Respect And Tolerance For New Religions

I think that the age of religion is the characteristic of a person’s beliefs from which it should be decided if their faith should be respected. The primary principle to give respect to the beliefs, actions, and words of others is if they are disrespecting or hurting someone or not. If the new branch of an ancient religion or a completely new one does not cause any considerable issues to society – it should be respected. Some might argue that a new religion is a problem because it is taking those who believe in ancient religions off their path. It is necessary to understand that it is not a crime in any dimension, and people have constitutional rights to believe in whatever they want.

The word “tolerate” itself is not the best one to apply in the context of religion. It should not be put as people believing in something different is irritating or inconvenient to others, even though it is for many individuals. It has been the case with many forms of discrimination, whereas today, saying that you tolerate a minority is considered offensive. Such perception of that word is correct, as it seems to mean as if the religion or person who is being tolerated is defective and wrong. Therefore, I agree that tolerating a new religion and respecting it are different things because the word “tolerate” is not respectful. It should be used in social terms as little as possible, and people having a different opinion or a belief should not be considered something bad. What society should seek is equal respect for all people and their religion as long as it is not reasonably considered harmful.