Role Of Jesus Christ In Religion

Jesus Christ is a prophet and religious leader, who founded Christianity. He is known as the Son of God, a part of the Holy Trinity in some denominations, or otherwise a physical incarnation of God. Based on Old Testament teachings, he is also the Jewish Messiah, a liberator of the Jewish people, which gave birth to Christianity. According to the Bible, Jesus was born in an immaculate conception to Virgin Mary in Israel. He grew up as a regular human, but was always special. When approximately 30 years old, Jesus began his ministry, going around and preaching His teachings, which differed significantly from that of Judaism. He preached that God loves humans and salvation can be found through not just blind obedience but faith, redemption, and love for God emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. He also taught about love and respect for another and forgiveness that humans should offer to each other, as God offers unto them. Jesus preached about the concept of the Holy Trinity and the presence of the Holy Spirit, calling for people to accept his teachings as a means for salvation. Jesus was gathering followers quickly, including the most loyal that he had chosen known as the 12 Apostles (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, n.d.)

Seeing Jesus’ rise, many of the Jewish leaders were threatened and outraged, conspiring with the Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, to convict Jesus of crimes against the empire and sentence him to death. Jesus predicted this as his journey was coming to the logical end. Eventually, betrayed by one of his apostles, Jesus was captured and executed on the cross (which later became the symbol of Christianity). However, as he had previously predicted, Jesus resurrected three days after his death. He used the remaining time to guide his remaining apostles on proceeding to spread Christianity throughout the world and His teachings, until ascending into Heaven according to the Bible.

The primary mission of Jesus to the world was to bring about the teachings of Christianity, which with him as the messiah, were meant to be the natural transition of the Judaic faith. By dying on the cross, by the hand of man, it also served as a literal and symbolic cleansing of sins. Sinners were reconciled and redeemed and humans could find salvation before God and get into heaven (de Verόn, 2012). Jesus also let people know about the Second Coming and Judgement Day, what will occur when the world ends and everyone will be judged based on their sins or salvations.


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