Serengeti Safari Experience In Africa

Traveling is one of the best ways for a person to experience the world and learn more about various cultures and themselves. Fortunately, my traveling experience with Serengeti Safari proved to be an opportunity for me to do both. Serengeti National Park is truly one of the greatest natural wonders of this planet. Visiting this place was enlightening and thrilling since it allowed for a full submerging in the Park’s environment, with camping and observing the Great Migration. Being able to witness nature in all of its glory first-hand is an eye-opening experience, which helps a person to connect with themselves and appreciate the world around them.

Anyone who has had to travel, even for a brief period of time or for a short distance, is aware that preparation is a large part of the journey. First and foremost, a decision about traveling options had to be made, next came the reservation plans and, naturally, safety net measures. These activities included extensive research on which season is preferable for travel, the differences in accommodation plans, and people’s personal experiences with camping and travel by different airlines. Having to take into consideration various small details and specifics of each plan made me aware of the importance of thorough pre-planning and precaution.

However, no amount of preparation could truly teach me what Serengeti Safari would entail. The Serengeti National Park is abundant with wildlife, from animals to birds and insects. I had the ability to witness lions, leopards, and African elephants from a close range, which helped me fully appreciate the magnificence and uniqueness of these creatures. Being thrust into this spectacle of nature, one cannot help but feel small and insignificant. This effect was intensified by the Great Migration, which has been labeled as “Africa’s race for life”. This migration of mammals is the largest of its kind, with the 800-kilometer journey that takes place from late April to early December (Serengeti National Pard, n.d.). Visiting Serengeti in June, I could see a column of approximately a million animals moving in a 40-kilometer-long line. It was doubtlessly an extraordinary event that truly showed me the grace and power of unbridled nature.

Another fascinating aspect of my travel was discovering what effects being removed from civilization has on a person. Naturally, the place was not completely void of people, but the large blue sky and open space around me felt extremely liberating from the confines of society. When not watching animals travel or occupying their natural habitat, I found the camping ground quite peaceful and calming. An activity that helped me feel at peace with myself and nature was birdwatching. Serengeti is home to more than 500 species of birds, and every day was a treasure of discovering a bird I had never seen before. I learned to stay collected and focused while observing the birds, and it was a great benefit for my sense of discipline.

In conclusion, the Serengeti Safari experience proved to be both fascinating and enlightening for me. I learned to multitask and think ahead when preparing for travel, witnessed incredible natural sights, and observed African fauna at its greatest point. In addition, I have found peace and calmness in the embrace of nature, removed from the stress and hecticness of modern society. The activity that helped with this the most was birdwatching, which was both educating and relaxing.


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