications[5].

We will write a custom Essay on Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More HCA is legally responsible for the quality of healthcare its hospitals offer patients by ensuring it abide by all laws. This means that it has to adhere to the rules and regulations set up, in managing all its hospitals. It is noteworthy that the governing body provides HCA with all approved standards of professional practice and patient care.

Thus, any violations result into severe punishment of the institution in accordance to the set laws. Another law governing the institution involves its shares whereby, the corporation prohibits the issuing of more than one hundred and twenty five million shares of common stock at $.01 each. In addition, the board acting on a majority vote may alter the organizations by laws. Most importantly, HCA has adhered to all these policies and laws; thus, it performs its functions efficiently[6].

At HCA, success results from adherence to its mission and values. Thus, success means improving human life through deliverance of excellent and cost effective healthcare. Moreover, success at HCA means advancing the care given to patients by enacting measures that support their care providers. It also determines its success by ensuring patient safety during treatment and other healthcare sessions. Most importantly, success means positive response by patients to the healthcare services it offers.

On the contrary, HCA defines failure as not adhering to its mission and values. This mainly refers to the provision of poor medical care to patients who seek its services. The other definition of failure at HCA is the delivering of low quality and expensive healthcare in the community. Most importantly, failure at HCA refers to poor or no response by patients to the services the corporation provides[7].

The institution is successful in meeting its goals as it has managed to deliver exceptional and reasonably priced services to clients. Thus, patients have so far been contented with the healthcare services that HCA offers. It is noteworthy that the institution has succeeded because it has established community-based programs that help the society with healthcare issues they are facing. Moreover, caregivers and all other staff enjoy the appropriate working conditions at the institution.

Hence, they have committed themselves to serving the clients efficiently. The institution has also succeeded as it has won various awards such as fortune award and national patient safety foundation. These awards clearly portray the extent to which the institutions excellent work is evident in the provision of healthcare services. Additionally, it is successful because the health facilities it operates have registered large number of clients recently[8].

One of the effects of HCA’s core practices is that it has enabled the average American and English citizens to access medical care. This is through the achievement of its goals. It is a fact that different community based programs it has initiated has helped the community stay fee from illness.

These programs include the provision of healthcare education and training of needy groups. These groups include pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with extraordinary illnesses like cancer and HIV aids. Additionally, HCA has provided employment to the individuals coordinating these programs. These include those offering teaching services to the people[9].

Not sure if you can write a paper on Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The institution adapt to challenges promptly as it has put in place recovery and alternative programs, which help in overcoming such situations. It is evident that the institution is currently advancing its backup programs to ensure they are effective when need arises.

Furthermore, HCA overcomes challenges in treatment procedures brought about by newly emerging diseases. This is through regular training of their medical staff on the trends of newly emerging diseases. As a result, they attain the skills to counter these diseases. Moreover, management challenges are subject to consultation with administration experts who advises HCA board on what measures to take (HCA).

If I were the leader, I would introduce annual employee training programs. Here, they would undergo training on additional services provided by the institution. This will facilitate efficient services to the clients’ even with the absence of concerned employees. As one, can easily stand-in for a colleague.

Additionally, I would start a community outreach program in all HCA hospitals in a bid to reduce the number of outpatients flocking the hospitals. In these programs, the community will undergo training on health issues. Furthermore, those who are unwell will receive treatment from mobile doctors. Thus, only severe cases receive additional treatment at the health facilities.

The other step I would take as the leader of HCA is to collaborate with other hospitals on services that HCA facilities do not offer. This will reduce the moving of patients from one hospital to another. Another step I will take, as the leader of the institution is to ensure the unions address my employees’ needs.

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Footnotes Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Hospital Corporation of America .2011. Web.

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TV Reality and People’s Lifestyle Essay essay help: essay help

The TVs have nowadays become something close to a basic need because they are so cheap for everyone to buy. In fact when you get used to it you become addicted such that when it becomes faulty you feel like something is missing in your life. In early days they were a symbol of wealth because those who owned one were envied by their neighbors.

Today that is history because they are so many in the market and they come with different features and models such as flat screens and LCDs. This paper focuses on how TVs have changed people’s lifestyles.

It did not occur in the minds of TV inventors that what they invented would influence people’s lives. In fact TV was meant to be used for entertainment purposes such as watching movies and etcetera. But today it has been transformed into a multipurpose tool because other than the initial use, it has become an educational material through the programs that are broadcasted.

Additionally, it is also appropriate for marketing goods and services. This has led to the emergence of lucrative businesses in advertising. This kind of marketing is compatible with TV because the media is a tool of communication that reaches millions of people world wide.

In the recent past, communication based on TV platform was one way traffic because the viewers could not express themselves but today most TV channels have established feedback channels that are used to extract opinions from the viewers with the aim of using the complains and compliments to improve their services. This is because there are so many TV channels and thus they are competing for the same customers hence they are opting to outsmart each other in order to win the confidence of their viewers.

A keen analysis on people indicates that TV has gotten into people’s nerves because they do whatever they see being done on TV. This means that the TV has become a tool of verifying our lifestyles even if they are not acceptable by the society. For instance, people dress according to how they see TV models dressed but what they don’t know is that what the actors and musicians put on is appropriate for TV purposes only.

Some of the things that are displayed by the media personalities are not real, such as the tattoos that are temporary meaning that they eradicate them as soon as the show or video is over.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It’s not only our dressing that is influenced by the TV but also our eating habits because most people feel that what they see others eating on TV is healthy compared to what has not been aired on TV. The ladies are the most affected by these influences because when it comes to relationships they expect their men to be romantic like the stars they see in soap operas. This is wrong and offensive because the behaviors that are portrayed in the soaps are acted and does not reflect the lifestyle of the characters who imitate such personality traits.

Men on the other hand have not been left behind because they have been carried away by the events of football matches such that they are neglecting other important duties in their families in the name of love for the game.

What makes it offending to the ladies in their lives is that they never watch the matches in their houses because they like watching the games in the company of their fellow men and they hardly accommodate their women. Indeed women argue that it’s not advisable to talk something sensible to a man while he is watching a game on TV because you will mince your words in the end since his mind is fully carried away by the game.

The children have also been influenced by TV because majority of them don’t finish their homework. The TV has proved to be a dangerous tool when it is exposed to kids without a limit. Children imitate what they see adults doing on TV hence parents should be careful when they are exposing their children to TV.

This is because some of the channels air programs that have vulgar languages besides having exotic scenes that are almost pornographic material. That’s why children of these days are having sexual intercourse very early in their lives because they are influenced by what they watch. For parents who care about their children there is wide variety of channels that have programs that are suitable for children such as cartoon network which is a dedicated channel for children.

Furthermore, advertising has become a determining factor among consumers when they are choosing the product they want to purchase. Companies are spending millions of money in advertising their products and services such that those who feature in the commercials have transformed it into a lucrative business. Commercials can be very misleading because most of the times what people see on TV is not the truth about the commodity or the service in question. This is because they don’t tell the negative side of the product or service.

Some of the latest trends in various fields have been influenced by TV because people believe in TV so much that they don’t believe whatever they wear or eat is appropriate unless it has been seen on TV. In fact, in textile industry a fabric is not recognized unless it has been put on by a celebrity in a famous TV show. When it comes to fashion I think newer designs will always emerge from nowhere but what will never grow old is being smart.

We will write a custom Essay on TV Reality and People’s Lifestyle specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In someway the TV has been very effective tool in sensitizing people about important issues. This is why journalists have been pushing for the freedom of press because there are some things that the general public would not know if they were not aired on TV. I think politicians too have embraced TVs because of late they have been using them to sensitize people about their political ambitions.

Religion too has been integrated into TV because some of the most renowned preachers spread the gospel through TV. They are known as televangelists and some include T.D Jakes and Joel Osteen among many others. In ancient days missionaries had to travel beyond borders to spread the word of God but today they have their sermons aired to millions of people in all parts of the world courtesy of Pay TV. This kind of TV uses satellite technology to broadcast programs to many countries all over the world.

Some countries have come up with measures to make sure that the owners of TV channels are responsible for the consequences of the programs they air. For instance, in some countries it is against the law to air uncensored programs. In fact they have time specifications that dictate the time frames for such programs. The TV has been very efficient in terms of being informative because the news we watch update us about the happenings in other parts of the world.

This is one of the rules because there are some countries that were ruined by TV such as Rwanda where the national TV was used to spread ethnic hatred that led to the genocide in 1994 in which thousands of people were killed. Most countries have regulatory bodies that supervise the programs aired on TV.

In fact investors who are interested in establishing TV channels have to obtain licenses from the authorities. Therefore, it is important for people to make their own decisions as long as they are comfortable with those decisions without seeking the understandings that are induced by TV.


The impact of media on society Cause and Effect Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Role of media in the society

Impact of media on society

Works Cited

Introduction Media is one of the world’s power and force that can not be undermined. Media has a remarkable control in almost every aspect of our lives; in politics, social and cultural or economic welfares. Perhaps the best analysis of the impact that media has played in the society is through first acknowledging its role in information flow and circulation.

It is would be unjust to overlook the importance of information to the society. Information is the significant to the society in the sense that, all that happens in the society must be channeled and communicated among the society’s habitats. Without media, the habitats or else the population will be left clueless on what is happening or what is ought to happen.

From another perspective, the society benefits from the media in a number of ways and as well it derives a lot of misfortunes from the society. However, regardless of the impact that is made by media on the society, the media remains to be one of the strongest forces that influence the pillars of the society. This essay paper highlights the impacts that media has continued to assert on the society either in a positive or in a negative manner.

Role of media in the society The most common role that media has played in the society has been; to inform people, to educate people and sometimes to offer leisure or entertainment. The role of media in the society is stretched back in the ancient traditions when, there were approaches on which media role in the society was perceived. Some of these approaches included a positive approach, critical approach, production approach, technological approach, information approach and finally a post colonial approach.

A positivist approach assumed that media’s role in the society was to achieve predetermined objectives of the society, usually from a beneficial perspective. The critical approach assumes that media is pertinent can be used in struggle for power and other issues in the society that were preceded by a spark of a new or old ideology.

The production approach is that media plays a greater role in society by providing a new experience of reality to the masses by providing an avenue of new perceptions and visions. The information approach assumes that the key role of media in the society is to provide information channels for the benefit of the society (Fourie178).

Impact of media on society With the above roles being achieved in one of the most remarkable means over centuries, media has some solid impacts that have been imprinted on the society. Some of these impacts and effects are to remain for ever as long as media existence will remain while others require control and monitoring due to their negative effects on the society. The best approach to look at this is by first describing the positive impacts that media has had on the society (Fourie 25).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The development of media and advancement of mass media is such positive impact that media has accomplished in recent times. It has been proven that mass communication has influenced social foundation and governments to means that only can be termed pro-social (Preiss 485). An example of such can be use of mass media in campaigns to eradicate HIV and AIDS in the society.

Mass communication through media avenues such as the internet, television and radio has seen great co-operation of government, government agencies, non-government organizations, private corporations and the public in what is seen as key society players in mutual efforts towards constructing better society. In this context, media has contributed to awareness, education of the society and better governance of the society.

Were it not for media, the worlds most historical moments would probably be forgotten today especially in the manner they reshape our contemporary society in matters regarding politics, economics and culture (Fourie 58).

However, media has had its shortcomings that have negative influence on the society. These negatives if not counterchecked or controlled will continue to ruin the values and morals of a society that once treasured morality and value of information.

These negative impacts include: media has contributed to immense exposure of violence and antisocial acts from media program that are aimed at entertaining the public. Media roles in the society have been reversed by merely assuming a role of society visibility thus controlling the society rather than being controlled by society.

Media has continued to use biased tactics to attract society attention and thus having a negative impact on the society’s culture due to stereotyping of other cultures. Media has continued to target vulnerable groups in the society such as children and youths be exposing them to pornographic materials that has sexual immorality consequence on the society’s young generations.

It is through such shortcomings that the cognitive behavior’s which shape the moral fiber of the society gets threatened by media (Berger 106). However, regardless of the impacts of the media on the society, the future of the media will evolve with time and its role in the society will unlikely fade.

We will write a custom Essay on The impact of media on society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Berger, Arthur. Media and society: a critical perspective. Maryland: Rowman


Newspaper Reactions to Brown V. Board Of Education Research Paper essay help online free

Table of Contents Post Dispatch

Boston Herald




The Brown v. Board of education case marked the end of racial segregation in American public schools. This ruling was made by the Supreme Court in May 17th 1954 and it is still celebrated to date (Rountree 2006, 144). However, various newspapers reacted to the Supreme Court’s ruling differently (by the time the case was decided in 1954).

Basically, newspapers from the North and the South had different reactions to the decision. From this basis, this study explores the different reactions by the Post Dispatch (from the South) and the Boston Herald (from the North). Comprehensively, we note that from an analysis of the different reactions; newspaper reactions to the Brown case were only a representation of the editors’ opinions and not the regions’.

Post Dispatch The Post dispatch is a Southern newspaper originating from St. Louis. Before the Brown V. Board of education ruling, the newspaper had always avoided racial discussions in its publications because the owners had the fear that it was going to cause more controversy than it should (Andrews 2010, 7).

In previous years, the Post dispatch received a lot of praise for its radicalism in advocating for the rights of the minority and therefore it did not come as a surprise that it openly supported the Brown V. Board of education Supreme Court ruling. This reaction is affirmed by Andrews (2010, 7) who notes that:

“Immediately following the first Brown ruling, the City of St. Louis, like many other cities in Border States, reacted calmly, ready to make short term acquiescence and claiming to be poised to make the necessary changes required to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court”

Boston Herald In the Northern states, most newspapers also supported the Supreme Court ruling but certain newspapers were in opposition. In the Boston Herald for example, it was reported that equality was being redefined by the Supreme Court ruling and the decision was unfair and unjustified in a democratic state (Martin 1998, 199).

In other words, the newspaper editorial was written to imply that the decision was contrary to the norms practiced in America then; and in a deeper sense, it was a contravention of the way people thought, back in the day. This article was published in May 18th 1954.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Similarities Both the Post Dispatch and the Boston Herald however agreed on certain major issues regarding the case. For instance, it is important to note that both newspapers only differed in the manner the court’s decision was arrived at, and nothing more.

The Boston Herald and some other Newspapers from the North found fault with the ruling on the basis that the Supreme Court never relied on law but rather on psychological basis (Gitlin 2010, p. 46). However, the two newspapers agreed on the facts surrounding the case, in that, they both correctly presented the history of the case, the underpinning issues and other relevant factors that influenced the judges’ decision. The difference was therefore in the way they reacted to the ruling.

Conclusion Considering the North overwhelmingly supported the Brown ruling, it is correct to say that the Boston Herald and the Post Dispatch represented divergent views based on the editor’s and author’s thoughts alone. It is therefore incorrect to note that the difference in Newspaper reaction to the Brown V. Board of education case was a representation of the difference in opinion between the Southern states and other states.

References Andrews, Leigh. 2010. “Reactions to Brown V. Board of Education”. March 10. Web.

Gitlin, Marty. (2010). Brown V. the Board of Education. Washington: Cheryl Brown Henderson.

Martin, Waldo. 1998. Brown V. Board Of Education: A Brief History with Documents. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Rountree, Clarke. 2006. Brown versus Board Of Education at Fifty. New York: Lexington Books.

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Role of the American Constitution in America’s Political Process Analytical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents The Presidency

The Senate

The Supreme Court


Works Cited

The American constitution plays a big role in the way current and past political processes play out. This is often not the case in all developed nations, as can be evidenced in Britain where the constitution does not play a big role in the way the political landscape is shaped (Darlington 2).

The United States (US) constitution has been a very stable document, as can be evidenced in the past 200 years where only 17 amendments have been made (Darlington 2). For purposes of this study, it is important to understand the fact that the American constitution separates the power of the government into the executive, legislature and the judiciary. These organs of the state work in synchrony and each can check each other’s powers.

In analysing the power of the constitution when defining the American political landscape, this study will evaluate the role of the constitution in establishing checks and balances in government from an analysis of the senate, office of the president, and the Supreme Court.

Since 1786, when the American constitution was enacted, the constitution has been able to stipulate the functions of the above state organs and in turn, these state organs have over the years changed the political landscape of the country. This study will further explore this observation in detail.

The Presidency The president as stipulated in the American constitution has power over the executive, and in a wider sense, he/she is the Chief Executive Officer of the Country.

Though America’s founding fathers designed the constitution to avoid an imperialist presidency (which often resembles a monarchical system such as that exhibited in Britain), recent developments in world politics have greatly shifted the powers of the president in a huge way. The senate for example, has ceded a lot of its “checking” powers to the presidency; even though it was meant to be the least political organ of the state (Congress 14811).

Factoring in recent political trends in America (after the Second World War), it is clearly evident that there is a disconnect existing in the manner the constitution outlines the office of the president and the manner in which the presidency is informally handled today.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This trend has been identified by some researchers as symptoms of the ever-growing political, economic and social influence America has on the world stage (which gives immense powers to the American president) (Grant 76).

In a more general sense, the American president is arguably perceived as the custodian of the most powerful office on earth. This is the reason why the American presidency has been a highly contested political position which is often under scrutiny by the entire world. This observation can be traced to the power the American constitution gives the presidency.

As will be evidenced in subsequent sections of this study, the powerful nature of the presidency has often interfered with the working of other state bodies, such as the senate. In fact, many observers today note that the presidency has increasingly become imperialistic in nature. Such sentiments are held by Darlington who notes that:

“The balance of power between the Congress and the President has shifted significantly in favour of the President. This is evident in the domestic sphere through practices like ‘impoundment’ (when money is taken from the purpose intended by Congress and allocated to another purpose favoured by the President) and in the international sphere through refusal to invoke the War Powers Resolution in spite of major military invasions. Different terms for this accretion of power by the Presidency are “the unitary executive” and “the imperial presidency” (p. 39).

The Senate Despite the fact that the American constitution gives immense powers to the office of the president, it is still important to note that the same constitution still gives a lot of power to the senate. Currently, it is arguably one of the most powerful upper-house in any legislative body in the world (Darlington 32).

Considering the immense powers of the senate, American politics has been keenly designed to consider who sits at the senate because important policies of the country are normally determined through the intervention of the senate. For example, budgetary allocation and government spending are approved by the senate and therefore, American politics has been tailored to consider this exception (Bardes 457).

This is the reason why successive presidents have endeavoured to have a strong influence on the senate. For example, in the past Bush administration, the president had to seek the consent of the senate to send American troops to Iraq.

We will write a custom Essay on Role of the American Constitution in America’s Political Process specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is therefore clear that despite the fact that the constitution makes the president the chief executive officer of the country, and indeed the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the presidency has to still get the approval of the senate in carrying out important decisions affecting the country. This comes out of the regulative role that the constitution gives the senate in checking the executive as its most important function.

The Supreme Court The American constitution recognizes the American Supreme Court as the highest court of the land. It also gives it immense powers over other organs of the state (but more so, the executive) (Watts 283). Among the function of the Supreme Court (as outlined by the American constitution) include the role of arbitration (in cases involving states), interpreting the constitution, and other similar roles (Luedtke 480).

However, it is important to note that America’s Supreme Court has a very political nature when compared to other Supreme Courts in other nations. For instance, the scope of abortion in America is often determined by the Supreme Court, but the scope of such a matter in other countries would be determined by the legislature (Darlington 32).

The political nature of the Supreme Court can be attributed to the powers the constitution gives the state body. In comprehending the political nature of the Supreme Court, it is important to understand that the president often nominates members who sit in the Supreme Court and each of these names is supposed to be approved by the senate.

From this point of view, it is equally easy to understand why the president often has immense concern over who sits at the senate, because if Supreme Court appointees are nominated by his/her office, they cannot be approved by the senate if members sitting in it are against him (Steven 2). This scenario therefore becomes a political issue as opposed to a matter of credibility.

The power the American constitution vests on the Supreme Court therefore illustrates the political nature of the court because the state organ has the power to even nullify executive decisions made by the office of the president. Moreover, it can amend the constitution in easier ways than those evidenced in formal amendment processes (Luedtke 480).

These are some of the reasons, why subsequent presidents have always wanted to have their appointees sitting in the Supreme Court, because in such a manner, they can have control of the state organ.

Conclusion This study identifies the fact that the American constitution significantly defines the way American politics plays out today. Its articulation of the powers of the president, the senate and the Supreme Court practically explains why appointments in such offices are highly contested and virtually, very political in nature. These powers define the extreme political nature of the American governance system.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Role of the American Constitution in America’s Political Process by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Bardes, Barbara. American Government and Politics Today. London: Cengage Learning, 2008. Print.

Congress. Congressional Record, Volumes 109-122; Volumes 1963-1966. Washington: Government Printing Office, 2010.

Darlington, Roger. A Short Guide to the American Political System. 2010. Web.

Grant, Alan. The American Political Process. New York: Routledge, 2004. Print.

Luedtke, Luther. Making America: The Society


Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Intolerance and fear of aging


Work Cited

Introduction The passage that has been chosen can be found on page 31 of the novel between line 14 and 33. This passage was chosen because it carries with it one of the most dominant themes of the narrative which is the fear and intolerance of aging. The passage sets the pace for other parts of the novel which subsequently delve into this notion.

Intolerance and fear of aging Urbino eventually realizes and asserts that “death is not a probability but an immediate reality” (Marquez, 5). He is reminiscent about the life he had lived back as an influential person in his society. His life was filled with numerous accomplishments such as travels to distant countries around the world and other great adventures.

He contrasted this to the life that he was living as an old man. At this point, his wife had to bathe him and even dress him up afterwards. He found it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks (Marquez, 31). He even comments that he feels as though he has partly decayed and is just staying alive because of the sake of it (Marquez, 41).

Dr. Urbino’s realization that death is a reality starts when he finds the body of a close friend and associate – Jeremiah Saint Amour. The first chapter describes Dr Urbino’s analysis of his dead friend; one realizes that Urbino would have loathed to be in his colleague’s shoes.

He comments that the worst is over for Amour as his physical appearance was rather pitiful. The Doctor felt that way because his friend appeared to be very old. Not only was this something that was unappealing to Urbino but it symbolized an underlying fear that he would one day end up like that. Also, the death of Amour is indicative of a deep fear of death. The doctor remarked that his friend was so afraid of aging that he preferred to take his life rather than confront the matter in his later life.

This passage sets the stage for other occurrences in the novel because it illustrates that the Urbino’s life and behavior was hugely affected by this intolerance. First of all, the manner of dressing that he selects for himself is indicative of this. He tries to wear meticulous garments so as to disguise his real age. His hair and the nature of accessories also show how the doctor is trying to resist nature’s process of aging.

It is quite interesting to note that he is willing to go to great lengths in order to overcome these inadequacies such as writing notes to himself in order to minimize the effects of his memory losses. Instead of accepting his age gracefully, Urbino chooses to use superficial methods in order to resist it yet this makes him more pitiable as readers can see the desperation hidden in these acts.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Aging and its intolerance as a theme has been illustrated through a number of descriptions given by the author as indicated in the passage and beyond. He talks about numerous characters that die or lose their grace and functionality because of age. For example, in the riverboat incident, it is discovered that the riverboat belongs to the elderly.

It is quite shocking that these people are subjected to beatings and even death because they were bold enough to pursue their love for each other despite their old age. The captain further goes on to cover up this cruel act by proclaiming that the old couple had died as a result of drowning.

For instance, one of the characters loses his teeth while another one becomes senile. Many are ashamed by how disgraceful their bodies look after growing old. In terms of the main characters, Urbino is not the only one who detests old age as Fermina Daza (his wife) and Florentino Ariza also do.

When they finally get a chance to be together during old age, Fermina is very reserved about revealing her body to her lover Florentino. She requests him to look away as she removes her clothes and even when he looks at her, he appears not to be very pleased by what he sees. She even insists on turning off the lights. This is indicative of the intolerance that they both possess for old age.

They realize that time has caught up with them and they can no longer boast of the taut bodies that they had. However, the latter two were able to overcome this intolerance when they consummate their love in the end. They embrace the fact that time has made them wiser and therefore better able to love. Therefore, love has an ability to overcome the inadequacies of aging and this initially negates earlier perceptions from the novel.

The author also illustrates that possessing so much disdain for old age is wrong because the elderly can find peace. Ofelia comments that she cannot stand the thought of love at her age and feels disgusted at the thought that her mother would also consider it. “Love is ridiculous at our age, but at theirs it is revolting” (Marquez 323.)

One can see that this society despises lifestyles of the old and is even repelled by it. Eventually, it becomes clear that not only is it possible to achieve this kind of true love but it is possible to thrive in it. The author was therefore illustrating that the perception of characters such as Ofelia are misleading and even shallow. Here, Fermina disowns this individual and looks for other ways of dealing with the revulsion. She forges a friendship with her daughter in law and even comments about her life and love.

We will write a custom Essay on Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She asserts that her life with Florentino was ruined because she was too young and naïve. However, now that she is old, her chance at love is also ruined because of her age (Marquez, 323). The author also illustrated this when death and decay overtook the characters later in the narrative.

The author also discusses the effects of aging through other non human aspects of the novel such as the landscape of the Colombian village in which this narrative is set.

“What was once idyllic landscape, now is calcinated flatlands stripped of entire forests” (Franco 236.)

At first, prior to technological changes, the village was described as very picturesque full of forest cover and natural vegetation. However, after the enormous changes that take part in the novel, this entire area becomes stripped of its natural beauty and instead becomes a centre for human activity. Therefore the passage of time or the aging of the Colombian village were also not a desirable trait to those concerned.

It is also very clear to see that a number of characters would go through great lengths in order to minimize the effects of aging. One such case was Florentino. As he was climbing up the stairs in one of the sections of the novel, he made sure that he did this carefully so as to avoid any fall. (Marquez, 313)

He often believed that old age was marked by one’s first or immediate fall. This fear was so real in Florentino that it eventually became a reality to him. When he fell, he was bedridden and had to succumb to the assistance of others. For instance, at some point, he could not bathe himself and was bathed by Cassiani.

“After bathing him, Fermina Daza helped him to …. talcum powder between his legs, she smoothed cocoa butter on his rashes, she helped him put on his undershorts with as much love as if they had been a diaper” (Marquez 31.)

It was even more shameful for him when someone else had to hold the urinal for him as he helped himself (Marquez, 316). The author was illustrating that one’s fears may eventually take control over one’s existence and trying to resist a natural thing like aging was indeed a fruitless affair.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This theme is not just insightful in revealing certain facts about the setting of the novel but it also important in teaching members of the audience lessons about age and its tolerance.

Societies today still have a disdain for the elderly but through this theme (and starting with the passage under analysis), the author has illustrated that there is hope for the elderly and they have a chance at life if they so wish. He has shown that once love is combined with aging then everything will be alright. Dr. Urbino was loved diligently by his wife until the very end.

She was willing to do seemingly humiliating things for her husband because she loved him tremendously (Marquez, 43). The two lovers Fermina and Florentino illustrate to society that old people are still passionate and still have an ability to deal with certain issues associated with their age and their development.

In this narrative, it has also been shown that sometimes the intolerance of aging can come in the way of people who truly want to achieve ultimate happiness. In other words, there is a need for those concerned to look for ways of overcoming these obstacles. For example, Fermina and Florentino wanted to be together but they were already aware of how repulsing their love would be to the public.

In order to protect themselves, they placed a yellow flag on their vessel so that other people would think that they had cholera and needed to be quarantined away from them. They needed to overcome this barrier in order to move on with their lives without having to worry about other people’s opinions. The more they got older, the stronger their love became even in the face of this adversity (Marquez, 345)

Conclusion Most of the characters in the novel are deeply repelled by aging and they illustrate this through their sentiments towards their own bodies as they grow old or through their feelings about old people in the novel. However, the book shows that intolerance for aging can be overcome by simply understanding that love can cope with everything and it transcends such scenarios.

Work Cited Marquez, Gabriel. Love in the time of cholera. NY: Alfred Knopf


Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Intolerance and fear of aging


Work Cited

Introduction The passage that has been chosen can be found on page 31 of the novel between line 14 and 33. This passage was chosen because it carries with it one of the most dominant themes of the narrative which is the fear and intolerance of aging. The passage sets the pace for other parts of the novel which subsequently delve into this notion.

Intolerance and fear of aging Urbino eventually realizes and asserts that “death is not a probability but an immediate reality” (Marquez, 5). He is reminiscent about the life he had lived back as an influential person in his society. His life was filled with numerous accomplishments such as travels to distant countries around the world and other great adventures.

He contrasted this to the life that he was living as an old man. At this point, his wife had to bathe him and even dress him up afterwards. He found it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks (Marquez, 31). He even comments that he feels as though he has partly decayed and is just staying alive because of the sake of it (Marquez, 41).

Dr. Urbino’s realization that death is a reality starts when he finds the body of a close friend and associate – Jeremiah Saint Amour. The first chapter describes Dr Urbino’s analysis of his dead friend; one realizes that Urbino would have loathed to be in his colleague’s shoes.

He comments that the worst is over for Amour as his physical appearance was rather pitiful. The Doctor felt that way because his friend appeared to be very old. Not only was this something that was unappealing to Urbino but it symbolized an underlying fear that he would one day end up like that. Also, the death of Amour is indicative of a deep fear of death. The doctor remarked that his friend was so afraid of aging that he preferred to take his life rather than confront the matter in his later life.

This passage sets the stage for other occurrences in the novel because it illustrates that the Urbino’s life and behavior was hugely affected by this intolerance. First of all, the manner of dressing that he selects for himself is indicative of this. He tries to wear meticulous garments so as to disguise his real age. His hair and the nature of accessories also show how the doctor is trying to resist nature’s process of aging.

It is quite interesting to note that he is willing to go to great lengths in order to overcome these inadequacies such as writing notes to himself in order to minimize the effects of his memory losses. Instead of accepting his age gracefully, Urbino chooses to use superficial methods in order to resist it yet this makes him more pitiable as readers can see the desperation hidden in these acts.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Aging and its intolerance as a theme has been illustrated through a number of descriptions given by the author as indicated in the passage and beyond. He talks about numerous characters that die or lose their grace and functionality because of age. For example, in the riverboat incident, it is discovered that the riverboat belongs to the elderly.

It is quite shocking that these people are subjected to beatings and even death because they were bold enough to pursue their love for each other despite their old age. The captain further goes on to cover up this cruel act by proclaiming that the old couple had died as a result of drowning.

For instance, one of the characters loses his teeth while another one becomes senile. Many are ashamed by how disgraceful their bodies look after growing old. In terms of the main characters, Urbino is not the only one who detests old age as Fermina Daza (his wife) and Florentino Ariza also do.

When they finally get a chance to be together during old age, Fermina is very reserved about revealing her body to her lover Florentino. She requests him to look away as she removes her clothes and even when he looks at her, he appears not to be very pleased by what he sees. She even insists on turning off the lights. This is indicative of the intolerance that they both possess for old age.

They realize that time has caught up with them and they can no longer boast of the taut bodies that they had. However, the latter two were able to overcome this intolerance when they consummate their love in the end. They embrace the fact that time has made them wiser and therefore better able to love. Therefore, love has an ability to overcome the inadequacies of aging and this initially negates earlier perceptions from the novel.

The author also illustrates that possessing so much disdain for old age is wrong because the elderly can find peace. Ofelia comments that she cannot stand the thought of love at her age and feels disgusted at the thought that her mother would also consider it. “Love is ridiculous at our age, but at theirs it is revolting” (Marquez 323.)

One can see that this society despises lifestyles of the old and is even repelled by it. Eventually, it becomes clear that not only is it possible to achieve this kind of true love but it is possible to thrive in it. The author was therefore illustrating that the perception of characters such as Ofelia are misleading and even shallow. Here, Fermina disowns this individual and looks for other ways of dealing with the revulsion. She forges a friendship with her daughter in law and even comments about her life and love.

We will write a custom Essay on Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She asserts that her life with Florentino was ruined because she was too young and naïve. However, now that she is old, her chance at love is also ruined because of her age (Marquez, 323). The author also illustrated this when death and decay overtook the characters later in the narrative.

The author also discusses the effects of aging through other non human aspects of the novel such as the landscape of the Colombian village in which this narrative is set.

“What was once idyllic landscape, now is calcinated flatlands stripped of entire forests” (Franco 236.)

At first, prior to technological changes, the village was described as very picturesque full of forest cover and natural vegetation. However, after the enormous changes that take part in the novel, this entire area becomes stripped of its natural beauty and instead becomes a centre for human activity. Therefore the passage of time or the aging of the Colombian village were also not a desirable trait to those concerned.

It is also very clear to see that a number of characters would go through great lengths in order to minimize the effects of aging. One such case was Florentino. As he was climbing up the stairs in one of the sections of the novel, he made sure that he did this carefully so as to avoid any fall. (Marquez, 313)

He often believed that old age was marked by one’s first or immediate fall. This fear was so real in Florentino that it eventually became a reality to him. When he fell, he was bedridden and had to succumb to the assistance of others. For instance, at some point, he could not bathe himself and was bathed by Cassiani.

“After bathing him, Fermina Daza helped him to …. talcum powder between his legs, she smoothed cocoa butter on his rashes, she helped him put on his undershorts with as much love as if they had been a diaper” (Marquez 31.)

It was even more shameful for him when someone else had to hold the urinal for him as he helped himself (Marquez, 316). The author was illustrating that one’s fears may eventually take control over one’s existence and trying to resist a natural thing like aging was indeed a fruitless affair.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This theme is not just insightful in revealing certain facts about the setting of the novel but it also important in teaching members of the audience lessons about age and its tolerance.

Societies today still have a disdain for the elderly but through this theme (and starting with the passage under analysis), the author has illustrated that there is hope for the elderly and they have a chance at life if they so wish. He has shown that once love is combined with aging then everything will be alright. Dr. Urbino was loved diligently by his wife until the very end.

She was willing to do seemingly humiliating things for her husband because she loved him tremendously (Marquez, 43). The two lovers Fermina and Florentino illustrate to society that old people are still passionate and still have an ability to deal with certain issues associated with their age and their development.

In this narrative, it has also been shown that sometimes the intolerance of aging can come in the way of people who truly want to achieve ultimate happiness. In other words, there is a need for those concerned to look for ways of overcoming these obstacles. For example, Fermina and Florentino wanted to be together but they were already aware of how repulsing their love would be to the public.

In order to protect themselves, they placed a yellow flag on their vessel so that other people would think that they had cholera and needed to be quarantined away from them. They needed to overcome this barrier in order to move on with their lives without having to worry about other people’s opinions. The more they got older, the stronger their love became even in the face of this adversity (Marquez, 345)

Conclusion Most of the characters in the novel are deeply repelled by aging and they illustrate this through their sentiments towards their own bodies as they grow old or through their feelings about old people in the novel. However, the book shows that intolerance for aging can be overcome by simply understanding that love can cope with everything and it transcends such scenarios.

Work Cited Marquez, Gabriel. Love in the time of cholera. NY: Alfred Knopf


Raymond Carver’s“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” Analytical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Raymond Carver is the writer who uses minimalism in his writing style to set up the tone of the story from the very beginning. “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” by Carver explores the subject of love. Love is a word that one hears in everyday life. Talking about love, people mean different things. People talk about loving their parents, cars, pets, movies, books, ice cream, children, spouses, and so forth. However, love is different in each instance, and the concept of love puzzles many people. In contemporary pop culture, the word love has been overused, and it is not easy to tell what the word actually means. Love means different things to different people. The essay shall examine major themes and main characters of the story and their attitude to love and relationships.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”: Analysis of Types of Love Physical love

Nick and Laura are a couple who got married recently. They met in the course of their professional duties and have been married for eighteen months. The kind of love they exhibit is physical. It is the kind newly married couples express to each other, and it seems that this is a remarkable period in their love life.

They behave very affectionately towards each other “I touched the back of Laura’s hand. She gave me a quick smile. I picked up Laura’s hand. It was warm, the nails polished, perfectly manicured. I encircled the broad wrist with my fingers, and I held her” (Carver 390).

In return, Laura bumps her husband’s knee with hers to urge him to speak. On the contrary, they seem to have a hollow relationship, which Mel describes as virtual perfection. For instance, Nick, who is the narrator of the story, says that they enjoy each other’s company, and Laura is a woman with which it is easy to be close. The couple is friends and lovers, and this would be an ideal situation for any couple. However, there is a sad ring to it because everything that comes easy goes easy. The physical attraction and love talks are bound to end at some point in their relationship, then what?

Spiritual love

The main emphasis in “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” analysis essay is on the old couple. The old couple, as Mel describes, has a kind of spiritual love. The old man is very disappointed because he is unable to see his wife due to the bandages on his face. The couple contrasts the couples in the kitchen who do not seem to have such kind of love that goes way beyond the physical. The type of love the old couple has looks like it will last until death, unlike for the couples sipping their gin who view it as something that can be disposed of when no longer convenient.

Transitory love

There is the myth of eternal love. In many romance movies and novels, couples fall in love and live happily forever. However, the reality of contemporary love is far from the concept of eternal love. People keep moving from one marriage to another. Each time they marry someone, they claim they are in love.

The couples in the story are in their second marriages after the failure of their first ones. As is clear from Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” analysis, each person claims to have loved his or her former spouse. For example, Mel says he once loved his first wife, Marjorie, maybe even more than his own life but now hates her and wishes she would die. He also says that if one of them was to die, he was sure the other would remarry after mourning for a while. One then wonders what love is if you love somebody today, and tomorrow you loathe them.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Brutal love

Terri was married to Ed, a barterer. He abused her physically and threatened to kill her for staying with Mel. Yet she claims that he loved her. According to her, the abuse Ed unleashed on her was a sign of love, but her current husband disagrees and says that kind of love does not exist because love does not try to kill.

Ed seems to be dependent on Terri and feels very vulnerable when she is away, hence he attempted suicide. The kind of love they had was unhealthy. When a person becomes too dependent on another and very possessive, the results can be disastrous, and today, many homicides have been committed in the name of love. So what can we call the love that kills?

Conclusion The two couples’ attempts to talk about love end up in circles because they do not come to a consensus on what real love is. The ending of the story gives no clear answer to the question about what love is. Each person has a different definition of love, and this applies today. For instance, some people endure domestic violence because they believe the bartering occurs due to love.

In addition, many couples are in search of real love, but it remains elusive as that of the couples who take gin that gives them a false sense of love. In the end, they are left hungering for something more profound than they have as they realize that the gin only gives them an illusion of love.

Work Cited Carver, Raymond. What we talk about when we talk about love. New York: Harvill Press, 1996.


The US Government Division: Legislative, Judicial and Executive Power Research Paper essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Reasons for Government Division

How the Three Branches Benefit

Obstacles the Division of Power

Federal against States Government



Introduction The US Constitution is an integration of initiatives emanating from diverse sources. Thus, it is the synergistic endeavor from indigenous persons, and settlers, who were intolerant towards afflictions, but accommodative towards principles that were mutually binding. The Constitution is a superlative US decree since it offers the basis for administration.

It is crucial to note that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson constitute three grand minds that drew the agreement (Leebrick, 2002). Consequently, Gouverneur Morris set the entire convention’s declarations and verdicts into final form. Nevertheless, it was the cooperative effort of delegates from the thirteen protectorates that enhanced success. The designers separated the government into legislative, judicial, as well as executive, which is the presidential wing.

Reasons for Government Division The ancestors ensured harmony within the administration by creating three arms of the government, legislative, judicial, and executive. The chief reason was to ensure regulations, since the diverse branches have the power to check one another.

Ideally, each branch has specified quantity of checks it can use to tame other branches from overstepping. For instance, the president can veto legislation; on the other hand, the Supreme Court may pronounce acts congress unconstitutional. Moreover, the senate must approve treaties, as well as presidential selections. This ensures equilibrium in management of the country affairs, where none is on the top, but operating on the same plane (Patterson, 2008).

Even though, autonomous governments were present, the ancestors wanted a unique government from others. This prompted them to use the proposal of constitutionalism and federalism, which allows states to administer themselves; however, the nationwide government, has the power to rule both states and national divisions.

Another reason that led to the division of the government was to restore the liberties of the people. This prompted them to use the values articulated by the philosophers like Hobbes and Locke. Some of their philosophical ideas outlines that citizens should give up some privileges or ideologies to guarantee fortification of a solitary leader of a state. Locke added that the idea warrants every person his/her absolute rights.

Furthermore, governing people grant them societal contracts thus safeguarding their total civil liberties. The ancestors thus deemed that structuring a government found on the division of authorities, as well as checks and balances, was the only way of ensuring civil liberty. They then separated the government into trio, legislative, presidential, and judicial to thwart a solitary authority from taking the ruling.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Magna Carta and Mayflower Compact form another basis for the division of the government. The Magna is an ancient charter outlining that it is impractical for the king to execute beyond the law. It further empowers the populace to petition to such rules if they go beyond the law. Then again, the Mayflower Compact became the primary, overriding manuscript of the Plymouth protectorate that granted settlers the liberties to self govern (Schmidt et al, 2008). All these inspired the ancestors to subdivide the government.

How the Three Branches Benefit It is certain that the three branches benefit from the division of administration. This division guarantees that each stem operates within its boundaries, thus limiting confusion and clash for power.

It thus offers a clear interface among the branches. Article I of the Constitution grants lawmaking supremacy to the legislative branch, which encompasses the two houses of congress. Article II sanctions the head to assent the congressional acts that he endorses and veto the rest, thus permitting the executive wing to manipulate the general policy, as well as building it.

On the other hand, article III allots federal judicial muscle to the US Supreme Court and other lesser central courts that Congress may institute (LII, n d). It is imperative to affirm that the fore fathers created the three branches to ensure separation of powers, as well as smooth running of federal affairs. Three divisions ensure that no single branch has the entire authority. Each branch has its own purpose. These include formulating the law, implementing the laws, and deducing the laws, hence clear line of duties.

Obstacles the Division of Power Even though, the system has a lot of success, it presents some obstacles, especially during enactment of crucial legislations. This leads to the point of interaction where all the stems possess equivalent powers. The legislative wing that has powers to draft laws may receive an opposing view from the two divisions. The judicial wing may interpret the bylaws and further proclaim them unconstitutional. Furthermore, the head can also interpret and consequently veto such laws if found unauthorized.

Federal against States Government Initially, the nationwide administration did not have resources, as opposed to the states thus prompting the predecessors to form federalism (Leebrick, 2002). Proponents of states dreaded that the sturdy general government would jostle states. However, the proposers of the federalism also realized that some acts outlined that the constitution was developed for the states but not for the people, which led to controversy. This led to bestowing local authorities to the states and nationwide powers to the countrywide government.

State- centered proponents also believed that a federal administration would not dish up their interest, as well as snooping with their interior affairs. Nowadays, the conflict is no longer prevalent, and states work collaboratively with the federal. The wellbeing plan, Great Society Program, portrays that the national administration has immense authorities over regulations. Still, devolution is operational where the federal administration trickles down its authorities to the states (Patterson, 2008).

We will write a custom Research Paper on The US Government Division: Legislative, Judicial and Executive Power specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion These wise men wrote the constitution to distinguish America from the European nations. They, in deed, tried to fix most of the legal problems, though some provisions need lucidity. Nevertheless, the creation of there branches of the government inculcated inspiration and success of United States.

References Leebrick, K. (2002). The United States Constitution. Minnesota, MN: Capstone Press.

Legal Information Center (LII). (n.d). United States Constitution. Retrieved from:

Patterson, T. E. (2008). The American Democracy, 9th ed. New York, NY: Harvard University Press

Schmidt, S. Shelley, M.


Fire and Rescue Service Management Report college application essay help: college application essay help

Abstract One of the visions of the UK government is to ensure quality health as well as safety to its citizens. Over time, the government has always put in place measures that ensure health security to its citizens and continuously reviews them to ensure consistency with their purposes. This document discusses the application of the IPDS in the Fire and Rescue Service in the UK. It analyses its validity and benefits in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and management of the fire and rescue service providers.

The document also discusses HSG 65 as an alternative quality assurance system that could be used to substitute the IPDS. It describes the possible advantages that the approach could bring to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and how it could be applied in the company. The document sets out issues that need to be addressed to ensure improvements in the fire and rescue service programmes.

Introduction In the UK, particularly in England, several government and governmental agencies monitor the local services provided by the government. The Fire and Rescue Service for example, is monitored by the Audit Commission, the Department of Communities, and the Department of Local Government among others.

The Comprehensive Area Assessment was implemented to bring the work of all these watchdogs together. However, the new government feels that the Comprehensive Area Assessment causes confusion and therefore made an announcement in May 2010 that there are plans to shift to a new quality assurance system to guide the Fire and Rescue Service (Audit Commission 2).

According to the Department of Communities and Local Government (8) the government is committed to improving efficiency in delivery of public services and therefore continues to introduce fresh approaches. The Fire and Rescue Service needs to be more flexible in addressing future challenges associated with fire emergencies and implementation of fire control. The Fire and Rescue Authorities have to meet the requirements of national resilience through co-ordination and integration of service delivery.

They have to give priority to equality and diversity in their service delivery and have to invent and adopt more efficient ways of prevention, protection as well as response in ensuring safer communities as outlined in the Fire and Rescue Service National Framework by applying the Standards defined in the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services Act of 2004.

The National Framework also requires efficient and effective governance as well as continuous improvements in the Fire and Rescue Service (Department of Communities and Local Government 10).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to the Department of Communities and Local Government (7) the Fire and Rescue Service has had several achievements since the integration of Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP) with local risk assessment in 2003. It has become more professional, flexible and efficient in its service delivery over the last few years, an indication that the Comprehensive Area Assessment has able to achieve its objectives.

Methodology The document takes a qualitative analysis of the quality assurance system that has been applied by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. It uses secondary resources mainly printed materials, to propose the best quality assurance system that could substitute the current approach applied by the organization.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) Merseyside County Fire Brigade was formed in 1974 by the Local Government Act of 1972 and since then has undergone significant changes to better meet the needs of the community as regards to fire and rescue services. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service provides various services to Merseyside and its environs.

The services include fire extinguishing, arson prevention, providing fire safety advice to homes and installing fire alarms in homes and buildings, providing emergency services in road accidents, rescuing victims of incidences, providing nutritional education to communities and providing internet communication services to the public among others. MFRS was the first Fire and Rescue Service to achieve a Beacon Authority in recognition of its services to older people.

MFRS is committed to achieving its objectives through empowering its workforce, engaging communities in its fire safety programmes, improving its technologies and the quality of its equipment as well as through efficient and effective management (Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (c) 2-53).

Among the unique services provided by the MFRS is the Business Continuity Management which allows the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority to operate in case of a major business interruption. MFRS defines a major business interruption as a business interruption that may affect service areas of several sites or the whole site.

It enables the directors to adopt specific Business Continuity plan in order to meet its obligations as stipulated by the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004. The Business Continuity Management provides an operational framework which can be used to ensure positive resilience to disruption, loss as well as interruption to its service delivery. This enables MFRS to continue supplying its services even if risks occur (Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (a) 1).

We will write a custom Report on Fire and Rescue Service Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Integrated Personal Development System (IPDS) Over the past recent years, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority has applied the Integrated Personal Development System (IPDS) which was introduced by the government in 2004. The system was approved by the government to achieve national standards in training and development of staff in the Fire and Rescue Service.

The government believes that IPDS is the solution to the required reforms in the workforce management of the Fire and Rescue Service. It is meant to guide recruitment, training, progression as well as in-service development throughout an individual’s stay in the organization. The approach was also welcomed by the Local Government Association.

The quality assurance system is based on the national standards as well as the National Framework principles concerning the skills and competencies required in the Fire and Rescue Service providers (Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (b) 3-4). In Merseyside Fire


Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions Report a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Summary Description





Work Cited

Introduction Vitamin D is one of the vital diet requirements which is absorbed through the skin and prevents the formation of rickets among human beings. Therefore, exposure to the sun is always very healthy. However, lately people have discovered that due to the depletion of the Ozone layer (due to addition of greenhouse gases), human beings are now exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays known to cause sun burns, premature wrinkling of the skin and also the dreadful skin cancer.

To prevent the skin cancer and other side effects, there have been campaigns of using waterproof sunscreen lotions such as the Sunblock which is a product that provides a coating on the skin which prevents sun burns and sun damages (Cooper 121).

To prevent early exposure of their children to the harmful Ultraviolet rays, parents have been applying sunscreen lotions to their bodies but despite the good functions that these lotions serve at protecting people skins, if used carelessly it can lead to disaster. For example if a waterproof sunscreen lotion enters into a child or anyone eyes, it is hard to remove them using water since they are water proof and if there is reluctance in contacting the doctors, it can cause permanent blindness.

Summary Description Waterproof sunscreen lotions are good at protecting your child against skin cancer which can be caused by the exposure to the sunlight, but while many people use the lotions in their day to day life, it is important to note that there are negative repercussions if the lotions are not used well. As shown in the case of the parent who applied a waterproof sunscreen lotion on his son and without knowing the son got some into his eyes before it had dried, most likely from his hands.

The sunscreen lotion caused irritation and the child cried since it was hurting but the use of water to help ease the irritation could not work since the lotion was waterproof. When he called the Poison Control Centre and explained what had happened, they told him to take the child to Emergency Room where on arrival without wasting time, they applied some chemicals in the boy’s eyes to dilute and remove the waterproof sunscreen.

For the first time, the parent realized that people do lose their eyes from the effects of waterproof sunscreen as it burns the eyes completely and although his son lost his eyesight for two days, at least he was lucky to recover fully.

The parents later called the sunscreen company and informed them about the problem, where the management admitted the problem but they said skin cancer was more serious than blindness thus the continued ignorance. They also argued out that they can’t warn the parents because their products would lose market due to fear. The parent then suggested that they should thus change the ingredients used in making the lotion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To show the seriousness of this matter, the parents did a huge article warning other parents of the danger their kids were exposed to when using the waterproof sunscreen lotions but knowing that waterproof sunscreen use could not stop, they warned them not to stop using it but just be careful that their kids don’t touch their eyes at least for 15 minutes after applying and if done accidentally they should always contact Emergency Rooms at once.

Explanation The article is trying to warn other parents who apply lotions to their children of the impending disaster they expose their children to if not applied well or if the sunscreen lotion got into the child’s eyes.

This is clearly given by the situation the writer found himself in when his son touched his eyes with the waterproof sunscreen. Even after trying to apply water in the boy’s eyes nothing seemed to work and he had to contact the Poisons Control Centre who directed him to visit the Emergency Room immediately as his son could be in danger of loosing eyesight.

To make sure that every parent got this information, the parents did a huge article on the matter in the city, and then visited several newsrooms warning the parents of the risks involved though informing them not to stop using the lotion but use it carefully.

Comment With the parents having been warned, there is likelihood of reduced use of the waterproof sunscreen lotion. Parents might shift to using sunscreen lotions which are not water proof as water can help in diluting the chemicals before reaching the hospitals for proper medication and thus reducing the adverse effects.

The parents are also likely to be more careful in the roles they play on their children upkeep because if not careful, poor storage of certain substances such as the waterproof sunscreen can lead to grave dangers to the children who might use them carelessly without knowing.

Evaluation The text is persuasive due to the fact that the author of the article states that to show the seriousness of the matter, he contacted the sunscreen company and enquired why they produced substances which they knew were dangerous if carelessly used without warning the users.

We will write a custom Report on Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The parents went further and did a huge article in the city warning against the same, and finally visited newsrooms warning the parents of the risks involved. However, this persuasiveness is lost when he informs the parent not to stop using the sunscreen they be just careful that it never find its way in their children eyes.

Conclusion It is healthy and important to use waterproof sunscreen for protection against cancer which results from sun exposure but it is also advisable to use water proof sunscreen carefully as its contact with sensitive body organs, such as, the eyes can lead to cases of blindness if not attended on time.

Work Cited Cooper, Donald. Fundamentals of Search and Rescue. New York: Jones


High School Sports Argumentative Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Works Cited

Introduction There are many benefits associated with high-school sports. This essay will discuss these benefits.

Almost every parent will want to see his or her child participate in at least a sport, to ensure that this happens, they start encouraging them to play early on in life.

This is where kids start participating in sports at young ages. This means that, by the time kids are of the age of going to school going, they will have already known and decided on which game to play. When kids join their school mates in teams, team spirit is fostered in them, and they grow with it into their adulthood. Team sports teach athletes to focus on the same goal, which is winning.

This virtue is fostered from a very tender age by their parents, teachers and their coaches. This helps athletes to grow with creative, social and physical skills that help them in their adult lives. Sports also teach athletes to be good sports persons who appreciate winning and losing as part of the game.

People face competition in many spheres of life, in academics, sports, and when applying for jobs in their adulthood. Early participation in competitive sports is a good opportunity, for kids, to understand that it is good to compete in a healthy environment (High school sports 1).

Sports also help in the physical well-being of the athlete. It is known that those who actively participate in sports are physically healthy than those who do not participate actively in sports. Sports also help in socialization. Having a chance to spend time outside school with friends helps students to gain life skills through social interaction.

The support and care that youth receives from the patrons or team coaches help them in emotional growth. This also goes a long way in improving their self esteem and preventing anxiety that can sometimes cause unnecessary stress.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Sports also prevent many school going kids from engaging in deviant behaviors. Sports provide students with something to focus on and, therefore, avoid the streets and gangs. This helps not just the child but the family from which he or she comes.

The family will be relieved from solving cases that relate to deviance because their child is participating in sports. Communities come together during sports occasions to watch games. High-school sports also offer the athletes, their families, and the whole community, an opportunity to come together and interact during sports events.

The community also comes together in support of their sports teams. Members of the community get a chance to sale foodstuffs, wash cars, and other events through which they generate money that they use to support their teams. Family members come to support and get involved in the lives of their children by supporting them in whatever sport they choose (Payne


Interpersonal Communication Term Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Introduction There are no secrets that today’s workplaces are not as yesterday’s. With an increase in physical size and cultural diversity, the given assertion cannot be doubted. Passing messages between two colleagues speaking different languages can be a daunting task. In any given organization, Interpersonal communication forms a basic tool at the workplace. It assures proper coordination of activities and is based on the point of relating with others which forms a major aspect of relationships including both personal and business.

We as individuals spent most of our time exchanging ideas with other people and this shows the importance of interpersonal communication. This paper will therefore seek to define interpersonal communication and examine a number of factors that influence our interpersonal communication. The focus of the paper is based on interpersonal communication at the workplace principle.

Interpersonal communication is defined as the sending and receiving information between two or more people and the understanding of it through use of symbols or language. Interpersonal relationship is seen as the way a person communicates with another individual (Yoder, Hugenberg


Recognize the Principles of the Judiciary Essay college admissions essay help

Although the principles of judiciary demand the judicial process to follow due legal processes to the letter, legal crises do occur in some instances. Legal conflict arises when inconsistencies emerge between the constitution and the general laws.

A classical example is the Marbury v. Madison case of the United States in which a legal conflict arose due to the inconsistency of the United States constitution with the Judiciary Act. According to this case, “William Marbury petitioned the Supreme Court to compel James Madison, Secretary of State to effect his appointment as a commissioner of Justice for Peace in Columbia District but John Marshall, Chief Justice denied the petition as he termed it unconstitutional” (Reisman, 2007, p. 3).

This became a landmark ruling since the Supreme Court, for the first time in the United States history, declared an Act to be unconstitutional. In this ruling, John Marshal realized that there was legal conflict between the constitution and the Judicial Act, and the only way to conduct constitutional review was through the Supreme Court.

The Marbury v. Madison ruling coupled with some clauses in Article III authorizes the Supreme Court to carry out judicial review. The Article III of the United States constitution states that, “In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction…in all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction” (Stone, 2007, p. 35).

Therefore, the United States constitution gives the powers to the Supreme Court to exercise judicial review in cases where legal conflict arises. The prime function of the Supreme Court in judicial review is to protect the constitution and ensure that all statutes are consistent with the constitution.

The constitutions of England and Netherland do not give powers to their Supreme Courts to exercise judicial review on the constitutionality of statues and treaties, because legislators have the mandate of ensuring that they only pass constitutional acts. In cases of constitutional dispute concerning “…the right interpretation of a law or a treaty in accordance with the constitution … the judge cannot have supremacy over the legislator, because the question of constitutionality of an act is more political than technical-judicial” (Huq, 2008, p. 32).

Halsema proposal seeks to have the Supreme Court assume the jurisdiction to check constitutionality of statutes and treaties. The approval of the Halsema proposal means that the parliament and the government will have to share their mandate of constitutional review with the judiciary, hence judicial review.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most Americans accept judicial review even though it is not explicit in the constitution because it has provided means of checking constitutionality of statutes. Statistics shows that, “in the two hundred years of judicial review 175 federal laws and 1006 state laws were declared unconstitutional (1789-2004)” (Whittington, 2009, p. 12).

This means that if there was no judicial review, the courts could still be grappling with over 1000 legal conflicts, which slows down the wheels of justice. The landmark ruling of the Marbury v. Madison case set precedent on ways of solving legal conflicts that emerge quite often due to the inconsistencies of the statutes with the constitution.

Despite the fact that judicial review has helped to speed up the due process of the law, Thomas Jefferson criticized it saying that, “to consider judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy” (Reisman, 2007, p. 8).

Jefferson argues that judges are common people with same passions and interests that might lead them to make compromised judicial reviews to attain their desired ends. I agree with Jefferson argument that it is quite dangerous to give constitutional review powers to the judiciary since too much power corrupts ultimately. To counter the dangers associated with excessive judicial review powers, the parliament should provide provisions that limit the autonomy of the judicial review process.

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We will write a custom Essay on Recognize the Principles of the Judiciary specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Whittington, K. (2009). The Theories of Judicial Review. Spring Journal, 20(1), 1-18.