Respond To Class Mate’s Post With 150 Words. A. Briefly Describe The Effect Of The Recent Blockade On The Essay Help Online Free

Respond to class mate’s post with 150 words. A. Briefly describe the effect of the recent blockade on the Ambassador Bridge on both countries.

The 6 day blockade of the Ambassador Bridge cost both the U.S. and Canada millions of dollars, which is not only measured in hard currency, but time and other intangibles.

On the Canadian side, the City of Windsor has estimated that the blockade cost the city itself over $5.6 million. These are the estimated costs of added transit, emergency, public works, policing and various other costs. The city is looking to the Canadian Federal government for relief/reimbursement (Bellacio, 2022).

While the final figures have not been tallied yet, some estimate the economic losses on both sides of the border to reach $1 billion. Further, it is estimated that approximately $6 billion worth of goods did not cross the border during the week of the blockade (La Grassa, 2022). Approximately 40 percent of the goods crossing the Ambassador bridge were auto parts, electrical equipment and machinery (La Grassa, 2022). Estimates on lost wages are approximately $145 million and combined automaker losses are estimated to reach $300 million to both the U.S. and Canadian economies (Meloni, 2022). While these losses can be quantified, certain others are much more difficult, such as lower inventory levels, lost sales due to lack of inventory, higher prices, and subsequent overall inflation (Kiertzner, 2022). Further, this blockade, combined with the COV-ID 19 pandemic has threatened many businesses and livelihoods on both sides of the border.

B. How does this illustrate the difference between domestic and international business.

The U.S. is Canada’s largest trading partner and this trade is vital to Canada’s economy (Griffin


APA, Article review, for the essay you wrote me about being against mandatory vaccination Profeesor Example. Issue: Legalization of a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

APA, Article review, for the essay you wrote me about being against mandatory vaccination

Profeesor Example.

Issue: Legalization of Prostitution

Aspect 1: Safety
Pro: Stern, S. W., (2019). Sex workers of the world unite. The American Scholar, pp. 40-54.

The author presents the case, largely though the words of sex-workers themselves, for de-criminalization and for allowing sex workers to control the conditions of their work—that is, to operate brothels themselves, choose their physicians, provide and receive benefits, and work outside brothels if they so choose – which will make them safer and less apt to be exploited.

Con: Der Spiegel Staff. (2013, May). How legalizing prostitution has failed. Der Spiegel Online.

Staff writers report that since de-criminalization of prostitution in Germany in 2003, exploitation and human trafficking remain significant problems. According to one German law enforcement officer, Germany is a “center for the sexual exploitation of young women from Eastern Europe, as well as a sphere of activity for organized crime groups from around the world” (Germany’s Human Trafficking Problem section)

Pro: (APA citation to article supporting SESTA legislation; brief descriiption of content)

Con: (APA citation to article against SESTA legislation; brief descriiption of content)

Aspect 3: Economics
Pro: (APA citation to article showing better income/standard of living after de-criminalization; brief descriiption of content)

Con: (APA citation to article showing real economic benefit is to pimps, traffickers brief; descriiption of content)


3-Verse Blues Song For this assignment you will compose and create a blues song, and record your self singing the song that you created. Apple Device Users: Use this link to access your instruction best essay help

 Apple Device Users: Use this link to access your instructions for the Apple app.
Note: Use a stable wifi internet connection for this Apple app. I suggest to not use your phone data to complete this assignment.  
Use the iPad/iPhone app available in for free in the Apple AppStore Store to complete this assignment.  The app is NOT available for other devices.
If you have your own iPad/iPhone, go to the AppStore and enter a search for BLUES UTPB. It should pop up with those search terms.
Screen 1 – This is the final product you are to create: a 3-verse blues song using AAB lyrics, appropriate chord changes, and an audio file of your performance.
Screen 2 – Step 1 – On the left hand side of the screen, choose your voice range female-high (sopranos – G), female-low (altos – Eb), male-high (tenors – F), male-low (basses – Bb)Step 2 – Hear the person singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”? Is that comfortable to sing for you?Step 3 – Look at the JPG attached and notice the chords I use. Your blues song should use the same chords in the same order. Drag the chords down from the top into the gray spaces. (HINT: If you forget the order of the chords, just click “Help” on the upper-left corner to see the example again.)Step 4 – After all 36 chords are in the boxes, a green button shows up that says “Check my chords”. If your chords are the same as the example, you will be invited to continue.Step 5 – Relish in your success by just LISTENING to your song so far. Click on the green “Practice Singing” button and just listen. You did that!!!Step 6 – A green “Add Lyrics” button should be on your screen. Click it.Step 7 – Touch the pencil and write out your first short phrase (often 5-9 syllables). This is your “A” lyrics for verse 1. (HINT: touch the green icon next to the pencil and copy now.)Step 8 – Swipe left to go to the next four bars. Enter the SAME lyrics. (HINT: hit the “paste” and “add” buttons for a faster method.)Step 9 – Swipe left again to go the next four bars. Enter a follow-up to the lyrics. Again, keep it shorter like 5-9 syllables. Steps 10-15 – continue steps 7-9 twice to create the lyrics for your next two verses.Step 16 – You are now ready to record your song. Click on “Record performance” to hear your chords while you sing the lyrics and swipe left on your screen. Don’t worry – the blues are not about PERFECTION! They are about participating and singing. Sing your A lyrics and wait to hear the guitar chords change, then sing your A lyrics again.  When the guitar changes again, sing the B.  When the “turnaround” happens – the rhythm changes for a brief second, the guitars start the next verse.  Then you can sing your 2nd verse A lyrics, and so on. YOUR FACE MUST BE IN THE VIDEO WHILE PERFORMING.Step 17 – Touch “Start recording” when you are ready. Touch “Done” to stop. Make a mistake? Simple – just stop and re-start. Step 18 – You can listen to your performance by touching “Playback all”. The mic is programmed to pick up the voice MUCH more than the guitars so don’t freak out. Step 19 – Submit the material to Dr. Keast by touching “Submit”.
Screen 3 – Please add your first and last name.
Screen 4 – Your chords, lyrics, and name are affixed to a PDF that will be uploaded to the gradebook. Click “Submit” at the bottom. Click “OK” on the pop-up. 
Screen 5 – Log into Canvas with your log in credentials.  Authorize BlueWhale Apps to access your Canvas account.  The app will then upload 2 files – both named your name: your audio file and your PDF. Make sure you do not exit or leave your wifi connection until the uploading is completed. 
You are DONE!
If you have no way to access an Apple device to use for the app (including temporarily borrowing a device from a friend or family member), please see the link below.Android Users: Use this link to access your instructions.
The app is not available for Android devices, so you will complete the assignment using a different route.
Create a chart like below in an Excel spreadsheet or Word with your original lyrics, but using the same chords and measures as I used.  
If you are a soprano – the higher female voice, use this audio file to sing your song (key of G).
If you are an alto – the lower female voice, use this audio file to sing your song (key of Eb).
If you are a tenor – the higher male voice, use this audio file to sing your song (key of F).
If you are a bass – the lower male voice, use this audio file to sing your song (key of Bb).
Record your video performance showing your face while performing. Upload both files (the video and the image of the lyrics/chords) into the assignment area for grading.


Make sure to read this and follow the formatting direction given. Format: 1.5 spacing Title page or in the left Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Make sure to read this and follow the formatting direction given. Format: 1.5 spacing Title page or in the left corner there should be a section that says: Name: Class: Due Date and Time: Title: The rest of the report should have : Objectives: 1 to 3 objectives Abstract: 1 paragraphs Hypothesis: 1 to 2 sentences Introduction: 2 paragraphs to 1 page Experimental Design/Procedure or Materials and Methods: 1 paragraph to 1 page Results: 1 to 2 paragraphs Discussion: 2 paragraphs to 1 page References: at least 3 to 5 references, all cited in the introduction/discussion This is how your lab reports will be graded. Name(s):_______________________________________________________________________ Report Grade Sheet (25 pts) Your writing skills will be scored in terms of editing, verb-noun agreement, proper tenses used etc (appropriate scientific style). If it’s copied/plagiarized you will get a zero. You will also be graded on how well you follow directions and if everything is provided. Formatting 1. Typed 1 ½ space (space-and-a-half). Yes _____ No _____ Points __1__ ______ All assignments should contain the following sections and headings. NAME(S), CLASS, DUE DATE


You are told that a random sample of 150 people from Manchester New Hampshire have been given cholesterol tests, and 60 of these people had levels over the “safe” count of 200. Using Excel, construct essay help

Using Excel, construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of people in New Hampshire with cholesterol levels over 200.
Note: Note that this question requires confidence interval for a proportion, the interval that is likely to capture the proportion of all population members’ that satisfy a specified property.p estimate – z-critical value X sqrt (p estimate (1-p estimate)/n)
Also note that, for population proportion, we use z-multiple not the t-multiple. So you can ask, where is the population standard deviation? You don’t need it. Look at the formula.