Rules And Regulations In School

Discipline in the school is meant to ensure there is balance and accountability within the school. Rules, regulations, and responsibilities are provided for accountability to be practiced within the school. Examples of popular rules and regulations include; being punctual for school and all classes, respecting other people’s rights and avoiding disturbing or interrupting the class, wearing the correct school uniforms, completing all the assignments, and being cooperative with teachers and the staff.

Punctuality is an essential value for one to be successful. In this case, students should ensure they are always punctual for school and classes to have the ability to plan their schedule and perform their tasks in an orderly manner rather than rushing at the last minute. It also helps students build their confidence before approaching the class for a presentation or an exam. Besides, every student is responsible for creating ample time for other students within that institution. No student is allowed to disturb fellow students who are studying by either making noise or engaging them in unnecessary activities (Rasmitadila et al., 2021). All students are equal to each other and ideally have equal rights in school. No student is allowed to make fellow students feel uncomfortable while in school.

Wearing the correct school uniform is one of the factors that boost one’s self-confidence, helps them develop the pride of belonging to a particular school, and eases the pressures of deciding what to wear while going to school. School uniform also helps enhance the students’ security since whenever they are seen wearing them, every adult feels it is their responsibility to protect them. Lastly, all students are responsible for completing all the assignments and cooperating with their teachers, fellow students, and other staff working within the school. Ideally, this makes it easy for every one of them to operate, and as a result, the students are likely to score good grades. Failure to do that, the school performance might be lower than expected.


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