Selling For Customer-360, Inc.: Cas Study

Laura is a communicative person who is particularly interested in other people’s hobbies and their interest in building trust and positive relationships. She is a good listener and knows how to avoid conflicting situations. When Laura agreed to meet Chris, she was late for lunch, and this is the main problem with her personality and the way she communicates. Before moving to serious working topics, Laura wants to know more about the colleague’s character or companion. This strategy is correct according to the primary structure of communication (Keyton, 2017). Christ is opposite to Laura in the communication method and wants to be straightforward during working meetings and avoid conversations about personal aspects.

While having a meeting with Laura, Chris was not friendly and tried to stay in charge of the talk. He prefers to take a risk in his personal life and at work, which usually causes problems with colleagues and impatience. Chris is smart in the business but chooses to compete with others during the meetings. Communication styles are different in Laura and Chris, and it is important to find compromises or accept unique differences from each other.

Laura’s Preparations for Better Communication

Laura should consider building trust in the communication with Chris and ensure that he can trust her. According to Atuahene-Gima and Li (2002), people can feel safe when they know that their companions trust them. Moreover, the outcomes of the joint project might be more efficient, and the general performance of the collaboration may increase. Furthermore, Laura should become more punctual and be at the scheduled meeting on time. Entrepreneurs like Chris value their time, and their days are fully booked. By developing punctuality, Laura might become more serious about her job and self-discipline to ensure that she has enough time for specific tasks.

Laura can also change her style, flexing and responding correctly to decrease her impatience with Chris. When the communication flexing changes for the positive, workers start building high-quality communication with other parties (Ingram et al., 2019). Laura’s companion can be manipulative and risky, and these personality aspects might not be acceptable to other workers in the business sphere. Laura is communicative, and it should not be complicated for her to find a specific strategy to adjust to Chris’s communication style.

Lifestyle Furniture and Office Supply Buyers

Laura’s offering of the new and progressive clouding system can attract more potential customers and increase business awareness making different parties integrated into the buying decision process. Local managers of stores and part-time and full-time workers can be involved in the purchasing as they have specific skills to influence decision-making and catch the attention of potential clients (Ingram et al., 2019). Moreover, the president of the business considers recruiting marketing and sales manager who can also become an influencer on the target audience. The marketing director should explain the positive side of the service or product to buyers (Lin et al., 2019). The work of IT specialists in the buying decision process as the production of websites links sellers and buyers through feedback. Clients are included in the key party of purchasers as their final decisions influence the performance of salespeople, owners, and other external parties. Families and friends can also be considered influencers and take a significant role in the general purchasing process.

Two Needs that can be Met

Purchasing the Customer-360 software can help the Lifestyle Furniture and Office Supply organization meet the functional need and build the flow of sales offerings. The representative of the cloud system, Laura, is a professional in the industry, and by understanding customers, she might be able to provide a specific offering to the target audience. This type of need is clear and straightforward as it helps clients see how the organization can help them and the company’s aims (Ingram et al., 2019). With the Customer-360 clouding system, business managers can ensure their customers receive high-quality assistance based on provided data and protection of personal information.

The modern world is unpredictable, and people are striving to achieve the situational need. It is oriented toward the stability of the surrounding environment (Zeigler-Hill and Shackelford, 2018). The number of working places can increase in the country. The general unemployment rate might decrease, and the performance of the business can start growing, causing the further expansion of the industry.


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